The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 1.02:
History or His-Story
C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 1.02:
History or His-Story

History or His-Story, or His-Story about History, or more to the point it is the History of His-Story, because it all started before the First Bible was written, and it was handed down from Generation to Generation, Wizards and Witches would write Stories that had two meanings, and not all Wizards or Witches wrote about the Light, most of them only delt with Dark Magic, so the History of the Light must only include those that talked about the Light, and only passing on to those that had the Dreams about being Jesus, and trust me few know him by name, because most People Deny he has 3 names: Jesus Bar Abbas, in the Bible, he fought as a Leader in the Militia, against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation, that came down to the Roman Coliseum where: Lions, Tigers, and Bears would eat all that Failed to Pay their Taxes, nowadays they just ruin their Credit Score which has the same effect, oh my... More to the point, making Slaves of people that can not pay the Roman Soldiers Taxes, so they could carry out this Terrorism, so in steps, the Legal System made this Legal, so now it is not Terrorism because it is Legal, sit in one of their Jails as you figure out how they make money off of you, and when Jesus rose up against the Roman Empire, the people that read the Bible knew it was the return of their Savior, and so did the Jews who ran the Banks and collected the Taxes, so they ordered to have Jesus executed, and Roman records confirmed this according to Sir Isaac Newton: who said the Church inserted Christ into the Bible, to make 2 Jesus`s: Jesus Christ and Jesus Bar Abbas, and then the Church rewrote the Bible to make the People decide who dies, Christ or Bar/Abbas, those that voted for Jesus Bar Abbas had an Oil Drawing of the Owl of Athena, figurine on their door, if you did not have oil they used Lambs Blood, and that Night, the Romans invaded the city and killed all that had the mark of the Owl of Athena, that is His-Story, nowadays they print it on all United States 1 Dollar Bills of my time, the other version is called History, and it is always written by those that Conquered, so that would be the Banks that now own Yew like Sheep, so now that you know the difference between the two, we can get started talking about the His-Story of History or the History of His-Story... His-Story was passed down from Generations: to children who remember waking up in their body after lifetimes of being reborn, and remembering who “I” was over all the Iterations, where I is always the Light of God, but my memory is not always what it may seem, it is only as I wrote it, so it is only as it appears to be, witch is not the same for all Wizards, so the fact you are reading this, or at least made it this far into this paragraph, means you are or might be interested in what this is all about, where this can be about Wizards and their Science, that was written by Witches who tale two stories at the same time, because so far it is all been about Science and what I could prove was Science, and not using any Theories to Prove it, since a Theory means it has not been Proven, it also means it may never be Proven, but more to the point it is a Lie if it is not the Truth, and only Satan tales half-truths, and a Deity is always a Lie since they do not Physically Exist, witch is known as Insanity, and how Satan drives you to insanity by telling you Lies that most fools believe are the Truth, so you cannot use another Theory to Prove a Theory, since either one of them could be the truth if one of them is not, and that is always a 50/50 chance, and why it is called a half Truth, so that is the Concept of Chaos, and that is only found using Theories like General Relativity, and the Godless Dynamic Universe, but this is not about Science Fiction, which is a better term for Theories, because His-Story dates back before the Bible was written, and it talks about the Light and the Darkness, stating that God is All Light without Darkness, and we know that the Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors we see, so Satan would teach you that is the Light instead of the Darkness, so it is up to faith or technology to show us the Light without Darkness, and all Light is made up of Electrons, and there is a type of Atom, and all Atoms are made of Neutrinos and Light, so God Physically Existed as Light without the Darkness, but God is also all the Darkness you see, since all that we see is made of Atoms with God inside, but the God in Religion is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, so they are not the same God, the Trinary God Exist only as Trinary Energy, and is also called the Light Wizzard, the Light of God, or just God: witch Newton called the Force of Gravity, as long as it is only in reference to the Light without Darkness, and not a Deity, so keep this in mind: Christ is the Followers that Deny Jesus Bar Abbas is the only Jesus in the Bible, such that the Antichrist is Jesus Bar Abbas, because Christ is still celebrated on 25 December, and the Antichrist is celebrated on 14 January, Christ means Chaos, Antichrist means Harmony, the truth is in plain sight using Witchcraft, the Bible states that Money is the Root of All that is Evil, Satan would have you believe it is only the Love of Money, because Witchcraft is the art of writing words with spells that can tale more than one story, so pay attention to what Spells Witches use: Christmas is a Spell for Christ on a Mast, or Cross, like the one that Jesus Bar Abbas was Murdered on, so Santa Clause brings Presents to all the Good Children, so maybe I should have named my Chapter Cause AND Causality, to Clause AND Causality, because he knows who has been Good or Bad, so understand this Spell: a Clause is a Legal Commitment, in this case to Santa, and the real question is who is Santa, because of a Dyslexic person like my self, I normally Spell it Satan, because I tend to switch my N to the End, because I do not believe in Chaos, nor do I believe in Christ, Sir Isaac Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, so Christ is a Lie to bring Chaos, that allows Evil, witch is another Backward Spell for Live, because the Followers of Christ would have Burned Sir Isaac Newton alive if they knew this back then, so he had to hide his Notes, but they have been public domain for over a hundred years now, and Newton only believed in what he could prove was the truth, and Science can never be left up to Chance or Chaos, it has to be proven to be the Truth, and how can anyone in their Right Mind Prove the Truth about the Universe, and that is a question IAM about to do, so this Story starts off with His-Story, that was passed on from their Grandparents before them, all the way back to Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin, and then all the way back to before the Bible was written, so this is History, and like all History, the Birth Certificates can prove the Truth, so follow where mine lead you on this journey, but before you ask who I am, ask yourself who IAM...

My name is Jeffrey Scott Flesher [2], the son of Robert E. Flesher of Alexandria Virginia in the United States of America, not far from Weston West Virginia, whose ancestry traces back to Germany where my 5th Great-Grandfather Henry Weston Flesher who sailed to Philadelphia Pennsylvania: on 2 November in 1752 aboard the Ship called the “Phoenix”. When he was around 18 years old, he fought in the Revolutionary War of Independence, which came to be known as the War of Independence of 1776, which was against those Banks that now own U.S., but our family would not sign the Declaration of Independence because it gave Congress the ability to Print Money, stating that this was a loophole for Lawyers to take advantage of, an argument with no winners, so Franklin signed it to end the argument, because some people just wanted money and did not care how they got it, so my Grandfather was not happy about it, but Jefferson made Amendments to Protect the Document, by allowing its Citizens to overthrow a corrupt government, but that is now considered Treason, but that is how His-Story and History work: the City of Weston West Virginia was named after my Great-Grandfather, and History forgot all about that argument, because the Banks now own You if you have a Birth Certificate, that they use as collateral for the loan from the Bank that Owns you like a Sheep, but since History was written by the Banks, His-Story will sound a little different, since it is told from the Point of View of a Child who read His-Story, and took responsibility for it at a young age, half a century after I was born: I am now a Medically Retired Gulf War Vet, and my Family has a History with the Military and the Militia, and my Parents were also Masons, and only married into the Order of Masons, and I continued that tradition, but like all Ashkenazi fleeing Germany, they had to hide their heritage to avoid being persecuted, by Christians who hate Jews, or Muslims, because they knew Jesus was just a Messenger, and the Message was the End of Civilization at a Biblical Proportion, so they became Lutherans, Protestant, even Catholic and Christian, as long as they did not find out we were Jews, even back in 1752, they hated Jews, they were Christians or Muslims, face it they all hate each other, so how can they claim to be peaceful when they are always at war with one another, but for the most part, everyone hated Jesus Bar Abbas, so it made little difference what Religion you were, if you believe in Jesus Bar Abbas, because he is not a Religion at all, in fact, in some Bibles, he is not a very nice Man, even though he fought against the Roman Empire for making Slaves out of everyone, so the belief in Bar/Abbas was one most Jews keep to themselves, because Christians would Kill us for saying that, as would they for pointing out the fact he is the only Jesus in any Bible, so in truth, my Family never did like Religion, but they did believe in the Bible, so much for my Father's side of the Family.

My Mother was Mary Lou Robertson of Los Angeles California whose ancestry traces back to Scotland, her father was from Texas, and he was from Nova Scotia, and only spook Gaelic and French, or a mix of the two. My Grandfather Walter Robertson was retired Military, he was in the Army so long that he got so used to standing at attention, that his back arched back in that position for the rest of his life, and he died after a Colostomy, and I did not inherit that from him, some diseases just happen more in some families, like my Grandmother Robertson died of Diabetes, they cut off both her legs, and I have been diagnosed with Neuropathy in both my legs, and borderline Diabetes.

I was born in Corona California on Saturday 14 January 1961 at 6:32 PM, at the time I lived behind my Grandfather Robertson's house at 3666 ½ Valley View, Norco, California, which Norco is short for North Corona. The Name Robertson comes for the old age of the Scottish Highlanders, where you are named a Son after your Father, in this case the Son of Robert the Bruce, who was the Son of Bruce, in the time of William Wallace, which my ancestry can be traced back to on my Fathers side of the family, to be related to Wallace, so the two sides of the family come back as one in the Flesh, and that is why she gave me the middle name of Scott. After retiring from the Military I worked for the Government as a Computer Programmer for: the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO) on Contract to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and a contract to work for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the truth is that because of my OCD and PTSD, working became impossible for me, few can really understand what people like me go through, you take one disorder on top of another one, and soon they add up.

Numbers like 3, 6 and 9 follow me throughout my whole life. I was in the United States Air Force from 1986 to 1999, about 13 years, I started out as an F-111 Computer Test Station Technician, basically I was an Electronic Engineer, Mechanic and Computer Programmer, who worked on the Video Test Stations to fix the Terrain Following and Attack RADAR Computer systems, and worked on other Avionics equipment, such as Radios. I got my first Meritorious Service Award from the 366th Wing at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho in 1993, for my work leading up to 1993 for increasing the F-111's Systems reliability by more than 30% and reducing the time for deployment of the F-111 System by 1 year, which was just in time for the Gulf War in 1991, where the F-111 flew over 96% of all Sorties. After the first part of the War in 1993, I cross-trained as a Helicopter Crew Chief on the H-60 for the 66 RQS Air Rescue Squadron, Nellis AFB in Las Vegas Nevada, after coming back from a Tour in Kuwait during the Gulf War, from 1995 to 1996; I was ordered to the 31st Special Operations, Black Knight Squadron at Osan Air Base in South Korea, Helicopter Crew Chief on the H-53, where I was awarded my second Meritorious Medal for my effort in winning the 1996 Secretary of Defense Maintenance Award, I also received my second Academic award from the Air Force for my pursuit to get my Ph.D. in Physics, but shortly after returning to the United States, I was Medically Retired for symptoms that are now part of Gulf War Syndrome.

