The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 11.00
Society Step 0

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 11.00
Society Step 0


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Society Step 0
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Before the Beginning there was Dark, and everywhere I looked I could only see the Darkness, so I looked longer and harder and I found Sparks of Light, and then I wondered what the Light was, and after countless eons, I concluded that IAM the Light, which meant that IAM the Darkness, and every Shade of Grey in between... So this was the Beginning, so Society grew out of the Darkness...

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Just to be Clear about what IAM talking about, Society is a Complex Interaction of Organisms, ranging from 1 celled Organisms to Complex forms of Life, it's a series of events that occur throughout the Universe, each event leads to the next, each Organism views the Event differently, even whole species that are made up of the same Bread, like Humans, Insects and Animals, because from the perspective of the Insect living off the Animals like a Parasite, a Mosquito feeding off a Dog is no smarter then a Mosquito feeding off a Human, yet the Dog views the Mosquito much differently then Humans do, so there is very little difference in how we define what Society is, no two Organisms on this Earth will ever View it the same way, because their Life Story is Different than Others as is their View of the Universe, as such I will limit my discussion to the Animals that Live on Earth: Humans, who have two different Breads. I will call them yew and you, as in (YEW), being a Female Sheep, which is also known as Sheeple, because this Bread is not Intelligent enough to Understand how the Universe Really Works, and what is worse is that they believe it does not matter to them, because they believe it has no bearing on how they live their Life, so they go along with the Herd and Believes what the other Animals believe, and form groups that they call Experts, then self appoint themselves into this Group of Elite Know it all's, that Print Books Written Pages, and make Laws, Rules, and Regulations to limit yewer Rights, so yew Vote yewer Freedom away, and most of what they Believe is based on Religion and Science Fiction, instead of facts based on Reality... So from the stand point of (you), who are a Bread of Humans known for Intelligence's, that only Believe what they themselves can Prove to be True, and have no Beliefs on Events they have no Knowledge of, so they base all their Beliefs on Facts that have been Verified in Science, and based on Reality and Not Science Fiction, so these two Breads of Humans are quite different, and I will always try my best to address each of them separately, so you do not get offended if I call yew Stupid Coward Treasonous Traders, because you know that Yew are only Female Sheep known as Sheeple, and IAM not Talking about You, but about the Sheeple that are Stupid Coward Treasonous Traders, because this is what Society is... a Series of Complex Interactive Events.

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Society means people living together in Harmony, and Harmony means that there is Order and Balance, for every Good person there is a Bad one, the Good ones keep the Bad ones in Order, so there is Harmony only as long as there is Balance.

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The problem with Society is that yew believe yew have the Right to make Rights for Others, or yew follow those that make up these Rights and go along with these Rights, as if any of these Rights really have a Reason, let's face it, if yew have the Right to Live, and yew have the Right to Kill anyone that tries to take that Right away from yew, then yew have to agree that all Rights have no Reason, because for every Right there will be a Wrong, and it does not matter who is Right, it only matters who is Left... And this is the Problem with a Society based on Rights, when yew are Wrong even if yew are Right, but yew are not Intelligent enough to understand the Logic of Rights, and why I call yew Sheeple... Nor do yew understand the Difference between Good and Bad, Good has 1 more O in it then God, and the Letter O means Emotions that come from being God, but Yew do not believe yew are God, so the Logic of God Creating all Life in the Universe escapes yew, since if God made YEW in his Image, then Yew would be God, because God is just Dog spelled backwards, and God made the Dog, so God must have been in the Image of a Dog also, since all Life is made by God, therefor you are God, not A God, but The God, IAM, is an Acronym for I And Me, where I is the Light, And Me is just Short for Meat, so it's the Flesh, and IAM in the Flesh, but yew believe in Gods Rights, and yet yew allow the Law Makers to create and outlaw all yewer Rights, and yew believe that the 10 Commandments where Gods Laws, instead of Moses Laws, because yew do not believe that Moses was God, and Moses said that IAM God, so these Laws must be God's Laws... and why the Problem with Society is yewer Right.

