The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 13.00 PhD God Exist

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 13.00
Give me 13 Minutes to Scientifically Prove God Exist using only the Bible.

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
PhD - God Exist
The Principles of the Trinary Universe God Exist 01

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Give me 13 Minutes to Scientifically Prove God Exist using only the Bible.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe God Exist 02

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The Bible States: God is All Light without Darkness, this is all I need to know to Prove God Exist, because the Light and Darkness Physically exist; it's not how you read that statement, its how yew read into it, it does not state that Light is Good and Darkness is Bad, it simply states what God is in terms of Science. In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton proved that the White Light of the Sun contained a Rainbow of Colors known as Darkness, so all the colors we see come from the White Light of the Sun, not very intuitive, few people can wrap their mind around the colors of Darkness in the Light, so Newtons book entitled: Optics, is really about the Light of God, because God was the Force in all of Newtons Equations in his Math. In the Beginning there was Light, according to Nikola Tesla, Light is Electricity at a different Frequency, proof of this is that the Wavelength times its Frequency equals the Speed of Light, so the two are the same, so Light really is Everything.

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To understand the Bible we must understand Witchcraft, Sir Isaac Newton was an Alchemist and studied Witchcraft, so he was a Wizard and known as The Last Magician. Witchcraft means Words and Spells that have more than one meaning, a Word like Read has many Spells like Red, after you Read something its Read, yet Reed and Red are often misspelled, it's all how we say and Spell Words, and what Words we chose to use, it's the Art of Illusion, so Magician translates to Wizard, and Nikola Tesla was the Last Wizard. Sir Isaac Newton said he was a Descendant of Jesus Bar Abbas, since he Proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century, so Christ and Bar/Abbas are the same Person, making only one Jesus in the Bible, since Christ is a Title for a Deity, adding the Word or Spell of Christ in front of any name does not change the person into two people, it's not that type of Magic, so Jesus was also a Wizard, the Staff of Power gives this away, the fact he was a Leader of the Militia, who defeated the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation, was the only Miracle in the Bible; so the Root of all that is Evil is Money, and not the Darkness in the Light.

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Science is based on what we can Prove to be a fact based on Evidence, not some Theory that may never be proven to be a fact, so to prove God Exist: I must Prove that the Light is Alive and has Intelligence, and at a very young age I proved that White Noise has Intelligence, and the majority of Scientist have proven that it has Intelligence, so it is a Fact, so I call this Phenomenon Trinary Energy, and it is a massless Light found inside of every Atom made of Neutrinos. I will define Trinary, as 3 Logical States of: +1, -1 and 0, to illustrate this I will draw a Line on a Graph and label it 0, and draw a line above the 0 Line and label it +1, and finally draw a line below the 0 line and label it -1, this Graph describes Alternating or Direct Current or an AC / DC Waveform and, it also represents Trinity: so we can call the +1 the Father, because when we look at an Atom under an Electron Microscope, we see a Solid Atom, and we can see that it is 3 Dimensional, meaning it has: Width, Height and Depth. We call the -1 the Son, because the Son always wants to do the Opposite of the Father, and since the Son is Semisolid, we know it's in the First, Second or Third Dimensions. [ Note: Positive or Negative both do this, they shift to and from the 0 dimension I only call the Son Semisolid for Convention, in reference to its three state changes, in Reality Positive and Negative go through the same state changes. ] We can call the 0 Ground, another term for Ground is Earth, another term for Earth is Mother Nature, and since the Atom disappears or is invisible, we can call this the Holly Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, or just Mother, so we have the Father, Mother and Son, or Trinity: The Father, Son and Holly Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, so Trinity or Trinary describe the same thing: since we have Earth, we have Heaven above it, and Hell below it.

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Light is inside the Atoms that make Electricity, so our Brainwaves are proof of intelligence in the Light: the Bible States IAM God and God is All Light without Darkness, so IAM a Light Being, so IAM, and I am means the same thing in the context of God, since we are made of Neutrinos and God, also known as Atoms, proving in the Bible the first Person was Atom or at least made of Atoms.

