The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Appendix C
The Sun, Lightning and Earthquakes

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019



Appendix C:
The Sun, Lightning and Earthquakes

How we view Forces in the Universe, defines how we view the Universe as working, but is it the way the Universe works... We must prove to ourselves what Forces are, for Example what is the Force of Gravity: Trinary Science proved it was the Light inside the Neutrinos, and was caused by Dimensions in Space and where no Space Exist. 3 Forces in our Solar System are: the Sun, Lightning and Earthquakes cause by Gravity, we talked about Gravity and know it is in Lightning at the Atomic Level of Trinary Science, so we know that the Sun Feeds the Earth from the Solar Wind, and also sends it CME or Corona Mass Ejections, and some view those as causing Earthquakes, so these are all related, and to understand this relationship is to understand the Universe. The Sun has to Eat whatever the Galaxy feeds it, its flying through Space at over 333,333 miles an hour like a Giant Magnet that Eats everything in its path, then spites it back out into the Solar Winds, so its feed by the Galactic Winds, and creates the Solar Winds from its debris. Energy is how this Planet works, this Sun feeds the Earth Atom's from outer Space, that came from the Galaxy we are part of, so my Conclusion is how Energy works on this Planet we call Earth. If you view Storms in Space around the Sun as causing Earthquakes, you would have it backwards, first the Earthquake, then the Storm, but its truth that the Earthquake can not happen without the Lighting from the Storms, both on Earth in the form of a Storm and those Solar Storms, so separate the two in your Mind, so it is another Chicken or Egg analogy, so this Storm on Earth is pointing in the Direction of the Earthquakes, so this would be great if someone can connect the dots, its always been this way, right now the Hurricanes are hitting the East Coast, power is out all over the place, so it is a mess out there, power grids are being hit by Lightning: Blowing fuses everywhere, and starting fires, and do not forget about Volcanoes, they are very active right now, these new earthquakes inside the U.S. are driving Oil into the Water tables all over the U.S., Mexico and Canada, this is a Fracking Nightmare, and everyone is allowing it, its Insane, no way to undue this damage, and people are trying to use bad science and observations do debunk it, for example: its common for water wells to hit Methane pockets, and you can smell it, taste it, and even lite it on fire, this is not caused by Fracking, it is a Natural Process, so by saying that people are lying about Fracking being Dangerous based on that as Evidence, is lying, see that Logic is twisted, making that Evidence was stupid, not understanding Fracking is Stupid, but stating its safe is insane and criminal, when the proof is that the water tables are gone for generations, all because of Money, and that Power is going to Ground, Lightning Grounding Rods amplify the problem, and it will make this problem larger and not Smaller, because that Energy Drives the Earthquakes even Deeper, this is all because of the Earthquakes that was a cause of Lightning, so it is a cycle, get hit by Lightning and Ground it, that Energy goes into the Oil/Blood and Energizes it, causing that Energy to flow deeper into the Ground so it becomes that energy in Volcanoes deep underground, and why you will see Magnetic lava flows on Mars, even though it has not Magnetosphere, because the Magnetic Fields produced by the Electricity from the Lightning, these feed them, heat the earth up like water in a pot on the stove, it boils off the Water they Pump into Frack or Pump Oil/Blood out of the Earth, so Deep we know this is Hell, so what the Hell are we doing, Drilling into a Planet that we need to stay in one Piece, that is insanity, because it then boils off and breaks down into Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two ignite and generate enough heat and pressure that melt rock into lava, this is how its done, and we are the ones that are causing it, by pumping water deep into the Land, and causing it to Fracture is just insane, it effects land on the other side of the Planet, that is what my Research of Earthquake Images prove, those sites they mark on a Map where Earthquakes happen, are almost 9 thousand miles away at points, that is how large this Fracture is, and look at how much its increased as the Sun became more Opposite in Polarity, its Driving us to Wobble more on our Axis, now its looking like we will reverse polarity, as our Magnetosphere becomes so weak the field collapses, and I do not think that will be fun, so I documented all that can go wrong, instead of prophesying about what will, but what is going on is real, its proof that it is all related to Oil/Blood and Gas Drilling, look at the Dots, that is where they Drill for Oil/Blood, or have, and note that the Earthquakes destroyed that land, they move on to new land, destroying it with Earthquakes, and natural Earthquakes are one thing, we have fault lines that define them, see Earthquake Map.

