The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.04
The Galattice

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 4.04:
The Galattice

The Trinary Universe starts with the understanding that in science events have an order to them, in the Universe this order must have started with Intelligence, which we must define the very first Intelligent Entity to exist, and this would have to be the Universe itself, but that belief would sound more like Religion than Science, because most people do not view the Universe as even being alive, in fact, they treat it like its an inanimate object, but as I have already discussed that Trinary Energy has Intelligence, but some people believe that God is a being, instead of a Light Entity, if God is the Universe, then our Galaxy is just an Atom in God, and our Sun is just an Electron orbiting that Atom, so it is the size of God that most people can not understand, so they make God into a Deity, but that can not be the same God, because the Trinary God is just the Energy in the Universe and not a being made of Atom's, IAM the Light in the Darkness, now let us talk about how this is even possible, and the answer is that it works similar to the Human Brain, because God is the Light that is the Energy of our Soul, so the Galattice must exist, because in the beginning there was only the Light, and there is no evidence that thought can happen any other way, it does not require a Brain to have thought, so thought must not originate in the Brain, all current knowledge of the Brain proves that it is only making neural pathways the size of a pointer to a memory, since all Memories appear to have the same amount of data stored in, no matter what type of memory, a short one or long one seem to have the same space allocated to it, this is proof enough that its only a pointer to some storage device not located in our Brain, not only that, but there is no way anyone will ever convince me that our brains are capable of storing all the data it does, and it does not explain why we are born knowing certain things, and some people like myself: have the ability to do long-running mathematical Calculations, that span a very long time frame, so short and long term memory cannot account for this, so there must be another explanation.

The Human Brain is actually comprised of 3 different Brains, the first is the Logic, it is what gives us the ability to think on our own, but only in a very primitive way, for Humans it is what allows us to survive, so it controls the basic Fight or Flight emotion to the more complex ones like Lust and Greed, but it is not complex enough to Reason or Remember, so the second brain is used for Reasoning, it controls that area in the Brain that deals with emotions like Love and Hate, and the third brain is where Memory is stored and retrieved, so combined we have 3 brains, or a Trinary Brain, so our brain is designed to interface with Trinary Energy.

There is much debate about how the Brain stores Memory, but logic steps in and when you research Biology at the Subatomic level, you will find cells that have Memory, yet when you look at the Brain you find structures that seem to be the area where memory is stored, and you find that the brain is a very complex machine, and at the Subatomic level the structures that are created in long term memory storage, do not seem to grow in relationship to the memories being stored there, as if it does not matter how much detail you try to put into a thought, it will not take up any extra space to store it, so I can only conclude that it is only storing a pointer to the information that makes up a thought, which consist of all the senses like: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, which could be stored in separate areas of the brain, yet a pound of brain weights the same in a smart person as it does in a stupid person, yet Stupid People will argue that point because they have a lot of Air in their brains that does not weight as much as a Pound, because a Pound weighting a Pound does not compute in their Brain, so size does not matter when it comes to brains, and there is no evidence that people with larger brains are anymore intelligent than people with smaller brains, and we could debate about what percentage of capacity is being used, we know that we can live without parts of our brain, and we can do live vivisection's on human brains and try to map out all the parts of the brain, but we know for a fact that at the subatomic level, the Trinary Energy is interacting with every Atom in our brain, so why not start there and just think about all the things the brain has to do, and where the work takes place, maybe we can decode the information stored there by finding out how its encoded using the Light, because that is how DNA is encoded.

Scientist can not tell you how memory is stored, or even where its stored, there are many theories that change all the time, but the brain with all its complexities, must work simple, that is that it must use a mechanism that is simple in construct, and memory must be more than the tissue that is created for the neural pathways, and electrical charge has something to do with memory, because it is very easy to measure electrical activity thought to be caused by the thinking process, so Brainwaves are electrical signals, so it is not a jump in logic to conclude that all Memory is made up of electrical signals that are created by the Six Sense: See Table 4.01: Six Sense

  1. Sight
  2. Sound
  3. Touch
  4. Taste
  5. Smell
  6. Thought
Table 4.01: Six Sense

Once you conclude that Memory is all Electrical, then the Biology is simply there to form pointers to a database of information we call Memories, and where its stored is science that will at first sound more like science fiction, because most people where raised believing in what they were taught about the Known Universe, so face it, nothing I have said up to this point, has ever been taught in any schools up to this point in time, so why should it surprise you that the Universe thinks the same way we do, because we were created by the Universe, although this may sound like Religion, and that only God created the Universe and all Life in it, but the Bible also stated that God was All Light without Darkness, and that is the very definition for Trinary Energy, so what I am saying is that Trinary Energy is how all our Memories are Stored and Accessed, and common sense would tell you our brains are Electrical in Nature, so there is no reason why it cannot be Transmitting these thoughts directly to the Galattice, it makes more sense than to think its biological and due to chemical changes, because that would be a very slow thought process if it was true.

