The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 4.03:
Trinary Energy
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019

Chapter 4.03:
Trinary Energy

Trinary Energy has been called many things over the years: White Noise, God's Particle and even The Holy Ghost or Spirit, also known as Mother Nature, but in the Trinary Universe we only refer to it as Science, and can prove that its real, and that it has some form of Intelligence, but to take it to the next Step, we must define how this Intelligence is even possible in the Universe.

The previous chapter's on Trinary Energy and the Trinary Engine where stepping stones for this chapter: so we could build on a foundation built on Scientific Empirical Evidence, but at the same time, this Chapter deals with subjects that can not be proven using current Scientific Instruments to test such Hypotheses, without using Theories, but luckily Observations will work with the help of Logic and Reasoning.

I have talked enough about Trinary Energy up to this point that it should be clear about what I am talking about, so to take it to the next step, so must look at what we view as Trinary Energy, it is a little fuzzy like our thoughts sometimes, its just White Noise, so how does Intelligence come from Noise, and the answer is simple, if we look at Radio Waves, they do not look like the Videos or Audio we See and Hear, it is because they are encoded signals, and Trinary Energy is also encoded, and sorry to say but I did not invent the Secret Decoder for Trinary Energy, its like the Matrix, its way too much information to decode, but its written into your DNA, and at a deeper level of encoding, so are all the Pointers to your Memory, because in truth, humans have this decoder built into them, because we communicate with the Trinary Energy at a Cellular Level, much like a Cell Phone, we use Electricity to communicate all the information the White Noise is Transmitting to us, or we are Transmitting to it, this is Trinary Communication, so we use the Trinary Energy to communicate with the World around us, we decode and encode it with Language, written or verbal, recorded or live, we use Electricity to interface with our Environment, we build TV, Radio, Computers and other Electronic Devices that work the same way we do, electronically, so we have a lot in common with our Technology, it is all based on Trinary Energy.

Trinary Energy is life, its how we think, it is our Energy, our SOUL, so it is no wonder my Cousin Isaac Newton called it God, so why would Humans think that other Animals think differently then we do, when the fact is that all we know is that they do not speak our Language, and we are not intelligent enough to learn theirs, so who is less intelligent us or the Animals, so when it comes down to it, Insects are no different, the same Energy that is in us is in all Life Forms, so why would the Earth be any different, IAM sure that it views Humans who Drill holes in it, to pump out its Blood just because that Species is too Stupid to understand it is Killing it, is viewing those same Stupid Sheep as the murdering Assholes they are, so it causes Earthquakes when it gets upset, and soon it will get very upset, and you will not like it when the Earth gets so upset, that it tries to shake you off its back like you were a blood sucking tick, so as it turns out Humans are no better than Mosquitoes, only Stupider since they are killing its Host and need it alive: so they can Live, but Stupid Sheeple will never change, because they only care about Money.

The Trinary Engine has a Safety in place for the Event that its Blood should leak out and catch fire, the Planet will go into a Green House Effect, and Global Warming will cause Fresh Water to Freeze the Oceans over, and then massive Earthquakes will sever all the Drills that Humans have bored into it, and then they will continue to shake until all the Blood has stopped running out, unfortunately the Life forms on the Surface may not survive, so the Human Race will cause the Extinction of many Animals and Insects on this Planet, the Mosquitoes might survive, but not the Human Race, they are not Intelligent enough, the fact they caused this is Proof of that.

No matter how I explain how Trinary Energy works, it does not change the fact that these events are really happening, these events are things like the 3 State Changes, things that everyone can Verify is Real Science, yet after over 333 years since Sir Isaac Newton Enlightened the World, the Insane Cult that Follows the Doctrine about General Relativity being their New Science, should tattoo 666 on their Heads to identify themselves, so this does not include Albert Einstein since he did not believe his own Theories, so this only applies to those that wanted a Godless Science, so we are talking about the Satanic crowd, and not the Antichrist [1], which actually means Against Christ, and since Christ was proven to be a Lie, it actually means the Bringer of Truth about the Light, because Jesus Bar Abbas was also Antichrist, and so was Sir Isaac Newton and even myself, because Trinary Science is the Science of God, not Christ, which Newton proved was inserted so people would not think badly about Money, do not forget that Bar/Abbas was a Militia Leader fighting the Roman Empire, for their use of Money and Taxation, I repeat this till it sinks in, the reason that Mainstream Science is Satanic is because the Banks do not want the Sheep to know who Jesus Bar Abbas is, since Sir Isaac Newton's Science proved Christ was inserted into the Bible, they had to discredit his Science, and that is when Theories became the New Science for the Banks, because it did not include God as the Force of Gravity in all its Equations, only NASA uses Newtonian Math, so the Roman Empire did not lose its Power, it just redefined what Power is, so they could use the Power of God to create their Atomic Bombs, and make their Atomic Energy that uses God as Fuel, so they have no problem using the Blood of this Planet as Fuel, and it is why no one knows about Trinary Energy.

Once People start to understand Trinary Energy, they will learn to use it, they will learn to manipulate Electricity in ways they cannot imagine right now, once they learn that Everything is the Light, they will understand that Hot and Cold is just a matter of the Frequency of the Energy, so they will learn that they can change the Frequency of the Atmosphere around them, so if they want a room Hot, they will increase the Frequency of the Atmosphere, if they want it Cold they will slow down the Frequency of the Atmosphere, they can do this by building rooms in a Faraday Cage, than they will build a device that can alter the Frequency of Gas Molecules, to make hot and cold, it can also be used to put out fires in that room, and on a smaller scale they can create Ovens and Refrigerators, using this Technology, at a fraction of the Energy usage. In Medicine, they will learn that all Disease is just Atom's, and they can be removed using Frequencies to disintegrate bad cells, viruses, and Cancer, and then Medicine will stop using Pills and Shots to cure people, they will use Trinary Energy instead, and then learn that Food and Water are all used to build this Flesh Being, so that the Light Being can Control it, so they start eating real Food, and they learn how to grow that food, so they will use Insects to help with that process, instead of trying to kill them and you, you learn that one insect eats another, all you need to do is identify those that eat your crop, and make sure you have insects that will eat them, not Humans, just other insects, same with Rodents, Birds, and other creatures that like to eat too, so keep in mine they have to eat, so grow food that they can eat, and they will leave your food alone, its better than getting eating, and insects are not as stupid as you would like to think, they have intelligence, they can see you, you study them and you know they are studying you, so you learn how to use the Earth to fertilize the plants you grow, so you do not have to eat Shit, that is very disgusting for one thing, so it is no wonder it attracts all the insects that you use Poison to kill, and it can also Kill you, so look to the Rocks for Minerals, Grind them to cultivate the soil, and make sure you have plenty of Good Bugs, so once People learn to use Trinary Energy, they will start to learn what Life Means, so they will learn to be their own Doctor, instead of running to a Pill Pusher, that will Push Vaccines that can kill you, since all Vaccines give you the Virus, they are killing you with that Virus, and that is as sick as poisoning the Insects just because they have to eat also, so once you learn to use Trinary Energy you will put your faith in God to Cure you.

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