I was working on my Ph.D. in Physics for many years before becoming too sick to finish, maybe one day I will finish it, that is why I am working on it now, only my goals have changed, I no longer care about submitting this to some University, specifically the same University that Newton went to, I still would like that Degree, but that is not what this document is about, it is about Real Science, Sheeple (more of a Rant really), and that should be Free, whereas this degree will not be Cheap, it is not just the Money, I have never cared about Money, it is about rejection: because I know my limitations: I have Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD), and please note it is not a Disease but a Disorder, so there is no treatment or cure, only distractions like drugs or counseling for these Obsessions. The Military Diagnosed me with OCD when I was stationed in Korea, so after I went through training on how to deal with OCD, I found I have difficulty with aspects of it based on Subject, so, for example, my Obsession with Science, Technology or even Sex: (I have a very limited interest: the Universe): is broken down into categories with levels that better define how I deal with things, later in life I found out that OCD is just a Spectrum of Autism, as is Dyslexia: which as a child I told everyone I was always transposing characters when I read and write, and it is not a problem with my Spells, and even though that is Dyslexia, the Adults I told this to just told me that everyone does that, and that I just need to learn to Spell better, witch as a Wizard that made me laugh out loud, Witches are good a Spells and Potions, Wizards are better at Logic and Reasoning, because they all said the same thing, it was only recently that I found out that Dyslexia is also a Spectrum of Autism, so the way I think about the way I think has changed a lot over time, and as a result, it changed who IAM: by changing the Connection “I” has to “Me”.

As long as I can remember: I was told to learn to behave like Normal People, and trust me that is an insult, only Normal People do not see it that way, but I could never learn to be Normal, in my mind, all the Letters in all my Words and Spells get all jumbled up, and no matter how I Spell them: they still look jumbled up to me, so I have to write them down all Jumbled up, so I could read them, so my Sentence and Word Structure are all written in a way to deal with my Dyslexia, and Spell Checkers sometimes give me different Words or Wrong Spells, so I have to research a lot of Words and Spells, and my OCD never allows me to do otherwise, I can start off trying not to write about some subjects, but my OCD will always win out, I can not sleep at night till I finish a Task, and Books like this are Never Finished til you Die, and “I” never dies, nor does my OCD that reminds “Me” of that fact, because if I can quiet that “Little Voice” in My Head, I can hear what “I” has to say, but without Words, no Characters, no Spells, just the Answer to the Problem that I have in My Mind, and this is a well-documented ability, and should be its own Spectrum of Autism. I have followed many studies on this Math ability, where most children have the ability to look or listen to math problems, and they know the answer without having to write it down or work out the equation on paper, they do it all in their mind, and say that they do not hear nor see the answer in their mind, its just there. As most of these children grew up, this ability got hard to accomplish, while some reported they just lost interest in it, as for myself, it got harder to do once I was forced to learn how to show my work, and it got harder to quiet my Little Voice after I was forced to learn how to Read Words by Spelling them out, by using that Little Voice in my Head, before that, all text was just symbols to me, and it did not matter what language they were written in, so having to learn how to think as a Neurotypical caused me Brain Damage, because it is clear to me that thinking that way is a Disability, because most NT thinking only revolves around Emotions, so they need no evidence to support any Subject they have to think about, a good example is 911...

When 911 reports came in they stated that the whole building was destroyed, but watching the News Coverage Live, I saw all the Towers were still up, but eventually came down, so the timeline in my Autistic Mind found a Premonition, in real-time some reporter let it slip that the buildings already collapsed, and FEMA stated they showed up the day before the event, so they could set up to be ready for it, and some of the Jews did not show up for work, and later stated that they found out the day before, this is all the talk going around at the time, no one knows what is true or not, but everyone seems to have pushed for the Video Taped Version of the story that centers around a hand full of videos and pictures, to the Peoples minds, this is the Evidence of what took place, yet millions of people with cameras in their hand, and not one of them decided to take pictures, I do not know about everyone, but I would have said to myself, wow, a Plane is going to hit the World Trade Center, maybe I should take a Photograph or Video, but not one person in that city, except for a hand full of videos and images that all look fake, and might even be able to be proven to be fake, since not one credible witness can testify that they actually saw the event, many saw the Explosions, those you could not hide, they did, in fact, take place, there is physical evidence that this event happened, but the truth is that there was a huge gap between the explosions, and when the video of what happened was shown to the public, there was enough time to fake it, by rendering a plane that blended into the explosions that did take place, that way they would match any surveillance footage, that can later be faked, that is the mind of an Autistic person, because Neurotypicals were all sold on the fake footage, hook, line, and sinker, they lined up to tell their version of how this plane hit the building, only after they saw the footage, and in fact, never did see the Planes, but are now brainwashed into believing they did, some even wanted to see it, so they would not feel left out and can tell their Story, but with no Proof, it is all BS, because in fact no one seen a plane hit the building, because in reality there is no evidence a plane crashed anywhere in that State that day, and it is impossible to hit the ground or a building, and leave absolutely no evidence that the event took place, so anyone that believe in the Faked version, has no need for facts in their lives or reality, fake videos and pictures are all the evidence they need, so it really does not matter how your brain is wired, if its wired to not demand proof: maybe that is a Spectrum of being Human, maybe it has more to do with my OCD, because I was not the only one that noticed it, in fact, most of them were normal people, so maybe its just me that thinks everyone else is stupid for not noticing this, I mean how did they get away with it is just mind-blowing, but those same stupid Sheeple believe that the U.S. still has an Amended Constitution, as if you can Amend the Word Spelled Only, when in fact they cannot so do not, since this United States of America was Legally taken over by the Bank that now owns us like Sheep, till the day we pay off the Loan, which is growing faster than the Population, so Sheeple are the Problem, it is not that one is Neurologically this and the other is whatever, that actually has nothing to do with it, nor is it Education, that do not care about that at all, nor is it some Mental disorder, the truth is that Sheeple is a Disease like Cancer... So what is a Sheeple?

A Sheeple is a Person does not believe they are the Light of God, defined by Sir Isaac Newton, who like Nikola Tesla believed God was Electricity, instead, they believe they are the Bodies they are born into, nothing more than an Animal, some believe in Deities, others do not, but they all believe in Mainstream, so they believe the Constitution was Amended, and they believe there is a Jesus Christ, and some of them know that Bar/Abbas was the last name, and Jesus was his first, so the only thing all these people have in common, is that they have not read this book, after they do, they will not want to be a Sheeple, because they know for a fact that a Sheeple, is just a Sheep, that only believes what others in their Herd have Heard, simple, and it explains how and why they are so gullible, you only need to fool one of them, the rest will fall in line, so Governments and their Operatives, use this tactic to drive the Mainstream Media, and so they stage Faked Events, and if they get caught, they just say it was just a Training exercise, and the Sheeple population grows, as people jump on bandwagons proving all these events are being faked, the Sheeple unite, and form Networks, they link in Social Media, while Mainstream never changes their Story, Sheeple do nothing about anything, and go back to doing what they were before, which was believing all the other BS they are getting away with. So why bring up Autistic vs Neurotypicals? Because for the most part, its true, in fact, it is so true that its funny, so I do it for the Entertainment, because all Sheeple are either Autistic or Neurotypical, or somewhere in between, and the ratio does not matter, its still funny, yet Sheeple are only the ones that do not know all things I talk about in this book, or even in this chapter, yet this story is as old as the Bible itself, and has never changed, Newton's work is over 333 years ago, and in all that time it has not changed, and Tesla's work is over 100 years old, so it is not that anything I have said in this book changes what they said, in fact, it is based on what they said, so this information is as old as when they wrote it, yet Sheeple state they never heard of this before, and that is why they are Sheeple in the First place, so why are they so Stupid?

Facts need Evidence, without any Evidence whatever facts you have do not support it, therefore it is not Reality, so whatever the Subject like 911, the Constitution, or any other event, you must have physical evidence that the event took place, a plane hits a building it will leave evidence all over the place, the Building did not Eat it, its wreckage did not contain any parts of it, and it is fuel is not hot enough to incinerate it, you see people standing in floors above the fire, so you know it is not hot enough to melt or warp the beams, nor cause them to buckle, so you need physics as well, and not physics that allows a free-falling building, which can only be achieved if the foundation up to the point of implosion, is rigged with demolition charges, even the plane that hit the Pentagon was later identified on security footage as being a drone, so maybe this was an attack of the Drones, but no evidence means no event, as with the Constitution, if the Banks Print the Money and allow us to Fight Wars off our own Soil, then its over, you cannot Amend the Word Spelled “ONLY”, so only Sheeple are foolish enough to allow this type of behavior from Mainstream Media, or a Government, it is lies and that is something that I can not tolerate, I require Facts with Evidence to support the Facts, Sheeple do not, the Facts just get in their way, and sorry but that is a Neurotypical trait, and most Aspies learn to behave like them, so they are very bad role models.

Thinking when you are in the Spectrum of OCD and Dyslexia, gets confusing for Normal people, and those who are also on the Schizoaffective Spectrum, such as myself, who has all 3, have a harder time trying to understand how Neurotypicals think, so having to work around Neurotypicals became harder for me, because it is hard to hide the way I am, let alone the way IAM, and there is a huge difference, not only in the acronym I And Me, for one thing: I am, with the lower case, separate am, is used to form a Sentence, as in I am Right all the time, whereas IAM is used to make a Statement, as in IAM Right, in the first case, the lower case am, is a statement I exist, so I am means the same thing as I exist, only you cannot use this form of the expression to be standalone, so you would not say I am, but you would say IAM, because it is a statement, but in both cases, it can be said that it is a combination of I And Me, so both work, and I do not always use the Correct form, for example, if you believe that IAM only refers to Jesus, then you did not read the Bible, since it was Moses who said that, that is a joke that most people do not get, it is like saying Einstein invented the Atomic Bomb, or his Math had anything to do with it, other than to estimate how much energy it might have, but still, some people believe that he invented it, and some people believe that IAM is a being, other than Moses himself, or a Deity that they also call God... Moses was actually playing the Part of God, since all Moses did was: Rape, Pillage and Plundered, and destroyed the Pyramids in Egypt, that is according to the Bible, this is the God of Moses who said just tell them IAM, and then gave Moses Laws, that Humans could never live up to, just so they could control Humans with Laws, and so he could use the Gold as Money that was then used to Murder Jesus, so is that really who IAM, because that IAM is Evil and Murdered Jesus years later, because Moses was a descendant of Cains, and he Murdered his half Brother, and kidnapped and raped his half Sister, as well as his own Sisters, and then their children, and then their children's children, that story never gets old once you fully understand it, but Sheeple view that event differently, as they do 911 or the Constitution, Yew deny Jesus had 3 Names, so you make Barabbas one name, instead of Bar/Abbas, or Jesus Bar Abbas, and then Yew hide his Birthday by changing it from: 25 December to 4 January then removing 10 days making it the January 14, all so Yew could hide facts, and then lie about the ones that exist, because the last place anyone would look for God is in a Mirror while saying IAM.