The Galattice has 3 parts to it also: the Logic, Reason and Memory. In the 0 Dimension we have the Vertex of the Light, or Trinary Energy, it is the Place holder, its location never changes, it does not move, and can not move, it is bound to the Universe at all levels, and even though it does not exist in Space, since it does not have any dimensions in Space, all energy always flows from it, it causes Gravity, but on this Plane of existence, its part of the Vertice Matrix Grid encoded in the Galattice, which is a combination of the Greek word Galaxy, and the German word Lattice, so it is a Structure made of Neutrinos, and can be view as being sphere shaped, although this structure is bound to only one Galaxy the whole Universe has access to it. Like all Trinary Energy, this Galattice is pure Energy, it has no material made up of Atom's, yet its made of the same Neutrinos, only without the Space, and Atom's have Space in the 1 State, nor does it exist in only one place in the Universe, it is everywhere in the Universe, it is in the Space that our Galaxy flows through, which make up corridors of space, and each corridor has its own Galattice, but understanding Corridors is something I have talked already, so just think of them like DNA that is stored electronically, because if the Universe is made up of Atom's called: Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, then it would only reason that it must have a map or blue print that it follows, just like all life forms have DNA, so does the Universe, I call it the Galattice, and this is how Trinary Science works, the entire Universe is simply an Atomic Structure, and the Energy of the Universe is its life-force, as it is our life-force, so we are all related to the Universe at the DNA level, and all thought is stored there, not just Human Thought, they are no more Gods gift to the Universe as the Mosquitoes, which is how the Earth views them.

