The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.08
Light in Real Space

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 2.08:
Light in Real Space

I define Light as an Electromagnetic Spectrum ranging from Infrared to Visible to Ultra Violet, ranging the entire range of Spectra that an Electron can operate in, and I define Real Space as Space that is well-defined, for this chapter I will define this space to be a known type of space, for experimentation this is a chamber that contains known Real Space. Space is undefined, whereas Real Space is a known Space, we can mix Atmosphere or make it a Vacuum, and we know the content of this Space, so its Real, whereas Normal Space is something we have to guess at its content.

As the Flashlight moves in Real Space, the path of the Light will continue in a straight arc line until it interacts with an obstacle, see Illustration 2.10: Trinary Energy is Static, only the source moves, at which point Trinary Energy will change states to make the appropriate change automatically, meaning that the Obstacle does not make the change to the Photon, it makes the change in Trinary Energy, or more likely, Trinary Energy uses Intelligence to figure out what change is required, ether way the change always follows the Laws of Physics, so what causes the change is just speculation, but you can Record the change in the Vertice Matrix Grid, so it is clear that it is following all the changes. When the Photon is created, the Null Space of the O State change of Trinary Energy: will hold it static in the Universe in the same state it is in until it interacts with an obstacle, so as the flashlight moves away from it, it will appear to the person holding the flashlight, that the light is being pushed away, but in reality it is not moving, it is like if you were in the back of a boat looking at the current flowing away from you, and you throw in something that floated, it would appear to move away from you, but in reality it is the boat that is moving, whatever you throw in is not moving, it is just floating in the current of the water, and it is moving, and it is moving that object you threw in, its just how its moving that seems like Magic.

Trinary Energy is Static
Illustration 2.10: Trinary Energy is Static, only the source moves Full Size

If a Mirror is encountered, the Trinary Energy will switch states to a 0 State, and will then change state to either a 1 or -1 to correct the polarity, thus making it a Mirror Image, you can actually see the Trinary Energy making the change in Rotational Direction, and let us be very clear about that point, because when I refer to the Direction of Energy, I might be referring to its Rotational Direction and not its physical movement in direction, unfortunately I do not have access to a LASER that can fire a signal Photon, or an Electron Microscope, so I have no way to take pictures of this phenomenon, but it can be observed with the Naked eye, so this proof should be enough to fulfill the requirements for verifiable observations, see Illustration 2.11: Trinary Energy State 0 direction change.

Trinary Energy State 0 direction change
Illustration 2.11: Trinary Energy State 0 direction change Full Size

If the Light is the ball, then at the point it first transforms from an Electron into a Photon, it will toggle to 0 and lost all its Dimensions in Space, then it only toggles between 1 to -1 in the 1st and 2nd dimensions only, so it will never be in the 3rd dimension, it is in a single dimension, so the Electron that transformed into a Photon, has a material called Neutrino its encased in, and why you can not see the Light inside it till you split it, and this Electron does not disappear ever, its just Invisible to the technology viewing it, which will not always be the case, one day someone will invent a microscope powerful enough to see into a single dimension, but for now its invisible to the Technology of our Time, as it was to Newton in his time, so the Electron has mass and it is still in the Photon, its just the space that is normally inside the Electron in the 3rd dimension, does not exist in just 1 single dimension, so we do not see the space, but Neutrinos have all 3 dimensions (0,1 & 2), because they physically exist, so the electron's material is flat and has only one dimension to see at a time, opposed to it being seen in the 3rd dimension, and until we have Technology that can see a single dimension, this will be known as Magic, so we only see what was is inside the Electron, which is the Light and Dark Trinary Energy, and as proof of this, we can see the Light, and it is the only way to explain why that is, and it is because that is what we are, it is the Energy of our SOUL.

Once we view Light and Atom's as being the same only in different States, then its clear that when the Atom disappears, its still there, and in fact, if we had a Microscope that was powerful enough to see an Electron with great clarity and detail, then we might notice that when an Atom disappears, its actually just redimensioning and it is being folded into Subdimensions, this also causes it to be in the same spectrum as Electromagnetic Energy, so we do not see the Dark Light, but the Light of God, which is invisible to humans limited Spectrum of Light, and the material the Atom's are made of, or Neutrinos, are actually so small because the space inside the Atom has collapsed because Empty space does not exist in any dimension less than the 3rd dimension, so keep this in mind, because it means that Photons are actually Electrons that exist only in the dimensions less than the 3rd dimension, so they only exist in single dimensions until they hit a mirror or something that deflects them, than they switch to 0 dimension.

Light in Real Space is about how we perceive it, not so much how it really is, because it is how our Brains interpret it, since our Eyes are not that much different than Cameras when it comes down to it, they both use Electricity to interpret the image Light makes.

Newton said that there are 3 Spectra of Light: Red, Green and Blue; these are Naturally Resonating Light Spectra, in the White Light of the Sun, meaning that the type of Electron emitting that Light, is made of a specific type of Neutrino, for example Red is from a Calcium Atom, Green is from a Boron Atom, and Blue is from an Arsenic Atom, but the Color itself is just a Frequency and wavelength, that Naturally Resonate at a specific color, also known as Spectra of Light, in this case its Trinary Light, because it has 3 State Changes, and these colors vary in color and intensity during these State Changes, so the Rainbow of Colors depends on what Atom's are making the Light, it is not a Mixture of Lights that produce Different Colors, it is there Frequencies and wavelength interaction in Real Space, as such; if you pass Light through different Gases, you will get different results, because these Lights interact with Electromagnetic Energy, which is what makes Rainbows, and the Sky Blue, which is from some Atom that burns blue; so it could be Arsenic, even Copper burns Blue if hot enough, as does Indium, Phosphorous, Lead, Selenium and Zinc, just to name a few, depending on the Frequency and Wavelength passed through these Atom's, depends on its Color, so Heat will increase this colors intensity, cold will decrease it, so the Laws of Physics are Absolute, because these are the Laws of Light, so they are Gods Law; and why Newton was so interested in the Bible, because it talked about the Real Science of Light.

