The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.01
Trinary Engines are Alive

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 4.01:
Trinary Engines are Alive

If you take a good look at this Earth, you will find that it is a Living Entity, it is not just a clump of rock that was formed by Comets and Asteroids, and this whole Universe is not just a random coincidence, look around, this Planet has an Intelligent design, in fact it operates on a set of rules that are governed by what we call the Laws of Physics, and that implies intelligence and not chaos, so look at this Planet very closely and you will notice it has Blood, we call it Oil, and drill for it thousands of feet down, pump it out and replace it with Water, as if that was a good idea, and sell it like it was ours to sell, when in fact, it serves a purpose for this Planet, it allows the Crust to smoothly rotate around the core of this Planet, I call the Trinary Engine.

Now its time for a Rant: Some Humans would argue about the Planet being Alive, when the word means to Live, and Live was defined as what God Created, which was Life, so it all comes down to what is Life, was God alive? If God was alive and God is All Light without Darkness, and this is what the Trinary Engine is made of, then the Planets Core is alive, regardless of what some Humans believe, it was Born as Ball Lightning, it Grew to become a Trinary Engine, and one day it will die, because the Humans that allow Oil to be called anything other than the Blood of the Planet are insane, as proof: most of these same Humans believe in things that do not exist, and use Money, and it is Value does not Exist, so the Money is only in their Imagination, believing its just a Tool and not Evil, so they are Evil and part of the problem with this World today, and people say that I need to go easy on people, they are not Stupid, they just do not know any better, so educate them, so I will point out that most of these same Humans did not listen to Jesus Bar/Abbas, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin or Nikola Tesla, so how in the world can I teach them anything knowing that these men were ignored, and none of them understood anything they said, so it is a waist of time, these Humans will never learn to see the Light, they have no Honour and Lie about everything, all because the use of Money is what allows this Evil, and mark my words, the Blood of this Planet should not be for Sale, only Stupid People would allow the Planet to be Bled Dry and Die, just for Money, proving that not only is Money Evil, but everyone that allows its Use is Evil, its even printed with the Blood of the Planet with the Words In God We Trust engraven on it, so forgive me for calling them Sheeple, but who else could be so Stupid, but this is about Science, and trust me, calling People Stupid is Science if it is Scientifically proven to be a Fact, so why do I have cuddled them like little children: so I do not hurt their feelings, by not putting down Sheep, but this is a Rant, and these Humans who pay People to Kill children before they are Born, just because they are too Stupid to know what Life is all about, but once this Planet is dead, so are all of you, so I defend this Planet and not the Stupid Animals that destroy it, I will not sugar coat the Truth just so people can think they are Intelligent, just because they can tie their shoes and talk, and read and write, when they have no idea what real Science is, and what the Truth about God is, how can Religious people justify their Religion knowing they are Killing this Planet by using Oil, or allowing Atomic Energy knowing that its fuel is God, it is all a Lie called Christ, which is the Lie that the Roman Empire made up to stay in Power, and now its just a Masonic Secret that few know or will tale, but Sir Isaac Newton's notes got out and now everyone Knows that Christ was just a Lie, and that only Liars believe in Jesus Christ, because Jesus Bar Abbas was the Leader of the Militia that Fought against the Roman Empire, for its Use of Money and Taxation, that same Money that is Controlling the Stupid Sheeple to this Date, because they are too Stupid to see the Light, because all they see is the Darkness, and so stupid they think it is the Light, so Christians just Liars and Murders throughout time, and they think they are Righteous, when all they are is Fools, Christ is the Lord and the Shepard who only Guards his Flock of Sheep with his Staff of Power, so all that Read this are Sheep, because IAM the Staff Sergeant, but IAM just the Dog, and that is just a backward Spell only Wizards understand, so those that eat TaxUS, which comes from a Tree called Yew, because only Stupid Sheep eat TaxUS, and Ewe are what Ewe Eat, so Ewe have Shit for Brains, because Yew are Stupid for not knowing all that I told yew so far, so what else can I say, except this is the end of my Rant.