Earthquake Map
Illustration C.1: Earthquake Map Full Size

These are not Natural Earthquakes at all, nor are others that are much older in origin, and Bermuda was about a Secret that happened a long time ago, an underground Atomic or Nuclear bomb exploded near the Rock of Gibraltar and Tangier, this is where Atlantis was being protected by that land mass, not where it was located, that was in the area that was flooded, so it was a real place once, and is now underwater, and before that time, Ocean Water did not flow from that Direction into the Pyramids, but from the Red Sea, but at some point in time, someone used a Bomb to create that damage, that has now just eroded away, its easy to say it was a natural erosion, and people made up stories to explain it, but facts are facts, and the Pyramids around the World are facts and maybe their Sacred Geometry are facts as well, proving there was an advanced society that lived on this planet and destroyed it, the Mediterranean Sea flowed through the Sea of Reeds, look at it from The Great Pyramids, it is the Nile, and they are in Denial, if this Ocean did not exist before the Pyramids exist, this story would make no sense, but if Moses used a Bomb to flood the Land, then at that time its possible that the Nile ran like a River that flooded that land for 40 days and 40 nights, as the Ocean filled in the Land, not as unending Rain, but by flood water from the Ocean, and on the third day, making it 42 days before the Sun shined once again, we have heard this Story again and again in History and in the Bible, so what does it mean? It means Humans figured out how some of Gods Magic Works, but they Lie about what it is, Witch is Alchemy, outlawed in Newton's time, but since they found out that Newton studied Alchemy and Witchcraft and was the Antichrist, Mainstream wanted nothing to do with the Newtonian Universe or God, and that is how Einstein's got Mainstreams approval, the Banks only Pay for this type of Science because it does not have God in it, but that means Newton's Math does not work, because it is based on God that is Static, so make no mistake about it, this is all because People lie about Science, Religion, and Money, and there is no denying that... This is all what happens because of what happened back then, they changed the Planet, not God, that Land used to be above water at one time in our history, people lived there, then the Great Flood happened, this is that Proof, everyone that lived there died, and Moses new about it because he caused it to happen, then he got his Slaves across in time, so not that many Sheep died in the Crossing of the Sea of Reeds, as the Ocean poured into the Mediterranean Sea, and spilled over into the Sea of Reeds, so all this lead up to what will happen by 2060, and the Bible new about it, they wrote about it using Witchcraft, that is what the Bible was all about, it was written for Alchemist, and not for Normal People to read, that is why the insertion of Christ did not compute for them.

Words and Spells also make up Math as proven in: Table 6.1: Numerological conversion from Letters to Numbers, or
Table 6.1: Numerological Conversion
So if we take a word like Christ and convert it to Numerology, by adding the letters numbers together by reducing them to the number you want, we have:
3 + 8 + 18 + 9 + 19 + 20 = 77 and reduces 15 and reduces 5,
and that is why its represented by a 5 sided Star as the sign of Birth, such that:
3 + 8 + 9 + 9 + 1 + 2 = 32,
get it, its Math, few understand it, but 32 is the Insertion of Christ, it reduces to 5, the number of points on a Polygon Star, Jesus is:
10 + 5 + 19 + 21 + 19 = 74 it reduces to 11 which reduces to 2,
such that:
1 + 5 + 1 + 3 + 1 = 11 which reduces to 2, and we find 2 Jesus's in the Bible, so view the Math of the Bible as real; so look at Flesh:
6 + 12 + 5 + 19 + 8 = 50 reducing to 5,
such that:
6 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 8 = 23 it reduces to 5, same as Christ.
so look at Flesher:
6 + 12 + 5 + 19 + 8 + 5 + 18 = 73 reducing to 10 reducing to 1,
such that:
6 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 8 + 5 + 9 = 37 it reduces to 10 it reduces to 1,
same thing with the last name of Newton, Jeffrey = 3, so its Jesus + Flesher, and Scott = 5, same as Christ and Flesh, but Isaac = 6, so it is these numbers 3 and 6 that keep showing up in my life, so looking at Numbers we can assign meaning, but what does it mean? So 3 Forces in our Solar System are: the Sun, Lightning and Earthquakes caused by Gravity, so we can look at numbers and find out what this is all about Mathematically.