Space can be void of Atmosphere, or it can be full of Atmosphere, and Earth is a good example, different Gases at different Altitudes, so Real Space varies in its content of Atmosphere, the closer to Ground, the denser the Atmosphere, so Real Space is defined at the Subatomic Level, meaning Neutrino level, and every Neutrino is a Different Element in the Periodic Table, and each look different to us at different Altitudes or Levels of Atmospheres, because it masks the color of the Atom, and the temperature will affect its Frequency, in a Vacuum its very Color since Heat has no way to Propagate, that term means Magic by the way, or elucidation, since it is a word that does not describe how something is done, but in Real Space its when two Atom's come into contact with one another, so if you had a Perfect Vacuum, you would not have any Atom's in it, but you still have Neutrinos, they pass through it, and do have an Effect, if you could design a chamber where Neutrinos could not flow through, you could explore this difference in Color, and it is because as the Neutrinos navigate around the Atom's, it interacts with there Frequency and Wavelength, they can make a positive change if passing from one side, and a negative change if passing from the other side, so the net effect may equal out in the end, since it may travel those patterns in harmony.

An experiment to prove this would require such a Chamber, it does not have to be Neutrino proof as long as its Monitored for Neutrino levels, so you would have to factor out the Neutrinos effects using Math; so write a formula that creates a Bell Curve representing Neutrino Count, that can be used to analyze where your sample is on that curve, and only compare it to other readings on that same curve; this way we know that we are at least comparing the Light emitted from various Elements, as mentioned above, so use the whole Periodic Table, and record all your results based on its Neutrino curve, and Frequency vs Wavelength data, so go through changes in both Frequency and Wavelength, and put this into a Trinary Matrix to identify all its Properties, and do this in a Vacuum, and then with all known Gases, individually and mixed in various ratios, and also vary the Volume or Intensity to the Point the Material catches fire, this is a very important step; all Light must be emitted from a specific type of Atom, grant you that getting a 100% pure material is not practical, so this must be accounted for, and using a Tesla Generator, or a Trinary Generator, which is the Latest and Greatest 3 to 9 Phase Electrical Generator on the Planet, with the best sine wave, with the less noise riding on that signal, we can study its Phase difference, as well as its Spectra, from Electromagnetic Energy, at very low Amperage, Frequency and Wavelength, as close to 0 as possible, using all ranges of control as possible, meaning that Billions or Trillions of Volts must be sustainable, so we can study Electromagnet Range through the spectra of Lightning, where Electricity and Light interact with each other, acting as a Conduit in Real Space, allowing Electricity to use the Light to travel on, then and only then will you understand what I am trying to talk about when I say Light, because Light starts at 0 Frequency, Wavelength and Amplitude, from the invisible spectra of near-infrared, through the visible to ultra-violet Light, proving just because you can not see it, does not mean it is not Light, because as Tesla stated: Light is Everything, and that is what this Experiment proves; and it also documents the Resonate Frequency of all the Elements in the Periodic Table, and answers all the questions you have about what Colors are, and where Colors come from, proving it is the Atom's that are actually creating all the Light we see, and do not see, and it proves what Light does in different Atmospheres, and you can tell what types of Neutrinos the Sun is sending us, and simulate what it would be like if it sent us different Atom's, and we can also prove that when one of these Electrons of Light, actually transfer those Electrons to other Materials, making them give off that type of Light, you will then Prove that all Material has its own Color, due to the Materials its made of, and we would know what they would look like in different Atmospheres, so we could better simulate other Solar Systems, and truly understand Trinary Energy.

To talk about Light in Real Space, we must have common knowledge about this subject, and without this data, we do not, that is the state of Science at this point in His-Story, having faith the Light exist, is Magic, and right now that is what Mainstream Science is all about; they have no clue as to what real Science is, until they give up on Theories, and look at the Facts, and the above experiment must also include Acceleration test, so an Atomic Accelerator will be required to finish these test, so load up each Element in the Period Table, and Accelerate it till it catches on Fire, finding its Resonate Fire Frequency / Wavelength, also based on other Properties, such as Amplitude, Phase, and Trinary State, and factoring in the Trinary State of an Atom is the most important, and just like Neutrino Count, the interaction between Neutrinos and the Atom's Trinary State, are the most interesting, since the Neutrino does not pass through an Atom, it always travels between them, and the does not change when it is in its Invisible state, proving that its Real Space is still there, its Space is just Collapsed, and an electrical force field is formed around it, and it repeals the neutrinos from entering that Real Space, and I say Real Space as compare to just Space, because just Space can mean anything, Real Space is what this Experiment says it is, so it is a known Atmosphere, or known Space, so its called Real Space, because we Really know what is in this Space, it is not just Unknown Space.

Light in Unreal Space is another question, what is Unreal Space, well it is Space that has a Single Dimension, and this is the space that makes up all Space, so it exists, but its Unreal, because we can not interact with it, and that is because we only react to Real Space, when things Really Exist in all 3 Dimensions.