The Earth has a Trinary Engine, but the word Earth means the Crust or Dirt of the Planet, and that Crust has Magnetic properties that are built in, the Comets and Asteroids hit the Sun, the Sun disintegrates them into atomic particles, and then sends or feeds them to all the Planets in its Solar System on the Solar Wind, that debris falls to Earth as small Dust and Micrometeorites, mostly gently floating to the ground, that then makes up layers of dust, that over time it turns to dirt, that over more time, turns to rock, and that Rock forms a Magnetic Field as the Earth rotates, so it is a huge generator, this Electromagnet Field in turn keeps in the Atmosphere, and keeps out the harmful Micrometeorites and radiation, and at the same time, the Atmosphere protects the Earth from the debris that is falling to Earth, thus causing it to burn up on entering into the Earths Atmosphere, and the Trinary Engine grinds up this Rock, and breaks it down into atomic particles, and feeds it back up to the Surface as Gases like Oxygen and Hydrogen which can burn, and transform into Water and so on, plants only convert Co2 into Oxygen, only the Trinary Engine can produce Oxygen from Water in Nature, and Magnetic Field does not Create Electrons, so a Generator only collects Free Electrons, so this is all a process, so it creates molten rock that is used to create a solid land mass on the surface of the Planet, so this is what I call a Living Entity, it was created like this on purpose, which means it was created by an intelligent process, I call this Trinary Energy, so the Trinary Energy is the Intelligence behind the Trinary Engine, which is the Intelligence behind the Trinary Universe, and I know this because it is who IAM, and you know this because it is who you are, because You and Me have the same I as in it, because it always comes down to Atom's, and on the Eve the Atom is the Light and IAM that Light.

Quantum Entanglement is not much of a mystery once you figure out that all our thoughts are Electrons running around in our Mind, our Trinary Energy effects those around us, and this information can be recorded on video or audio, and replaying the recordings can effect not only people and other animals, but all living things including the smallest of cells. Every cell in our body has memory, if we cut off a part of our body, even a small slice of skin, we get Quantumly Entangled, a Wizards Spell, this is because the Trinary Energy in each cell is tuned to the same Frequency, so in Theory every Living thing has its own Frequency: so that thought is transmitted, and received, and this is easy to prove, we call this a Brainwave, but at the cellular level, it is a resonant frequency, normally a very low frequency, that is linked to the Planet itself, so look around 0 to 33 Hz, on the lower end you have 0 to 13 Hz, but keep in mind the Frequency of the Planet is measured in thousands if not millions of years, so it is around half of that now, but it changes over time, if you measure the Frequencies you know they are the same, before you even check them, as if you knew this would be the case, but just needed to check to see if Reality exist, because if they were not, they would not be Quantumly Entangled, they would just be two different cells, but in reality our Trinary Energy gets Entangled with all the Living Energy around it.

We can view Tress and Humans Auras, I call this Trinary Energy, it is the Light without Darkness, since Darkness is just the Rainbow of Colors we see, but is an object really the color that we see it, that is a question that will open your minds to thoughts that make no sense to normal people, because to most people I ask this question: they seem to think that the Color of our Skin, is because of the things that our skin was made of, and that logic is like saying a black piece of Paper is black because of the ink, because the Paper is the same for a White person as it is for a Black person, its just Skin, and the Color of it is in the Ink, so its some trigger in our skin that causes our skin to be black or white, and using Alchemy I can prove that its just a Gene in our DNA, and since the stuff it is made of is made of Atom's just like our skin, so if Atom's are made of Neutrinos are those Neutrinos that Color, and the answer is simple, the color of every Neutrino is determined by its natural Frequency, and remember we have many types of Atom's that make up our Skin, and we can see these colors in the Aura that surrounds us, it is just Trinary Energy that is flowing through you, as it does with all living things, and even a Rock is alive, and they also die, and turn to dirt or sand, and that too is determined by Frequencies, and Earthquakes are a good measurement of these Frequencies, time is the other, like all things once the Rock Cools down, most of its Aura fades away with time, but take the same piece of rock that broke in half, and place it as far apart from each other as you can, and notice that their Frequencies are always the same when they are Quantumly Entangled, this is because they are bounded with the Universe at the same orientation, so if we put them in space or let them float in water, they will always point in the same direction, this actually applies to all living things as well as those that are dead, but our definition of what is dead may vary, lifeless could mean that the Person died, but it does not come close to explaining what their body is doing, because ever cell in it is transforming into being dead at a very slow rate, compared to the time it took for them to die, which was at the speed of Light, so we know that Energy takes a while to break down, and it turns different colors as it does so, the colors of dying are just colors like ink, so Neutrinos do not actually have a color, they only have Frequencies that they vibrate, and when White Light hit is them, it excites the Atom's to a higher frequency, one which is much easier to see, so all our vision is based on the Light, Photons or Electrons, they are all just frequencies of Light, so we only perceive frequencies as Light, but the Material of Cloth has no colors, it only has frequencies that every Atom in it vibrates at, you do something to change that rate like cool it down, or heat it up, its color will also change, so it is a one-to-one relationship between the Atom's Frequency and the Color we see it being, and this Aura, is the same way, its just frequencies our SOUL puts out, so it is the Color of our SOUL.

