The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 1.04:
Fascination with Light
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 1.04:
Fascination with Light

When I was a child back in the 1960's I was fascinated by the Light, I could spend all day staring at it (well some things never change), when I got older and learned to walk and talk (6 months to a year old), my Father would ask me what I was staring at, I tried to explain it to him, and he told me it was called “White Noise”, its Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother, and goes by the name IAM, and is Also Known As God, because God is All Light without Darkness... So this was nothing new in my family, seems my Father already knew all about the Light, but my father had already read the papers that my Grandmother gave me in 1969, so my father already knew what his father had taught him about the Light, and what his father before him taught him and so on, back to my Cousin Isaac Newton, who inherited the work of Sir Isaac Newton, who was standing on the Shoulders of Giants so that he could see further?

Staring at the Light got me into trouble over the years, especially at School, I never understood what was wrong with staring at the Light, it is not like a Real Person, which I found out at a young age that most people do not like being stared at, and I found Animals are hard to look at in the Eyes, in nature only predators look their victims in the eye, so I always tried to avoid looking people in the Eye, although I have gotten much better at it, I do not like looking anyone in the eye, because when people look me in the eye I feel like a victim, as I feel like a Predator when I look people in the Eye, but the Light, which is what I called it, but my parents said it was God, so God did not mind me staring, but talk like that got me into more trouble, and I was told repeatably to stop staring at the Light because people will think something is wrong with you, because only Retards stare at the Light, and when I grow up I will understand all this, then I grew up only to find that most people are not very Intelligent, in fact, the majority of them have IQ's less than 100, which to me makes them Retarded, so maybe its only retarded people who stare into peoples eyes, and operate on Religion or Superstition more than Reason or Logic, because I know its good to stare at the Light, and I know it stares back at me.

On my 39th birthday on 14 January 2000, my father called and told me details about my life that I was never told before, the first was that I was born from a long line of Ashkenazic Jews that had High IQ's, it was something that we had no choice but to hide from you, because a lot of people in this World hate Jews because they use Money, and only Jews Hate Jews and everyone is a Jew that uses Money, and it is why they hate Jews so much because they use Money too, so never let them know you are a Jew, so you must hate Jews too, its how all Jews behave, and it is how we know who the Jews are, it takes one to know one. My Father went on to say when I was in the 3rd Grade, they tested me for Autism, because I tested higher on the IQ test than most Adult Geniuses, but if it became public knowledge that I had Autism, my life would never be the same, so my Grandmother Eula (Knotts), was Flesher when married to my Grandfather, then Newcomb after remarrying another Mason, but her family can be traced back to the Mayflower, and who was a very important person in my world, seemed to have a lot of pull at the Masonic hall, the Odd Fellows seem to have a lot of members in the school district, and my Grandmother did not want the results of this test to becoming public, so they did not, the Daughters of Rebekah run this World their Husbands Live in... So I asked my Father why, and he told me that if anyone found out, I would never get a good job, and no one would ever take me serious, they would treat you like you were retarded, and send you to an institution to live out your life, or require you to go to special schools for special people, so she did it to protect you, so I asked him why he did not tell me before, and he said for the same reason, and I would have never been able to join the United States Air Force, and since I am Medically Retired now, it does not matter if I know, because now they can not take that away from me, because it is not the reason I was Medically retired, because the health issues that I have now started after I was in the Air Force for over 6 years, up till 1990, I was in good health.

At this point in time, I had just gone through a divorce, and already thinking about getting remarried, I do not do well on my own, and I do not like dating, I liked being married, having been with my first one for over 20 years, it was very important to have stability in a partner, so I had a lot on my mind, not only that, but I was just Medically Retired for symptoms of what is now known as Gulf War Syndrome, or the politically correct Spell of Illness. By November of 1999, some 13 years of Service without knowing why I think so differently than others was puzzling to me, others assured me that we all think the same way, yet I knew I did not think anything like them at all, and why this Disease I got in the line of Duty made me feel so strange, and why I had so many issues at the same time, only at the time, I did not know what it was, I thought it was from the Anthrax Vaccination, because I never did feel good after being shot, but before I could comprehend what my Father had told me: he died on 13 February 2000, so he was really dying to tell me, less than 32 days of life left in him, he knew he was going to die soon and had to tell me, and it was too much information to get all at once, so I put it out of my mind for the longest time till I could deal with it, because I knew how peoples attitude would change towards me once I told them I was an Ashkenazic Jew, let alone having Autism, and do not get me going about what people think of you once you tell them you have a High IQ, because they do not treat you like a Genus, but more like an Argent Savant Idiot.

