The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 13.01 PhD Step -0 Video Introduction

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 13.01: PhD Step -0 - Video Introduction


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
PhD Step -0 - Video Introduction
The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-01

Scene Video.Introduction-01 Full Size

This Video is about the Animation I created for my Video Series for my PhD: The Principals of a Trinary Universe, I realized that it would take a lot of time to create an Animation series if I had to create a new Animation for each video, so instead I opted to make one video and reuse it for each sub chapter of the book, the Audio is all that actually mattered to me, the Video just gives the listener something to look at while they listen to the Audio, and the Video gives me something to draw on if I needed to illustrate something, and the Music just adds to the experience that Wizards like to create, but still it needed to tale His-Story, so I took a recurring Dream when I was a child, it was about a White Wizard who becomes the Light Wizard, now Wizards Spelled with one Z represent a human that understood the Light of God, in my Dreams I was a Shepard's Dog: guarding a flock of Sheep that the Shepard called the White or Light Wizard would try to train, the Dogs job was to make sure the Sheep listened and did what they were trained to do, which was to act more Intelligent than just Stupid Sheep, thus becoming Sheeple instead of just Stupid Sheep, just a step up in the Evolution of Sheep, but Sheep are just Sheep when it comes down to it, you can not teach Sheep many Tricks, some might wake up, but most will just call the Darkness the Light, so they could claim they are in the Light and Enlightened, as if they actually knew what the Light was, Sir Isaac Newton said that God was the Force in all his Equations, the Bible and Jesus stated that God was All Light with No Darkness, but the Stupid Sheep could never understand that they could never see the Light with no Darkness, because Newton proved humans can only see the Darkness with no Light, so if God is All Light with no Darkness then the Light Wizzard with two Z's is this Light I call Trinary Energy, Trinary Energy is a name I made up, so I would not have to use terms like Light or God, because the Sheep believe that God does not Physically Exist and believe they can see the Light, while my Cousin Isaac Newton proved that the Light of God exist but you can only see the Darkness, so I figured its easier for the Sheep if I call God Trinary Energy so they would understand that its Real Energy, because no two Sheep could ever describe what God is the same way twice but Trinary Energy is very definable so its Science.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-02

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In my Dreams I created my Reality, and all my Tales are about the Realities I created. I dreamed about Technology that we did not have at the time, in my Left hand I held the Staff of Power that had a Crystal Ball on top of it, this Crystal Ball was a Computer with a touch screen monitor, it could be used to transport things using Lightning, and powered every device the Wizards created, like Helicopters that ran on Light instead of the Blood of the Planet known as Oil... There once was too many Sheep to count and keep track of, but in the end only one Sheep remained and I called her Yew, and I spent the rest of Yewers life trying to convince her she was the Light, but in the End! Yew ran away from the Light and was lost in the Darkness forever.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-03

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The Sheep believed the Light pushed away from them, as if it was shot out of a Gun like a bullet, so they could never go into the Light, because it was always being pushed away from them, instead of the Light being Static in the Universe in the 0 Dimension, and it was just everything in the 3rd Dimension that was moving through the Universe, so the Light never moves, we do, so the truth is that the Light is in every Atom in the Universe, so the Bible said that God is all Light with no Darkness, and my Cousin Isaac Newton proved that there can be no Light without the Darkness, but the Sheep believed that God was a Deity or Spirit, if they believed that God existed it all, because 95% of all the Sheep only believe God was a Deity or Spirit, and 3.69% believe that God does not exist at all, which is the same definition for a Deity or Spirit, since that God did not physically exist, but only the Wizards believe that God is all Light with no Darkness, because that literally means that God is Light, and that Light is inside every Atom, spit that Atoms if you do not believe me, and you will see the Light, it's the Power of God, but the Sheep do not believe that the Atom bomb is a Weapon of Mass Destruction that uses the power of the Light of God to fuel it, so training Sheep to wake up and become Sheeple is an Impossible Mission.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-04