In the 1st Dimension we have the Light, which is Trinary Energy, it has 3 States, it knows where the 0 Dimension is, but does not know anything more about it, other than all its Energy flows from it, but it can access the 2nd Dimension, and through it, it can change the 3rd Dimension, so its Intelligence, which is a hard concept for some people to imagine, so let us look at a computer, it has 2 state changes, true and false or 1 and 0, and it can store these sequence's and recall them, do computations and all types of simulations, yet it is not alive by most people standards because the word Intelligence, which is based on its ability to think for itself which is also described as Sentient beings that are self-aware, even though it uses the same Trinary Energy and Electricity or Light to run it, so how do we define: Life, Live or Alive, and the answer always come back to the words of a great man known as William Shakespeare, who was also an Ashkenazi Aspie with a High IQ, so he was also a Wizard who said To be or Not to be, that is the Question?, which means that IAM because I know IAM, to be alive is to know you are alive, to know you can die means you know your Body has Limitations to being alive, so the question is are you to be alive or not, if you are alive you know it, and every animal and insect know its alive, they are all afraid to die, some are more trusting then others, so will eat you, and some will be eaten by you, and some you will poison with pesticides, because you do not fully understand what life is, so the thought that if insects die of eating your food, you should not be eating it either, because some bugs can eat human shit, but they will die eating your shit if its source was poisoned with pesticides, so there are levels of killing ourselves with Stupidity for Profit, because it is easier to Kill then it is to Think, and it is all because of the way People define Life, and there is no scientific answer that will fully explain it, but if you want to try, image that you are just one Light, one spec of Trinary Energy, just a Light, you can turn on, off or disappear, and you can communicate those state changes to everyone around you, and you are all connected, and can see what the others state changes are, then you realize that each Trinary State is in itself a whole intelligence, it is not just a collection of States that make up a living computer, Artificial Intelligence is not in the Software, it is in Hardware, its how its wired to think, because true intelligence uses the Flesh as an Electronic Circuit, the Intelligence is in the Light, which is Trinary Energy flowing through the Flesh, and it does not matter what Lifeforms Flesh IAM talking about, because all Animal Flesh is the same, not much different than those that live in the Ocean, or that of an Insect like Mosquitoes, which in the chain of the Evolution of the Humans Race, is just a distant relative, which is why Humans drill holes in the Earth to suck out its Blood, only they do not care if it kills it, so who is the more intelligent species, that which does not Kill you makes you stronger, or that of a parasite that Kills its Host, and thus dies with it, even the tick is smart enough to jump to a new host, where is the Human Race going to jump ship too, most of them think we can build a spaceship and live in outer space, because the part about becoming a Vegetable after one year, was not reported on TV because it was not politically correct, because than they would have to admit we cannot live in space without Gravity and a Magnetic Force Field, so it seems the Human Race is incapable of using any of their Brain Cells to think this one through, so it may not be possible for them to use their imagination to imagine a single Atom that has all the Intelligence in the Universe, the Light, but the Human Race puts more faith in Freewill then Science, so they believe anything is possible, which means that its impossible because that is one of the possibilities, that proves the others are all Paradoxes, and every Atom in my Flesh knows this to be the truth, because each state is capable of intelligence, it can make decisions of yes or no, true or false, to be or not to be, so its intelligence, and I have seen that with my own eyes, so unlike a computer that needs to make thousands of state changes to make up a computer program that run logic, each Trinary State is a computer in itself, and this is because at the Subatomic level, each State is huge once you get inside of it, it has all the space it could ever want to occupy, so it represents a Life form in itself, and it never dies, its pure Energy, you can break the bounds it has with Neutrinos, then you will see the Power of God, it will cause other Atom's to loose their Bounds, so you will see Gods Furry, and it can remember everything that everyone in that Universe has ever thought, so God knows everything, because the Light is Everything, because our thoughts never die, only our Flesh dies, and we can be resurrected, that does not mean our bodies will come back to life, it means we will be born back into the Flesh, then someone has to be granted access to their Memories, because when we Ascend we must make a choice of if we want to be Resurrected, that choice is the question to be or not to be, if its to be, then the Memories you left is the key to finding your memories in the Galattice, so Ascension means to leave a Memory for Resurrection, it means that a life will be born with memories that the Galattice has stored into them, and it can be found in DNA and encoded there as Memories passed on in History from one family member to the next, memories of people who once lived, it is not like I was born with the memories of Newton or Jesus, but you should be able to find the DNA markers for my Cousin Isaac Newton in there, or those of his Father who would have been my Great Grandfather 6 Generations ago, so following that chain will lead it back to Jesus Bar Abbas, so those DNA Memories exist inside of me, just like Jesus's DNA had the Memories of Adam and Eve, since he was an Ashkenazi, most of what I know about them was learned from papers that people wrote about them, or they wrote themselves, this was what I searched for in my Dreams, and I found them there, because I do have access to the same Galattice, so those same dreams are out there for everyone to Resurrect, and I know I have accessed them before, it is not a delusion or illusion, or even just a Dream unless you make it just a Dream, because we all Dream and most of the Time those Dreams do not come true, or are even about the Truth, most dreams are just our Imagination out of Control, so take control of your Dreams and then it becomes your Reality, but that is a Fine Line to Ride in a Dream State, because if you mix the two States of Wake and Dream, then you become a Dream Walker, and then Life is a Dream, so always make your Dreams as Real as your Reality, that way it does not matter if you are awake or asleep, and then Life will flow much more smoothly for those that want to Live in the Light, because that is the only way to do it, it starts by taking control of your Dreams, it is the only way you can live a full life, you can live in both, one by day the other by night, but the two must be as one life and not as an endless adventure, those that dream for Entertainment are never satisfied with Real Life, and never will, it is because they are not in control of their Dreams, so they are out of control of their Life, if you can not Control your Thoughts long enough to quiet that Little Voice in your Head, then you will never be allowed to take control of your Life, that Flesh Being will dominate your Wake and your Dream States of beings, and you will have no Knowledge of the Light, because it only comes to you in your Dreams, as a Child it can take the form of a Person, but you are in charge of their Personality, because this is just a Reflection of your Mind, and if someone ever starts using that Little Voice of yours to talk to you, you know you are not in control of your own Mind, and it is because of this Flesh Being vs the Light Being conflict that exist in all Life, those that remember their past lives can be seen in the Eyes of Animals what have a Soul we can relate to, but for the most part most Children are told to forget about their Dreams instead of being told how to use them to sleep, because if someone can see the Light, then everyone can see the Light, not that everyone's dreams are the same, but I have had many dreams about Newton and Jesus, and they do not go by what was written about them, they go by what I feel about them because of these dreams, because it seems they have talked about these dream in their Writing, like the dream to live in Freedom, which means without Money, because the Free in Freedom does not cost Money, but it did cost many their Lives, and now we are being Taxed to Death once Again, so those that lost their Lives for Freedom did so for nothing, because Stupid People Deny what is the Truth, so they can Live the Lie about what is Politically Correct to acknowledge, and Newton did not care about Money even though his Post or Job might make you think otherwise, because Newton was in charge of Forgery of Money, and he said it was all fake but most of it is a Forgery, so it is not the same as Loving Money, but people he caught would be charged with Treason and Executed, and Jesus was killed for Money and there is very little difference, and Newton understood this better than most, if not all, since no one is talking about it to this day, except for me, so its just a matter of how Money is used, but Dreams are all Memories, and I am sure some of them were handed down from generation to generations, and Newton wrote about his dreams a lot, so maybe that is why I had similar dreams, but I think the simplest explanation is that all life is just accessing this Galattice, and it is how we have any intelligence whatsoever, so our bodies are designed from the Flesh up to allow easy access to this Galattice, and we, or who we are, which I define as a SOUL, or Spark Of oUr Life, is nothing more than Energy, and it has nothing to do with our body which is just a conduit for this Energy, and if that connection is not good, it is because of the Flesh of the Body, and not the Energy or our Soul, so Newton and Jesus were talking about this Light as being the Light of God, and if God created us, then we know this is true, so Trinary Energy is our Life Force, it is what Atom's are made of, and we are made of Atom's, that it is what our Flesh is made of, and the Galattice is our Mind, its just how we access it that makes us different or individuals, when in fact, there is only one mind in the whole Universe and that is the Galattice, one God, one Mind, so it is My One, add them together and you have My + One = Money, that is what happens when the one gets between my, because that is all most people think about and desire to have in their Life, not God, but Money, so they write In God We Trust on all their Money, because they do not want to admit that the Galattice even Exist, which is Crazy, how else would the Universe know what is going on, and that is how Wizards think about the Trinary Universe, they think in terms of Energy, not in terms of Freewill, but in a Science that is based on Trinary State Changes, and all Life is just a User that Logs into the Galattice at the instant they are given the Spark of Light, we call Life, when they Log out its for good, and they are not going to log back in using that Body or Flesh, but if others want to browse their Memories, all the have to know is what to look for, than they can believe what ever they want as long as they can prove it to themselves.