So the Sun orbit is the Galaxy in the Galactic Wind, which is caused by the Galaxy breaking up debris into atoms, and sending it on to other systems, like our Sun that pulls in the debris, breaking it down into Atom's, that it sends to the Solar Winds, for its Planets and Moons, like Earth, so in the Beginning, when only the Trinary Engine was new, not much Earth existed, so little bit at a time, the Earth Grew, this had to be molten lava as layer after layer built up, the Earth began to cool as the layers got thicker, and as the Lava separates into an oil/blood, the crust of the Earth can float around this layer of oil/blood, and it will allow it to spin over a thousand miles and hour, so this oil/blood is very important, and only Fools would allow anyone to drill for it, or call it oil instead of Blood, because this Planet is alive until you kill it, so what do the big Oil Companies do... So now we have Water all over the World, everywhere these Stupid People Drill and Pump in Water, so this will all Cool down the Earth more, causing it to Crack and Fracture even more, this is also known as Earthquakes. In some places the Lava will not be able to contain itself, and Volcanic Eruptions will take place, the Oil/Blood allow Energy to flow, so Electricity flows through the Oil/Blood, such that Lightning will flow from this place, up through the Earth, unless some Fool dumps Water into it, then it turns into an Alchemy experiment, Water under pressure and high heat, also known as Steam, this causes Sink holes, and also causes Hydrogen and Oxygen to Separate, and burn and cause more Lave flow, and more Volcanoes, so more Earthquakes, all because of the Water Fools like to Play with, only insane People would do experiments like this on a Planet they depend on to survive, so what type of Fools allow this? Stupid ones of course. You need to understand that the Human body has Blood that has Iron in it to conduct electricity, so does the Earth, so it is alive by that same definition, and this is really Blood and not Oil, but as Oil, it is the only reason the Earth goes around, it lubricates the Crust of the Planet around its Core.

So now we have a system of Forces feeding back into each other, Lightning strikes and you ground it, it flows from the Trinary Engine outward, through the Oil/Blood, and up into Heaven into Outer Space, where Ball Lightning is born, now this Energy will cause the Rock to expand as Electricity has to flow through solid rock, because the Oil/Blood is gone, and Electricity does not flow through water very well, it has a tendency to break it down into steam which super heated breaks down into Hydrogen and Water, thus burning or Exploding, causing underground Earthquakes, sometimes half-way around the World, because Electricity always takes the path of the Least Resistance, so it is the Lightning that is causing the Earthquakes, but that is only part of the Problem, it is because there is no more Oil/Blood for Lightning to travel through, and soon the Earth will not generate enough Electromagnetic Energy to hold in its Atmosphere, and that is already naturally degrading due to the pending Polar Reversal, so that will be a bummer for all those lifeforms that require an Atmosphere to survive, and that is what we know as facts about the Trinary Universe, so although the Sun is sending the Earth Signals, causing Lightning to Create Weather, that allows that Energy to transmit from the Van Allen Belt, down to Earth, thus setting off cascading events caused by Stupid Fools for Money, proving how Evil Money is, so soon the Earth is going to have to balance itself, because it is wobbling right now: if you have not noticed, its wobbling out of control, its clear its land mass is going to shift it polar position, where the true pole is, and where the Magnetic Pole is, and this shift can move over a thousand miles an hour if it needs to, nothing says it will be a slow shift, it might be as high as 6 degrees per hour, based on past measurements, so it will throw everything everywhere when this happens, maybe a Pyramid could survive it, so someone has to build it to test this Theory, and that is all it is, based on Facts, and Physics, but unproven, so this is proof of what I say can happen, what happens is beside the point, if we do not make plans to survive an event like this, we will not, so these 3 Forces will continue to feed into themselves until this Planet is back in Balance.

It is not that we need to build any kind of Pyramid, we have to design one that can withstand these forces, it has to be able to level out all surfaces if the Pyramid moves, and hold on to what Ground it can, so it does not get tossed like a Rock, so it needs to have very Deep Roots.

The Reality that Civilization is about to Change, will soon become Crystal Clear, maybe by the year 2060, no reason to think Newton was wrong about this, its looking like the Earth will reverse poles soon enough, its based on how much time it would take for these 3 Forces to cause this Earth: to have a catastrophic failure, like it is about to have because of the damage that Drilling for Oil/Blood, has caused this Planet to be unbalanced, and has no lubrication to keep us Spinning, so this will be a very rough ride, if no one survives that ride, that is called a Nova, and that is a Real Possibility.

Our Planet is moving into an Ara where its Poles will Reverse, this means that if we are now in a Matter State, meaning the outside Neutrinos are Positive, or Matter, then it should have a Positive Polarity, using the Right-Hand Rule of Thumb, Right-Hand Thumbs up, Fingers bend counter Clockwise, like a backward C, but if you turn your hand over and look at the C, you will see that if your Thumb points away from it or down, this means Magnetic North is pointing Up, so this is Reality, keep this in mind, because after this happens, Reality will never be the Same, so what did Newton Calculate would happen in 2060?

