Chapter 1.03:
Wizards versus Science
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  


Chapter 1.03:
Wizards versus Science

Regardless of what anyone thinks a Wizard is, I define all my Words and how I Spell them to have the meaning that I require in order to communicate concepts, and Wizards are what I Dreamed about as a Child, and this Document is describing the Dreams I had as a Child, so if this sounds Childish, then so be it, because by the 3rd Grade I had an IQ of 180, that is way higher than Einsteins 160 when he was an Adult, but IQ test are written by people with an IQ less than Einsteins, so the IQ Test does not even apply to me, in fact if I had answered the questions correctly, I would be considered Retarded like those that wrote the test, because those people who wrote it, do not understand how the Universe works, so why would they think they could write a test, that could determine anything but how well an individual understands how the Universe works according to them, and that Logic is sound, you can not write and IQ test unless you actually understand how the Universe works and to do otherwise is retarded, and that is how I view people who try to use their IQ score to prove they are more Intelligent than me, because my Logic is sound, and IAM not arrogant nor do I have an ego to feed, I know for a fact that what I am saying is the truth, because my Logic is based on Empirical Evidence, and I do not use Emotions or Theories to describe things so my Reasoning is as sound as my Logic, and I know that the only reason I even passed any test is because I use the faulty logic that was used to write it, so this test proved I can think as stupid as those I call Sheeple [1], and that describes how a Wizard thinks.

I view history (differently) than most people, thousands of years ago someone wrote a document that was incorporated into the Bible, this document was not a very long document, no one knows who wrote it, and for the most part, its just a legend, the stories that were in it have some similarities between modern day Bibles based on that concept, I wrote the original on paper by hand starting at a very young age, it was the Story of a Wizard named Jesus Bar Abbas, note that if using only his last name that you must add a Bar or Slash like: / in it, as such Bar/Abbas, so its one word, but his name has 3 parts to it, Spells are important to Wizards, so pay attention.