If there is only 1 God, then that God is Light without Darkness, this sounds like a Metaphor, but in Science, this is Trinary Energy, it is not Electricity or Photonic Energy for one thing, and both are in Lightning, but that is based on Electrons and Atom's, but are made by the Trinary Energy, so its only part of it, so in Science this Light or Trinary Energy controls the Electricity, and it is the Trinary Energy that makes all things possible, so in the Galattice it is the Trinary Energy that holds these Memories, and all Trinary Energy flows from the 0 Dimension, this is the Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother in Trinity, and not some Deity or Spirit that does not Physically exist, this is Energy that does exist, so never confuse Religion with Science, Trinary Science is about what can be explained in terms of Empirical Evidence, it is connected to the Trinary Universe like a Ground plane on an Electronic Circuit board, so our brain can access the Galattice just like a Computer can access Memory, using circuitry in our brain to convert this data into electronic signals that our brain uses to communicate with our body, and we can access it in a way that only high speed computers can come close to, so the analogy works well, its just a network of Energy that is stored in a way that our Brain can search for information and details, like emotions and other senses, so it makes no difference if we are awake or asleep, our brain is always using the Galattice to think, yet it is not our Brain, nor is it some biological chemical exchange taking place in the Grey Matter of the brain, it is simply the Intelligence of the Universe itself, it is where all our Dreams take place, so we are all Dreaming in the same Galattice, which is like the Universe's Brain, which is a term not very Scientific, yet when we Dream, we all know that we can see others in our dreams, and we can guess at the interaction all we want, and believe what we want to about Dream interpretation but the truth is that Dreams are very interactive, yet many people have reported having the same or similar dreams, which can only be explained if the Galattice is Real, so regardless of what I call it, this mechanism for thinking is taking place, so if Humans could learn to take advantage of it, they could learn to use it to communicate with each other, or to communicate with Computers, maybe even have Computers read the information in the Galattice, because the technology in our brain is just biological electronic circuity, and Trinary Science is all about finding out how to access this information, so we can use it to build an Advanced Society, called Trinary Sanctuary, where Children will be taught before birth how to think for themselves, using Trinary Science to teach them only about what can be Proven to be the Truth about Science, only then will our Dreams start coming True.

