The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Appendix D
Pyramids and Trinary Sanctuary

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2018



Appendix D:
Pyramids and Trinary Sanctuary

Pyramids existed to turn Salt Water into Pure Water, and for Electricity for Light, but that Technology was lost due to Moses, who stole the Gold that the Technology required to make it all work, all so he could Control Stupid People who believed that the Gold had Value, when it was the Technology that had value, not what it was made out of, so if Gold is to be used as Technology once again, you have to keep People that would steal it for Money: away from it, so you must form a Militia to protect the Gold, and not so much the Technology, those plans are free to all, but not the Gold, but its Energy, so this is why only Trinary Sanctuary can be trusted to build Pyramids like this, they do not use money, and are not allowed to ever use money, only Trinary Militia are allowed in Trinary Sanctuary for a Reason, only they can be trusted to Build it and Maintain it.

Current Mainstream Science is destroying this World, no one can deny that, nor can they deny that it is all because of Money, so this insanity must stop, and no one will ever agree on what a Society should be built like, no one will agree on any aspect of Reality, so its why I wrote a Document that was so Strict it did not allow any room to disagree, so by basing it as Trinary in Origin, gives way to the understanding it is about Trinary Logic, Pyramids have 4 sides, not 3, so Trinary Pyramids do not make much sense, until after you see the Videos I do for the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, but it is about a completely new way of looking at the Universe, as a Trinary Universe, so its only for those that can fully understand it is concepts, only then do you understand what it is about, it is not about controlling your Knowledge by making you remember complicated things, the Light has 3 State changes, how much simpler can it get, God is Electricity, Atomic or Nuclear Energy or Bombs, so why lie about it, and that is what IAM asking you right now, do you believe in the God that is All Light without Darkness, or do you believe that God is a Deity or Spirit that does not Physicality Exist, so do not confuse this for a question without a question mark? It is not a Choice to believe in insane things, like things that do not Physically Exist, that is a Mental disorder called insanity, and there is no way in the world anyone can ever argue that point using Logic or a Dictionary, that defines the belief in things that do not Physicality Exist as insane, so why define that word or spell it that way if you did not mean it, its like listening to that Little Voice in your Head, allowing it to speak to you is insane, believing what it says to you is also insane, if that is how you were tricked into believing that God did not Physicality Exist as Light without Darkness, is Madness that not even Newton could calculate, so you can not build an Advance Society with People that believe Insanity is a Right, that thought process is immoral, and that is how Money was allowed to destroy this Planet, and why its never going to stop until you stop using it, and that will never happen unless Trinary Sanctuary comes to be.

There are reasons why No: Money, Taxation, Barter, Trading, Gambling, Lottery, Credit, Religion, Law, Rule, Regulation, Copyright, Trademark, Patton, or other types of Control, are not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, and why People are not in Control over anything but themselves, and their family, that way there is never any doubt about what your Duty is, its always to protect your Family, and you can not do that with all these Limitations, Money does not give you Freedom, it takes it away and gives you Free Dumb, because Money limit is what you can do, and if that is to build a Pyramid, how can you put that Limitation on yourself knowing it is going to coast more than anyone can afford, and that is the Point in why you can not have controls on your Freedom, the Militia keeps everyone in line, because everyone is in the Trinary Militia, so it is all about Technical Orders and Data, this is no more than a Book that explains exactly how to do everything you need to do, including how to play, mate, raise Children, think, sleep, eat, drink, shit, and breath, everything about you: will know what the Militia is all about, it is about Honour, and Integrity, not just because you know that when you die, your just Gods Dream of Nightmare, that type of Karma is too much for some to believe, which is why I proved it, with Empirical Evidence: in the Beginning there was only the Light, so the Reason to not have controls, is simple, it is too complex, first all your Technical Orders and Data, will teach you do everything, if you want to experiment, make sure it does not violate any of your Requirements to the Militia, because your Responsibility is to ensure the Safety of everyone's Family, and you can never allow Money, Religion, Law or any control to limit how you live your Life, those people that Forced that Control on you enslaved you with Religion, Money and Law, so some of you who read this entire book once, and are now reading it twice, because now they know how to read it in the first place, so there are always reasons why no Controls are allowed, because Trinary Sanctuary is not about Controlling you, it is about allowing you to control your own Life, if you can do that, then we can all live in peace, so imagine a Reality, where we all talk the same Basic Language, and that means the Exact same Language, because Basic is all we talk like, if this do that, else do that the other thing, not that kind of logic, that would drive me insane, I mean a Basic Language that Trinary Sanctuary Writes for itself, so its written by its Members also known as Trinary Militia, even then Children are members at conception, so they are raised from Birth to know only about what can be Proven to be the Truth, Science Fiction will be all Theory, and in Real Science no Theory is allowed, but not so in Science Fiction, we can now define all types, and Einstein's General Relativity is still important to learn, because it teaches you that a Paradox can not exist in Reality without God.

