The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 10.01
His-Story Step 1

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 10.00
His-Story Step 0


Chapter 10.01
His-Story Step 1


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
His-Story Step 1

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-01
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The Legend of the Light Wizzard began on a Mountain top, in a period of Time that yew might at first have a hard time grasping,

The Light Wizzard teaches you the Universe, one step at a time, through a series of Images of Symbols, Each Symbol tells a story, every Music Note also conveys that message. The Image of the Mountain top, is an old story about the Old Wize Man who Lived there, our story starts off there, and every step you take up this Mountain, the more you will learn about this Universe. The Pyramid will be addressed in other Steps, its 13 steps at the base and 13 steps in height, each step is a Lesson, there are 3 different colors, White, Grey and Black, each represent a Wizzard, Light, Grey and Dark, there are 91 steps per side, and 273 steps, plus 3 more for step 0, for a total of 276 Steps. Step 0 is the First step, its outside the Pyramid, so you must first stand there, to take your first step. The Concept of Time, is a reference for Humans to understand Linear existence, it does not exist in the Universe.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-02
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but if you Close your Eyes...

Somethings you can not see with your Eyes Open... Dreams are like that.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-03
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and Open your Mind...

Open your mind to new Ideas, you will learn that all thoughts are Real, the idea that they are not is crazy talk; but first you must Open your mind to this idea. An Open Mind requires one to set aside everything they know, only then can they view it without a Filter, a Filter works like this: I say a word that has a lot of emotion for some people, like the word God, if you can not put aside everything you know or believe about God, then you Filter everything I say about God, through your God Filter, and as a result, will dismiss anything I say about God that does not belong in your view of God, everything I say gets Filtered out; this is self-defeating, I do not care what you think, believe or know, nor does the Universe, so get over it, you can not learn or understand anything without an Open Mind so put it to the test, if you hear something said that does not go with what you believe or know, then beware not to Filter it out, I am not asking you to believe anything I say, all I ask is that you understand it; only then can you put it to the test to determine if its possible, once you think something is possible you have to Open your Mind to it being Probable, once you can do that, you can determine if this is really happening.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-04

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you can imagine that this world will come to an end, and all life as yew know it, will cease to exist,

This End of the World is not the End forever, but the Beginning of a New Era; one must end, for the other to begin, it's this Ending I talk about. Keep in mind that nothing is ever destroyed, it just changes from one form into another.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-05
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this can happen due to many Catastrophes, but it will happen one day,

The Sun goes Nova every 13 Billion Years; this Iteration on Earth is real close to this time, it may be today or Millions of years from now, that's how close I am talking. This is due to physical limitations on size and mass of an object for a given Trinary Engine, this will be explained in another Step, so do not get ahead of yourself with questions, the answers are coming.

Light Wizzard His-Story Step 1
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and then this Galaxy and this solar system will renew itself,

Renewal is when all the Atoms that were scattered across the Solar System during the Catastrophe, will come back together, and form structures just like they did in the last Iteration, and this will happen all over again, Deja Vu, because we really did do this before.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-07
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and all the planets in it will be renewed,

This will only happen if the Sun goes Nova, Mars had a Catastrophe during this Iteration, and the rest of the Planets did not Renew. A Nova is when some or all of the planets or Suns, surface is blown off it, normally a pulse from the planet can trigger this, or when the planet realigns and the surface can not rotate fast enough to compensate, which is why the planet has Oil, to lubricate it, so this does not happen; so planet Earth is in for a big surprise next time it realigns.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-08
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and all life as yew knew it, will be renewed,

Life is Eternal, you can Kill Me, but I will never die. Me is Meat, I AM Trinary Energy.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-09

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and each renewal is called an Iteration, and this His-Story takes place, on one of those days, in one of those Iterations,

I do not know what Iteration these stories took place in, compared to the Current Iteration we are in now. Every Story I tell you took place in another Iteration, so do not ask for Proof that this event happened, all that so Called Proof, got scattered to the Solar Winds and Ended up being Renewed. An Iteration is a life cycle of a Solar System, or Galaxy. The Universe encompasses everything, a Galaxy an a Solar System are the only things that have an Iteration, renewal is a process where the surface, atmosphere and life renew, this will become clear after we get through those steps.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-10
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Three Wise Men gathered -

Wise men are mostly Self Important Fools or Monkeys. A Wize Men, or a Wiz Man, to be a Wiz at something, you have to have Closed Eyes, and an Open Mind.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-11
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in preparation for the long climb to the top of this Mountain,

276 Steps.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-12
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where they were to met with 3 Wizzards.