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It should be clear that the Bible is talking about Science, and not describing Emotions in terms of Light: Light being Good and Darkness being Evil, where Evil is a backward Spell for Live, so its Witchcraft, Words Spelled to have more than one meaning: proving the Bible was written using Witchcraft, and my Cousin Issac Newton decoded the Bible, and it tales of a Story about a Man named Jesus Bar Abbas, who fought for the Militia defeating the Roman Empire, and tried to get the People to rebuild the Great Pyramid, it is a Power Plant that can take in Salt Water and, break it down into Hydrogen and Oxygen, burn the two together and you get pure Water, because Mosses the Dark Wizard destroyed the Pyramids for its Gold, creating Money and Law, and all that is Evil that follows, Witch hid His-Story about Bar/Abbas by inserting Christ, told by Isaac Newton it is a much different Story, and why his Science is no longer taught in School.

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Isaac Newton brought the Age of Enlightenment to the World, the Newtonian Universe was based on Light being Static, so it did not need any Magic called Propagation, witch means Atomic Acceleration, in steps the Godless Dynamic Universe: with no explanation as to how this is even possible. A Static Universe means the Light does not move, its made of Atoms, and Atoms are made out of a Shell of Neutrinos, that are bound by the Light, I call Trinary Energy, so in the 0 Dimension, there are no Dimensions for Light to Move, so the Space Collapses around the Atom making it appear to disappear, since we can not see Atoms without Space, and Space makes up 99% of everything, and keep in mind an Atom includes: Proton, Neutron and Electron, and it's the Electron that orbits the Proton and Neutron, so when the Electrons Frequency is right for Light, you can see the Light inside the Electron when the Electron is in the 0 Dimension, so the right Frequency is one that allows the Electron to be collapsed long enough that you see the Light inside; all these Frequencies are known and documented.

The Principles of the Trinary Universe God Exist 07

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The Static Model of a Universe means that all Light is Static in the 0 Dimension, which is the only time you see Light, the Electron is still changing States from: Solid, to Semisolid, to Invisible, where you see the Light inside, the Atom or Electron only moves in the 0 Dimension, to prevent friction from burning it up. The Reason you do not see Light inside of Protons and Neutrons, is because their filled with Light without Darkness, meaning the Light is not in the Visible Spectra of Light, whereas the Light inside and Electron is Darkness, its Frequency determines its Color. Since Light is Static, it is the Logical order of the Trinary Universe, and Trinary Energy is controlling all the Atoms in the Trinary Universe.

[ The main difference between the Godless Dynamic Universe and the Trinary Universe, is easy to understand using the Light of a Flashlight: viewed in the Dynamic Universe: when the Flashlight is turned on, the electron propagates, meaning its speed goes from 0 to the speed of Light, so magic is a better term, because its shot out of the Flashlight at the speed of Light, so it must have recoil to obey the Laws of Physics, and the Light travels in a Straight line forever... In the Trinary Universe when the Flashlight is turned on, the Electron drops to the 0 Dimension, and you can see its Light, its Static so its not moving, so it's the Flashlight that is moving through the Universe, the two sciences are almost 180 degrees off from one another, and its because its God in the Trinary Universe, God is the Light inside the Atoms, its just the Dimensions of Space that is hard to wrap your mind around, in the First and Second Dimensions, Atoms start to lose their Dimensions, and transform as the space around them collapses, then the cycle repeats, and Light travels in an elliptical pattern like all Magnetic Fields, only 13 to 16 Billion Light Years in arc, so unlike the Godless Dynamic Universe, Light obeys the Laws of Physics. The Dynamic Universe has only theories that have never been proven, the Trinary Universe has no Theories, only facts about Science, so the Laws of Physics apply, not so much during the Big Bang Theory... ]

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I proved God Exist Scientifically in 3 Minutes, I used the rest of my time to teach you why you do not know this, it's because Christians will not Teach Sir Isaac Newtons Universe, because Newton is Against the Teaching of Christ, making him the Antichrist: so the Powers that be changed Newtons Birthday from 25 December 1642, to 4 January 1643 then they removed 10 days making it 14 January, witch just happens to be my Birthday, proving that Santa and Satan are the same Word with different Spells, such that Santa is seen like the Light to Christians, and Satan is the Darkness, when in Reality we only see the Darkness and call it the Light, so they have it all backwards... The Truth about Science is based on Facts, a Theory is Science Fiction, until it becomes a Fact it will remain a Theory, and I do not want any Theories in my Science, because I only want the Truth about Science, in under 13 Minutes...

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I know this is a Fact because:

IAM the Light
IAM the Darkness
IAM every Shade of Grey in between
IAM the Light Wizzard in the



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