The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.12

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 2.12:

There are many types or forms of Energy, the basic three are Subatomic, Atomic and Photonic, and all other types of Energy are just categories of ways that energy is produced.

Atomic Energy refers to any Energy that uses an Atom to Transmit its Energy, if does not only refer to Atomic or Nuclear reactions or splitting of the Atom, but most people only view it that way, but I do not, because at the Atomic Level, all Energy travels around the Atom's, so it literally means Energy carried by Atom's, because splitting the Atom will release the Energy that is stored inside the Atom, and it is only the way we view atoms being split, because most people think of as cutting the Atom's in half, which would destroy it and create a Neutrino, when in reality that does happen, but it is a process of transformation via disintegration, but for the most part the majority of atoms make up molecules that are split and become unstable, and will stay radioactive till they balance out again, and there are things going on with Atomic Fission that cause secondary splitting outside the bombs, as a child viewing videos of Atomic Bomb explosions, I thought that they must be splitting water molecules causing Hydrogen and Oxygen to be released, thus causing a huge fire ball, but for the most part, I will refer to atomic energy as the destructive use of Atom's producing deadly radiation, but I would warn about the use of this type of energy, because it should never be used or tested because of the harm it does to the planet, and all life on the Planet, so this Science is never about building better Nuclear Energy devices, in fact it boycotts the use of Nuclear Energy and Waist, and will teach better ways to use Atomic Energy.

For this discussion I limit Energy to a form that can be physically measured by some means, and used for some purpose, I use the Word Transmit, because energy is never Created nor Destroyed, its only Transformed from one form into another, and the Word Transmit does not mean anything in Trinary Science, other than the lack of knowledge about how Electromagnetic Signals travel through Space, the Electron is not shot out of an Antenna, the Antenna does not act like an Atomic Accelerator, in fact its just acting like a Magnetic, which only the Arc of the waveform has changed, as such it is this measurement of the Arc the Electromagnetic pulse takes that defines how it moves in space, most RADIO wave travel at the same Arc length as Light, so its between 13 and 16 Billion Light Years, so it would seem like a Straight line to most people, but it can be measure and quantified, and it has math the explains it.

Electricity is the basic Free Electron Theory, that is composed of an Atom with at least 1 Electron orbiting a Nucleus made up of a Proton and a Neutron, Quantum Mechanics breaks this down into Quarks, which are how the Proton and Neutron is constructed, it takes at least two Atom's that can conduct Electricity for Electricity to flow, it will normally flow from a less positive to a higher potential, although in a Circuit, you can design it to flow in the opposite direction, but will always flow from Ground, even if that Ground is not in its circuit, it is because Electrons originate from the 0 Dimension, they are not Created, so they can only be collected and reused, and can only be transformed from one form of Energy into another Form of Energy, and there is a limit to how many Free Electrons are in the Universe and that number is a Constant, and there is a physical limit on how many Free Electrons can be collected in a given area, the first limitation is Atomic Density, the second is caused by Magnetic characteristic's of the Material, and the third is the Thermal properties of that Material, and there may be more, in fact I know there is, but I am not holding back information, I am just stating it one step at a time.

An Atom that can conduct Electricity has a specific configuration of Free Electrons and the make up of its Nucleus, which is noted by its number of Protons and Neutrons, but it must be noted that the actual Protons and Neutrons are actually just parts of the Atom itself, as such, Material is a composite of Elements, where each Element can be found in a Periodic Table of Elements, there is currently 118 elements in the table, of the 137 elements in the Universe, each will have its own electrical characteristics, and even though you may want to use only one type of Atom in the Material you wish to use as a conductor, you may have impurities, which is other atoms that did not get removed from the purification processes, this is an important note, since all measurements assume a pure mixture of Atom's, not that my discussion will require such precision, but test would, but I will assume we are talking about how Electrons flow from one Atom to the next, and in some circumstances you will want a pure atomic solution, while for others you will want an atomic mixture, for example magnets have at least two different types of atomic structure, and it is the dissimilarities in material that create the magnetic field, most popular magnets are an Alloy of several types of Elements, but for a discussion we must be clear about the transmission path of the Free Electrons in the material, and in the case of Photons, that material is missing, but the electricity behaves the same, as if the material was there, so this is what we will discuss later, but first we need to talk about how a Free Electron can travel from one atom to the next.