A Wizzard may have been a Wise Man at some point, then they became a Wiz, then the Wizzard.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-13

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The three Wise Men have prepared a test for the Wizzards, and the 3 agreed that if the 3 Wizzards could pass the test, that they would become the Wizzards students.

The Test is always the Wise Mans way of Testing people, ideas and inventions, what you have to ask yourself, is who is being tested.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-14
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The three Wise Men climbed the Mountain,

They really only took one step, into the Introduction; where this story begins, all journeys most begin this way, if you climb to the top and do not learn something for every step you take, then you took a journey for the exercise only.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-15
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and found a Cave,

The Cave takes on many forms, Sanctuary is one of them. Sanctuary is a concept of a place where people with Open Minds live.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-16
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where they were greeted by three Wizzards,

A Greeting is a Ritual.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-17
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who invited them into their cave.

To Invite someone into the Wizzards Sanctuary is a Great Honor.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-18

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One of the three Wise Men made a Proposition to the Wizzards,

Wise Men always have a Proposition, then they want to get paid for it.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-19
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We have three stacks of Gold Coins,

Payment always takes the form of something of Value; Paper Money has no Value.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-20
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one stack belongs to each of us, each has 10 Gold coins,

Each person puts a different Value on that payment, they may put a different value on each coin, they value they assign to each coin determines what its worth to them. Keep in mind this is a test for the Wise Men, not the Wizzards, the Wizzards know that to see the Truth, yew must first look past the illusion, so yew must close your eyes, then you will see that the coins are just representations of things of value, more of a concept then of something real.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-21
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we will give you the three stacks of Gold Coins as payment for teaching us about the Universe,

Give you, not pay you, do not confuse those two as the Wise Men do; payment is not a Gift, it's a Sacrifice.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-22

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if you can figure out the problem we will set up for you first.

If you are smart enough, that is the test, the reality is a little different.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-23
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The Wizzards agreed;

This is a concept that most will not get right way, seems straight forward, but its not, The Dark and the Light Wizzard, can never see each other, so its really just the Grey Wizzard who Agrees for the other two, but they must agree also; so it's a conferenced agreement between the Light and Dark Wizzard, the Grey Wizzard does not have a vote, instead is just a mediator for the two Wizzards, since they can not see each other, the Grey Divides the Light from the Darkness, because the two can never come in contact with each other, one is Matter, the other Antimatter, as for people, they have Souls of White and Black, the Grey is where you should live, but keep in mind that the Grey is just a neutral party acting only on the behalf of the other two.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-24
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so the Wise Men pushed the 3 stacks with 10 Gold Coins in each, for a total of 30 Gold Coins, 3 x 10 = 30, to the center of the table they were sitting on,

The setup; this is what we have...

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-25
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then asked one of the Wizzards to remove 5 of the Gold Coins and fairly divide the Coins, as a Discount.

now it's time to pay the piper... Keep track of all the numbers, so you do not get confused, I do not try to confuse you, this is not an Illusion.

Light Wizzard His-Story 0-01-G-His-Story-26

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One of the Wizzards reached down and collected the 5 coins, and set 3 of them in front of the Wise Men, and two in front of himself, and said to them,

Then the Service charge is made... The Idea here is that by giving the Wise Men back one coin each, they only paid 9 coins each.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-27

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for this service I will take 2 of the coins as payment.

The Invoice is paid. The Idea here is that you have to add these two coins to the 27 (3 x 9) coins the Wise Men have.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-28
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The three Wise Men looked at each other,

Now we got them stumped.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-29

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-29 Full Size

then one of them said,

As if he could not contain the excitement of having them figure out this problem.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-30
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-30 Full Size

as payment, we have each paid 9 Gold Coins each,

The Game begins...

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-31
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-31 Full Size

3 x 9 = 27,

The Math...

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-32
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-32 Full Size

plus the 2 coins you took as a service fee, would total as 27 + 2 = 29,

The Con...

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-33

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-33 Full Size

so what happened to the missing coin?

The Scam.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-34
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-34 Full Size

Then the Wise Man looked pleased with this problem, as they waited for a reply.

Now the Anticipation begins.

Light Wizzard His-Story 0-01-G-His-Story-35
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But Without hesitation,

The Anticipation was very short-lived...