The Next time the Earth will Reverse Poles of course, image that, Reversing Poles while those Layers are bleeding Dry of Oil/Blood, so all this Energy is going to be feed into the Earth when its Poles Reverse, and it will have no Oil/Blood to transfer this Energy into at the Moment it shifts Dimensions, when it comes back, it will be in the Antimatter Configuration, now the Left-Hand Rules apply, and Generators would appear to be running backward in my Dreams, because the Left-Hand Rule has you Looking at the C as the Thumb is pointing up, so the fingers curve clockwise, so our Reality is changed by 180 Degrees.

If our land mass does not stay together, that is called a Nova, and the Planet will pull itself back together with its Gravity, but a New Moon will have to be Born, to collect all the Debris around the Earth, it will look like Saturn after this, all our Satellite will be debris ground into sand, just in the seconds that it took our Magnetosphere to Collapse, so it could Reverse its Direction, and Micrometeorites will rain down on Earth without Resistance from the Magnetosphere to protect it, so that will also rain down on the Planet, so the Sky really can fall, trust me, I know what it feels like to get hit by something the size of a grain of Rice at hypervelocity, so this Reality may not be what most people want to hear, but it is what you believe that will get you killed, what do you want to bet on, Mainstream Science or Trinary Science?

All theories aside, Mainstream Scientist are not Stupid enough to ignore the facts, and that is all I talk about as Empirical Evidence, the Fact that if we do Reverse Poles, People will Panic, why? I just told you the Sky will Fall, and the Atmosphere will vent out while the Engine is Revering polarity, that is a good time to Panic, if you do not Believe this and want to debunk that Theory, than at least do so with the Laws of Physics in mind, if you take a Generator and have to reverse its Output, you would have to reverse the direction that its spinning, and I know that will not happen to the Earth, so maybe you can do it with an Electronic Circuit, or just simply switching the leads that connect to it, but this is the Earth we are talking about, so its possible to get a generator to work if the poles shift, but it would not be optimal, run a generator backwards to find out why, because we know for a fact that we need a Generator to use the Right-Hand Rule to be Optimized, then you can just switch the leads to change polarity, that is how Generators and Welding Machines work, but the Earth is not going to switch the way its Wired, nor is it going to switch the Direction of its Rotation, no one would survive that, all that is going to happen, is that the Trinary Engine, is going to switch to its Antimatter State, also known as the Antichrist, so Religion and what the Bible said was two different things, the Bible was about Science, and Religion was about Science Fiction, all a Pole Shift is, is when the Planet changes its Polarity, meaning that if we think of the Planet as a huge Atom, and it has a Polarity, this polarity has to change at some point in time, all Planets and even the Sun changes Polarity, but not all Planets have a strong Magnetosphere, they can still generate enough energy to produce Gravity, and Volcanic activity, and that will always have Magnetic signatures.

As I look at the accumulative earthquakes over a year, over the years, I see a pattern, the weaker the Planets Magnetosphere, the more Earthquakes, this pattern is so clear that I can even Calculate with great Accuracy, what date the Earth will shift its Magnetic Field, and that is what Sir Isaac Newton calculated to be 2060, so Science sucks when it proves the end of Civilization as we know it is about to end, because all the Scientist of this date, have to know and understand that the Earths Magnetosphere is winding down, and it is about to shift Poles, yet this is not even heard of on the News, or in Movies, yet its been known for over 333 years, and at the top most level of Governments around the World, so there is no reason why everyone does not know this since it is a fact, and I think I most have set a world record for pounding a point into a book so many times, that people most be skipping these Rants, and feel free to do so, but I put a twist in each of them, and it is why I just did not write it once and Link to this Rant, because I could say see the Rant on 2060, or the Rant on the Insertion of Christ, or the Rant about how the Constitution was sold out for Money to the banks that now print it: just like Jesus Bar Abbas, see the Pattern? That is why Rants are such a bad way to write books, but this one is for a Sheep named Yew, and sheep like ewe love Rants, so I have to keep my Audience in mind, most Normal Neurotypicals believe this will never happen in a million years, considering the last once was just around 166,666 years ago, according to mainstream science, well maybe closer to 170,000, but those numbers are not as cool as mine, nor where they written by Isaac Newton, he did those numbers in his head, whereas these scientists used Science, and many years of research and lot of money, but as I wrote else where in this book in more depth about this subject, this cycle is not at regular intervals, there are at least 3 patterns I know, and each very by 100,000 years, so 166,666, then 233,333, then 333,333 years, it is a pattern, and they repeat and start over, these are particle Polar Reversals, so its more of an averaging thing, if this is a low cycle, it should repeat, but Newton did not know when the last cycle was exactly, and he knew that was critical if he was to use that number, so instead he thought about the problem, and decided that he could calculate the Rate of Magnetic Deviations of his Time, and by our time the data is much better, and his calculations still hold true, at the current rate at which the Magnetosphere is weakening, the poles should shift around 2060, repeat this pattern, and then start going in the opposite direction, till it hit is that limit, repeats, and starts over back in the negative direction, so this is just a 3 cycle event.