One day in 2013 I was watching a BBC Special that came out that year called “The Last Magician”, which is the same as calling it “The Last Wizard”, since the words: Magician and Wizard are interchangeable, it is just a Spell or how they Spell it, so it got me thinking about all the Notes my Grandmother had given me when I was just a child around 8 or 9 years old, notes written by my 1st Cousin 5 times removed Isaac Newton Flesher [1], who decoded the work of Sir Isaac Newton, which I also had all his notes, as well as notes for all the people in the Acknowledgments, notes that were passed down from generations, so everything I learned from the Notes I took for granted that everyone else had already known, I mean Sir Isaac Newton's work has been published for over 333 years now, but after watching this video, I knew for a fact that no one ever understood Sir Isaac Newton, and it was because his Notes had been hidden from the World on purpose, and then were plundered by people who had access to them, and just to make Money they were Sold at an Auction, so no one knew anything about him till some of these Notes were released to the Public, but no mention about all the Notes that had not been released or stolen over the years, so part of His-Story is incomplete, because of Greedy people and their need for the Money they worship, so Jews and their Money they defend to the Death is the root of all evil Jesus talked about, so few would understand why Sir Isaac Newton said that God was the Force in all his Equations, few even knew that God was the Light without Darkness, because these words are just Spells, they did not take him literally, they took it as a Joke called Sarcasm, or as if he was Religious, and was saying it to Honor God, when in fact he was most verbal about not believing in Christ or a Deity, so he was not Religious at all, because he asserted that Christ was inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century to make Money the driving force of the World's Economy, so they could set the Church up as the Powerbase of this Planet, he also said he was the Descendant of Jesus, and because he did not believe in Christ, it only left one Jesus in the Bible, and his full names was Jesus Bar Abbas, because he thinks the same as he did, and was a descendant of Adam, so he too was an Ashkenazic Jew, and he reads words Literally because they were also Aspies, so if God is all Light without Darkness, and there can be no Light without the Darkness, then this Light is also known as “White Noise”, so it is what I call Trinary Energy, and at the Subatomic Level, it can be observed to be controlling the same phenomena known as “God's Particle”, or any Atom in the Universe for that matter, so we are all talking about the same thing that has been staring me back in the face all my Life, it was God, because I did see the Light, and then they said that Sir Isaac Newton had Asperger's Syndrome, much like all the other Wizards, I have mentioned in the Acknowledgments, and this was a form of Autism, it is now called “High Functioning” Spectrum just to give it a label, but is generally referred to as “Aspie” for short, and some of them take things literally, so then it all made sense to me, Neurotypicals do not understand Sir Isaac Newton's work because they can not think like him, they read into words instead of just reading them, God is All Light: is a Scientific Observation that the Bible knew about since it was written which we know was thousands of years ago, so what I will explain in this dissertation is right out of just a few words of the Bible, and like Newton pointed out, now he has proof of it, and wrote math that only works if God is the Force in all his Equations, so you may wonder why I told His-Story in a dissertation for a Ph.D. in Physics, and the answer is simple, because I am a descendant of Isaac Newton's family, because most Ashkenazic Jews named their Children after a dead relative, which is why my Great-Grandfather's son named his son Isaac Newton who named his son Benjamin Franklin and I might be the last living person on this planet to have read all their Notes since I inherited them, but more importantly was the fact that my Cousin wrote his own thoughts on what Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and the other Wizards wrote about, added with Nikola Tesla's notes from my Grandfather and put it all together, because Wizards are people who study Alchemy, which is also known as Chemistry, so they were Scientist, so I call them just that, why change the name, Nikola Tesla was also known as a Wizard, the Last Wizard in Fact, so I reference their work as if it is one body of work.