Unreal Space is defined as the First, Second and Third Dimension of Space, both you are only talking about one of these Dimensions at a time, so at that point in time, that Real Space is broken down into 3 separate Spaces, and do not ever forget the 0 Dimension of Space, as we proved above, this Space still exist, and can be interacted with, but not directly, it must first interact with each individual layer of Space Dimensions. I must point out that any Dimension greater than 3 is called a Viewpoint, and I will never talk about viewpoints or theories unless I feel like it, because to talk about what I see and what I saw at the same time, I would have to see into every Dimension of Space simultaneously, and that is not possible, so all viewpoints have limitations in Real Space, like a Mirror as I talked about above, not in heaven mind you, but in this book, so do not confuse this with what is done in heaven is done on earth, that is called Harmony, and viewpoints never have any of that, they only show what was what is and what could be, and that is always a Theory, and a Theory is not a Fact, unless it can be proven to be, till then its just a Theory, so viewpoints can never be facts, they can only be theories, so my Mirror Fact, is that Trinary Energy, which remember is Massless Light, so its Light that is not bound by Neutrinos, and it is the Light that is binding them, so as the Light and Neutrinos interact, the Light can slow down the Neutrinos Travel, and it can also push it ahead of all its Real Space, as proof of a Super Nova, where the Neutrinos are pushed days ahead of its Light, so this Real Space around Collapsed or Invisible Atom's in the 0 Dimension, proves that Atom's can be made to state in the 0 Dimension, and that blows my mind every time I think about it, because that means that a Machine is capable of doing the same thing, and if done to a living being, well that is scary, but its possible; but it is not Time Travel, but it does mean that your body can be Transmitted like Data through Space, and that is not Science Fiction, but Science Fact, it is been proven that Neutrinos are pushed ahead of the Light we can see, and trust me we record plenty of Light we can not see, so analyze it, and you will find that a Super Nova follows the Laws of Physics, and in fact transmits all the Life on those Planets out into Space, and Newton called them the Holy Ghost, or the Spirits of Mother Nature; meaning Life; and if we knew how to start the cycle of switching them back to a normal state, which would mean we had to have a machine that could actually capture Neutrinos, its possible to reanimate those lives, grant you that most of it is just Electrons, and Atom sized data can be missing due to interactions with other Spirits, so this form of Travel is scary; but that is Trinary Energy, so if God has Laws that govern it, God has Laws to build this Machine, but it is not something that Interest me, because I know when this World goes Nova or Super Nova, my Ghost will be one of many traveling through Real Space as the Spirit of Light.

When anything Living Dies, its Energy does not Die with it, in fact in just goes back to its source, and this is done in Unreal Space, and that does not make the even unreal, its like the Number 0, its an irrational number, and the only one that can not go on the bottom of a division formula, because dividing by 0 will give you an unreal answer, because as such everything in the 0 Dimension is also Unreal, and for the same Reason, you can not Divide the 0 Dimension with the any dimensions, but dimension 0 can be added to the first dimension, which can be added to the second dimension, and then to the Third dimension, and only in this order, because in Real Space, the 0 Dimension is the Center of the Atom, and it is Electrical Force Field that binds the Light to the Neutrinos, is at the Center of every Atom, and as its States Change from Solid to Semisolid to Invisible, its Light varies with each change, so it can be used to track state changes, so our Trinary Energy exist around the 0 Dimension, literally; the Neutrinos encompass it, you have the Light also known as Trinary Energy, it exists as 3 State Energy also, but has no Mass or Neutrinos that surround or bind to it, so it exists also inside of every Atom that is bound by this same Energy, and as the Trinary Energies States Change, so does the Atom's, it is Interacting with all Neutrinos, and can and does change everything, so it is actually what is in control of everything in the Universe, so if you think for one second you are in control of your own Body, then let me see you change the State of every Atom in your body to 0, then and only then can you call yourself a true God, because God is in control of those Atom's, as is everything that Controls them, so in fact, they are Controlling me, and not the other way around, my thoughts are just Gods thoughts running through my Mind, so keep in mind God is all Light without Darkness, and that only means that God does not have the 3 Spectra of Light in them, only the massless Light called Trinary Energy, there are 3 kinds of Light, do not confuse any of them, because when we die, our Trinary Energy is all that is left of us, our body is just an empty shell without a SOUL, so that Spirit Of Understanding Life, is understanding Trinary Science, because you can Kill Me, which is Short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and IAM in that Flesh, proving IAM God, and only God could understand that statement, I did not Say I was a Deity, although I did prove I was the Descendant of Isaac Newton, and he proved he was the Descendant of Jesus Bar Abbas, and not Jesus Christ, like all such Wizards that know the Truth, the Truth about Death is that I will Never Die, because I is the Light, so IAM God, what that makes you is up to you, look into a Mirror and you will only see I, say these words IAM God into a Mirror and see Gods Reflection; this is why IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, but IAM also the Darkness in that Light you see in the Flesh, and I know this because I remember all the Spirit is that I was born from, because our Energy is always reused, it flows from the Dead, back into all Life forms in existence, and this is all done in Real as well as Unreal Space in the form of Light.

