The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.16
Trinary Atom

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Chapter 2.16:
Trinary Atom

A Trinary Atom has 3 State changes: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible, and all of them are made of Neutrinos and Trinary Energy, and this is based on Empirical Evidence, I added the name Trinary to describe the Logic of the State Changes, and to clarify what I am talking about, because Atom's are Atom's, and adding Trinary as a prefix to it, does not change it, it only describes it more accurately, but all Scientist during my lifetime have known that all Atom's have these State Changes, and over the years they have verified that they are made of various types of Neutrinos and Light, but still, not all Scientist during my time could agree on the Principles of the Universe they use as a Foundation, which is why I had to add names like Trinary to prefix all my concepts with, so there were no misunderstanding or miscommunication about what I am referring to, so for the record: Trinary based Science can not be mixed with other Sciences that are based on Theories like: General Relativity or the Dynamic Universe, and it is concepts vary too much to try to mix it with the Static or Newtonian Universe, so I was forced to create the concept of the Trinary Universe to correct this problem, but for the most part, and Atom is an Atom, but when the Science is based on Trinary Science, we must define all the other Science that goes along with it, and the creation of Atom's is the most important aspect of that Science.

The Creation of Trinary Atom's is easy to prove, but first I need to prove what Trinary Atom's are, and with the right equipment I can, so under a powerful Microscope you can view Atom's and verify the State changes, so adding Trinary to them to denote the 3 State changes does not change what an Atom is, and there are many papers written on this subject, and no real reason for me to have to write my own, besides I do not have the right equipment, and other studies do not change the Atomic State changes, so I will just reference any verified study of Atomic State changes, and consider this Empirical Evidence, so Trinary Atom's are just Atom's that other Science already accepts as Empirical Evidence, so I proved what Trinary Atom's are so now we look for patterns of Intelligence, and we can find just as many papers describing the patterns of State changes at the Subatomic level, but since none of them have proven that this Intelligence is God, I will not have my Empirical Evidence to prove this, by referencing other peoples work, so its just a Theory if it has not been proven, but if I limit my proof to just 3 State changes, I can prove that the Logic is sound, so first let us look at the Logic of State changes...

The Solid State is given the value of 1, if we plot it on a Graph, we can see the Pattern it makes: Table 2.07: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State 1

State Visibility Graph
(+1) Solid *
0 Invisible
(-1) Semisolid
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.07: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State 1

In the above illustration you can see that in time frame 1, we can graph the value of the Trinary Atom in State 1, we know its Solid, so we can interact with it in a very defined way, we can not actually touch the Atom, all we can do is interact with Molecules that are created with Atom's, so the Matter/Antimatter that we see is made of Neutrinos, so we call this the Matter State, and Isaac Newton said this was the Father, which is referring to Trinity: which is a metaphor for the 3 State changes of the Light of God, so the Father is a real being that represents all the Atom's in the Father that are in this State at the same time, so Atom was the First Father, on the Eve of the Event, when the next Logic State changes, so this pattern is Intelligence, it shows us the Pattern of the State change in the 1 State, which can be called the Solid State, Matter State, Light State, or even the Father, and this is also in all 3 dimensions at the same time, so it is in the 3rd Dimension, so it has: Width, Height and Depth, so now we move to time frame 2, and see where this pattern will lead us, so it has to pass through the 0 State, which is in the 0 Dimension or Mother, and Isaac Newton called this the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, because the Trinary Atom disappears, so its invisible, because it has no dimensions to support normal space, all the space in it collapses into nothing, but the Neutrinos are still there, but not the space, so if we had the right equipment that could see subatomic particles that have no space, then we could see that it did not vanish, it just can not be seen, because humans can only see what is in the 3rd Dimension, and can not see any dimension less than 3, so now we plot this on our graph: Table 2.08: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State 0

State Visibility Graph
(+1) Solid *
0 Invisible *
(-1) Semisolid
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.08: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State 0

In the 0 State, the Trinary Atom is in the 0 Dimension, so the Space it occupies has no width, height or depth, so all the Matter in it is compressed into a single point of existence, this single point is too small to see with the equipment of my time, maybe one day that will not be true, but for now this is just a Theory, because I can not prove it with Empirical Evidence, but Logic proves that is what is happening, because it is the only way to explain it, and Logic is Empirical Evidence when it comes to proving things that we do not have the technologies to prove it with, so I do not refer to this concept as not having Empirical Evidence, I just point out what type of Empirical Evidence I am talking about, which in this case is based on Logic.