So in the End times do you want to Pray to a God that does not Physically Exist, or do you want ride out this Storm that is coming our way soon, the Signs are there if you Read them and do not read into them, so it all comes down to what every one on this Planet believes, because if they do not believe this, they will keep living in Sin, and then Prove how Insane it was to allow them to do that in the First Place, but after you are all dead, there is no Revenge, no Justice, JustUS, and we are all Dead because of Yew, yew in the Herd Heard me, TaxUS, all because Stupid Sheep eat TaxUS, and therefore had Shit for Brains, and Denied Jesus had 3 Names, all because they could not do the Math... The End of Civilization has been known since before the Bible was Written, since that is where Newton found out about it, but the Powers that Be decided to make plans without YOU in them, they built underground Bunkers I call Tombs, or Time Capsules, that some new Race will dig up millions of years from now, and find what was left of the Human Race, all because the Secrets the Masons Keep, just so they could be in Power instead of God, so it all comes down to Yew, the Powers that Be Stole the Gold for Their Technology, they have no reason to share it with YOU, they have no Room for YOU, these Rooms cost a lot of Money, Billions just for one seat, so Yew sold you out for that seat, so the rest of you need to fin for yourself, witch means to swim up a River of Shit without a Fin or Paddle to row your Boat with, while those with Money bunker down... Without even telling you why no one ever told you about the Trinary Universe, because without it, you would have never known, they were just going to ignore it, and do nothing about it but sell more Tickets to the most expensive trip of all, how to survive a Reversal of the Poles, because few know how, and no one is talking about it, and I try not to instill fear, by telling you the Sky will fall, well that is just to get your Attention, well maybe that part is true, without the Magnetospheres strength, the sky will technically not fall, it will more like drift into outer space, but allow all the Meteorites to fall to earth without burning up, so we all need to take cover, we all need to build that Cover, I call it a Pyramid, but it can only Exist in Trinary Sanctuary, and to argue that is stupid, because we only have so much time before 2060, and People cannot agree why the Sky is Blue, let alone what might happen in 2060, but its clear no one is talking about this small insignificant problem, and mainstream science even proves it will happen, and it is not even a question of if this happens, it is when it will happen, and that is just a calculation, based on the current decay of the Magnetosphere.

