The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 2.00:
Trinary Energy
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 2.00:
Trinary Energy

Trinary means 3 State Logic Changes, this is seen in Atomic Structures under an Electron Microscope, and Sir Isaac Newton invented the Modern Microscope, but White Light from the Sun would destroy most things you want to look at under a microscope, this Electron Microscope uses Electrons to Light up what you want to see, and uses Electronic Focusing Lenses, and a special Camera to view the image with, it also has focusing capability, so you know have two ways to increase the magnification of an object, thus it gives you a better Light Source, but better Magnification, enough to see that all Atoms, will go through 3 Logical State Changes: Solid, Semisolid, and Invisible, in Trinity this is known as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, so I changed Trinity too Trinary to remove Religion from Trinary Science, and call White Noise Trinary Energy.

Trinary Energy [2] is seen in “White Light” as “White Noise”, its Also Known As “God's Particle”, but only as a Joke, but I call it the Light, and it has been referenced in the Bible as God being All Light without Darkness, but in Science, it needs a Scientific Name, and needs to be defined in a way that describes how it behaves, because Science is all about the way you Document Experiments and Present Facts, and most people make Jokes about White Noise, as if they can detect it in Dries and Washing Machines, when it is encoded into everything, including our DNA, and since that is microscopic, you know that it was written to be read by something really small, and in biology, you will not find this, since it is only there to allow the flow of Energy to be manipulated, like it was just an Electronic Circuit board, because that is all it is, the Flesh is just building blocks for the Trinary Energy to Animate, the only reason Humans have Intelligence is because of their Connection to the Trinary Energy, so calling it God does not change this, as long as we agree it is the Only God in the Universe, and it is Light and Electricity as well as all Atomic Matter in the Universe, so really its Everything in the Universe, as Tesla stated, so he was just a Crazy old Wizard to Sheeple, which Sheeple is a Term used to describe Stupid People, meaning those that have not learned about the Light that Tesla wrote about, so those that did not understand Tesla, did not understand why the Light is Everything, it is because every Atom in the Universe is created from Neutrinos and Light, this Light is what I call “Trinary Energy”, it is seen in the “White Light” of the Sun as “White Noise”, Sir Isaac Newton called it God, the Bible stated God is All Light without Darkness, so we must agree that we are talking about the same God, and not some Deity or Spirit, this is not about religion, it is about the Bible, and not what you read into it, but what is written into it, not what was inserted like Christ, but that witch remains in the name of Jesus Bar Abbas, who was a Man that a Leader in the Militia, that fought against the Roman Empire, for its use of Money, and what he Preached was believing in the Light of God, Light being Energy, this Energy was described as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit known as Mother, this is called Trinity, and it is about describing the 3 State Changes of Atom's, it was written using Witchcraft that only Alchemist could read, and that was forbidden by the Church, and Wizards and Witches could be burned alive if caught, so this is forbidden knowledge, and it is why few know about it, and fewer talk about it, but the facts are the facts, and there is only one Truth, and that is the Light.

In the Introduction, I tried to give a broad overview about Trinary Energy, in this chapter, I will try to expand on subjects I just brushed over in the introduction, and I might not repeat some key concepts that were in the Introduction to save space and make this document shorter, same will be true with future chapters, I try to build on what I said, so I only repeat myself to make a point, even if you think I am rambling on, or repeating things over and over, it is because my brain only knows how to relate events in an order that it understands them, and not all humans remember things the same way, so I relate Moon Light with Bee Pee, why wonder why, when few care to know, but your the Reader or Listener and not the Editor, who would cut that line, without knowing why I came to think that thought.

Sights and Smells are one aspect of a Memory, but too shallow to relate to, but words have way too many meanings to relate concepts to, at least it is for me, I only think in terms of images, so words are just letters that do not even add up into the words meaning, so it is just spells, and you know what Wizards think about Spells, an Alchemist has their Potions, but Sir Isaac Newton proved that is not where it is at, and Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla will tell you it is in Lightning, so what that has to do with Bee Pee only I know, but without the Bee humans will not survive long on a planet with living plants, so a Planet without Plants is missing E and S, the Environment and the Shit in it, and that Shit is us for trying to make words rhyme, just so we can remember them, because Memory is what it is all about, and Bee's are about to become a Memory, and that is how I relate to words and their spells witch are just and images to me, and the Introduction was just so you can relate to my writing style, and if the content was not confusing enough, since it goes against everything I was taught in school, and is being taught on the Internet or anywhere in the world as far as that goes, no one is talking about Trinary Energy, and they act like since I made up the name, that it changes its original name, which was White Noise, because that term has way too many bad memories, for one thing, it is messing up my recordings, so Noise cancellation is built into all electronics, so people are filtering God out, that is that ES, Extra Sensory Perception, the P came from the word Planet or Plants, so as it seems, Wizards have their Ways of Writing, so do not blame the Messenger, just read the Message and try to understand it.

At the Subatomic level, this Energy is not Physical as in Atomic Structure, it is Massless Light, and it is Interdimensional Energy, not to be confused with Interdimensional beings, although that might work if you believe God is a Being, so do not go there, just a joke, Dimensions add up to 3, as in 0, 1, 2, and 3, only the 3rd dimension is Real, the spell Real means that we can Interact with it because it has Mass, so its made of Atom's and has mass, even Light has a little mass, as do Electrons, so Interdimensional means less than 3 dimensions, which is not Real Space, since only Massless Energy exists in single Dimensions of Space, as such in the 3rd dimension Neutrinos are bound together with Massless Light, making them have Mass and then called Atom's: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons to be exact, and Electrons transform into Photons, so they are the same thing as Light, also known as White Noise or Trinary Energy, like I said its just a word, just like God, and means the same thing, but it only exists as Massless Energy when it is not bound to Neutrinos, and then only as Interdimensional Energy, and also remember that Trinary Energy is defined as the Energy that has 3 State changes, which have been described by many scientist throughout my lifetime, many of which I do not even remember their names, because then I would have to write them down, but Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla come to mind, others not so much, so I do not reference them, since I have no idea who to give credit to, and countless experiments have been made to study this Phenomenon, in which an Atom [2] goes through 3 state changes, the first is where it appears to be solid, I call this the Light State, and give it a value of 1, so I can plot it out on a grid or graph, just above the x-axis, and point out that the Bible calls this the Father in Trinity, because according to the Bible, all matter most go through the Father, because that is the only solid-state that matter exist, so if we are talking about Atom's or Photons, then we are talking about Matter, because when it shifts to its Negative State, meaning it shifts on the grid to a -1, and is now below the x-axis, it becomes less Light, or Darker, so I call this the Dark Matter State or simply Antimatter State, since it does the opposite of what state 1 does, and the Bible refers to this as the Son, because it does what its Father commands, even if that is the complete opposite, and the last of these 3 States is the Null State, where it just disappears from sight, so it is the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother that the Bible refers to, so I give it a value of 0 and put it on the x-axis, and if you plot it out, you will see it has a pattern like an Alternating Current, like the kind that a Wizard [2] named Nikola Tesla [2]: who built water powered generators that powered Cities back in 1895, and believe we are all Light Beings, the same Energy that was in Lightning, both Light, and Electricity, and it is clear that it is the same Energy tha Sir Isaac Newton [2] said was the Force in all his Equations, because according to Newton, God was All Light without Darkness, so he was not referring to the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother or the Son, by rather the Father, which I call the Light, but named it Trinary Energy to describe all 3 States, and it does not matter what I call the states, Mathematically they work the same way in all of Newton's math, the only difference is that the only way this is possible is if there are Dimensions [2] in which these State changes can take place, because without the use of a 0 dimension where nothing exist in Space, the Holy Ghost or Spirit also known as the Mother, I call the 0 State, can not exist in Reality, but it is a fact that when an Atom is viewed under a microscope, it will change into these 3 states at some point in time, and when it disappears, modern science will explain that it has moved into another Universe, maybe a Parallel Universe or an Alternate Reality, or a Multiverse of Alternate Realities, but this sounds more like Science Fiction than Science to me, so there must be an explanation that is based on Science, that does not require paradox's to exist, if the Atom really does disappear I really want to know where it went, and I do, it did not go anywhere, only the space around it disappeared.