So really my only limitations in life are Neurotypicals and Sheeple, yet I only Married Neurotypicals, so I must Love them, and they are both Sheeple, sad to say, they will never believe what I have to say in this book, and they have no idea how to Relate to Me, they expect me to learn how to behave like Normal People, when I think Normal People behave like Sheep, just Animals in a Herd that only believe what they Heard, so I call them Sheeple, and not to put them down, or put them in the place, but to categorize them, so I can deal with them, because Yew are too Stupid to understand how Stupid Yew are, and those that believe in Christ will never believe that is an Evil Belief, knowing that all Wars are Religious Wars should have been the first clue, but that is what Yew get for believing in things Yew can not prove, nor believing in what I say just because Yew do not know how to prove it, but Yew know I must be wrong, because everyone else believes in General Reality and the Dynamic Universe, and God is a Deity and not Electricity, so I am not picking on my Wives, I Love them, or should say past tense for my x, not that I hate her, but I do not love her now, but she never understood me half as much as my second wife does, and she still does not believe me, so that is not saying much, so it is not like I Love or Hate Sheeple, but it is what this book is all about, so I can not help but to talk about them, its how Newton's Universe was lost to insanity, and how Religion made God Fake, as Fake as Mainstream News Events that have no evidence to support them. The question some people ask does IQ have anything to do with this, and the answer is of course, but it does not mean people with lower IQ scores cannot learn it, in fact, once a Sheeple learns the Truth, they accept it, and like a Theory, once you prove it is a fact, so it is not a Theory nor are they Sheeple any longer, but they will read this and not accept it, because they claim my Grammar is bad, and I Spell things wrong, or my Arrogance or Ego is too much for them to read this book, when that is a sign of low IQ, as for people that do not require Evidence to go along with their Facts, they are called Fools...

Maybe I would be better off not talking to anyone with a low IQ, if I did: my World just got so small that it is rare to see anyone in it, because that is what Normal People are, all of them have Low IQ scores, that is what the term Normal means, what is Average, and that IQ varies all the time, and the standards change to try to make it so it is not Normal to be Retarded, but we are getting very close to that being a reality, because people are getting stupider, and that is a fact no one can argue with, but the fact is that I love my wife even though she does not believe in my Science, she believes that everyone has the right to believe what they want, to me, that is insane since that is one of the ways they can believe, but maybe opposites really do attract, and it is why I spend so much time writing books for Sheeple, knowing they will never take the time to read it, and will not believe in it unless someone in their Herd did read it, and was intelligent enough to understand it, so if someone famous reads it and believes in it, they will get a flock of Sheep to follow, as for my Wife: she believes that whatever happens, she is alright with it, she does not want to learn Physics, and that is fine with me, she makes me happy when she wants to, so we get along most of the time, and that is the way I am with most people, I try not to change who they are or what they believe, most of the time it is just easier to not talk to anyone, but when I do, it is always safer to talk to yew, and call Yew Stupid, as for my Wife: one day she will figure out she is not a Ewe.

It is clear to anyone with an IQ over 180, that anyone below that Level is Stupid, that is the very definition of that phrase, so OCD is not always a good thing when it comes to how I deal with others, since its Normal to have an IQ of less than 180, everyone is Normally Stupid, and in reality I can prove that is a fact, so I never get to talk to anyone that is not Stupid, and that is Normal, even for Me, so I ramble on about things that Normal People do not care about, now I know why Sir Isaac Newton taught empty Class Rooms, because I am more like him than I care to admit... I do not like Normal People, that being people with low Intelligence, meaning those that believe in things they can not Prove, when that becomes Normal, Society becomes a Theory, and a Theory means it is something that can not be proven, so what is the point of even talking about it, I never understood how some Scientist could be Theoretical, it is the art of delusion, leading into insane Theories, that drive Normal People insane, making it Normal to be Insane, and more to the point: those that do not care about learning the truth, so it is like stating that the Sky is Blue because of Water Molecules vibrating from the Sun Light, when you can not reproduce this effect in a Laboratory, unless you vibrate them at the same Frequency as Blue, therefore it was just a theory that can never be proven, yet most people treat it like a fact, when in fact: you can shine Sun Light through a Prism and notice that Blue is at the bottom, so it is all we could see if we were looking up at the lower end of a Rainbow, since water molecules will reflex all spectra of Light, this means all the Colors in the Light are reflected through the Atmosphere, like Light is separated by a Prism: as Newton pointed out that Light combines all the Colors of Light, into either Black or White, and Black is not the Absents of Light, in the color spectrum what we perceive as the White Light of the Sun, is actually all the Colors in the Rainbow, and Blue is on the low spectrum of Light, and why the Sky is Blue, and at Night the Sky is not Black, what you see is the absents of White Light, but you still get a Lens effect, this is caused by Light reflecting through the Atmosphere, it is like a Snow Globe, think of it as the Planet, and you will find you can see the reflection of Light, from the opposite side of the Planet, or Snow Globe, that could not be seen otherwise, like a Star behind a Sun, Planet, or Moon, this Lens effect is what allows us to see Light around a Trinary Engine, and to prove to you that Black and White are the same color, look at Clouds, sure White Light makes White Clouds, no mystery there, but what about the Black that can be seen in a Storm Cloud, is it a different color than White? Not really, and that is easy to prove, take a picture of just those patches then compare them.

If I use this same Logic for 911: I know there was no Plane Wreckage found from the Aircraft that the Media Reported hit the Building, unless you want to believe that Engine and the Pilot License of the Hijacker were from those Aircraft, the proof was that those were not, because none was found of any of the Aircraft that supposedly crashed, and I do not care who you are, if there is no Evidence a Plane crashed then it did not happen, you can show me as many pictures and recordings as you want, but the fact is there are only a few of them in existence, and no one knows if they are fake because no one even authenticated them, and that was due to too many Rendering Layer issues they had making them, so since there is no Evidence, it means it did not happen, so this meant the Videos and Pictures are Fake, but no one seems to care, and when I state this as a fact people get mad at me, saying that I think this is a conspiracy, and that all those people really did die, except for the Jews who did not come to work that day, and FEMA who showed up the day before, so they would be prepared for it, but most people think with their emotions and not their Intelligence, when any Aircraft in the World goes down, investigators find every scrape of that Aircraft, and you never take a building to the dump that might have bodies in it, so that whole investigation was illegal and immoral, in this case, they found no evidence that any Aircraft crashed on 911, or anywhere in the country that day, so most of the Worlds People are Fools for believing what can not Prove, so Intelligence is not Normal, its something that you have to prove to yourself, but Newton believed everything was Electrical, so OCD and Dyslexia are just how our Brain is Wired, and how the Electricity flows through it: as in Brainwaves, and mine travel at a much slower rate than Normal People, so I can think at the Speed of Light, because the closer your rate comes to 0, the less noise you have running around inside of your mind, and it is that Little Voice that creates all that Noise, but most Normal People think they cannot Think without it, so I have to deal with Neurotypicals that can only think using that Little Voice in their Head, which by the way is the same as talking to yourself out loud, its retarded actually, so they can only think at the Speed of Talk, because you can only use that Little Voice in your Head to mimic Speech, and not to Think: so you can never learn to read or speak faster than you can talk, therefore it is a disorder or disability, and you can never convince any of Yew that its possible to think without that Little Voice, because people can speed read by skipping words or paragraphs, and skim read, whereas I can read a Page of Normal Text in any book, in seconds, because I do not use that Little Voice to read it, at least I did not do that till I was forced to learn how, now it is a bad habit that is hard to quit, when that Little Voice is quiet, I just take a snapshot of the page, chapter or book and store it in my brain as data, I can then focus my mind on each phrase of text, and instead of reading it Serially at the Speed of Talk, I can read it at the Speed of Light, it just takes a few seconds to store that information into my memory, because I do not store it as Words and Spells: since they have no meaning to me, I store them as facts, and to me, all words are just symbols, so they are just images to me, so I have to convert all text to images, and then retrieve those images to read the text, not that I know what that text is, its only Emotions, Facts, Noise, and other details like Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch, and even other details I am unaware of, but I try to separate my Emotions from my Reality, because Emotions confuse me and have no place stored with facts, and I have plenty of Emotions but only care about the facts, because I do not deal with any of my Emotions very well, because I am Emotionally Retarded at the age of 3, that is when I learned that I can never learn to deal with Emotions, but that did not stop me from trying all these years, but still, I try to avoid them, because if I start to talk Emotionally I start to lose it, yet in the Military, this is Great, I just turned it off, not a Problem, War: Bring it on, the things that Stress most People did not affect me as much, because they were mostly Emotional Thoughts, not that I can turn off my Emotions, but I can ignore them, for the most part, I overreact to them, so I have to ignore them to survive, if I let Fears rule me, I will live in Fear, so I keep telling myself that this is just a Dream, and when I am Dreaming I keep telling myself this is real, and now it is hard to tell witch is which, you do what you have to do to survive, and get the job done, no matter how much it hurts, you push through your fear, so Memories have Emotional and Factual information, and I have OCD and PTSD, so Memories can be used as Ammunition for an Attack.

Since all PTSD attacks have a trigger, it is best to understand what they are, and try to avoid them, and OCD is no different, I have things I obsess over, and things that trigger these obsessions, will make them worse, things that break my routine are trigger points, and we all have some level of OCD and PTSD built into us: everyone, it is only how we deal with it that makes it a problem, with PTSD it is an event that triggers an Emotional Response, because the Mind relates those Emotions to that Triggered Event, even though the two have no relations, someone drops something and it sets off a Triggered response to take cover, known as Fight or Flight, so it is a normal response to some degree, yet we all behave differently to different things, and it is also normal to obsess about things that you need to do, when it becomes a problem, is when it is a compulsion to do them, then that is hard to deal with, so knowing these Triggers, may help you to understand why you do them, but has not helped me to stop doing them, but may help others that interact with me, to know what triggers me, so they can avoid them, so avoid acting like a Sheeple and I will be fine.

Reality is only how we perceive it, if we view Light as being Dynamic, we can not see it any other way, and that is Insane, we must Prove that Light is Dynamic, and the Bible stated that Light was Static, not in those words, but in the understanding of what God is, and how we perceive what God is, determines our Reality, one example is the Spirit of Mother Nature, although that Canon was removed from the Bible in the 3rd Century, in order to remove all Pagan Beliefs, I can prove that Heaven is Positive, and Hell is Negative, and Lightning flows from Hell up to Heaven, so you really do have to get to Hell, before you get to Heaven, where you will find Sprites, these are Ghost images above Lightning Storms, so Sprites and Spirits are the Same in the Bible, and it is all the way in which we perceive our Reality, so we understand the Bible, and not through Religion, that only teaches the Darkside of Humanity, since it is the Book of Sin, so only Sinners and Sheep would follow it, and oddly enough everyone knows this is the truth, so it is clear that in Nature, everything is Electrical in Nature, and that concept creates a Trinary Reality, and once you perceive your Reality this way, there is no turning back, because once you understand the Truth about the Trinary Universe, you know the Truth about everything, and that is that everything is Light, and Light means full Spectrum, and includes all known Frequencies, including Electricity, because the Light is inside of every Atom, as such, the Speed of Light is not actually a Constant, only its Maximum Speed is, because it varies with the Frequency it is at, thus the Speed of Light is dependent on its Wavelength, and the Sun does not use Gas, so Theoretical Science is a different Reality, therefore Trinary Reality depends on the Science that can be proven.

