The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.14

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 2 May 2018


Chapter 2.14: Electromagnetic Energy

Electromagnetic Energy, refers to Energy that is being suspended in an Electromagnetic Field, the form of Energy can be Electrons or Photons, and can be measured using various instruments, and for the most part, I will not change current teachings about these phenomena, only explain it at the subatomic level.

Magnetism is caused by Electromagnetic Energy caused by the alignment of the Atoms of Matter that make up the Material that is Magnetized, Trinary Energy is what causes the atoms to align in such a way.

If you follow the State changes of Trinary Energy, you will find that it behaves just like the Planets orbit the Sun, or the Sun orbits the Galaxy, which is easier to see, because its farther away, so you can see that the Sun will travel through the Galactic Plane and then follow a Sine wave 2 Dimensional pattern as it travels through space as seen in: Illustration 2.16: Sine Wave.

Sine Wave
Illustration 2.16: Sine Wave Full Size

The Sun will travel through Ground, which is 0 on the x axis, to State 1 or 1 above the x axis, then back through State 0 on the x axis to State -1 or below the x axis, so it is clear that this is the same way that Light travels through the Universe, only on a larger scale, and it is the same pattern you will see in a Magnetic Field as shown in: Illustration 2.17: Magnetosphere.

Illustration 2.17: Magnetosphere Full Size

If you examine the Magnetosphere, you will see this pattern, the path the energy takes is from South to North, so if we take a sine wave that loops back on itself, we get a sine wave that looks like: Illustration 2.18: Closed Sine Wave.

Closed Sine Wave
Illustration 2.18: Closed Sine Wave Full Size

A closed sine wave is seen a lot in the Universe, I call it closed, because it loops back on itself, but it should be clear by looking at this illustration that all energy flows from State 0 on the x axis, to a higher potential of 1 and -1, note I did not say that -1 is a Lower Potential, its all in relationship to 0 and only denotes its relative position in relationship to the x axis, so its just its polarity, so this is one of the Golden Rules of Energy, South is Ground, and North is a higher potential, keep in mind that x axis is Ground in the 0 Dimension, so positive or negative, the path it takes is the same, from South to North in a closed loop at the same time, and we see this pattern in Magnets and the Earths Magnetosphere, so it is clear this pattern is used a lot in the Universe as I said, because it points out the basic understanding of Electromagnetic Force Fields, as an Electron is Created by transforming its energy into Photonic Energy whose frequency is not in our visible spectrum, but its still Light, call it invisible Light, there are many types of Invisible Light Spectra, infrared being only one of them, its on the higher spectrum of Red, whereas Electromagnetic Force Fields spectrum is on the lower end of the Blue spectrum, or Ultra Violet range of the Spectra, its path is determined by the field strength of the energy, meaning the amplitude and frequency of the energy, where the Amplitude will determine its arc, and we measure its Wave Length to determine this, so the Trinary Energies State Changes will create this path as seen in Table 2.05: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC wave form, which proves intelligence, because its more like a computer that can graph out a Sine wave, and it will always loop back to the North, and this is also why the Sun takes the same path as it crosses the Galactic plane.

Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213
Table 2.05: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC wave form

Trinary Energy is a form of Light, it has Light and Dark Energy in it, and it has 3 State Changes, and it follows the Laws of Physics. Trinary Energy is also just another term for White Noise, since White Noise does not sound very Scientific, and there have been too much unrelated use of the term, and Sir Isaac Newton called it God, so it is best to keep Religion out of Science, so it was best to rename it to Trinary Energy. Trinary Energy is a Massless energy, meaning it is not like Light from a Flashlight, which comes for an Electron with a high enough frequency to transform it into Light, Trinary Energy has no Electron or any Atomic Structure.