What we believe is called a Religion is we allow others to dictate that belief, and it is why Trinary Science is not a Religion, it is not what I believe, it is what I can Prove, so it is all based on Facts, that have the Laws of Physics to Prove it, and the Math of Sir Isaac Newton proves this, and for the most part, Trinary Science is based on all his work, and it continued through Benjamin Franklin, another family member, and that work got into the hands of Nikola Tesla, who also believed in Newton just like Albert Einstein, so this is the Real Science of this Planet, not Theories that have never been proven to be a fact, so Light in Real Space is also based on these Facts, and it is all because like Newton: who as a Child saw Light beaming through the slits in the curtains, in a room well lite by the Suns Light, and noticed the Dust Particles were being moved by the Light, since there was no wind to blow them, nor no movement to stir the air around them, it was the Sun Light that heated up the Atmosphere, thus making the Atom's Frequency to increase, making the dust particle Lighter, so it would float up, until its frequency lowered due to atmospheric conditions, and I realized the truth in the Bible, and that is that God is All Light without Darkness, and that is only Found inside of every Atom in the Universe, and also in all the Massless Light in the Universe, so when the Bible stated God made everything, it meant that everything is made of God, and what we call Life is actually just Electricity, that same stuff you used to Light your room, is just Spirits of Dead People, so all rooms are Haunted by the Light, and that Light does absorb into us, so it is possessing us, and as Tesla proved, Florescent Light can improve the assumption rate, and that is because it causes the Light to slow down, this is done by changing its wavelength, and just like sitting in a room with a Tesla Coil, where Lightning is all around you, these Spirits can communicate with you, and give you thoughts other than your own; and this is not Religion, but a fact; this how Dreams are formed, and they can be recorded Electronically to prove this, it is the Light, and we have different types of Reality based on the Light we assume, as in Assimilate, like Religion it can make an Ass out U and Me, but Facts are Facts and experiments can prove this.

When I talk about Light in Real Space, I must decide what Light is Real and what Light is Unreal, and Spirits of Dead People may sound Unreal, and that is a Fact, because Unreal Light describes all Light in all Dimensions of Space, and in all State Changes, so to Prove that our Brainwaves, which we all ready know for a fact are Electrical, so is a fact its Light, is not a long shot in reasoning, that there is physically no difference between someones Electrical activities, and there physical state of being, so the Laws of Physics states that if you are alive, you have Electrical Activity your Brain, Brain death only proves my point, and it is possible to come back from that type of death, so people have died and come back to life, which farther proves my point, so if we could capture a person's Electrical Energy, we know it is not taking their Life unless we take it all, proving there are degrees in which this energy can be taken, and blurring the line as to what is their Life at the Time they Died, in terms of this Electrical Energy in the Spectra of Light, and that is what it comes down to in terms of Technology, we can collect Electrical Energy, and even external Light, but what about that Energy we call a SOUL, come have photographs of it leaving the body, maybe in Reality its just their last breath with their Light in it, but it is a fact that it is a well documented phenomena, so it is a well-known fact, and it is both Real and Unreal, and can be measured in some way using the Technology of this date, so there is real science behind it, and it is not just a matter of putting Words and Spells to explain it, it is about understanding what is Real and what is Unreal, and the test for that is simple, every Atom has a State of being Real and being Unreal, this State change is known as the 0 State of Invisibility, Newton called it the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, meaning all Life, so all I proved is that there is actually no difference in the type of Energy between the dead and living, Newton said a Dead Person was Evil, his reasoning was that the backward spell for that was Live, so literal meanings of written accounts in the Bible differ, because Religion Reads into it, whereas Wizards and Witches just Read it, and know it has some Scientific Meaning, since the Stories in the Bible are all about Sin; yet it is all based in Science. So what you want to believe about where we go when we die is up to you, I can only prove that our Energy actually never leaves this Planet, till the Day it goes Nova or our Sun goes Super Nova, and it is a Fact that we would all be Holy Ghost or Spirits of Mother Nature after that, and any machines we build that do not survive that event, will also become Ghost, which is now a Scientific Term for the 0 Dimension of any Atom, and Resurrection is about bringing those Atom's back into a Body of Flesh, and some of us Remember this experience as Children, and some never forget it, but it is a fact, and it can be proven to be both Real and Unreal.

Tesla proved that all Life is Light, and Light is Everything, this is the foundation of Trinary Science, and is based on Facts and not beliefs, other than his belief that Newton was right about God, and just like it is a Fact that Franklin discovered that Light and Electricity can exist together, meaning he discovered our SOUL, and what type of Energy that we think with, so it is not just one of these types of Energy that make up our SOUL, its Lightning that gives us our Life, and it is been recorded in Videos as Proof of this, as an Egg comes to Life during fertilization, Lightning is recorded, so this is a fact with evidence to back it, and I proved it physically with my Mirror example, Trinary Energy is controlling everything, so if the Light is Good or Bad, is all in the Way People interpret the Light, and keep in mind that interpretations are a form of Religion, as for Good and Bad, well those are Moral issues, in Science I can do all types of Experiments, some good and some bad, in Life I can make decisions, both good and bad, but it is our choices to act on those beliefs we believe in, regardless of if you think its Religion, if its only based on Emotions or interpretations, which all forms of communication are, at best we can understand some of what each other are trying to say, even if we understand the language, its like Computer Programming Languages, it is all Logic Driven and therefore can be summed up with a math formula, so those that believe in things that are not real, for example a Deity or the Dynamic Universe, but are Religions because they are not based on Facts, such that they are based on Bad Logic, not Faulty logic, because that might not Crash your Mind, try dividing anything Not Real with Reality and you will Crash, and it is why Religion should be outlawed since it makes people crazy, and they think they are the ones that think right, and everyone else is wrong, and that is crazy, but it is my Reality, because in Reality, most people are Religious and in fact do believe in the Dynamic Universe, at least they did before reading this whole book, after that they understand it is all about how stupid People really are, and that is a fact, and not an insult, if anyone in the world that ever read this and did not understand it, it is not because of the way I said it, condescending is a perfectly legal form of communication, it is the fight that proceeds it that is illegal, but if someone requires a broken arm or leg to go with their stupid Belief System, then bring it on, I wrote this book just to start a fight with Stupid People, who have no clue as to what it means to describe Light in Real Space, as if they know what is Real if they believe in a Deity or the Dynamic Universe, and that is the Sad Truth about Reality, you write Dictionaries that list words spelled Religion, it defines that as a Belief System, some based on Christ, which Sir Isaac Newton proved was a Lie inserted into the Bible to make Money, because no one would buy a book that stated Money was the Root of All that is Evil, but the Love of it would, its just one of many Sins the Bible is packed full of. Tesla was right to have faith in Newton as Newton had faith in Jesus Bar Abbas, and not Christ, this is the Foundation of Knowledge that Trinary Science is based on, and that is the Written Documentation of the Greatest Wizards of all time; so keep this in mind when you look up the word spelled Insanity, and it states the belief in thing that do not physically exist, so its proof that the belief in Religion or the Dynamic Universe is insane.