The reason we call a Free Electron: Free, is because it is not attached to any Atom, so it is free to travel from one Atom to the next, but depending on that Atom's Atomic Number, the way the Free Electron interacts with that Atom changes, as such, in a circuit where electricity is flowing, the Free Electron is traveling from one Atom to the next in a very defined manner depending on the Atomic Number, which make up how many protons and neutrons the nucleus of the atom has, and how many Valance Electrons it has, since each Valance Electron determines how many adjacent bonds can be formed, it will also determine how the Free Electrons can flow through it, which would be determined by how many of the bonds are used to bond to other types of atoms, which is what happens with dissimilar atomic structures, be it impurities or an alloy, but in any case the Free Electron is said to actually flow in bands between the Valance Electron bands, if more than one exist, but this depends on the material in use, and when dealing with Semiconductors and Conductors, these bands actually have gaps, and it is the band gaps that allow electrons to flow, and in use thermal dynamics and electromagnet fields have a lot to do with this process, so when discussing electron flow, it must be noted that this process is very involved and can be manipulated very easily, and that it is not Magic that makes the Free Electron flow from one Atom to the next, as a physical connection, and that the Free Electron simply takes the shortest and easiest or path of the least resistance through a given material, but at the subatomic level, it is traveling from one atom to the next as energy and not as a material or subatomic atoms, and if the volume or amperage is too much for the Atom's to handle, they will become excited, there are many other variables like frequency and wavelength that will affect how the Free Electrons travel through a material, so it all comes down to how we define a Free Electron.

Atomic Energy is simply Free Electrons flowing from one atom to the next in a circuit, the Atom's never physically move, although they may become excited and cause the Atom to vibrate, it can also have the reverse effect and cause the Atom's to slow down, so it causes Thermodynamics.

Photonic Energy uses the same Free Electrons, only they are transformed by changing the transmission path from an Atomic Structure to that of the 0 Dimension by raising its frequency high enough that it forces the electron to flow around the 0 dimension instead of through it, this can be visualized by thinking of a circle, which is just a loop that twist into a figure 8, as it twist, electrons can travel through it, but if they are excited enough, they will be forced to flow around it, for now I just want to introduce the concept of Photonic Energy as being almost the same as Electricity, except that its Transmission path has no atomic structure, and uses the underlying structure of the Universe, which is the fabric of Space itself, so it is the Dimensions of Space, as such Trinary Energy which refers to the White Noise which make up all the Space in the Universe. I know I have tried to cover the Concept of White Noise already, but it should be clear that all space that does not have anything in it is Empty, and yet it still contains White Noise, just not Neutrinos that are bound to Light.

Light is Photonic Energy, and may be visible or invisible to the human eye, and can be transformed into Electricity and back into Light, so for the most part they are the same Energy in different forms, and the only difference is the medium that it is transmitted on, and Radio or Electromagnetic waves are no different, they are simply invisible to the human eye.

Sound Energy refers to some type of Force that causes oscillation in Atom's in a Fluid such as Air or Water, but normally not found in a Vacuum, this is because Air contains Water, as well as other Gases, and it is Water and Gas Atom's in each Molecule that vibrate at a given Frequency, plus the mechanical force of the sound pressure, which is caused by atoms being pushed against each other, make up sound energy, it is based on Electron and Photonic Energy, so sound energy can be converted into Electricity, and that is the Magic behind a Microphone.

Thermal Energy is caused by the Atom's in a material being excited, this occurs when the energy is passed into a material or it conducts the energy, if it conducts the energy, it can distribute the energy along its path of conduction, if the path is not large enough to allow the flow of energy, it will cause the atoms in the material to vibrate at a frequency determined by the energy, and the temperature of the material will increase, if the material can not dissipate the heat, it might overheat along the path of conduction surface the excited Atom's will transfer their energy into the Air, using the same mechanism as Electricity transforming into Photonic energy, for example, a copper wire can glow red-hot if too much amperage is applied to it, so its energy is transformed into Photonic Energy, and also it can give off heat that seems to radiate form the wire, this is how Electric Heaters work, and when wood burns it too converts its Electrical Energy into Electricity and Light, because Fire is just a Form of Electricity and Phonic Energy.