His-Story was about another Wizard named Moses, and the legend said that it was told to 12 people who understood His-Story, and each would write their own story about events that were unfolding, because Bar/Abbas was the leader of a Militia, he told His-Story to groups of people trying to get them to change their ways, because the Romans were forcing them to use Money and pay Taxes, the Root of All the Evil that was taking place was because of the use of Money, remember that during Jesus's time, Romans would wag Wars killing thousands, by hiring paid Soldiers as we do to this day, and would force them to fight to the death in Roman Colosseum for Entertainment, we call this TV News, so nothing has change in thousands of years, because those that do not know His-Story are bound to repeat the same mistakes, because His-Story was about a Dark Wizard known as Moses, who destroyed the Pyramids after waging a Civil War, because Moses believed there should be Money and Laws, but that was forbidden in Societies at that time, everyone worked for Free, everyone was Free, the Pyramids produced enough pure water and electricity for everyone to enjoy life, they had flying machines that could carry heavy loads, the legend also spoke about building Pyramids on other Planets in our Solar system, and that was proven to be the Truth, so this was an advance society that used Electricity as power, they had Light bulbs, and all types of technology that is more advanced then what we have nowadays, and Bar/Abbas wanted to rebuild the Pyramids, and go back to the old ways, it has been thousands of years since the Dark Wizard Moses Raped, Pillaged and Plundered the once Great Pyramids, but in the end, Jesus was betrayed by the 12 Disciples, and they changed His-Story to favor the Romans Version of Events, well to a point, the Romans never recorded the name Jesus Christ, because his real name is Jesus Bar Abbas, because that story was not written till after the 3rd Century, so it does not correlate to Roman History, but they did execute Jesus Bar Abbas, the Romans were very clear about that point, but the Lies the 12 Traders told lived on in History, and His-Story was lost, till thousands of years later when another man named Isaac Newton was born on the same day as Jesus Bar Abbas, on 25 December, note that I can name dozens of Wizards born on this Date, like: Horus, Mithras, Krishna, Dionysis and Other Pagan Gods, so Isaac decided to do his own research, and meet with other Wizards known as Alchemist in his times, since it would be a death sentence to be found out to be a Wizard or Witch [1] in those days, they would burn you alive, so the Alchemist would have to meet in secret and all their work was encoded in Witchcraft, and in those books, Isaac found the story of Jesus Bar Abbas, and he knew it was the truth, he was very upset with it, so he spent the rest of his life working on proving what Jesus said, which was this Energy or Higher Power known as God, he knew from His-Story that it had 3 States that Trinity described, and it was Light without Darkness, and by 1666 Isaac found the Light without Darkness, the Darkness was the Rainbow of Colors that we see with our eyes, but he also knew that most of the Technology was lost, it was melted down, so they could make Money out of it, so History was all lies to keep the concept of Money going, so no one would find out about the Evil things Money has done, like destroy an Advanced Civilization, so Religion was created to brainwash stupid people, into thinking that those before them were even Stupider, which was not hard to do, but they could not explain how the Pyramids were Built, but Stupid People did not Care, so my Cousin Isaac Newton coined the phrase Sheep-People, which got shorten to Sheeple when he wrote it at lot, because Sheeple were stupid enough to believe what all the Dark Wizards were teaching, so the Dark Wizards outlawed the use of the term Wizard and Witch, and ordered all of them to be hunted down and murdered, and they wrote books called Fairy tales about Wizards and made them a Joke to normal people, but I do not care what Yew believe, Sheeple are the ones that are Stupid, but Newton could not do anything about it, so he wrote his Witchcraft till the day he died, and he said that they changed the Calendar in such a way, that the Flesh would be reborn on 14 January, and that was my Birthday, and IAM the Flesh, and now most of Newton's notes and work are public domain, so His-Story is being told, but the Christians continue to lie about it, so they decided to embrace the Dark Wizard Albert Einsteins Theory as if it was the Truth, and they teach their Sheep that God is a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically exist, and then their Science proves that God did not create the Universe, and the Sheep worship Money and do not trust in God and lie about what Jesus's 3 name were, so it is no wonder most people do know about Wizards, and think they are just Fairy Tales, because History is not about His-Story, it is about making you believe in Money, so the Scam can continue, as their Slaves do the Bidding of their Masters: Money, which is owned by a very small Group of Men, who think they Own the World, just because they own all the People in it, as if they were Sheep, and if the Lord is your Shepard, you are a Sheep.

I give credit to the Godless Dynamic Universe to Albert Einstein, who was only one of many Scientists who had a hand in coining this concept based on Einsteins work, and in reality Newton's Universe was not coined Static by him, but by others working off his model, so it was easier and simpler to just state that the Dynamic Universe was Einstein's Theory, and the Static Universe was Newton's idea, because he did state that all Light is Static, and the Universe was made of Light, so it was not a big leap to make such a statement, but the biggest difference between Einstein's Theory and Newton's Concept, was evidence, Einstein's work is all based on Theories with no Proof, whereas Newton's Concept was based on Light that does exist, so its based on Empirical Evidence, so I call Theories that are not based on Empirical Evidence: Sheeple Theories, because only Sheeple would believe in things they do not exist, knowing that is what the Dictionary defines as Insanity.