Our Dreams can be accessed when we are awake, they can be accessed like any video player of this time, with controls like: Forward, Reverse, and other fine controls to allow us to edit this dream and save it, we can do this with all our Memories, in fact we can not help but to edit every memory we access, so the difference between our Reality, which is also a combination of our Dream and Wake States of Reality, so if we start editing our Wake Reality in real-time, we can give this action a label, and call it Schizoaffective, and when we can not longer figure out what is the dream from that which was edited, then you can label it Schizophrenia, so fine lines exist in the Human Brain, and it all comes down to how we access the Galattice, and our brains are all wired a little differently then others, which makes us individuals, so we all have the same capabilities, so I can talk as an authority when it comes to knowing how others think, I spent my life researching just that, and since 2000 I have studied how the Autistic Brain works, so I know how I think, and it is no different than those on the Spectrum of Autism, yet I learned how to think like Neurotypicals, so I can rewire my brain to some degree, there are many aspects that I know and understand the concept, but I can not get my Brain to rewire to that way of thinking, so I know my limitations, and Emotions are at the Heart of that issue, taking things Literally, seeing patterns, logic and reasoning, it is all like programming a Computer, and I should know, I am a Computer Programmer, only the Galattice has its own Operating System, and you can never access it, you can only log into its existence and only have access to its Memories on some level, it is not like you can use it to spy on others, most of what you find is centuries old, finding new events is much more difficult, and it is why the Human Race has not Evolved, they have actually Devolved, all because of Public Education only teaching children how to pass test, and not how to think, and that is why its hard for them to Imagine anything, because School did not teach them how to use their Imagination, so they have no concept of how the Galattice might work, because it is in another Dimension, as is all the Data in it, so you can hack the Galattice with your Brain, then communicate that information to a Computer, so now Science has tools to verify this concept, its just a matter of figuring out how to do that, and that requires me to learn how to read Trinary Energy, only I have to invent Electronics that does not exist in our Technology of this day, in fact I need to go beyond the use of Electronics and use Light, and to say the least, the resources to create this Technology do not exist, and no amount of Money will change that, so the Reality of building this type of Technology would require a new type of Society, one based on God and not Money, so without Money, the Resources must come from somewhere, and I call that Place Trinary Sanctuary, so I will talk about that later, in fact I wrote a book on it called The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary, I only mention it because this is leading somewhere, in the big picture our Reality is made up of all the details we call life, so we must define every aspect of this Reality, and do so in a way that its evidence of Reality, and not someones interpretation of it, not even my own, and the Reality that this type of Trinary Universe requires, would take an Advanced Society to make the changes needed to fully utilize Trinary Science, so it will take major changes in Governments to allow this type of Science to take place, because it pushes the limits of human understanding, it questions the borders that fringe on sanity and insanity, because when it comes down to it, we are all part of the same Universe, and it is only when we accept this fact, that we understand that God does not use your Little Voice to communicate with you, God is what allows you to think, it is where all your thoughts are stored, our whole understanding about the Universe is due to our connection to the Galattice, it is a Virtual Reality that we can access during our Wake or Dream Reality, yet most Sheep only view the World as looking out their Eyes as if they are just Animals, meaning they have no SOUL or are not Light Beings, as if it was all biology and no electronics involved, which is not even mainstream science, because they at least acknowledge the fact that our bodies do use electronic signals, and call them brain or heart waves, which we can monitor using electronic equipment, so I can prove this is all the truth, but it will never change the minds of Sheeple, so all I can do is try to explain this to people, but 95% of the Human Population have Beliefs so Strong that they would rather die, and kill me in the process, just so they will not have to change the way they were brainwashed into thinking, so my only safe population to talk about this type of Science is to Sheep, because they are so Stupid they will just sit there eating TaxUS, and Pretending that the Banks do not Own them like Sheep, so no real reason to even try to change their minds, they have Freewill, and only believe in what they Heard in their Herd, so I will teach this to Wizards and Witches, who are individuals that can understand the Trinary Universe, and how the Galattice actually works, the brain is just translating all the information stored there, but its also where all thoughts are, they are not some physical space in your brain, but that Little Voice is located in your brain, and you can point to where its located with no problems, but actual thoughts and memories are not stored with that Little Voice, and do not ever confuse memories or thoughts with that Little Voice, because that is just a mechanism in your brain to sound out Spell or Words, which are just Sounds, so you have an inner and an outer voice, but actual thoughts and memories are not connected to that system, and it is only how your brain is wire does that even start to make any sense, because if you view every thought or memory as talk in (y)our head, then you are missing the big picture, which is how I view things, I see: Images, Sound, and the other senses, without the need for that little voice to describe what I am seeing to me, so people I see in my dreams can talk to me with their own voice and it is not using my little voice to talk with, yet I know that is how some people view it as being, while most people can not define how this process even occurs, but I know I learned to think both ways, so it is not that there is one way that is the best way to think, it is somewhere in the Shades of Grey that everyone Lives anyway, but if you do not know how people think, how can you know how you think, and if you do not care how you think, why would you care about how others do so, and that is why you never get along with others or at least not everyone, it is that Little Voice of Judgment that gets you in trouble with others, and God does not care what Lifeforms Believe, that is why God gave them all Freewill, but in an Advanced Society, it is very important to understand how everyone thinks, and how to teach everyone how to think for themselves, so they will not be brainwashed into thinking Stupid Thoughts, not even ones that I teach, if you can not prove what I said to you, do not believe it, because I can Trick you as most Magicians do, for example: I am very clear that IAM the most Intelligent Being in the Universe, and I am very clear that IAM God, and that God is All Light without Darkness, so I actually just said that God is the Most Intelligent Being in the Universe, and not Me, IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, but Me is just the Meat that is the Flesh, so I might say Yew are Stupid, but I also made it clear that Yew is a type of Tree called Taxus, so Step by Step I teach you that Words are just Spells, so bee-careful how you use them, not a Spelling Bee, but a Wizard or a Witch that use Words and Spells to explain Real Science, based on Trinary Science, so Magic is just Technology that you do not understand, and this Book is all about taking the Magic out of Science, and replacing it with Empirical Evidence also known as Facts, so that Trinary Science is only about the Truth, and that Truth must be as True in our Dreams as it is when we are Awake.