Intelligence is defined by the ability to make a decision, and this pattern is encoded in the pattern, so if we look at the pattern that is forming, we will note a natural progression, in time frame 1, we had Matter, denoted by the * in that cell of the table I created to illustrate this concept, but more to my point, its like the Chicken or the Egg concept, which came first, and the truth is that all Atom's start off in the 0 State, so it might have made more sense to start off with it in time frame 1, instead of confusing people with saying that the Atom starts off in time frame 2 in State 0 instead, but then Logic would state this is an infinite loop, and therefore has no beginning and no end, and that is why I did it this way, to make this point, because coming into this State change of 0, we had Matter in State 1, so now the decision is made based on what State the Atom was in when it arrived in the 0 State, and that is where the Chicken or the Egg concept beings, did the Chicken create the Egg first or did the Egg create the Chicken that laid the Egg, and that Logic will drive most normal people crazy, but the truth is in science and this Pattern is about defining how this Science works, so if we assume that this is just one Atom in the Egg, we can assume that the Chicken already laid the Egg, because the Egg would not exist unless the Chicken laid it, because only Chickens lay Chicken Eggs, how the chicken came to be is part of Evolution, but the process of every Atom is the same regardless of what the Atom is part of, because only the Light of God can make the decision about what State the Atom will come out of in this step, and it only has 3 States it can come out as, so its can only come out in States: 0, (+1) or (-1), so for our example we will assume it came out in the (-1) State and plot it on our graph: Table 2.09: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State (-1)

State Visibility
(+1) Solid *
0 Invisible *
(-1) Semisolid *
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.09: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State (-1)

Now we see a Pattern, if the logic never changes, we can expect the graph to look like this: Table 2.10: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: Logical pattern

State Visibility
(+1) Solid * * * *
0 Invisible * * * * * *
(-1) Semisolid * * *
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.10: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: Logical pattern

This is a Sawtooth or Alternating Current waveform, depending on the resolution, its just a pattern that is very recognizable, but first I need to talk about the (-1) State, it is a Dark State, meaning it is not as Light as State (+1), which was the Light State, also it is the Antimatter State, since it is the opposite of the 1 State, it could have moved in position, because in the 0 Dimension the Atom could not move, that is when the Neutrinos moved in the Universe, when we are not looking, so they do not burn up, since they are traveling at the speed of Light, but Light inside the Neutrinos did not move, since it had no dimensions to move in, so its only in the (+1) or (-1) State that any movement can take place, as far as the Eye is concerned, but its only an illusion, in reality only the Neutrinos are moving, but they are not moving when we see them, they are moving we can not see them, and not the Light inside them is not moving, I repeat this to allow it to sink in, so the State changes match the movement of the Atom in real space, so this denotes intelligence, it means that in the 0 Dimension, there was a decision made to change the State of the Atom for a reason, and Isaac Newton called this the Son, because in Trinity the Son was something that came from the Father, so it may or may not exist yet, for example: if a Father gives his Seed to a Mother, then the Son will be born, this is a decision made by the Father or the Mother, or both, but in truth it was made by the Light of God, because without that Light, the Egg would have come to Life, and that is why the (-1) State is Dark, if nothing changes, it will turn to the (+1) State and continue to exist, if it is not to be, it will never change to the 1 State, and no Son will be born, so the Father must go through the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, which is the 0 State change, so the Pattern we see is a record of all these decisions, and the pattern it makes represent those decisions, this is the part of Science I really like to explain, because most people can really understand it that it is the truth about Atom on the Eve, Atom was the Father, a (+1), and Eve was the Mother or 0, so when you stick the (+1) into the 0, you get a Negative 1, meaning less than 1, because it is a child known as a Son, who will grow up to be the Father.