Light in Real Space is about Reality, all the Light we see with our own Eyes, tells us an unwritten Story, those that believe in Deities, or Universes that do not exist, do not see the Light in Real Space the same way as those that do, as if this is a Right or Wrong side of Science to be on, so instead I divided them into Groups: Sheeple believe in Deity worship or the Dynamic Universe, since both are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to physically not exist, and that mean they are insane, the Light to them might mean something else, if I ask a Sheep a question, it will always give me the same answer as all the other sheep in its herd, and it sounds the same because it is what they heard, proving that most people can be fooled, because most people are fools, and there is no way they would every understand what the Light looks like in Real Space, let alone agree on what the Light is.

Light is something that no two people can describe the same way, if you gave them a million words they could use to describe it, and adding the term Real to it, adds another term they will never agree on, they will try to explain it off as what is real for someone, might be unreal for someone else, as if Reality is based on a common Reality, but in Science, it all comes down to Atomic Structure, and how it came to be that a bunch of Atom's, grew into a living being, few even try to understand a subject in such depth, as to answer the question: what and who is God, Religion teaches you it is a Sin to thing you are God, yet the Bible states that God told Moses to tell them to refer to him as IAM, so Look into a Mirror and repeat those words in this order out load: IAM God, now you know for a fact that every atom in your body is made of Light and Neutrinos, also known as Atom's, so every fiber in our body is made of the Light of God, and that is just a fact I keep repeating to Sheeple till they go away, because in Science the Light in Real Space, is about how Atom's travel through Space, and I got a little sideways on the Science behind Space Travel in the 0 Dimension, just because something is possible does not mean it will ever become a reality, because some science is really only accessible by God, and that God I talk about is Trinary Energy, I have Trinary Energy controlling me in the Flesh, but I can not control the Light, I can do illusions with it, because I am a Wizard, and I can explain the Magic behind the tricks, but I can not get the Sheeple to understand this type of Magic.

Experiment to prove how the Light moves through Real Space continues to the next Step: How does the Light in Real Space control what we think? A question with a very simple answer: Freewill. Experiment: test how random a random number really is, because you will find it is a random chance that you can think of a different number between 0 and 9, that matches what anyone else in this world would think of if asked the same question, which is to pick a random number, and it takes at least a 100 tries to have enough data to prove its random, and no one has ever done that today date, so have a nut and prove me wrong, because you will go nuts trying, and the harder you try to prove me wrong, the more you prove me write, it is a 50/50 chance at best, but with human interaction those odds diminish with familiarity, because most people just keep repeating the same pattern of numbers, thinking they are just random numbers, most start off with some pattern based on numbers they like or dislike, some try to use math by skipping numbers, the less thought they put into it, the more random they seem, if they had to justify every decision as to why they though that was a random number, you would believe that it is not possible for a human to pick a number at random, and that is because people believe in Freewill, give that up and you will understand that we never have random thoughts, we have only those thoughts we think we need to think about, and some of those thoughts drive us Nuts, Not Understanding Things Said, Nuts I know, but Sheeple do it all the time, and it is why Gambling is so Popular, and why Addiction is possible, it is because the Light effects all of us in a very predictable way; so less prove this in a way you will understand. Sit down and record which number you are thinking about with anyone, and the longer you continue this experiment, the more you will realize that you can guess which number a person is thinking after a while, drugs will improve this experiment by allowing those taking the test, to have to do so with altered perceptions, so take the first test without Drugs, and depending on the Person, only give them Drugs they can handle, so Sugar in a cup of Coffee is enough drugs for this experiment, because if you drink enough coffee and asked the same question over and over, over time you will start to build this pattern with more precision, because you want to make it more automatic, as if you can go into a trans and listen without that little voice having to say a word in your mind, that you then repeat, as if you are no more than a Mocking Bird, so you have to be reminded these numbers have to be at Random, and not some sequence of numbers you are just making up; meaning each number is Random, as in a Random Thought, then ask them to use a mathematical formula, like 1 + 1 = 2, 2 * (times) 2 = 4, 4 / (divided by ) 2 = 2, randomly picking a math symbol will keep the number smaller, if it goes over 10, add the two digits together till you only have one, so 10 becomes 1, so you can keep the range between 0 and 9; or numbers less than 10, now analyze your results, and compare them to others, and then decide if its possible to pick a random number, because your odds are only 1 in 10, and not 50/50, that makes people pause to thing about that, some might go to the Internet to figure out if my odds are correct, others realize that picking a number between 0 and 9 is a 1 in 10 chance, and out of each chance you only have a 50/50 chance of it being a different random number as someone else, proving we really do not have any Freewill. Freewill can be measured by isolating people and allowing them to grow up without any education, compared to the stupid education I got, which only taught about Christ and the Dynamic Universe, I learned that Freewill is overrated, since School is all about taking that away from you, and teaching you Religion instead, and just because it is not about God, does not mean it is not a Religion, because God has nothing to do with Religion, nor does it have to do with the Bible, because the Bible itself was not about Religion, but how Religion was a Sin, and why only Sinner believe in Religion, and believe they are Sinners, and those that are Christ base, believe they are Sheep, because they lay down in Green Pastures: Psalms 23, so its easy to understand how we all lost our Freewill to Society, and in fact we no longer teach the truth, only Theories, because Stupid people do not know the Difference, and this simple test can prove it, you take into account all the different type of people and their Belief Systems, and ask them to read this Book and then take this test, I can guarantee you, all of them will have to agree that they have no Freewill, and in fact can not pick a random number, nor can a computer, and it is because we are all based on Energy, Computers are only Electrical based, even those that use Optics, are only Electrical based, whereas all Life is Lightning based; therefore a Computer has no SOUL, yet they but have to use the same algorithms to find Random numbers, and they all end in some type of pattern that can lead to predicting their next random number, meaning it is not possible to come up with one, yet God makes every Rain and Snow drop unique; and that is Trinary Science and how it works; it is not a random thought, it is a logical pattern in which to reason within.