Reality is only what you think it is, and it is not what I say it is, unless you agree that it is that way, confusing, but simple enough to understand, for example, if I tell you that your memories are stored in the Galattice as Trinary Energy, and the Energy in your body is coming from that same place, so it is all connected as one thing, and not two separate spaces, because 4 dimensional space is much more complex to understand space in relationship to objects like our brain, or that little voice that we hear inside that brain, as if people who are deft can not hear that little voice, because we think of it as an extension of our ears, as a child I understood that no one else could see my memories if they looked into my eyes or ears, because I could not see others memories in their eyes, or hear another little voice but my own, so its simple deduction, but yet when I first heard that little voice in my head, I asked my sister if she could hear it, she did not think I was serious at first, yet it took me a while to understand why it is I could see memories the same as I could video recordings, I can hear everyone talking in them, yet I do not place that sound inside my brain, as if that little voice is in a different place in my brain, and maybe that is over analyzing my own brain and thoughts at the time, but its also the very point I am trying to make, but my time frame is confusing, so I must point out that at age 13 I never had a little voice in my head that I could use to sound out things in my mind, I did not use it to talk to myself as I do ever since I learned to think like Neurotypicals, they have to use that Little Voice to sound out words to speak, and I spook just fine without it, so I know it is not required to so, in fact just because you can use that Little Voice to voice your Thoughts, it is a bad habit, and if that voice is talking to you then its also crazy, no getting around that fact its crazy to hear voices in your head, to me everything was just this video recording of all my thoughts and memories, as if they are the same, if I think of it working like a video machine, I see the machine in my mind, all the dialog that went along with those thoughts, were coming from this video that was running in my mind, not my brain, but that gets confusing for some people, the difference between the two is simple, my mind is where thought takes place, my brain is where that little voice is, this was so easy for me to understand this, because the first time I heard that little voice, it was much louder than my thoughts, as if they were now in the back ground, and that was very difficult to deal with, my guess is that the Little Voice mechanism was there, I just never accessed it before then, I have no idea why this happened when I got sick after having gotten a Vaccine, I blamed it on the vaccine, but I now know that it was not that its caused it, but it was at that time I accessed this part of brain for the first time, but I relate to that as if it was what caused it, so I blame Vaccines for making me Crazy, since then I learned that I can channel thoughts into this area of my brain, so I can make better use of this little voice, other than just slowing me down to thinking at the speed of Speech instead of the Speed of Thought, which at the Speed of Light, so that Little Voice takes years off your Life when it comes to thinking, its like time dilation, if it takes me a day to read a book without the Little Voice repeating all the Words I see on the Page, and it takes a month to read the same book using the Little Voice, then I lost almost a month of time just because I have a bad habit of reading internally like I do out loud, no difference in fact, its so slow that you forget most of what you read by the time you are done reading it, and you have no recall of the pages after you are done, whereas I just look at the page and store it, then come back and read it in my mind later on, so I can get past having to put the information in my mind once, and then have access to it forever, so I never have to read a book twice to remember what was in it, but I learned real fast that my Reality was all based on this little voice and the interaction I have with it, which is why most doctors label me as Schizoaffective, but it is not like I have two personalities, or that its really two separate entities, I And Me are two separate entities in Reality, because I is the Energy in Me, and Me is just short of Meat, so it is the Flesh or the Body, and that is where that Little Voice is located, along with the Eyes, Hears, Nose and all my Skin, so its how this Energy interacts with the Body, so the Galattice is really who I call I, or my SOUL, or Spark Of oUr Life, because I love being a Wizard and using Spells to explain things, but the Reality is that its how everyone thinks when you really think about it this way, I am not redefining Reality, I am just explaining it, and I had to learn how to think this way, it was not the way I normally thought, so it is not how normal Autistic Brains worked, that might have been more like the way I thought before the age of 13, when I did not know that Little Voice feature of my brain even worked that way, I mean why in the world would God give us a Gift like that Little Voice, and it is because he did not, Satan did, and now I understand it, which explains why many people on the Autistic spectrum can not talk, hear no Evil Speak no Evil, how I learned to talk is simple enough, it was like watching a video, I can see and hear things in my mind, not my brain, the way my brain was wired, I did not notice the wiring, as do few people, so maybe it was because I used Marijuana since the age of 3 at least 3 times a day, so that was 10 years of everyday use, so maybe it inhibited that little voice, or made me unaware of its feature as I said, because I do believe that my brain has all kinds of built in features that we do not really understand or use, but that little voice seemed like a Dolphin's sonar to me at the time, I actually thought I could project sounds from my head, and taking electronic measurements using EEG equipment proved I was right about that concept, my brain does transmit an Electromagnetic signal called a Brainwave, because it proves that everyone on this planet is doing just that, I have to use my vocal cords to project sonar waves, but I could project electronic waves the same way a Dolphin can, so maybe using our Voice is not the best form of Communication, in fact it might be Evil, the only reason why Humans do not communicate like Dolphins is because they are not as Intelligent.

