The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 1.05:
White Noise
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 1.05:
White Noise

My fascination with “White Noise”, which is found in “White Light”, or just Light for short, but it is not only in the White Light, it is also where there is no Light, meaning the Darkness, in Newton's experiment, he stayed in a Darkroom for 3 days, and the Light never went away, and I agree, the Light is everywhere I look, so my fascination with it never ended, but you stay in Darkness longer than 3 days, and you may be seeing that Light the rest of your life, so I do not recommend proving this to yourself, somethings you have to take on faith that others have tried this. I have always known that the Light of God is controlling everything in the Universe, because the Bible said that thousands of years ago, and Sir Isaac Newton proved that over 333 years ago, and Nikola Tesla showed us how over 66 years ago, but as it turns out few understood that, but I can tell you that you do not have to be an Aspie to understand what it is, I am going to say, because I will always talk in terms of Science unless I am telling you the History, or His-Story of what I am referring to, then its just memories, as I did in the previous paragraphs, just talking about things that I remember, but I have to point out I do have Autism on the High Functioning Spectrum, and I have been diagnosed as Schizoaffective but I do not have Schizophrenia... That was a joke, not the Diagnoses because that was true enough, if you ask me if I can see the Light Wizzard, I will answer yes, because the question is “can I”, not “do I”, by using my Imagination I can see many things, but I know he can not be seen by others, because he is part of my Imagination, a better question would be, do I see him, because then I would say no, because I can only see him if I want to because I have Freewill, so what I can see and what I do see are not always the same, so I actually I have a very firm grip on Reality, that is why I was allowed to be in the Air Force, and work as a Computer Programmer for the Government, it was not because I was Crazy, it was because I understood Reality, in fact, I can tell you with normally 100% accuracy what is real and what is not, and it is this very Reality that allowed me to figure out how the whole Universe works, because from the time I was born to this moment in time, I was able to keep one though, and that is how does the Universe work, and it was this thought about “White Noise” that was always getting me into trouble, and that turns out to be the very thing that allowed me to get into trouble in the first place, because it was God that was all Light, so now to prove this as Science, and not Religion or a Philosophical debate over if God exists, or is just a Fairy Tale like Santa Clause or the Taxman, because that is how many people view stories about Wizards, but all the Science of this day and age are all based on Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, and the Science Fiction of Albert Einstein, and they were Ashkenazic Aspies with High IQ's, and believed that we are Light Beings living in a body of Flesh, and that one day Jesus would be resurrected, and be born back into the Flesh, and they did not believe in Deities, they believed that God was that 98.6 Watts of Energy we call a Soul, the proof is in your own Brainwave so do not try to deny it, and that is always surrounded by this White Noise, and note that Tesla viewed Electricity as Light at a lower Frequency, so Light and Electricity were the same Energy in another form, so what Newton called God, Tesla called Electricity, but they both believed we are the Light, so if you want to call it the Light of God, God, or Electricity or Light, it makes no difference because it is just a Label, which is just a word and the way we Spell it, witch by the way I spell it “Trinary Energy”.