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Years ago my Grandmother told me that there are things yew are required to do in Society, and things that are not allowed in Society, for example she said, yew are not allowed to Pick yewer Nose, or scratch yewer Ass in Public, especially just before shaking someones hand, which is a Gesture to them that yew are unarmed, and do not wish to Kill them in Battle, which goes along with the Salute, which is the same Ritual as a hand shack, but done when yew are to far a way to shack hands, but as Society changed, so did the need for Rituals like Shacking Hands and Saluting, yet yew do it a lot and never think of the reason why, so most of the Rituals in yewer Society of this Date, are all based on Region, Superstitions, and War, and yew believe yew are living in Modern Times, and are Civilized Human Beings... Why because yew do not Pick yewer Nose and Scratch yewer Ass in Public? Because I do not see anything Civilized about this Society.

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As for Me, Jeffrey, I can not talk about any Society other than the ones I lived in, which 13 years in the Military, and being stationed overseas in Kuwait and Korea, and traveling to many other Countries, I got to see every form of Society on this Planet, so these are the Societies IAM talking about, but to be fair, I live in the United States of America, which was Founded back in 1776, with the aid of my Great Grandfathers before me, who sailed to America in 1752 on the Phoenix, and Governed by a Document called the Constitution of the United States of America, which is really just a modified version of the Magna Carta of 1215, that was brought over by my Grandfathers before me, which set forth a limited number of Rights, that the Government did not have the Right to Change, and had a prevision to take back the Government if this should happen, but those in Power passed Laws making that an Act of Terrorism, punishable by Death, yet they make yew take an Oath to Uphold the Constitution, which does not allow anyone the Right to Change the Constitution in any way, so yew have a Paradox in this Society, yew can not defend the Constitution without punishing those in charge with Treason, since the Constitution also states that no Bank shall Own it, and President Lincoln sold the United States of America to the Banks in 1863, ironically most Americans believe it was to Free the Slaves, instead of what it turned out to be, which was to Enslave the Whole Nation and Destroy the Constitution of the United States of America, getting Lincoln Executed in a Booth by Booth, for Treason, yet the Cowards that took over office since then, allowed the Treason to continue to this Date, and no matter what yew believe, this event did occur, and the Treason is allowed to continue only because yew allow it, and why I told you to not get offended when I call yew Stupid Coward Treasonous Traders, because that is who YEW Sheeple are, and why Society is the way it is, Corrupt, Evil and Vile, although these words mean the same thing, Sheeple seem to know the Difference, because that is all the Shades of Darkness that resides in all of yew... So Society is what Yew allow it to be.

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Yew Sheeple believe that its yewer Right to be Ignorant so yew can Live in Bliss, because things are the way they are and yew can do not anything about it, so yew have given up, but let's face it, its yewer Great Grandfathers who gave up years ago, and now yew are stuck in their Sin, yew are Paying the Devil his Dues, in the form of Taxation, the very thing the War of Independence in 1776 and the Constitution Guaranteed, would not ever happen again, so soon do we forget what the Words even meant, no one had any Right to Amend the Constitution, in fact that was very Clear that if yew change the Document, it has no meaning what so ever. So it comes down to Rights and what do yew do? Yew Vote for yewer Freedom, and with every Law Yew Pass, yew lose that Freedom, so soon yew have so many Laws that yew have no Freedom, and since yew are Owned by the Banks, yewer own Birth Certificate is nothing more than Collateral for the Banks, yew do as yew are told, because yew are too afraid to speak out against the Government, so the Home of the Free and the Brave are just words that have no meaning, its now the Home of the Slave and the Cowards, where yew Live in a World where most of its Citizens are in Prison working as Slaves, because of the Laws that yew allowed to Pass, so that yew could be Free, and yew talk about Rights, like the Right to Vote, which was never part of the Constitution at all, it said to only Appoint its Members, and do not Pay them anything except expenditures made in the Duty of that Office, but yew believed that the Right to Vote was more important then Freedom, so yew allowed Greedy Politicians to get Lawyers to Write Laws, and yew Believe its Yewer Right to be Ignorant over details like these, just so yew can Live in Bliss.