I had to do many types of evaluations on the effects of long term Marijuana use has on the human brain, having gone most of my adult life not using Marijuana, I know the difference in how I think and feel, but I have no memory of what I thought before that time, I do have a few memories of when I was 1 or 2, but it was no more than a video recording of that memory, and it was only because I was in the same room that memory occurred and something made me flash back to those memories, and then in Dreams I could access them more clearly, then I have to look at those dreams and determine what memories were real and which ones were just Dreams, and I concluded that Marijuana does affect the way I think in many ways, but it never made me hallucinate, everything I have ever experienced while using Marijuana really existed, so I trusted my concept that I put forth, I know it is not because of any Drugs I am taking or have taken, because I know all the facts that I talk about are real and can be proven, yet I have to acknowledge my drug use and explore the possibility that drugs influenced my thoughts, because they do, so does Sugar, and that is a fact, it could be the way I seem to space out, although I do it much more when I am not using drugs, which I only use Marijuana, so I limit interaction of many types of drugs, and trust me, the Military and the VA had me on many types of drugs, including: Morphine, Antidepressants, ADHD medications, Antipsychotic medication, and so I must acknowledge this fact, and make it known, so I am not hiding key facts in my life, so people can not find this out if I do not disclose it, just so they can say I was on Drugs, so you will not be surprised to find out that I wrote this whole document and left out all these facts about my life, because I wrote the first draft of this document just sticking to the facts about Trinary Science, and it did not make any sense to me at all, but once I through in my Ashkenazi Autistic Brain with a High IQ, and my use of Marijuana, which some will think that is the High IQ, then it becomes clear to Normal people why I think the way I do, put I must point out that it does not mean I am wrong about any of my concepts, and how many people can say they are drug free, its just a Fact that Sir Isaac Newton smoked Marijuana with Sir Edmond Halley, and even experimented with Rye Ergot, witch is LSD, and few accuse him of being High, so it all comes down to what Drugs make you think differently, because to say you have never done drugs would be hard to prove, it would mean they have never had a vaccine or eaten processed food of any kind, including Sugar, which has far more effect on the way that I think then Marijuana ever could, and they use that to make Alcohol, which can make people crazy, but Processed Sugar is Drugs for the Brain, and I can prove that claim, but I get side tracked, and somewhat off point, as I ramble on about this that and the other thing, which are all related in my mind, but that is clearly from how my brain is wired and why its wired that way, so I am very careful to separate fact from fiction, and empirical evidence from making up things to go along with the facts, which means fiction, but some call that a Theory, and I try not to resort to such drastic measure to explain a concept, because Reality is based on Facts and not Fiction, so I try to only talk about things I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, so all my thoughts on how the Galattice exist, and how it works, are all based on logic and reasoning, and facts that I can prove under a microscope, using technology, because is all based on words that are no more than Spells, because all of this type of Science takes place in the Mind and not the Brain and it is because IAM the Light in the Galattice, and it is all I Know because the Light is Everything, and in the Beginning there was only the Light, so I could think fine without the Flesh, so I do not need the Flesh to Live, so it needs the Light of the Galattice to know anything, so I could not be if it did not be, so to be or not to be really is the question, how can I be without the Galattice is all that exist is the Light, is the Question Trinary Science must answer.