I did have all their notes at one time, but they were Sold or Thrown away by my Step-Mother Aloha Weber, and all evidence about what happened to all those Notes died with her: when she was accidentally killed by a car while running across the street to get home on night around midnight, this all started when I confronted her about where the notes were back in 1975, she said she threw them away, so she could use the footlocker they were stored in to pack her stuff when she left my father, then she told me that no one would ever believe me even if I had the notes because they could be fake, and were just hand made copies, to begin with, later that night she left to go to the store to get cigarettes, I followed her to the store where I found her at the phone booth and waited for her to get off, she said my father would not take her back because she got rid of the notes, I know there was more to it than that, but she blamed me for it, when she was the one who divorced him and got remarried, then she pushed me over and ran across the street, and I heard a car slam on the brakes, and then the yelling and screaming from the people who were in the car that hit her, and up to 2015, I believed she had committed suicide, at this point in time, she divorced my father and married a man named Merlin, just like the Wizard Merlin in my dreams, only he was a Guitar Wizard, and he is only 7 years older than I am, which was 14 at the time, and she was 36, so he made a great Step-Step-Father, so he called me one day in 2015, and we talked about the event, and I know now that I did not see it happen the way it actually happened, for one thing, she was kicking me when I was on the ground, so I did not get up until after I heard the car slam on its brakes, so I did not see this happen at all, because the evidence showed that her shoe fell off as she ran across the street causing her to trip and fall, the 16-year-old girl driving the car never saw her, so she had to be laying on the ground, I picked up her shoes and walked towards her when I realized she was not there, it was just an empty shell, and the screaming would not stop, and I could not handle it, so I set the shoes on the ground and ran back to the phone booth, this was something she could not have done on purpose looking back on it now, but at the time, I figure this was just another suicide attempt gone wrong, because this one actually killed her, because I have been through many suicide drug overdoses, and she had way too many of Mothers Little Helpers in her system that night, but my family thought otherwise after the way I explained what happened, and my Uncle and Grandmother told me to be silent about it, saying if the cops find out that she committed suicide they would sue Merlin, so I keep it a secret, but it bothered me too much to die with this secret, so I told it to my Sister, and youngest Step-Sister and Step-Brother, who are both much older than me, only to wish I took this secret to my death, but then Merlin told me what I needed to know, it was just an accident, the abuse was nothing new, I was used to being punished for the Sins of my Father, so this information in these notes cost me a lot of pain, because I can not think of it, without thinking about what it cost me, and not in terms of Money, because what Money my mother could have made from its sale was long gone, spent on her and my father's Drug habit, I was raised by Drug addicts, and that is all I have to say about that, and it is also part of My-Story about how the Papers were lost, and I can not tell one story without telling the other, because to me they are the same story, me remembering my Step-Mother slapping me on the side of head so hard that my ears would bleed, as if I needed a War or working with Computers, and Fans and Jet Engines to need hearing aids to hear, just because she had to take me to the Doctors when I heard voices in my head, because only Crazy people hear voices in their heads, only to be told by a doctor that everyone hears voices in their head, even though I had never heard them up till just the year before my Step-Mother died, and believe me, I never got over that, I never heard that voice before and now I can not get it to shut up very long, and I have no idea if it was because I was taking drugs since I was 3 years old, including the Cannabis, Mushrooms, Peyote, LSD or other drugs: I had taken since then had somehow turned on a part of my brain that makes this Little Voice talk when I was 13 years old, this was more than enough to make me think that I did not think as normal people do, because I never use that little voice to think, believe me, I am not that Little Voice in my head, it is always talking about stuff that does not interest me, all it does is make it hard to think with all the noise it makes, but talk like that would make my Step-Mother Crazy, and I can still hear her say to me that she will hang me, and let someone else find me, so they would think it was an accident, so I learned to never make Mother Crazy, I was Mothers Little Helper. Whoever said that you can get over a bad childhood never had one, because I have never met anyone that has gotten over a good one, now imagine that you are not used to the voice talking in your head, and then the things it was talking about that night was unreal, it was like watching a horror movie, people were saying things that made no sense to me, the Cops came inside the house and was staring at a Marijuana plant sitting on the table in Tucson Arizona in 1975, and they were breaking down on drug users during this time, and I knew if I told him My-Story, that this whole event would have gone down much worse than it did, for one, Merlin would have gone to jail, so there was no way I could have said anything, but that little voice in my head was screaming to tale everyone, and all I wanted to do was shut it up, and that has not changed to this date, some events will change your life forever, so stories that are better suited for a biography are included in a dissertation: because this event pushed my mind to its limits in a quest to figure out what this all meant, because it is not the moments in our life that define us, its how we define those moments.

I must point out that I have always heard things in my head, like memories, so I did hear those voices and images to go with those voices, but it was never like I used that voice to talk to myself, I did not even know I could, but I do remember asking my little sister if she could hear that voice in my head, but up to this point in my life, I knew it was a bad thing to hear voices in your head, so this was freaking me out, to say the least, still to this day, I do my best not to listen to that Little Voice in my Head, I do not believe anything it says unless I can prove it to myself, and this voice belonged to some Animal called Jeffrey Scott in the Flesher, it was not who IAM, it is just part of Me, so do not ever think that voice is anyone other than you, or some Memory replaying in your Mind, the voice belongs to Me, and I is just the Energy that you see as a Brainwave, but that Voice Operates on Emotions, just like an Animal, so do not listen to it when it gets Emotional, do not get Dragged into its Drama, that is what I tell myself, what I do is another story, the animal thinks it is in charge and it will Fight to control the Body, and that is Freewill, it has a tendency to go along with the Crowd just so it does not feel out of place, so it is easy to lie to me, but not I, “I” know(s) everything, and then write down what it is telling me, not that I believe everything it tells me, because IAM stubborn and have to prove it to myself, I do not believe in Faith, and my Fate is what I make it, but mark my words, only Crazy people think that little voice is who they are, no wonder the majority of Humans have an IQ less than 100, they have no connection to the Trinary Energy they are made of, they have no idea why they have so much iron in their blood that it turns Red, it is because it has to conduct Electricity, because that is who we are, not the Flesh, but the Electricity that runs through the Flesh, and that Little Voice is just an Electronic Signal in your Brain, but your brain is part of your body, so it is the Flesh, but the Light of God is Intelligence, it is where we get our IQ from, the more connected you are to it, the more IQ points you get, you get enough and you remember how to turn that little voice off, and you would leave it off, if you use it to think, you can only think as fast as you can talk, and that goes for Reading as well, so you use it to learn and you are learning at such a slow pace you forget most of it, if you rely on Memory, then you need to be connected to the Universe, it as all the Memory you will ever need.