How do we get PTSD is different from everyone, but to me its like a Bad Memory that I react badly to, because I have to relive all the imagery, sounds, smells, and feelings, as if it happened for the first time, since it is rarely less shocking to think about this event; for example: as a child, I learned that just before any Fight, people start yelling at each other, so Yelling is a Cry to Battle, even the dogs run and hide, so whenever someone Yells or even Raises their voice at me, or with a tone that means they want to Fight, all of the Emotions of such Fights come flooding in, so if I allow this event to escalate, it can get out of control real fast, because regardless of why anyone ever yells at me, it always triggers an Emotional Response, depending on how I am feeling, depends on my reaction to it, and for the most part, this is a normal feeling to have whenever fights take place, but to already apply those feelings to ever fight or threat, before they get started, well, that is a Disorder, especially if those fights were during a War you were Medically Retired for PTSD from, and I know that, normally if I feel good, I can handle people yelling at me, in the Military, it was sometimes normal but for other reasons, the YELLING was due to Noise, I never had anyone in the Military yell at me the way my Wife or Children do, that type of Yelling is not allowed ever, so my response to Family and Military yelling at me are not the same, but my wife is hard of hearing, and I have to wear hearing Aids to hear, so yelling is very subjective, and for the most part, very few people in the world can yell at me and even get me upset, but my wife or children can, but if people start a fight with me, I know from the start that it is not going to end well, so I try to avoid it at all cost, because even an argument over events: be it Science, Technology, War, or other such Historic Events, my mind stores them differently then Normal People, but to argue facts with anyone on the Autistic Spectrum is not a good idea, to begin with, normal people like to argue, not Autistic People, at least not me, I want to talk to people about Science and Technology, not so much War, never had much fun at War, and I do not want to argue about Facts, just State them, but when people do not understand me, I start to feel they think I am lying to them, and that gets my mind racing, and my OCD kicks in as my Dyslexia twist and jumbles all their Words into Spells, and in my Reality that is Governed by Schizoaffective thoughts, start to blur the lines of my Reality, to the point where someone might think their behavior is acceptable, most people are just stubborn and will never admit they are wrong, and normal people like to argue, they would not do it if that was not true, so I take it as an attack on my Honour, but Normal People have no concept of what people on the Autistic Spectrum can tolerate, and they can push them over their limit, and they can and do lose it, and it is not their fault, but those that pushed them past their limit, then the yelling and screaming begins, because Normal People have no idea how to calm anyone down when they are fighting, as if they want to cause them to have a Meltdown, as if this is a Personal Attack waged by Stupid Neurotypicals on Autistic People, all because they think they can treat us like Normal People, because that is what it feels like to me, even if I try to explain this to people, they do not care, they tell me to get over it, grow up, change my ways, learn to be like Normal People, because they have no idea how Retarded that advice is, so they will never change how they treat me, so people are hard to deal with, because they do not understand that to disagree with me is to call me a lair, and that dishonors me, because I would never lie about anything, my facts are better than most peoples BS, and the more they argue with me the more insulted I get, as if my honour is being attacked, because if I am talking about Newton, Franklin or Tesla, which I normally am, and someone does not believe what they said, then I have to defend their Honour, and since they are dead, I am willing to fight to the Death, so know this going into any Fight with me, because Facts are Facts, and a Theory is Fiction and therefore not the truth, and the same goes for Opinions, and sometimes that will trigger a feeling I do not really have a good Spell for, maybe: Confusion of how anyone could be so stupid, mixed with a feeling that they actually just Hate me, because to disagree with my Science, is a direct attack on who IAM, I only deal with the truth that is based on facts, and most people have no idea what facts are, or they just do not know any, and if people use VOLUME to make a Point, and typing in all CAPS is YELLING, my Fight or Flight system kicks in, remember that when texting me, because I can sometimes have a Meltdown: where my Reality really does Meltdown, it feels like I have Ants crawling through my veins, and I am having a bad LSD trip, like the fabric of my reality is melting, witch is where the term came from, if your Vision is not distorted, you are not having a Meltdown, and just for the record I never have had a bad LSD trip, but I have had people try to explain it to me, and it is as close to what happens to me as I can relate to, whereas my PTSD took me into a World of Temporary Schizophrenia, and I sometimes do not remember what happened during that time frame, where I am being attacked by this person yelling at me, even though they themselves may not think they are doing so, a perceived attack is just as bad as a real one, this happens when someone says something that offends me, giving me thoughts of Flight of Fight, which are proper responses for someone that has been in or around a lot of Fighting, which I have seen plenty in my lifetime, so I have an ample supply of bad memories to draw from, and sometimes all of them come flooding in and like a tide, it washes away my Reality to point I actually see it Melt in my Vision, I can see Objects around me start to Melt, as if they were made of Hot Wax, as if the Fabric of our Reality is Melting, and I can not control it, I imagine it is like taking LSD or Hallucinogenic Drug, so its like a bad Trip, and this is a Schizo Affect, so by the time, I start to come around so do the Police that someone called, and that is why I do not and can not ever work around People, the smallest argument can send me home for the day, its never gotten to the point that I had to be hospitalized, but for some people it gets scary, because they do not know if I will get violent, even though I never have, I sometimes lash out and destroy objects that have melted into shapes that offend me, but rarely remember doing it, as if it was just a bad dream, if you have ever been around a child that is kicking, screaming and yelling, in a fit over something they cannot have or do, or just because no one would agree with them, well that is common enough, but when that person is an Adult: things get crazy...

I can not get over the feeling that - that person hates me, because only People that Hate me would disagree with me, if I could prove what I was saying was a fact, then a sane person in the world would take it as a fact, yet Sheeple, or Stupid Sheep, as in Animals, only use a primitive part of their Brain, so when I tell them that Light does not Move, and it is the Universe that moves around the Light, that does not compute in their Primitive Brain, so they argue that point with me, and tell me that is not a fact, that the Light is Dynamic, and everyone is taught that in school as a fact, and me explaining to them that is only a Theory, and a Theory means it is the Opposite of a Fact, Facts are what is proven to be True, a Theory has not or can not be proven to be a Fact, but Sheep can not understand that Concept about Reality, and Normal People like to use Sarcasm, it is a sign of a weak mind, and I was trained to talk that way from birth, and I hate it, it is confusing, and normally just mean, but it is normal to argue because normal people normally argue, whereas Aspies only care about Facts and Reality, they are more down to earth and practical, only caring about things that are real threats, and when they state things as facts, it is because they are normally right, but Normal People do not care about Facts, only Autistic People, because Normal People will Disagree just to disagree, but that is how arguments with me always get started, and it is why I am Permanently Medically Retired from the Military, while on Active duty this ability keeps me alive and everyone else around me, because you put me into a Fight and I go off like a Grenade, and start attacking the Enemy with no Limitations, and I will not stop till I Win that Fight, no matter what it takes to win it, I am willing to Fight to Death, because Honour always demands it, and I know how to kill anyone with just one punch, so why would I want to take a second one, and that is why I avoid Fighting, because I am not good at Fighting, because in just one Punch I can end this Fight, and take no Prisoners, War is not about who was right, it is about who is Left, and I may not be Right, but I will make sure that I am always Left: but as a Civilian this will land me in Jail, which I have never been, because Cops look at me and see the Gulf War Vet, and they know how to handle people like me, so the Fight is over, because I listen to Cops: even as a Child, I understand them, and it is because they understand me, just the Facts, and Facts are not Facts unless you can prove it, and Newton, Franklin, and Tesla did just that, so I Fight using Facts and not Emotions, that is the Military way of Fighting, only the SP's can stop a Fight, and you stop when they say so, I have never done or will ever do otherwise, so I fit into the Military way of Life with no Problems, I knew who was in charge and had no Problem taking Orders, but as a Civilian I suck, and Civilian Life Sucks for me, so this Paragraph is about where I worked After retiring from the Military, and why I do not work any longer, and why the VA Permanently Medically Retired me, for the same reason, the Military Medically Retired me, and it is because I do not want to Fight with People about Facts, I can only be around People that only believe in things that are Facts, and that is not Normal, nor am I.

I always think about thoughts like most web browsers are linked to bookmarks, only rejection is a place I never want to go, so why bookmark it, but its always on the list, so its like setting myself up for rejection, so I normally jump right to the part where I am rejected, that way I can get past the fear of being rejected, because that is what people with OCD do, its called a preemptive strike, it is what I learned in the Military, destroy your Enemy before they know what hit them: and it is why I have no friends and eventually drive a barrier between anyone in my life because I fear rejection so much, and Money is the same way, you work for it and it is never enough, and like Rejection, I might think thoughts like if I had more Money people would Accept me, or that I do not have enough money and that is why People are Rejecting me, and no matter how much you make the possibility for rejection increases, so the fear itself is based on PTSD, because the idea of rejection is just a trigger point, and it is because of past events, when I was Medically Retired my Wife Divorced me, because she did not think I would be able to make a Living, so she Rejected me because I could not support her, and I have rejection issues dating back to the day my Mothers died, and since 2000 this feeling like I can not distinguish an Aspie Meltdown from PTSD, because I know them both so well, that I learned how to mix the two together, not even sure what event in my life lead me to start behaving like this, but it goes way back but since the Gulf War, my ability to deal with it has been diminished, my Step-Mother used Drugs, mostly Cannabis: to keep me in line, now I play that role, always worrying about becoming a Drug addict like them, or worrying about having an attack, which is not fun, my vision gets all distorted, as if the walls were melting, which is where the name for Meltdown came from, and my OCD keeps repeating that over and over till all the letter in my Words are mixed up in a Dyslexic manner, and oddly enough the way people Spell things reveal a lot about that Spell, because I remember many people saying Drugs like Cannabis can make you have a meltdown, they also say that it causes hallucinations, then Reality kicks in, the walls are melting is not a term that I can assume you understand, the VA diagnosed me as Schizoaffective because I can change my Reality, I can visualize what it would look like if the walls could melt, so it is my thoughts that are driving my mind to visualize everything melting around me, time seems to slow down, I get uncontrollable thoughts racing through my mind, every rejection I have ever had come crashing in around me, all I want to do is die, which is what my Step-Mother always told me, talking about herself, as a child she would tell me to die, she wanted everyone around her to die, and I told myself a long time ago that I would never allow myself to feel like this, but since I got vaccinated in 1990 in preparation for the Gulf War, things changed, and now when I have these feelings of rejection, I get these feeling that I felt for the first time since I left Kuwait back in 1995-96 knowing that the Third Country Nationalist, or TCN's as we called them in the Military, were killed before they were to become Citizens of Kuwait, which is the ultimate rejection of all time, because these TCN's: were People, mostly from Third World Countries, poor people who only wanted a better life, and were under the assumption that the Government would protect them, but when Iraq invaded to kill all the Slaves in their 30-Year War, which started around the time my parents conceived me in 1960, so this is all my life up to this point, just so they could then hire another 3 Generations of Slaves to work for them in hope of becoming Citizens of any Arab community in that entire region, and that extends to all Muslims, since it is the foundation of their Religion, to Kill the Infidel or Goyim, so the feeling of rejection feels just like that, religious persecution for believing in Jesus Bar Abbas, because the Government lied as to why we went to war with Iraq, it was not about the Oil, they did not lie about that, all they ever demanded was to be the Broker for all the Oil exports, because the Banks owned all that oil already, it is these obsessive thoughts I have, I tie one thought to another, one feeling to another, and before I can do anything about it, these feelings cause my mind to overload to the point where I actually see the World around me meltdown, and although I have seen a few videos where people try to use film effects to simulate what this looks like, and some of them swear it looks just like that, it simply does not convey the feeling I get of Ants crawling in my veins, and images of all those TCN's who were murdered just so the Government can cut down on the population, by eliminating its soon to become Citizenship, so what I am saying is that rejection is a place I do not want to go, so I just try not to, I think I did something wrong and now I am being punished for it, but I needed to explain why I do not like to be around people, I do not like to feel like I might be rejected, and at the same time, I am trying to teach people the true meaning of the Light of God, and having this Darkside to me at the same time, it is not like I do not know that I am overthinking everything I think, that is what OCD is all about, so it does not mix well with PTSD, and it is probably why no one wants to talk about it out loud, it is because then everyone would get PTSD, so they are not telling you the truth for your own good, because if you knew the truth, you could not handle it, and you would start having Meltdowns as I do, so my goal to publish this is limited to publishing it for Free, but I am going to Publish it for Sale, just because I can not give it away for Free, and People will Buy anything for Sale, but it is still Free to download at my websites, and Free is a Spell that most people do not understand, so round and round I go... I just wanted to make clear to you that this style of thinking is nothing new, most people think that way to some degree, we all have our breaking point, mine was that I talk a lot, and I can not stop, my Dad said I was born talking and never shut up, and when I hold things in, they build-up, these are thought that normally would not be part of a Document such as this, but the way I think is at the foundation of it, but I needed to make it Crystal Clear about how I feel about having to publish this to a Society that does not believe in the Light of God, because when it comes down to it, that is the ultimate rejection, so the idea of asking them to give me a Ph.D. for it, goes way beyond any of these feelings, because it does not have anything to do with me as an individual, but as a group of men, I call Wizards who also felt this way, because as far as I know, they all did.