Trinary Energy is not an Original thought, as I have already pointed out, since its also called God, it is the oldest known fact in recorded history, but the use of these words in this concept are, but changing the name of an already existing idea does not change the fact that it was not my idea in the first place, it was not me that wrote the Bible, it was written by Man, with the hands made out of God, because God Created Everything, and since everything is made of Atom's, then whatever is inside of Atom's must be God, and we all know that all that is inside of an Atom is the Light, and that is what the Bible States as a fact, because this idea has been around for thousands of years, but went by the name God, and that name would not fit into a Science Document very well, because that name is also used to describe a Deity, so I must point out that I do not have a Religious fiber in my being, nor do I believe in Deities, nor did Sir Isaac Newton who said that Deities were inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century; to insert Christ, and Nikola Tesla did not believe in Deities, he was very clear about the fact that he believed we were all Light Beings and were made up of the same Energy found in Lightning, so Light and Electricity would be God to both of these men, and Benjamin Franklin [2] who said that being hit by Lightning would be like touching the hand of God who was a Higher Power, he knew all too well what happens to things that get hit by Lightning, as for myself, I see the Light, and I believe in all these People who do see the Light, so this is not an original idea at all, in fact, it is the oldest Science of all time, and the Name of it does not matter much, but Trinity Power did not sound Scientific to me, and the word Light describes countless objects and concepts in modern society, as does the word God, but Trinity and Trinary are the same word, only Trinary [2] like the word Binary defines Logic, and that is what I prove by changing its Name, that (+1) + (-1) = 0, is actually the Primer (Prim-er) for Trinary Logic with the logical states of (+1), -1 and 0, just like Binary has the logical states of 1 and 0, a 3 state logic without a fuzzy bit of logic added, and has only one name, and that is Trinary, not so much a base 3 math, but a logical-mathematical formula based on a Constant, so it is a Statement, and yet it describes how the Sun and Earth orbit the Galaxy, so it answers all the questions about Science that were ever asked, and only God can do that, so it is simply a Scientific Fact, God is Science, only the names were changed to protect and Original idea, so it does not get confused with Religion, so now you know why I renamed it Trinary Energy, and that was to make it Science, and to be honest, when People say God to me, I think oh God not again, why do people say God when they mean Deity, these two concepts have never been the same thing, God in the Bible is All Light without Darkness, a Deity is a Being that does not Physically Exist in the Universe, and according to the Bible, this Deity talks to People and tells them to do bad things in his Name, that is called Religion, the two do not have anything to do with the other, people have Freewill, and they believe they have the right to believe in insane things, like believing in things that do not Physically Exist, or thinking God tells you to do things, God talks to me all the time, never tells Me to do anything, God talks to my Heart and keeps it beating, but God allows me Freewill, Religion uses that Freewill to control what people think God is, the Bible just states it as a fact, God is Light, that is all God is and that is all God will ever be, so make sure you understand this concept, this is Science and not Religion, if God is Light, God is Energy because that is what Light is, so it is nothing more than Electricity, and explains that think you call a Brainwave, so call it what you want, but I call it Trinary Energy. Trinary Energy is what Nikola Tesla called illumines Aether, but in truth, I even have a hard time following Tesla at times, he goes very deep into his thoughts, but does not tale you all the things he is thinking, even in his writing, and what Tesla called Aether, is not what Mainstream refers to, Tesla said that Aether is where Electrons come from, and they even exist in the Vacuum of Space, what he was referring to is the fact that an Electric Generator, does not create Electrons, it collects them from the Aether, and when an Electric Motor uses Electrons, also known as Electricity, the unused Electrons go back to the Aether, so it is clear to see that Aether is White Noise, and I call that Trinary Energy, and it is everywhere, even inside of us, because Tesla also said, we are Light Beings, and why I rewrote everything using Trinary as a Prefix, meaning 3 State Change Logic, and try not to talk like a Witch, or Wizard, instead I will try to use the English Language, to try to explain these concepts, in a way that everyone can follow, and that is not easy, and if this gets Translated, it may not get Translated correctly, or even understood by all that read it to begin with, so Translating stuff that the Translator does not understand, is a problem with writing anything, let alone a subject as complex as Physics. Trinary Energy is just a name for Massless Energy also known as White Noise, it is also bound inside of Trinary Atoms made from Neutrinos, so do not get confused by the term Trinary, it means 3 State Change Logic, and that means that States of the White Noise change using 3 State Changes, and under an Electron Microscope, we can see Atoms have 3 State Changes: Solid, Semisolid, and Invisible, and Trinary Energy has these same 3 State Changes, and what the Words Spelled Trinary means. Trinary God is another term in Trinary Science, it means God is All Light without Darkness, and means the same thing as Trinary Energy. Trinary Energy is also 3 Phase Energy, as well as Light Energy, as well as Dark Energy, so it describes Matter and Antimatter, so it explains Atomic Reactions, and proves that all Atomic Devices use God as Fuel, so it is no wonder why Mainstream does not want to acknowledge Sir Isaac Newtons Notes, that are now Public Domain, most would rather watch the BBC Special: The Last Magician, and understand why I changed the name Trinity too Trinary, so that Trinary Energy would be Trinary Science.

To describe Energy without the use of Trinary makes it difficult to understand how Light or Electricity can travel, with Photons you have no Medium for it to travel on, and even with Electricity, you have to explain the path it takes through a Medium, and some will argue that Electricity is nothing more than Electrons being passed from one atom to the next, but at the subatomic level much more is going on, and when we talk about Lightning, we must understand how Light and Electricity can exist as one, and that starts with the Understanding about unbound Energy, this is called many things like Massless Light, White Noise, but I call it Trinary Energy, so we are Crystal Clear about what kind of Energy we are talking about.

The Vertice Matrix Grid we will talk about in a few steps ahead: is used to record the State changes of Trinary Energy made in the 2nd Dimension, even though we can not see it, nor is it possible to see changes made in the 1st Dimension since it is inside the 2nd Dimension, and the 0 Dimension is inside the 1st Dimension and is invisible. Although these Dimension can not be seen, their effects can be seen, see Illustration 2.07: Trinary Energy shown with all 3 States.

