The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 3.08
Intelligent Light

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 3.08:
Intelligent Light

The Intelligence of Light or Trinary Energy is Science, if you Study the Light long enough you will know that when you record it, it acts one way, but when you look at it in real time, that pattern changes. From the viewpoint of the Observer, it is just a dot, so small it is almost impossible to focus on, and no matter how much you magnify, it looks like it needs more magnification to see it better, but the fact is that no matter how much you magnify it, it will always appear that way, because it is not Possible to create Technology that can Magnify anything larger than itself, so technology has it is limitations built into the very nature of the size of matter or a single atom. The Question most people ask is how can the Light have Intelligence, but any Wizard would tell you the same thing, how do Humans have any Intelligence, and that is your answer, and Proof that is Scientific Evidence, because I can prove that the Light is what gives Humans the ability to think, and Freewill is what allows all humans to think differently, even to have insane concepts about how the Universe actually works, so the Light gives you intelligence and Freewill can take it away, making you Stupid.

This dissertation is build on the Work of others, the Technology I refer to as Trinary is just a Collection of different ideas and experiments that have been known for years, and the new stuff that came alone after I was born, as such I need to pull in some of those ideas and research to prove my point, so we pull in Chemistry and Biology and use the latest Theories about Human Biology of the Brain and Body, and at the Subatomic Level details into Cells is now possible, and microscopic Engines are running these Cells using Technology we can not begin to understand, when if fact few understand how the Pyramids were built, yet it was the Human Race that built them, we know it is not just chemical reactions, because we can not create cells that work, so living cells have an Energy that is not Chemically based, but more like Electricity and Electronic Circuits, so my degrees in Electronics helped me to understand the mechanism used, because we know we can use Electricity to stimulate muscles and other types of nerves.

It may seem like a theory that the Trinary Energy is Controlling all these Microscopic Engines, but Observations would lead you to conclude this is a Scientific Fact, and it was the very reason they named the Light God's Particle in the First place, but it is not that different from other Boson Particles, like the Z Boson, which Wizards with 1 Z know that Crystal Balls will interact with, so they can see what the Z Boson looks like, but you have to have a Crystal Ball that is tuned to these Neutrinos, and you can tune your own Mind to interact with them, just close your Eyes and view the Universe with your Third Eye, because it is all how we view Neutrinos does our understanding of Science change, so you know this is the truth, so why not just admit to it. The fact is that Logic is the only real tool we have when it comes to answering the questions about how Light and Energy Transmission Medium really works, because the Light is Energy, and how it is Transited on a Medium, is the Key to Life, its how our Nerve System and Brain Works, because enough Electricity flows through the Human Body to lite a 60 watt Light Bulb when we are sleeping, so who are we kidding, Light can be converted to Electricity by converting Photons into Electrons like a Solar Cell, and Scientist have known for a long time that Neutrinos have 3 types: Electron, Tau, and Muon, so this interaction with Neutrinos is old news, it is not much of a jump in Science to understand that Atom's are made of Neutrinos, and those Atom's Neutrinos will still Interact with unbound Neutrinos, as they pass around them, and it is only after we define how Energy Relates to Space in the Universe does our view of Science change, so looking at the Universe for facts, we find Atom's are made of Neutrinos, and Atom's have 3 Types also: Proton, Neutron and Electron, so the Neutrinos referred to as Electron, just means they were what Electrons were made of, so this Science is correct, and it is why I use it, it just how we explain how Light Flows through the Universe does this change, or transform, even convert, and any Flashlight can convert Electrons into Photons, so Humans are generating Light, only in a Spectrum that is not visible to the human eye, yet no one wants to admit it, like it would make Humans sound like a Robot that requires Batteries, when in fact: if that Electrical Charge leaves our body for any reason, we will need a jump start using a defibrillator, so that is enough proof in itself, so I assert that the Human body, in fact all Life: is running off of the Light as a power source, so the Light and Energy Transmission Medium is the Life Form itself, it is also the Life Force of the entire Universe.

Humans tend to think that Light and Energy Transmission Medium would refer to Power lines used to Power its Cities, and they would be right, the same power lines that services the World with Electricity, is also the same Energy Source that Powers all Life in the Universe. The Human body requires a constant Magnetic Field to keep its Cells Energized, and the Earths Magnetic Sphere provides the exact amount required for all Life to Live on this Planet, so how does that work? Do you really think that chaos or random events could have produced a Universe with as Intelligent of a design as it is?

There are two types of People in the World, those that believe this, and those that do not, and I am one that does not, because I can prove that everything comes in 3, it just comes down to how you define things, and that means Intelligence, so there are people who understand the Light, those that understand the Darkness, and those that understand every shade of Grey in between, that is Light Intelligence, and it really is just that Simple.

If our Brain is made of Atom's, then its made of Light, and it is all its Made out of, so the Intelligence is coming from the Light, not the Neutrinos, they are bound by the Light, and just seem to go where ever the Light takes them, so they are under the control of the Light.

There are People that will read this and depending on how honest they are with themselves, will understand it, or they will not, those that have very little intelligence will have as hard as time as those that are more Intelligent, and it is because those that think they are Intelligent, will try to mix everything they know about the Universe into everything I have to say about it, and that makes them less intelligent than those that will not try this simply because they know nothing about the Universe, so Stupid People can learn the Truth easier than those that think they already know it, that is how Light Intelligence works, because very few people are Honest, most think they are intelligent when all they are doing is going alone with the Herd and what they Heard, so they are nothing more than Sheep, more afraid of the Powers that Be, so they do what they are told to do, and believe what Mainstream tells them is the Truth, and that is why its Normal to be Stupid and Dishonest.

If you are Stupid, you can Learn, and Knowledge can make you more Intelligent, but only the Knowledge about the Light can set you Free, because true Freedom comes from Knowing the Truth about the Light Intelligence, but like I said, most People are Stupid and Dishonest, so they know nothing of the Truth and Lie about being Intelligent just because they can Speak, Read and Write, so they base all Intelligence on those 3 things, and in truth, Light Intelligence does not care about any of those things, most Animals do not do any of them, they make Sounds, but it is not Speech, most Animals Operate on an Ability to Communicate using the Light, to Learn this, you must stop using that Little Voice in your Head to Speak, Read and Write, then you can learn to Listen to the Light, now that is Light Intelligence.

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