The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 3.09
The Living Planet

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 3.09:
The Living Planet

The Trinary Engine of Earth is less than 800 miles in diameter, I put the measurement around 666 Miles in Diameter based on our Average Speed of 66,666 Miles an Hour, and No I did not make that number up, I calculated it, and I have no idea of the actual measurement because the Planet is Growing all the time, and the Technology to measure it does not exist yet, all that Tritanium that those Neutrino Detectors are monitoring is being collected by our Earths Trinary Engine, so its Growing all the time, just like the Sun, and as it does, Earth, which is just Dust called Micrometeorites, that fall from Outer Space, which its fed to Earth by the Sun, creates a Crust that forms around its Sphere as its Ground up in a Grinder by the Null Space Force Field, it forms Lava, which breaks down Rock into minerals, Atom's and Oil, the Oil is used to Lubricate the Plates of Crust that Cool and Harden on the Outermost layers of Earth, or its Surface, but this Lava will push to the Surface and causes islands like Hawaii to form, as well as all Land on the Earth, and the Oceans serve to Cool down the Lava so it can maintain the Solid Rock that creates the 6 Continents that Earth has, and the Oil which I call the Blood of the Planet, also provides an Electrical Conduit for Electricity, just like the Iron in our Blood does for us, and that is how it thinks, just like it is the way we think, and when that Blood stops Flowing, we stop thinking and Die, so will the Planet, so Stupid People should stop using the Planets Blood as Fuel, because Stupid People are Killing this Planet, so I will use the word Evil to describe this Event, and it is the Backward Spell for Live, so things like Money that is the Root of All this Evil, allows the Planet to be Killed for Money, just Like Jesus, Proving it is Evil.

The Oil is better named the Blood of the Planet, because that is what it is, if you drill holes deep enough into the Planet you will hit a vain, and it will bleed, but if it bleeds too much, it can create Sink holes and cause the different layers of Crust to Grind together, causing Earthquakes, and if you use it all up, then the Crust will be forced into the Null Space Force Field and will be disintegrated, but keep in mind that some of these Pocket of Oil or Blood, are very large, and if the Pockets collapse, they can cause the Planet to break up, and possibly go Nova. The Null Space Force Field is also responsible for breaking down all Molecules, so it breaks down Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, because Plants can only Convert Co2 into Oxygen, and only Stupid People believe that Plants Create Oxygen, when only the Planet can, but it needs its Blood to do so, so it is just a fact that only the Trinary Engine can produce Oxygen, because current mainstream Science teaches that the core of Earth is just a Nuclear Bomb like the Sun, maybe its Compressed Gas according to some Theories, but that defies the Laws of Physics, so we should all be nice and Radiated by now, but we all know that did not happen, so why do people believe theories like that as if they were facts when they do not even make sense, a rhetorical question because we all know it is because the Banks pay for it, so theories like Trinary Engine sound like fairy tales when the Current belief does not even stand up to scientific principles, let alone obey the Laws of Physics, so what I just proved was that this System of Evolution we call the Planet Earth, is in fact a Living Entity, and it has a Soul that is the Same as all Life on this Planet, it is called Light or Trinary Energy, and it is the same Intelligence that was required to build the Trinary Universe, because it can not be a random chance that the Universe was designed this way, because if it was designed any other way it would not exist at all, and that is a fact, Einstein proved that much by stating that Paradox's can not exist in Reality, but still you have to ask yourself if this is Religion or Science, because the two are in agreement if this is in fact the way the Universe works, because let us face it, just because this Dissertation proves it can operate like this, does not mean it does, because of something called Freewill, which allows people to think up of infinite number of Multiple Parallel Alternative Universes, so you could conceive of countless combinations of possibilities because it could be if everything is possible, but that is the Dynamic Universe, so you can go back in time and kill your Parents so you will never be born, and this is the Theory that I am trying to compete against, are you joking me, I mean is this Science for real, or is this just a joke Intelligent People are Playing on the Worlds Public to see how Stupid they are, now that sounds like I am Preaching a Religion, because I can only conclude that the reason why Scientist go along with the Dynamic Universe that operates one Paradox after the next, because going back in time does not sound like an Impossibility, when you forget that 99.999% of all Space is Empty, therefor it could also just be Null Space, since it is Empty for a Reason, and let us face it, no one will ever prove that, because it is not possible to Magnify Null Space to see what is in it, because it has No Dimensions, so it does not exist nor can anything in any Universe that existed in Reality, because a Paradox can not exist in any Reality, and even Einstein said that, so you have to wonder what the truth is, and if a Theory is? A Dissertation should not be based on Religion unless it is a Religious Dissertation, but this is a Real Science Dissertation for Physics, yet I can not deny that the Bible is saying the same thing, so this is not new Knowledge, in fact its older than the Bible, this work was not done yesterday, Sir Isaac Newton died in 1727, and all I added to his work was how the Core of the Planet works, which explains how all Life in the Universe is possible, all because of a Concept called the Trinary Engine.

To understand what Living means, we need to define it in a way that it applies to the Planet, if its Born, Grows, and Dies, its Living, that is my Definition of what is Living and what is not, so a Computer no matter how Intelligent it is, if it does not fit this description, it is not alive, but the Galaxy, Suns, Planets and Moons are.

Anything that Bleeds is alive, and the Planet Bleeds, its Blood is Oil, those that use it is Murdering the Planet, that is a Fact, but its Normal to be Stupid, and Stupid People do not care about such trivial matters, all they care about is Money, and that is just Evil.

When the Oil is Gone the Planet will be Dead and so will all the People on it. To Kill the Planet you live on is illogical, yet that is what is going on right now on this Planet, because People love Money more than they do the Planet, technology today proves Electric Motors are more Efficient, and always have been, and there is not a shortage of Lightning.

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