How we think shapes the way we view Science, for example, when writing this book, I use two parts of my Brain, short and long term memory, I also use the Verbal also known as Little Voice, and the none Verbal, which governs most of our thoughts, not the ones you hear in your head, you do not hear a voice saying beet now, that would drive you insane, and if you have to remember to breathe you would be dead, but it is still a thought, and you can interact with it to some degree, I can stop breathing, vary the rate I breathe and so on, when writing I sometimes use the Verbal so that I sound out the way I will write it, other times I do not and the written words make little to no sense to others reading it, for example, I did not want to publish this book till I can read it without editing it, and that will mean that it never gets published because I am always finding sentences, paragraphs, and chapters that are just not coherent even to me, that means I was writing it using none verbal part of my brain, I was doing a mind dump without listening to it with that Little Voice, so then I have to go back and read it with that Little Voice, and rewrite it using it also, but the idea did not come from that Little Voice, and it is not that Images get flashed in my mind, and I am just interpreting them, it is like Math, I do not hear nor see the Answer, I just know what it is, with that in mind, when you read it, you need to let go of that Little Voice, then you will read much faster, and you will not read these words as odd, in fact these same sentences, paragraphs and chapters will make more sense than they do after the Little Voice does its edits, it might be closer to proper English, but “I” do not speak English, just because me understands that it is not Proper English to use me that way, when the Little Voice is not used to read it, you would not even think twice about the Words or Spells I use... This is called Freedom, now you can read and understand without limits on how fast you can go, and I could Publish this book knowing that some of the text was written by Me: Jeffrey, and some was written by “I”, and then the Language does not matter, and your understanding of Science will increase, because words and spells just slow you down, you need to focus on Concepts, so look at the Words and Spells, but do not repeat them in your Mind with that Little Voice, just let your Eyes translate the Words and Spells into your conscience, con-science did I spell that right, was it the write word, those are details that Little Voice picks up on, but not I, “I” know everything to begin with, all you need to do is find it in the Universe, so when I write or read, I store it in the Universe, so it is out there, and your mind can find it through the Minds Eye, it is not a metaphor, its Science, even the Blind can Read and Write, the Minds Eye is not our Physical Eye, just ask an Indian where to find it, put a Dot on it, this is not new, there are many that know this truth and have for a long time, there is a part of our mind that we are in contact with, but our Little Voice just gets in the way, if it starts talking to you ignore it, knowing the truth is moving beyond the Flesh, I do not use the Word or Spell of Spiritual, because that word has way too many meanings to it, and Religion does not explain anything, it masks it, so Freedom comes when you let go of that Little Voice and start listing with your Mind, not your Ears or Eyes, they can deceive you with Illusion and Delusions, but “I” will never forget to breath till the day me or you die, it is all what you define as “I”, if “I” is the Light, then “I” never dies, so me and you never die, only the Flesh dies, and it is why that Little Voice will try to make you think you are Unique, when you are just Flesh, just like all the other Flesher's out there, so Reality is that your Brain never forgets to Breath till we die, its just Energy and Energy never dies, it just transforms from one type into another, so IAM trying to transform your Mind into understanding these Concepts, in a way that you will Remember and Know it is the truth, not by using fancy words to trick you into believing things that are not the truth, but by presenting Empirical Evidence that can be proven to be the Truth, and that Little Voice will never get over that, it is like when we die, and we watch our body being taking to a landfill, where they bury Coffins as if they will Grow back, it is only then we question what Life is, and what the Afterlife is all about, we never stop hearing all the Voices in the Universe, we just have to stop paying attention to distractions like Money, before we can really Live, because that Little Voice will tell you it needs it to Survive, and “I” say you do not, the Heart will not stop nor the Breathing, till the day we die, and Money will not change that fact.