The World has to get behind this concept in order for it to become a Reality, it takes into consideration that not all will read this, they will claim they do not need to know the work of the Antichrist, because that is what they called Sir Isaac Newton, so I call them Sheeple, so we are not confused about who Yew are in His-Story, because TaxUS is just Poison to Sheep like Ewe, so there is a lot to own up to, but owning up is the only Game to play, so play no other, this is the Game called Responsibility, first we have a Legal Obligation to pay back the Banks, and it the Banks refuse this Offer, than they are giving we the People no way to ever pay back the loan, proving this is nothing but Treason, because if it was about giving us a loan and keeping the Country and all the People Collateral, till that Loan is Paid off, so if the Bank does not allow us to pay off the loan, that means they never intended on US ever paying off the Loan, thus just Abolishing the Constitution for all time because they do not allow anyone to ever pay it down, let alone off, so you can get your Country back, because that will never happen, not even if Trinary Sanctuary comes to pass, because Trinary Sanctuary is not trying to commit Genocide on all the People that still want to use Money, that would be just as Evil as allowing its use, just because People do not believe the same as you, does not make them your Enemy, but its also why their kind is not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, these people are given a lot of Power, and they need to make sure this Power does Good and not Evil, Laws allow people to be punished, and some for things they did not do, so it is all about Revenge and not Justice, but JustUS, so its Evil, Trinary Sanctuary has no Courts, no Judges, no Jury, no Voting, so how does this work in an Advanced Society, if someone does something so wrong that they can never be trusted again, for example they molested a child, that crime can never be undone for that Child, so it is a Crime against all of Trinary Sanctuary, and it goes against their Requirement to Protect everyone, so if you ever do something that jeopardizes someones child, on purpose, especially for Rape, Torture, or any act that deprives them of their Freedom, without the Right to do so, and Rights are not things people make up, a Right is like a Guardian, or someone that was left in charge of someone else, then purposely interacted them inappropriately, there are fine lines to be crossed when talking to anyone, so never cross those lines, but no one has the right to have sex with any child in Trinary Sanctuary ever, and to do so has no Punishment, because Trinary Sanctuary is not about Punishment, it is about Requirements, and if you cannot hold up those that are most important to an Advanced Society, then you have no Right Living in any Society, they are either Executed or Banished for Life: back to the Banks that we Purchased their Freedom From, even if that is Generations ago, the Requirements are always for everyone, and it does not matter how old you are, you have to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, in Trinary Sanctuary you have no Right to have sex with anyone unless you are Married to them, there is not Dating that is allowed without a Dating Permit, not even Kissing is allowed without one, so Trinary Sanctuary is very Strict about who can have sex with whom, because no one alive is allowed to have sex with anyone without a Permit, to do so can get you executed or banished, and there are no exceptions, morals are morals, you have them or you do not, as an Advanced Society, this can never be allowed to be the case, where people think they are Free to have Sex with who ever they want because there is not Law, and Requirements are not Laws, they are things Required of everyone, so if there are things that can get you Executed or Banished, there needs to be Permits to do those things, no permits, you do not do them, and that means you might get a permit to have intercourse, but not to get Pregnant, because Population controls is mandatory for everyone, there are not Accidents in Trinary Sanctuary, because Trinary Militia are required to do their Duty, so its members are very Protective of theirs and others children, so we set safeguards for them, and any abuse against children will not be tolerated, if you cannot be trusted with Children, you need to be restricted from being around them, that is not so it restricts your Freedom, but so it does not restrict theirs, which is more important.

Pyramids are major construction, and mostly designed to be completely automated, so instead of needing a lot of muscle to get things done, Trinary Sanctuary needs the best people in the World when it comes to Technology, so training is everything, we need to train children, so that when they grow up, they will understand what Trinary Sanctuary is all about, instead of having to grown up without Parents just because they worked Jobs, that did not coincide so parents could or would raise their children, mostly because the Parents spend too much time drinking alcohol or doing some kind of drugs, and that is how you raise damage adults, so instead of allowing drinking alcohol, think that everyone can stop at one glass, and just relax and enjoy it, without becoming a drunk monster, growing up I know all about there Monsters in the Night, people are bad enough using Cannabis, but other drugs just make them insane, no wonder they believe in Deities and Spirits, Alcohol and Drugs has done to much damage or not enough, who knows, I know it has nothing to do with the Alcohol because everyone that drinks enough will die, because it is poison, so why lie about it not being good for us, its poison, and people get addicted to it after a while, the longer they drink it, it makes that time even longer, tell they deny it is a problem, it is always starts with that, the excuse about how other drugs are worse, as if we have a choice between the lessor of two evils, but that is just the way people are, they justify using money because they have to, which has never been true, it was always the false Reality, the one you chose to live another life style, but even in Science Fiction they still use Money, so what is the point of Science Fiction, if it cannot be fun, so Pyramid construction should be fun, but it can not be like the Reality that exist today, where people just want to drink alcohol and do other drugs, so those things can not be allowed to exist in Trinary Sanctuary, or few will understand what Freedom is, and drinking Alcohol or doing other drugs is not living, its just surviving in a numb state of being, and even if you do not mind living like that, others around you may not like it when you are always like that, so you take away their Freedom, just so you can be an Addict, and that is how people are with Money, it Motivates some of them to do things, some it does just the opposite, but all that use it: are Slaves to it, so what is the Point of living like a Slave with a Slaves mentality, Pyramids should be homes not prisons for the mentally ill.

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