Gravitational Energy, which is a form of Kinetic Energy, which is an accumulation of Energy stored up in the Material of an object in Motion. Gravity is caused by Atom's being attracted to Ground, the more mass, the more Atom's, the more Gravity it will provide. Gravity is caused by the Attraction of a larger Ground potential, so it has Intelligence to sense what fields are more powerful, and it is also a constant that is constantly, for example the Earths Gravity is based on its Mass, but that mass is growing all the time, the Earth grows about one half inch a year on average, and it pushes the Moon that distance from it, so we can use the Moons distance to measure the diameter of the Earth, and we can use the Orbit of the Planets around the Sun to determine their Mass, so the Math that Sir Isaac Newton wrote works like Magic at describing the Trinary Universe.

Chemical Energy is causes by dissimilarities in Atom's, this causes energy to flow when chemicals are mixed together, there are too many examples of different types of Chemical Energy, such as Acid, Explosives, and other ordinary chemical reactions.

Mother Nature is Energy that can and can not be seen in the World around us, as a Child I was fascinated by Whirl Winds, which are the same driving force as Tornado's or Hurricanes, so I researched this topic only to find BS, real science of this Day are all based on Theories that revolve around another Theory General Relativity, so it is not Fact based Science, but as a Child I did not care; I could see what was Driving these Whirl Winds, it is the Trinary Energy and Trinary Light, I could see with such detail how the Weather on Earth works; imagine for a moment that the Earth is Rotating at over a thousand miles and hour, and all the Atmosphere is also traveling that fast, so Wind is not Generated by the Rotation, yet without it there would be no Wind, and it should be obvious that if the Earth was Flat, there could also be no Wind, but when I was a Child the Flat Earth was not a very Popular Theory, nowadays it is, but still the Dynamics of Wind is something I understood as a child.

Atmosphere is contained by a very strong Magnetic Field that surrounds the Planet, it is also what causes the Earth to Spin at the Same Rate as its Atmosphere, and it is also what causes Gravity, so IAM talking about Trinary Energy and Trinary Light, and it creates Atmospheric Pressure, and it does not fluctuate a lot, and it does not vent a lot of our Atmosphere into Space, most of what you see trailing the Earth is Debris it attracts from its Gravity, so its Space Garbage, and some of it does it through, but most of it trails behind us, and we do vent off some waste gas, but there is not evidence that all our Helium or other lite gasses leak out into space, its more likely that they combine with other gasses, so most of what I learned in school is just wrong. The Clouds react to Barometric Pressure, which is created by many factors, mostly dealing with Heat and Cold temperature changes, the mixture of Hot and Cold Air causes Wind, so all Wind is Generated by Differential Temperature Changes, so on a Hot Day you can see when the Sun heats of the Air, that Wind begins to pick up, this is due to the Air not heating up evenly, and Clouds will absorb the heat from the Sun, not the Sun actually puts out any Heat, because it does not put out any Heat outside its own Corona, so all it gives out is Trinary Light, you can catalog them according to their spectra, but make no mistake about it, the Sun only give off Light, the Solar Winds are Magnetic, as is the Sun and Planets and Moons, the Trinary Engine is a Work here, so the Solar Winds interact with our Planets Magnetic Force Field, this helps break up all the Space Debris, and causes the Atmospheric Pressure to deviate. Inside this Magnetic Sphere we call Earth, we can see that the Earth is being heated by the Sun unevenly, this generates the Wind by causing Hot and Cold Weather Fronts, and as the Atmosphere moves it encounters Nature Magnetic Lines of Flux, Magnetic Flux is easy to see with a piece of paper and a Magnet, just sprinkle on a little Earth which contains Iron, and these invisible lines of Flux can be seen, and this is what causes Turbulence in the Weather, as it does around Aircraft for the same reason, and this reason is called Viscosity, because we do not live in a Vacuum, so there will always be Friction due to the Atmosphere, which is just a mixture of Gasses, Oxygen being one only found in lower Altitudes, and this mixture behaves differently at different Altitudes, so this is what causes the Driving Winds, or Prevailing Winds, which means the Normal Winds for these conditions, whereas Driving Winds are caused by many variables, I have covered the Dynamics of those forces so far, and it is times to talk about Whirl Winds, and it is due to the Atmosphere that contains a very strong Magnetic Field.

