The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 3.07

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 2 May 2018


Chapter 3.07: Gravity

Trinary Energy can be seen under a powerful Electron Microscope, but despite the fact that Gods Particle is the Hottest Scientific Buzz word going around at the time I was writing this dissertation, it was also named that as a joke, and very little is actually known about it, its been proven it has Intelligence, but yet no one knows why or can explain it, so its a very easy Science to Corrupt with the wrong words, because it is very hard to prove a lot of the Concepts that I need to explain, so I need to be very careful when creating Names for things that already exist, because doing so may cause confusion, which is the very reason I created the word, so I could avoid that confusion, so to be very clear about this Point, from now on I will only refer to White Noise or Gods Particle as Trinary Energy, and it will only be defined the way I defined it, so other Research on Gods Particle does not Apply to anything I have to say by default, it may turn out to be the same thing, but I am only going to try to avoid confusing terms and names, so it made sense to give it a new name, because what you will find out is that it is going to make it a lot easier than trying to make distinctions between the two, or anyone trying to mix what they know about White Noise or Gods Particle into what I am trying to teach about Trinary Energy, or visa verse, or even worse Religious people trying to mix what they think they know about God with Real Science, even though in mainstream science God does not exist, nor do Deities, so Religion is just the same, but Gravity is subject that needs to be defined, but also almost needs to be renamed, not sure what to call it, so I will not rename it for that reason alone, called it Trinary Gravity does not really change it, but it does better define it, so I will call it Trinary Gravity or just Gravity for short.

Trinary Energy has 3 States that we already defined, this Energy is found in 100% of all Space in the Universe, and all known objects contain about 99.999% Empty Space, and just for the Record, Empty Space refers to Space with Nothing in it, whereas Null Space refers to Space in the 0 Dimensions, so I am asserting that Trinary Energy can Flow through Empty Space while it is in its Null State, so logically it can flow through any object that you would normally refer to as solid. Trinary Energy is Massless Energy, it has no matter, even though the Particle sides are named Matter and Antimatter, and the reason for these names was to describe how it interacts with the 3rd Dimension, because this energy flows through all objects with very little resistance, in fact the Resistance is a Mathematical problem that Newton stated as: Every point mass attracts every single other point mass by a force pointing along the line intersecting both points. The force is proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them, so we know what the Math is, so how does this work.

If we know that the Mass is 99.999% all Empty Space, and that Trinary Energy can Flow through this Space, then logic would lead us to believe that: the Mass of Earth has to have a Force that is causing this Attraction at right angles to the center of its mass, so to create a model of the Core of the Planet, we need a mechanism that can explain this attraction, and the only way I could figure out how this was possible was to create a Force Field around a Sphere, that would be so Dense that not even Null Space could Flow through it, and would have to flow around it, this would cause all its Gravity Force to be at Right Angles to the Planets Surface, as shown in Illustration 3.04: Direction of Gravity, the Core creates Gravity, which is an invisible force that interacts with 3rd Dimensional objects in a very defined way, as the Trinary Energy is observed as an objects falls toward the Trinary Engine, you will find that all the Empty Space in all the Objects in the Universe has a purpose, because without it, there could be no gravity, since all Gravity really is, is just the effects of Dimensional Space being pulled into a Trinary Engine.

Direction of Gravity
Illustration 3.04: Direction of Gravity Full Size

At the subatomic level this can be seen under a very special Microscope, it would look something like: Illustration 3.05: Atoms showing Empty Space arrow flows through, it has a bunch of Atoms with Valence Electrons, and the Black arrow shows the direction the object is moving, which in Illustration 3.04: Direction of Gravity it was down, to the center of the Blue Planet we call Earth, it comes in from all angles that always follow through to the center of the Planet, so its clear that the static dimensions are moving through the empty space along the same path as shown below, and they are pushing the object with it, which is all there really is to explaining Gravity when it comes down to it, its very simple concept in the Trinary Universe, it is simply friction of Trinary Energy flowing through objects at the speed of Light, if you have any object that has Mass, it will have this Null Space around the center of the Atom, and Trinary Energy can not flow through it, so it must Flow around it, like a boat anchored on a rope in the water of a river, as the river flows like the Trinary Energy, the boat will feel the drag of the water flowing by it, the water has to go around the boat, yet it wants to pull it along with it even though it can not move, this force is always present in the Universe, its called Gravity when we talk about it at the Subatomic level, and apply it to Atoms floating in the vacuum of outer Space, if they do not have another force to pull them towards it, they will continue to float through space till they find something with Gravity, this is always in the Center of the Mass, as a handful of grains of Sand are thrown into outer Space, one will attract the other, till they all form the same handful of sand, so it is clear that Gravity is in all Atoms, so it has to do with the Atoms and this invisible force we call Gravity, which is Trinary Energy, or this White Noise that is everywhere in the Universe, and flows at the Speed of Light, on Earth, this Force is what Newton referred to as God or the Light without Darkness.