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Society is what yew made it to be, Yew Sheeple are Stupid Lazy Animals, all yew want to do is have Fun, and as long as yew have Food to eat and a Place to Live, yew are Happy as long as yew can have Fun, so as long as yew are having Fun, yew will Allow the Government yew Live Under, to Run Wild, and Spend Yewer Tax Money, regardless of the Fact that the Constitution forbid Taxation, remember that is only in the Land of Bliss and Ignorance... but those in Power know this, and its why they are in Power, because yew let them... And the Reason is Simple, it's because yew are Stupid Lazy Animals. But then you Remember IAM talking about Sheep, and not Humans, not You, and none of this actually Applies to You, because You have nothing to do with this Government or any other Government, You were born into a System of Control that You can not See, Smell or Touch, yet you know it exists, but because you are so detached from it, that you believe it has nothing to do with your Life, as if you are just Living in this World, and was Born in a Time that your Country was already taken over by the Banks, therefore its not your War, and you do not have any obligation to uphold the Constitution, because its not your Job, just because no one is Paying you to do it, and even if they did, there is nothing you can do about it... well if you feel that way then You are Yew, and that is what is wrong with Society, no one wants to take Responsibility for it, they want to Hide under a Mask of Ignorance, because of the Shame they feel for the way the Governments of this Planet behaves, when in reality it's because all the People are all Sheeple.

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Someone once told me that Capitalism was the best form of Government in the World, and I was so disgusted over that statement that I did not reply to it, because only someone who is truly Ignorant of the History of Society would say such a thing, and I know that most Americans believe this to be true, and why IAM ashamed to be an American, because Ignorance is no excuse for allowing such an Evil Form of Government to exist, let alone believe it's the best form of Government, let alone those who claim to believe in Jesus, because Jesus believed that Money was the Root of all Evil, so Capitalism would be the Worst form of Government to him, in fact it would be the very Definition of Evil, and why I was so disgusted over that Statement, but most Americans do not get it... Money is not Real, it has no Value, and yet yew allowed it to Run yewer Life as if it was Real, because yew make it Real, when in fact its nothing but Control, and those with the Most have the Most Control, and those that have none have No Control, and it allows Corporations, which is another word for Legally Organized Crime Syndicates, to Plunder the Earths Resources without any Regards for what is Right or Wrong, they are allowed to Lie about what Oil is by calling it Fossil Fuel, knowing full well that its created by the Earth so that its core can smoothly rotate around its crust, and that once its all gone the Planet will ripe itself apart, run at the first sign of Sink Holes because Kansas is about to go bye-bye, and not to mention the Pollution of the Air, Water and Land, when Oil Companies are allowed to Drill Oil Wells in the Ocean knowing full well, that if the Drill breaks, they will never be able to stop the Bleeding, and eventually the Oil will kill all Life in the Ocean, and in years to come will kill all Life on this Planet as we know it... but it does not stop there, they are allowed to Build Nuclear Power Planets that do not have any Safety Devices in place, in case a tsunami hits the Cost, and now yew have a Nuclear Power Planet leaking Nuclear Waist into the Ocean, which will kill all Life as we know it, and it gets Worst, Hospitals are allowed to dump their Hazardous Waist into the Ocean, because the fine is Cheaper than dumping it legally, and yewer States dump Toxic Waist into Land Fills and dump it into the Ocean, and the List goes on, and all because Yew allow Capitalism, which is the most Evilest form of Government in the World.

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The First Society was called the Community, it was a group of people who lived near each other, they would all do their part in Society to provide Goods and Services to all that wanted them, this was not to be confused with Barter, which is just another form of Capitalism, there were no Leaders, no one person or group was in charge, everyone was in charge and everyone took responsibility for the Community, and it thrived for millions of years, till the Dark age came, and the Dark Wizard Moses the Deceiver came along and told the people that God Commanded them to Rape, Murder and Plunder Egypt, and gave them God's Laws, and turned the Golden Calf into Golden Coins called Money, giving way to modern Banking that currently owns the World, known as the New World Order, in which a Single Bank owns the Entire World and everyone and everything in it, so it has Total Control, and the Sheeple believe they have Freedom, in a Land that is Owned by the Banks, so that Government will send its Sheeple into Wars in which if they are Killed in, their family will be forced to move off the Base they were stationed at within 3 Days, and if the Family can not make the Bank payments for any Property they owned, the Banks will take it back, even if it means throwing their family into the street with no where to go, and yew want to believe that Communism is Evil, even when there has not been a Communistic State in over 3 thousand years, only Dictatorships that were called Communism, so the Stupid Sheeple would allow control of their Lives, into the hands of Leaders that only want to Control them.