Trinary Energy has Intelligence, when you study it, you will find it is actually studying you. There has been at least half a Century of research into White Noise, I will not reference any of it, I just want you to know that its a well known Phenomenon, but most people think its like looking at the White Noise in a TV station that has gone off the Air, and Pattern Recognition software is not useful, once you understand what Patterns I am talking about, you will be able to see them for yourself, it has Intelligence that can be explained by how the Intelligence is determined, for example: If I state that Trinary Energy is controlling Atoms, then you should and can see the State Changes it makes, and influence the State Changes of the Atom, this is called Intelligence, it is controlling Atoms, not just some of them, but every single Atom in the Universe, and how it does this is not Magic, its Trinary Science, but to understand it, you will have to understand Trinary Science, and its based on Observable behavior of all Atoms, and breaks down the State Changes into distinct Logical States, as such: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible State changes, are represented by Logical States of: 1, -1 and 0, so we can observe and record this behavior, and determine if it is controlling all the Atoms, after having done this test myself, I am convinced it is, but do not take my word for it, Intelligence has to be proven.

Trinary Energy is controlling the movement of all Atoms, and that includes Electrons that have transformed into Light, so it controls all the Energy in the Trinary Universe. Light is by far the easiest form of Energy to determine if Trinary Energy is actually controlling it, so we will first look at what Light is, which is Electromagnetic Energy.

When I was a child I liked to experiment with Magnets, there is little that I do not know about them, having studied them most of my life, I can conclude that Trinary Energy is controlling them, so I will show you a few illustrations of Magnetic and Electromagnetic Force Fields so we can explore this better, so look at Illustration 2.19: Magnetic Poles of an Atom.

Magnetic Poles of an Atom
Illustration 2.19: Magnetic Poles of an Atom Full Size

If we view the Poles of an Atom, we will note that it looks just like a Magnet, this is because every Atom in the Magnet are acting like Magnets, which makes you wonder why everything is not a Magnet, but to be a Magnet, the Material must be able to hold extra Electrons, this limits the Material to those that we say can be Magnetized, so let us take a look at what that means. If we look at a Magnet, it is made of Atoms, and are in group of metals called the ferromagnetic metals, they are made of elements like: Iron with an Atomic Number of 26, Cobalt with an Atomic Number of 27, and Nickel with an Atomic Number of 28, now: Iron is the most abundant element on Earth, it is in our Blood so it is very important to us as well, there may be a few other Elements that can be used to make Magnets, but none as good as these 3, they can also be mixed with other elements that are not Magnetic, like Aluminum, or even Gadolinium which is Magnetic, as such you can make different types of Magnets using mixtures of these elements.

Now if I can illustrate how a Magnet is made, I will try to show the Atoms it is made of, and the Polarity in each Atoms, as such you can see they are all aligned such that the Atoms align North to South, as the North is attracted by the South, as seen in Illustration 2.20: Magnet showing Poles of Atoms.

Magnet showing Poles of Atoms
Illustration 2.20: Magnet showing Poles of Atoms Full Size

It should be noted that all Electrons will flow South or Negative, to North or Positive, and when the material is not magnetized, this is a none magnetized state, which means it does not have any extra Electrons in it, if we add two extra Electrons, we will see that they are forced out of the Magnetic Bar, because it can not hold them, so they will travel from the South end to the North end, and then exit the bar, the Charge will be Positive, so it will be attracted to the Negative end, and this will repeat itself till it has no more extra Electrons, this can be seen in Illustration 2.21: Magnet with extra Electrons.

Magnet with extra Electrons
Full Size Illustration 2.21: Magnet with extra Electrons

The more extra Electrons that the Magnet has the more Magnetic Lines of Flux it will have, we show two lines of Flux in this illustration with two extra Electrons, this is how a Magnet works, the extra Electrons will flow around the Magnet as shown above, as the Electrons are pushed out of the material on the North end, they will travel in a Elliptical Orbit around the Magnet, this orbital path is determined by the Laws of Physics, which is controlled by Trinary Energy.

