The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 2.01:
Dimension Basics
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019

Chapter 2.01:
Dimension Basics

There are 3 Dimensions, and 1 Dimensionless Dimension numbered 0 in the Trinary Universe [2], more commonly known as the Physical Universe we live in, which I call the Trinary Universe, so that I do not have to redefine Scientific Terminology that most people apply to the Universe they know, so we have Einsteins Dynamic Universe, which I refer to as Science Fiction, and we have the Newtonian Universe, which Trinary is based on, and just like I renamed Trinary Energy to get away from the Dogma about God, I will do the same for the Universe, so we know we are talking about real Science, and the Trinary Universe, and when it comes to Dimensions, it is as easy as 0, 1, 2, 3.

To start off from the very beginning, and explain this in terms that anyone should be able to understand, I will explain it from the viewpoint of conscientiousness, in terms of the Little Voice in most of our Heads, which some refer to as that Little Voice of Reason, because normally I only think in terms of Images, and I have to convert them into words, but I know I have Autism in the Highly Functional Spectrum, so Communication is not a skill I was born with, but rather had to learn it the hard way, so I need to find another way of communicating, and that Little Voice gives me that Audience I need to talk to, so I can write this all down in a Document, and all I am asking you, is to keep this in mind, because when I talk about God as being only Energy under Intelligent Control, I am not talking about a Deity, I am talking about Science, and science is based on Facts and observable evidence, that can be demonstrated as a repeatable Experiment, so the journey I am about to take you on starts off with the Element known as Hydrogen with 1 Proton and 1 Neutron, I use this Atom because as far as I am concerned, it is the First one, it has an Atomic Number of 1, it has only 1 Proton and 1 Neutron, so it has receptors for only one Valence Electron, so it makes it the simplest Atom to talk about.

Representing our Hydrogen Atom using a 3 Dimensional Construct: width, height, and depth, or x, y, and z as shown in: Illustration 2.01: Hydrogen Atom, helps us to see it more clearly as a single atom. Note: Even though Our Hydrogen Atom has an Electron orbiting it; which we cannot see, nor know its exact coordinates; but we still know it is somewhere within the sphere surrounded by a powerful force field, so powerful in fact that another Atom can not come into contact with it no matter how hard we try to force them together, the Atom's nucleus can never come into contact with each other, not even in a Nuclear Explosion, because that would destroy Energy, and defy the laws of Physics, but the Atom can be destroyed and turn to ashes which are called Neutrinos, but this concept goes beyond what Atom's are specified as having and doing, it is about how they really behave in reality, they transform from one type of Energy into another, for example, if you create a Hydrogen Bomb, and you split the Atom using an Explosion to accelerate another Atom, that crashes into the Hydrogen Atom, all it does it break the bounds from the Proton and Neutron, causing forcing them into the 0 Dimension, where its Energy is allowed to flow freely while that connection is open, but as soon as the Atom's start to collide with other Atom's, they become unstable, like Peter stealing from Paul, these atoms transform from one type of molecule into another, from one compound into another, this is the Alchemy of Science, the expansion of this explosion moves outward, causing everything in its path to be accelerated to a resonant frequency where it catches fire, this in turn will transform some materials like wood into ash, its just a chemical reaction, because Fire is a Chemical change, it is also Energy, it is nothing but Electricity, and every Element has its own Frequency that it will catch fire, if you do not believe me hook up an electrical cord and raise the Frequency and Power, eventually if you have enough of both, anything will catch on fire, and you can measure the weight of the object before and after, then collect all the Gas, and atomic debris and even count the Neutrinos, and you can account for all its lose of mass, and prove that all it did was transform one type of energy into another, it gives off all its Energy as Light, with other Thermal Properties, all of which are Electrical in nature, so they can be converted into Electricity as proof of concept. I use Computer Animated Atom's because I do not own an Electron Microscope.

Hydrogen Atom
Illustration 2.01: Hydrogen Atom Full Size

So for my example this is the Known Trinary Universe, and it consists of 1 Hydrogen Atom at a Spatial Coordinate location with an X drawn in Red, a Y drawn in Green, and a Z drawn in Blue, and a vertex where all lines converge at the center of the Universe, which is always the center of the Atom in question. From the viewpoint of 3 Dimensions, everything has 3 Dimensions. At first that statement might sound too simplistic: but once we start viewing Atom's under a microscope we can only magnify them so much and cannot cut them open, although Atomic Accelerators or Smashers claim to split the Atom's into Quarks [2], which is as far as we have gone so far, they could not destroy the Energy that is in the Atom, so spiting it, did not mean it actually cut the Atom in half, rather it just spit off sections of it, protons and neutrons can be split apart without destroying the Energy, just the matter the Atom is made of.

Normally splitting Atoms is referring to splitting Uranium or Plutonium Atom's into two new atoms, with extra neutrons, so I am only talking about cutting them in half as a figure of speech, meaning for diagramming them only, so If we keep cutting an Atom in half, we will find Quarks; so now let us cut these in half and see what is in the very Center of a Quark, and we can go on and on naming stuff I have no idea if it actually exists, because Quarks are all based on Quantum Mechanics, and my work does not need to reference Quantum Mechanics or use any of its Theories to explain things, but I needed to point this out, so when I start cutting into Atom's you do not think I am destroying Energy, or see Quarks and other things hidden inside an Atom, because the physical material an Atom consists of is the stuff Neutrino Detectors discover, and that is Matter/Antimatter that has no Protons or Neutrons, and it is microscopic or subatomic, meaning smaller than an Atom, so small that we have nothing that can capture it to study, so I want to make this point very clear, the level of identifying every Quark in an Atom is simply not required to explain Trinary Energy, so I will not try, so the Term 3 Dimensional means that it has Matter that exist in this Dimension that has: Width, Height and Depth, and implies it has 4 Dimensions, which is confusing, because the Dimensions numbering scheme starts at 0, just like normal numbers, 0, 1, 2, 3...

The 0 Dimension has no dimensions, and space does not exist here, and the 1st and 2nd dimension has no concept of width, depth or height, because they have no meaning once you remove 1 dimension from the 3rd dimension, this concept should be simple, but it confuses many people who try to understand this concept, because they think of the 2nd Dimension as 2D, and try to graph in on a piece of paper, thinking that represents a 2D drawing, but then reality kicks in, and you realize that a true 2D object would be a hole in the paper, because paper is a 3D concept, it has depth, which is the thickness of the paper, and real 2nd dimensional space does not have depth, so width and height have no meaning, because in reality Matter can not exist in this Space, only Energy, because all matter is 3 Dimensional, and why I do not talk about Quarks, which are matter, and at this level they do not exist, so there is nothing to talk about, as far as I can tell Atoms are just Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, all of which are made of Neutrinos, if the Structure of that Atom is not actually just a sphere, or maybe a Toroid, I have no idea if there is actually something inside of it other than Neutrinos, so I do not want to argue about Quarks, the concept actually still works for me, so I talk about them as if that was all there was to Quantum Mechanics, but as far as I am concerned that is all I needed to know about it, they do not take my Universe into account, so I will only validate this part of theirs, so the 0 Dimension and the shape and construction of Atom's, is just the starting point of this Science, it all comes down to how people relate it to reality, what names you call it or what shape it is, has never been my favorite aspect of Science, you ask me what images I see in the Sun, I can describe all kinds of Shapes, if an Atom is in any of them I have no idea, but I imagine them as Toroid shaped, but that is not just a guess, I never guess at things unless I tell you I did, I can only use Logic to determine such things, and the resolution of technology at this time is not clear enough to prove one way or the other, but one day that will change, and I am confident that they will determine its Toroid shaped, and it is the only shape that can survive the 0 Dimension.

