Chapter 2.13:
Sub or Inner Dimensions
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Chapter 2.13:
Sub or Inner Dimensions

Subdimensions are Dimensions that have less than 3 Dimensions, so its outside of Normal Space, when in reality it is actually inside of it, so it is the 0, 1st, and 2nd Dimensions. These dimensions are referring to the physical space of only one Dimension at a time, because if an Atom is in all 3 Dimensions at once, then it is in the 3rd Dimension, and this space never has any material in it, material is a reference to Atom's, so it is a reference to Neutrinos I call Tritanium, if talking about Trinary Engines, which come in a variety of flavors that make up all materials in the Universe, so we have a Flesh flavored Atomic material, but regardless of the flavor of the Atomic Structure or type of Neutrino we are talking about, in the Subdimensions only Energy can exist here, the Neutrinos is made up exist outside of it in Normal Space, because Material must have Atom's that have all 3 Dimensions at some point in time, because we all have many Atoms in our Flesh that are invisible at some point in time, but for the most part, we think of ourselves as being solid, when in fact at the subatomic level we are 99.999% empty space, so Subdimensions are referring to the Space itself, whereas Inner-Dimensions refer only to the space inside of an Atom, and it explains how an Atom can disappear, which is called Redimensioning, so at the Subdimensions of Space, we have 3 dimensions, and in the 0 dimension we have a space that does not exist as we know Space, because it has no dimensions to see, so its invisible to us, whereas the 1st and 2nd dimensions might make the Atom Semisolid looking, it can still be seen and described as looking like a Ghost, but its only solid when the Atom is in all 3 dimensions at the same time, but as we move through the Universe, this causes Atom's to go into States of Flux, because the Energy inside of an Atom, which is just Light in a 1 or -1 State, must flow through the Subdimensions, so this relationship must be clear, because as with any object, we are completely made up of Atom's, and Atoms are made of Neutrinos, its just how the Neutrinos bind to the Light that sounds like Magic, because I have to use Spells or Words to describe how this Magic takes place, and that is Wizard talk, so let me give you an example of how we view ourselves as moving through the Universe, because then this relationship will become crystal clear.

We the People: is a Statement that means all of US, We: implies Flesh beings that are made up of Atom's, so Atom's have Light inside of them, we call that Interdimensional Energy, to distinguish between the Energy in our Flesh from the Energy in our Atom's that make up the Flesh, so those Atoms move through the underlying dimensions of the Universe at the Speed of Light, but that all depends on how you view the Universe as a Word, so maybe I should only refer to the Trinary Space [2], so if our Flesh was not 99.999% empty space, the Friction that would cause would burn us like a match stick on fire, if we moved as a Solid Material through the Universe at the Speed of Light, so now we see that this relationship between our Atom's and the Light is a little complex, but its simple enough to understand, it is all how we view Light moving through the Universe does this start to make sense, because if Light was Shot out of a Flashlight, it would be lethal, that Light does not pass through us, we absorb its energy, and since it has a little mass, it would cut into us, but because our Atom's are covered in a Shell of Null Space or 0 Dimensional Space, so it can flow to ground, but our Flesh or Body has limits to how much power it can ground at one time, too much, and we will burn like a match stick on fire, so it is all about how the Light travels through the Universe, because it can not be pushed, it must be pulled, and even that is a misleading word, since Light does not move at all, meaning that like the Flashlight I talked about in the Abstract, if Light was pushed it would kill you, and there can be no doubt about that, it is a lethal projectile, and the only way you could push Light is in an Atomic Accelerator, or Railgun, and those are lethal, so all Energy must be Static, it is not Moving so when it hits us, we do not feel it, but we do absorb it and it is Energy, its how we get Sun burned.

Our Energy in us does not travel with us, only the Energy in our Interdimensional Atom's travels with us, and it is only following through us like Neutrinos do, if it is not Interdimensional Energy then its static in the Universe like all Energy, and obviously Atoms are not static, nor are they dynamic, they are a fix size, and has a fix maximum speed it can travel at, the Light washes through us, it flows through our Flesh like air through a screen, the concept is hard for many to understand, but think of it this way, how does Light travel in a seemingly straight line?

If it was shot out like a gun, it would have a trajectory, so think of it like the Trinary Space is traveling at the Speed of Light, and all Energy is Static in the Universe, meaning it does not move in relationship to the underling dimensions of the Universe, which is only in the Dimensions of: 0, 1 and 2, which make up the 3rd dimensions, so the Earth is moving, its spinning on its axis, orbiting around a Sun, that is traveling at a very high speed orbiting around the Galaxy, which itself is orbiting around other clusters of Galaxies, yet the Universe is not moving, we are moving through it, and not in directions that make any sense in 3D, because a Flashlight can point in any direction, and that is the way the Universe is moving, its path originates from the Source of the Energy at the Atom's Vertex, or Interdimensional space, and the Direct is what ever way its pointed, so subdimensional travel is what is hard to understand, how do things move in dimensions less than 3?