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-36
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-36 Full Size

one of the Wizzards pointed between the two coins,

The Eyes Closed, Mind Open, I can see it...

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-37

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-37 Full Size

and said the missing coin is here.

And here it is.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-38
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Then Wise Men said, that is not the answer;

The Anticipation was destroyed by this action, which was not expected at all, the Wise Men wanted to baffle the Wizzards, but what they got was a surprise, and Wise Men do not like Surprises; they wanted the Wizzards to explain to them why the Math does not add up.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-39
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there is no coin where you pointed,

As if you can turn Air into Gold, another Scam. The Problem here is that the Wizzards do not see with their Eyes, they see with their Imagination, or Third Eye, the Wise Men only see with their eyes, even when their eyes deceive them.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-40

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and you did not solve this problem.

At least not the way they wanted. Wise Men always want things solved the way they want, even if that means solving it the wrong way, the Wise Men only know one way to do anything.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-41
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The Wizzards looked at the Wise Men,

As if looking at Fools and Monkeys. When a Wise Man meets a Wizzard this is always the outcome, since the Wise Man is so sure of them self, the Wizzard calls this Arrogance, but it stems from Ignorance, which is how the Darkside deceives people.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-42
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and said the only problem yew have is seeing the truth,

Which is what makes them Wise Men, they see only what they want to see, they believe only what they want to believe, and they know nothing, because for all their sight they can not see the truth.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-43
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-43 Full Size

your problem is not about the math,

Math was a weapon in this Story, it was used to drive fear into the equation. People think they can steal from Peter to pay Paul, do the math first, you will see the money to pay Paul with, but will Paul see the money?

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-44
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although its correct it has nothing to do with the problem,

Which is true for all fear based problems. This is how Dark Magic works.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-45
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-45 Full Size

the problem is how yew tell the story,

The Spin Doctors. Confusion is the Weapon of choice for the Dark Lords.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-46
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-46 Full Size

and to Tell a Story, one must use their Imagination to Tell it,

Wise men have no Imagination.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-47
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-47 Full Size

and those that listen,

Wise Men can not listen with something they do not have.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-48
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-48 Full Size

must use their imagination to understand it;

Which means they must become a Wiz.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-49

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-49 Full Size

it seems yew have failed this test,

The Wise men failed their own test, which was to try to fool a Wizzard.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-50
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-50 Full Size

not I.

I AM NOT a Fool.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-51
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-51 Full Size

The Wise Men sure that they are right demanded that they solve this problem to their satisfaction.

They feel cheated, since their own limited views of the Universe did not prepare them for this type of answer, now they are mad.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-52
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-52 Full Size

The Wizzard said very well,

A Well is a Hole in the Ground you get Water from, its very well they need a Drink, a drink of Knowledge. Its said you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make them see the water, let alone drink it.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-53

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-53 Full Size

stare at the two coins,

Not look, but stare: concentrate, imagine, engrave the image in your mind. The beginning of Wizdom is to understand how the Universe works, you can not see the whole Universe, so you have a hard time believing that it never ends, the same is true with the coin, even though it does exist, which the Wise Men are trying to tell the Wizzards that it does not exist, the truth is that the coin does exist, and if you concentrate hard enough you can see it.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-54

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-54 Full Size

then he sat a Black triangle in between them, such that the tip was point away from the missing coin,

The Triangle represents the Trinary Way, the Black one represents the Darkside. Most people who believe they are on the Lightside, are actually on the Darkside, most people are born into the Light, then are taught to live in the Dark, to do this, yew must reverse yewer way of thinking, and reverse the letters in live, to evil, then you will start to understand this problem.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-55
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-55 Full Size

then he sat a white triangle in between them at a different angle, such that the tip pointed at the missing coin,

The White Triangle represents the Lightside. If there is Truth to anything, you can only find it in the Light, the Darkside always tries to lie to yew, it's the only way they know how.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-56
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-56 Full Size

after several minutes had passed,

Time is only a reference, it does not represent a quantity of something real. The Darkside always use Time to confuse yew, they use it to make you believe that things are real, when in fact they are not, only in the Light will you understand that its Time that is the Illusion.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-57

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-57 Full Size

the Wizzard told them to close their eyes, and they will see the coin.

