The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 1.05

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

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Chapter 1.05: Light Travel

What is Light travel? If you say its when People travel back in time, yew are a Sheep, just joking... Light travel is how Light travels at the Subatomic level, regardless of how we view it as traveling, because everyone thinks they know how Light travels based on observations, so most people view Light as traveling away from an object in all directions, so they assume that direction forms a line pointing in the direction the Light appears to moving, so when they turn a Flashlight on, the Light is literally shot out of the Flashlight like it was a bullet in a Gun, and this is because of the way most people view what Light is, because there are many types of Light in the Universe, and everyone assumes they know what I am referring to when I say Light, just so there is no confusion I will define Light as being pure Energy, and this Energy has properties that can be defined in terms of Electricity, because the relationship between the two must be defined in terms of Science, I will now define what Light is in a way that a three year old can understand, because that was the age I was when I first had this idea, so follow me step by step, and when it comes to Energy it always starts at Step 0, this is the 0 Dimension, so if we take an Atom, to keep it simple we will say this is a Hydrogen Atom, and I will draw it as a Sphere with a hole in the center that extends all the way through the Sphere so its in the shape of a Toroid, which is not the shape I am looking for, in fact, the exact shape of a Hydrogen Atom is unknown at this time, because the resolution of our best microscopes are not powerful enough to show us great detail, so most images of Atoms are just conceptual drawings, so that is what I will refer to the structure of Light or Atom, because under a microscope the two have a lot of similarities, for one, they both go through State Changes: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible, and its this Invisible State that this shape must explain, so visualize a sphere made out of Neutrinos, the Neutrinos have no Protons or Electrons, those are Atomic Structures that act like Glue, and hold Atoms together, they form sockets for connections to other Atoms, and this is part of this concept that you have to wrap your mind around, what is Light? We know we can convert Light into Electricity and Electricity into Light, so the two have a one to one relationship, the only way I can explain this phenomenon is, if Light is Pure Energy and has no Darkness, meaning it has no Color, then its not Sun Light, because that has every color in the Rainbow in it, yet it is still Light, but only a small spectra of that Light, so there are many types of Light, but they are all within a known Spectra of Light, so its measured by Frequency or Wave Length, and when you multiply the two together you always get the Speed of Light, so the shape or structure of Light and Atoms have a correlation also, but its only how we define Energy and Atoms does this Structure take on a form, so Atoms are what everything in the Universe is made of, but Electricity only flows through Atoms, it can not flow through the Air, and this is due to its Frequency or Wave Length, you cannot have one without the other, so I will only talk about one of them at a time, now we know that White Noise or Trinary Energy, has no Atomic Structure, so it is massless, and it is not Electricity or Light, we define Electricity has being an Electron, we view it as being Negative charge because Electricity flow from Negative to Positive, or Ground to a higher potential, so the two States of Negative and Positive must come from the Structure of Light, Electrons, and Atoms, do not get Confused between and Atom and an Electron, and Atom includes: Proton, Neutron and Electron, so I refer to that Atom as Parts, and the Electron can only Orbit a Proton or Neutron, so the Electron can only flow around Atoms, and Light can not flow through Atoms, so one concept must explain it all, so now we get to the structure of all Matter and Antimatter, because you can not have one without the other, Matter is made of Atoms, each Atom has a Matter / Antimatter Energy inside of it, there is a one to one mixture, 1 Matter State and 1 Antimatter State, or 1 + (-1), if you want to verify this statement, just split an Atom, that will force the two to come into contact with each other, repel each other is a more accurate statement since they can never come into contact with each other, so this force must have a mechanism that binds them into Atoms, so how is an Atom made would be the first question to answer, and that is simple, you take Neutrino dust and sprinkle it on Light or Trinary Energy, which is the Light without Darkness, or the Light of God as Sir Isaac Newton called it, so this Light has a counter part, which is the Darkness, so there can be no Light without the Darkness means that Light and Darkness must be bound together like Matter and Antimatter, so the two are the same, only Matter infers that its bound in an Atom, so let us look at how this might look, and so we look at shell of the Atom being made out of some type of Neutrino, we know it has a north and south pole, so its not solid, so this hole is what aligns it to an electronic field, see Illustration 1.03: Structure of Atom.

