The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.10

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019


Chapter 2.10: Vertice Matrix Grid

The Vertice Matrix Grid is just a Table of sorts, meaning it can be sorted, so its like a Spreadsheet, even a Database, so how we define its Data and how we Record it, is all a matter of Math, and since this is Trinary Science, we will use Trinary Math, so now we need a way to represent it in a way that all can understand. Now we need a table to represent it, so I make a table with 10 columns and 24 rows to represent each Atom on the Medium as shown in: Table 2.02: Vertice Matrix Grid.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 X
2 X
3 X
4 X
5 X
6 X
7 X
8 X
9 X
Table 2.02: Vertice Matrix Grid

It should be clear why I did not make this to big, and why I made it so simple, as if the path was right down the middle, but keep in mind it is traveling in a Helix Shape, so it is a 3 Dimensional path, and needs a 3 Dimensional Grid, so this Grid above is just one layer of a 3D Grid that extends in the X, Y and Z direction, so it needed to be big enough to see, but not so small you would not see how much work it would be: to trace a path of Light out for farther than one trillionth of a trillionth of an inch like this, because this is not even the width of a hair yet, so maybe now you can understand the detail level that it takes to determine the Path that Electrons take, or Light for that matter, but once you do, you will see a pattern, and that is that the Logic is in the Trinary Energy, which is why I call it that to begin with, Trinary is Tri-State Logic, because if the Electron or Photon took what ever path it did, Trinary Energy can be recorded to show it is following the same path, maybe not in real time, because Matter can not be accelerated to the speed of Light without friction, so movement physically only takes place in the 0 dimension when there is no Space to create Friction, since the Electron's path is Helical it twists around the Atom's, only if and when its Free Valance is available for Travel, so it has to have Receptors to Receive it, and remember that they cannot flow around it unless it has a Path, so the type of Neutrino determines its Valance configuration, yet the Friction can not be avoided, because Electrons have Mass at the Subatomic level it has a lot of it, but it still has to Flow around the Atom's it comes into contact with, so it all comes down to the Mass of the Electron, so how much mass do you think is in Electricity or Photons, and that all comes down to how you measure Electricity and Light, but those units have no meaning in Trinary Science, we only deal with Energy at the Atomic Level, so each Atom has one unit of measurement, based on its Atomic Number in the Periodic Table of Elements, so its easy to convert to this Standard, but it comes down to mass, and the more volume you fill, and the more current you apply, the friction of the flow of Electrons or Photons, that are put under a load, through a Medium made of Neutrinos like Gold, Silver or Iron, and Electrons or Photons that pass through it, creating the Materials resonant frequency to raise due to this interaction, can burn through Medal, so it can exert friction in the form of Energy, so it is a Force Field that can cut through solid objects, which I will discuss in Chapter 3: Trinary Engine, but for now we can see that the way we record this phenomenon makes it easier to plot, so we plot-out one for the actual path of the energy, and the actual path of the Trinary Energy, then compare them and look for patterns and you will find them, but if we encode the variable X to show the state of each, then we can create more meaningful data, because that is the way I view it, you have the Matter/Antimatter, also known as Neutrinos and the Trinary Energy, in the same space at the same time, but what are we viewing, it could be the Trinary Energy that is in our own Brain, think about it, even a CCD or other electronic device used to record light, has the ability to record the same White Noise everyone in the World sees, yet it is always different, so why is that, and then it came to me, if you used two recording devices it would not look the same in either one, and I was right, I did many test and the results were always that they were not the same, or I was unable to sync the images correctly and got a false reading, because this is very tricky camera setups to take identical images of the same object at the same time, in fact it may not even be possible at this level of Quantum Mechanics, so I needed a better way to quantify results, so I went with the Fluid dynamic simulation of matter around an object as it floats in water, if we use a balloon to represent the Atom, and the waves to represent the Trinary Energy, you will notice that when the balloon is dragged through the water as it moves, waves wash out in all directions, not just the direction it is floating in, but when any object is moving it tends to look brighter, as if it was being illuminated, so the balloon appears to create more Light and more waves the faster it moves, the data will prove that there were more 1 State changes around objects that appear brighter, not only that but it is conclusive, all objects have Light in them or emit Light, will also have more (+1) state changes, a darker objects will have more (-1) state changes, and objects that put out no light have more 0 state changes, and then you remember that this was all stuff people said back in the 1960's, around the same time Doctor Timothy Leary took LSD and said he saw the Light, and that was the end of that talk, because people always think I must be on drugs to talk about White Noise as if it was Science Fiction, when current Science believes in Time Travel and Multiverse's, but I can tell you that back in Newton's days, this would have been called Insanity, because Newton only believed in what he and others could see, and not in what they believed they could see, because that is called Imagination, and we do not need it in Science, so this table contains a slice of this information in its Vertice Matrix Grid, so it is just part of the Big Picture.