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The Light Wizzard refers to the Trinary Energy that is in all Life forms, in Science we see Trinary Energy as Brainwaves, so its Electricity which is Light at a higher frequency so Trinary Energy is full Spectrum Energy, and the Bible and Jesus stated God is All Light with No Darkness, Newton called it the Light of God and proved there can be no Light without the Darkness, so there is a Light and Dark Wizzard, so the Light Wizzard is in the Flesh, and Flesh is just Meat so its just short for Me, and my name is, and Sir Isaac Newton was a Descendant of Jesus, but he did not believe in Christ so his full name was Jesus Bar Abbas, so it was this Jesus who said he would return in the Flesh, not Jesus Christ, so the Wizard on top of the Pyramid is the Flesh he came back in, but its not Jesus, he died, but in the Video IAM the Dog, and the Dog is a Wizard because Wizards use Spells, and Dog is the Backward Spell for God, so IAM the Light in the Dog, and that Old Man is just a Crazy Old Wizard who looks a look like Me in Real Life at this time, but not when I was a child, because in my Dreams he was just an Imaginary Friend, because as a Child I learned to use my Imagination to create a Universe that only I could see in my Imagination, and only I could control it, because my Life was out of Control, my Parents were Drug Addicts, and getting me High was just my Parents idea of having Fun. I was 39 years old before they told me that I had Autism, by that time I already figured out that I had a High IQ, after 30 years of not getting High, I knew what it was like to be sober, but by that time I was already Medically Retired from the Military, but His-Story is about the Light and Dark Wizzards in my Dreams.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-05

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I have to teach the Sheep to wake up to the Truth, but they were raised on the Lies of the Main Stream Herd, so they only Know Lies, and will only believe in those Lies, because that is Herd Mentality, because they only believe what the Herd has Heard, and that is only what they were taught in School, and the male Sheep Shit they were taught in School was all Lies, and I learned a long time ago that it does no good to try to teach this to People, because I do not like it when they act like Sheeple, which is a step down in the Evolution of Humans, so instead of insulting You, I will only talk to my Sheep, and there is only one Sheep left and her name is Yew, so instead of insulting You I will insult Yew, and she is a Ewe, and Ewe are what Ewe eat, and this Stupid Sheep eats from a Yew Tree called TaxUS, so what comes out of Yew is Yew, so its why I call her Yew, because Yew have Shit for Brains, which is short for Sheeple, so Wizards Spells define His-Story, and the Sheeple never wake up to the Truth because they have been Poisoned by TaxUS.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-06

Scene Video.Introduction-06 Full Size

His-Story is not what Main Stream tales... The Light Wizzard in the Flesh is His-Story about the Principals of a Trinary Universe, but its told from the viewpoint of Me as a Child, because I was in the 3rd Grade when I started writing the Book the first time, I lost that copy, so I rewrote it again starting in 2012, so I figured why change it, His-Story is not about what my lifetimes work amounted to, in fact His-Story is work that was started back in the time the words God is All Light with no Darkness was written in the Bible, then the Last Magician Sir Isaac Newton who was born under the Julian Calendar on 25 December 1642, the Gregorian Calendar changed his birth date to 4 January 1643 then they dropped 10 days making it the 14 of January, which is my Birthday, and I was born in the Sun of Corona at 3666 ½ Valley View, so my life is defined by events in history that deal with Words and Spells that cannot be explained as coincidences, and the Militia and Military still use the Julian Calendar, so I was born on 25 December according to it, and by 1966 I knew what the Light was because in 1666, Newton read those words and wondered what type of Light has no Darkness, so he studied the Light, and the Light Studied him, I inherited the complete work of my Cousin Isaac Newton, who said the Light has 3 State changes: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible, so it is Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit, and by the 3rd Grade my work begun when I learned that all Atoms have these same State changes, so I found the answer that Newton was looking for, the type of Light that has no Darkness.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-07

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I call the Light with no Darkness Trinary Energy, and so I told this to Adults who told me to grow up, because Adults never listen to Children, nor did my Teachers ever listen to me, so I would get sent to the office for correcting Teachers, this got me in the Dog House when my Parents found out, so I decided to become the Dog, so the Dog in this Video is Me as a Child, and I am talking to the Sheep I am guarding, IAM telling Yew that the Ice Age is coming, but the Sheep keeps saying that it will get better tomorrow, so I try to convince the Sheep that the Ice Age will last for Thousands of years, but the Sheep will not listen, just like Adults did not listen to me when I told them that our Brainwaves are Electrical, because they do not understand that means its Light at a Different Frequency, the Last Wizard Nikola Tesla taught me that, and he said the Light is Everything in the Universe, and the Adults just laughed at him, calling him a Crazy Old Wizard, so why would I expect anything to ever change, the Sheep will never understand that we are all Light Beings, and not Flesh Beings, because the Sheep is just an Animal, it is the Light that has Intelligence, so it's the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-08