I was married twice and divorced once, I hope to die before that changes, because I could not go through this again with yet another wife, nor do I want to live alone. I had two daughters with my first wife (been together since 1978, married form 1981 to 1997 or 16 years, even though we had been together for close to 20 years, she divorced me because I did not think her Father should be allowed to Molest my Children as he did her, just because it runs in the family since she was also Molested by her Grandfather, so I allowed the divorce: because I did not believe that she should be allowed to use our Children to take Pornographic pictures of herself to put out on the Internet, but the Evil Courts in Las Vegas Nevada where I was last stationed did not think that way, so we divorced the same time I was being Medically Retired from the Air Force, which might have had something to do with it, because she thought I would not make it as a Civilian, and in the end, was right about that, but I managed to make enough money to survive, get 5 acres with a House to Live in, so I could be as far away from people as I could, and managed to try to keep my Second Wife Happy, so in afterthought, she did not figure out how much money I would make for being 100% Medically Retired and Disabled, so I really did not need to work to survive, in this country Gulf War Vets that are Medically Retired can survive, so Money played its part in the divorced, in fact: she made it all about Money and Possessions). I have two Stepdaughters with my second Wife (2000 to present, we were neighbors since 1993, so our children grew up around each other), I learned about having Autism as a child, just after we were talking about marriage, but due to fears of rejection: I did not tell her I had Autism till 2013: when I tested positive in the Asperger's range of Autism, this diagnosis helped me to deal with issues that I had all my life, up to this point I was diagnosed with Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Schizoaffective... Just to name a few, but I am always updating this list: which now includes Dyslexia, all of which had nothing to do with my Autism... Right, it is just a Spectrum of it, as I am learning more about it all the time, but as a Military Man, I can still do my Duty, but as a Civilian I have nothing to offer, so I feel lost. I must point out that when I got sick with Gulf War Syndrome, or whatever is Politically Correct: Gulf War Illness? I did not even know I had it, even after they Retired me, it was years later that I was finally diagnosed with it by the VA, and it was only then, did I started to believe I had it, and this disease is bad for Normal People, but for People like me with OCD and PTSD, well, it is something I can not even learn to deal with, when it happens, I need someone to stop it, or it has to run its course, I get to the point where all the different things that are going wrong with me, all add up, and it feels like I am dying, well, I am, but if anyone obsessed the way I do over their Health or way they feel, will always be more in touch with those feelings, whereas most people just take drugs to forget about their pains, whereas Drugs only help me to feel mine more deeply. I did not start getting these symptoms of being out of control until after 1990: just after getting the Anthrax Vaccine under threat of Court Martial just before the Gulf War in 1991, so getting shot(s) using Chemical Warfare (Vaccines) can cause injuries that last a lifetime, and since Vaccines have been Proven to Not Work, it is clear that they are used for Population Control, so it is back to being Rejected; and in this case, people really did die, in fact, the VA stated that over 270,000 people who were vaccinated for Anthrax in 1990, committed suicide at a rate over 100 a week, and that number is not slowing down and that number is rising, since they are still giving a modified version of that vaccine.

I have classic symptoms of Autism, most of which I do not verbalize, most people on this spectrum never learn to communicate with normal people, but some of us cross over into other spectra of Autism, as I do. I have had to learn to act like Normal or Neurotypical people from a very young age, just to avoid being rejected by others around me, I just did not realize what or why I was doing that, maybe it was because people would tell me that normal people do not think that way, but inside I felt much different like I did not think anything like them, mostly because our facts were not the same and that caused a paradox in my mind, so I had to try harder, I even learned to get mad as they do, although I actually never get mad I get overstimulated, which is part of Autism, although I never had a meltdown when I was on duty in the Air Force, mostly because only people close to me could induce such a strong emotional response from me, so my wives were actually the only ones that ever seen this side of me (since I grew up anyway, my family seen plenty of it, just ask my Sister), but only when anyone would keep an argument going, eventually it would escalate, and I would have a full meltdown, but I would not remember much or any of what happened during the meltdown, so I got over it easily, but no one else ever forgot or let me forget.

Before the age of 13, I never remember using my Little Voice to think with, in fact, the only time I heard it was to replay memories: like it was a video machine, and that Little voice was the speakers, I never knew I could even use it like a Microphone to talk to my mind, the fact that I learned how still freaks me out, why in the world would I need a PA system in my mind, that just sounds insane, but I did not learn to do this till I was 13, and it was by accident and freaked me out, I remember that I was replaying a memory, and though Stop and Rewind, and I heard that in my head, and quickly looked around to see if anyone else heard me, I told this to my little sister, I tried to YELL and see if she could hear me, she thought it was funny, we still laugh about it, but now I wonder how I learned to talk, and I know there are many in the Autistic Spectrum that do not talk at all, my guess is that they never learned how to use that Little Voice to construct words, not that I ever used it that way before that time, so it is not required, in fact, I never say what that little voice is, so that whole concept that you need it to talk is BS, it is only there to help with video editing your memory, which is all it should ever be used for, but no one ever taught me how to use my Mind to Think, and reading books just confused me more about how others think, when I know that for me, I can look at a Problem, and know the solution, I did not have to work it out in my mind using Logic and Reasoning, that is showing my Work, sometimes it takes time for me to quiet my mind long enough to hear it, but I never have to figure anything out, I just know the Answer, so I treat all problems like Math Problems, as if this is a Math Problem, and I have to show how I solved the problem, never could learn how to do that, just ask my Math Tutor, I can see the Problem and answer at the same time, but can not explain how or why, but I do understand who is answering the question, and Newton called that God, and God does not use a Voice to talk to us, in fact: right now as I type the Words and Spells that make up this book, God is talking to me and I can not hear Gods voice, yet God is telling my heart to beat, and when my Heart is Silent, I can hear God in the Silence of my Heart Beat, and God is working: talking to all the Cells in my Body, using a Cell Phone of Course, and so what do I talk to God about? That Subject is Science: and God is all about Science: it is the Science of Life, and it is what I call Trinary Science.

There is a Spectrum of Autism where people can not communicate with normal people, and remember that an Autistic Person that can not Talk, might be called Dumb: but it does not make them Stupid, Dumb means they are temporarily unable or unwilling to Speak, Stupid is due to Education, but being a Fool goes much deeper, so people who think that people who can not talk are Stupid, are themselves Stupid, because they are not Educated about this fact, and if you are Educated with Theories then you have no use for Facts, so Intelligence must be able to be measured not by Theories, but Facts, and by the age of 13, I was more intelligent than anyone on this Planet to this date, and that is not me being Arrogant or my Ego being the size of the Planet, its due to the fact that “I” is the Light inside this Body of Flesh, that just happens to have the name: Flesh; witch was given to me at Birth, so do not confuse who IAM for who you think I am, when IAM asked or shown a Problem, its “I” who answers the question, not “Me”, so do not ask me to explain that, or show my work, it was not my Work, it was “I's”. I have no Words or Spells to describe how God talks to me, because I need none the way I communicate with me, because God is the Electricity that creates my Brainwaves, that Little Voice is just “Me”, it is just an Electrical Signal going to a Speaker in my Mind, and Freewill allows me to be Insane if I want to believe in things that are not Facts, and it is why people who believe in Theories are Insane, because any Theory means its never been proven to be a fact, so no one knows if it is the Truth, and believing in things that are not the Truth is insane, and the truth is that when “I” look at a problem and the answer is known, its God that answered it through “Me”. and I knew this by age 13. Since age 13: I have been the most Intelligent Person in the World, as for me, I can not even understand Woman and I have been married to them most of my life, and may never fully understand them, so Me is not so smart, I look at women and see no answers, as if I am blind when it comes to woman, I am very blind when it comes to love, but I on the other hand: IAM the smartest person in the Universe, say that looking in the mirror each day until it sinks in... God is also controlling your Heart, and there is only one God, and only one IAM in the whole Universe, so to think it is not You or Me is insane, and yes that does not make 2 IAM's, Math does not work that way, because Energy does not work that way, because the same Energy flows through all Lifeforms, so the most Intelligent Person in the Universe, is that person that understands this relationship with God, but I think maybe it is just the Word or Spell of God that bothers some people, because some people do not hear God, and even fewer can quiet that little voice in their head.