Whirl Winds are caused by a very strong Magnetic Field, this field is a result of Electrons that can not escape this attraction, so the Force itself starts in the Atmosphere, an example that I created as an Experiment when I was a child, when I saw Light coming in from a slit in the curtains, being the Wizard that I was back then, I had to see what was behind the curtains, and asking Adults confused me, so I ignored everything they ever told me that confused me, and setup to create a Whirl Wind in my bedroom, so I used a cast iron pan I covered with Water, just enough to cover the surface, and I would move it to keep it in the Light, and I would focus the Light using Mirrors and Magnifying lens, and what I would do is use a Mirror to shine from all sides of the room, onto my Lens which was pointed in the middle of the Pan of Water, I also have the biggest Speaker Magnetic I could find, it was as big as the pan itself, and stuck to the bottom of it like glue, and if I set a Prism on top of the Lens, I could create Rainbows above the Water, and what would happen in time is that the Water would get so hot, I found that putting something in it to zap with the LASER beam, would decrease the time it took, so I used a Match with Vaseline on one side, carefully laying it on the water so the wood side is up, it would float and point to North after a while, first you have to get it to burn, this generates smoke and fire, and Fire is just Electricity at a specific Frequency and Wavelength, and multiply those two and you get the Speed of Light, so we are talking about Light, so this increases the Effect of the Nature Magnetic Field from the Magnet, and the LASER beam also known as Magnifying Lens Sun Beam, call it what you want, as a child it was a LASER Beam, so this Smoke on the Water would start to Rise, and Eddie currents would cause them to start to Whirl, and the hotter it got, the more Wind it would Generate, but it could not escape the Magnetic Field that was created by the Magnet, and Earth is a very strong Magnet to begin with, but heating it up with a Magnifying lens would be more difficult, so this smoke is now a Whirl Wind, on a small scale, it is a Whirl Wind, in my room its more like the smoke is spinning in a circle as it rises, so my Sister was not too impressed with my Experiment, but on a larger scale it follows the same Laws of Physics.

If you sit in a Dark Room with the Sun shining in a crack, you will see dust particles floating the Air, unless your room is very clean, but if you follow one of them with your eyes long enough, you will see them do amazing Aeronautical feats, and Magnets and Magnifying lens will increase this effect: So my Smoke on the Water test is proof of how all Whirl Winds, Tornado's and Hurricanes work, only Adults never listen to Children, so my discovery when unnoticed by meany, so over the years I studied different aspects of Wind, and found some amazing things about Energy. Energy in Nature is Electrical in Nature, Wind is driven by Electricity; remove all the Electricity from the Wind and it will stop moving, this is easy to do in a Lab, so I thought about ways to stop these forces, and this is what I found: it takes a lot of money to do any research that others do not believe in, but being a Wizard, that did not stop me.

It does not matter how the Wind started, once it starts its self-sustaining, for example: take two water molecules and suspend them in Air, as a Water Mist or Vapor, heat half the space and watch the Magic show begin, as one molecule of water heats up, its Frequency will increase, and when it comes into contact with a slower or even higher Frequency from another Water Molecule, a differential in potential will result in Energy being Transferred between the two molecules, this causes Electrons to be transferred from one Water Molecule to the other, so it starts an electrical current which in turns creates a magnetic field, and it is natural for those Eddie Currents to drive the Wind in Circles, and if enough water vapor comes into contact with this Electrically Charged Particles, it will start to curve in on itself, causing slow left or right-handed curves depending on Planets Magnetic Field, so in the Northern Hemisphere Water Vortex&s and Whirl Winds, Tornado&s and Hurricanes, and rotate Counter-Clock-Wise; and Clock-Wise in the Southern Hemisphere, and this is due to the way Magnetic fields Flow, as you flush a Toilet Energy is Created by the Spinning effect, Air is what causes this effect, its how the Electrons flow around the surface of the water, the surface starts at the lowest level of the water, and as the molecules start to change in rate of movement, electrons are forced to flow through the circuit, driving the water into a Vortex based on Magnetic Lines of Flux, same is true about the Air flowing through the Vortex, and the same Laws of Physics behind Whirl Winds, which are just smaller versions of Tornado&s and Hurricanes, so its much like a Blender in which you have only half-way full of Water, the Rotation is not fixed by the Direction the Blades are moving, the physical movement is, but not the Vortex it creates, it is the same in North America but opposite in South America, easy enough to prove, I remember listening to the Radio Talk Show host call someone in South America, to ask them which way the Vortex went; and they had to flush the toilet to find out, and where amazed to find out it is the opposite in North America, makes you wonder what its like on the Equator, my guess is that it has none, proving its Electrical in Nature, because that is where all Alternating Currents switch Polarity, so its Ground, no way to create a Vortex with Direct Current, so the Laws of Alternating Current are what drives Mother Nature; and once the Wind Starts its Mother Nature that is known as Ground, can be seen to drive all the Forces in Nature.