If we view space as 3 Dimensional, then we are limited as to what we see once we remove one Dimension, but if you keep cutting something in half, eventually you will have to cut off one of the dimensions to get to the next level, because to believe you can keep cutting something in half till indefinitely is a very limited way of thinking, so how can you prove it can be done, or that it is possible to just cut off one dimension, in fact trying to prove it can be done is impossible when you think about it, because it would destroy Energy, and Energy can never be created nor destroyed, it can only transform from one form into another, which proves it can not be created or destroyed, because it will only transform, because it is clear from every experiment that destroyed the Matter of an Atom, its Energy still existed, even though the matter in the Atom was disintegrated, it was not destroyed, you can count the Neutrinos to prove that, because slitting the Atom did not destroy the Energy, just the bound to the Matter/Antimatter of the Atom itself, note that Neutrinos have both, sometimes I mean to say Material instead of Matter, since Atom's make up Material, but the Material Atoms are made of is Neutrinos with Matter on one side, and Antimatter on the other, and Energy still needs a Medium to exist in, it can not exist in Thin Air, unless its Magic, and I do not like Magic in my Science, even if I claim to be a Wizard, I like to have my Science based on Observations and Facts, and not Magic, which means it needs another dimension it can transform into, which is in another dimension, so we must learn to think in terms of a single dimension, so we start with the 0 Dimension, because this is as far as you can cut when it comes to dimensions, you start with 3, cut off 1 and you have 2, cut off another and you have 1, cut it off and you have 0 Dimensions left, but is the 0 Dimension real? Of course, Real means it exist as Matter and Antimatter, and the Atom still does when its here, only the Space is missing, so the Neutrinos collapse to the size of nothing, so it can not be seen in any Dimension, since it has no Dimension of Space to be seen in, and we can only see Space, we cannot see no Space, even if we think we see nothing in that space, we know the Space is still there, but to see No Space, that would make seeing anything else impossible, so it is a good thing we can not see: No Space, double negative: can not see: No Space, just like Faith that the Light Exists, just because we can not see Space without Dimensions of Space in it, and why its so limiting to image 3 Dimensional Space, without taking into account all the other dimensions of Space, just because we can not see them.

The way we define Space is what defines our Reality about Space, if we define it as only having 3 Dimensions, then our Reality does not include the possibility of No Dimensions, other than to say it does not exist, but does it have to exist to not exist, which is a valid question, because how can something that does not exist really exist? Is it imaginary, meaning it is not real except in our imagination, or does it really exists, but we can only see it in our imagination. It is clear that we can not answer this question using philosophy, but in science we can use logic to determine if something is real, and I can prove that just because you do not see something, does not mean it does not exist, it only means that it does not exist in our 3 dimensions, but it can exist in other dimensions. In Quantum Mechanics we all know about God's Particle, it is a known fact that there is a phenomenon when viewing a single Atom, that we see a pattern, we see a single atom as being solid, so we call it Matter, which means it is made of some material, it then shifts position, and becomes less bright in intensity, or perhaps its just harder to see, I call this its antimatter state, this term describes its relationship with the Matter state, if one is positive, the other is negative, hence the term anti, which means opposed.

This relationship of opposed infers opposite, and it will always be the opposite polarity, then it disappears, and there is no getting over this possibility, its gone, and does not exist, then it reappears, in one state or another and continues to behave like that as long as we observe it, so we know that just because we can not see it, it still exists, and we must explain this without magic, and Quantum Mechanics does not explain it, nor does God's Particle, that really was just a Joke, but finding new Elements was not, that is Science, but as long as Quantum Mechanics is based on General Relativity, I will call it Science Fiction, and I am done talking about it. Polarity or the idea of the state changes being Positive or Negative is only as a reference, and does not actually imply that these states are actually a physical state that has Polarity that can be measured, in fact, it is just a description that makes it easier to illustrate and explain the concept using this idea, since if we graph it out, it will appear to be Negative, Positive and Neutral, but its more of the fact that its just the Byproduct of such a relationship that creates the Polarity, for example, the Atom is made of Neutrinos, they do not have any Electrical Charge, so stating they are negative or positive is not accurate, they are just Matter and Antimatter, one will always be the opposite of the other, but the effect they make as they move through space, does create a Negative and Positive charge that can be measured, and they do correlate to those sides of the Neutrino, how do I prove that is not as easy as it seems, since we do not have any technology that I can use as of this date, but Logic states that we know Neutrinos are Neutral, so by themselves they do not create electricity, but you add the Light and watch them do their magic. Viewing White Noise, all we really know about it, is that it possesses some form of Intelligence, and this debate will never be solved using Philosophy, in Science we can prove that its behavior is not at random, and it will change if we are viewing it Live in Real-Time, as compared to viewing a recording of it, and that implies Intelligence, and the word Trinary denotes its 3 states, as 0, 1, and 2, 0 is when it is invisible, 1 is when it is at its brightest, and 2 is when it shifts and is less bright, as such the 0 state means you see 0 objects, so in a 3 dimensional world, we could say this is in the 0 Dimension, it has no width, height or depth, yet we know it exists in reality, but the only real proof that something that can not be seen does exist, is because it existed before it disappeared and after it came back, a circular line of thinking, that always comes back to the truth of a particle that only exist some time, but we know for a fact it does exist part of the time, but in fact, it is visible most of the time when it is in the 3rd Dimension, meaning it is in the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension all at the same time, but to prove it has intelligence, we must prove that it has intent.