If it is just the Word or Spell of God that bothers you, then use Trinary Energy, or the Light Wizzard, who just happens to be controlling this Body called Flesh, and why IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and just because that is my name: Flesher, it just means that IAM not Normal, and once you understand that, you will never be the same afterwards, or is that after-words, Spells like that always confuse Wizards like me. Remember that IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, that is because Flesh is my Name, so use your own Name: because Flesh is taken, so you can be the Light Wizzard in the (fill in the blank with your name or nickname); because the Term was never about the Body known as Flesh, it was about a Person given the Title or Name of Flesh, and this fact leads me to understand more about who IAM, then most people will ever admit about me, and who IAM, and that is why its good to understand the difference between you and me, you are a person reading this, me is the person writing this, but our I is the same, so we can see things the same if we try, because facts are facts, for example: if I describe something, you can see or might see that object in your mind, like an Apple, you might be able to even Smell it, or Taste it, and it is because we are wired to able to communicate this way, Words and Spells can confuse anyone, but Actions speak loader, and can also be confusing, so being on the same page so to speak, is an art to talking to God, so if I am blind and can not talk, how do I describe an Apple to you using God as a mediator? This question has an answer that is very easy to understand as a concept, it takes two people that want to communicate to learn to do so, there is no Magic about talking to God, God makes your Heart Beat, yet you do not hear that going on in your head, and I do not want to start either, but I can learn to communicate without the need for my Eyes to see Objects, because I might know what an Apple Smells like, but without the Ability to Communicate that Smell, I have very little ways to ask for an Apple, so people who can not learn to communicate with God, can not learn to communicate with others, just ask Helen Keller, God showed her how to communicate with others, and not the Deity, but the God that is All Light without Darkness, using the Electricity inside of her, she found a way to communicate with others by trial and error, it took time and patents, but it can be done, so the Light Wizzard in Helen Keller shines above all other Lights around her, even if she did not know about Light Wizzards, they know about her, so Sheeple can learn to be Light Beings: and when anyone disagrees with me on this point, I have a Meltdown, and it is Me that suffers, and it is you that thinks that IAM crazy for thinking like this, when it is a fact that God is all Light without Darkness, and the Darkness is all the Colors in the Rainbow, so it is all we can see, because we can not see the Light without Darkness, it is in a spectrum of Light known as Invisible, and that is the Light of God, and I is the Light, And Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and that is my Name, and that is enough to drive anyone crazy, and it is why I have meltdowns, because someone will always disagree with my Logic on this Subject, so I call them those that think this way, Yew, which is a type of Tree call Taxus, and only Stupid Sheep will eat Taxus, so people who disagree with me are called Sheeple, and Sheeple eat Yew, if that sounds Crazy, then maybe IAM Crazy, but keep in mind that I have Autism, and not all of those people that have it, are this crazy, so this is a whole new level of Crazy, and that is a Fact, so I can deal with it without having a meltdown.

When I was child I would have meltdowns, luckily my parents knew what to do, first, get me thinking about something else, problems to solve like Math equations that Newton wrote, then get me to smoke Cannabis, so I used Cannabis at a very young age: my Father told me I started using it when I was around 3 years old, so growing up few people ever saw me have a meltdown, and until I was 19 no one ever saw me when I was not using Cannabis, and anyone that knew my Father just thought that I was Stoned or High on Cannabis, and that is why I seemed to be Spaced out, or staring into thin air, but that was not the reason, it is that I was looking at the White Noise, but when I am High on Cannabis, I would try to interact with the Light, I would use it to change the environment I was in, like changing the color of the walls, changing the background sound, and doing things that normally only people who are Schizoaffective do, only I did it for so long that I did not need to get high to do these things, so I stopped using it as a young adult, mostly because I did not need it anymore, because I used Cannabis to deal with my meltdowns throughout my teenage years, it worked at varying degrees, it calmed my brain activity, because when I was not using it, I could have so many thoughts going on in my mind, that if someone asked me what I was thinking, I could not tell them, because I was not thinking about any particular subject, but all the Universe at one time, so Cannabis was just medicine that no one could know about, except for my siblings (little Sister, and 3 Steps, only one living with us at the time, 2 others came later, for a total of 5 steps by the time I was a teenager) did not know I was using it till I was in the 6th Grade, and teachers accused me of it with remarks like are you on drugs, so they must have known, at least that is how I felt like I was hiding something bad, not really understanding why it was illegal and Alcohol was Legal, and Alcohol is Poison and can Kill you, whereas Cannabis is Medicine and you cannot overdose on it, but Society treated it like it was Bad for you, and I did not like that feeling at all, I have never been good at lying, but my Father told me all about the Laws of the Land that ended him up in prison for Drugs when I was in the 6th Grade, but my Step-Mother made sure I still got my Medicine because she did not want to deal with my meltdowns, she said it was bad enough dealing with my Fathers, and he used drugs for that very reason.

In elementary school during the 60's, I did not know any other children who used Cannabis, but by Junior High School most of the kids smoked pot, so I figured they all had the same problem, but shortly learned that they were smoking it to get high but by the age of 21, I stopped using Cannabis to deal with overstimulation, and it slowly crept back into my life, mostly because after my Stepmothers death I lived with other family members like my Uncle who was married to my oldest Step-Sister, and after my Uncles death, she married her Daughters Husbands Father, making them Steps Sister and Bothers, and also making her name Robin Williams, not the Aspie I mean Alien from Mork & Mindy, so Step by Step I got confused about many things, and then I lived with my Grandmother, and none of them supplied me with Cannabis, so I had to get it on my own, so my use was no longer daily, so I started using it less and less and I did not use Cannabis again till around 2009 or 10, some 25 years later, when I learned that it worked miracles for Skin Cancer, and at the time, I had open sores that would never heal, and within days they were healing after using it. It was a huge ordeal to get a Medical Marijuana card, because I did not want to do anything illegal, but the VA and Medical Marijuana still do not go over very well, but that will change, but what I see it is all about making money, and since they are Federal the State Laws do not apply to them, if should not matter if it is Legal by State Laws, because the reason it is not legal in some states is because they only want to push Mainstream Pharmaceuticals, and I have tried way too many of them since 1990, and have now given up on them ever working for me, Cannabis is not a cure, the Skin Cancer keeps coming back when I stop using it, and it is calming features do not always avert a meltdown, which is why I stopped using it in the first place, I have never just wanted to get High on it, after using it since I was 3 years old, it has just become a normal state of mind for me, I do not feel normal unless Cannabis is in my system. I very seldom if ever smoke it nowadays, I might vaporize or use Tinctures, and I do like those Cartridges of Oil and a Pin Pipe, but I do so to feel normal, not to get High, but I use it nevertheless, and I had to put that in this Document but for that matter, most of the Men I talk about have used some type of Drug, Newton wrote notes about Cannabis, not as much as his Friend Halley, but Newton liked Rye Ergo, which is known as LSD nowadays, and Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin all used Cannabis, Tesla used Cannabis as well as other drugs of the time, including Alcohol and Cocaine, but Cannabis use is older than Alcohol use, and that has been around since before the Bible was written, even Jesus used it: Jesus Bar Abbas that is but not Jesus Christ, of course not, in fact, it dates back to the Pyramids, so I have no idea what drugs all the Wizards were taking, but I have not taken all of them, just the ones I want to or was forced to by the Military or VA, and those drugs were much worse than Cannabis, but Alcohol is the bad, but the Sugar its made from is worse.

I have no idea why it makes much of a difference in how I am diagnosed: the Military diagnosed me, the VA diagnosed me, I self-diagnose, and that Diagnoses is always changing, the fact is that at a young age I was displaying common Autistic traits, and not so common traits, I can remember being 2, so it is not my Memory, but nowadays I have trouble with a list or just thoughts I want to remember, but in our youth our thoughts are much more clear. I learned to talk younger than most at that age, and have never shut up since then, and I always talk about the same subject: which is the Science of how the Universe works, and that got old real fast with my Step-Mother, so I was not allowed to talk about Science at home, and my wives have continued that rule to this day, stating they have heard it all before, because my OCD makes me repeat myself, and my Tourette Syndrome will make arguing with me over anything, a very unpleasant experience, and since I was not allowed to talk about Science, I did not talk much, so I had to learn to keep my mind busy, so I started counting numbers and seeing patterns in everything, as if I could see the Trinary Energy in the Air, and it was showing me Movies, and now I see these same Patterns in the Sun, and why I made the Sun Videos that I did, to show everyone that I did not make the Patterns up, they really are there.

Some People will think I made His-Story up just to make a buck, when I could care less about Money: anyone that knows me can tell you that, so some will say I did if for Fame: when that is crazy, who wants to be known as the Light Wizzard, knowing Normal People will just make fun of you, so People really have no Clue as to why I wrote His-Story, because it is not like the History they grew up knowing, those that do the research will find that I am related to Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin, and that will only confuse them more, even after they prove to themselves that everything I have written was the truth based on Facts, they will only become more confused, Sheeple that is, not You, unless you are Yew, witch explains why some of Yew get offended when I call Yew stupid, if that happens: just go back to being a Sheep, because Ewe do not understand a Wizards Spells, but it is a fun fact that few people will make it this far into this Book: to understand that, so just how Stupid Yew are, and how Stupid Yewer Science is, in fact, all of Yew have Shit for Brains... And that is how I deal with Arguments with yew, anyone of Yew that Argues with Me, has Shit for Brains, so you can Learn to be a Light Wizzard: just replace the Name Flesh with your Name, it can be a Nick Name, like mine that is just short for Flesher, or Fleischer if you take the IC out, because how many of Yew can say IC, and “er” is just a suffix meaning more of, without normal people saying you are full of it... But God is All Light without Darkness, and Jesus did say he would return at the End of Civilization, and according to Newton, that is in the Year 2060, he also said that everyone would start waking up to this fact 42 years before it happens, that would be in the year 2018, after 57 years of my life went by waiting for this year, and for what? Yew still Deny Jesus had 3 Names: Jesus Bar Abbas, and Jesus said he would come back in the Flesh, how do you know that is not Me, which is just short for Meat? And the truth is that you do not know the truth about much, but facts are just facts, I did come back in the Flesh, and IAM the Flesh, and Newton, Franklin, and Tesla told you as much, yet those that do not believe in the Truth are insane, and if you are really insane then you do not know it, unless you know you are insane, and are just fine with being that insane, and that is what insane means most of the time, because if it hurt to be insane most people would not do it, so it must feel good, or no one would want to do it, so logically it makes no sense to want to be insane, so I have no idea why anyone would want to lie about how the Universe really works, but that is the World I live in today, which just happens to be in 2018, as I wrote this line, and to this date: no one on it has ever told this Story or His-Story: since Jesus was here, need I say more?