Atoms showing Empty Space arrow flows through
Illustration 3.05: Atoms showing Empty Space arrow flows through Full Size

Now the Math formula in Illustration 3.06: Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation starts to make sense.

Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation starts to make sense
Illustration 3.06: Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation starts to make sense Full Size

If the Empty Space in all objects is the same, then only its mass needs to be calculated, so if the Trinary Energy is the Force, then its equal to the formula: G, which is a Gravitational constant (6.673×10−11 N · (m/kg)2), multiplied by the two masses, 1 and 2, over d2, which is the distance squared between the centers of the masses, so if God is the Light then it is Trinary Energy, so its the Force, which I just proved is just friction between the empty space in our atomic structure, as the Trinary Energy, which is in the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, as it flows through the 3rd dimensional space in all objects, this will also create heat on the outside of objects due to the fluid dynamics of the atmosphere, but in a vacuum they will fall at the same rate, because the fiction is always the same regardless of mass, because the two masses is just the product of their masses combined, because its at the atomic level of the object, this concept is key, and should be understood that regardless of how fast we are traveling, the speed of Light never changes, and it can only be explained if its because it flows through us at the same rate, regardless of if we are moving, and it will never make any difference how fast we are moving, because that is nothing compared to the speed of Light, so as it turns out, it was the Light that was causing Gravity all the time.

So I search for Dense Materials this Engine could be made of and eliminated all the ones on the Periodic table, and then doing a lot of research on Neutrino Detectors, that are believed to detect the elements that Stars or Suns that have gone Supernova are made of, so I found the Material, and because it detects many that it can not capture, they have no idea how many types there are, so they do not have a Name for the one I picked, so I named it Tritanium for obvious reasons, so as it turns out this material is so small that it can not be captured by any known material, because its molecular structure does not contain any Electrons, Protons or Neutrons, and because of the size it can flow through 99.999% of all the Empty Space in Solid objects, and is smaller than atoms.

To create a Sphere so solid that Null Space could not Flow through it required Science and Technology that was easy to visualize but hard to describe, so I will give it my best explanation, Tesla said that Real Lightning could create such a concentrated mass of energy, that the Light would create Mass so Dense that Empty Space could not flow through it, so I figured that was because it contained Energy that was only in the Light State, meaning Trinary Energy is only in the 1 or -1 State, and could not switch States to the 0 State, due to the Density of the Light, so it creates its own Gravity and can Float, this phenomenon is called Ball Lightning, it is a solid Ball of Lightning, its very Rare, and he spent most of his life trying to figure out how to create it, and never did, the closes he came were small sparkler type of discharges, he said it was possible if it can occur in nature, but he said he was very close, and would have created such a machine if J.P. Morgan and other bankers did not cut off his funding, so I can not explain to you how to build such a device to prove this, but given the Resources I think I could finish his work, but like I said my idea is simple and documented in Appendix B, but to sum it up, from all my research on Ball Lightning, I can say that in an Atmosphere, it will not exist for very long before its Energy is shorted to Ground, the reasons were obvious to Tesla, who said that its attracted to ground, and anything that will bridge that gap, and the Power it contained was tremendous, and could explode if shorted to Ground, because it was a Sphere of Solid Light, so it contained no Empty Space, so it is very dense, in fact, it is the Densest Naturally occurring phenomena known, so it must be created in a Vacuum, and be totally isolated from Ground, and would require a Force Field to keep it in place, and it would require many LASER's to create a 3 mirror closed loop of Light and Electromagnetic Force Fields to hold it align-center in the chamber, once you get it started it should run as long as it has power feeding it via the Electromagnetic Force Field. One use would be for artificial Gravity in Outer Space, but at the same time you can build a generator around it and recover the power from the Electromagnetic Force Field, while tapping off the power of the Ball Lighting and converting it back into Power that can be used to keep the Circuit alive, and still have excess power, if the circuit is balanced.