Wizards use Words and Spells to describe things that exist in the Universe based on Empirical Evidence, whereas Theories describe how the Universe might work if the Theory is correct, and it is only when People believe that the Wizard is wrong and Theory is right, does the Term Reality no longer exist, because the belief in things that are not Real is Insane, and the Question about what Theory is Insane is easy to answer, because the definition of the Word or how you Spell it, always defines what that word or spell means, and the Spell of Insane is defined as believing in things that do not exist in Reality, and there can only be one Reality, the Reality where Theories are allowed to be viewed as Real is called Science Fiction, or Fantasy, the World of Imagination or just Dreams, but at no point in time can those Theories be anything more than just a Theory until proven to be a fact using Empirical Evidence, without the Empirical Evidence its just a Theory, so any theory that is allowed to become your Reality; can define that reality as Sane, meaning the things in this Reality are all Real, or Insane, meaning the things in this Reality may not be Real, regardless of if you think they are real, and just can not prove it other than using Theories to explain things that do not exist in Reality, so we must define Reality to explain Empirical Evidence, and as a Wizard we will categorize people into two types of People: those that believe in Empirical Evidence we will call Wizards and those that believe in Theories we will call Theoretical Scientist, but that term only applies to a limited few of the People who actually believe that these Theories are Reality, so we will only classify those people who believe that these Theories are Reality, and I will refer to this class as Sheep, because they only believe what they have heard in their herd, and have no Empirical Evidence to support their way of thinking, so they are nothing but Animals who can not think for themselves, they believe there is safety in numbers, and 95% of the world's population can not be insane just because they believe in Theories, because some of them may one day be proven to be a fact, which means that they might be a little insane because not all theories can or will be proven to be facts, so Reality is what you believe it is and no one but you can change that, but you will not convince Wizards that is your Right to believe in insane ideas or Theories, because insane thoughts lead to insane actions, like using Atomic Energy, when you have abandoned Lightning.

Wizards never intentionally insult People, so we instead insult Sheep, because we are Sheep Shepard's or Sheep Dogs, so we have to deal with Sheep Shit, so we do not Step on it, or get into an argument with those that think like Sheeple, who look like a Sheep with the head of a Monkey, so Sheeple is a Spell for Sheep with a Money's head full of Shit, so I use the Yew Spell, which refers to a Tree called TaxUS that Stupid Ewe eat so it refers to Sheep Shit for Brains, so if a Wizard states that Yew are Stupid, the Wizard is saying the Sheep Shit or TaxUS is Stupid, and you would be Stupid to eat TaxUS, and Yew would have to have Sheep Shit for Brains to think that any Theory is Reality, regardless of the fact that you may one day prove it, till that day it is just a Theory and not a Fact, and just because no one can debunk a Theory, does make it a fact, so Wizards always have to prove that what they are talking about is not a Theory, I will make very few Theories, and will be sure to tale you when I do, and keep in mine that this person writing this is a Human and Not God, these are my words, God has no words, because God is just Energy called Light and this is how I Spell them, I talk like a Wizard, so I do not offend you when I disagree with Yewer style of thinking, because that way of thinking offends me, so I will offend Yew, and if you want to take it personal, that is up to you, Freewill is a double edge sword, if you use Spells to insult People, it can cut both ways, so I will warn you, I have PTSD, OCD, and other Mental Issues like many Ashkenazi, and I only use Spells to distance myself from a conflict that I do not want to happen, I do not ever want to fight with anyone for any reason, its pointless, no one ever wins an argument by fighting about it, so I use the term Yew and Sheeple with the intent of avoiding conflicts with anyone, so if I use the wrong term, it might be a Typo, so Assume that I did not actually mean to Insult you unless I feel you insulted me, because then you made an Ass out of U and me and it was your fault and not mine, because I never intentionally lie about anything, everything I say I can prove is not a Lie, and that starts by not using Theories to explain things, because not all Theories will be proven to be the Truth, and the Truth will never change, only the Theories about them, making Theories worthless in a discussion about Real Science, where the Spell Real means Reality, so the Trinary Universe will be Proven beyond a Shadow of a doubt to be the Truth about how the Universe actually works: regardless of any Theories about how it might work, but I claim that this Truth is based on Empirical Evidence, and how I explain it is beside the point, those are just Words and Spells I used to help you understand the images that I see, where these images are how the Universe actually works, as opposed to how I explain concepts that few people can understand unless they could see these images in my mind, but I have to use words and spells to describe them, because I can not draw them on paper, I am Autistic not Artistic, and those before me that tried failed to make Yew see the Light of God.