Structure of Atom
Illustration 1.03: Structure of Atom Full Size

Now we can see the Structure of what an Atom might look like, we know inside of it is one part Light and one part Dark, this relationship causes the Matter and Antimatter reaction when you split an Atom, which unbinds the two types of Energies, the Light being positive and the Dark being Negative, the space where this hole is, is called Null Space, it has a South and North or Light and Dark, it exist in the 0 Dimension, which is why you can not see it, its what happens when you split the Atom symbolically, into slices, one for each dimension, so you have the width slice, the height slice and the depth slice, they exist all at the same time, but at the center is the point where there is no dimensions, we can not see it, so we can never prove it exist, yet we know it has to, because the Atom will still disappear and reappears, and if we can not see it, then it must be in the 0 Dimension, and that is the point you need to wrap your mind around, not just the way this Atom is covered by Neutrinos, because the Gravity Force that binds the Neutrinos to the Atom is the Light and Dark forces that bind together, so in nature these two force can be apart, in fact, there must be something that is causing them to bind together to form into an Atom, because Atoms are Grown, they are not made out of thin Air, and there is finite about of Neutrinos in the Universe, and it takes so many of them to make an Atom, so the amount of Atoms that can be Created in the Universe is also finite, everything has its limits, it seems like Space is infinite, therefore the amount of Neutrinos or Atoms most also be infinite, but the Universe is not Expanding despite theories that it is, that is just no possible, because the building blocks its composed of is not infinite, so the bounds of the Universe do not exist, but the space it occupies already exist, so its not growing, its just reusing the same old material over and over again, and once you figure out how its doing this, the sooner you can figure out how the Universe actually works, and this starts with the basic understanding about how Atoms are created and how they are destroyed, meaning how the Atom is broken down into Neutrinos without an Atomic Explosion, so this explanation must cover ever aspect of Atoms and must apply to Trinary Engines which are the Core of all Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, so this hole in the middle is physically there, you can not see it, nor will you ever be able to, the reason is that you would have to create a Lens that is smaller then an Atom, so that the Focal point will be smaller then the Arc that the Atom makes, such that it can detect a hole in it, so that would require Atoms that are smaller then the ones we have, and that is never going to happen in Nature, sure there are many Atoms we have not seen or Categorized, so never say never, so I will say based on the Atoms we know about.

Polarity of Atom
Illustration 1.04: Polarity of Atom Full Size

In Illustration 1.04: Polarity of Atom you can see that every Atom has a North and a South Pole, or a Dark and Light Side or end, depending on how you label things, but its clear that all Atoms, or Trinary Engines can have things orbiting them, and this explains why, so we have the Structure of the Atom, which is Neutrino particles covering Light and Dark Energy, and we have Polarity which is due to this Toroid effect in the Structure of the Atom or Trinary Engine, that is caused by the 0 Dimension, so it should be obvious that Energy flows from the Light into the Dark, what gets confusing is that it also flows from the Dark into the Light since its a closed loop and has to pass through the 0 Dimension, its only how we define where the start point of Energy is that this become clear, because Ground is always between the Dark and the Light, because we can not see it, its in the 0 Dimension, so in the beginning there was the Light, it flowed from Ground to the Darkness.

I must point out that Ground always refers to the Mother, its a given, all Energy Flows through the Father to Heaven, so it must travel through Hell below to get to Ground or Mother, witch is the Mother also known as Earth, so on a Grid with an x axis with a 0 for Ground or the Mother, and a Positive 1 above it for Heaven, and a Negative 1 below it for Hell, we can see this relationship the Bible stated as Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, so its the Holy Ghost Spirit of the Mother, and that is why we have the Term Mother Nature, and Mother Earth, so Mother Earth is just Ground, and the Ground is Earth and the Earth is just Mother, so Mother Grounds us, so just wait till Father comes Home.

The Energy inside of all Atoms is Static, meaning it does not move in relationship to the 0 Dimension, I can not represent this with a Grid, because there is no Grid that describes the relationship that the Dimensions have between each other, because at the Subatomic level, the 0 Dimension only exist at the center of an Atom, so every Atom is in the Center of the Universe, and our Galaxy is moving through the Universe and our Solar System orbits the Galaxy and the Earth orbits our Sun, and the Moon orbits the Earth, yet the direction that Light travel flows in all Directions, so it would make no sense to think of the Universe in terms of 3 dimensional space, so the direction that Light Travels is based on the angle its pointed at and not the direction our Planet is moving, because we are Spinning on our Axis around the North and South poles, so as all these Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons move through the Universe, the Energy that is contained inside every Atom in it, does not move, its Static, and its why we are moving through the Universe at the Speed of Light, so its like the Flashlight that I talked about in the Abstract, if Ground is in the 0 Dimensions, then it has no dimensions to move, therefore its Static, and since all Energy most flow from Ground, its Static in the Universe, as it transitions from the 3rd Dimension when it is in its Solid State, to a Semisolid State of -1, when it passes into Darkness, it moves into the 1st or 2nd Dimension, I have no idea which one since I can not see either of them, but I can still see it, so I know its not in the 0 Dimension.