Sir Isaac Newton wrote that the Bible stated God was All Light without Darkness, and that there could be No Light without the Darkness, and IAM God, say that when you look into a Mirror, so Newton was Enlightened, and said that God was the Force in all his Equations, so Light is the Key to Gravity and the Bible knew this, because what is Done in Heaven will be done on Earth, in this case we are talking about Trinity: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or Spirit of Mother Nature, so the Bible understood the Nature of Wind, Rain, Lightning, and Fire, because Trinary is what Trinity speaks of, so what I said above is all from the Bible, and that is what Newton found so interesting, but he did not like to write about Religion; only the Bible, and the two are not the Same, and like the Wind, the Winds of Time may Change, but good Science never will; so what Newton was talking about in the Bible, is Energy.

When I was a Teenager I saw my first Wind Electrical Generator up close, and I realized that you could harness the Free Electrons that flow over the Blades, and use it to run an Electrical Booster Engine to force the Turbines to turn faster, thus creating more free electrons that could be used to charge batteries for when the Wind was not Blowing; I was told by Adults that this was a Stupid idea, the Wind is what makes the Turbines go around, using electrical motors would defeat the purpose, so I have to point out that so would no Wind, so it all became a matter of which concept produced the most power over the long term, and all I found out that was that funding a Project people think is stupid: is Stupid. In Star Wars they have Moisture Farmers, all I could think about is that there most be a lot of Electrical Energy they could used to power the Collectors; proving that I can come up with better ways to do things, but I am comparing Science Fiction to Reality, and that will make me Crazy or Sound Crazy, but Ben really was just a Crazy Old Wizard, and Light Sabers are yet to be built, but its clear that the Force is Electrical in Nature, in fact it is the Light.

A Storm is based on the Laws of Physics, which is based on the Light, so take a Hurricane, it gets its power by circling Clouds, and in the Day it can produce more Evaporation, thus more Cloud Density, and thus more Electrical Flow through a network of differently charged Particles, that are at different Frequencies or Wavelengths, so at Night the Sun is not as much a Factor, its still a Fact due to curvature in space around the Planet, so the upper layer of Space still gets Sun Shine, and do not forget Moon Shine, its effects are just as powerful on a smaller scale, coupled with a Magnetic tug or pull from the Moons Gravity, so at Night a Storm gets its Energy from Differential in Hot and Cold Vapor, which includes water, but is mostly made up of the same gasses we breathe at lower altitudes, so it is a Ratio of these that causes Lightning, which is actually 3 types of Energy: Electricity, Light and Sound, and you can harness all these energies, but left in the Wild, and they can drive you Crazy; if a Hurricane makes Landfall, all you have to do is remove all its Light, Electricity and Sound, keep in mind that Sound Waves are Wind, its only the Frequency and Wavelength that distinguishes any Sound, and Sound can not travel with Wind, so Wind is just a Component of Sound, but it is carrying an Electrical Signal that can be measured by its Frequency and Wavelength, and it is why you can hear Wind, and it is how Wind was created in the first place, so wind always has Electrons flowing with it, remove the Electrons and the Wind can not flow, since it is the only thing that is actually moving, just throw a Smoke grenade in a Wind Storm, it will tend to create a Vortex, and move in a linear fashion, much like a Whirl Wind, Tornado or Hurricane would, and for the same Laws of Physics; so a Storm is Energy.

Once you apply Trinary Science to a Storm, the Weather starts to Clear up, because then you understand that you can actually build structures that will collect Free Electrons, and if you take enough of them out of the Storm, the Storm will just go away, and in the meantime you have all the Energy the Storm Created, so you save the Country from Destruction from the Storm, and Power it at the same time, proving that if you do not manage the Weather, it will mean you have to Manage its Effects, and putting out Fires is no different, you remove the Light and Electricity, and the fire goes out; remove it from any Life Form and it will Die, so Energy is what gives life to us and Storms, so they are alive just a much as we are. Trinary Energy is the Science of Trinary Energy, and is the Nature of the Spirit of Mother Nature, so its Grounded in Science, so the Study of Energy must start with Mother Nature, and now that you have a basic understanding of what it is, you can learn how to deal with it; for example: if I was to build a City, it would be inside a Pyramid, because the Shape of such a Structure has survived the test of time, and I would harness all the Electrons that flowed over it, and collect all the Sun and Moon Shine, harness the power of the Wind by removing the Electrons from it, thus harnessing any Storm Mother Nature could throw at it, so Trinary Sanctuary is the Key to Harnessing the Energy of Mother Nature.