Trinary Energy shown with all 3 States
Illustration 2.07: Trinary Energy shown with all 3 States Full Size

Trinary Energy can be seen with the Naked eye or under a Microscope as “White Noise”, it is represented here showing all 3 States: Table 2.01: Trinary Energy States description

  1. Null State with a value of 0, note that it is Invisible, so it is not shown.
  2. Light or Matter State with a value of Positive 1, shown in White.
  3. Dark or Antimatter with a value of Negative 1, shown in Black.
Table 2.01: Trinary Energy States description

It should be easy to see that “(+1) + (-1) = 0” is just explaining this relationship, when viewed as a Vertex, since it is the intersection of the photon, in this case the path of travel, but it is still functional as a normal math equation, which makes this one of the truly impressive math formula's of all time, and it is so old that no one knows who came up with it, and few people understand the relationship it has with Light.

Trinary Energy is our SOUL, nothing more than just: the Spark Of oUr Life, this stick figure represents the Cross, not like the one the Jews Hung Jesus Bar Abbas on, this one is Imaginary, it represents a Cartesian Coordinate; in Frame 1 we see the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, it is invisible, yet its Neutrinos still exist around the 0 Dimension, in Space that has no Space, a confusing term at best, Null or Void Space is another term; it is simply the center of every atom in the Universe, and where all Energy Flows from, it is what connects all Energy so it can communicate as 1 Being, the Higher Power, also known as God, that is what Sir Isaac Newton wrote, Benjamin Franklin Discovered, and Nikola Tesla Proved; as a child that spent more time looking into the White Noise, and accused of staring into Space; it was not till I learned to Communicate through it, did I learn to talk to Adults, only to learn that they have no idea what the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother is, and all their Age did not give them Wisdom, because no one and I do mean no one, talks about Trinary Science but me, and for over half a Century I could not get Adults to even try to understand, our Spirit is our SOUL, the Holy Ghost is when it is in a State with no Space so its Invisible, the Spatial Coordinate location with an X drawn in Red, a Z drawn in Green, and a Y drawn in Blue, and a vertex where all lines converge at the center of the Universe, which is always the center of the Atom in question, and the Center of the Universe, and where the Holy Ghost can always be found, so if you can imagine this is what a Gluon looks like, and serves the same purpose, each color represents a dimension in space, Red is the x-axis and is the 0 Dimension, Green is the z-axis and is the 1st Dimension, Blue is the y-axis and is the 2nd Dimension, no matter how I draw it, the concept is simple, in Frame 1 it is the Ghost, no space so you do not see it, in Frame 2 it is the Father because it is Solid as our Father was or is, the past and present have no time here, everything must go through the Father to get to the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, and coming back as the Son in Frame 3, a Darker version that takes an opposite side to its Father, so the axis can be viewed or graphed as Electricity, its path is bound by its vertex where all points converge, its orientation is along its x-axis which has a plus and minus or North and South pole, its y and z-axis bind its orbit around the x-axis, and although it can exist as unbound energy it can also exist as bound energy, this means its binding the Neutrinos around it, but it is the same Energy only it is inside the Atom. To better understand the Laws, Rules, and Math, I will try to spell it out in a way that is easy to understand.

The 3 Basic Principles of Electricity
1. Electricity is Trinary Energy

The Word with the Spell: “Electricity” is defined as: Energized Electrons. How they are Energized is another Principle, how they came to be is another Story: also known as: His-Story: that is History... The Basic Principle of Electricity is that it is, in fact, an Atom, so its made out of Neutrinos and Light. A Battery holds Electrons, turn on the Flashlight and Electricity Flows to an LED that produces Light; so: in use, it is easy to understand what Electricity is: but at the Subatomic Level: it is easy to prove its Trinary Energy, so as Proof: All Electrons revolve or orbit around another Atom, and an Electron is an Atom itself: but does not have any Atom's Orbiting it; so only Electrons Orbit other Atom's, and not Electrons. There are 3 types of Atom's: Proton, Neutron and Electron: basic Electricity... Like all Atoms: Electrons have 3 State or Trinary State Changes: Positive, Negative and Ground; as proof this is Trinary Energy: at the Subatomic Level under an Electron Microscope these can be seen as: Solid, Semisolid, and Invisible; so it is Trinary Energy: meaning its Energy that has 3 Logical State Changes or Trinary States Changes, but the Word with the Spell “Trinary” implies Logic, because Intelligence is implied; because I can take these Electrons into my Body and make them Dance when viewed as Brainwaves on a Machine Monitor, so this is where the Word with the Spell “Trinary” as in “Trinary Energy” comes from: so all its State Changes must be Logical State Changes based on Logic. Trinary States is what gives Electricity its behavior also known as Alternating Current or AC, and Direct Current or DC: the only difference between the two is their Level Reference Voltage, and the Time Domain: which is made up of Frequency, Wavelength, Amplitude: Negative/Positive, and Time Splicing: Specific Time and Specific Amplitude, also known as Sampling, or switching, oscillating, or encrypted; that you are looking at them in. AC has a property known as Volume, that translates to Amplitude both Negative or Positive, it also has a Frequency that is measured in Cycles, at the point when the Trinary State change take place, as such: when the AC goes Positive; its Neutrinos have a Positive outside shell, that is bound by the Light inside it: by Trinary Energy. If we graph this on paper with:
an x-axis labeled ground or 0 volts
and label a line above ground as (+1) volt
and label a line below ground as (-1) volt
as such:

    +1 -*---*---*---
     0 *-*-*-*-*-*-*
    -1 ---*---*---*-

If viewed under an Electron Microscope you will note that Atom's like Protons and Neutrons, do not move relative to the Microscope, yet still switch Trinary States, so if we view the * as an Atom, they all follow the same Laws of Physics, the above depicts it where it is in its: Time Domain; and remember that means meany things all based on Physical Properties of the Atom in question, and at a Specific Time, at these Specific Amplitudes, as such the * denote the Atom as we see it with our Eyes, its Frequency is seen as a Linear line, but think of it as scrolling in place, like a treadmill, walking uphill then downhill, we view it in (+1) as Solid, in (-1) as Semisolid, and in 0 as Invisible; but it still sweeps out the other features of its Time Domain, even if you do not see it; if you take its Frequency and multiply it by its Wavelength, you will get the Speed of Light, so its Intelligence, meaning its Alive; some like to argue its just following a pattern, and Electronic Circuits prove we can alter these Patterns, but by the Third Principle I will prove this is how our bodies are made, and in case you do not get the Reference: Magic: Now you see it, Now you do Not, as keep in mind that in Logic Not is equal to the symbol !, so Know it or No it Not, also known as X0! (X is what we know, No = 0 in Trinary, and Not!), it is a Paradox in Reality... this is where the Term: “Light Wizzard” comes from: the Light: which is inside every atom in the Universe, and a Wizzard is a Magician. Note that the actual amplitude does not matter since you can treat 1 like and x, which means what you know the Volume or Amplitude is, and simply multiply the real value of x with the voltage and the relationship remains the same; because we can see a relationship in how Alternating Current works, it goes positive, then back to ground, then goes negative, then back to ground, and repeats this; just like I repeat myself because I have OCD, its just a thought, so this Trinary State change has Logic, and that Logic is called a “Math Primer”, that Word Spelled “Primer”: is pronounced Prim`er and not Prime`r, note that logically I could have stated Prim`er !Prime`r, I save a few words, but lose most Normal People who do not know how to Read Witchcraft, witch is the Art of using Words and how they are Spelled to have different meanings, so to be Crystal Clear: this is not a Prime Number Principle: So do not Pronounce it that way; that type of thinking will lead you to have a number that is Primer then other Prime Numbers, that logic is like thinking IAM Flesh, so I am Flesher... The Science of Sir Isaac Newton was based on a simple principle: he only wrote about what he could prove, and what he set out to prove, is what the Bible had stated in Words known as Witchcraft, and why Wizards and Witches are Burned at the Cross for saying things like this, but to an Aspie that only Reads things Literally: God is All Light without Darkness: where the Darkness is every Shade of Color in the Rainbow, its colors have values that can be expressed as numbers, so we can have Positive and Negative Colors to account for the Darkness, and 0 to account for the Darkness without Light, because it is Invisible to the Human Eye, and Newton Practiced Witchcraft and was also an Alchemist, so he was a Wizard and a Witch, and Wizards define Words and how they are Spelled; as well as how they are Spoken; but Witchcraft was just a Play on Words and Spells; for example: a Green Dragon is what you get if you make it out of Copper; like a Copper ring on a string around your neck: you will get a tattoo of a Green Dragon on your Chest the next day, it is not Magic as much as it is Science; so much for Fairy Tales, there are real Witches and Wizards in History. A Logic Primer is a Principle as simple as: (+1) + (-1) = 0, if viewed as Math its Logic is a Statement that means “True”, so it is a Constant, witch means never changing so its Static, but keep in mind you can not simplify this statement to: 1 - 1 = 0 this is because a Prime`r is a Constant, it is the Principle of that Math and not its Conclusion; this over simplification makes both 1's Positive, those you could combine them as such: -2 = 0, and that is not right, these are not two positive numbers; one is negative, and Subtraction only makes it negative on the other side of the equation; so making the Equation: (+1) = (-1), is just the High Road to the path we just talked about, hard to know if you understand that statement, so I will assume you do not and explain it in other terms; and if a Picture is worth a Thousand Words and Spells, let's do some Math and Graph how an Electron behaves. Reality is defined as what is Real, so what is Real? An Atom is Real, we can look at it under and Electron Microscope, but its hard to see the Electron, since we have to use one to see an Atom, and nothing we know of is smaller than an Electron, because nothing orbits one, and all Atoms are made of Neutrinos, so Size really does matter in Reality, but when we split the Atom, and we see the Light, and detect the Neutrinos, so this is proof of Principle, so we can agree that this is a fact based on Evidence, and Calculate its Energy, only not using Einsteins Math, since its wrong, so wait for Principle 3... We can graph out Atomic Energy so you can see it, and the Word Atomic means Excited or Energized Atom, it does not mean Splitting Atom's, that is called insane, Spelled Critical Mass, and in really an Electrical Circuit can go Critical and Melt Down, causing the Electrons to Catch Fire, because Fire is just a Resonant Frequency at which an atom disintegrates, so if you think of Atom's as Alive, then pouring Fire on them is like a Virus, it infects the Atom's with a Higher Frequency, which causes its Atomic Structure to Vibrate at the same Rate as the Fire, thus having the same effect as Acceleration, so if seeing is Believing, and God is All Light without Darkness, then let me Graph out what God Looks like, but first we must talk about where God Lives, and Not the Deity God, that does not Physically Exist in the Universe also known as Insanity, but Newton's God that Physically Exist as Light; the Bible stated God was All Light without Darkness, so this God Physically exist as Light of one of those two types, and therefore can be Plotted out on a Graph, and note I said only one of the two, and not both, knowing that means Trinary means it has a Positive Matter Solid State, a Negative Antimatter Semisolid State, and a 0 State of Invisibility, so that means I can not Plot out God, because God is the Light that is invisible in the Spectra of Animals Eyes, otherwise we would all see in Infrared, and could see Cosmic Rays, and that is God. Keep in mind that Newton used the Light of God as the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, and since Nikola Tesla proved that Light is just Electricity at a lower Frequency, God is Electricity; as in our Brainwaves... So we as Animals, Live in 3 Dimensions, but not in all the Dimensions at the same time, if we did we would burn up if we moved to fast, not that we can use this fact to prevent that from happening, because all Atoms have a Limit of its upper Frequency, which is allowed when it turns to Light; because there are a lot of Stupid People that actually think they can build Spacecraft that can Travel at the Speed of Light, even Near the Speed of Light, because they are insane enough to believe they can travel faster than the Speed of Light, and mostly because they believe in Theories, witch means its never been proven to be a Fact, and believing it is, is called Insane. We are made of Atom's, and Atom's have Trinary State Changes, once plotter out on the Graph below, I will show you what God Looks like... So I am stalling to make the Suspense unbearable and you will have to look at the chart first, but I urge you not to look at the Face of God until I explain what you are looking at, I mean we are talking about God, but not a Deity, where a Deity does not Physically Exist, God is All Light without Darkness, so that God always Physically Existed and therefore is not a Deity, got it: !Deity, as in Not Christ, or !Christ, so it means Antichrist, and that is why Newton's not taught in Schools nowadays... So a Deity is a Lie about who God is, and only Satan would Lie about that; so Newton was not Satan, because he only wrote about the Truth, so if you were not taught that God is Electricity, you were Lied to. Newton wrote a book about God and called it Opticks, and over the years people called it Odd-Tricks, because it was based on using a Prism and Optical Illusions or Magic, witch is a Wizards way of saying the Light of God. In 3 Dimensions of Space, we have Width, Height, and Depth, and there is not a Fourth Dimension of Physical Space, but when I count from 0 to 3, I often refer to that as the Fourth Dimension, but only has a joke, because none of these 3 Dimensions of Space have a Ground, so the math that you add another Dimension is correct, but it is a Null or Void Dimension, that only exist in the 0 Dimension; so its how we number Dimensions, and they always start at 0, this is the Center of the Universe and the Center of very Atom in that Universe. I hate mixing Science and Science Fiction together, it is confusing: Theories not prove to be a Fact is Science Fiction, Einstein only Believed in Newton, as do I, so Newton believed that all Space is part of this Prim`er, so the Positive and Negative 1, defines Color in terms of Neutrinos Colors, so Black is 0, note it has no Positive or Negative value, and this might be confusing till you remember that Newton said there can be no Light without the Darkness, and in Terms of Physical Light: Black is a combination of all the Light you can and can not see; and in reality, all the Positive Light and Negative Light cancel each other out, and that is why most humans can not see the color Black in White Light, when in fact that is all that anyone can measure, but you need a prism to see that. White is F in Hex, meaning 16: 0123456789ABCDEF, 10 numbers and 6 Letters, the use of Hex's is also known Witchcraft; and it is Symbol is a 6 side Star, called a Hexagram; witch is actually just two Pyramids or Triangles, the 6 Points and edges that have Letters that are assigned to them, and the internal angle is 60 degrees, and some Witches like to use the Spell: Sexagram, that was used to represent this, so no jokes about Wizards using Hex's, or Witches using Sex's... These are all Facts about Witches and Wizards... Take a metal bar and heat it up in a fire, its Frequency will increase, and it is color value will increase into red, and the Electrons become Excited, witch is Sex or Hex for F00, this is easy to verify that this is true, and keep in mind Newton believed in Jesus Bar Abbas, so now we have F00 Bar and not F00 Christ, and F0C Christ would mean is a Fuchsia or Pink Christ, and that is a Known Gay Color: so it is a Masonic Term... Cool the red-hot metal with water and it will turn into the Blue spectra: 0000FF, Green is 008000, like in I 8 a Dragon, so it is all to do with Frequency of the Electron, because if its Frequency is high enough, you can see the Light inside it, and that is in the 0 Dimension. So the Math that describes God is called a Trinary Primer, it is a constant, so
(+1) + (-1) = 0
I call this Trinary Math, and it is Trinary States, Newton called it Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, also known as Mother Earth or simply Ground... So now let's see what God looks like Mathematically Graphed:

State Trinity Dimension(s) Visibility Graph
(+1) Father All 3 Solid * * * *
0 Mother or Ghost 0 Invisible * * * * * *
(-1) Son 1 or 2 Semisolid * * *
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Table: 2.00 God looks like Brainwave

So if we are looking under an Electron Microscope at an Atom, when its Solid, its Positive or in a Matter State, and in all 3 Dimensions of space at the same time, this is why it is Solid, so in this state it can not pass through Glass, as it moves from Ground to Ground in a Positive/Negative rotation, its Potential or Amplitude varies, it does not have to be a smooth progression seen here, look at your Brainwave if you want to see what God looks like, because God can Dance, so seeing is believing, but when it moves into the 0 Dimension, it has no: Width, Height, or Depth, so it is Static: as in Static Electricity; the same Principle as the Newtonian Static Universe, only I changed the name to the Trinary Universe, because I can prove that is what it is; Trinary that is. Very few people know the difference between Static and Dynamic: Static means the Light does not Move, no Dimensions in the 0 Dimension explains why, Dynamic means the Light Moves, Einstein called this a Paradox, because without an Atomic Accelerator there was no explanation for that, and trust me I know, I remember sitting in class in the Air Force, listen to speech about how Electricity worked, and when it came to time to explain how Electrons get from Electricity to Light or Radio or Magnetic Transmission, it all came down to one Word with the Spell “Propagate”, so this Electron makes it to the LED then this Magic called Propagation will turn it into..., I feel like Kathy Bates in Dolores Claiborne, where she describes watching Series at the Movies and the Star is sent flying off a cliff at the end of one, and next week they are safe at the top looking down at the wreckage called a Theory below, it is a Cheat, because they have no idea what takes place that explains it in the Dynamic Universe.
Example: When you push the Button on a Flashlight, Electricity is sent to an LED that raises its Frequency to the Speed of Light, no Acceleration, another Paradox in the Dynamic Universe, unless you want to say the LED acts like an Atomic Accelerator, and that is just stupid, so answer me this, what direction is the Light Moving?
The Answer is: it appears to move in whatever direction you point the Flashlight. This is not a Trick question, appears is Magic, so it is a Trick, it is an Illusion, and IAM a Wizard, so let me tale you my Trick: it is not Moving, its Static... It is the Universe that is moving at the Speed of Light, and that is why Light is a Constant, and why it does not Accelerate, it is because it is not moving, it is us that is moving away from it. The directions in space confuses some people that think in a 3D manner, how can I turn on a Flashlight and the Light move away from me at the speed of Light, and the answer is simple, it is not, you turn on the Flashlight, the Electron is switching between states so fast that it is hard to see its solid state, so it can move through glass, because when in the 0 Dimension its Neutrinos collapse, no Dimensions to support them, and why they are Invisible or the Holy Ghost, and I do Literally mean Holy as in a Hole, so think of the 0 as a Hole, the 0 is the Atom and it is Round, inside it is Light, now you see it, now you do not, it is the Ghost, the Holy Ghost, get it, its Witchcraft.
Most people think there are two kinds of Electricity: AC and DC; not true; there are many types of AC signals and DC is just one type of AC signal, and nothing more, it is not in a class of Energy of its own, it is just Filtered or Switched AC; and that is a fact, how to explain it to everyone is not easy, most people will never understand that Light has no way of Moving under any type of Physics, because it only exists in the 0 Dimension, that is the only way it can pass through Glass, so the Holy Spell is starting to make sense, it is a Hole in the Glass, maybe the one that Jesus Christ was Holding, but not Jesus Bar Abbas who was in the painting, I wonder what they used as a Primer on that Picture; serious, the Atom is round, the Hole it leaves when its invisible is still there, only is Neutrinos are Collapsed so small hey pass around other Atom's like they were not there. Direct Current (DC) is Flat Lined AC. Period. Everyone understands Flat Lined AC when someone Dies, so it is only how I define it: that some understand it. In fact a DC signal is only a Flat Lined AC signal at a referenced level, it is not another Type of Electricity, and Tesla could never get that Stupid idiot Thomas Edison to understand that simple concept, Edison was a Thief and not an intelligent one at that, you can send AC anywhere and convert it to DC, but it is Stupid to do it the other way around, you can not send DC over long power lines without burning down the poles that held up the wire, and the only way to get DC is to Filter AC, or Flat Line it, and that is a Process of Filtering. Another fact is that all AC is a DC Signal at any point in Time, only its levels change in a predetermined interval, so 60 cycles mean that on every cycle at that moment you measure the signal you have a DC referenced Voltage, this is also known as Digital Voltage, or Time Shift or Time Domain, known also as Time Splicing: so it is an Effect. If you want a pure DC signal, just pull it off an AC signal at a set interval so the signal is at full strength, for the voltage or level reference to be at, so if you have an AC Signal that is 10 volts, and you want 5 volts in DC, find what time frame that happens, and Oscilloscope makes this easy, now just build a switch and set the timer for that interval, and using this method you can get real-time AC to DC conversion without Filtering, only switching; do not believe me, test it out, if you did not know this, you have no idea what I am even talking about, but this was used to encrypt Electronic Messages for years back in World War 1, so its old technology, but not yet declassified, because it is still in use today, but this technology is also been used in Commercial appliances since the 50's, forgot who patented it, but it was just a high voltage oscillator, it was not till years later was it replaced by Diodes, that are actually just switches themselves, so the principle does not change, they are in fact switching diodes and one of many uses for them, so you know this is a fact, so if you did not think you believed in Trinary Energy before, you know for a fact that there is no other type of Energy or Power in the Universe; and this is all you need to know about the difference between AC and DC Energy, and how to get it, convert it, and use it, because this is the basic description of what Energy is. So this is the Principle of why Electricity is Trinary Energy.