Really that is for Entertainment, because it is funny even for me to write it, not because it is not the Truth, because it is, and I know it, and you know it, but Yew always deny it, but it would not be funny unless it was the truth, because that is the only thing funny about it, but Logic states that if Jesus does not come back in the Flesh, he will never return, and therefore anyone who believed that Jesus would return, and not Christ, which was inserted into the Bible, so Jesus could never return in the Flesh, unless you are insane and believe the Dead will come back to Life, because there are plenty of insane people that believe that. Think about how it felt when my Father told me this back in the year 2000, oh, by the way, you were Jesus in a past life, and not Jesus Christ, but Jesus Bar Abbas, as if it was not shocking enough to find out that not only am I a Jew, but IAM that Jews reincarnation, but it is better than thinking Jesus would never return, the fact he had to write this book to such a tough crowd, is all pare for this course, I have to resort to writing a Book about how Stupid Sheeple are, for believing in Christ and not Bar/Abbas, who was the Leader of the same Militia who years later wrote the Constitution, but Lincoln like Judas, Worshiped Money and not God, all I did was try to show you what the Light really is, and not what Yew believe it is, so do not argue with me, IAM the most intelligent being in the Universe, and Yew are just Stupid Sheep who follow those that Worship Money into Hell, then deny all this is the Truth, or that some of it might be the truth, or maybe it is just my Truth and not everyone's truth, as if there can be more than one truth, as if I could ever change the way Animals think, I keep telling the Sheep that IAM the Dog, the Backward Spell at the very least, so am I God?

God is All Light without Darkness, so IAM the Darkness that you see, and IAM the Light you do not see, so IAM everything you see and everything do not see, so like Tesla said the Light is everything, so IAM everything in the Universe that is made out of Atom's, because Atoms are made out of Neutrinos and Light, so the same Light that was in Jesus Bar Abbas, is the same Light that is in my Body called Flesh, that is just a Fact, and also the end of that debate, anyone can claim to be anything they want, all I claim to be is the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, Newton said the same thing as I said, anyone can make that claim and be right, we are all made of God, and all the Principles that are in this Book are the same ones Jesus Bar Abbas talked about, and it is because the same “I” that tells me the truth, and makes my heartbeat, is the same “I” that I call God, not a God, but Allah, meaning “The God”, because there can be only one true God, only a Fool would think that God could ever be a Human or any other type of Animal, God is only the Light without Darkness, and that is the energy our body uses to make our Heart Beat, and our Brainwaves, because God is our SOUL, and it is why it is the last place anyone would ever think of Looking for God, knowing that God is in all Life, God is what gave them that Life, and personally I can not think of another person I would want to make claim to have Lived in a Past Life, well except Newton, that would be cool, but the truth is simple, how else could I have known about any of this, and how did Newton know the same thing back then, and do you really think I could make up a Story like this, not even “I” is intelligent enough to do that, but all joking aside, “I” did write the Bible, “I” was Newton, and in fact, IAM you right now, in fact: we are only individuals because of our Freewill, once we let go of our Freewill: we can be Free, once we let go of our Ego: we will know that we are just Animals just like Sheep, we live our lives as if the world is out to get us, because it is, it is a scary world we all live in today, and over the years people made up all kinds of BS to deal with those Emotions, but the truth is, God is just Energy, as simple as that, the Energy that Drives all of us is God, so why play games about who IAM, not Me the Writer, but I And Me: Get it! It is this connection with God that makes Me (Meat or Flesh) who IAM, the rest is all BS, all I can be is what IAM, so for the record, I am not claiming to be the Resurrection of Jesus: Jesus never said he would return as Jesus, he said he would return in the Flesh, and IAM the Flesh that Jesus said he would come back in, nothing more, just the facts as they are, and in order to Prove it, all I needed was the Name Flesh, nothing more was need as Evidence, and that is what makes His-Story so Great, it is all based on Facts you just cannot argue with, not that it will stop Yew from trying, witch is what makes His-Story so Entertaining, it is because God is making fun of Yew.

The Evidence that IAM the Jesus that came back in the Flesh, requires you to pay attention to details: I must have more than just a name, the fact that I was born in Corona, witch is the Crown around the Sun, also seen in all the images of Jesus, is just another fact, witch by itself is insignificant, so the fact that I lived at 3666 and ½ Valley View, might prove that IAM not Christ, so the Prophecy is fulfilled for the Antichrist, and if Anti means against: then IAM against Christ, because Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, so that Money would be Worshiped instead of God, and so Jesus could not come back in the Flesh, so IAM the Antichrist, and not Christ, so far my case is set in stone, but who in their right mind would want to be the Antichrist, unless you remembered that if Santa represents Christ, then the Satan Spell applies because being Dyslexic that is how I Spell it, now all I have to do is come up with the details to make this a Great Story, and now we have the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and if Yew are not amazed and in awe, then you have no sense of humor what so ever, and if you are Religious and looking for your Savior, sorry to disappoint yew, lose the Religion and then Join Trinary Sanctuary, but remember that God only helps those that help themselves and others, so IAM not doing this for Money, because Money is the Root of All that is Evil, so my only goal is Trinary Sanctuary, so I can lead all the Sheeple to safety during the End of Civilization, which is another term for Pole Shift, so as far as Jesus Bar Abbas's teaching of the Universe, God is All Light without Darkness, and IAM the Light of God, I got that covered: what did I miss? Oh, the part about this being Entertaining to all of Yew, well, it is hard to make all of Yew understand that none of Yew are smart enough to understand the truth about the Universe, because face it, Yew are just too stupid to understand anything as complex as everything in the Universe, and just because I was able to prove all of this beyond a shadow of a doubt, Yew are still just too stupid to understand the difference between fact and theory, witch theory means fiction, so a Theory involving Science is Science Fiction, so Albert Einstein wrote Science Fiction, because all his Theories have not been proven, and never will be, because they all contain paradox's that cannot exist in reality, not to mention I proved all his Math was wrong, I even corrected what I could, and that in itself is good enough for a Nobel Prize, but that is all about Money, and just like Tesla, giving me an Edison award is a slap in the face, and since I just proved everyone wrong that ever got a Nobel Prize, it would be a slap in my face to even think about getting one, but my Wife would Love the Prize, so I would Entertain the idea if she gets the Money, I have no delusion about Living forever, that is not why I was even born, witch was to die, the same as everyone else, but if I am to be given an Award, I want mine from the Military, oh, done that, so my Bucket List is finished, and I can die in peace, but do not give me an Edison award, since Edison was nothing but a liar with no honour, so why I wrote His-Story in such a way: was so that I could tale His-Story from the viewpoint of the Child that started this Book years ago, and for the Adults that did not ever believe what it is, I said or wrote, and that is normal, because those Adults are not Educated in the History about the Wizards in History: people like those I mention in this book, those that thought as I do, and that list is very short, and you know that is the truth, I am the only one on this planet at this time that is telling a Story anything like this one, and this one is way out there according to Mainstream BS, but what do you expect, Christ is about Controlling you with Money, whereas the Antichrist is about setting you Free, and Christ is always been about: Death, War, Money, and Taxation, and not in that order, although most of Yew believe in Death and Taxation, so Yew do not mind being Taxed to Death, but if you Kill in the Name of Christ your Lord, and call Jesus: Christ, as in Jesus Christ, then you admit there are two Jesus`s in the Bible, and that is a Lie, and a Lie is Evil, only Satan would tale a Lie, so Christ is Satan, and it is why Santa Claus celebrates Christmas, Santa and Satan have the same Characters in them, something only Autistic people pick up on, but Newton understood all about the Bible, as do I, and what the Romans did to Jesus was Evil, just as Evil as those that Kill in his Name, because Jesus Bar Abbas was the one who fought against the Romans, not Christ, so if you kill in the Name of Christ, you are Evil, Yew are on the side of the Roman Empire, it was them who inserted Christ into the Bible, as such: the Antichrist is not Evil, in fact, the Antichrist is not a Person but a Concept, that concept is that Christ was a Lie inserted into the Bible, 3 hundred years after the Fall of the Empire, and the Rebirth of the First Reich, and that is a fact no one can deny, and if Yew remove Christ then you only have one Jesus, who talked only about the Light of God as I do, and Freedom meant more than just Freedumb, but the Right to Live without Money, and to believe in the Light of God and not some Deity that does not Physically Exist, so regardless of what Religious People think, the Bible was very clear about what I state as the truth Newton wrote about, and he too was a Descendant of Jesus, so it runs in the Family, now you are wondering if that is the Truth, and as far as I can prove it is, but that fact does not make nor break His-Story, it is just one fact among many that make it Entertaining because it really is the truth.

There are a Group of Doctor(s), that believe that Autism is a Disease, just so they can sell their Snake Oil to the Public, stating it is the Cure for Autism, and they are doing it Legally, but Morally they are Defining Autism as a disease that can be cured. They make Videos about how we should all put out Money together, and make a Vaccine for Autism, because the number of reported cases of Autism is going up in recent years, many it is a good time to sell Vaccines, or Snake Oil disguised by Nature Elements such as Iodine, as if I take Iodine my Autism will go away? There are Experts on Autism: Tony Attwood is my favorite, he has written many books, all of which are worth reading, the more you read the more you understand what he is trying to say, Autism is not on the Raise, it is only its Symptoms are just now being recognized, and I do mean ongoing today, but one thing is clear, you are born with Autism, it is not an acquired disease, it is the way your brain gets wire the second you are conceived, so its true everyone would be better off taking Iodine, even his, but that does not give him the right to push his Opinions, that are not based on Facts, but Motives to Sell Vaccines to cause Genocide on a Race of Humans, this is the worst crime ever committed against a Race called Autistic, in Modern History, so talk about Rejection, this GROUP of DOCTOR(s): Want to Exterminate all the Autism in the World, WOW, this guy is worse than Hitler, and he is doing this Legally, and I tell this to Normal People, and they say so what he is just an Asshole, because Normal People are not the Ones being Attacked: think about it this way: instead of me say Yew are Stupid, and Yew should be cut down and Burned, because it is killing Ewe, and you did not understand what it is that being said, so if you took it as You, you would get upset, but I was talking about cutting down a Tree because it was killing the Stupid Sheep that were eating it, so is this Miscommunication, whereas a Vaccine that wipes out Autism, there is no Miscommunication there, I think the Trees around Ewe should be cut down for the Benefits of all the Sheep around them, and I can use Science to prove the Connection between Sheep that do not eat Yew and those that do, whereas this Group Stupid Asshole(s) have no Science to prove the link between Iodine and Autism, and I have been taking and using Iodine all my Life and my Autism is doing just fine, in fact, it is not the major problem in my life, OCD is a pain, but it reminds me why I have that pain, so it is not what causes me to be disabled, that would be the pain, and Iodine is not going to fix that pain, but it does improve my Toxicity levels to other chemicals that I might have in my system, so I do not care about the product he is selling, it is the reason he is selling it, and that is because in his Opinion the World would be a better place if we just all Died, or were never born, and that is my definition of an Asshole or in this case a Group of Asshole(s), so this is where His-Story will tell this story this way, while History will treat him like a Hero for wiping out Autism: and by the Way, Tony Attwood describes Autism as a Gift from God and not a Disease, so I hope there are more of his kind out there instead of a Group of Asshole(s). Just to set the Record Right: Doctors that have been Diagnosing people with Autism that do not have it for years, they keep changing the criteria for what is in a Spectrum, and then classify special groups that include brain damage, and this is where all the conflicts come up, Autism is not Brain Damage, the Doctors that Diagnose people that are Brain-Damaged with Autism are the Problem, and they do it so they can sell them drugs and treat them, and that the only reason they do anything, so I could care less what most Doctors have to say about Autism, because in His-Story they fall into a Special Group of Doctors known as Asshole(s).