The Human brain does not have an Organ in it that will act like a video player, so all the images we see in our mind, are made by the Light Wizzards, so we can see them, otherwise you would only see darkness when you closed your eyes. If you are on the Lightside, you will only see Light when you close your eyes; which is why most people only see Darkness, because they are on the Darkside, that is why its called the Darkside.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-58
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-58 Full Size

So the Wise Men did,

Compliance. I must note that most people fake this, they not only lie to the Wizzard, but to them self as well.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-59
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-59 Full Size

and much to their surprise the coin was there,

Like they forgot what Imagination was, having been taught in school not to use it, to ignore their dreams because people told them they are not real. The Coin really does exist, if you can not see this it's because the Darkness has yew.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-60

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-60 Full Size

then they said in protest,

Out of shame. If you do not lie, but are still in the Dark, yew will feel like yew are being lied to, and since you did see the coin in your mind, you are confused, because now you do not know what a lie is.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-61
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-61 Full Size

this is an illusion,

They do not understand it. Dark Magic at work here, yew can see it in your mind, so you know it exists, yet yew know it's an Illusion, since you are taught that all images in your mind are Illusions, and do not exist. Ask your self this question: What is Real, and what is Reality? If Real is only what I can see, then the Air I breathe is not real, therefor I should be dead.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-62
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-62 Full Size

the image faded away,

Undisciplined mind. This is not a trick, anyone can do this, its called Imagination, we were all born with it, we were taught to not use it, that is how the Darkside works.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-63

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-63 Full Size

the coin is not really there.

Not able to comprehend. Most people would agree with the Wise Men; but the truth is that their math did not make the coin disappear, it just made the math not add up; and this is all the Wizzards are trying to get them to see.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-64

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-64 Full Size

The Wizzard replied,

Just the facts... remember we are dealing with the Darkside here.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-65

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-65 Full Size

did yew 3 see the Coin in your mind?

The real Question.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-66

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-66 Full Size

All the Wise Men agreed that they saw the coin.

The real Answer.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-67

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-67 Full Size

Then the coin exist, said the Wizzard.

The reality.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-68

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-68 Full Size

The Wise Men protested again,

The Shame... Most people in the Dark live in Shame, they believe that in Sin and Misery.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-69
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-69 Full Size

this is a trick,

The Never ending Shame. The Dark Magic works this way, they tell you to believe only in what you see, but you have a whole Universe in front of you and yet you can not see it, and that is how the Dark Magic works, therefore this Universe does not exist, nor do you.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-70
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-70 Full Size

we can not pick up the coin,

The Trick, turn Water into Wine. Keep in mind this coin is really sitting on the table.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-71

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-71 Full Size

therefore, it does not exist.

No Wine, then why Whine. The Darkside has yew.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-72

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-72 Full Size

The Wizzard relied,

Just the Facts...

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-73
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-73 Full Size

Repeat the process of staring at the coins,

This time do it right.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-74
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-74 Full Size

then close your eyes,

Do not think you need them for this. Become the Wiz...

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-75
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-75 Full Size
Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-76
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-76 Full Size

but this time change the color of the coins from Gold to White,

White Light. The reason for this is simple, White Light is what the Light Wizzard is using; this is why yew can see Ghost as White Aberrations.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-77
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-77 Full Size

and hold on to that image as if it was real,

Do not think that because you can see it in your mind its not real.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-78
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-78 Full Size

in your mind make it real,

You see it, its real.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-79
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-79 Full Size

know its real when you open your eyes,

Become the Wizzard. Know, do not believe, beliefs can only disappoint you. I do not care what you Believe, nor does the Universe, Know thy self. The Difference between Knowing and Believing, is like Day and Night.

Light Wizzard His-Story 0-01-G-His-Story-80
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-80 Full Size

and you will be able to pick up the coin,

This part takes a lot of practice, but it can be done.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-81
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-81 Full Size

this takes much practice for most people,

For most people, but not all. Once you come into the Light, you will be able to do this. Keep in mind that this is not a physical coin, but a mental image of it.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-82
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-82 Full Size

and some can never achieve,

And some do not want to take the time to learn how. The truth is that some do not want to let go of the Darkness.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-83
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-83 Full Size

because they can not let go of the Darkness,

Because the Darkness is all they know.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-84
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-84 Full Size

so they can let the Light in,

The Light scares them. They first have to agree that their Dreams are real, this is difficult for a lot of people to admit, mostly because of the things they do in Dreams, but your Dreams do not have to be like that.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-85
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-85 Full Size

so with each breath,


Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-86
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-86 Full Size

you most let go of the Darkness,

Come into the Light. This point is a hard one to convey, I was born into the Light, like most people, so you understand what it is, you were just taught that this is not real, but for me and others like me, I stayed in the Light, and it was the Darkness that was hard to see, but once I saw it, it scared me, it was at that point I understood fear, I then knew what others have been dealing with; and for the Darkside to go back into the Light, will require yew to let go of everything that is Dark, all your Dark thoughts and Ideas; but first let go of the Fear.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-87
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-87 Full Size

and let the Light come into your mind,

Its there already, just acknowledge it.