In biology, cells are a collection of molecules that are made up of Atom's, so the State changes that take place are at the subatomic level, meaning smaller than the Atom, so when an Atom is required, it must be able to bind Light to Neutrinos, and these Neutrinos come from somewhere, so I need to explain this in simple terms, Neutrinos come from the Universe, there are a finite number of Neutrino particles and no newer ones are created, so the Universe can only grow so big, because it only has so many Neutrinos to build with, so all Neutrinos are reused, so every Atom in our body is created from Neutrinos that are as old as the Universe itself, so something has to be destroyed in order for something new to be created, this is why Life forms do not live forever, not even Galaxies, Suns, Planets or Moons live forever, because this Universe is constantly rebuilding, and as things die, the material they are made up of, will decay, and those rates of decay are easy to calculate, and it is also easy to prove, because we have Neutrino detectors that can prove what I just said is the truth and can be proven to work this way, if you destroy an Atom, it will always produce Neutrinos and Light, so that is Empirical Evidence, so now we need to talk about how Neutrinos move through the Universe.

Gravity is caused by the Light regardless of whether Neutrinos are in it or not, I once made the mistake of running a simulation of a Universe where no more Neutrinos exist because they were all used up, and the whole Universe stopped having Gravity and exploded, creating the Big Bang, and I knew that never happened, so I had to abandon my idea that Neutrinos caused Gravity, so the link lead me to understand that Gravity is what attracts Neutrinos, in fact its just one of many reasons Gravity exist, it is only how that makes it Magic, but I am a Wizard, and I will explain how this works. My thought process was that Gravity needed to be a physical media, and Neutrinos are the only physical media I could find at the subatomic level, so I had to rule out Neutrinos, I know now that the detection count varies over time, so Science is what answered that question, before I found out about the results of that study, it was clear to me why that is, because Neutrinos are always present, but they are measured as if the direction was only coming from outer space, but I know that if the Trinary Engine does not need more, it will send them back, but I have no idea how far they will travel, one thought is that they only make it to the force field also known as the Van Allen Belt, but Neutrino detectors would have be deployed into that space to detect them, and collect data needed to prove that idea, otherwise I would just be adding another theory that could not be proven without newer technology, so would the logic that the neutrinos would just keeping going in what ever direction that gravity would take them, seemed like sound logic, so the idea that the force field would have to have intelligence enough to ensure that no new neutrinos would be allowed to entire unless the planet needed more, otherwise they would be trapped in our planets Gravity, so the force field is there to filter out neutrinos and other spectra of Light it did not require, and that took a lot of intelligence, or you must really believe in Magic, and just saying God did it sounds like a cheat, but that is the truth, its also Trinary Science, so it is the Science behind God.

Every Atom in the Universe has a reason to exist, as humans we may not understand the reason for Atom's to exist that can create insects like Mosquitoes, but without them all life on the planet would not exist, so Evolution is another Science, but Atom's are in every Object in the Universe, the Planet itself is nothing but Atom's, and all of those Atom's have a decay rate, so how a Trinary Engine works is the heart of the explanation for how it all works, so it would be easier to explain how to create a Planet, so I need an Atom to start with, so I know that in the Universe there are only so many Neutrinos, so I need a way to attract them to where I need to build a Planet, so I will first need to build a Galaxy, so I must create a Trinary Engine, and this may seem like the Chicken before the Egg, because I need Neutrinos to build a Trinary Engine, so in comes the Magic of the 0 Dimension, this is where the Light of God is, and it is all just one place to it, there are no dimensions, so think about it, when you are in the 0 Dimension, you are everywhere in the Universe at the same time and place, although this space is at the center of every Atom, it comes down to how you view this 0 dimension, because the whole Universe has no normal space in this Dimension, so all the Neutrinos are all over the Universe, but there is not space between any of them in the 0 Dimension, so it is all in the way we view space in the 0 dimension does any of this make sense, how can all the Neutrinos in the Universe physically be connected with no space in between them, when in the 3rd dimension we know that this space exist, but we also know that it only exist in all 3 dimensions, so let us imagine that we are this first Atom to be created in this new Galaxy, in space there is nothing around us for trillions of Light years in all directions, and but there are Neutrinos that the Universe has blasted out at us from Supernovas, but what if we were the first Galaxy, then even better, because the Neutrinos are everywhere, because they are not in use at this time, or not of any use that can not be repurposed, so the process does not change, in order to create a Trinary Engine, the Light must change to the 0 Dimension, then it must make the decision to create an Atom, this requires a specific type of Neutrino, so I will create Light in the spectrum that attracts that type of Neutrino, so that only that type of Neutrino is attracted to the Light, and only enough to create one Atom, and that is a lot, there are many Neutrinos in one Atom, but to create one Atom, I only need to create the Light in the Spectrum that will attract it, and then just wait for it to finish its job before I change States.