2. Generators collect Static Electricity

Generators do not Create Electrons, Electricity is pulled out of Thin Air, it does not grow on trees, how many times have you heard that statement, Tesla called that process Free Energy, because we did not have to make Electrons, that is all he meant by that, Free Energy Devices is Magic for Stupid People; because that Thin Air is called Ether, or Aether is also known as Atmosphere, and the Word Spelled Atmos: Greek for Atom in modern Terms: actually means you can keep dividing this Atmos evenly until you get to the point where the next time you divide it, you will find the Light inside, that was written before the Bible, so it is a very old Principle, if you want to prove this, you have to isolate all the Electrons from the Generator, and then turn the Generator on, and that means you can not use Electrons to turn it on, it this machine can create Electrons it does not need them to Start it, that is called BS, anyone that tries to sell you a device that takes Electricity to make Electricity are Fools, you can not Create Electrons; so what Foolish devices am I referring to; well you can take two electric drills, one has a full battery the other has a dead battery, I can turn the other backwards to recharge its battery, but it will not make it full again, because it will take more energy to make that conversion, so only a Fool would try it or sell you a device that works on that same principle. We can use Electricity to run more Efficient Electron Collectors, but we can not create Electrons. So what Tesla said was that all Electrons are Free Energy, they all come from the Atmosphere he called Aether, and that is not pronounced like the Gas, where the E is Long, the E is short; so to test this foolish idea that you can create Electrons: the Generator must create them, and in a room that has no Electrons as a Source, it might first pull out all the Free Electrons in its Magnets, demagnetizing them in the processes, since that is how a Demagnetizer works; so any Experiment you do must be done under these same basic principles, for a reason, safety. Imagine this: you build this room and step inside to see if it is safe to be there, how long do you think you can live without any Electrons in your Body? And you can not have any Atmosphere in their Ether... A wizard's joke to Witches that cannot Spell Either. Static Electricity is damped by Generators, so Generators can be used to Remove or Dampen Static Electricity from the Air, in fact, that is how they work; so there is your Free Energy, and what do we call it? Static Electricity, Why? Because we know it exists. You are paying for someone else to pull the Static Electricity out of the Air for you, how Lazy are you to make your own Electron Collection devices, because it is easier to just buy it, and that is just Lazy. What other Sources of Electrons do you have to pull from? Because Static is the only Source of Electricity, even Lightning is Static Electricity; do you know of any Dynamic Sources of Electrons? I did not think so... The Word Spelled “Static” comes back to bite those Einstein Believers, AKA Science Fiction Buffs, and not Science Buffs: call Static; because it does not move... The term Static was invented before Sir Isaac Newton used it, yet he used it to state that all Energy is Static, as in it does not Move, and Trinary Science is based on Single Dimensions of Space numbered 0 through 3. There are single dimensions to space, it starts from the 0 Dimension, this is the Center of every Atom in the Universe, and why the Universe always moves away from it in 360 degrees at the speed of Light, so this should clear up all that confusion about what direction the Universe moves, you are always in the Center of the Universe, this is where the Light comes from, and why its Static, it has no Dimensions to move in, it has no width, depth or height that exist in the first, second and third dimension, that make up all Space in the Universe, and this is where all the Light, inside all the Atom's Exist, in a place that has no dimensions, and why it is that when you split an Atom, its outer cover made of Neutrinos, has to shatter those bonds, thus collapsing the Neutrinos around it; keep in mind that is how a Flashlight works, it is a DC current or Flat Line AC, that is then converted back into a high-frequency AC signal, once that Electron is switching from the Trinary States: Positive to Negative, it passes through Ground, as it does it pass into the 0 Dimension, this is a fact, by the way, you can look at any Atom, they all do this, its called a: Solid, Semisolid, Invisible State change, and that Invisible State means its Neutrinos are Collapsed, because they do not have any dimensions in space to support them; my Fifth Great Cousin Isaac Newton and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher wrote about this, and said that this was the Father, witch is Positive Matter, the Son, witch is Negative Antimatter and the Holy Ghost, which is an Invisible State, also known as the Spirit of Mother Nature, also known as Earth, also known as Ground. All Electrons are just floating around in this thin Air known as Atmosphere, we use them up, they go to ground, if the Ground has too much Iron in it, it will act like a Magnet, if the Ground has too many Electrons, it creates Lightning, and sends Electrons back up into our Atmosphere, from the Ground into Heaven above it... So Lightning is Mother Natures way to ensure Electrons Rain back down on all of us for Free, and all we have to do is collect them. Our Atmosphere is full of Atom's, and Free Electrons, meaning not bound to other Atom's: and we call them Static Electricity; so Free Energy is all around us, this is what I can Trinary Energy; it looks like White Noise, because it is the Light without Darkness, because in the White Light of the Sun: you will find all the Colors in the Rainbow; so image if the Frequency of the Atom: AKA Electron, is so fast, that you see the Light inside of it when it is in the 0 Dimension, proving that Trinary Science proves how Electricity and Light works, yet people who believe in Theories like Einsteins General Relativity: should also know that on record he took an oath that he only believed in Einstein, he did that for Tesla on his Birthday, it was an Historical Occasion, the next day the Newspapers printed that Einstein had found Religion; witch was a lie because Newton was not Religious, just because he wrote a lot about the Bible, does not make him Religious, the Bible is the Words, Religion is what a Group of people think the Words mean; when in fact Newton did not like Religion, but he did like the Bible as do I; and that is why I defend it and the Constitution of the United States that was Abolished before I was born, proving Jesus Bar Abbas and Newton were right about Money being the Root of All this Evil; in fact Newton's Science was replaced by Einsteins when Newton's Notes because Public Domain in the late 1800's: a fact, and it is because they found out that Newton was the Antichrist, it is a very documented fact, BBC aired “The Last Magician” in 2013 to prove it; great documentary by the way:
Reference: Sir Isaac Newton
The Last Magician
So this is what Sir Isaac Newton was teaching, and he said it was because one day him and Edmond Halley, who was born on 8 November 1656, and died on 14 January 1742 under the Gregorian Calendar; but get this; Halley was born under the Julian Calendar; so he would have been born on 29 October 1656 and would have died on 25 December 1741; but they changed to the Gregorian Calendar by 1666; I find this amusing because I was born on 14 January under the Gregorian Calendar, and I am Military; so I still use the Julian Calendar; but the fact is that Newton was born on 25 December 1642, and his best friend Halley died on his Birthday a Century after Newton was born to the day, so keep in mind that sometimes Wizards start numbering things at 0, witch is why 1600 starts with a Zero; and the fact its still on my Birthday under both calendars is amazing, even if it was not my Birthdate, because it was still on Newton's, keep in mind he was born under the Gregorian Calendar also, so they took off the 10 days off: after the Calendar took effect, and not before it, common sense but most people make that mistake when converting between the two calendar systems, because it was common to thrown out a lot of days under the Julian System, they had to do so every year, and it is why they changed to the new Gregorian System; because those 10 days were taken off when the Calendar went into effect around 1666. So in 1666 when Newton wrote this chapter in his book about:
Light: Opticks
and published it in 1704. Newton and Halley better known for Halley's Comet, even though it was Newton who discovered its orbit, were getting high on Cannabis, and tried Newton's Witches Potion for Rye Ergo: ask Timothy Lear what formula he used to Synthesize LSD-25, another documented fact in History... So Halley ask Newton what he thought God was, and Newton said God is all that we can see and can not see, and according to Jesus Bar Abbas, the Bible States God is All Light without Darkness, and then we know he wrote the book that proved the Rainbow of Colors in the White Light of the Sun, and all Light is inside of Every Atom, so all that we see is Atom's, even the Atmosphere we swim in, so God is Electricity, and Newton said God is even Lightning and years later Franklin Proved it, but Halley was impressed without the Proof because he knew Newton only talked about what he could prove, and that is why Halley spent the rest of his life writing about Cannabis and not Comets: so History is strange... According to: Newton, Halley, Franklin, and Tesla, God is inside of Every Atom in the Universe, so all Generators do is Collect God, and this is the Foundation of Trinary Science, because it is based on the same Newtonian Universe that was banned because Newton was tagged as the Antichrist; for Proving beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that Christ was inserted into the Bible, so People would Hate Jesus Bar Abbas for being the Leader of the Militia who brought down the Roman Empire, for the use of Money and Taxation; but it is the same Universe Einstein took an oath to on Tesla's Birthday, and Tesla was known in History as being “The Last Wizard”, and that is why the BBC had to call Newton “The Last Magician”, witch translates to “Wizard” in all languages that have that Word Spelled that way, even with two z's; like we are cutting Z's in our Sleep and Dreaming, so it is the Dream Wizzard for Wizards to Dream. Tesla called the Atmosphere: Ether or Aether, and said that all Electrons are stored there; he also said we are Light Beings, and the Light is Everything in the Universe; Einstein said Paradox's can not happen in Reality, and it is why he only believes in Newton, because without the Light of God as the Force of Gravity, there is nothing but Paradox's in the Dynamic Universe, so all I did was finish their work; and like Newton before me, I am an Aspie, so I take things Literally, and Religion is hard for me to understand, I can not wrap my mind around believing in a Deity that does not Physically Exist, it sounds insane to me, and it sounds insane that those same Religious People would believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe, talk about hypocrites, if your Science and Religion do not match, you are a hypocrite, if your Science is based on Theories like General Relativity, then you can not state you believe in God when God does not exist in your Science, because then you have nothing to believe in, so everyone that believes in the Dynamic Universe or General Relativity, do not Believe in God; no matter what Religion they are in, you can not have it both ways, Christ or Bar/Abbas, they can not exist as two people, when History proves it was Jesus Bar Abbas who was executed, and Jesus Christ never existed anywhere other than a few modified Bibles that spread like wildfire, the Lie that Newton found was inserted into the Bible during the Third Reich, I mean Century because this was still in the First Reich. So Generators only Collect Electrons. Aether also exists in the vacuum of space, Tesla wrote that Aether appears as White Noise, Electrons create the Aether, and the Aether creates an Atmosphere.