Trinary Energy exists in 4 Dimensions, the 0 Dimension is the very center of its Universe, in reality it can never move, because it has no dimensions to move in, and this is where Reality as viewed in the 3 Dimensional Reality, must change to viewing the Universe in single Dimensions, each one is part of the one before it, so the 1st dimension is part of the 2nd dimension, which make up the 3rd dimension, and at the same time each dimension is separate from the next, the 0 dimension can see the 1st dimension, but the 1st dimension can not see the 0 dimension, but the 1st dimension can see the 2nd dimension, but the 2nd dimension can not see the 1st dimension, but the 2nd dimension can see the 3rd dimension, but the 3rd dimension can not see the 2nd dimension, and any dimension beyond the 3rd dimension are only viewpoints looking back at themselves, so the 4th dimension is just a perspective of looking at the 3rd dimension, as if you are looking back at the way it was, and not the way it is, or the way it will be, because in the moment that will always be true, because once we see something it is no longer there, because we know that at the subatomic level this is true during the 0 state of the Trinary Energy, and we know that the only reason it looks solid is because of this perspective, and it is all because our perspective changes when we think in terms of Size, if we viewed the Universe through a hole the size of an Atom, our view would be very small, therefore when its state changes to 0, everything in the Universe is gone to us, we are all alone in the Universe, because at this level, that Atom is the biggest thing we can see, in fact it is the Only thing we can see, think about the Universe, can you see endless miles of stars and Galaxies? No, you can not see beyond the Heavens, which is the Sky, during the day the Light blocks out the stars and Galaxies, and at night we can only see a limited amount of them, so our perspective depends on day and night, but at the Atomic level it can not see either, because it is force field blinds it to the outside, similar to how we view the Universe by looking at the sky.

Science is all about what we can prove, and I know I just proved that the 0 dimension exist, at least in logic, because you can debate where the Atom goes, but the only way you can explain it is using dimensions, so what I can prove is that when it disappears it is simply transforming from one form into another, so if it was in the 1 state and changed to the 0 state, it was simply transforming from the 1 state into the 0 state, and the same is true for the 2 state change, so to make things easier, we will call this the (-1) state, because it is clear that the 0 state is in the center, and the (+1) state is on one side, and the (-1) state is on the opposite side, and that is how simple this Trinary Energy is, we can also measure it as Electricity and measure it as Polarity, so the (+1) and (-1) are relative to electrical charges, we can put this into a constant mathematical equation of (+1) + (-1) = 0, because when the (+1) is seen, the 0 and (-1) state are not, and when its (-1) is seen, the 0 and (+1) state can not be seen, and of course you can not see the 0 state, so it is simple 3 state 3 Dimensional logic constant mathematics.

What happens to the Matter/Antimatter of an Atom in other dimensions is something that is hard to explain, when an Atom's state changes to 0, it does not destroy the Tritanium [1] the Trinary Engine is made of, it simply moves into a dimension of space that we can not see, yet nothing exist in the 0 dimension, because it acts like a floating ground, and this seems confusing even to me, and I have tried to make models that would explain this by wrapping space around an Atom, but I can not wrap my mind around such a concept, yet magic is not the answer, something physical is taking place, and we are not cutting the Atom into pieces then reassembling it, in fact the Matter/Antimatter of the Atom Neutrino is not changing at all, other than which what its facing which is inside or out, it is only our limited way of understanding the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, yet I must explain where it is going at the same time, so how do I do this? The answer is that I can not, and I could spend all day trying to trick you with words and spells, because that is how Wizards explain things, and why that kind of talk is known as Magic, so instead I tell you that Neutrinos have the ability to navigate around null space, so as the null space creates a hole in space, the Neutrinos called Tritanium in the Trinary Engine, or by the Elements name in the Periodic Table of Elements, actually move through the 3 dimensions of space and back again, this is based purely on observations and based on sound logic and reasoning, and is not based on a Theory, but facts that fit the description, its easy to see in Atom's, not so easy with Trinary Engines, because they have Material around them, but that is covered in the chapters to come, for now we are just talking about Neutrinos, and how they have Matter and Antimatter on each side, and how they move through dimensions, its just how they fold in layers of Space that is being removed, till the Neutrino collapses completely when it has no dimensions of space to keep its shape, then it unfolds back into normal space.

Think of Interdimensional Space as that space that is in the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimensions, and that when Matter! (means Matter/Antimatter) of an Atom is moved between these dimensions, our perception of what takes place is altered in a way that we will never truly understand it, but having faith does not mean we give up trying, it only means that we must acknowledge that there will always be things in the Universe that we can not explain, because I understand how it happens, I just can not explain it in words when I think in images, because words do not exist in these dimensions but images do, and that is where my mind must go to see these dimensions, so in my mind these are just doorways to another place, in the (+1) state, the Matter of the Atom is in my Space or 3rd Dimension, so I can physically interact with it, but when it shifts to the (-1) state, it is half-way in the door to this other dimension, thus making it harder to see, and impossible to interact with, and in the 0 dimension it is all the way into the door, and the door is shut, and I can not see where it is, but I know it still exists, because it will return in another state change. To make things more confusing, I state that only Energy can exist in Interdimensional space, which is true, so where is the matter, simply stating that in the (-1) state it transformed into an Antimatter state, meaning it is Interdimensional, because state changes and dimensions are confusing the way I try to explain them, because the concept is complex, because Trinary Energy is only energy it is not physical matter or antimatter like Neutrinos, and that will never change, the Neutrinos are just along for the ride, and it is this ride that most people want to know about, and I will have to explain it better than using terms like you must have faith that God exist, because that is how the Bible explained it, and Newton wanted to know more also, so I will use a lot of words and spells to try to explain it.