I read all the notes from the other Wizards, I call them all Wizards because of what the name meant then, not so much for what it means to most people nowadays, but in truth Mainstream science is Science Fiction, and Wizards are Legends, but in this context, the word Wizard means to teach something Step by Step, and that is what these people in my life have done, so it was not just that I read all these notes left by these Legends, but more importantly, I completely understood what they were saying, and maybe it is because I am an Ashkenazic Aspie with a High IQ, so this is the only reason I can write this dissertation, but I need to limit the scope of what I am trying to prove and what I will ultimately prove, but for now, all I will prove is that Energy is governed by the “White Noise” I call Trinary Energy, and that is a very difficult concept for most Neurotypicals to understand, not that I have ever met an Aspie that understands it, because we are all individuals, but Nikola Tesla, another Aspie, proved that Light and Electricity are the same based on what Franklin discovered, proving that Light and Electricity are just at different frequencies, but not all Aspies are the same, because some do not see the Light, but Franklin knew that Lightning and Electricity were the same, but Tesla took it a few steps further, he said that all Energy is Light, because all Energy can be transformed into Light and Light can be transformed into any other form of Energy, and all I am pointing out is that most of the people in history that understood this simple concept about Energy, were all Aspies, and some of them were Wizards, but none of this is Magic, it is just Science at its best.

Electricity is Light at a different frequency, it has a path it can travel on, this is known as a conductor, which is made up of Atom's, these Atoms appear to be solid, but in reality, they have 3 states, a Solid or Matter State, a Dark or Antimatter State and an Invisible State I call Null Space State, but the Light traveling as Electricity can be converted to an Electromagnetic Force called a Photon which makes up Light, and the reason this is possible is that Light and Electricity are Static and the Universe moves around them, which is only apparent when you look at the “White Noise” that surrounds the Atom's, and that “White Noise” I call Trinary Energy, is God no matter what anyone says, and it is been known for thousands of years, because my very definition for it comes from the Bible, but yet as Newton pointed out, its how we view the Light that creates our reality, so as these Atoms move through Dimensions in space, they are following the Trinary Energy's State Changes, so in the 0 Dimension, where no Dimensions exist, nothing can move, because there are no Dimensions to move in, so Energy must be static in reference to the underlying Universe, but I get ahead of myself...

Light is a vast subject as Newton pointed out, he was the first person in modern time to prove that White Light from the Sun contains all the spectra of Colors in the Rainbow, and yet few can see the Colors of the Light, for example, I see the Sky as Blue because it is the lowest spectrum of Light in the Rainbow, so if you were looking through a Rainbow, you would only see the Blue and not the other colors, because they are above it, so it is how I view the world I live in, because I know on other planets, there are other factors that determine the color of the Sky, the size of the Planet being the most important, smaller planets like Mars appear to be red because of the color of the Soil on the Planet, since it has such a small atmosphere, the sky color is determined by the higher bands of the Rainbow, so it looks Red, whereas Gas Giants like Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, have their own spectrum due to their diameter, as well as atmosphere, and matter it is made us, but science can prove this idea with a simple test using a prism and an arc, the relative size of a planet can be determined by its color, but keep in mind that we see the sky from the planet, and other planets would see it from space, where the Ocean appears to be Blue, because of the same prism effect, as the water slows down the travel of Light passing through it, the lower spectrum of Light will be visible, if you do not believe me pick up the water, it is not Blue, it is actually clear, so it is all an optical illusion if you look hard enough in the day at the sky, you can see Stars and other Planets, and even Satellites, so Light is a vast subject as Newton pointed out.