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Society is nothing more than Organized Control, it's a way to make the People believe that someone is in Control, and that yew should trust yewer Government, and to ensure that the Government gets yewer full support, they will take Full Control and Pass Laws to make everything they do Legal, no matter how Wrong it is, so yew allow War Crimes to take place, by allowing the Government to get totally out of Control, and imprison people without due process of the Law, by allowing Military Bases overseas, they are allowed to detain anyone who they believe to be the Enemy of the State, and to Torture them, for reasons that are not even clear to any rational individual, which means that only those with irrational minds would torture anyone for crimes that they have no proof that even committed, and they are allowed to Rape Prisoners, and when they did not get enough Military Members that would Rape the Prisoners, they made it legal for Gays to join the Military, just so the Government could get the Right type of Military they wanted, with Members that had no Problem with Torture, Rape and Murder, till the main job of that Military is to Protect the Opium Fields in Pakistan, so the Governments could keep an unending supply of Drugs coming into their Country, so they could Fight the War on Drugs, so they could imprison more Citizens, so they could make them Second Class Citizens with No Rights, and yet yew Sheeple Fight for this System of Control, yew allow the Torture, Rape and Murder, 20 years after no Weapons of Mass Destruction have been found, so no Evidence is needed, no Courts are Required, there is no Justice, only Just U.S., and we are the Home of the Slaves and the Cowards, who allow Treason on a Global Scale, and no one will stand up for what is Right, because they want to be Left, not Right, because the Word Brave has no meaning to them, because they are Cowards for allowing this, and there is no excuse for it, everyone has the Responsibility to protect this Planet from Enemies, but yew have no idea who the Enemy is, because of the Society yew Live in is so Evil and Corrupt, that no one wants to own up to their part in it.

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Society will not change until every Person in this World understands the basic Concept of a Society, for the way it really is, and not the Pubic Relations view of how yew should perceive it, History was Written by those that Conquered, so let's face it, yew are the ones that Lost the War, not the Ones that Won it. I know for a fact that very few if anyone on this Planet has any idea what the Truth is, those in the Government do not even know what is going on, if they did, and they are alright with it, then they are Disgusting Pigs with no Moral Fiber, pure Evil, with not a shred of decency, so why sugar coat it, the way I view this World is that everyone is Crazy, they do not understand Reality as it is, only how they are told it is, which even the Science of the Societies these days, is all based on insane Theories that I call Science Fiction, so Societies are all based on insanity, and run by Sociopaths who believe that War is Good, and Torture is just Part of War, and no one has any Rights, so let's face it, this World is being run by Crazy People, because only Crazy People Build Nuclear Bombs, and only Crazy People would allow them to Exist on this Planet, let alone Test them or use them in War, but that is the Society yew live in today, a Totally Insane Society made up of Stupid Coward Treasonous Traders, so what kind of Societies did yew expect would exist?

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Throughout time Wizards and Witches have been Hunted down and Murdered, and for a Reason that Few People understand, it's because they Tell yew this Story about Society, and the Truth about Science, so its no wonder few people even know these Stories, since the Powers that Be, have gone through a lot of trouble to hide these Stories from yew, because they know they can not control yew if yew know His-Story, but the Truth is that few people will ever Understand it, because like I said, yew Sheeple are Not Intelligent Animals, and why a Lot of the Greatest Wizards in yewer Time, did not tell yew these Stories, because they knew they would be Hunted down and Murdered, for telling yew Stories that yew can not even Understand, nor do yew Care about, because Yew are all Sold out to the Banks that Own yew, so yew go along with the way things are, because if yew do not pay yewer Taxes, the Powers that Be will come after yew, so yew are nothing but Cowards, and will not stand up to the Powers that Be, so History Repeats itself, and Evil is allowed to Rule, and yew have no Right, because yew Voted them away.