If you think of Space as separate dimensions, then it becomes clear that we can only interact with the 3rd dimension, which is made up of the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, so it adds up to 3 dimensions, and that a state change of 1, is in the 3rd dimension in space, and also in the Interdimensional space, but the Neutrinos collapse around the space that is absent in that dimension, as such we can not interact with this dimension nor can we see it, but this is God's Dimension, or the Father, if we view it the way the Bible explains it, the 0 Dimension was also known as the Mother, the place where all Life comes from, because we can see the Father, but must have faith that God exist, because God is the Light without Darkness, and we can only see the Darkness in the Light, so we have two views of the same Atom at the same time, one we can see and interact with, the other we can not, and to confuse matters even more, I state that in the 1st or 2nd dimension, that the state changes still take place even though we do not see them do so, and oddly enough, this explains how the Atom moves from 1 dimension into the next, it is done in stages, first it is moved into the 0 state, which is where all Energy comes from, so it is the point of existing, so when Electricity is converted into a Photon, it is born or transformed in the 0 dimension, and when Electrons are allowed to flow in a Circuit, they too must be in the 0 Dimension at that point in time that the Atom they occupy disappears, so this Light or Matter State of being, is based on where they are in Space, and that truth is that they are only in our 3 dimensional space some time but not all the time, and state (+1) is the only time we can interact with those Atoms, and it is because they are not moving, so state (+1) is both in the 3rd dimension and the 0, 1st and 2nd dimension at the same time, so it stands to reason that in state (-1), it appears to be in the 3rd dimension, yet we can not interact with it, and in fact we can not clearly see it, because it is transitioning from the 3rd dimension into the 0, via the 1st and 2nd dimension, keep in mind it is always in all 3 dimensions: 0, 1st and 2nd when in state (+1), but when it switches to state (-1), it is only in the 0, 1st and 2nd dimension, and not the 3rd, but we can still see the Atom, so its like stepping into the door so to speak, as the door starts to fold onto itself as its space is removed one step at a time, and when it changes into the 0 dimension, it is only in the 0 dimension, but we can still not interact with it, nor can we see it, because all its space is folded around it, nor did we see it when it shifted into the 1st dimension, it just got less visible, and why I tend to ignore it, because there are only 3 state changes and 4 dimensions, but its where all the logic takes place, because we do not see that logic in the 2nd dimension, but we know that we can see the effects of the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, even though they are not in the 3rd dimension, but we can not interact with them, but the 0 and 1st dimension has no dimensions to see, and I do not want to use explanations like this is another Universe, because it is still in our Universe, just in another dimension of space, and my options of explaining it in other words is not going to help to clear this issue up, there are something in science we just have to except at face value, or you will never understand what is real and what is not, and truth is real, it is based on facts, and the facts will never change when it comes to explaining dimensions, so maybe I could learn to explain it better using examples that make more sense, but the images in my mind make sense to me, only I can not put them into words, nor would those images help to describe them to you because they are missing tracks of information like emotions and feelings, because a Picture is worth a 1,000 words, but I will try anyway, so I will seem to repeat myself a lot, when in fact, I am just trying to find another way to say something in a way that you might understand, knowing that people with a High IQ understood most if not all of it, and are getting bored with my trying to explain it to people with a Normal IQ, or those with IQ of less than 75, and it is hard for me to understand how to relate to them, I know a lot of them, so I know that they do not understand much, and the worst part is they think they do, which makes it harder to teach them, because they do not want to admit they are stupid, yet after I explain everything to them, they just look at me and say its just a Theory, and they have their own, than they ramble on about it, so I know they did not understand a word of what I just said, and do not want to admit they just do not have the desire to learn anything new, and that is what Stupid means, and why it takes me so many words to convey what I mean to everyone, if everyone understood things at my level, they would have just understood Tesla when he said everything is Light, the fact that 95% of the People on this Planet believe in a Deity, which is a Politically Correct term for Insanity, as is the Belief in a Theory called General Relativity, where the Author states he does not believe a word of it, and only believes in Newton as I do, so I have my reason for believing most people are insane and Stupid, statistically it is a fact, and arguing the point will not change it, the Right to Freewill does not give you the Right to think insanely, and the Belief in a Deity is defined in a Dictionary as insane, as is the Belief in a Theory that the author told you was a lie, so Reality Sucks for 95% of the people in this World, and why its Normal to have a Low IQ, but the Truth is more Important than Stupid Peoples feelings, the Belief in Religion has made them all insane, and they defend that insanity as if they have a Right to, and they do not, not Legally or Morally, the Truth about God is something that everyone in the World should know, and those that say this is Not the Truth, are not doing so with Fact or Evidence, they are doing so with Pure Emotions, no logic or reasoning, just Emotions, got it, so why should I listen, I put no stock in my own Emotions, I do not care what people Feel, Science is not about Feelings, it is about Facts and the Truth about those Facts, and Dimensions of Space are one of those facts that only Sheeple will argue about, and it would not bother me if they used Facts instead of Emotions.

The 0 Dimension has a Force Field around it, this is because normal space can not move through it, so it must move around it, and as it does, space warps around it, although Atom's can not move into this space, they can be warped around it in a way that does not physically interact with the Atom, yet it makes it invisible, this property of Neutrinos is well documented, they find there way around Atom's. When an Atom is in the (+1) State it has the 0 Dimension at its center of mass, so it is stable, when it changes to the (-1) State, that center of mass shifts, causing the atom to pass around that area of space I call Null Space or the 0 Dimension, when it moves all the way into this space, all normal space is force to flow around it, that creates this Force Field, so space flows around the Atom, inside is the 0 Dimension, it is where Energy Flows from, so breaking this Force Field will unleash all its Energy, but at the same time it is a very hard Force Field to break, and can only be done so on purpose, so when the Neutrinos collapse in the Empty Space, it is still there, its just invisible to the naked eye, and most technology available today.

Once you start to view Trinary Energy using Dimensions, then all Energy will start to make more sense, and that understanding starts at the Vertex of the Atom you are viewing, where a vertex refers to a starting point, and is normally denoted with a V, like a pointer to mark start here, so this point is a known location on a 3 dimensional map, yet at the 0 dimension nothing exist, not even the space it occupies, because no matter how much you try, you can never touch it, but it is hard to image from the viewpoint of the 3rd dimension, because you view the Atom from a Microscope, and if you had an instrument that had a tip that was the size of an Atom, you could never touch the center of that Atom, regardless of what state it was in, because one atom could never come into contact with another atom, so the question is how do we view subdimensional space knowing this? This Information blurs the lines between what we believe, which is that we can actually touch anything, as I type on this keyboard, I know that my Atoms are not actually coming into contact with other Atom's, no matter how hard I hit the keys, I can never change that, not even Dynamite would start an Atomic Explosion using my fingers to force the atoms of the Keyboard to contact my fingers, not even an Atomic Bomb could cause that to happen, so that Force Field is very Strong, and that is why I know for a Fact that the Sun does not have any Compressed Gas in i so Reality is based on Facts like this, and it is why Dimensions are important to understand, because they put limits on the Laws of Physics, Atomic Explosions do not cause Atom's to come into Contact with one another, they only cause the Neutrinos to lose their bounds and collapse into the 0 Dimension, briefly opening it up so that all its energy flows out of it at once, causing a massive energy explosion, as all the Atom's around those expanding Atom's tries to get out of the way, you tap your finger in the Air and cause this same effect with all the air molecules around it, most think about the Butterfly effect, where others think they can use Atomic Weapons Safely, and it is why I spend 95% of the book talking about Stupid People.

We know that every atom has its own power, and we know that its power can only transform from one form into another, we know we can combine an atom with other atoms known as a Molecule, to form more complex compounds, and we know that each of the Atoms are not physically touching each other, and that each are in a constant state of flux, changing from one state into another, so we know as a whole we can see only some of its atoms at the same time, but its enough to give the illusion that objects at the macro level are solid, such as Humans, are solid, when in fact we know that we are 99.999% empty space, so where does this power come from?