Sir Isaac Newton invented the Modern Microscope, it was not improved until 1931, when a new Microscope was invented called the Electron Microscope, it was the same Microscope Newton invented with the only improvement being the Light Source, which used an Electron as a Light source, coupled with improved optics, it provided 400 power magnification, but one of the biggest complaints about it was about a phenomenon called “White Noise”, even though you see this same phenomenon in a normal Microscope, and every Television broadcast, picture, recording and your own two eyes, it was believed that with more magnification this would clear up, when in fact all Camera recordings have this same phenomenon recorded in it, so it was thought that this was caused by the Frequency of the Electrons, and coupled with the Lens distortion, created this “White Noise”, but all transmissions included this white noise, like old TV sets, or old Recordings, but the Digital age came and the noise issue was not as big of a problem, they filtered it out with noise cancellation technology, but it is still there, so what is this “White Noise” and why do I think it is such an important subject to talk about during a dissertation about the Trinary Universe, when in fact it has been a problem that will not go away no matter what type of Technology we try to create to remove it, because I can still see it with my own two eyes because it is really there, and unless they made some eye implants to remove it you just have to get used to it, and most people do not even know it is there, few hardly notice it, but for those few that wanted to look into Microscopes could not avoid it, and a new Science emerged around this White Noise, but most of the Technology was trying to remover it, instead of embracing it, even enhancing it, then you would really see what is going on. Back in the 1960's when I was growing up, people were talking about how this “White Noise” has a pattern, and if you ignore it that pattern would change, at first, everyone thought this was a Joke until they tried it, and found out it was true, so people did all kinds of experiments and concluded that this White Noise has Intelligence, but that is as far as it went, no one could go any further with this research, so people stopped talking about it, and nowadays its why most people have never heard about this before, so maybe I am showing my age because I was conceived in 1960, which is only young to older people who are not any wiser, because they did not write a book about it, but have the ego that was bruised and so deny the truth about the White Noise, but by that time this white noise was old news, until someone had an idea that it was responsible for the behavior of other particles, but that research went in a direction that confuses me, and has nothing to do with what I have to talk about, but still, I can not ignore the fact it was dubbed as God's Particle. The truth is that the term “God's Particle” was meant as a joke that most people do not get, and to be honest I think the research is a hoax just to make Money, because the particle is not what is interesting, it is the stuff around the particle and mostly because it is like looking at White Noise, which is like looking at Clouds or the Sun and seeing Intelligence through Patterns, because that sounds like something only crazy people would do, just because we can not figure out any Pattern or Language or any other way of knowing if we can communicate with it, but it is more than that, it is because most people think it is just white noise, and all electronics will always have it, and there is no way to remove all of it, so that is the end of that discussion, so how do we as Scientist get past this? An Experiment that does not require you to be an Aspie, because we all know they are better at picking out a pattern then Normal People, so if you want to bet on how wins the Where is Waldo contest, bet on the Aspies, but do not worry, we will not be listening to washing machines or driers to figure out if it has patterns that can be mistaken as intelligence, after all its just “White Noise”, at least it is till you prove it to yourself, then your whole World Changes and you can see the Light and it can see you, otherwise its just “White Noise”, so chant that if it scares you, so be warned now, this Experiment can change your Life.

The Bible, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin, and Tesla, all said God is All Light without Darkness, but Tesla added the Aether, stating that Einsteins Theory did not account for Aether in his Theory, and what Tesla was referring to as Aether, is what I call Trinary Energy, or Massless Energy, also known as God, since Light without Darkness also describes White Noise. I use terms like White Noise, to describe what I see with my naked Eyes, as well as what I hear, before I had Tinnitus that is, I could hear in the silence this White Noise, and I can also feel it with my touch, so I can sense it with all my senses, I can even Smell White Noise, as well as Taste it, it is like Chicken, and why I can compare Ewe to Chickens. Once Yew understand the Bible is talking to Sheep in Psalms 23, then read Psalms 32:9 Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, lest they come near unto thee, now the Logic: if thee is the Lord, then you are a Sheep, and if Money that you use does not bind you to Slavery like a beast of burden, in Psalms 66:9 and 10: Witch holdeth our soul in life, and suffereth not our feet to be moved. For thou, O God, hast proofed us: thou hast tried us, as silver is tried, so O God is making Money into us, and why on Money In God We Trust is Engraven on it, because Newton proved Christ was inserted into the Bible, to make Money Less Evil, as if the Love of it could, and why Newton called the Bible the Book of Alchemy, written using Witchcraft, and why the Churches hunted down and murdered Witches, and Wizards, throughout History.