Without Dimensions the Universe can not be explained, thinking that Light is shot out of a Flashlight would require physics that must be explained, because its a known fact that Light has a Little Mass, so what is this Mass and how do I explain it, and the answer is in the Structure of the Atom, as it pass through Dimensions, it must transform in the Dimensions of that Space, which means it loses Dimensions as it moves from the 3rd dimension into the 2nd dimension, but normal 3D or even 2D drawing can not be used to illustrate this concept, because subdimensional space is not in normal space, therefore its dimensions do not apply to it, but to make this understandable to a 3 year old, I will use a Conception of how I view it, see Illustration 1.05: Dimensional Atom.

Dimensional Atom
Illustration 1.05: Dimensional Atom Full Size

In the above illustration I try to show what a 3D Atom might look like, in the 2D version I try to show how it loses one of its Dimensions, thus appearing to be flat, causing the Semisolid view we see under a microscope, we can only see the Ghost of the Image, and in the 1D view I try to show that its not only flat, but it has a twist in it, as if its twisted in the middle, this causes a loop to form, and when it shifts from the 1D into 0D, it folds inside out into the loop, thus causing it to disappear, since it no longer has any dimensions to see.

So now we have defined the Structure of an Atom, how its Light and Dark covered with Neutrinos forming a solid Shell, this Atom is just Energy bound together by the White Noise I call Trinary Energy, implying that its under intelligent control, so the Term God that Sir Isaac Newton called it, applies to all Atoms, this was not caused by Chaos, so the Godless Dynamic Universe does not apply here, since it can not use the Math of Sir Isaac Newton to explain it, that means the Dynamic Universe has no Math to explain Gravity, only Einsteins Theory about Curvatures in the Space Time Continuum which ever real Scientist in the World knows there is no Empirical evidence for proof of such a Theory, so its just a Theory and not a Fact, where as this view of Atoms is all based on Empirical evidence, this is what we see under a microscope, its just how I explain it that changes the way you view it, but if you want to explain it, you have to find physics that allows the 3 State changes to take place in a way that does not defy the Laws of Physics, and Curvatures in Space do not exist, so we must look for things that do exist in Space and Dimension are the only thing we have that can explain this.

So how does Light travel? If Light is just Electricity at a different Frequency, then the Electron is just like an Atom only much smaller, so it has less Light and Dark in it, but basically has the same Structure and works the same as its larger counter parts, being Atoms or Protons and Neutrons, and Trinary Engines, which are the Core of the Galaxies, Suns and Planets and Moons, so they all behave the same way, we can not see a Trinary Engine because even the Sun has material around it, its Gravity pulls in all the Atomic Matter in its System, so when it changes States, it will go through all 3 State changes, which means it also disappears, so the Atomic Structure of Light must be when Atom is in its 1D State, so its Mass is at its Minimal configuration, and its why Light appears to have no Atomic Structure, yet it can be easily transformed into Electrons, and then back into Light, but its still Static, it can not move in the Universe, so once the Flashlight is turned on, the photon on Light it creates is Static in the Universe, and as we move through the Universe, that Light does not move it, its us that are moving, so the Light only appears to move, and this explains how Light from a Flashlight can appear to accelerate to the Speed of Light, when in Reality, its just transformed from being an Electron to being Light, and its how our Bodies produce Energy, that 100 watts of Energy have to come from somewhere, and this explains were, as our Atoms transform from Solid to Semisolid, they turn into Dark Light, and when it passes through the 0 Dimension, they will transform into Electrons when they change states back into the 3D world we live in, so its how our bodies re-energize, and explains why the total amount of Energy in our bodies never changes when we talk about our SOUL, which is Pure Energy, you can see it in our Brainwaves.

Regardless of if you want to believe that this is true or not will not change the way the Universe actually works, all I did was try to explain it in terms that even a 3 year old could understand, if the Atoms actually look anything like I conceptualized them does not change the explanation for how they behave, and it also explains how the entire Universe works at the same time, we are being dragged through the Universe by the Light and Dark in our Atoms, so when the Bible said that God was All Light without Darkness, and Trinity explains how the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother is actually describing the 3 State Changes, its clear that this is not new Science, in fact this is how my Cousin Isaac Newton described it hundreds of years ago, and it was from the Bible that was written thousands of years before he was born, and all I did was explain it in a way that most people should be intelligent enough to understand.

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