The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 4.02:
The Concept of the Trinary Universe
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019

Chapter 4.02:
The Concept of the Trinary Universe

Wizards have a way of telling stories, not to be confused by tales about Wizards, but real stories told by real Wizards like: Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla or any other Wizard I have identified, so Jesus was also a Wizard, and he said that God is All Light without Darkness, and that is the Concept of the Trinary Universe, its very simple, not that hard to comprehend, it does not require a high IQ to understand that simple Concept, but the Science behind it: is Magic, which is a Spell for Science that Normal People do not understand, but Wizards know everything, so this Science is about to be revealed, so I will tale His-Story like a Wizard, so it has a grounded foundation, once you understand how Atom's work, you will understand how the Universe works, because they have to follow the same Laws of Physics, as proof of this, I state my evidence is based on logic, because the Core of any: Galaxy, Sun, Planet or Moon can not be directly entered into evidence, since it can not fit on the table to be examined, so it can not be examined, nor dissected to see what is inside of it, but do we really need to spit another Atom to know what is inside of it? I will not make any Theories about how Atom's work, since I know I can prove my hypothesis beyond a shadow of a doubt, so I will prove that Trinary Engines are made of the same material as Neutrinos, which I call Tritanium, there are many types of Neutrinos, and only 118 are identified, and some of them are Theoretical, so I just identified 1 more... So this is the stuff Atoms are made of, so His-Story is about how Atoms are created, because Atoms are Created, not Energy, so do not confuse the two, Atom's can be Destroyed meaning disintegrated down into Neutrinos, but not the Energy that was in them, so if a Sun goes Super Nova, that Atom is Destroyed, but not the Energy that it contained, the Sun is just 1 Atom, not a lot of them making up the Sun, so in the grand scheme of things, a Sun is just the Atomic structure of the Universe, and it is not more than an Electron orbiting around the Galaxy, which is just another Atom, and that Atom can go Super Nova without destroying any systems with that Galaxy, this has been recorded in history, as have all the Events of the Atom, also known as Atom and Eve, or on the Eve of Atom, so the stories in the Bible are read Literally and not Metaphorically, or Religiously, in fact the Bible is just Science, Adam was a White Man, Eve was a Black Woman, check their DNA if you do not believe me, oh you did, well that is the History Channel for you, no clue as to what Eve Means, so that thought it was Adam, and it was Freewill that allowed it to be morphed into something that it is not, and that is what people believe it is, and not what it really is, because that is the way they define Reality, and Wizards always define everything using Spells, so I will Spell it out.

In the beginning there was Light, this Light is in the 1st Dimension the first time we see it, so it was the 1st Light, because everything in the Universe grew out of this Light, it stored all it could dream up as information in the 2nd Dimension, I call this the Galattice, which is basically where it stores all its Logic, Reasoning and Memories, as the Light analyzed the Universe, it found all the Elements it had created and cataloged them into a Vertice Matrix Grid in the Galattice, so it would know where the Atom's were in space, relative to the Universe, as all the Atom's move through it, when it discovered a Life form in the 3rd Dimension, it noticed that it lived on an Asteroid, so the Light decided to build it a better home to see if it would thrive instead of just survive there, and over countless generations of Asteroids, it decided to create more Light so it could see this life better, so it knew it had to create a Trinary Engine the size of a Galaxy, so the Light moved gas clouds where it needed them, and when they got dense enough and had enough energy stored in them that it could produce Lightning in sufficient volume to generate Ball Lightning [2], so it could create a Trinary Engine with a huge release of Energy in the form of Lightning, but that was just how His-Story goes, in real life it happened using Trinary Science, but this was from a Dream I had as a child, when it occurred to me that not all Life is made by God, Evolution has a way of creating Life without God having to control its every move, it is not like God just wanted to be a Puppet Master, all God did was use the Math that already existed in the beginning, it used the Laws of Physics to build the Universe, so it was Magic when Life adapted on its own and Evolution took over using God's Grand Design, so it seems Darwin was right, Life finds a way to evolve, but it does so using Trinary Science.