What I am proposing is the use of the Vertice Matrix Grid, to do controlled studies of Trinary Energy in an attempt to fill out a full chart for 1 Picosecond, using high speed digital recordings in a vacuum, or clean room, such that it eliminates airborne contamination, and maybe as much steal and concrete you can put between you and the surface of the planet, so you can filter out as many Neutrinos as possible, there should be no background object for the entire focal distance of the camera, so you may want to remove the lens, or use a magnification lens instead, or an Electron Microscope, and the optimal camera settings would allow you to film White Noise, but one problem is that some cameras try to eliminate White Noise, so it would be best to try to get a camera that was best suited for recording White Noise, so it must be multispectral and can record all known frequencies, as well as viewing it on a screen that is well suited for viewing White Noise as well, then you can record and view different types of Light, and different types of objects under different types of Lights, high speed pulsed LASER designed to create just photon of Light. This will prove once and for all if the White Noise or Trinary Energy is controlling all Energy in the Universe.

Current limitations on technology that I am aware of at this time, makes this data impractical, because currently it would have to be done by hand, which means visually filling out a chart, or using very powerful imaging tools, that could detect the State Changes of Trinary Energy and Identify an Electron or Photon, and be able to log the data to a database, this is now a possibility with the right equipment, but so far we are still not there, this is a project that would take a lot of technology and manpower, but it would be required as proof of the Concept of Trinary Energy, but in the meantime, you can actually see this with your eyes in real time if looking under a microscope, but when you record it, it looks different, a phenomenon that lead early researchers to believe that Trinary Energy has Intelligence, this creates a problem for me proving a Concept without making it a Theory, because a Theory means I can not prove it, but I can prove it by just observing it, and so can anyone else, so this is in fact, just verified observations, and that is Real Science, but on the other side of the coin, the only way to know for sure is to create new technology to prove this, but now it comes down to the difference between a Theory and a Concept, at this level of technology it would be possible to view matter at the Atomic Level, which we do not have currently, not like what I am talking about. To be real clear about this point, this Dissertation is only about Observable behavior and not having to prove it using technology that does not exist yet, but someday this technology will exist and so will this proof, I know this because we can already see that with our own two eyes, and seeing is believing, it is real science, based on Empirical Evidence. Today's science has not isolated one atom down, and has no chance of isolating one Electron or Photon, but in all attempts you can clearly see Trinary Energy following a pattern around the space of the atoms, but is not part of the matter/antimatter, because it can be seen to switch between states: 0, 1 and 2, and it disappears in state 0, so where does it go? With Dimensions this world will never be able to be explained, and the tools to this task are called Vertice Matrix Grids.

Vertice Matrix Grids are a project into itself, it would require a major break through in Technology, and that is beyond the goal of Mainstream Science, which is only to make a Profit, and there is no Profit in this type of Research, so it needs to be a Free Project, meaning the people who work on it, work on it for Free, and that is asking a lot in the current Society we live in today, if I can call it Live, its more Evil then anything, it only Cares about Money, but once you put Money aside, and then you find the need for a new Society, not a New World Order, but Trinary Sanctuary, where all its Members are in a Trinary Militia, much like Jesus Bar Abbas was leader of, defending Freedom but not allowing the Society to use Money, Religion or Law to control People, so this is a Book in the Works and it is called: The Principles of the Trinary Sanctuary, and in the References, so for now, we just need to face the facts of Life, as long as we are controls by Limitations, we will have them, remove these limitations and Real Science can take place.

Another use for the Matrix is Math, there is never a real reason to do Multiplication or Division, using a Matrix we can take and two numbers and Add them together, for example: 666 + 333 = 999, 666 x 333 = 221,778 and 221,778 / 333 = 666, 666 in base 2 = 1010011010, so if we take the number 666 and break it down into a base 2, we start off by creating a Base 2 Matrix, in the first column labeled Base 2, we start with the number 1, and double it in each column below it, so the next column is 2, and the next 4 and so on, if we take the Base 2 number for 666 and insert it into the columns from bottom to top, or higher order to smaller order, now we have a Binary Math decision, if it equals 1 we bring that value in the 333 column over to the Add column, so now we have the 333 column, and like Base 2 column, we take the number and put it in the first column, then double it in the column below, so we have 333, 666, 1332 and so on, now just take the Binary Value of 1 from column 666, and copy the value of 333 over to the add column, so we have 666 + 2,664 + 5,328 + 42,624 + 170,496 = 221,778, and that is how we do Multiplication using Addition, below that I show you how Division is just the opposite of Multiplication: Table 2.03: Matrix Multiplication .

Base 2 666 333 Add
1 0 333 0
2 1 666 666
4 0 1,332 0
8 1 2,664 2,664
16 1 5,328 5,328
32 0 10,656 0
64 0 21,312 0
128 1 42,624 42,624
256 0 85,248 0
512 1 170,496 170,496
Table 2.03: Matrix Multiplication

The Matrix Grid Math for the Division of 221,778 / 333: as seen in Table 2.04: Matrix Division in the first column we will make our Base 2 Matrix Grid, in the second column we will find what numbers add up to 333 in the third column, so in third column we take 333 and double it in the column below, now we figure out what numbers it takes to Add up to 221,778 in the forth column, and it just happens to be 666, so you can do all Multiplication and Division using a Matrix Grid Math.

Base 2 221,778 333 Add
1 0 333 0
2 1 666 2
4 0 1332 0
8 1 2664 8
16 1 5328 16
32 0 10656 0
64 0 21312 0
128 1 42624 128
256 0 85248 0
512 1 170496 512
Table 2.04: Matrix Division

A Trinary Matrix is based on State Changes of Trinary Logic, there are other useful Matrix Math that you should learn, these are just examples of Math that is not being taught in School today.

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