Light Wizzard His-Story 0-01-G-His-Story-88
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-88 Full Size

see the coins turn White,

Into White Light.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-89
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-89 Full Size

then see them turn to Light,

You do this every night you Dream, no different, only in your mind.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-90
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-90 Full Size

hold on to that Light,

Do not let go of it.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-91
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-91 Full Size

then when you open your eyes you will see the coins again,

It will be there, or you are not trying, everyone is born with this ability, its called imagination. Knowing its real requires the Wise to become a Wiz and the Wiz to become the Wizzard.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-92

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-92 Full Size

only this time, it will not fade away.

It fades when you let it go.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-93
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Two of the Wize Men stare at the table in awe,

As if seeing for the first time since they were 6 years old.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-94
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-94 Full Size

and poke their finger at the missing coin,

As a child would.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-95

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-95 Full Size

and one Wize Man said,

In awe. This is what Awful means: how good became bad is a translation error.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-96
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-96 Full Size

I can feel it,

In awe.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-97
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-97 Full Size

its so bright,

In awe.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-98

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-98 Full Size

but I can not pick it up.

In disbelief. This is the reason most people think its not real.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-99

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-99 Full Size

The other Wize Man commented,

In awe.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-100

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-100 Full Size Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-101
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-101 Full Size

it looks white, but not very bright to me.

In disappointment.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-102

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-102 Full Size

The third Wise Man said,

In awe.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-103
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-103 Full Size

all I see is a shiny Black coin,

In disappointment. Main reason the Darkside insist that the Lightside does not exist. Also keep in mind that in reality the Dark and Light can never come into contact with each other.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-104

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-104 Full Size

but why can I not pick it up?

In disbelief. Again, is it less real?

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-105

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The Wizzard said to them,

Just the Facts.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-106
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-106 Full Size

yew can not create,

Everything is made up of Atoms, and the Trinary Molecules that bind them, you can not create the Atoms, only the bindings. The Wizzard can not do Magic, they have to abide by the same rules that govern the Universe.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-107
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-107 Full Size

nor destroy Energy,

Only convert it from one form into another. Note the Image of the Cross, this represents Death and Destruction only; from the Darksides perspective, since yew can not really Destroy anything, only change it from one form into another.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-108
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-108 Full Size

and Light is Energy;

Matter and Antimatter, very powerful Energy at that.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-109
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-109 Full Size

the Light Wizzard can make the coin by binding the Trinary Molecules in the shape and size of the coin,

Only the Bindings. Trinary Molecules are a subject for another Step.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-110
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-110 Full Size

and you called upon them to do just that, and they did.

You do this in your Dreams, so I know you can do this.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-111
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-111 Full Size

One of you has a White Soul,

The White is not the Good, nor the Black the Bad, you need both sides to be balanced.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-112
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so you saw the coin as Light,

The Light can not see the Darkness.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-113
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-113 Full Size

one saw it as White,

The Darkness can not see the Light, but the Grey is in between.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-114
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-114 Full Size

because they have a Gray Soul,

The Grey is between the Dark and the Light.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-115
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-115 Full Size

and one saw it as Black,

Because they can not see the Light.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-116

Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-116 Full Size
Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-117
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-117 Full Size

because yew have a Black Soul.

Most people are taught to have a Black Soul, keep in mind all humans have one, it's what side they live in that determines the overall color of the Soul. Yew are Animals, Sheepeople, they live in the Darkness.

Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-118

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Light Wizzard His-Story 10-01-G-His-Story-119
Scene 10-01-G-His-Story-119 Full Size

By teaching the 3 Wise Men how to see with their eyes closed, you are teaching the Blind to see, this is how the 3 Wise Men because the 3 Wiz Men.

Teaching the Blind to see, is not giving the Blind new Eyes, that is crazy talk. First you must learn to see with your Eyes closed, then the other steps will make sense, each Step builds on the next.

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