Logic is the foundation for Reason, such that every Reason should be based on Logic, and not Emotions, because Emotions lead to the Darkside, and how people got sucked into believing in Religion, or the Science of the Dynamic Universe, it is because Science Fiction is more exciting than Reality, but this book is not about Science Fiction, or Religion, it is about the what the Bible wrote about, not about what people think they wrote about, it is about facts not opinion, and not theories, the Principles of the Trinary Universe is not my Opinion, in fact some of the things I said, if not most of them, go against what I was taught growing up, so much so that its almost 100% opposite of what I was taught, which was mostly Christian based Education, of the United States, which is owned by the Banks that Print their required Belief System, making what I wrote in this chapter, go against everything that everyone else that grew up with that evil Belief System, so step one in this Chapter would be to get over that the powers that be lain to you, and do not think for a moment it is because they are stupid, because by making you stupid, makes them look smarter, and they are in control, so they are smarter, and as long as the Banks own you like a Sheep, the longer it will be Socially acceptable to say out load in Public, that you too are a Light Wizzard in the what ever name you are, mine just happens to be Flesh, and like my Trinary Science, this is not my own, its just repackaged concepts of other Wizards throughout time.

To have a truly Random thought as to how the Universe actually worked, is how the Dynamic Universe works, it is because it is based on Light being Dynamic, meaning that Light is actually capable of moving in the Universe, a thought that is considered to be insane by those that understand Trinary Science, because in the 0 Dimension, which I have proven is the only State an Atom changes to an invisible State, at which point you could see the Light inside the Atom, keep in mind that atoms are made of the Light without Darkness, but inside every Electron, which is also known as the smallest of the 3 types of Atom's, has Darkness inside of it, and that Darkness is based on its Frequency and Wavelength, and is the only spectra of Light that most life forms can see, the Darkness is the Colors in White Light we can see as the Colors of the Rainbow; and that is not a Random thought, whereas in the Dynamic Universe, you can have multiple Laws of Psychics, even Alternate Universe's, because anything is Theoretically Possible, so everything is Possible, it is a Cult mentality, where a small group of people determine what is taught in school, so everyone is taught the same stupid thing, so they all grow up to be stupid, and because they have a Degree in being Stupid, they think they must be the Stupidest People on the Planet, because the more Intelligent you are, the more Stupid you know you are, and I am intelligent enough to admit how stupid I can be, I meaning me, but how stupid me can be is just stupider as if that is word I can spell, but I am also smart enough to know I can not generate a random number.

To understand the Trinary Universe, you must first understand who came up with this concept to begin with, I mean it dates back before the Bible was written, because it talks about this knowledge about God by All Light without Darkness, as being knowledge that dates back before the first Humans on the Planets, so the Bible tells a much different History then His-Story, and using the same words and Spells, so to understand Light in Real Space, you must understand what the Light is, what is Real, and what Space is, and I was never taught this in School, so it is normally new to people that where never taught about Newton, Franklin or Tesla, nor the other great Wizards throughout History, and I am talking about Masonic Secrets here, still to this day, in fact its so bad: that few even get as far as to find out any of what I write about in this book. To fully understand a subject that goes against your Belief System, is to let go of all you know, and try to learn something new, so Light is actually a physical medium that has a broad spectrum, ranging from what we can not see, to what we can see, to beyond what we can see, and fully understanding Dimensions, and how they physically exist, yet are as unreal as the number 0, so Light and Dimensions share the same Real Space, where the word spelled Real, means what it says, so it describes the space any atom might occupy, as such it can be used to explain how the whole Universe works, and why I have to separate Sheeple from People, because Sheeple can never disconnect from their Belief System, I have giving up talking to Christians or any other Religious sect, because there belief in God is not the same nor Compatible with Science, if your Science is not the same as your Beliefs in God, you have to admit one of them is wrong, and that is a conflict inside of you as an individual, because Religion is nor more a Disease as Alcoholism, or Gambling, they are all harmful activities, so they are a Disease to people that have to interact with them, because it never gets old to have to explain to anyone, that it is insane to believe in things that do not Physically Exist, and it is Harmful because Religion is a Belief System, that has the concept of a Deity, that does not Physically Exist in the Universe, and Christ is the Belief System of Duality, Jesus Christ vs Jesus Bar Abbas, which one do you Believe in, the one that abolished the Roman Empire for its use of Money and Taxation, or in the Love of Money; because this two beliefs are not compatible. The Alcoholic always think they are better while they are drinking, and they define an Alcoholic as always someone that drinks more than they do, because like the Religion of Christ, Denial is the First Step in this Program, and the Gambler will always bet on who will Win this debate, as if it is one, when in fact, it is not possible to prove that a Deity exist, its possible to prove that God is All Light without Darkness, so the Gamble believes they can have a Random Thought, and will bet their Lives and that of unborn Children, because their belief is so strong, that just like the Religious, they are blinded by what the Light is, and that is just Light, and not some Deity that does not exist, which is a Lie, God does exist as Light without Darkness, and I proved that with Trinary Science.