3. Electricity is Alive

Every Atom has a Frequency, so every atom in your body of flesh is made of Atom's, so the Proof that Electricity is Alive is satisfied by evidence that we are Alive, and we are Made of Atom's, that makeup Electricity, and all of them are made of Neutrinos, and there is a type of Neutrino for every Element in the Periodic Table, each have their own Frequencies and Wavelength, and spectra of Light they exist in, we will call this Frequency a “Resonate Frequency”, so if an Atom has a 0 Hz Frequency, that frame of time is measured in Hertz, or Cycles per Second, when it can have a Negative Frequency if you widen the Range to Cycles per Minute, Day, Year or Century; so if an atom has a 0 cycle over a longer period then a reasonable length of time, it is considered to be frozen, or Stable at that Frequency, for that time period only. Frozen does not mean its Cold, it means it is not moving, think about it, if a Cop tells you to Freeze, do you really think he means for you to become Frozen? Life is like that, you have to think about what Words and Spells mean, and Frozen only means its stable, but that normally means its very Cold, and if you move the Cop might kill you and then you will be dead cold. When we accelerate that Atom in an Atomic Accelerator, its Frequency will rise, at some point, it will be in the 0 dimension more than it is in the others, as its State Changes, it is only when it is at Ground does the Energy Flow, because all energy Flows from Ground, even in a DC Flat Line Power Level between Positive and Negative, overtime its Flatline is not so flat, it is just an AC Signal riding on a time domain, meaning it has a range of time; as described by Principle 2, and keep in mind this is what Newton called Gravity, even Magnetic Force is nothing more than extra Electrons orbiting around Atom's, in the space around the Magnetic Material, which only means it has excess Electrons in it, and it can be seen with the naked eye, as the White Noise that is present even in a Vacuum, keep in mind White Noise is something you can measure with Technology as some type of Radiation, or Static Electricity, we call it White Noise, and it is present in all forms of Electronic Communication, so it is hard to tell if it is the Technology, or if it really exists, but we can see it with our eyes, and video or electronic cameras record it, even film records it, so we know it exists, yet we can not see it and see it at the same time: so it is Trinary Energy, it has 3 State Changes: Solid, Semisolid, and Invisible, AKA The Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, so its old Science, since the Bible was based on the Principle that God was All Light without Darkness, this Principle also defines what God is, and that is Every Atom in the Universe, since they are all made of Neutrinos and Light; and there are 3 types of Light:

  1. Light without Darkness
  2. Darkness without Light
  3. The Light that controls what state those other two states are in

How we apply this to Logic is to state that Neutrinos have two sides to them, the Positive and Negative Side, I label them Matter and Antimatter: when the Electron is in the Positive side of the Wave Form, and for a DC signal, this exists at its cycles intervals as a time domain, think time splicing, because you are only seeing the Electron when it is in those State Changes, its Frequency is Fluctuating as such: that it is causing its peaks from Negative to Positive to happen at a threshold of its Level Reference Voltage, it is easy to understand this by looking at it:

State Graph
(+1) * *
Ref. Level * * * *
0 * * * *
* *
(-1) *
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Table: 2.00a AC Flat Line with Highlighted DC Signal Reference Level