The way we view or perceive Light has a profound effect on how we explain how Light works. Light will confuse many people when you take into account that if you mix Red, Yellow and Blue Light together that you get White, when most artist would believe that if you mix all the colors in the Rainbow together you would get Black, but prior to Newton's discovery about Light, no one knew that White Light contained all the colors in the Rainbow. I read a lot of Newton's notes about illusions, or imaginary Light, he did not include these notes in his books, because he could not prove that this type of Light even existed and after the invention of the Camera, I would say his conclusions were correct, illusions are not recorded in images taken by a none human, machine or camera, so they are in fact imaginary Light, and a camera does not have any imagination, but Neurotypicals tend to think in terms of words or Spells as I call them, instead of images, and thinking in images is not just an Aspie thing, but it is more common, so when Aspies like Newton talked about imaginary Light, what he was talking about is more than simple imagination, he was talking about Virtual Reality Imagination, thinking about an image in your mind, then making it visible in your field of vision, most NT's can only see imaginary Light in their mind, but not using their eyes, so the thought of doing such a thing is not even possible for them, and some people who are Schizoaffective like Newton and myself, tend to see imaginary Light all the time, so to us, it is normal, and some people can not distinguish between imaginary Light and Reality, so this condition known as Schizophrenia defines how they view reality and how they explain it, people like John Nash who was an Aspie and had Schizophrenia, lived two lives, one in his imagination and the other trying to blend that in with his reality, because he may not believe that others can not see his delusion, yet he was able to explain complex actions with mathematical formula's, so his work was important to many NT's, even if they view him as Crazy, but the truth is that everyone has the ability to see Imaginary Light, some can do it better than others, and just because you can not turn it off, does not make you Crazy, all the Drugs they gave him never helped, a fact they left out of the Movie “Beautiful Mind”, but that is Mainstream for you, we do not want to admit there is no cure for Autism, Schizoaffective or Schizophrenia, yet these Wizards all had it to some degree, so it is clear that our reality is defined by how we view the Light, and taking Drugs has nothing to do with it, the Drugs did not make us see the Imaginary Light, nor could it stop us from seeing it, and I know Newton talked about using drugs, Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms and even Rye Ergo were common drugs back in the 1700's, well maybe not Rye Ergo, it was an Alchemist only drug, but still made in Nature and if you knew what to look for can find it, but Newton was an Alchemist, and he used drugs just as I have, yet doing drugs can make me see the Light differently, but with practice, I can do it without the drugs, and that is because the Receptors for Cannabis are actually part of our Brain, so we have all been on it since we were born, so taking it only enhances what Nature gave us at Birth, so I know it is not the drugs doing it, our brains are wired to see the Light, and only a fool would argue that point, because every Animal on this planet sees the Light differently, everyone on this planet is an individual, and those individuals makes them unique on this Planet, Freewill allows each individual to believe that they think right and someone else thinks wrong, because this Right or Wrong belief is so powerful in them, that it leads them to believe that their way of thinking is better, and it is why most Neurotypicals believe that being Normal means something that it does not, the truth is that an IQ over 100 is not Normal, so it is not Normal to have a high IQ, so it is normal to have a low IQ, and it is subnormal to have an IQ of less than 70, but that is now becoming the Normal, so it is clear that it is normal to get Stupider instead of more Intelligent, so from my point of view, Normal is not good, I would rather be in the Group of people with a high IQ, and since every real Science or Arts accomplishment has come from people that are not Normal, because.... let's face it, if it was normal to be Intelligent, people would not value it, nor would that value Art that came from Stupid People, because most of the fantastic Art came from Autistic and not the Artistic, so if people that are really Intelligent as Sir Isaac Newton was, well, they have a reason for their Madness, he thinks like a God, and that is why he was treated like one when he died, yet his Science is now just ancient History that is no longer taught in Schools, and it is all because of this Right or Wrong way of thinking that only Neurotypicals do, not saying this is a bad thing, there is a reason why high IQ is not Normal, how do I put this, have you listened to what I have said so far, we are very eccentric and neurotic, and I do not mean that in a good way, it makes us believe we are more Intelligent than Normal People, and it is because we are, and just based on facts and not Emotions, just Statics, because Math is all we know, I can calculate the motions of the Heavens but I cannot Calculate the Madness of Humans, I think that is a Paraphrase, but it is what this Right or Wrong way of thinking will get you, this world is insane and stupid, and that is Normal, because it is Normal to be that way as if that is Reality, when in fact it is not, nor is my Reality, reality is knowing what is right and what is wrong, believing in facts is right, believing in imaginary concepts is wrong, Newton believed this is how we write Science, but I do not want to leave this Imagination out of my Science, in fact, I want to embrace it, because without it, I could have never figured out how the Universe actually works, because regardless of how I view it or perceive it, and I use view meaning to actually see it with my eyes, whereas perceive is using my senses to process what I see, yet a Blind person could see this also, as long as they have a view to it, so my life is a contradiction, I know the Truth because I proved it, but because IAM not Normal, I cannot Lie about it, it is Normal to Lie, so its Normal to believe everyone Lies, and most of the time that is a fact, but Sir Isaac Newton did not Lie, and I did not change anything he said, so what is the Truth and what is Reality, so imagination can alter it, but at the Subatomic Level, it is doing what I said it was, so it is predictable, and Science is that simple if you observe something to be repeatable, then no matter how you explain how it is working, it works the way it always did, so recording images in Cameras takes the Imagination out of Science, or does it? I see many images in the Sun, are they Real or Imaginary? The Images are real enough if I can see them, but the meaning of the Image is in my Imagination, so the way we use Imagination is what defines who we are, and that differs from one individual to the next, and when it comes down to the majority of people on this Planet, you will find Aspies and Neurotypicals can agree on more things if they find common ground, and reality is the foundation of that statement which leaves a lot of interpretation because of the word “Reality”, is obviously not the same for Aspies and Neurotypicals all the time, but the fact is that most Neurotypicals can relate to most Aspies, after being married to Neurotypicals for over 36 years, I know a few things about them, so I learned enough to know that we need to define the words we used to talk better, because to me, words are just Spells, no one can agree on how a word should be spelled, and it always has more than one meaning, Aspies normally read everything literally, so God is All Light, means God is just a name for this Light, because the word “All” means just that, but NT's love to make more out of it than that, they take a simple statement and make God into a Deity, meaning God is some Being or Entity, instead of just being the Light, so some people will not believe that God is Lightning or Electricity, so how can our Realities be the same, how can Reality have any common ground, so our view of Light is our Reality?