I distinguish between Subdimensions and Inner-Dimensions, because every Atom is enclosed in a 0 Dimension Null Space Force Field, so it makes every Atom its own Universe, nothing can flow through an Atom, if you split an Atom its enclosure will explode or implode or both at the same time, basic Atom Splitting, so it must be clear that every Atom is traveling through this Universe just like the Core of the: Planets, Moons, Suns and Galaxies, because an Atom is just a very Small Trinary Engine, which is the Core I talk about, because a Trinary Engine is just a very large Atom, yet it must abide by the same Laws of Physics as normal Atom's, so what is inside of every Atom in the Universe is what Scientist have been Smashing Atom's together trying to figure out, but all that is in there is Light, and that is Electricity at a different Frequency and electrons have a little mass, if you raise the frequency to Light, the mass does not change, it expands in volume, but its mass is the same, Tesla said Lightning has more Mass in its Light then Artificial Light, which is Electricity at a higher Frequency, Tesla said that we are the same Energy as the Light in Lightning, which is why heart defibrillators would work better if they used Lightning instead of Electricity, so I which is the I in IAM, or I And Me, where Me is short for Meat, which is the Flesh, have a lot in common, for one thing, every Atom in the Universe has 3 State Changes: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible, so where does it go when it disappears?

If we view the Universe as just Space, like that around us, that we can interact with, and think we are actually moving through it in a 3 dimensional grid pattern, then there is no way to explain where that Atom goes when its Invisible, so space must be Interdimensional, meaning the Atom can actually travel through the Space inside of it, because all that is inside of an Atom is Light, split one and you will find out, only then does the States of Matter and Antimatter make Sense, because the two can then come into contact with each other as they flow back to Ground, which is always in the 0 Dimensions.

So it is all in how we define what space is, do we start to see how we as Flesh beings move through space, our Energy does not move with us, which is why our bodies do not have an Electrical Generator built into them, that 98.6 degrees or watts of Electricity our bodies produces, so we can live, is just the Light washing through us, our bodies filter out the Energy we need to live, which is why we do not short out when we get wet, nor can you use this Energy to power other devices directly, because there are ways to transform one type of Energy into another, this is called the Philosophers Stone, but only God knows how to use such Technology, God meaning the Light, or more to the point, the Light Wizzard, which means God in terms of Trinary Science and not Religion, so how our bodies move through the Universe is a Good question, take out the O and it is a God question, but did I answer it is a better one, because it is all how you view the Universe as working, so I see everything in Images, and I have a limited ability in explaining a Picture in less than a 1,000 words that only some of them you will relate to, so if you do not know what I am talking about, then it is my inability to convey this concept in a way that you will understand it, rather than how the Universe actually works, so the words I used to explain it is nothing but Spells to me, and no matter how I spell it, the way our body moves through the Universe is controlled by the Light Wizzard in a way that defines the Laws of Physics.

I have to clarify that all Dimensions of Space that I call Trinary, are individual Dimensions of Space, as such 0 Dimensional Space is Real Space, and can be proven to be Real Space, since its where all the Atom's go when they disappear, it not only explains Subatomic Physics, but also explains Subatomic Space, which I call Subdimensions or Inner-Dimensions of Space, so I can describe the Space inside of Space itself, because 3 Dimensional Space is only Trinary Space, is Dimensions of 0, 1, 2 and 3; which are just State Changes that Trinary Energy go through, and all Atoms must follow using the Laws of Physics, as such a Subdimension is any dimension I want to subdivide, and at the Subatomic level this helps to define what part of space you are referring to, whereas Inner-Dimensions are just general terms that are vague in description, yet also useful in defining what you are referring to in more detail, so for example: I might want to talk about the space between the 0 Dimension, and the first Dimension, so I will refer it as a Subdimension, because it is not a specific dimension, in fact it is the boundaries of two dimensions, so as a whole it is an Inner-Dimension, since its inside of one or more dimensions, or can be where two dimensions cross, and a Magnetic Field can be detected, so this can be the moment when an Atom changes from Invisible to Visible, or Visible to Invisible, so this is an Interdimensional Energy change, or changes internal to one or more Dimension, but due to Trinary States Changes, so its best used when talking about Matter/Antimatter States, and really all we are talking about is the Physical Space that an Atom occupies, throughout its Trinary Cycle of State Changes, and it is useful when you want to talk about Empty Space, meaning Space void of Atom's, as well as when you want to talk about the Space between Atom's, or the space of an Invisible Atom, or the space between the 3 force fields around Atom's, or the Path that an Electron takes around an Atom, so it is all a way to describe Atom's at the Subatomic level of Science. An Interdimensional change in Polarity is called a Polarity Shift, do not confuse this in Terms of Trinary Engines, they can have Polarity Shift, but it is the crust or outer shell of the Planet that has the Pole Shift, so the Pole is only a Reference, for example you have a North Magnetic Pole, which is actually like the South End of a Magnetic, because the North end of a Magnetic always points to the South end of a Magnetic, the North Magnetic Pole is actually the South Pole, so in terms of Energy North is Positive, and South is Negative, so North is Matter, and South is Antimatter, yet that sounds like Science Fiction to talk in terms of Matter/Antimatter to some people, and it is because Mainstream Science and Science Fiction, since they both mean the same thing, I had to find ways to talk about Energy States using Terms that describe Energy, and Matter is something we see in an Electron Microscope, we see its Solid, so its Subdimensions and Inner-Dimensions, all exist in 3 Dimensions, Matter is referred to as Solid, whereas Antimatter is Semisolid, it is in either the first or second dimension, so it is in Subdimensions and Inner-Dimensions, because the Space it occupies is not very defined, and it is state is hard to determine, and when it transitions between Visible and Invisible, its Space is undefined yet it still exists, so we need word's and spells we can use to describe them.

The Reality of Subdimensions and Inner-Dimensions is that we live in Space, that Space is full of Atmosphere, and that means Gas, so we are Swimming in it in fact, it is not as thick as a Liquid, yet it is not as solid as Rock, and yet Subdimensions and Inner-Dimensions space account for 99.999% of all this space.

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