To believe that Light can Move, would require proof, and to this Date, no one has proven that Light is Dynamic, in fact they proved it is not, yet they hold on to this belief as hard as other harmful Belief Systems, such as Religion, Alcoholism or Gambling, all Additions of the Mind, that people that get a Thrill, which describes a Hormonal High, some think its better than sex, while others use it to get more, but this type of environment can only thrive in a Society that allows Money, the words ONLY Congress can Print Money on the Constitution, is why my Family refused to sign it, because they understood that to be Free, you could not allow the use of Money to take over the Government, because once it does, it will need more Money to survive, and allowing it the Government to fall by using it as collateral on a Bank Loan, is not only Treasonous, because now ONLY the Bank Prints Money, but it allowed Mainstream Science to be dictated by the Banks that own it, because who ever prints the Money owns the Country, and it is why no one can agree on what the Light is, let alone what Real Space is all about.

Society must change in order for its Science to, and Religion, Alcohol, Gambling and other forms of Slavery, have been the down fall of every Civilization in History, and it is History dates back to Moses, when the Dark Wizard destroyed the Pyramids for its Gold, and passed Laws to make it Legal, then the Roman Empire took over and Jesus Bar Abbas with the help of the Militia, destroyed the Roman Empire, but Sheeple keep allowing it to come back and take over their lives again, and it is like the Matrix of other lies they told you to dumb you down, and keep you paying your Taxes, and teach you Science that is not even Possible, yet most people think it is the Truth, when it is a fact its just a Theory, and like all Einsteins Theories, he himself only believed in Newton, yet his Science is not being taught, only the Theories of someone who denounced them, and was reported as being Religious just to dismiss him as insane, for not believing in his own Belief System; talk about Duality, and slit personalities, His-Story is full of stories just like this one; and it is because Money makes any Society Evil.

The Light in Real Space is about the Real Space the Light is in, and Tesla proved the Light is Everything, so the Light is all that exist in Real Space, in fact all Mater is made of Atom's, and Atom's are made of Light, so God really is everything, because the Light sure is, and that statement is not Religious, its just a Scientific Fact, and the Bible was never written for people who believe in Deities, that was inserted so Money could corrupt all of those that used it, because the truth is that the Light is all we see in Real Space, and no mater what level we go down to, all the way to the Subatomic particles called Neutrinos, that make up Atom's, it is the Light that binds them, and it is the Dimensions of Real Space that gives them a sense of direction. Light does not Move, so the Universe most move around it, so the Flashlight moves, and not the Light coming out of it, a small yet huge change in philosophy, think about it, can you prove that Light coming out of a Flashlight is traveling out of the Flashlight, as if shot out like a gun, or if the Light is not moving, and it is the Flashlight that is, that question boggles most peoples minds, they can not wrap their minds around Light not moving, and the Flashlight moving instead, it is a concept that they do not or can not understand, yet its only one major difference between a static and dynamic universe, so everyone should know the difference, but few do, in fact I am very sure I am the only once since Tesla to write about it, so maybe I can not have a Random Thought, but I can have an Original Thought, based on thoughts just like it, but its things like Money, that People can not Live without, so they Trust in Money and not in God, and it is why Deity Worship is Legal; because insanity should be outlawed.

Religion teaches you that God does not Physically Exist, so never confuse a Deity for God, they are not the same thing, and only a Wizard or Magician could fool you into thinking they were, and it is why the Churches hunt them down and killed all of them for Centuries, nowadays the Churches are being hunted down for sexual misconduct, its common knowledge that over 90% of all high ranking members, have been accused of child molesting, rape, and other sex crimes, some cases involving alcohol and gambling, all using Money, so the Teaching about what the Light is in Real Space, has been a Lie: Newton Proved it, Franklin Proved it, Tesla Proved it, and I proved it, so there is no hope for Religion, but there is for the Bible, and that is all the Church should be concerned with, and still exist to protect it, but they have to change their Religion and Science, so the two are the same, you can not teach that God is anything other than the Light without Darkness, to do otherwise is a Lie, and a Sin, so its Evil, because the meaning of God is lost to insanity, or the belief in things that do not physically exist; proving it is a Sin to believe that way, since you are actually proving that God does not exist, and if you believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe, you know that God does not Physically Exist, another term for this is insanity.

