Chapter 2.00:
Trinary Energy
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  


Chapter 2.00:
Trinary Energy

Trinary Energy [2] is seen in White Light as White Noise, its Also Known As God's Particle, but only as a Joke, but I call it the Light, and it has been referenced in the Bible as God being All Light without Darkness, but in Science, it needs a Scientific Name, and needs to be defined in a way that describes how it behaves, because Science is all about the way you Document Experiments and Present Facts, and most people make Jokes about White Noise, as if they can detect it in Dries and Washing Machines, when its encoded into everything, including our DNA, and since that is microscopic, you know that it was written to be read by something really small, and in biology you will not find this, since its only there to allow the flow of Energy to be manipulated, like it was just an Electronic Circuit board, because that is all it is, the Flesh is just building blocks for the Trinary Energy to Animate, the only reason Humans have Intelligence is because of their Connection to the Trinary Energy, so calling it God does not change this, as long as we agree it is the Only God in the Universe, and it is Light and Electricity as well as all Atomic Matter in the Universe, so really its Everything in the Universe, as Tesla stated, so he was just a Crazy old Wizard to Sheeple, which Sheeple is a Term used to describe Stupid People, meaning those that have not learned about the Light that Tesla wrote about, so those that did not understand Tesla, did not understand why the Light is Everything, it is because every Atom in the Universe is created from Neutrinos and Light, this Light is what I call Trinary Energy, it is seen in the White Light of the Sun as White Noise, Sir Isaac Newton called it God, the Bible stated God is All Light without Darkness, so we must agree that we are talking about the same God, and not some Deity or Spirit, this is not about Religion, it is about the Bible, and not what you read into it, but what is written into it, not what was inserted like Christ, but that witch remains in the name of Jesus Bar Abbas, who was a Man that a Leader in the Militia, that fought against the Roman Empire, for its use of Money, and what he Preached was believing in the Light of God, Light being Energy, this Energy was described as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit known as Mother, this is called Trinity, and it is about describing the 3 State Changes of Atom's, it was written using Witchcraft that only Alchemist could read, and that was forbidden by the Church, and Wizards and Witches could be burned alive if caught, so this is forbidden knowledge, and it is why few know about it, and fewer talk about it, but the facts are the facts, and there is only one Truth, and that is the Light.

In the Introduction I tried to give a broad overview about Trinary Energy, in this chapter I will try to expand on subjects I just brushed over in the introduction, and I might not repeat some key concepts that were in the Introduction to save space and make this document shorter, same will be true with future chapters, I try to build on what I said, so I only repeat myself to make a point, even if you think I am rambling on, or repeating things over and over, it is because my brain only knows how to relate events in an order that it understands them, and not all humans remember things the same way, so I relate Moon Light with Bee Pee, why know why, fewer care to know, but your the Reader or Listener and not the Editor, who would cut that line, without knowing why I came to think that thought, so Sights and Smells are one aspect of a Memory, but too shallow to relate to, but words have way to many meanings to relate concepts to, at least it is for me, I only think in terms of images, so words are just letters that do not even add up into the words meaning, so its just spells, and you know what Wizards think about Spells, an Alchemist has their Potions, but Sir Isaac Newton proved that is not where it is at, and Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla will tell you it is in Lightning, so what that has to do with Bee Pee only I know, but without the Bee humans will not survive long on a planet with living plants, so a Planet without Plants, is missing E and S, the Environment and the Shit in it, and that Shit is us for trying to make words rhyme, just so we can remember them, because Memory is what it is all about, and Bee's are about to become a Memory, and that is how I relate to words and their spells witch are just and images to me, and the Introduction was just so you can relate to my writing style, and if the content was not confusing enough, since it goes against everything I was taught in school, and is being taught on the Internet or anywhere in the world as far as that goes, no one is talking about Trinary Energy, and they act like since I made up the name, that it changes its original name, which was White Noise, because that term has way to many bad memories, for one thing, it is messing up my recordings, so Noise cancellation is built into all electronics, so people are filtering God out, that is that ES, Extra Sensory Perception, the P came from the word Planet or Plants, so as it seems, Wizards have their Ways of Writing, so do not blame the Messenger, just read the Message and try to understand it.

