The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 1.06
Light Travel Theory

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019



Chapter 1.06:
Light Travel Theory

Now its Crystal Clear why we can see the Light and Dark inside the Electron, and it is clear we are looking at Matter and Antimatter as they dance around each others dimension, and this is how Light works according to my Cousin Isaac Newton, and this is the basic understanding of the difference between and Electron and a Photon, both are Light, so Atom's, Electrons, Protons or Neutrons are just Light in a different spectrum of the Light, so let us be clear about what Theories are, because in my Dreams I have seen a machine that can transform any Object or Life-Form, into Light and then Transform it back into its original Atomic Structure, it does this by locking all its Atom's when they are in single dimensions, and locking them into that state until they are all in a single 0 dimension, then it uses a technology that can aim that energy into another machine, that transforms its States back until all of them are in the 3rd Dimension, but it can not travel backwards or forwards in time, only the time it takes for the Transformation to take place, but it can exist as Light forever, or as long as you can power the Machine, but the person being held in an Energy State, is not asleep, they can still think, because they are already the Light, and that does not get transformed.

This is my Theory about Light Travel, it was based on the Philosophers Stone experiment Newton was working on, but does not use a Chemical Reaction to accomplish it, because Newton Proved that Chemistry only aids to create and atmosphere for the Light to work in, so all Lifeforms have cells that the Light creates in order for it to become the Life-Form, but it is not the Cells that create the Life, all the cell is, is Flesh, it is there to create a physical body for its Light to live in, only the Life Form has Freewill and is only dead Flesh without the Light, and that lesson took most of Newton's lifetime to learn, but it was hundreds of years before Electronics was invented, but still, most people do not understand the implications, yet the Bible knew this, because they already invented Electronics thousands of years ago, it is the same Energy, so why doesn't someone build a machine that can lock Atomic State changes, and then unlock them at another location, then Light Travel is possible, but now we see the problem, if it hits an object it is deflected, so the machine needs to know the integrity of every Trinary Energy it transmits, because flashlights only transform Electrons into Photons, and not Atom's into Photons, this Theory needs to confirm that is possible, but if we split an Atom it turns into Light, when it disappears it turns to Light but not Light in the Photonic Spectrum, but in the Electromagnetic Spectrum, so all the Atom's get transformed into Electromagnetic Energy and all the Electrons get transformed into Photons, and then what happens to the Light of God that was inside of all those Atom's and Electrons, it does not get transformed, but this machine needs to deal with all these types of Energy at the same time, since it can not Transform the Light of God, because that is the Light without Darkness, so its easy to transport non-living objects, and scary at best to transport living objects, but its possible using Trinary Energy logic and Reasoning, but its just a theory and right now it is not a Reality.

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