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Those that want a Revolution, do not get it at all, because once yew die, they win, yew are not Left, so it does not matter if yew were Right, and the last Civil War is how yew got into this mess to begin with, yew were sold as Slaves by the Slave Master called Lincoln, now the Banks Worship Lincoln like a God, they make into him the Engraven Image, and in Money do they Trust, and the Banks know this, and its why they Fund both sides of all Wars, because its Interesting, and the Interest on that Loan can never be paid off, so yew are Slaves to the Bank forever, and now that those Banks are Bankrupt, yew have no one to blame but yewerself, for allowing the Banks to Continue to own the Country that Yew Live in, and its not till everyone on this Planet Agrees that Slavery should be Abolished, will any of this Change, because Slavery is a Word, and the Letter A is the Third Letter in that word, and that means Clarity, as in that Moment of Clarity, when all Time Stops and you can see the Universe and understand everything, and that Understanding that a Slave is nothing more than someone who is being controlled by a person or Group, including a Government, Bank or Prison, even if it is Lawful, since they wrote the Law, that statement does not imply its Right to do this, only that its Legal to do it, so if yew work for Money or depend on Money to exist, yew are being Controlled by the Banks that own or Print that Money, and that is the very Definition of Slavery, and only Slaves Protest and want a Bloody Revolution, Freedom means just that, yew are Free of Dumb, yew Create a Society based on Freedom, with no Leaders, No Money, and No Controls, this is called Sanctuary, and I will talk about that in another Series, but Freedom is not something yew can Fight for, and Dying for it is pointless, it has to be Earned, and that means the end of Ignorance and living in Bliss.

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I can say these words as Clearly and Understandable to all as I can, yew can Believe it or not, I do not care what Yew Believe, Nor does the Universe... So instead of Believing it at all, Prove what I said wrong, if yew can not then it's a fact and you know it to be the Truth, and this is really what Society has become, because no one had the Courage to Stand up for what was Right, because all of Yew believe in Rights, like Gay Rights and Animal Rights, even though the PETA spokesman said that having Sex with Animals is fine as long as it does not hurt the Animal, when some research proves that Aids was caused by Humans having Sex with Animals, then the Gay Rights spokesman said that having Sex with Animals was fine and the next thing they will ask for is Inter Species Marriages, and no age restrictions on Sex Partners, why else would they teach children how to Fist Fuck in School? When the Fact is that all Life has the Same DNA based system, and most people on this planet agrees that God made all Life on this Planet, and there is only 1 God, so the same I that is in Yew, is the same I that is in any other Life form, including Insects, Plants and Animals, so the Rights of Animals should be protected, as well as those of Plants and Insects, since they all have the same I, they are all just as equals as yew on this Planet, and yew were once one of them, yewer I was born into Plants, that evolved into Insects and Animals, so when yew die yew could come back as one of them, so yew would want yewer Rights then, and believe it or not, yewer Human life is dependent on Insects, Planets and Animals, if the Bee's Die, the Fruit of a lot of Plants go with it, so Rights have to extend to all Life on the Planet, and not just for those Sheeple that need Special Rights and Permissions to do morally disgusting things Legally, but that is what happens to Societies when Order is lost due to the Balance between Good People and Bad People, because the Bad People Define Bad as Good, so they make themselves look Good, and make doing Bad things, a Good thing... And if anyone Argues that Point, they will yell that they have their Rights, and since yew Voted it as a Law, its not only acceptable, but its Preferable, because its always easier to do something Bad then it is doing something Good, and Yew always go along with the Herd, but if yew listen very Close yew can Hear a Wizard say...

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now define Society in Step 0, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

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Society is based on a Delusion, which is defined as defining the Things yew see and experience as Events, into some other Story that has little resemblance to the Truth, for example: during the Gulf War the President of the United States, said that this War was not about Oil, Power or Control, but never told yew what it was about, which was Slavery, because Kuwait made a Deal with Iraq to kill all its Third Country Nationalist, also known as TCN's, or Slaves, those are the People that do the Manual Labor, so we are talking about people working in this Country on a Work Visa, they signed a Contract back in 1960 to become Citizens, after working there for 3 Generations or 30 years, so 30 Years later in 1990, the Murdering of Slaves began, and the Reason why yew were not told about this Hidden Agenda, is because although the U.S. Troops were not sent there to Kill the Slaves, they also did not send in the Troop's til after all the TCN's were Murdered, which makes them just as Guilty of Slavery and Murder as those that did it, so the Illusion of the Gulf War was that by telling its Citizens what the War was not About, became the Delusion to what it was all about... Controlling its Slaves, and allowing the next 30-year War to Continue on Schedule, as it has for the last 2,000 years.