I write about the 2060 Calculation because you can do this calculation yourself, all you do is take all the Magnetic Readings from around the world, you track them, research patterns, and calculate the rate of decay, and you will determine that it will not last till the end of this Century, that is what Mainstream is stating is a fact, and without this Magnetosphere, all Life on this Planet will Die, that is a fact, no Fear Factor here, just the facts, and that is all Newton would use, and that is all I will use, no Theories here, just Facts. The Sun, Lightning and Earthquakes, Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my, the Wizard of Oz was right, the Lion had no Courage, and denied that Jesus Bar Abbas was the savor and Christ never physically existed, and Tiger killed everyone that did not believe in Christ, and no one could Bear the Truth, because the Constitution was lost the same way, so History really does repeat itself, as does this Polar Shift, so what are you going to do about this Problem, I have no proof of what I say beside all that Data that Mainstream recorded, and made Public Domain, and that proves it, so way to go Mainstream, your not as stupid as I would like to admit, and it is because most of you use Newton's and Tesla's math, proving Newton's God exist, and not those that believe in a Deity, Newton said they were satanic because they worshiped Santa, I mean Satan, Dyslexia is a funny thing when you want it to, I can laugh about all this or let it drive me insane, but really all I can do is Rant about it, because I can only write this Book to a Sheep called Yew, because Yew can not sue me for what I have said, you would have to sue Tesla, Franklin and Newton, but they are all Dead, as is Albert Einstein and he only believed in Newton, so it all comes down to the Banks, and I have a very clear Position with them, I work for them, I defend the Banks Laws and not the Constitutions of the United States, and it is because I have no Rights under the Constitution, because it was Legally Suspended by the Courts that work for Money, and then by the People lying about it being Amended, Only is still a Major Change by any stretch of the Law, proving Lincoln was Executed for Treason, otherwise its Citizens should be for allowing this to happen, but if you want to play the Blame Game, it was the Christians, and the Founding Fathers told you so, they told you they work for the Banks, and get special tax breaks to prove it, so Reality is what yew paid for, you live under Military and Police Control, and you do as they tell you to, and you know I am Retired Military, and only take orders, I do not give them, I work for the Banks, it is a Love Hate Relationship, I actually Love the Bankers but Hate Money, I hate to Gamble because it uses Money, so it does not matter if I win or lose, by using Money I am betraying the Constitution, and I took an Oat to Defend and Protect it, and the only way I can do that is by Telling the Truth, its suspended, and the US Code of Law proves that, so I can repeat that Code: US CODE of FEDERAL Law TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, but your understanding of Federal Reserve Law is another issue, the Enumeration of the Powers Act makes it clear that Money is in charge, not God, God is the Light without the Darkness.

Our Sun is a special type of Trinary Engine, so only 1 exist per World, and in our World: there are a debatable 9 Planets, and over 180 Moons, and 143 Micro, or Dwarf Planets, for a total of 333 Trinary Engines. The Trinary Sun is a Special type of Trinary Engine that feeds Live Energy to all the Planets and Moons in the World, also known as our Solar System, but not as descriptive, so this Live Energy is collected by the Planets or Moons Magnetosphere, and traps this energy in its Thermosphere, this area is the Center Neutral Force Field Ring, and can be calculated using Trinary Math, if the Atmosphere can not support the Thermosphere, it will collapse and fall to Ground, if the Atmosphere can support the Thermosphere, it will need a ride to Earth, and that is called Trinary Lightning, this exchanges Evil Energy with Live Energy, this can be calculated with Trinary Math, and this Energy is then distributed through a network of underground veins of the Planets Blood, also known as Oil, this Blood is similar to our Blood, its rich in Iron, and that is how the Electricity in Lightning is distributed through Ground to the Core of the Planet, which is call a Trinary Engine, this Trinary Electricity will take one of these Pockets of Oil/Blood, that have the least resistance to the Trinary Engine, where it will be used to create Oil/Blood, making it a renewable Power Source, only one problem, its also what makes the Planet Spin on its Core like a Top, so if Humans were to use up all the surface Oil/Blood supply, the Trinary Electricity could not get to the Trinary Engine to make more Oil/Blood, making it bleed out and go Nova, so it is not a Renewable Power Supply you can just drill into and Replace with Water, or MUD, because under pressure Water will separate into Hydrogen and Oxygen, a very volatile mixture, and Trinary Electricity can ignite it, and cause it to explode causing Earthquakes, in turn when the Hydrogen and Oxygen burn, it creates Water, so this process will continue until all the Water is burned off as Steam, that escapes to the surface, causing erosion to the Soil, especially those made of Gypsum or Anhydrite, because Steam cools into water that can dissolve these materials, causing sinkholes, and those are never much fun, so Fracking is just insane, because it produces the same effect as Lightning in moving Energy, and can cause stream itself, and that could cut through these materials like a knife through butter, and the long term effects could cause them to expand or contract when they dry out, making the ground above it unstable, and prone to sinkholes, so its just a Fact that using Oil/Blood is killing the Planet, and with a Polar Shift in progress, we will need all the Oil/Blood reserves we have to try to survive a land shift, due to a Magnetic Reversal, that requires Oil/Blood to Generate a Magnetosphere, and when time matters after a Polar Reversal, because all the Atmosphere is being leaked into outer space, until that Magnetosphere is strong enough to hold it in again, and that takes time that can be calculated using Trinary Math, and that is required to hold in the Atmosphere, and without it all the Atmosphere will eventually leak out into outer space, causing the Planet to Freeze over, and not over years or days, but within hours, minutes and seconds, and that is expected to happen in 2060, because Sir Isaac Newton's calculation has been proven to be accurate in Trinary Math, so now you know the link between: The Sun, Lightning and Earthquakes.

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