All energy flows from Ground to a higher potential, and that Potential can be Positive, or Negative, and we can alter that with electronic devices, or material known as the Medium also known as a conductor, but for the most part this true, and gravity always flows toward ground, when it is actually the energy that is flowing from Ground to a Higher Potential, so what is Ground? In outer space you can release two grains of sand, you might think they would just float there side by side, but they always attract each other thus clump together, so its clear that each grain of sand has its own gravity, so its origin must come from the 0 dimension, because it is the very center of the Universe of every atom in it, and we know that every atom in it is also in constant flux, as it changes states, so it must be these state change that gives the two grains of sand the inertia to move towards each other, and the only explanation would be that the Dimensions exist on different plans, so similar to a grid layout with an x, y, and z, the 0 dimension is nowhere and everywhere in this space, although it does not physically exist in the 3rd dimension, it has to account for the 99.999% empty space in the Universe, so it is clear that it must physically occupy 100% of the Universe, but this math does not compute, until you add up all the dimensions, so the 1st dimension must also occupy 100% of the Universe as well as the 2nd dimension, yet the Universe does not add up to 300% of space, because as a whole it has to equal 100% of the 3rd dimension, so its clear that these dimensions are indeed 3 distinct layers of space, so now you can see that if an Atom changes states from (+1) to (-1), it also changes position, and the only way this is possible is if the 0 state was floating, because keep in mind that it has no dimension, so it can not move, yet when we analyze the way atoms move, we know that many state changes take place in the time period it took to move the atoms, and the only way to account for this movement is, is to account for the shift that happens between 0 and the (+1) or (-1) state changes, no reason to show the 0 State since you will not see the Atom, so I will show it in its (+1) State, or Light Matter State, as shown in Illustration 2.02: Atom (+1) State, as a black dot where the path of the Atom cross the Positive 1 axis.

Atom 1 State
Illustration 2.02: Atom (+1) State [1] Full Size

Note that the Vertex of the 0 State would be on the x-axis, so its (+1) state change moved it above the x-axis, this is called the offset, this is a 3 Dimensional concept only, because in reality it is the center of mass of the atom, because the 0 Dimension is a Floating Ground, it can float between (+1) and the (-1) State. We can not see Dimensions separately, but we can see the effects of it, I show the offset from the 0 state to the (+1) state above the vertex to simplify the explanation, the vertex represents the 0 Dimension, which is its point of origin, even though you can not see it because space does not exist there, therefor it is empty Space, but in reality we have no idea where the Empty or Null Space is, since we can not detect it, but we can observe that when it changes states, as shown in Illustration 2.03: Atom (-1) State, as a gray dot where its path cross the Negative 1 axis.

Atom -1 State
Illustration 2.03: Atom (-1) State [1] Full Size

We can see that the (-1) State is on the opposite side of the (+1) State and x-axis, not necessarily in a 3D grid as shown here for simplicity, because in reality it can move in any direction, and normally will travel in straight lines unless another force acts on it, but all I want to illustrate here, is that the x-axis is where the 0 dimension vertex would exist in theory, and that the state change from (+1) to (-1) would cause the atom to appear to move, even though it is moving, I say appear to move, because it is not the atom that is moving in the 3rd dimension, instead it is moving in the 1st and 2nd dimensions, and it becomes obvious when you look at its location when it is in the 0 state, then the point of reference is more defined, and simpler to understand, the Energy is static in the 3rd dimension, it only appears to move in the 3rd dimension, when in reality its only moving in the 0, 1st and 2nd dimension and the reason we reprieve this as movement in the 3rd dimension, is because it is the only dimension we can see, so it is an optical illusion, that would lead many people to believe that Light can be shot out of a flashlight, instead of the fact that the photon is only moving through the dimensions of space we can not see, so it is being pulled instead of being pushed through space, and the underling vertex in the 0 dimension never moves, only its reference point in 3 dimensional space moves, so when the state changes back to (+1), the Atom or Photon is not in its same position in reference to 3 dimensional space, it has moved on the path that the Light would travel and in a very predicable way, and that is because at the subatomic level, the vertex in the 0 state is in the 0 dimension, and that never moves, it is a floating ground, therefore its reference point changes, thus causing the Atom or Photon to move with the state change.

I tend to repeat things differently to make sure everyone understands a concept, so think about the Universe as a black sheet of paper that represents the entire universe in the 0 Dimension, so it sits on a table and does not move, now add a blank white sheet to sit on top of it, it represents the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions of the flashlight we will use for this example, and it is moving at the speed of Light over the black sheet on a predetermined path, when we turn on the flashlight a photon is created, it is in the 0 dimension so its on the black sheet and does not move, mark it so you know where it might be, now as the white sheet or flashlight moves through the universe on this path at the speed of Light, we can see that the photon is being pulled across space as we see it, because the black sheet does not move, the white sheet does, and the photon or atom is located on the black sheet, and it did not move, so it was the flashlight that moved, and the Energy the Flashlight provided created a photon that remained static in the Universe, and as the flashlight moved in relationship to the Universe, the photon appeared to move away from the flashlight, but in reality it was the flashlight that moved away from the photon, that should be easy enough to understand, but most people I told this to did not get it at all, they try to relate it to things they think they understand, as if it was like Driving a Car, and the Light that comes out of their Headlights would have to be shut out like an atomic accelerator, or the Car was going so fast it would run over the Light if it was being pulled from the headlights, because the reality of the Speed of Light means nothing to them, nor does logic or reasoning, it is all about Emotions for 95% of people that read this, so keep this in mind if that is the way you view it, but for that small percentage of people how have an open mind, and are willing to try to understand this simple concept, and start to understand Reality, but this book really is about how Stupid Yew are for believing in Stupid Science, because teachers have spent more time trying to convince me that light is being shot out of the Flashlight, and that Einstein was right about General Relativity, then I have to ask Right about what, when he said it was a Lie because he only believed in Newton? Then I failed that Grade, but still made it through High School, because I told them what they wanted to hear, and not the Truth.