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Yew can not imagine a World without Money, because without it, all Greed and Crime will vanish over night along with the Classes of People that went with them, then Corruption would have no audience, and the Welfare of the World will mean more than the Profit of a Quarterly Statement, and only then will things start to change. Society will Evolve in time to a System of Self Government, where all the People took an Active Role in Government, and never allow Representatives to Represent them, they will not Vote on any Issues, Voting is what made yew Slaves, yew lost all yewer Freedom by Voting, so Humans will have to Evolve, because when Money is not the Driving force of a Society, then Progress in Science and improving the quality of Life for everyone, and not the Capitalistic Evil Ways of doing business, where all innovations are stifled due to Lawsuits and Greed, and destroying the World with Pollution is no longer tolerated, will the Future ever even start to look Brighter... Money is not just the Root of all Evil, it is the whole Reason Evil is allowed to Exist, the Problem is that the Powers that be are not going to let their Slaves go, so how is this World ever going to change as long as Slavery is allowed to exist, and the Answer is easy, create 42 areas around the World called Sanctuary, and allow all that live there to live in Freedom, and in return Sanctuary will build massive Power Generators, to supply unlimited Power to the whole World, thus ending the need to use Oil as Fuel, and built from the ground up to be Green, so future generations can live there indefinitely, Sanctuary is a Series of Pyramids, some standing as high as 66 Miles right into space, it Generates Power using Lightning, Wind Generators, and other advanced power generators, and it produces all the Food and Supplies required by the inhabitants of Sanctuary, so each one is totally self-sufficient, so the Governments allow Sanctuary to be built, and in return they get Unlimited Power, which is all they want anyway, so the People that want to Live Free can.

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Societies and Civilizations come and go, the Age of Capitalism is coming to an End, the Banks did not account for the Greed of all Humans, the United States like most Countries around the World, is a Dictatorship, ran by a Man that no one even knows, but many try to guess at, but the Darkside will not give up, they will Crack down instead, they will launch a War against its Citizens, each City has Prisons and Detention Areas already in place, waiting for the Day the Banks Close, and the Governments announce the Bankruptcy of the Federal Banks, and the Take over of a World Bank as a Bailout, and this is when the People of the Planet must stand up and demand Sanctuary, they will have to make it happen, and not just talk about it, they have to find the Land to build it on, and make sure that Land is Removed from the Ownership and Taxation of anyone forever, and then Build massive Concert and Steal Manufacturing Plants, so they can Build Sanctuary, as they Learn to Build a New Society Called Sanctuary, in which each Person is their own Boss, they most take Responsibility for their Actions, they must be a Leader and a Follower, a person who can Give Orders and take Orders, in order to work together in Harmony with the Community called Sanctuary, so that this Society and Civilization will be around for a long time.

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Society is what Yew make of it, and to make it yew most become you, and knowing who IAM is the First Step in creating a better Society. The reason why Societies Fail, is because the People in it Fail to Participate in it, so they allow Politicians and Representatives to do their job for them, because they are Lazy and have no Interest in Government, and Sanctuary does not need Lazy People like that, so Sanctuary is not for Everyone, it is ran more like a Military then a Civilian Job, you work from Technical Orders, which describe exactly how to do every job that exist in Sanctuary, and Safety and Environmental Issues are job number 1, but most people can not understand how a Society ran like a Military can be Freer then running like a Civilian job, and the answer is simple, in order for a Society to Function properly, every person in that Society most have a Job, there is no Unemployment, no Welfare Programs, no such thing as Disabled, only limits on how much work and what type of work yew can do, and yew can not be allowed to be lazy and not show up to work just because yew do not feel like it, the Universe can not Operate like that, neither can Society, it depends on everyone doing there part, and in order to be Free, they can have no Controls used on them, no Salaries, no Credit or Bartering Systems, everyone gets the same access to all the resources, you build a State out of solid Concrete in the form of a Pyramid, each Level has Housing, Agricultural and Industrial areas, that provide for all its Citizens needs. This means that everyone of its Citizens are Equal, no Leaders, only people who take charge of a Project, and work together as 1 unit, ever person is an Officer and a Soldier, everyone is in charge of Security, there is no Laws, Rules or Regulations, only Tech Data on how to do every Task required in Sanctuary, so everyone is required to Read and Write Tech Data, and in the Same Language, even if that means making up a new Language, and this will not be an Easy task, in fact it will be a very Challenging Life, but that is the Cost of Freedom, yew lost it by being Complacent, now yew will have to work for it, and never allow anyone to ever take it away again, and yew can do this, and how do I know?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 11-00-G-Society-20

Scene 11-00-G-Society-20 Full Size

IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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