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Animals that are Stupid enough to eat from a Yew Tree called TaxUS, have Shit for Brains, but to argue with a Sheep that has Shit for Brains is an unrewarding job, the Sheep just shits on me all day long, and all I do is chase this Stupid Sheep around the Pyramid all day long, skating on the Ice that has formed on the Pyramid, I tale the Sheep that all its relatives have learned the Truth and gone inside, but this Sheep does not want to come in out of the cold, it wants to play outside, so it ice skates around the Pyramid all day, so His-Story is about a Sheep named Yew; that has Shit for Brains from eating Poison called TaxUS, but the Sheep just looks at the Dog and runs off into danger, and the Dog must protect Yew, so the Sheep Dog has its work cut out, it needs to teach the Sheep how the Universe really works, because the Adults are Stupid for not Listening to me, so I will teach it to Yew, so listen to what I say and how I say it, words are just Spells to a Wizard, but those that are Poisoned by Taxus will not understand what I have to say.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-09

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By the 3rd Grade my parents knew I had Autism, and they hid it from me, they told me it was for my own good if I did not know, so I had no idea what Asperger's Syndrome was, but once I found out I knew that Newton had it also, but I did not find that out till 2013, and by that time I was over half a Century Old, 52 to be exact, so I was playing with a full deck... And I was already working on the Book again, but this news changed the way I viewed Reality, I learned for the first time in my life what it meant to be an Aspie, because then it all made sense to me, Newton was thinking just like I do, but I had no idea that others did not think this way, that is an Eye opening concept that changed my life in ways hard to imagine, so I created this Video to try to sort it out, I know that most people are Neurotypical, meaning they have Normal or Typical Brains, but in the realm of Neurodiversity calling people Normal is degrading, Normal people think that Autism means Retarded, and that Dumb means Stupid, but by the 3rd Grade my parents knew that I had an IQ over 180, so I was not Stupid or Retarded, but those below that IQ are, knowing it would never stop me from calling everyone stupid, they hid my Autistic way of thinking from me for my own good, not that they could hide it for long, eventually I started getting very high scores on IQ test, and the Military noticed it.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-10

Scene Video.Introduction-10 Full Size

I joined the Military and did my duty, I have two Meritorious Service Medals and Academic Awards to prove it, but who cares about that after they Medically Retired me, no one really cares about Disabled Veterans, they just pretend to because its Politically Correct, but Reality is not what is Real for most humans, for example: over 95% of all humans on this Planet believe that God is a Deity or Spirit, and by definition a Deity or Spirit is an Entity that does not Physically Exist, and by definition someone that believes in things that do not Exist are Insane... It does not take a person with over 180 IQ to figure that out, but to tale that to People will start a Fight, so I only tale it to my Sheep who I call Yew, so Yew are Stupid if Yew believe in things that do not exist, because God is Real because God is the Light with no Darkness, and just because you can not see the Light, does not mean the Light does not Exist, because Newton proved that in White Light, there is a Rainbow of Colors that make up the Darkness, so all Yew can see is the Darkness and Yew call it the Light, but Yew can not see the Light, because there are many Spectra of Light that can not be seen with your Naked Eyes, but they can be seen with Electronic Equipment that is designed to see invisible or full Spectrum Light, so I can prove the Light exist, but Yew are too Stupid to understand how the Universe works, and Yew are too Lazy to Read the Book, so I will create these Videos, so I can Read the Book to Yew, and I will try to explain how the Universe works, so when I finish it; you will agree on one thing, Sheep never listen to even a Military Dog.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-11