From what we now know about Trinary Energy, it should be clear that it is capable of moving atoms, this experiment is repeatable, so we know it is the only way atoms can move on their own, so I will now talk about it as if it is a fact in science, because at this point it is, so I can move on to other concepts, which will require Intelligence on the part of the Light when it moves the Atom, because if we throw millions of grains of sand into outer space, we can note that the pattern it takes to clump together is never the same twice, in fact you can examine every grain of sand and determine that no two grains are identical, as such the laws of physics, which are governed by the Trinary Universe we will talk about in another chapter, are defined at the subatomic level, so instead of thinking like a 3D person, think as a 1D person, think in terms of every atom in an object moving along a Vertice in a Matrix, shifting from one dimension into the next as its states change, making course corrections for every atom in its Matrix, so that they appear to move as one, but in reality they are all moving independent of each other, now the Universe looks totally different, because someone 3D thinks in terms of seeing only one object, most people think our Atoms are all connected together, when in Reality states they never come into Contact with each other, and at the Atomic Level the Receptors we view atoms as having, for example Hydrogen has one, but it does not allow another Atom to physically contact that Receptor, it only makes an Attraction to it available, this allows the Free Valance to allow Electrons to orbit around it, they become the glue that binds the Atom's together, these loose bounds are only held together by Electrons, and it takes a lot of them to make up an object, even though most people view a part of a larger object, when in fact they are looking at maybe trillions of atoms that make up the object, so they track it in a 3D grid, with an x, y and z coordinates, but in the 1D vision, we see all the atoms, and do not even care about the object as a whole, because it is just a pattern, like a rock, mineral or animal, that object has a reason, even if the object does not understand what that reason is, the Universe knows because it put it there, because we have to acknowledge that it took some Intelligence to change the states of each atom in order for it to move, although most 3Ders will want to believe that chemistry has something to do with it, but let us face it, that was based on Alchemy, and that is stuff that Wizards do, and the last Wizards were Tesla and Newton, and Newton said that the Light controls the reaction, and he was not talking about the Light we see with our eyes or Sun Shine, but a Force which he called God, acknowledging that God is all Light without Darkness, meant that the words the Father, Son and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother are 3 State Changes, the Father is (+1) State Change, the Son is another State Change and the Holy Ghost is invisible, so it is the Mother, and is in the Mothers Womb, which the Holy Ghost or Spirit referred to the Mother in terms of the Relationship to the Father and Son, my Cousin Isaac Newton pointed this out, so the Darkness is the 0 Dimension, so it is the Mother, which is a floating ground for the entire Trinary Universe, but most Scientist already know this, which is why they call it God's Particle, if even as a Joke, on some level this Universe only makes sense if God is controlling it all.

When Science can acknowledge that the Light is God, which is just what the Bible said it was, and Trinity is the State Changes, then the Bible takes on a whole new Meaning, because this means they knew it all along, yet the Science of Sir Isaac Newton has been replaced by that of another Ashkenazic Aspie named Albert Einstein, so is this a Holy War on Science? Science is about facts that are provable with repeatable experiments, and the truth is that I proved this without even having to set up an experiment, because every experiment you look at the Subatomic Level, all look the same, just like I described it, the Father is the brightest state change, it is the (+1) State change, the Son does what the Father tells it to do, which is go see your Mother, so the Son is the (-1) State change, and it can change the direction the Atom moves, and the word Atom is just like Adam, except it refers to the Atom in Adam, and Eve is also short for Event, or on the Eve of an Event, so these words are just Spells, so the Holy Ghost is when the Atom disappears into the Mother, and when the Father comes back it can be in a different location, so all matter must go through the Father, so it too can move, in fact it can move so fast that we can not see it, which is why you see the 3D effects as described in: Illustration 2.02: Atom (+1) State [1] and Illustration 2.03: Atom (-1) State [1] , so it is clear that these state changes correlate to the Atom's movement, in fact it can not move without them, since the atom would burn up due to friction, so now I must answer the question of how the Trinary Energy knows what direction my body moves when I think it, and the answer is in The Galattice [2] in another chapter, but the short answer is that the Galattice is the Memory location for all thoughts, and it is not in the brain, nor in the body, it is in Space itself, so every thought you have is actually stored in the Galattice, which is just the Galaxies Lattice, which is a Vertice Matrix [2], which is just empty space, which stores every thought that every living thing ever had, and although that concept is too vast to prove in writing, it can be logically reasoned that the atom had to know which way to move way before you thought it, at least in real time, so it can not guess, and all atoms have to move together, so its Vertice Matrix is very dense, and every cell in your body is composed of many atoms, yet the cell behaves like it is all one object, instead of a collection of atoms, so it is clear that this relationship can not be dismissed, because it is what is really happening no matter how you explain it, so it is all a matter of putting this basic concept of Dimensions into the Trinary Energy, so at the bases of it, you understand that what I am referring to is reality, and not some concept that can not be proven in science, because the more you research this and do experiments, the more you will believe it is the truth, and the fact is that a lot of people have studied this for many years, so just ask them, and they will tell you this is the truth, because that is what it will take to convince most people.

Dimensions are a concept that in Science is very difficult to prove without using Logic and Reasoning based on visual studies of the phenomenon called White Noise, but because the way Science of this time is still under the delusion that the Dynamic Universe can even exist, and as if Time Travel is Possible, because I can prove to you it is not, because no matter how long you study a single Atom, and subject it to Atom Accelerators or Smashers, Superconducting Magnetrons, or any other device, that will try to accelerate it past the speed of Light, with the belief that you can accelerate anything faster than the speed of Light, is easy to prove that this premise of Time Travel, and the Space Time Continuum is not possible, and all because of one little fact, the Speed of Light is Constant, and that will never change, and it is because Energy does not Move, its Static, so the Trinary Universe is Static, because the 0 Dimension can not Move, it is a Floating Ground, and it is the Only Ground in the Whole Universe, and that is all it is, the Darkness, it is not God, and God does not Talk to it or control it, so all Ground is the Same in this sense of Conceptualization, because you have Earth Ground, but in Outer Space, where is Ground? If it did not exist, then Electronics would not work in Outer Space, it may have its own Ground, but all Energy flows from Ground, so the Power would never flow unless it had a Ground, so the Dynamic Universe idea of Centrifugal Rings making up grooves or curvatures in Space, is just pure Fantasy, not just because Einstein told you it was, and he wrote it, but because we all know you can not prove it, but there is proof that it is not true, because there is no evidence that it is dynamic, all the evidence points to a Static Universe, which uses State Changes to create Gravity, that is what Gravity is, and nothing more, energy must flow from Ground to an object, so all objects will have an attraction to ground, just like sand in outer space, each grain will be attracted to each other, because the more Atoms in an Object, the more Ground potential it has to offer, and the Earth has a lot of Atom's, so it has a lot of Gravity potential, and the bigger it grows, the more mass it will have so the more Gravity it will have.

So why is Time Travel impossible? Because it is based on an assumption that if you are traveling faster than the speed of Light, you can go back in time, yet after years of research it is found that it would take more energy to exceed the speed of Light, then there is in the Universe, and there is a very simple explanation for this: the speed of Light is based on the maximum amount of State Changes an Atom can make as it travels over a known distance, and this can be verified very easy, just count how many state changes are made as an Atom is accelerated, then determine how many more it would take to get to the speed of Light, then it will prove that this is a limit, so it means that if we used Trinary Energy like an Atomic Accelerator, then the maximum frequency, which is measured by state changes, which are traveling on the x-axis to (+1) or (-1) in a Sin Wave, can only accelerate Energy up to the Speed of Light, and we know that the Wavelength times Frequency = Speed of Light, which means we know the Relationship and know this concept is correct from a mathematical proof, because all you have to do is find out its Wavelength or Frequency and you can determine the other because the speed of Light is constant, and this math proves why, it is because of the Wavelength and Frequency of Trinary Energy are related to the speed of Light.

