The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.11

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 2.11:

Now to explain Dimensions in terms it can describe how the Trinary Energy behaves. If we view 3 Dimensional space as having an x, y and z location, then the 2nd dimension would have to be labeled the same, as would the 1 st, and even the 0 Dimension, meaning its location was equal to that of any Dimension that was less than it, because it is origin would be the center of mass of the Atom in question, and would have to be measured over time, and time is just a Reference to how many Atom's can pass during a known clock pulse, such as an Atomic Clock, so if we view an Atom as having 3 State Changes, then White is the (+1) State, Black is the (-1) State, and Invisible is the 0 State, so Illustration 2.14: Time viewed in Trinary Time shown below would describe it at one moment in time,

Time viewed in Trinary Time
Illustration 2.14: Time viewed in Trinary Time Full Size

Now we look at that time line from the viewpoint of Trinary Energy, we know that at every magnification level it will be visible, it never really changes much in size, only in relationship to the object that is also in the image with it, or nothing if you are looking at vacuum, but you would still see the Trinary Energy, so we use a Vacuum as our object and magnification as our reference, so at 0 magnification we measure the smallest distance we can see just 1 Trinary Energy molecule, I say Molecule because it contains more than one Atom, but they act as one, so its defined as just one element with 3 states, but its only one Atom in many in a Molecule, but that is just 0 magnification and that is what we see with our Naked Eye, and this always comes down to an individual, because when I was younger I could see hundreds of them in a micron... Would you believe an ⅛ of an inch, well it does not matter, because nowadays we are talking about inches, so this scale changes as we get older, as proof when I was younger a year seemed like a long time, and the older I get, the shorter it seems, and time never stops, because we perceive this scale differently as we grow older, for example: if at a young age we see 12 Trinary Energy Logic States, and record them: 11101(-1)1(-1)111(-1), in ⅛ of an inch, but as we get over half a century older, we see 12 of these in an inch, because our eyesight is not as good as when we were younger, so the passage of it is much faster to older people, and is the only other way to explain it, our mind perceives time passage, and our Eyesight has a lot to do with it, and also our ability to have multiple threads of thought going on in our minds, for example, when looking at the White Noise, I can put each spec of Light into a single thread or thought, as if it was a separate thought from the others, this type of thinking is common among those in the Autism Spectrum, some tend to put every object in a room into its own thread, they tend to have Photographic, Eidetic, or Didactic memory, so the though of looking at White Noise and putting it all into threads, is not an odd thought, in fact it is normal for people like this, but odd for those that cannot even understand what that means, not to say that makes you stupid or retarded, since it is normal to not have this ability, or have it to some degree, most if not everyone on this planet has this Ability, but it takes a lot of effort, and most people do not put a lot of effort into thinking, and that is also Normal, so put Normal into Perspective, it is a Limitation, so Normal People should learn to think like this, and then they will not be so Normal afterwards, and this all comes down to how we view time.

If we viewed Time according to Atom's, we would have no sense of time, because we can not see Atom's, but that is what we do nowadays, we use atomic clocks, so when we realize the Sun is going down, we can look at a clock, so we will know where all that time has gone, and we wonder why we feel so disconnected from the Universe, because our body is made up of Trillions of Cells, knowing that Trinary Energy is also controlling these Microscopic Engines, so what do these Cells look like, and since I do not have a Microscope and do not wish to publish others work, I will just make an illustration of it in Illustration 2.15: Human Cell.

Human Cell
Illustration 2.15: Human Cell Full Size

The human cell has a membrane made out of atoms, it has a Nucleus, much like an Electron, it is the center of mass most of the time, but it floats in a solution along with other organisms, like Mitochondria: multifunctional engines for the cell, and if viewed under a microscope, Trinary Energy can be seen manipulating all the Gears of these microscopic engines. I wish I could make an animation to show you this at work, but my skills are not that great at animation, so see the BBC Special: Hidden Life of a Cell, and as I have stated I do not have a Microscope, but this type of research is posted all over the place, and the Trinary Universe does not change how it works, only how you view it working, because it is clear that if the Trinary Energy is in fact controlling these engines, then it is what Created all Life, and not just the Life the Energy Lives in, because Lightning has been described as being alive, and at the Cellular level it can be proven that the patterns of Trinary Energy appears to be controlling it, in fact this is common knowledge and has been for years, because I have been talking about it all my life, and just figure that everyone knew this, so this is the place to document this behavior and prove it exists, but for this step, all we are doing is proving that the human body is a Medium for Trinary Energy, in the Dimensions of Space and Time.

Trinary Energy is a better term then White Noise, because that was all it was to most people for years, and trying to convince people that it is actually Energy that has a Trinary Logic, is not a new concept, in fact even the Bible said that God was all Light without Darkness in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, so Trinity is the same Concept, because that is all Sir Isaac Newton said, was that God was the Force in all his Equations, so if the Light is God, then people have known this since before the Bible was written, yet at the same time it proves that it is the only logical explanation to describe how Light and Energy are Transmitted through a Medium, because no matter how many experiments you do, if you observe the Trinary Energy, its patterns will always follow what interactions its having on anything you observe it on, so its controlling all the Energy in our known Universe, and those that debate this fact, can not use Logic or Reasoning to debunk it, because observations must me explained first, and that means that you must explain why everyone sees this White Noise, and why it changes states in patterns that appear to be controlling it, because you can not dismiss it, nor can you explain how energy can be transmitted into thin air or vacuum with no medium to travel on, and everywhere you look there is Trinary Energy, so it must be a medium.

Dimensions in Space are known to exist, we would not call the 3rd Dimension, the 3rd Dimension, unless there was 3 more before, so logic states this is just a fact, and the reason is clear, it is because Dimensions exist and can be proven beyond a shadow of doubt to explain the Universe.

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