At the Subatomic level, this Energy is not Physical as in Atomic Structure, it is Massless Light, and it is Interdimensional Energy, not to be confused with Interdimensional beings, although that might work if you believe God is a Being, so do not go there, just a joke, Dimensions add up to 3, as in 0, 1, 2, and 3, only the 3rd dimension is Real, the spell Real means that we can Interact with it because it has Mass, so its made of Atom's and has mass, even Light has a little mass, as do Electrons, so Interdimensional means less than 3 dimensions, which is not Real Space, since only Massless Energy exists in single Dimensions of Space, as such in the 3rd dimension Neutrinos are bound together with Massless Light, making them have Mass and then called Atom's: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons to be exact, and Electrons transform into Photons, so they are the same thing as Light, also known as White Noise or Trinary Energy, like I said its just a word, just like God, and means the same thing, but it only exists as Massless Energy when it is not bound to Neutrinos, and then only as Interdimensional Energy, and also remember that Trinary Energy is defined as the Energy that has 3 State changes, which have been described by many scientist throughout my lifetime, many of which I do not even remember their names, because then I would have to write them down, but Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla come to mind, others not so much, so I do not reference them, since I have no idea who to give credit to, and countless experiments have been made to study this Phenomenon, in which an Atom [2] goes through 3 state changes, the first is where it appears to be solid, I call this the Light State, and give it a value of 1, so I can plot it out on a grid or graph, just above the x-axis, and point out that the Bible calls this the Father in Trinity, because according to the Bible, all matter most go through the Father, because that is the only solid state that matter exist, so if we are talking about Atom's or Photons, then we are talking about Matter, because when it shifts to its Negative State, meaning it shifts on the grid to a -1, and is now below the x-axis, it becomes less Light, or Darker, so I call this the Dark Matter State or simply Antimatter State, since it does the opposite of what state 1 does, and the Bible refers to this as the Son, because it does what its Father commands, even if that is the complete opposite, and the last of these 3 States is the Null State, where it just disappears from sight, so it is the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother that the Bible refers to, so I give it a value of 0 and put it on the x-axis, and if you plot it out, you will see it has a pattern like an Alternating Current, like the kind that a Wizard [2] named Nikola Tesla [2]: who built water powered generators that powered Cities back in 1895, and believe we are all Light Beings, the same Energy that was in Lightning, both Light and Electricity, and it is clear that it is the same Energy tha Sir Isaac Newton [2] said was the Force in all his Equations, because according to Newton, God was All Light without Darkness, so he was not referring to the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother or the Son, by rather the Father, which I call the Light, but named it Trinary Energy to describe all 3 States, and it does not matter what I call the states, Mathematically they work the same way in all of Newton's math, the only difference is that the only way this is possible is if there are Dimensions [2] in which these State changes can take place, because without the use of a 0 dimension where nothing exist in Space, the Holy Ghost or Spirit also known as the Mother, I call the 0 State, can not exist in Reality, but it is a Fact that when an Atom is viewed under a microscope, it will change into these 3 states at some point in time, and when it disappears, modern science will explain that it has moved into another Universe, maybe a Parallel Universe or an Alternate Reality, or a Multiverse of Alternate Realities, but this sounds more like Science Fiction then Science to me, so there must be an explanation that is based on Science, that does not require paradox's to exist, if the Atom really does disappear I really want to know where it went, and I do, it did not go anywhere, only the space around it disappeared.

Trinary Energy is not an Original thought, as I have already pointed out, since its also called God, it is the oldest known fact in recorded history, but the use of these words in this concept are, but changing the name of an already existing idea does not change the fact that it was not my idea in the first place, it was not me that wrote the Bible, it was written by Man, with the hands made out of God, because God Created Everything, and since everything is made of Atom's, then what ever is inside of Atom's must be God, and we all know that all that is inside of an Atom is the Light, and that is what the Bible States as a fact, because this idea has been around for thousands of years, but went by the name God, and that name would not fit into a Science Document very well, because that name is also used to describe a Deity, so I must point out that I do not have a Religious fiber in my being, nor do I believe in Deities, nor did Sir Isaac Newton who said that Deities were inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century; to insert Christ, and Nikola Tesla did not believe in Deities, he was very clear about the fact that he believed we were all Light Beings and were made up of the same Energy found in Lightning, so Light and Electricity would be God to both of these men, and Benjamin Franklin [2] who said that being hit by Lightning would be like touching the hand of God who was a Higher Power, he knew all too well what happens to things that get hit by Lightning, as for myself, I see the Light, and I believe in all these People who do see the Light, so this is not an Original idea at all, in fact it is the oldest Science of all time, and the Name of it does not matter much, but Trinity Power did not sound Scientific to me, and the word Light describes countless objects and concepts in modern Society, as does the word God, but Trinity and Trinary are the same word, only Trinary [2] like the word Binary defines Logic, and that is what I prove by changing its Name, that (+1) + (-1) = 0, is actually the Primer (Prim-er) for Trinary Logic with the logical states of (+1), -1 and 0, just like Binary has the logical states of 1 and 0, a 3 state logic without a fuzzy bit of logic added, and has only one name, and that is Trinary, not so much a base 3 math, but a logical mathematical formula based on a Constant, so it is a Statement, and yet it describes how the Sun and Earth orbit the Galaxy, so it answers all the questions about Science that were ever asked, and only God can do that, so it is simply a Scientific Fact, God is Science, only the names were changed to protect and Original idea, so it does not get confused with Religion, so now you know why I renamed it Trinary Energy, and that was to make it Science, and to be honest, when People say God to me, I think oh God not again, why do people say God when they mean Deity, these two concepts have never been the same thing, God in the Bible is All Light without Darkness, a Deity is a Being that does not Physically Exist in the Universe, and according to the Bible this Deity talks to People and tells them to do bad things in his Name, that is called Religion, the two do not have anything to do with the other, people have Freewill, and they believe they have the Right to believe in insane things, like believing in things that do not Physically Exist, or thinking God tells you to do things, God talks to me all the time, never tells Me to do anything, God talks to my Heart and keeps it beating, but God allows me Freewill, Religion uses that Freewill to control what People think God is, the Bible just states it as a Fact, God is Light, that is all God is and that is all God will ever be, so make sure you understand this concept, this is Science and not Religion, if God is Light, God is Energy because that is what Light is, so it is nothing more than Electricity, and explains that think you call a Brainwave, so call it what you want, but I call it Trinary Energy.

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