When I started this book as a Child, I had no issues with Wizards, and using Words, and Spells, and talking about Religion with as much disgust as Newton, but in my old age, I have learned from years of wisdom, that you cannot sugar coat the Truth, and as a child being slapped by a Nun for explaining to her what Newton said God was, I learned never to talk to Nun of them about Newton, and Religion is not what the Bible states as facts, or God would exist as Light, as such, I can not treat Religion as the Truth in the Bible, since there is no Truth in a book of Sin, unless you are a Sinner, or a Sheep, but if you believe that there was a Christ in History, then Prove it, otherwise, like the Planes that hit the World Trade Center, no Wreckage, no Plane Wreck, and Real Planes actually collapse on impact, they do not pass through the building without any signs of stress, to the skin of the aircraft, that would defy the Laws of Physics, so knowing this, I have no reason to even write this for People, if people are too stupid to see when they are being Fooled, or being made Fools, so my viewpoint about Wizards, and Witches has not changed, and I only write for Sheep like Yew, so I have learned in my Old Age, not to write for People. When I tale Yew that God is White Noise, and Yew say No it Not, yet Yew can believe that God is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, and is one of Many Angels, so Yew believe in multiple Gods, yet you claim to only believe in One God, when you know the other one is named Satan, and Yew also believe Hell is a Place you go if you are bad, proving you believe in Multiple Angels, and God is just the Name of their Leader, yet Yew can not believe that God Exists as White Noise, when that actually looks like a Holy Ghost, or the Spirit of Mother Nature, as such, there is no teaching Yew that White Noise is God, because Yew only believe what Yew Heard in Ewe Herd, and why I tale Yew: “I do not care what Yew Believe, Know it, or No it Not.”

From the viewpoint of Trinary Science, White Noise is massless Trinary Energy, and Yew always get hung up on the Word Spelled Trinary, and my need to use it as a Prefix, and it is because I need Yew to understand that I am talking about a Specific type of Energy, for example the Earth, or any Planet for that matter, most of Ewe believe that Centrifugal Force causes Gravity, when every Third Grader that has been on a Marry-Go-Round, or Tilt-A-World, knows that would throw you off it, so I have to remind Yew that everything is made of Trinary Atoms, and they have White Noise also known as Trinary Energy, inside of them, as such, God is inside every Atom in the Trinary Universe, so my need for the Prefix is Crystal Clear, Yew get confuse about what God is, because Yew never Read the Bible, Yew only know what Yew have heard, and Movies Yew have seen, and the Internet, and School, and Parents, and their Parents, and Friends, and the list goes on, Yew only believe what Yew Heard, and never what Yew can Prove, so let me tale Yew this, Yew can prove what Religion is all about by following the Logic, Religion teaches Yew that God is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, the Bible teaches Yew God is All Light without Darkness, now knowing this who would teach Yew that God does not Physically Exist, knowing God exists as Light, Satan, that is right, and Trinary takes Religion out of Science, but Not God, and there is no Satan, because God is not part of the A-Team, Heaven and Hell are just States of Energy, Gravity is the Force of God, and God is White Noise.

The Bible states that God is All Light without Darkness, and therefore God is White Noise, because White Noise is Light, that anyone can see in the Light or in the Darkness. Why I call White Noise Trinary Energy, instead of God, is because God is also the name of an Angel, who is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, witch means God does not actually exist, unless you want to count Spirits called Angels, if you do, then you know the Bible states only the Angel named Satan, tales half Truths, and God not existing is just a Lie, since God exists as Light without Darkness, and Psalms 23 calls these people that believe that Sheep, and so did Kepler, Galileo, Newton, and Tesla, as well as me, since I just wrote it, and proved it was the truth about the Bible. If Sheep believe in Satan, then you have to ask what would Satan teach Sheep, and the answer is false Science, so what is false Science, well, true Science is based on what can be proven to be a fact, for example, it is a fact that Kepler and Newton wrote the Laws, and Math that Mainstream Science still uses to this Date, and it is based on a Theory of General Relativity that Einstein wrote, that used Chaos as the Force of Gravity instead of God, so this Theory has no God in it, so how can you take Math that is based on God as the Force of Gravity, and mix it with Math that has no God in it, like the Dynamic Universe, or Theories based on Einstein, and the answer is: only Satan could teach such lies.

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