When the Electron is force out of the Magnet, its State will change to 0, if we view this as a Trinary Atom Helix, we can see the Pattern for each of its State Changes, and we can verify that Trinary Energy also makes these same State Changes, since Trinary Energy is just massless White Noise that surrounds the Electron, it is difficult to see clearly, the resolution of Technology of this date is not adequate for the study of Trinary Energy, but it is good enough to determine the validity of my statement: that it is causing the State Changes, so how does these State Changes create the orbital path of an Electron is the question I must answer now. As the Electron leaves the Magnet, its polarity is Negative, this is due to the last Atom in the Magnet being Positive, this cause the Negative phase of the Electron to be attracted to the Positive Atom, as it leaves the Bar it will change to the 0 Dimension, see: Illustration 2.22: An Electron Orbital Path around a Magnet.

An Electron Orbital Path around a Magnet
Illustration 2.22: An Electron Orbital Path around a Magnet Full Size

This Path may look like it is a Straight line, but like the Electromagnetic Force Field Illustration 2.21: Magnet with extra Electrons, it is an Elliptical Loop, the math behind such a loop for 1 line of Magnetic Flux, is based on the Frequency the Electron left the bar, and the distance of the poles from end to end, as such: The Math behind the Elliptical pattern that Electromagnetic Fields of Flux emit are: Illustration 2.23: Math for an Elliptical Pattern.

Math for an Elliptical Pattern Illustration 2.23: Math for an Elliptical Pattern Full Size

Keep in mind the Laws that Govern the Speed of Light, and the Frequency and Wavelength as it applies to Magnets. Table 2.06: Speed of Light and the Frequency and Wavelength as it applies to Magnets

  1. The Speed of Light is equal to the Frequency times its wavelength
  2. The Wavelength is equal to the Speed of Light divided by its Frequency
  3. The Frequency is equal to the Speed of Light divided by its Wavelength
Table 2.06: Speed of Light and the Frequency and Wavelength as it applies to Magnets

The Frequency of the Magnetic Field of Flux has a Range of very low up to but not including Infrared, since this range is in the Spectrum of Light, if it made the transformation it would become Light, but I have never seen any material that can resonate at the high of a Frequency. The Power level of Electromagnetic Fields must also be taken into account, these can extend the Field of Magnetic Flux. I will try to graph this Mathematical Formula as seen in Illustration 2.24: Magnetic Ellipse.

Magnetic Ellipse
Illustration 2.24: Magnetic Ellipse Full Size

The relationship between the Magnetic Flux and the x axis is simple, a is the distance between the Poles of the Magnetic, measured from the Foci points and b is the Frequency and Power levels combined as one unit of measurement, since the range of Frequencies is lower then infrared, anything higher then that would change into a different sized loop that I will talk about next, which is the Frequency of Light, which has such a large field that it can not be measured on Earth, maybe its arc can be measured, but my guess is that its between about 13 to 16 Million Light years.

The explanation for what makes a Magnet stick to some metals is simple, as an Electron moves form Atom to Atom, it causes those Atoms to Bind together as the Electron passes through it, keep in mine that a Magnet is just a material that can hold Extra Electrons, the more Extra Electrons it can hold the better Magnet is makes, demagnetized is to remove the Extra Electrons, as long as there are Extra Electrons in the Material, it will cause Eddy Currents to flow, as these Electrons encounter another Magnetic Material, its Electrons will try to bind to the Material, and as the Electrons Path arcs, it pulls the two materials together, so if two metals are close enough to touch, it will cause the two materials to bind together, giving some of its extra electrons to the other material, thus magnetizing it. Although the time that the binding takes place last for attoseconds, there are so many Electrons that the binding seems continuous.

All Energy is Electromagnetic Energy, that is just a fact that should not be debated, but I had to say it anyway, and I might have repeated this a few times to make sure you remember it.

List of Illustration

  1. Illustration 2.16: Sine Wave
  2. Illustration 2.17: Magnetosphere
  3. Illustration 2.18: Closed Sine Wave
  4. Illustration 2.19: Magnetic Poles Atom
  5. Illustration 2.20: Magnet Poles Atoms
  6. Illustration 2.21: Magnet Electrons
  7. Illustration 2.22: Electron Orbital Path
  8. Illustration 2.23: Math for Elliptical
  9. Illustration 2.24: Magnetic Ellipse

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