Scene Video.Introduction-11 Full Size

Yew get impatient and try to argue with me every step of this Journey into the Book, everything I say Yew disagree with, and Yew will never give any Reason why Yew disagree, and yell at me to Prove it knowing that I have a PhD that did, but Yew are too Lazy or Stupid to read it, so Yew sight one Theory after the next because Yew do not understand that Theories are not the Truth, so I will tale Yew how stupid Yew are for not understanding this, the concept is simple, I can prove to Yew that every Atom in the Universe is created from Light, its made out of Neutrinos, if you split an Atom open you will see the Light, and Neutrino detectors can detect the Neutrino from the Split Atom, so the Sun is just a very Large Atom, if it explodes a Neutrino detector can detect the Neutrinos, which get pushed by the wave of Light coming from behind it, and you can see this Dark Light, which is short for the Rainbow of Colors that make up the Light but is really just the Darkness with no Light, so we have Light and Dark Light, or Light with no Darkness and Darkness with no Light, I call it Trinary Energy so there is no confusion about what IAM talking about, so I call the Sun's core a Trinary Engine, and the Planets and Moons have one also, only it's not as big, and the Laws of Physics work on the same principal, so now the Trinary Universe starts to make sense, the Moon orbits the Planet the same as an Electron orbits an Atom, which is the same as the Earth orbits the Sun, and the Sun orbits the Galaxy, but I lost Yew... Yew just ran away screaming I gave Yew a headache just thinking about that.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-12

Scene Video.Introduction-12 Full Size

Most people think IAM Crazy for pretending to be a Dog talking to a Sheep, but most of these People are Insane because they believe in things that do not exist, and the VA might be Right about Me being Schizoaffective, but IAM not Schizophrenic, my Reality is based on what is Real, and the Light is Real, but Deities and Spirits are not, and since God is all Light, then God exist, because the Light exist, so now it's time to bring on the Lightning, because my Cousin Benjamin Franklin said we are the Lightning, and being an Ancestor of Thor, I can tale you IAM a Light Being, where I is the Light of God, And Me is just short for Meat, so it's the Flesh, and I am the Flesh - er... but that does not make me Crazy for being the Dog, only a little backwards if you know what I mean.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-13

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When the Lightning strikes and the White Wizard appears on Top of the Pyramid, this is the part of my Dreams as a Child of an Avatar I called the White Wizard, which was this old man with long White hair and beard to go with it, I suppose he looks a lot like I do now, maybe a little older, a little wiser, but the Old Man on the Top of the Mountain was just me, and I am the Flesh, so the White Wizard was hit by Lightning and Disappeared and came back as the Light Wizard, so all the Memories about the Light of God are in me, so His-Story is about the Light of God that Sir Isaac Newton said was the Force in all his Equations, so now the Wizard has come to talk to Yew, and tale Yew His-Story about the Principals of a Trinary Universe, so Yew must be patent and listen, forget all that Yew know about Science because: I do not care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not...

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-14

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Now the Light Wizard talks to Yew by telling Yew about the Trinary Universe, tailing (as I wag my Tail) Yew that the Universe operates on the Principals of Light, and the Light does not move in the Universe because its static so the Universe moves around the Light, and under a microscope its easier to see; if an Atom disappears it must go somewhere, and at the Subatomic level I can prove where that somewhere is: think about each of these Dimensions as being single Dimensions, so we have the 0, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dimension, when you can see the Atom clearly and physically interact with it, then it's in all 3 dimensions at the same time, it is in its Solid State so I give it a Value of 1; Newton called this the Father so its in the 3rd Dimension so it has: Width, Height, and Depth, now when it shifts to its Semisolid State I give it a value of -1, Newton called this the Son so its in the 1st or 2nd Dimension but not the 3rd Dimension, so you can not interact with it, you can hardly see it, it's not as Light as the Solid State so it's the Dark State, where the Solid State is Matter the Semisolid State is the Antimatter, and when it disappears it's in the 0 Dimension since it has no dimensions its invisible, so I give it a value of 0, and Newton called this the Holy Ghost or Spirit so Trinity is about Science, it's about the Light of God and its not about Christ, Sir Isaac Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible before the 8th Century, so if you take Christ out of the Bible there is only one Jesus, and we all know his last name and it is not Christ, because his full name was Jesus Bar Abbas, but Yew will deny his Name 3 Times,
1. Jesus
2. Bar
3. Abbas
now Yew get mad and start a fight with me but IAM the Sheep Dog and I will put the Sheep in their place, and I will nip at Yewer heals because IAM a Healer.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-15