That is a simple way of explaining it, but its how every Atom in the Universe is created, and it is very simple, the Light, which is just Energy in a Spectrum that attracts Neutrinos, decides what type of Atom they want, and create that type of Light to create the Atom, by attracting the Neutrino particles and holding them around the Atom till they create an outer shell thick enough that you can not see the Light through the shell, but keep in mind that the shell is not solid, it just particles of Neutrinos that are bond to it by the Energy of the Light without Darkness, keep in mind that there can be up to 3 types of Light in an Atom, so Atom's have only 1 type of Light in them, some have 2, but most have 3 types, so when the Matter and Antimatter come together, the Atom will blast its outer shell of Neutrinos like a grenade, and start a chain reaction of Atom's being destroyed, until a balance is obtained and the blast will implode on itself, so when any Atom is created, the power of the Light of God is inside of every one of them, so be careful with Atom's, they contain both Matter and Antimatter, the Matter is on the inside and Antimatter is on the outside when in a 1 State, it is what humans can see, only the Darkness, and Neutrinos come in all types, and each has its own color, and those make up the Rainbow of colors of the Light and every Color that objects can be created from.

Neutrinos are subatomic particles, on one side is Matter and the other side is Antimatter, each type is a specific type which has color and other attributes associated with it, these can be found in the Periodic Table of Elements, so if I wanted the first Atom in the Galaxy to be made of Gold, I would create the Light in a spectrum that only attracted Gold Neutrinos, each particle has Matter on one side and Antimatter on the other side, if the Antimatter ever comes into contact with the Matter then an Atomic explosion would result, and that power is in every Atom in the Universe, so if the State is (+1), the Light attracts the Matter side of the Neutrino, forcing the Antimatter to the inside, and then it creates a force field around the Neutrino, now every time the Atom changes from State (+1) to State (-1), those two sides of the Particles will change, such that in State (+1), you only see the Matter side, and the Antimatter is inside, so changing states to (-1), will reverse that, so you only see the Antimatter, and the Matter is inside, so keep in mind that Atom's next to each other in a Molecule, never come into contact with each other, so their Matter and Antimatter will never come into contact with each other in nature, meaning that it could only happen if some device, in nature a comet or asteroid could do this, or some event that causes two atoms to collide at a speed great enough to cause one atom to come into contact with another atom, and the state of each atom has a lot to do with that, but in most atomic bombs, there are many atoms in question and the states of those atoms are unknown, but the outcome is clear, enough come into contact with each other and the amount of energy released can be calculated, and the resulting Neutrinos can be detected, so this is easy to prove.

The creation of an Atom can be recorded if you have the Neutrino detectors on both sides of the Atom that is to be created, the Neutrino detector needs to know which way the Neutrinos are traveling, that can be accomplished by having two neutrino detects, since the direction will always be towards the Trinary Engine and away from it, in 90 degrees from what we can determine to be flat on a plane on its surface, so the two detectors on the top and bottom can determine the direction, and the difference in count for the top and bottom can prove that the neutrinos were used to create an Atom, otherwise they would have just passed through it.