Those that write theories are not being Targeted in my Document, not even Einstein who is my favorite Science Fiction writer of all time, and I Love Science Fiction, just not in my Science, but Sheeple that believe this is Reality are insane, and I will never apologize to anyone for saying that, and that is not said to offend anyone that actually believes that way, I am a Sheep Shepard talking to my Sheep, and I think that the Sheeple are insane for thinking that way, not the People, they have Freewill, Sheep do not, so unless you are a Sheep, or Sheeple, which comes down to you physically being Sheep Shit, then you should never be offended, but if you defend Sheeple, then Yew are insane, this is just a Wizards way of saying that the Wizard is always wiser then the Sheep in his Flock, so instead of insulting people who live in a fantasy world, I must define a Universe that is based on Reality, and that means that we can not mix Theories with Reality, we must all agree what is a Theory and what is a Fact, so we have no disagreement: I will define every Concept in words that anyone can understand, and will prove that there is Empirical Evidence to go along with each Concept, so when I finish this Document, you will know it is the Truth based on Empirical Evidence and not Theoretical Constructs, so its Reality, and we can all Agree that this is Reality, except for the Sheeple because Yew really do have Shit for brains, and that joke never gets old, because it never changes, and the more you make Yew arguments, this conflict and the possibility of you getting offended: escalates... So always remember that I never intend to insult anyone or anyone's beliefs, my motto is: I do not care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not! , so know this: everything I talk about in this Document is a known fact using everyone's research, its just a matter of connecting all the dots, and separating Theories from Facts, Sheeple see the Light Moving, Wizards know the Light can not move, it is the Universe that moves, and Sheeple will never understand that concept, because they think they can see Gods Light in the Sun, when all they see is Darkness and call it the Light, and to argue that point is pointless, Sheeple have Shit for Brains and will never understand any concept, but will argue with all of them because that is how Sheeple are, facts just slow them down, Emotions are much easier to wield like a weapon to defend ideas with no proof, and they always use insults to make a point, and I will always warn you that I only talk to Wizards and Sheeple, never to People, because I have no idea what side a person is on, ether they are a Wizard or Sheeple because my Universe is absolute, you are on the Lightside or the Darkside, and the terms do not mean Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, the Lightside means the belief that the Light of God, Newton wrote of: is what I call Trinary Energy. I changed the name to remove God from Science, and I am never trying to add God to Science, I believe in God, and my beliefs are not important in this Document, it is not based on any of my Beliefs, which is why I try to be very clear and use so many words to say anything, a Wizards Reality describes how the Universe actually works, Scientist on the other hand believe that Theories should be used to explain how the Universe works, all I care about is the Truth, and that is never a Theory, because the Truth is what has been proven with Empirical Evidence.

Wizards believe that Empirical Evidence must be explained in terms that everyone can understand, yet no two people can agree on what ever word in a dictionary means, so every word may have many meanings, and when you translate that word into another language, you might lose all its meaning, and Spells are the biggest problem for a Wizard, I can not Spell Words, because their Spelling has no meaning to me, only the Image of the word, and that has no words to describe it, if a Picture is worth a Thousand Words, a Wizard must use those Thousand Words to Describe it, so Wizards must rely on facts, whereas Sheeple believe that Scientist know everything, when only Wizzards know it all, again the Spell Wizzard [1] means God, so a Wizard always writes about the way they say things, the Spells are not there to confuse Yew, but to clarify what it is IAM trying to say, again IAM God, or IAM the Light Wizzard is all the same Spell, whereas Theories all have Spells of their Own, so you have the God's Particle Spell, which means nothing to a Wizard, because it is just a Joke, and that is how Wizards view all Theories. Wizards versus Scientist is more of a comparison, but Wizards have them when it comes to Science.

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