I have a theory that if you can create Ball Lightning it will attract Tritanium to it, my research in Neutrino Detection leads me to believe that it is attracted to Gravity, thus Creating the Ball Lightning will force the Tritanium outside the Ball, thus encasing it in the Tritanium Neutrinos, once the Lightning Ball was encased in Tritanium, it would force the Empty Space to flow around it, because not even Empty Space could flow through the Tritanium Sphere, because its structure is so Dense that it does not contain any Empty Space in the 3rd Dimension. Tritanium has no Electrons, Protons or Neutrons, so it has no Electrical charge, so as the Empty Space flows around it, it creates Friction and Drags it in space, like a balloon floating in water, the water acts like Energy with a Floating Ground, as the Current flows around the Balloon, it creates waves, but since these waves only happen in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, these waves only travel at right angles around the sphere in a 360 degrees of the 3 dimensional space around the Sphere, creating a force field of Null Space around the Sphere, which acts like a Grinder and disintegrates all matter it comes in contact with, which explains why the Sun behaves the way it does, so its clear that Ball Lightning and a Trinary Engine are the same thing, so Ball Lightning must be how Trinary Engines are built, the only difference is in how much Tritanium they have around them.

Science most be observable, and the Only explanation for the Suns behavior is if its Core is Solid and has a force field around it that could disintegrate all matter that hits it, and it would have to act like an Anchor in order for planets to orbit around it, because Space is pretty much not Empty Space, because it contains Planets, Moons, Comets, Asteroids, and Micrometeorites, yet its in a Vacuum, and has 0 Gravity outside a Planets Field of Gravity, and the Sun gets Hit by these Objects all the Time, and has to somehow absorb the impact with no physical damage to the surface of the Sun, because we know that is a fact, so the current Theory about the Sun being a Controlled Nuclear Bomb or a Compressed ball of gas, caused by breaking the Laws of Physics does not hold up as Real Science, because if that Bomb or ball of gas got hit by an Asteroid the size of the ones it gets hit by, I can only conclude that there would be considerable damage to the surface of the Sun, look at the Damage Comets did when they hit Jupiter years ago, so I assert that can mean only one thing, it is so Dense that it has a Force Field that completely surrounds it, and causes so much Friction with its Grinding action as a result of matter coming in contact with Null Space, that nothing can touch it, similar to the Empty Space around an Atom, therefore it never changes size or shape, and continues to operate for Billions of years without breaking the Laws of Physics. This Concept needed a Name, so I called it a Trinary Engine, because its made of Trinary Energy. Note I said it does grow, because its always gaining more Tritanium, so it does change in size, but the time frame would be measured in millenniums, whereas the Earth grows about a half inch a year.

The 3 basic rules for a Trinary Engine are: Table 3.02: Basic Rules for a Trinary Engine

  1. The Core of the Engine is All Light, both Light and Dark, so there can be no Light without the Darkness, because Trinary Energy has 3 States, and the 0 State is what creates the Sphere, and the core can only switch between States 1 and -1, or Light Matter and Dark Antimatter and pass through the 0 dimension, and this means its Intelligent, this is referred to as Trinary Intelligence, the same mechanism as Ball Lightning, so this is a Scientific fact because it can be observed, and it can be created, it is just a matter of how to keep it contained in a sphere, so it does not dissipate its energy into space, or to ground, so the Trinary Engine is born, it grows and it dies.
  2. The Sphere is made out of pure Tritanium, which is the Material that Neutrino Detectors detect. The Sphere can be reproduced in nature, because Tritanium is very abundant in the Universe, and we know its attracted by Gravity, and Ball Lightning can create their own Gravity, which allows them to Float or hover, and the Density of the Light will keep the Tritanium from flowing through the Ball Lightning or Sphere, forcing it to flow around it, and then gravity will make it bind to it thus forming a shell of very dense Tritanium around it, until it has coated the entire surface of the Light Sphere. This will cause the Empty Space to flow around the Sphere instead of through it, because it is so dense that Empty Space can not flow through it.
  3. The Null Space Force Field that surrounds the Sphere, causes everything that gets pulled into its Gravitational Field to be disintegrated as it comes into contact with 0 Dimension, which causes all molecules to be striped of their atoms, like an Atomic Grinder, because the Space with No Dimensions is like a Grinding Wheel in Space to molecules, no dimensions, so you can not see anything in it, Null Space is the only good description for it. When a dimension comes into contact with a dimension with fewer dimensions than itself, it normally flows through the Empty Space with little resistance, but this resistance can be measured and calculated, its called Gravity, but if it does not have any Empty Space to flow through it, it crashes into it, only its not really there as Space, so it can not come into contact with it, nor can it continue on its path without being forced around it, in which case it will get all it is molecules broken down into atoms, without destroying all of the material, making it the perfect grinder, that can eat a full size Planet, if its Engine was as big as a Sun, but if it was smaller it would not be strong enough to power the Solar Winds that carry all the debris from the Sun back out into Space where it is absorbed by all the Planets in it is System, so a Crust would form, and create either a Planet or a Moon, but it would have to grow massive to form a Galaxy sized Engine.
Table 3.02: Basic Rules for a Trinary Engine