As an Aspie, Communication is not my strong point, even in College, the only papers I got publish were on how to use all the rules for Writing the right way but for all the wrong reasons, because I can write whole paragraphs without the use of a Period without breaking any rules, so this has not changed, and I have no other way of being able to write, or think how to write without my seemingly bizarre writing styles and use of Spells, so do not forget that someone with Autism is writing this, so give me a break, I know all the Rules, I just do not think like that - nor do I write like that, in fact, I only think in images, I never use that part of my brain called the “Little Voice” to think, I have that Little Voice, and I can tell you all it does is slow me down when it comes to thinking when I use it to think, I can only think at the speed of talk, I can not read any faster using that Little Voice, because it too is limited by the speed of speech, so words are worthless to me, they only slow me down, and they are very confusing, most of them have more than one meaning, they have emotions tied to them, inaccurate and start Wars if used wrong, so Spells are not my strong point, I do not spell very good for a Wizard, nor can I draw the images I see in my Mind, because it is not like I see any if I want to do that I have to recall them, and every time I do, I edit that Memory, so it becomes a new Story, and I ramble on sideways and come back to finish a sentence in another Chapter, without a link, so it confuses Normal People, but makes more sense to me since I remembered it that way, and that changes every time I think about it, because IAM learning all the time, I started this book out to prove how stupid Yew are, but that got boring when I got into the Science of the Trinary Universe, so Trinary Science took me away from my ultimate goal, which is to prove that Normal People are just Sheep and IAM the Sheep Dog, the person how is not Normal just because I do not believe anything that Little Voice tells me, and you want to know why? Its because I grew up in a world that knows it is insane to listen to Voices in your head, so wake up, when did that change? When it because Normal to have an IQ under 100, so I have to use a Vocabulary of a shortlist of Cuss Words, just so I can communicate with Normal People, instead of just explaining the Facts about Trinary Science, I feel compelled to give Yew my Life Story, because it is all part of this Grand Scheme to teach Yew the Truth, but then Words and Spells get in the way, and it is because the Sheep forgot that Reality was supposed to be Real, it Really was, and Words and Spells can change Reality, as can Concepts like we are Electric Light Beings, living as a Host to a body of Flesh that will die and be reborn, but I still have to explain this to the Sheep as well as those Enlightened beings that will Read this, so what Words and Spells must I used to explain this Concept to yew, and that is what it comes down too, or is that two, it is just a word, what does it mean, if its spelled wrong or is the wrong word all together does not make it write or Wong, depending on who Yew are, so words are all I can use, they are a Wizards best line of Offense, and should never be used for Defense, because if you Offend someone they will Defend their Belief, over the Truth any day of the weak, as in Mind Control and Brainwashing from School to TV and now the Internet, there are so many theories about how the Universe works that everyone forgot about what we actually use the Math for, and that is not the Dynamic Universe, it has no math, not even E = MC2, so it is Normal to forget about the Only Truth ever told about Science, and it is all because it was told by an Aspie, and Communication with Normal People: is not our best Traits, but telling the truth about Science is.