Tesla said that you can control Energy by having control of its Voltage, Amperage, Wavelength and Frequency, and humans have a lot of control over Electricity, but not Light, we can create LASER's that put out a specific Wavelength of Light, and we can adjust its intensity, and in a hundred more years our control over Energy will increase, but first we must understand what Energy really is, and Tesla knew Electricity better than anyone alive today. You may have heard about theories that Neutrinos can travel faster than Light, but this just is not the truth, nor can it be proven to be the truth, because it is based on observation that when a Star goes Super Nova, that the Neutrinos are detected before the Light of the Super Nova can be seen, which is true, so these theories are not completely a lie, because it is a fact that Neutrinos are just what is left of the Matter that Atoms are made of, just split an Atom and then use a Neutrino detector to prove it, I do not have an Experiment to sight, but I know the data is available to those with the security clearance to gain access to it, just find nuclear test that correlate with Neutrino detection, and the reason will become clear, the Atom's had to be destroyed (disintegrated) before the Energy is released from them, so they will always travel before the Light, and the Force Field created by Null Space will carry these subatomic particles at the speed of Light, because they can not flow through the Null space Force Field that is pushing them away from the blast, and that is a very simple experiment to prove this, because in reality that is what is happening, and as I said before, it is just what Words you used to explain why. I will talk about Nova's in another chapter to expand on this topic, but its easy to image, its like poking my finger into the space in front of me, every atom in that space will move, we may not see the Gas move, but it does, and we can prove it, so the same is true with Neutrinos, as it is this Force Field that prevents the Atom's from coming into contact with each other, so this Force Field is actually a byproduct of an intelligent system that prevents atoms from being destroyed, which always means disintegration, the Neutrinos lose that bound with the Light, thus returning to Particles that have no Space nor Energy from the Light, but that Force Field will also hit Earth just after the Neutrinos, we do not and can not detect this from Earth, but we can outside of the Suns Magnetosphere, because that is what stops it from hitting Earth, and Earths own Force Field will dampen what the Sun misses, if this was not the case it would hit us like a Cosmic Storm, and could wipe out our Atmosphere, its actually like a Sonic boom, only it is a Magnetic Force Field so powerful it blasted the surface off the Sun or Planet that went Nova, or Super Nova, striping the all the Planets in that Solar System off in the process, yet the debris did not slow down the Neutrinos, just the larger Molecules and Atom's that stayed intact, which just get pulled back in by the Gravity of what is left of the Mass of Debris, to reform a new Solar System, yet its neutrinos will get blasted to every System around it, and they will take what Neutrinos they need to create more Atoms, trust me, they did not all come out of the Big Bang, they are created when required, otherwise this Universe would have run out of Atom's years ago.

The Science of Trinary Energy is nothing new since it originated in the Bible, and Sir Isaac Newton wrote the Math for it over 333 years ago, and it is still the same math we used to this day, no one uses the Math from the Dynamic Universe except theoretical Scientist, NASA only uses Newton's math, so do not let anyone fool you, so nothing in Science is really changing yet, and I say yet, because we have a long way to go and this is just the Foundation of Trinary Energy, so you can fully understand that Reality is what you see at the Subatomic Level, so how you explain it is beside the point as long as you understand it, because the truth is that Science of this Day is Science Fiction, and most people are not intelligent enough to understand that, and even I hate being called Stupid, its why I call Yew stupid, because everyone has been told that only Geniuses can understand Einstein, so everyone wants to pretend they are a Genius and go along with it, kind of like the Story of the naked King or Empire with no Clothes, because no one wanted to admit that the King was naked and not wearing invisible clothes, waiting to see if someone debunks it, and a child said invisible clothes are just a fairy tale and you are naked, as a child I said Einstein was Science Fiction, yet Adults would not believe me, most of them have an IQ of 80, so I did not care what they said, even if I had known my IQ was over 180, making it higher than Einsteins as a child, it would not change anything because of the way People believe in Heard Mentality, as if they Heard it in their Herd, so Einstein must be more Intelligent then Newton, even though NASA only uses Newtonian Math, they said you would understand Einstein when you grow up, well I grew up to find that the truth is that Einstein tried to debunk Newton, by writing a Theory about how the Universe would have to work if it was not like Newton said it was, and that Theory was based on one Paradox after the next, and even Einstein said that a Paradox can not exist in Reality, yet to this day everyone only uses Newton's math, so who are we fooling, its time for Science to change, it is time everyone grows up and come back to the Theory of Light and really examine it, determine what is right and wrong, and start to embarrass the Universe as a whole, and stop making a Religion out of it, because Deities do not Exist at the Subatomic level, but the Light does, so now that we defined what the Light is, we can give it a name that better describes it, which is Trinary Energy, and Dimensions are the Foundation of this Concept, which is proven beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt, with just using scientific studies and observations to make all the conclusions I have made, so like I said, Prove it to yourself, and never trust anyone too enough to take their word for it, that is how Einsteins Theory got taken for the Truth about Science, even though he stated it was not the truth at all, that in fact Newton's Universe was the only Truth, and that is what bothers me, are People really that Stupid that they did not know Einstein never believed his own Theory? Only Fools would believe in something that the Author did not, knowing that he wrote it for Money explains how Evil it is.

A note about Empty Space will help to understand it is relationship in Trinary Energy, Empty Space is simply Space that has nothing in it, so its Empty, as compared to Space that has an Atom in it, Empty space has no matter in it, yet the Trinary Energy still occupies this Empty Space, so its state changes can still be seen, this phenomenon is known as White Noise. Null Space is Empty because nothing can exist there, because it is in the 0 Dimension, so the Concept of this Dimension is the same for Empty Space or as it is for space that has an Atom in it, so Empty space means there is nothing in it, and Null space means nothing can be in it, so the difference is why it is empty. In practice Empty space can be full of Electromagnetic Energy, whereas Null space has none at all, because without Dimensions, Electromagnetic energy has no conduit to propagate through, all transmitted energy needs 3 dimensional space to travel in, but I imagine that there are types of energy that only travel in 1 dimension, so I imagine energy that only exist in the 1st and 2nd dimension, yet Empty Space contains all 3 Dimensions, and Trinary Energy has all 3 State Changes, so Empty Space contains Null Space as well, its just so small that it passes around all atomic structure, and as it passes through us, it washes through us, and energizes us, this is how all life forms generate Electricity, we collect it, much like a generator uses Wires and Magnets to attract and Collect Free Electrons, our bodies are able to collect Free Energy, which means Energy that is not bound, and on Earth we live in a Gas, this Gas has many Free Electrons flowing through it at all times, it exists in what we call Empty Space, and it is only Empty because we do not see what is really in it, like Gas, so as it turns out, Empty Space is only as Empty as we can imagine it to be, reality is it is not Empty if it is in an Atmosphere, so we have no idea what Empty space is since we have never seen any, even in a Vacuum you will find Free Electrons and other Atomic Structure.