If you look at the Highlighted line, you will see a DC signal, you have to remove the empty signal area, by bending or shaping the signal, normally by Filtering or switching, it is always AC, you get it, our Brainwave is AC, so we are too Light Being; the only difference between AC and DC is the Amplitude, when the difference between Positive and Negative is so small, that you can not really see it, it appears to be a Flat Line, it is hard to draw a line like this, but I will try:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This effect is done with Supper and Sub Scripts, to make the * go up and down a little compared to a straight line like: *************
This means a Flat Line AC is a Signal with a very low Voltage level if you use Ground as a Reference, but you can change its base level; imagine drawing a line across this graph as we did above, anywhere between 0 and (+1) or (-1), everywhere it intersects that line, is a DC Level Reference base line measurement for voltage, draw it out and it matches its DC voltage level, DC is just a slice of AC. I think you get my point, it has got the same base level reference, so DC is just an AC signal that Flat Lined, and if that is a Person, they are Dead; because DC only flows when there is a Short in the Circuit, and it is why they are Prone to cause Fire if too much is allowed to flow at any given time, measured in Amperage; such that Voltage is the Level Reference at its Peaks, both Negative and Positive in AC or DC at its base level, both have there uses, and it is easy to convert between them. Example: If we look at the Positive Cycle of an AC signal, its Peak Level is the same as a DC voltage at the same point in time, its only its wavelength that changes, and it is why you can take any frequency times its wavelength to get the speed of Light, and because all Atoms have limitations. Every Neutrino is an Element in the Table of Periodic Elements, the only one missing is that of the Electron, and I call it Tritanium, and Gene Roddenberry must have found out and now it is part of Star Trek Legend, or it could have been that in 1966 I was 5 years old, and figure that it would have to be the rarest element in the Universe, because the rest of them are busy being Electrons, and those are way too small to find lying around, they go around all atoms, so you could not build anything out of Atom's to collect them in, no matter how dense, because Electrons orbit around all Protons and Neutrons; so do not forget, Electrons are also Subatomic since they are smaller than Protons and Neutrons that are also Atom's. As an Atom approaches the speed of Light, it changes its frequency, so if we take a Copper, Silver, and Lead Element, and test them in an Atomic Accelerator, we will find that all these metals will catch on fire and disintegrate, which actually means to turn into Neutrinos, so a Neutrino detector can verify that statement, such that I call this its Fire Resonant Frequency, the point that it catches fire, so using Trinary Math:
E = F - [ F - x ]
Where F = Fire Resonant Frequency, this can be measured in terms of Frequency and Wavelength, or in Terms of Speed, and x is the rate at which it is current at; so in an Atomic Bomb, x would equal the speed at which that Atom catches on Fire and Disintegrate, so if F and x are the same the offset equal 0, so its just the Mass times that Frequency and not all the others in the Spectra of Light Energy, so by using its offset in frequency to calculate how much energy an Atom has left in it, we know after it turns to 0, all the energy is used up and all that is left is Neutrinos, so it is like a count down, depending on the Atom itself, and not as a generic formula that applies to all Elements, since they all have their own Atomic Characteristics, because you can determine the Energy level of all Atoms in the Periodic Table of Elements; so now you have the correct formula for finding out the Maximum Energy levels you get for all Atoms, and all Energy levels before they go into a Critical Mass State of Atomic or Nuclear explosion: but you can not use Einsteins formula to calculate that Energy, since it is E = MC2 and in reality, all Atoms turn to Light before they get to the Speed of Light, so Squaring it was just a joke, that means he had no idea what he was calculating, but this will give big scary numbers, and only fools would think otherwise; so not only is Einsteins Math wrong, but is not even possible, because after an Atom Burns up and turns into Neutrinos, it does not exist, and the Laws of Physics state that only Electrons can exist as Light, if you test all of them I am sure you can prove that; so Einsteins Math is giving you a Result that can not exist in Reality, so it is a Paradox, and that can not exist in reality, and that is the Proof: that General Relativity is not Possible. Reality Check: Right now I am writing this Document at the Speed of Light, the Planet itself is Spinning over a Thousand Miles an Hour, it is Orbiting the Sun at 66,666 Miles an Hour, that is actually the Correct number and not made up, see for yourself:
Table 4.7: Calculate Celestial Rotational and Orbital Speeds
Newton came up with the Math based on Gravity being the Light of God, and the Sun Orbits around the Galaxy between 333,333 to 666,666 Miles an Hour, and all the Light inside of all my Atom's, is traveling at the Speed of Light, as IAM move through the Universe at the Speed of Light, so if my Atoms did not switch into the 0 Dimension when my Atom moves, it would burn up way before getting close to the Speed of Light, so our Frequency is limited in range if my Frequency goes down to 0 over a day, I am as frozen as I will get in a year, because once you get to absolute 0, you are frozen, and some of my Elements will withstand acceleration better than others, but our bodies are not built for Speed or frequencies that would lower our temperature to freezing, and in fact, there are no known Elements on this Planet that can travel anywhere near the Speed of Light, not even Gods Particle, but Electrons turn to Light and back into Electricity. If you take all the elements in the Periodic Table and test them in an Atomic Accelerator, and find their Fire Resonant Frequency, you would know for a fact, that all those Elements will disintegrate thousands of miles before getting close to the Speed of Light, so none of them in fact can go as fast as the Speed of Light, or even Near the Speed of Light, let me do that math for you: the Speed of Light is 670,616,629 Miles Per Hour, minus the Maximum speed the Galaxy travels at 666,666 Miles Per Hour; and if you think you can build Spacecraft that can fly fast then Sun, prove it or call it Science Fiction, because you are 669,949,963 Miles Per Hour short of what you need to be anywhere near the Speed of Light, without turning into Light, and that is a fact, so you can not build spacecraft that travel at or near the speed of Light, nor can you fly to the Moon to this Date without a Trinary Engine; so you have Magnetic Shielding to protect against Micrometeorites and Cosmic Rays; but thanks to my new formula to replace Einsteins, we can at least calculate how much Energy anything puts out, based on its Frequency, Wavelength, or a reference to Speed based on the Speed of Light. Some People can not admit that Newton was right, and it is because Newton was Banished for being the Antichrist, and now that Curse falls to me, the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, who will tell you that the Electrons got together and created the Flesh, using DNA as Blueprints, but Animals are unaware of this Relationship, that Electricity has with the Flesh, and it is all because the Powers that Be, are worried it would start another Civil War, if people found out that God was All Light without Darkness, they would panic, and get dressed in the Dark because God could see them, but Newton said the Darkness was all we can see, because it is the Rainbow of Colors in the White Light of the Sun, so you can not hide from God in the Light or in the Darkness, because as Tesla said, we are Light Beings, and the Light is Everything.

Once you fully understand these 3 Trinary Principles of Electricity, you will understand that if you want Free Energy, all you have to do is build a system that works for your needs, and what I would recommend is take out a Permit on your House you wish to make more Power Efficient, have a New Meter put in your House, and have the old one disconnected, you need a room that can house all your equipment that will handle your power needs, for example: in a normal 3 bedroom house, a 200 AMP main comes in from the Power Company, now what you want to do is separate your power needs, there are outlets in your home that need a lot of Energy, stuff like Electric Heater, Heating Blankets, Electric Water Heaters, Electric Furnaces, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Fans, Lights, Ovens, Stoves and so on, you have to account for all their needs. Battery Storage is a key component, if you can not afford a good Battery System, do not attempt this project, you need a Battery System that can handle 200 AMPS, that is a lot of Batteries, watts equals amperes times voltage, for those not dyslexic: volts times amps equal watts, it is just how you state the logic, 220 Volts times 200 Amps equals 44,000 watts, a Car Battery can hold way more than 200 AMPS at 12 Volts, so if you convert 12 volts to 120 Volts, just multiply by 10, and double it for 220, so you will need around 20 car batteries, but this is based on them being continually recharged, but in fact, a good Battery can hold up to 1,000 AMPS at 12 Volts, and we are only talking about the demand for Electrons at the moment, so you need to think this out: Household electrical usage is measured in kilowatt-hours. A kilowatt-hour is the amount of energy needed to power a 1 kilowatt device for one hour, or a 100 watt device for 10 hours. Your monthly electric bill tells you how many kilowatt-hours you used, and your bill may also show usage statistics for previous months. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average American home uses 901 kilowatt-hours per month, or approximately 30 kilowatt-hours per day. If you use more power than the System can handle, you can Flat Line your AC, causing it to turn to DC and shorting out the System, so you need over voltage protection; so without Battery Backup, you have no way to Store Energy, to ensure you never run out of Electrons, and having to buy a lot of Electrons from your Power Company is not Efficient, but you can buy an Electric Generator that fits your need, but buy it without an Engine, since most are Gas anyway, now find and Electric motor to run it, now you can produce more power than it uses, so all you need power from the utility company: is to run this Electric motor. You can build more Efficient Electric motor Electric Generators, and if you have Battery Storage, you can save all the extra power that you are generating, and then feed it back into the Generator and then disconnect from the Utility company, and run off-grid; otherwise, you could push back all your excess energy to the utility company. I wrote another Book called the Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe, for projects like this; but Lightning is a much better way to collect Electrons, so read that book.

After reading this one Chapter, it is clear that only Fools would believe in Theories, and that this is the only Real Science, yet the World will continue on this course until everyone reads this Chapter, and that is a fact of life, so you can decide what to do with your Life after Reading this Chapter, because if you understood it, your Life can never be the same, if you did not know this before Reading it; that is called Enlightenment. Anyone that wants to debunk what I wrote is a Sheep, and I call them Sheep, because they are doing what their Masters Command them to do, proving Yew only believe what Yew Heard in Ewe Herd, because a Theory cannot explain away the Light, nor can Religion, and all Trinary Science is based on things you can see, like White Noise, I call it Trinary Energy, Tesla called it the illumines Aether, and it means the Light, and the Light is Everything, because it is inside every Trinary Atom made of Neutrinos, and everything is made from Atoms, so everything is made of Light, so Tesla is not that hard to follow after all, we are all Light Beings.

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