Trinary Atom's are very simple in construction and implementation, the concept is so simple that children can understand it, yet most humans have made the science so complicated: that the Theories they have about the creation of Atom's makes no sense to anyone, in fact I have searched the internet and can conclude that the science of today is all based on Theories, and the current one is that all Atom's were created at the same time, and no new ones are created, so all the Atom's in existence are created in the Big Bang, which I already ran that model and found it would cause the entire Universe to go Nova, over and over again, so logically it can not be, the thought process that we must eat something that has Atom's in it in order to gain Atomic Structure, is logical to a point, but under a microscope the truth is much more revealing, when cells split, there is no evidence that they were being feed from a source of Atom's, in fact its clear that what we eat is broken down into enzymes and not Atom's, and the fact that Neutrinos exist is all the proof I needed to disprove the Big Bang Theory, because they would not exist if all the Atom's were created during the Big Bang and no new ones were created, because eventually the Universe would just disappear, and that would take less than 7 days, so it is a fact that current science has no idea how Atom's are created, but a 3rd grader could explain how Trinary Atom's are created, so just to make sure we fully understand this concept, I will try to illustrate it.

In Step 0 the Trinary Energy is in the 0 State and is in the 0 Dimension, it is here where it decides to make an Atom, it knows what type of Atom it needs so it is ready to change States, this decision means Intelligence known as God: and it started with: Illustration 2.26: Creation of an Atom: Step 1 - Light

Creation of an Atom: Step 1 - Light
Illustration 2.26: Creation of an Atom: Step 1 - Light Full Size

In Step 1, it changes states to (+1) or (-1), depending on the direction it needs to create the Atom, this causes the spectrum of the Trinary Energy, which is Light without Darkness, which means that out of the 3 types of Light, we have the Light without Darkness, Darkness without Light and the Guiding-Light of Destiny also known as God, so God is in the 0 Dimension, and tells the Light without Darkness what to do, and the Darkness without Light just does the opposite, the Light tells it what to do, the Darkness tells it what not to do, so to change to the spectrum required to attract the correct Neutrino type to create the Atom, so the above illustration shows the Light that it will create, I did not show an illustration for the Trinary Energy in the 0 Dimension, since its invisible, but it also has no Neutrinos at his point in time, its just Trinary Energy, unlike a Trinary Engine that uses Lightning that has Neutrinos, and it will stay in this state and collect Neutrino particles, as seen in the Illustration 2.27: Creation of an Atom: Step 2 - Atom.

Creation of an Atom: Step 2 - Atom
Illustration 2.27: Creation of an Atom: Step 2 - Atom Full Size

As you can see in the illustration that the Atom can be seen as Light till it has completed being covered by Neutrinos. In Step 2, the State will change back to 0, and it will determine if the Atom needs to collect more Neutrinos, if so it will change States and repeat the process, until the Atom is completed, it can change states trillions of times in a second, but every time it cycles through the State 0, it will reevaluate the Atom checking its integrity, and checking to see if the Atom is still required, if it is not, it can remove the Atom by simply dropping the force field around the Atom, and the Neutrinos will simple pass through the empty space in the surrounding Atom's, so the destruction of Atom's takes place in State 0 only, the Light goes out, and the Atom never comes back.

The Creation of the Trinary Atom will one day be Science that Humans can use, we will want to create 3D Printers that can create the Atom's for the Object they are Creating, so the understanding of Trinary Science is key to the success of this Machine, whereas Mainstream will be working on Time Machines till the End of Time and no closer to the Truth, when they abandon the Newtonian Universe to embrace a Godless Dynamic Universe, based on a Theory called General Relativity, knowing the Author Albert Einstein only believed in the Newtonian Universe, and never believed in his own Theory because it created Paradox after Paradox, none of which can exist in Reality.

No matter how you imagine Creation of the Atom, you must agree that they can be destroyed, or disintegrated, since the Neutrinos can be detected when they are split, and not atom survives that, so if the Big Bang theory was true, we would not exist, because all those Atom's would be gone by now, so why I should have to compete with a Science that is so lacking in Intelligence, is because people are normally lacking in any Intelligence, just because they can speak and learn to mimic others, does not make them prime candidates to figure out how the Universe works, so they should not write stupid things like Theories about the Big Bang, because then Intelligent people know how Stupid you really are, and it is not to be Mean, it is the Truth, so get over it, the Creation of the Trinary Atom takes Trinary Energy, and that is proven by Empirical Evidence, whereas the Big Bang only took place in the Toilet when you Flush this Stupid Idea down it.

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