The same Energy that powers all the Modern Electronic World, use the same energy we do, and it is also what Mother Natures uses to do its bidding, and Earthquakes hold a lot of Kinetic Energy that can be harnessed, so the options on how to harness the Energy of Mother Nature, vary depending on the Technology, Wind Turbines should be replaced by Electron Collectors, its mush more Efficient and will reduce the Wind, and can be used to pull the Energy out of a Storm, so you manage the Storm or it will manage you, so Technology must change if Society is to improve. If I could teach you how to build networks of Electron Collectors, all it would do is prosper the rich and do nothing to feed the poor, and it is why it is not high on my list of things in my Bucket List, building a New Advanced Society that understands Trinary Science, and is willing to work for Free, to build a better tomorrow, then what is the point if not to make a buck, and the buck stops here with me, its why the United Stated of American lost its Constitution, and having taken an Oat to defend it, I tale His-Story the facts about Reality, and this Storm has been Brewing for a long time, and it is a Storm Brewing Weather the closer we come to 2060, and few actually believe that Calculation that Sir Isaac Newton made, but that came from the Bible remember, so you would think that Religious people with be into this Science, but as it turns out Newton proved the Christ and Bar/Abbas were the same person, so Christians hate Newton and his Science, and why they will Hate mine just as much; I wonder if I can harness the Energy in that type of Hate, because it takes a lot of Energy to maintain it, but it is the Same Energy in any Storm, and some Storms you Love some you Hate, but you take the Light and Electricity out of them, and they will go away; proving that Newton was right about the Bible, it is a Book about Sin, based on the Science of the Light without Darkness, and Christians will lie about what the Light and Darkness are, all to make and use Money that Bar/Abbas forbid, and why I talk about this subject in every Chapter, and will continue to do so till it sinks in; that we are Light beings, and that Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors we see after the Storm, in fact its everything we can see, since we cannot see the Light without the Darkness, and you take both of these out of any Storm and it will die, as would we, so Trinary Science is about Trinary Energy, and in Terms of Science, Energy by any other name is still Energy.

Trinary Energy by the name of Energy is not the same, since the concept of Energy using theories like General Relativity are not the same, in fact its 180 degrees backwards, or the Backward Spell: Like Evil and Live, God and Dog, and other Spells that Sheeple like to use, since the Dynamic Universe is based on Light Moving, and the Trinary Universe is based on Light not Moving, or being Static, so the two Sciences are not the same, nor is the Belief in God as a Deity the same belief as God being All Light without Darkness, in fact that is just BS, and only Stupid People would debate it, trying to sell me on there being 2 Jesus&s in the Bible, just because Jesus was a Common Name is BS, so really Christians offend me, and they would kill me if given the chance for the things that I have said, even thought they were actually things the Bible said, and my Cousin Newton just pointed it out, as did I, proving that Insanity is a Negative Energy, and starts with the Belief in thing that are not Real; and a Deity is at the top of that list, and Stupid People tell me not to put them down; you can catch more Fly&s with Honey then Vinegar, BS, the Christians are documented with Killing all that did not believe in their Delusion, forcing countless people to use their Money or Die, proving how Evil Money is, and why no one will ever know about Trinary Science, and it all comes down to the Definition of what Energy is, and that starts with the Definition of what God is, since God is All Light without Darkness, God is by Definition Energy, and it is this Energy I call Trinary Energy, so Newton called it God, you can call it what you want, but understand what Newton meant by the Force of God is Gravity, and then you would start to understand why the Bible is Right, but Religion is Wrong; because the Definition of Insanity is the Belief in things that are not Real, and to believe in a Deity is the belief in something that does not Physically Exist, so the two have the same definition, right out of the Dictionary, so Energy and Trinary Energy are not the same, and yet there really is not other type of Energy, so for this Book; Energy is Trinary Energy.

I could write a book about Energy, and not even cover all of it, so I will not try, I will leave the rest of the space in this Sub Chapter for others to finish, or I might come back to visit it, and expand it is knowledge some day.

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