Science is about Facts based on empirical evidence, so the Bible wrote about Adam and Eve, where Adam was the Man made of Atom's made of Light, on the Eve of discovery about the Atom that made up Adam, so a Man needs a Woman, which is an Indian Spell, short for Woo, meaning to make advances toward, so Adams wife was called Eve, meaning in the Dark of Night, called Evening, where advances were made, but scientifically Dark means the opposite of Light, because at Night there is no White Light to be seen, and Adam was White, so the only other White Light was from the Moon Shine, and Eve liked Moon Shine, so Adam was the Light of Day and Eve was the Dark of Night, and the 13 Tribes of Jews were given the Masonic Secrets about the origin of the Atom, which was described by the: Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit known as Mother: through Trinity, so it describes science known as Trinary Energy, so the White Noise is controlling all the Atom's in the Universe, so it is the Light, and as descendants of Adam would continue to tale His-Story about Atom's, Jesus said that God was All Light without Darkness, and Sir Isaac Newton's proved that the Darkness was in the Light, because the Darkness was every color in the Rainbow, it was in a Range from White to Black, and every shade of Grey in between, so as the descendant of Adam, Jesus, and Newton, I tale His-Story one more time, from the viewpoint of a Wizard that has lived throughout time, because you can kill me, but I will never die, because me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and the Flesh is weak, but IAM the Light of God, and Jesus did say he would come back in the Flesh, but my name is Flesher  ... So the Bible can not be wrong if you believe everything in it is right, and if you believe its filled with Half Lies, or Untruths, then the whole book is a Lie, but Wizards like Newton spent most of their life studying Alchemy and the Bible, because the two went hand in hand, the study of Alchemy made Sir Isaac Newton a Wizard, and it is known that he studied Witchcraft, which is a form of writing Spells which are used to describe Events, and are used in Potions in Alchemy, so Wizards study these Books or Bibles that were written using Witchcraft, so every sentence was written in the Light and the Dark, so the Flesh or Body which is the Darkness in all of you as it is in Me, so Spells are used to encode information that we do not want our Enemy to find, but we can only hide it in plain sight, so all Witchcraft was written in words Literally, and normally only Aspies take things Literally and all others read into things, instead of just reading them, so the passage God is all Light without Darkness, means many things to many people, it is the debated that started all Wars, since all Wars are Holy Wars, and those that liked Wars were called Warlocks, nowadays they are called Warlords, because the Age of Wizard and Witch hunts are at a stand still since Newton won the Science award, so the Dark Wizard Albert Einstein debunked Newton with a Crazy idea about Time Travel, and the Nature of the Universe known as the Dynamic Universe, so all Reality is being manipulated by Wizards, because Benjamin Franklin was a Light Wizard, and he fought for Freedom, and helped write the Constitution of the United States of American, to ensure the Banks could never take over the Country they wrote a statement that Only Congress could print Money, and the word Amend is defined by the Darkside as meaning Major Changes, but the Lightside defines is as Minor Changes, so the Constitution had to be suspended till the loan to the Bank for the Civil War, that was supposed to abolish slavery, did just the opposite, it made the entire Country slaves to the Banks that now own them like Sheep, so they are nothing but Sheep following their Shepard, but that is Politics, and this is not a Political Debate, it is more of an Observation that anyone living on this planet that does not understand what the truth is, has no reason talking about telling the truth or taking an Oath to tale the truth, so help you God, because you can not defend a Constitution that is suspended or abolished, because that means it does not exist Legally, so this Country called the United State or U.S., is just a Corporation for the Banks that own it, so the Trinary Universe goes down into levels of analyzation to define Reality in a way that explains the truth of the matter, instead of some lie that was created so you could make it through the day knowing: that your whole way of life on this planet is based on lies that no one wants to own up to, so the Governments are allowed to say that the Constitution was amended to allow this, when we all know that everyone involved in this is taking Money from the bank, just like all its citizens, so the Military makes all its members, which includes me, to take an Oath that I support, and defend the Constitution, when I know for a fact that the Banks print the Money and not Congress, so I live in a Universe where this is fine with everyone except me, because it was not fine with me, and I told them so, and they said good job, you will do good in the Military, you defended the Constitution, which is a lot more than most people did, so my view of this Trinary Universe is based on the Truth, and not some part of a Lie or deception, or illusion, or some Religion or Ritualistic function, because the Truth is something no one wants to admit they do not know, because I know the difference between Sheeple and People, Sheeple believe that the Constitution still exist, while We the People know that the Banks are Privately owned by one person, and that is the person that owns the World, so that means the Bank, and I am not talking about the Bank of America, or even the Federal Reserve which is owned by this same Private Bank that prints the Money as if this is just a Monopoly Game, because this is the Game that Sheeple play, so this Trinary