Once the 1st Dimension knew it could make changes to the 2nd Dimension, it could then remember what it wrote there, so it could access it to see what it thought, which is the only reason I can know this is because I too am accessing the Galattice to think and remember, my brain is not a Computer with endless hard drive space, it can only create pointers to the Galattice, which stores the information that you wish to remember, even if you do not know that is how you are doing it, it is the only way you can explain how this is done, and only using Logic and Reasoning can you discover that the Universe must think like we do, otherwise all that we thought dies with us and the Universe would not be any wiser for using having lived that life, because how else could we figure it out if it did not, we build on the ideas of others, how could the Universe think one way, and we as life forms think another, when it was the Universe that Created us, or actually it only Transformed us from one type of Energy into another, so its why when God Created Humans they could think about God and try to be like God and Create Life, but so far we only created Computers, and they are not alive nor are they God, and giving Birth may seem like Creation, but its only Duplication or Replication at best, so we are not God, we are just Life forms created by God, using only God as building blocks called Atom's, but IAM God because all the Light in Life is God, so you are only God's Computers, and Philosophy will not prove this to be Science either, but this is a Doctoral for a Philosophy degree or a Doctorate of Philosophy, so its part of proving it, yet I can not describe life in the limited amount of words in the dictionary that I used to describe the Principles of the Trinary Universe, so I must limit this discussion and give as proof that no matter how much we can magnify things beyond the subatomic level, our understanding of it will not change until our concept of the Trinary Universe is fully understood, but its clear that our brains do not include circuit boards, there is no biology to suggest that our brains have any circuity for such purpose, and it is not our limited understanding of biology that is at fault, but the simple lack of any such biology to conclude that its acting as a computer or could mimic any logic circuits, so I must conclude that it is all in the Energy, and it must exist somewhere, so I call it the Galattice, and my only proof is that it is the only way I could explain it, but I am not the first person to point out that we have no idea if our intelligence is even located in our body, but science is evolving all the time, our understanding of the nature of things has changed dynamically with Einsteins views, so that warped the understanding of the true nature of the Universe, and that is damage that is not easy to undo, and the Galattice is Simple, nothing really complex about the whole concept of Trinary Science, and that confuses most people, but 100 years ago most people believed in the Newtonian Universe, but few do now, and that is the very foundation for the Trinary Universe, but without the Galattice, and Newton believed in it, but he did not include those notes in any of his public papers, because he could not prove it, I proved it by stating it would not be possible any other way, and my empirical evidence supports my concepts.

The Galattice is not an abstract concept, its based on that Logic that before the first Atom's was created, there was only the material that exist in the Universe today, and that means Neutrinos that make up the Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, and Light, and if that Light was not Intelligent, neither would that stuff that it makes, like us and all life, so all life is made out of Atom's, and humans made computers out of Atom's, and those Electronic Circuits are Live when they have Power applied to them, so they Alive only when Energy flows through them, that Energy is in the form of Electrons, the same ones that all Life forms used to move their Muscles, and to have a Heart Beat, and a Brainwave, so the Logic is similar, one day someone will create an Artificial Brain, it will have no computer program to operate them, its logic is from what it creates from its Neural pathways, so it creates its own program to run, and as it learns it gets more intelligent, you can not achieve Artificial Intelligence through Software, our Brains do not work that way, there was no computer program that gave us Language, if you grow babies in a clean environment with no interaction from other Humans, they will not learn to Talk on their own, if they lived to be an adult without any interaction, then the concept of using their voice to communicate with would be insane to them, how could people use their voice to communicate with, so this is a learned ability, and it is why most will not understand that voice communication is not what makes us Intelligent, in fact it is not even an intelligent form of Communication because it is way too slow, even the praise Look Out! Is too long, by the time you say it, and they recognize what you said, that event would be over, and they would be dead if it was a life or death situation, so who are we fooling by using it, not the other animals, try talking to them, and they are like what are retarded, growing up I found Language to be the slowest form of communication that ever existed, and the more complex the Language the slower it is, luckily the Galattice does not communicate with us that way, if it did we would be dead, oh did you tell my heart to beat, sorry hard of hearing, so its funny that Humans use the ability to Speak as a basis of their Intelligence, and then grade them on the Words they used, and the Syntactic Structure and proper use of all the Rules they invented to read and write that language with, so really its just amazing the Human Race Survived this long as a Species, so I could conclude that most Animals communicate with God better than most Humans could imagine, so this concept about the Galattice is just as defined as other aspects of its Trinary Science.

The question you have to ask is how did the Universe Think before the Atom was invented? The Galattice is the only explanation, so it does not matter what you call it, but the Brain of the Universe did not sound very Scientific, and God sounds like Religion, so keep in mind this book was written to put Sheep to Sleep, so I made up Words and Spells, so I could prove how Intelligent IAM compared to a Sheep like Yew, because that is how Wizards tale stories and how Witches write it down, the Galattice is as Real as IAM, and IAM the Light of God.

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