Everyone has their own Reason for not Believing in the Truth, and it is normally because they do not know what the truth is, nor how to determine what is the Truth, and the Truth is that the Truth is easy to Determine, for Example: If Einsteins Theories were the Truth, they would be known as Facts, and not Theories, and if the Trinary Universe were the Truth, then Atom's would be made of Neutrinos and Light, and God would be All Light without Darkness, so it all comes down to what you can prove is the Truth to yourself, but do not use the fact that I am not Normal to assume that I cannot be telling the Truth, Sir Isaac Newton was just as Not Normal as me, and note I did not say Abnormal, because just because something is Not Normal does not make it Abnormal, because Autism is not Abnormal, its just Not Normal or!Normal or Normal!, the “!” means Not, but do not use both, Not! Means true, but Autism it is not a Disease or a Disorder, it is a Condition, it is a condition where people take words and spells for what they mean, and not what we or others have read into them, we use Logic and Reason over Emotions, and are actually known to be intelligent and honest, and that is not Normal, because it is Normal to think or want to be those things, but the reality is not the same for Normal People, because it is normal to be of average intelligence and to tale white lies, whereas Autism is color blind when it comes to the colors of your lies, we take things literally because that is what Logic dictates, and even those of us with OCD, Dyslexia, Schizoaffective, and even those that are Schizophrenic, are telling you the truth about their Reality, and normally it is based on the truth, even if it is not happening in Reality, but to lie is something to someone with OCD, that causes a Paradox in our Reality, we can find ways to tell White Lies, those that are not really Truths, but views of them, for example, I will normally not try to hurt peoples feelings to the point I will tell them, White Lies, like for example, You are not as Stupid as Yew are because you have Freewill, actually that statement is a not a lie, only Yew also have Freewill, and that is what made Yew Stupid, so it is what makes You Stupid, but I can say it as a White Lie and get away with it most of the time, but it is done as to not hurt stupid peoples feelings, yet intelligent people will think it was funny, so White Lies is a type of Humor to me, like Sarcasm and just as useful. The Truth is only what you can prove to yourself, there is no such thing as my truth or your truth, only those things that we can both prove are the truth, and if you prove sometimes I say is the truth wrong, and can explain why I am wrong, and I can repeat that experiment, then and only then will I ever admit that I was wrong, because I do not write nor say things that I have not already proven, therefore, I am very sure you will not prove me wrong, and so far I have been right, and that is because I used the Knowledge of Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla, as the Foundation of my Truth, and they have never been proven to be wrong in hundreds of Years, so it is a safe bet that IAM Right, and Yew will never admit it, and that is why His-Story and History are so different, because everyone has their own reason for not believing in either, so maybe alternate Realities exist: because Yew only know what Yew heard in their herd; it is like reading millions of books that all have the same basic story, then Yew read this one and think about how different this Universe is, then the one described in millions of books, and Yew wonder how this version can be right, and all those others be wrong, and it is because there can only be one truth, and the simplest answer is normally the correct one: Newton was right: therefore so were all those that believed him, and Newton believed in Jesus Bar Abbas, and was Against Christ: but does that make Newton the Antichrist is another question; but this reality is based on the Newtonian Universe, and only the names were changed so that the use of the Term “God”: could be changed to Trinary Energy, so that its Principles are based on Science, and that is a different type of Reality, one based only on what you can prove to be the Truth, and that Truth starts with the fact that God is All Light without Darkness, because once Yew start to believe that, you will start to believe in the Truth.

Do Intelligent People learn from History? Newton proved Christ was inserted into the Bible, that is History, how many people learned that lesson? I have seen the Evidence that Einstein denounced his Theory, if favor of Newtons God as the Force of Gravity, how many people learned that lesson? The Bible states God is All Light without Darkness, Religion teaches God is a Deity that is one of many Angels, another being Satan who teaches these half-truths, and the Leaders name is God as if they are A Team, how many people learned that lesson? Any book that demands its followers to murder anyone that does not believe in that book, should understand it is a bad book, a good book would never ask you to murder in Gods name, you only murder in Satan's name, every Bible demands this, that is what send them to Hell means, the Church burned Witches and Wizards, sending them to Hell by Satan, how many people learned that lesson? People that go to Church think they are Good People, and know the Truth about God, when the Church only teaches Religion, and not the Bible, the Bible states God is All Light without Darkness, and not a Deity that does not Physically exist, and is a Spirit who is one of many Angels, one being Satan who teaches these half-truths, and God is just the Leader as if they are A-Team, knowing the Church is the one the Murdered Jesus, and Denied Bar/Abbas the leader of the Militia, who saved countless lives going to the Roman Coliseum, to be murdered for Paid Entertainment for not paying Taxes, because they had no money, how many people learned that lesson? Jews have 13 Lost Tribes, the Ashkenazi being the first tribe of mixed colors, Ash is White, Ke is a shade of Grey in between Ash, and Nazi which is the color, Black, all of these colors are the same Color, just a different level of Light in them, look at Clouds on a Stormy day, they are White, but the ones at the bottom look much darker, and it is due to the lack of Light, all Jews have all 3 Genes for these color of skin, in their DNA, as such, you do not have to be Black to be a Nazi, since I have Nazi in Me since I am Ashkenazi, and I am as White as Ash, the Burnt Offering, the Ash from the Burning Bush of God, the Ash from witch the Phoenix is reborn, all Humans alive on this planet called Earth, came from the tribe of Ashkenazi, Adam was Ash, Eve was Nazi, and their Children, who are everyone alive, are Ashkenazi, we are White and Black, or Light and Dark, and every Shade of Grey in between, how many people learned that lesson? The Bible is a Book of Alchemy, the stories in it were made up to hide the Bible Code written using Witchcraft, meaning Words and Spells with more than one meaning, if you follow the Stories you are a Sheep in Psalm 23, how many people learned that lesson? If you fly a Spacecraft around the Moon, and back to Earth, it will have a lot of Micrometeorite damage, if you place objects on the Moon, they will get hit by Micrometeorite, we have rock samples from the Moon that confirm this, and spacecraft that were designed to measure the damage from Micrometeorites, and to this date, no one has stepped foot on the Moon, and they want me to believe they went to the Moon, with nothing but Aluminum as Shielding from Micrometeorites, and you can stand on the Moon without being hit by Micrometeorites, not to mention Solar Radiation with no Magnetosphere to shield you, I do not know for a fact no one has stepped foot on the Moon, I do know they are the luckiest people to have ever existed, because the odds are not in your favor of surviving it, and keep in mind that Laika a Soviet Space Dog, went into space before Humans, so Humans have a long way to ketchup with Dogs in space, how many people learned that lesson? The Earths Magnetic Poles are in flux, moving in ways Scientist can not explain, and Sir Isaac Newton Calculated the Prediction in the Bible, that the End of Time, or Civilization would be on 25 December 2060 under the Julian Calendar, the Julian Calendar was replaced with the Gregorian Calendar, to align it with the Mayan Calendar, and they changed Newtons Birth Date from 25 December 1642, to 4 January and then removed 10, making it 14 January 1643, changing the date that Jesus was born at the same time, now they Celebrate Satan, I mean Santa, sorry about the Dyslexic typo, Witchcraft what can I say, the Church will Burn me for pointing this out to their Sheep, and no one talks about Newton, because he is the Antichrist, no one is more Antichrist then Newton in his writing about Christ being inserted into the Bible, and the Fish is the time frame is all about Science, as is God, once you look at Trinity as a Waveform, with the Father being the Positive half, and the Son being the Negative half, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature being Ground, you have to view Energy like a DNA Helix, then the Fish makes sense, the head starts at day one or 0, and goes to 2012, since it is 0 based, that is 2013, and then starts over, only making it to the year 2061, since the year is 0 based, add 2060 + 1, the make the tail:

Pisces Fish 2060
Pisces Fish

How many people learned that lesson? How many people learn from History? If People think they are more Intelligent than Sir Isaac Newton, then prove it, Einstein did not prove it, a Century later it is still an unproven theory, and Einstein wrote that without Newtons God as the Force of Gravity, that only a paradox would exist, how many people learned that lesson? His-Story is not about making stuff up, and trying to get people to believe it, it is about proving what you say is true, is actually true, because History was written by those that Conquerer, and His-Story was written by those that were Conquered. Even now Satan is trying to make people believe God does not exist, and Religion is the worst at it, since there is no difference between Physically Existing or Existing at All. Newton wrote that the Church and Bank work hand in hand to control People like Sheep, how many people learn from History knowing Jesus said the same thing, Sheep do not care about History, Sheep do not care about the True History, Sheep only know the History they are told is true, knowing it was written by those that Conquered them, insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

His-Story and History are not always the same, History was written by the People who Conquered the World, so only Slaves are left to read it, and that is what Yew are, and if Yew did not know that, it is because Yew are Stupid. His-Story is about the Truth about History, about Science and Society. History changes over time, His-Story does not change, God is All Light without Darkness, I And Me is who IAM, because IAM a Light Being in the Flesh, be the Flesh my Name or my Body, the Light is what sets my SOUL on Fire. The Truth about who IAM will set you Free, but Free means without Money, and few can understand a Life without Money, so History teaches you it never existed, but it did and can again, and that is what His-Story is all about, it is not about Getting High, where People that Drink Alcohol think its better than Cannabis, when that is just not the Truth, the Truth is that people can not deal with Reality, so they do Drugs, and Alcohol is Poison as are most Drugs, so those people may not like this Reality, because you have to stop Poisoning yourself. Alcohol Kills Brain Cells: did you not learn this in Science Class, or did you have a hangover that day, really people, do I have to put Yew down, in order for you to understand how stupid Yew are? Those of Yew that do not believe in Real Science, and like the Science Fiction of Albert Einstein better, well, Yew may not Like Reality any better come 2060/2061, so I can only tell you the Truth about His-Story, and why History is what it is, Driven By Money, it Paints a Different Reality, and it is why I still use Cannabis, I can use the excuse it is for my Colon, Cancer, Brocken back, or it helps with my OCD or PTSD, as if I need an excuse to get High, give me a break, ask all my friends that I grew up with, I never need an excuse to get High, and I have endless stories to tale when I am High, so I do not have to think about that as much, because Money is the Root of All that is Evil, and using it is a Sin, in fact, its Treason, because it is why Yew do not have a Constitution anymore, but that is His-Story, and it is why I can keep writing Words and Spells, thinking that one day I will say something that makes you wonder if this is all the truth, or just some story I made up, in witch case, I should get a Pulitzer Prize, but all the money still has to go to my Wife, she Loves that Sin, but I would rather Live Free, but this is not the End of His-Story, it is just the End of this Chapter, because there is more of His-Story to come: because IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, and IAM every Shade of Grey in between, because IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.

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