Scene Video.Introduction-15 Full Size

Humans are a Strange Animal, Neurotypical are even Stranger to Me then Sheep, at least with Sheep I can understand why they would believe in things that do not exist, and do not believe in the things that do exist, but only a fool would do such things, so they have no clue as to what Truth even means, as if there is more than one version of the truth... Either the Light is everything in the Universe or it is not, if it is, then every Atom is created from Neutrinos and Light, so our Bodies are made of Atoms of Light, so we are Light Beings, but the Sheep think they are just Animals made of Flesh, but Humans are also made of Flesh, but when Jesus said he would return in the Flesh, did he mean in an Animal or in Me who is the Flesh that teaches the Light of God as he did?

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-16

Scene Video.Introduction-16 Full Size

I am not Arrogant and I have no Ego to feed, I was born this way, I have looked for people that think like I do all my life and found none, Tesla was the last Wizard, but there were many in History, if I never found out I was Autistic; this video would have been much different, before I knew I could not understand why everyone thought and spook so different, I had to learn to act Normal, which was Stupid, because I could never learn how to think Normal, I finally decided to be Me and talk and write the way I wanted to, I decided it was not important to act like Normal People, because I do not like them for good reason, most of them are just Assholes, growing up I just thought everyone was an Asshole and it was Normal, the few people I have meet that said they were on the Spectrum of Autism, lead me to believe its more than just that, since none that I met thought anything like I do when it comes to the Light, other than the Wizards I have Acknowledged, I would say the rest of the human population is Stupid, and I find no reason to sugar coat it, they are Stupid... But they are too Arrogant and their Ego's will never allow them to admit it, they are just like all the Rest of the Sheep in the Herd, only believing in what they Heard, so I have no hope for the Human Race, the Ice Age will come, and the Human Race will die from their Stupidity, because they are not intelligent enough to survive an Ice Age. If I had to guess, I would say they bread for all the wrong reasons, Intelligence was not a quality they cared about, so that trait got bread out of the Race, and every Century only one or two Wizards will be born, and the Normal People will just treat them badly as they have the other Wizards and myself, so this Wizard will just say the things I want to, and fade away into History, knowing that no one will understand what I am saying, I understand why Newton wrote that his knowledge was wasted on fools, because this World is full of them because its Normal.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-17

Scene Video.Introduction-17 Full Size

Resurrection is not about returning from the Dead, it's about Resurrecting Memories of those who have died, and those Memories are in the Light in the Galattice, it's the concept of waking up the Sheep, so they will understand what the Light is, and the Sheep only see the Darkness and call it the Light, so to them it makes more sense to raise the Dead, then to remember the Light, but if I is the Light, then you can kill me, but I will never die, so the Light is Eternal: all Knowing, all Seeing and Omnipotent, but dead is dead and Reality is what is Real, and I will try to keep it Real, God is Energy and not some Entity that Grants wishes if Yew worship and Pray to it, that is called Insanity because God is the Energy in all Life so it's the Energy in you, so God will only help those that Help themselves, but as a Human, I have Freewill just like you do, and that Freewill does not give me the Right to believe in things that are not Real, but some People will not listen to me because they do not like the way I talk or write, so I do neither for them, I will talk and write the way a Real Wizard should, Real Wizards are the Most Intelligent beings to have ever lived, so if you want to listen fine; if not who cares, I do not care what Yew believe nor does the Universe, Wizards do not talk nor write like Normal People because Normal People are Stupid, a Normal IQ means Yew are just a few IQ points away from being Stupid, so I did not write this for Normal People, that would be a waist of time because they think Freewill gives them the Right to have Insane thoughts, and all Normal People do is tell me to grow up, get over it and act like Normal People, they tell me that if I just acted Normal that everyone would Listen to me, which is an Insult to Wizards, a Wizard is a living Entity that knows about the Light and only talks about the Truth of the Light, and how do I know this? Because...

The Principles of the Trinary Universe Video.Introduction-18

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between,
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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