Chapter 3.10:
The Sun
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Chapter 3.10:
The Sun

The Sun is not Nuclear nor is it Compress Gas, the very concept that it is, is called insanity, Theories that can not be proven because they are simply not true, the fact is that the Sun does not produce Heat, during a Solar Minimum this is obvious, proving the Sun is not Nuclear, its output depends on how much it eats, and by eating I mean Space Debris like: Comets, Asteroids and other Space junk, the Sun Spot activity, proves that at Solar Minimum, the Magnetic Energy is at its weakest, so it will not pull in as much debris, so its output will be diminished, it is because we are orbiting around the Galaxy, running into all the Garbage that is also orbiting around the Galaxy, so just look at Videos about the Sun and you will see its an Electromagnetic Field, and that is why I created a Video Series about the Sun, to prove that only Stupid People believe that it is not Light.

The Sun is feeding all the Planets in its system, every decade it will reverse its Magnetic Field so that it can maintain a steady stream known as the Solar Winds, that carry all the ground up material to its target, which are Planets in its system that need more Material to Grow, so it eats so it can feed its Children, so the Sun is more like a Father or Mother, but the Father or Mother is known as the Galaxy, and it is job is similar, it feeds the Sun, and in turn, the Sun feeds all the Planets, and if the Planets give birth to its Moons, then it also makes them the Father and Mother also.

The Sun travels in a Helix pattern around the Galaxy, its speed varies as it climbs away from the Galactic Plane, as it slows to the point at which it can no longer climb and the Gravity of the Galactic Plane pulls it back, and then it speeds up till it crashes into the Galactic Plane, which is a frozen debris field, filled with Space Junk that can not escape the Gravity Plane, so any Planet traveling through the Galactic Plane, will be pounded on by this Space Debris, and will exit the Galactic Plane as a frozen Planet, which will take thousands of years to defrost, so the Sun will be at Solar Maximum during this transition through the Galactic Plane.

The Sun is another Sub Chapter that is too large a subject to cover, so it will require another book to fully explain the Sun, but for now, it is only important to understand what the Sun is, and that is the Earths Father and Mother, just like the Moon is the Earths Child, so it is a Living System of Planets, that are run by the Same Energy that runs us, so we are Related to the Sun, as we are Related to the Earth we Live on.

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