Trinary Space [1] refers to the Physical Layers of Space, so this space is made up of 4 Dimensions: 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and all of these Dimension exist at the same time, so this means that the 0 Dimension is always there so when you see an Atom in this Space, it will shift from one of these Dimensions to the other, because you can not see the 0 Dimension you only see it when its shifting from one dimension into another, as such the (+1) and (-1) State Change exist at the same time as the O Dimension, which is why you can see the Atom move and then disappear, so the Term Trinary means that Space has 3 dimensions, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension, the 0 Dimension exist but in really it is not a dimension, sometimes I refer to it as the universe having 4 Dimensions, which is counting the 0 Dimension, and that is true, so instead of making it confusing by saying both of these terms are true, which is confusing to say it has 4 Dimension when one of them is has 0 Dimensions, it may be better to just say that the 0 Dimension is a given, but not counted, since adding 0 to any number is just like ignoring it exists, but more to the Point, I am saying 0 Dimension, and that means it has 0 Dimensions, and that is always going to be the truth, the 0 Dimension exist because if we have any dimensions, then taking them away would not mean they do not exist, it only means there is no space in this dimension, Matter and Antimatter exist but not in the Space since it does not, so its Space without the Space, just so small that it can pass through our bodies without being noticed, its why Light can pass through Glass, its mass is so small it can just travel around all the Atom's that make up the Glass, and as long as it can keep its frequency high enough to exist as Light, it can continue on its path as Light, so Trinary Space explains these Layers of Space, and why Space is not just one Dimension we call the 3rd dimension, it is in fact all separate dimensions of Space, but it is not what Mainstream defines as Space so do not confuse this with the Space in the Dynamic Universe, it has no curvatures in Time or Space, this is a different kind of Space then is being taught in Schools around the World today, but this is the same Space Newton wrote about, the same Space the Bible wrote about, but not the same Space as Einstein Wrote about, that is known as Fools Space, Sorry but that joke never gets Old, and the reason I have to mention this is that 95% of the People will not get this point if I do not make it, only a small percentage of People will fully understand what I have to say to begin with, the other will read it just to believe they are in that Group of elite people who are intelligent enough to understand this, I say that to be funny and not curl, because it is the truth its entertaining, and half of the fun in reading this book is the Yew Bashing I do, because Yew never get tired of being called Stupid, and no one likes to be called Stupid so they will try to understand, but things like Religion and current Education, will mean that most people will not change their minds about what I am writing, unless I make it sound real Stupid and Funny, so my Jokes are on Yew and about yew, but my Science is all about the only Real Science ever known to the Human Race, and the Fact that only a Small percentage will actually understand it, means that it will die with me, just like Newton's work died with him, and Tesla's work died with him, even after he spent as much time bashing stupid people for believing in Einstein, as I ever did, in fact Newton spent more time telling people how Stupid they were for not understanding him, so what has changed? A Wizard never changes, they just tale the same story over and over again till you finally get it, so once you get it we can move on, this is a step by step process so on to the next step.

It should be obvious that there are more than one Atom in the Universe, but at the Subatomic level we do not tend to think that way because we are focusing on something smaller than an Atom, so we cannot see the other Atom's, in fact they can be just as far away relative to distance, as are the planets in our solar system, so space is something that is hard to imagine for most people, so Trinary Space is beyond human capabilities to comprehend, because we will never be able to see it, and this is as true for me as anyone else, I do not claim to be able to see it, only the effects of what it is doing, because Trinary Space is causing the White Noise, so we know that it exist, but we tend to think that these Atoms that we view under a Microscope as changing into different dimensions or some other process because current mainstream science tells me that these state changes are showing the Atom moving between: Multidimensional / Multiple Realities / Multiverse / Alternate Universes caused by the Curvature of the Time Space Continuum, which they can not prove any of it, yet they go on and on about the Big Bang theory like it is a Fact instead of a Theory, which by the way can never be proven, and does not even make any sense to people with a High IQ, which proves this concept of Trinary Space is much simpler than mainstream's version of space, but the fact is that Energy in an Atom does not move anywhere, the Atom itself moves through Trinary Space, which is in different State Changes or Dimensions at the same time, when the Space collapses around the 0 Dimension, the Light inside it also changes, since it actually never moves, this seems complex when its actually very simple, but focusing on just one step at a time its easy to miss this fact, because humans only view their Reality by what they see, and not what they can not see, and atoms are only there ⅓ of the time, so humans have a very limited view of the Universe, and then I have to deal with Religion and Stupid Theories, who all try to explain this using different Words and Spells, none of which explain the Universe the way it actually behaves, but what bothers me the most in this Chapter, is that this Science is so Old and yet no one know anything about it, they were never taught about it, and want everyone to believe in the Dynamic Universe, when NASA will not use their Math, and instead will only use Newton's, knowing that God is in all those Equations that use Gravity, so what is this World thinking? They are not, and the Normal IQ of 95% of the People is below 100, and 100 is closer to being retarded, so it is a fact that this world is run by Retards and it is why they believe in Retarded Science, and Children's Superstitions that is called Religion, it is because it is normal to be Retarded, and why everyone is Retarded, and that is a Sad Fact, but proven to be the Truth, so its Entertaining, but only funny if you are Stupid, and so this book is just packed with Fun Facts for Stupid people to enjoy, and the Crown goes wild! Its so much fun being the most Intelligent Person alive, but it is time to get serious and stop putting Stupid Sheeple down, Yew can not help being Stupid, so there is no reason to make Fun of being Stupid, because Stupid People can Learn, than they are not Stupid any longer, and I know that this is happening to you right now, no other reason you would make it this far in the Book, if you did not find it amusing or worth wild to read, because truly intelligent people know it is the Truth, and that part about how stupid Yew are is actually funny because it is the truth, and the Truth is always stranger then Science Fiction, and that is Mainstream Science, and it does not get any Stupider than that.

Once you understand Dimension Basics, you understand that all Atoms must move through all the Dimensions of Space, and everything is made of Atoms, so nothing is really Solid 100% of the time, not even you, and that changes the way you look at everything in the Trinary Universe. Everything is made of Atoms, and Atoms are full of Light, so the Light is Everything, that is what Tesla said, he also said we are Light Beings in the Flesh, so once we understand our place in the Dimensions, we now the Basics of Dimensions, so we can now expand our understanding about who we are as Human Lifeforms, as well as Sheep, so we do not leave yew out, but ewe have to understand that we are Atoms of Light, and Darkness, the Darkness is only what you can see, so imagine all the Objects in your Life, at the Subatomic Level, and you will understand we are composed of different types of Elements, but we all follow the same Laws, Rules, Math, and Physics, as all the Atoms in the Universe, and most of the area around an Atom is just Space, because Atoms have Force Fields, and if you push them to their limit, they will snap, that is called an Atomic Explosion, so this space is what keeps Atoms Safe, so be careful about how fast ewe smash atoms together, because they can explode.

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