Once you can accept the fact that such an Engine is possible in Nature, we can start to understand how it works in the Trinary Universe, which is a collection of Trinary Engines, each Galaxy normally only has 1 Trinary Engine simply known as a Galaxy, it is the Core of the System, and its always the First Engine to Grow in the Universe, and I do mean Grow, it starts out small like the size of Ball Lightning. It takes a lot of Gas to produce that large of a Lightning Strike, so if you know where a lot of Gas Clouds that are building up in Outer Space, you can follow their progress to see when Lightning Strikes, and forms a Trinary Engine, because that is the Birth of a Galaxy, Planet or Moon.

As the Trinary Engine Grows, it becomes obvious that it is under Intelligent Control, because all the conditions where just right, and it took gravity to pull all the Gas into a Region of Space that did not have any Large Masses, like a Galaxy, Sun, Planet or Moon, so how did that Gas build up enough Mass without a Source for its Gravity, and the only conclusion would be if some intelligence is in control of it, but this is Science and Not Religion, so we do not want to Call this Intelligence God, so we must look at how it is possible in nature to create Gravity without Mass, and a Trinary Energy can do that, the only question is why would it do that, and the answer always comes back to Intelligence, the only way they could exist is if they were under direct control of the Light by an Intelligent Being, and then Religion steps into Science once again, proving that God really did create the Universe.

When you study Gravity, you have all types of factors to look at, the First is Centrifugal Force, Stupid People think it causes Gravity, when Logic and Reasoning would explain that is not possible, Centrifugal Force would throw you off the Planet, and any imbalance in the Planet, like a small Wobble, would cause it go Nova, so you have to throw out Stupid Theories, and look for Factors that can cause Gravity, research shows that if you throw a hand full of Sand or Rice into outer space, it will always be attracted to Gravity, so if it will attract to itself, as two grains of Sand or Rice attract to each other, then every Atom has Gravity in it, so what is in a Grain of Sand or Rice that are the Same, and the Answer is Atoms, and they are made of Neutrinos and Light, and we are pretty sure its not the Neutrinos, so it must be the Light, so how does this interaction work, and the answer is in the Dimensions of Space, as the Subatomic Level of Science, we find that Atoms change into 3 States: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible, and its when they turn Invisible do we notice a change, when it come back its either in the Solid or Semisolid State, and if it was to move, this is when it happens, or when we noticed it did move, so logic would suggest it was in the 0 Dimension, so when one Atom goes into the 0 Dimension, the other Atoms will be attracted to it, because the 0 Dimension is where all Energy flows from, so it cause them to flow towards Ground, which is another Term for the 0 Dimension, even in the Vacuum of Space or even inside a spacecraft orbiting the Earth, the Ground Effect is caused by Energy flowing through the 0 dimension into the 1st, then 2nd dimension, the effect in the 3rd dimension is that it causes one atom to be attracted to another, with a force that can be calculated based on how much ground potential it has, the Math was written by Sir Isaac Newton and works at the Atomic Level, its the Force of God, and God is All Light without Darkness, so it is actually very simple to figure out what causes Gravity, and even how to explain it so that even children can understand it, all you have to do is Study the Universe.

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