Universe is based on a Government known as Trinary Sanctuary, which is Free of all Licenses, so no Money and no Taxes, so its Freedom, and not this Free Dumb they feed U.S., so I define this Trinary Universe down to every detail of my existence, in terms that everyone can understand, because if the stuff I am talking about is things that you have never heard about, then it is time to decide what to believe, that in which you can prove is the truth, or some lie, because you know it is not possible to change the Spell Only, in fact they just deleted that whole sentence, so it is not even a Spell but the very foundation of the entire declaration, and that is how this same Government attacked the Newtonian Science, by backing a Godless Science, they got all the Sheeple to believe that God did not Create this Universe, so those that claim to believe in God, are Legally Insane, because you can not believe in God, and Not believe in God at the same time and think for a minute that is a sane Belief Systems or BS, so this is by far the longest Paragraph I have written in a while, and I do not even think it needs a period, because it was one though, start to end, and that is the way I think, so I write the same way, because this is related to that and the other thing, every thought I have had since 1969 when my Grandmother first gave me all the Notes from all the greatest Wizards of all time, and I started thinking about how to write this all down and explain it in a way that everyone would know it is the truth, knowing that everyone that lives in my Country have no idea what the truth is, or defending a Suspended or abolished Constitution does not mean anything to them, so why would Science, so I ramble on, as if this is how Wizards actually talk, because we all know that is true, why else would they call them Wizards, because these are not Normal People, we read Spells and know what is the truth and what is not, we only tale the truth, because it is so much easier to remember, and I can live up to the truth better than I can a lie, I would rather die saying that the Constitution does not exist then to tale a lie that it was Amended, and in the grand scheme of things, I also believe Jesus Bar Abbas was the only Jesus in the Bible, and it is why everyone denied knowing him 3 times before the cock crowed, because everyone that followed Jesus into battle against the Romans would be executed, and the followers of Jesus sold him out for Money, so those using Money believed that Jesus Christ, who Newton said was inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century, was another person, note he has no last name, which means no one wants to admit that they even know it, hence why they call him Christ, which is not his last name for those of Yew who are really stupid, Christ is a Title not a Name, I do not believe in Sarcasm, so I tale it like it is, I do not care what Yew believe, but I do not believe that insertions make the Bible a Lie, it was done for 3 reasons: the first is that the Church needed to become the world's power base, so by inserting Christ into the Bible, they could make Money for their services and make people think that the Church was charitable, but since they own the Banks, all they are doing is asking Yew for Money and giving Yew back yewer own Money and calling it Charity, so they hunted down and killed all the Wizards and Witches that talked like this, so I hope the Church still does not do things the old way, which is a joke, the Church only does things that are Legal nowadays, and they own the World, so it would be petty to kill Wizards and Witches nowadays, regardless of what they tale the stupid Sheeple, and it would be illegal, but still, I do not see a lot of Wizards and Witches around nowadays, so the Church did a good job, and that was the second reason they inserted Christ into the Bible, and the third reason was because one day they would have to align to this Trinary Science, which is not new at all remember, this Science was the Science the Bible was Originally founded on, before the Dynamic Universe took over, and the Church will need a way to deny that they ever believed in the Dynamic Universe, so this insertion of Christ was put there for a reason, because not everyone knew it was even done, in fact, very few know about it, and fewer believe it, but if anyone is going to believe it, the Church will have to say it is the True Science of the Universe, and that is a fact, so pointing out the Truth about Science is very important to me, so when I seem to rip into the Church one minute, then embrace them in the same paragraph, would lead one to think I might be Schizoaffective, but the truth is that I see things Logically, the Church allowed the Gregorian Calendar to change Jesus's birthday from the 25 of December to 4 January, then threw away 10 days making it the 14th witch is the day I was born, which was on a Saturday at 6:32 pm, to a Woman who was my Mother Mary, so numbers and dates mean a lot to me, and I was born in Corona and lived in Norco at 3666 and ½ Valley View, and IAM the Flesh, and IAM the one telling you about the Concept of the Trinary Universe, and His-Story would be strange if not for the fact its true, so make sure that you prove that this is true, do not take my word for it, because I am not just telling you the truth about how the Universe actually works, I am telling you how everything in the Universe works as well, so this is the Concept of a Trinary Universe.

The Concept of the Trinary Universe is the subject of this whole Book, so it is not just this one Sub Chapter, so it is about everything and not just one thing, it describes the Truth about everything, and Everything is Light, and no matter what you Believe, the Truth will never change, and what that Truth is, only God knows, and God is All Light without Darkness, so the Truth about the Trinary Universe is the Light.

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