So ink just changes the frequency that we view the Atom resonating at, so all Ink can be made of the same Material, but resonate at a different Frequency, it is a Filter effect, all ink does is apply a filter to the surface of what we are seeing, so it is not that the ink even has a color, its just how our optic system and those in electronics, since they are both electrical, they see things the same way, its just Electronic Data Streams of information that our brains are decoding, we add meaning to Color, and soon we view it with Emotions, and if we measure our Heart beats, we can measure these Emotions, those like Calm, Angry, Upset, Scared, Cold, Hot, Running, Walking, it stores all the information about how you are feeling at every point in time, you can measure the distance between heart beats, and it is a Frequency, so look at where it goes low, in the silence of the Heart Beat, is where all the Emotions you carry around can be measured, its why people assign Color to it, like I am feeling Blue today, and they become Quantumly Entangled with others that sympathize with them, for example, you see and accident and it does not matter if it is just a recording of one, or even an Animated event or cartoon, it is the Emotions that visual or audio stimulation provide, and it all can be measured in terms of Frequencies, because it is all Electricity, and we are Light Beings.

There is not anything physical in the Universe that can not be expressed in terms of Frequency, every object in existence is made of Atom's, and every Atom's has a Frequency, so all Math must be in Terms of Frequency, and all of Sir Isaac Newton's Math was based on God as the Force, and God is All Light without Darkness, so Newton's Math is all based on the Light, and all expressed in terms of Trinary Energy, so it is the Math that describes Auras.

If you allow Religion to dictate Science and the meaning of Life, you will first have to answer one question, why does the Bible State God is All Light without Darkness, yet Religion teaches the Light is Good and the Darkness is Evil, and that God does not Physically Exist, such that God could not be the Light we see, because you must have Faith that God exist, so Religion and the Bible have a Paradox that can not be answered, because the fact is that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, may not be the best Metaphor for Electricity or Light, but as Newton put it, Math does not lie, so if you assign (+1) to Light we see, and (-1) to Light we see as if Fades into the Semisolid state, and 0 for when it disappears, Logic will explain what Trinity is all about, and it is not about Religion, it is about the Bible, and the two are not the same, since Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible so Money would be worshiped like God, and by engraving In God We Trust on Money, using the Blood of the Planet as ink, and printed on Hemp, just like the Constitution that was Sold out to Money, the same way that Christians sold Christ out for Money, knowing that Bar Abbas fought against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation, proves that a Lie in Motion, tends to stay in that same Motion, until the Truth makes an Equal and Opposite Direction in Science, and it is all because People think they have the Right to believe in Theories, and call them the Truth or a Description of how the Truth happens, allowing Theory to become Fact just because it is been a Theory for so long, when it is been a Theory for so long because it is not the Truth, and could never be Proven to be the Truth, like the Big Bang, I can not prove it happened because I was not there in person to see it, or going to the Moon, when in fact I saw the Apollo in orbit around the Earth, when it should have been in orbit around the Moon, and I saw it like many others and the News did not blow off that question or burry it well enough to hide the truth, seeing is believing, and I saw for a fact that we did not go to the Moon with my own eyes, and that is all the Proof I need to prove it, and the fact that everyone else saw the same thing, so facts are facts and theories are theories, but Life is based on facts and not Theories, and Heaven forbid not Religion, since God does not Physically Exist, nor would Life if you let Religious people in charge, they will build weapons of Mass Destruction using God as the Fuel for all Atomic or Nuclear Weapons, so another word or spell for such a device is a God Bomb, because the Bible warned about 3 such uses of those Bombs in History, so be careful of what you believe, I can not see as well as I did back in 1969, but I can still see satellites orbiting the Earth, so I do not believe we ever went to the Moon using Empirical Evidence, since the Apollo could not orbit Earth and the Moon at the Same time, and both disappeared the same day, I can only conclude that they were the same, and Apollo never left orbit, because that is what I saw, and I did have access to Telescopes back then, in fact I owned one at the time, as did others, so Mainstream Media that was trying to sell going to the Moon to me as child, are now trying to define what Life is for me also, and it is all BS if it is not what Newton said, if his Math works it is all the proof I need; and keep in mind that if Satan Lies, Santa Lies, and it is all about Money: so we know that is not a Lie, but Religion is and Newton proved that.

