The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.15
Electromagnetic Photon

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

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Chapter 2.15
Electromagnetic Photon

A Photon is an Electromagnetic Element, I refer to as Light, and the Electrons of Electricity flow around an Atom so its Matter/Antimatter, but should be noted that it only exist as the structure of the Medium, and the Atom does not travel through the Medium, although technically an Electron is an Atom, but is a part of it, so it is static to the Medium, it is the free electrons that appear to move, and they are static to the Universe, but both types of Energy have a Negative and Positive Charge, I refer to as Dark or Antimatter and Light or Matter respectively, depending on the type of Energy, even though Electricity can be AC or DC, and most Electrons appear to be Negative because that force is stronger, since its orbiting a Proton, but they still change states, it is what drives the force to orbit, its just that technology of this day and age: cannot really tell what charge an Electron has, in fact we cannot even determine where it is in respect to an Atom.

Dark refers to Photons and also known as Dark Light, do not confuse this with Black Lights, remember that the Darkness is the Rainbow of Light, but it is a filter that makes Black Lights work, whereas the Darkness is not what I am talking about here, its just the Dark Photon that makes up the Darkness, and humans cannot see just one photon, it is not enough Light to see with our Naked Eye, it all has to do with the Frequency or Wavelength of the Photon, in the Electromagnetic Spectra there are many Frequencies, some produce Dark Photons, some Light Photons, Dark Photons are seen around Magnets, whereas Light Photons are seen around Flashlights when turned on. Antimatter refers to Matter in an Opposite Charge, whereas Light is Positive Light, Dark is Negative Light, so maybe I should Rename Light, so I do not have to call it Light Light, or is that Lite Light, no that is not it either, it gets confusing when you only have 3 types of Light, but the truth is that its just one Light, since they all exist together as one, since the 3 types of Light are inside the Atom: Electron, Proton and Neutron, so its just a matter of what type of Neutrino it is, so you know what Frequency it will turn to a Magnetic Energy, and which ones for Light, meaning that from a Flashlight, but many Frequencies it can be at, starting to sound like Yoda explaining Light Sabers, may the Force be with you, but its also just Electrons, and Matter is Positive Matter, and the sign is normally dropped. The Vertex describes the intersection of these two points, so the Dark or Antimatter is at (-1), and the Light or Matter is at Positive 1 on the X axis, so a relationship of (+1) + (-1) = 0, where (+1) represents the Positive Light or Matter, and (-1) represents the Negative Dark Light or Antimatter, and they equal 0 at the Vertex, also known as Null, so look at: Illustration 2.25: Vertex of Photon, Atom or Trinary Energy.

Vertex of Photon, Atom or Trinary Energy
Illustration 2.25: Vertex of Photon, Atom or Trinary Energy Full Size

The Vertex can also represent Trinary Energy, since you can not see the 0 State, as if butted up to each other, but you only see one at a time as it changes States, so look at the math and study it until you understand it is relationship, because it will never change, and is a key concept, because it describes the mathematical constant of all Energy. In frame 1 it is in the 0 State, in frame 2 it is in the (+1) State, and frame 3 it is in the (-1) State, and it works the same for Atom's or Photons, you do not see them, you see them, and then they move to one side and start all over again, its just a Pattern that repeats itself over and over again.

Trinary Energy is under Intelligent control, saying its God is beside the point, it is what it is, and that is just a fact that you can not deny, or debunk, because it really exists, and everyone has known about it since the Bible was written, so its yesterdays news, only most people have never heard of it before, which is really strange when you think about it, people who read the Bible claim it is not in the Bible, when in fact it is the very definition for what God is, which is All Light without Darkness, some think that changing its Name does not change the fact its God, that is why I told you that it was only to make it Science, and not Religion, because just because people believe in a Deity, does not mean they believe God Physically Exist, and those that do not believe in God will not change their mind just because you proved God Exist, so it is a waist of time to write a book about something that few will understand, but its why I am writing this Dissertation, to clear this up, and let everyone know about it, that missed this lesson at School or Church. You can use other words to describe it, but that will not change anything I have said about it, my choice of words and spells for those words, was very difficult for me, for many reasons, my current state of health is only one of them, and the way I was raised is another, and the life I lead is yet another, but the Empirical Evidence I have to offer is irrefutable, so I just refer to this as facts instead of theories, because there is a huge difference, theories have not been proven, whereas facts have, and so far I have not talked about many things that have not been proven, and since most people already know that a Photon is Electromagnetic Energy, then this would be an acceptable fact, whereas people who have not heard about this fact, can simple be said to have never studied the subject before, so a simple internet search should find you the information you need to confirm this fact.

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