One thing I have learned about people: no two are alike, and no two like each other, they are separated by Religion, Class or Education, their views about life are as different as they are, so it is a waste of time to try to tell them how the Universe works, because they will only believe what they want to, and I do not do well with people who disagree with me on anything, and maybe that is true about everyone, but I take it to an extreme few do, and I know this about myself, so I avoid having friends, but I talk a lot, and I can talk to anyone, which is not a good thing for me, because ultimately very few people care how the Universe works, and those that do may not agree with my limited way of thinking, so it normally causes arguments, so I got to the point that I do not like talking to people, nor do I like being around them, so I spend most of my time in front of a computer trying to figure out how to explain how the Universe works, and this document is my last effort at doing so, so it is not about making money selling this, I will be dead before I spend it all and can not take it with me, so it is a waste of time, I say this because Science is what Yew Pay for, and it does not matter what you paid to read this, it is Free on my Websites and always will be, this is just the introduction to only 6 chapters, since I do not count how many sub-chapters or pages that is, it is just all words and how I spelled them, and my Grammar is from a different time period, because IAM really a Crazy Old Wizard, and why it is so much fun to be a Sheep Dog, because I can stand up and look over all those with low IQ Scores, as if that makes them Stupid, it is the lack of Knowledge that Makes anyone Stupid, it is not that Einstein was wrong for writing a book about a theory he did not believe, but it is a totally other thing to believe in a theory the author did not, that is like doing the same thing over and over and expecting new results, no matter how much you try to make sense of a Dynamic Universe, it is not Reality, it is not that we have not yet come up with Technology that can Time or Light Travel, for one thing, we had Technology to build Pyramids, moving Stones weighing hundreds of thousands of tons, so do not tell me that we as a Race are getting more Intelligent, it is a fact that only one or two true genius is born in a century, and since Nikola Tesla died, the IQ has not been there, it died with him till I was born, and that is funny and entertaining to state, but I would not be a Wizard if I did not state it that way, the Truth is just a Fact, how you tell it is a Statement, but Newton was no difference in how he felt towards Normal People, we look around and watch an Entire Planet being Destroyed, but using Oil I call the Blood of the Planet, to using Atomic Energy, that is Treason to this Planet, and it must be Stopped, and IAM will make whatever Statement I need to, to ensure it does, because IAM the Dog, and that is just a backward Spell, so Listen to me and forget about the Words and Spells, and just try to understand the Concept of Reality in the Trinary Universe, because this is my Fascination with Light.

Everyone has a Fascination with Light, even Blind People wonder what it might look like, because no one can actually see Light, because we are Blind to Light without Darkness, and that is why Light is so Fascinating, because the Light is God, and God is Fascinating, so saying that Light is Fascinating, is the same as saying God is Fascinating, isn't that Fascinating. As a child looking at the Light shine through the curtains in the middle of the day, I saw Dust particles dancing on the Light Waves, in the Currents of the Gas, they were suspended in, much like a Snow Globe, or Crystal Ball, shack it up, and watch all the Snow float down, only the Air rides on warm tides of colder air mixing in, and creating vortexes, I knew there was Math to explain this movement, but still, I knew it was Gods Laws, and Math that did explain it, because if God is the Force of Gravity, that the Light must explain this Force, and Light is just Electrons, and a Photon is a bunch of Electrons that make up the smallest unit of Light we can see, without using Technology, as such, if Force is Equal to its Mass times its Acceleration, then Newton must explain how this is God, so follow Newtonian Logic: Mass is made of Atoms, and the Light of God is inside every Atom, so the Force is equal to the Mass of God times its Acceleration, is what Sir Isaac Newton meant to say, but it is what my Cousin Isaac Newton wrote, so the Logic is Light is God, because God is All Light, and Light has no Acceleration, and its speed is a constant, so Newton was not talking about God in terms of the force of Light, as such: Light cannot be used to replace Acceleration since it has none, proving E = MC2 is wrong, since in Math, God = Light, therefore the Mass of Neutrinos surrounding the Light, also known as Trinary Atoms, or God also known as Light, as such you have the formula Light * Light2, and that can be factored differently, just divide both sides by God or the Light, and you have F = MA again, since that is the formula that Einstein started with, but the force was too small, so he squared it for no other reason, only a real mathematician would understand this problem, because the Speed of Light is a Constant, Logic dictates that Light has no Acceleration, so only speeds up to the Speed of Light are Legal values for F = MA, where A, must have Acceleration, and Light does not have any, so it is excluded from this equation, the Logic is multiplying a Constant by the Square of that same Constant, is only a Ratio between the two constants, so you can factor that out when computing velocity, when calculating Energy, or the Force of Energy, so you can figure out Gravity, and Newton said God is the Force of Gravity in All his Equations, so let us look at Newtons Equations, since both Newtons, and Einsteins Equations use a Derivative Formula, and a derivative is a function that at some point characterizes the rate of change of the function at that point, both assume Velocity as a rate of change as a quantity, in this case, it is Energy, and Velocity requires Acceleration, and Light has none, so it factors out to simplify the formula, since by definition, things stop accelerating when they have reached their final speed, and a derivative is the rate of change at this point in time, and Time in this formula is a constant, because it is assumed to be right now at this point in time, and that is a constant, so it too can be factored out, because derivatives are only concerned with rates of change, so in short, Newton proved that God can only Accelerate a Mass, up to the speed of God, or Light, since Newton said God, and Light are the same Word, just a different Spell, since God is All Light without Darkness, that makes the Mass the Darkness, because that is all that we can see in the White Light of the Sun, so basically Newton said Force is equal to the Darkness times its Acceleration up to the Speed of Light, where it becomes Light, because only Light Travels at that speed.

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