Put all your BS to the side just long enough to see how Sir Isaac Newton envisioned the Newtonian Universe, all I did was to change the Names to make it sound more Scientific than God, because that sounds Religious, and Mainstream reported the Einstein Denounced his Theory of General Relativity, because he found Religion, which was stated in Ignorance, since Newton was very clear that God is All Light without Darkness, and not a Deity, and Deity worship is what separates Science from Religion, if you believe in Jesus Christ, you deny that Jesus Bar Abbas Fought against the use of Money and Taxation, hard to do since its written in the Bible that way, so facts are facts and Einstein stated for the Record that he did not believe in his Theory, because without God it has Paradoxes that cannot be solved, and since a Paradox can not exist in Reality, the Dynamic Universe is not Reality, nor is the Big Bang, since it has to defy the Laws of Physics, its just a Stupid idea that makes no sense to anyone Intelligent, and that is why its called a Theory, and can not be proven to be a Fact and never will, because a Paradox can not exist in Reality, and without God, there will always be a Paradox; and that can be proven with Math; its how we define what Life is and in Math, I stated that its (+1) + (-1) = 0, or Trinary Logic of (+1), (-1) and 0, so if Light is the Light as Tesla Proved, then Solid Light is (+1), and Semisolid Light is (-1), and invisible Light is 0, and just because that describes Trinity, proving that Newton viewed God as Logic known as Trinity, and Newton said he was a Descendant of Jesus Bar Abbas, ironic that they put him in charge of the Mint, or ironic that Tesla died in a Hotel: that had Electrical Generators that could produce the same Energy levels that his project at Wardenclyffe, in fact the two share a lot in common in the way they were built, making me think that Tesla was working all the way to his death, on a project that he felt this world needed, which was Cheap or Free Energy; not to be confused with Free-Energy; which is some insane idea about defying the Laws of Physics; which by the way only state that one type of Energy, only transforms into another, for example if the Sun Light hits a Solar cell, it can transform that Energy into Electricity, and transform that Electricity back into Light, and you can do the same with Water, it breaks down into Hydrogen and Oxygen, burnt together make water, so these Laws of Energy Transformation is key to Science; and Newton wrote that the Foundation of Math is based on God being Light; so you must view God as Light to understand what Newton or Tesla was talking about.

How we view Light as Matter/Antimatter is key to our Understanding of the Trinary Universe, once we understand that all Matter/Antimatter is Energy in terms of Frequency of Light, so can understand how changes in white Light and Darkness of Night: effect the Color and Temperature of all Matter, which has both Matter and Antimatter in it, its just the flip side of a coin in terms of Neutrinos, its Matter in the (+1) State, and Antimatter in the (-1) State, so as the Atom toggles from (+1) to (-1), its color changes as well. The key to this understanding is that you see the Antimatter side of an Atom, as much as you do the Matter side, so the color changes flicker, and it is why the Sun turn into a Star if you are far enough away from it, yet its only then can we see the Sun twinkle, and this is true of all Matter, including ourselves, since we are made of the same stuff as Stars, proving they are as much alive as we are.

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