The Light in Real Space is about the Power of God to control all things, and the Laws of Physics is proof of that, do the Trinary God is Trinary Energy, and the Laws of the Trinary Universe, are the Laws of Physics, our God is the Light without Darkness, also known as Lightning, but it is not the Light you see, but the Light you cannot see, because you can only see the Darkness in the White Light, and since I was a Child I believed only this, yet all these Religious Liars, and that is the correct Spell to use, since this Book proves they are lying, and have been doing so since the third Century, Newton proved this, and Religious People are why Newton is not taught is school, but do not blame the Church, they still believe in Newton at the hightest Levels, and these people are not molesters, so the children are safe with them, because they know the truth, and took a vow of poverty, and never use Money, so I am not talking about people who deal in misery all for Money, so Mother Teresa would not be allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, because those that deal in misery with Money, are Evil, and they never taught the truth about God, proving just how Evil they are, because there is only one truth about God, and only One True God, and that is that God that is All Light without Darkness, and if you Lie about the Light and Darkness is, they you are just a Liar, Newton wrote about that feeling, and how it disgusted him, but the Pope believed in the same God as Newton at the time, I can not image that has ever changed, no reason to think that anyway, but the Church has to make Money to survive in this world to help those that do use it, and that is why the Church is allowed to sell the Bible for Money, and take Tax Free Donations, and it is to honor God in their own way, but some Lie about what God is, and the Science behind God according to Newton, but still, this can not go up the chain all the way to the Pope, but the Belief in Christ is a slit personality conflict, when the Roman Soldiers have a knife at your throat, you might deny which Jesus you knew, some said they knew who Jesus Christ was, but denied they knew Jesus Bar Abbas, this is a Conflict between Good and Evil, or Live and Evil, because it is Good to Live, and Evil to Die, and only a Liar would tell you they do not know what happens to our SOUL when we die, because in Trinary Science, that Energy becomes Electricity and Lightning, so we use other SOUL as Fuel for our Lights, Computers, TV, and appliances, and few understand that basic concept of Science, because of all the Lies that People tale about Science and God.

Science should not be about Religion, but it should be about God, because Light is All Light without Darkness, a Phrase I repeat to often, but to understand this book, you must understand why Newton was so upset about Religion, and why he wrote so much about the Bible, and it is because Religion is about Money, the Bible is about God, and the Sins of Money, so this was all done by design; only most Priest do not understand the truth about God, because they are only trained in how to teach Sheep, and that starts by creating a Reality for them, so they can control their Flock, and get paid to do so, if you taught people as I have, you would go broke, and not have a Church to support, and the Pope knows this, so the Pope allows it, he does not have to believe that God does not Physically Exist, in fact as far as I know, they are all 100% sure God is All Light without Darkness, because that is what the Bible told them, so its only the Sheep Shepard's that Teach Deity Worship for Money, and in His-Story, IAM the Dog, the Backward Spell for God; a Wizard, a Medically Retired Disabled Gulf War Vet, that took an Oat to Defend and Protect the Constitution, knowing the Banks own US, keep in mind my Birth Certificate prove Isaac Newton was my First Cousin, 5 times removed, the Logic that a First Cousin on the Grandfathers side, would also mean as a Male you have the same Last names, and we do, but His-Story is told by a Wizard, just like Sir Isaac Newton, so I can tale you about what Light is in Real Space, and just maybe you will understand the Concept, so I can teach you about what God is, and not by what God is not.

As a child I have often wondered if a Generator would work in the Vacuum of Space, things that confused me was the for the most Part Energy can not be Created nor Destroyed, so a Generator is not Creating Electrons, its Collecting them, otherwise that whole statement is wrong and you can in fact create Energy with a Generator; since that is what the name implies, it does not say an Electron Collector: so my confusion started with the Vacuum itself. At this point in my life I actually thought that a Vacuum meant Void of all Matter, and the term Antimatter only confused me more, Star Trek said it was always a One to One Ratio, and that meant it was an AC Waveform, so that made sense, since I believe that Matter/Antimatter is just the difference between Positive and Negative States, but at the point of which the Atom changes States from Semisolid to Invisible, or Invisible to Semisolid, since its making this transition twice as it crosses the line, as viewed in a Diagram of an AC waveform, as it crosses from Positive to Negative, it must change from Semisolid to Invisible, then from Invisible to Semisolid, and Antimatter was that Semisolid/Invisible State you are trying to capture; but as soon as it comes close to Matter or Antimatter it turns back into Matter itself, so you can never produce enough Antimatter to state it is a separate entity, instead of just a State of Change, this is an Alternating Current Waveform, so this is a Law in Physics that states that an Atom's State Changes are normally in a Range of Spectra, as it switches from the Third Dimension into the Second then First Dimensions, the Atom's shifts Spectra as its Frequency and Wavelength change from a Solid form, meaning a Three Dimensional Object, into a Semisolid State which is now in either the First or Second Dimension, and why its Frequency and Wavelength change during its transition into the Zero Dimension, so the Matter State is the Solid State, the Antimatter State is the Semisolid State, and the Zero Dimension is Ground, it is not Positive or Negative, and these States make up the Trinary Energy Protocol, and this Protocol states that all Matter and Antimatter States are Regulated by Trinary Energy, that is Massless Light, compared to the Darkness which is Nearly Massless, but we are talking about Electrons, and they are very small, so the Ratio is always One to One, and for a short time you can separate them, but in nature they will always go back into a Natural State, unless some external force is keeping in an Unnatural State, even Nuclear Radiation will go back to its Natural State for the same reason, so what confused me was that if this is true, then Generators can not Create Energy, so they must Collect it; and to collect it, it must be there already, I have talked about Experiments in this Book to prove that, so if a Generator in Space is used, it can only Collect what Atom's are in Space, and a lot of them would be coming from the Spacecraft itself, so there must also be a lot of Atom's also known as Electrons, in Space, as well as in our Atmosphere, so a better question would be does a Generator work better in a Vacuum, or in an Atmosphere, this would require a test that removes all Electrons from the Environment, thus Demagnetizing everything but the Magnet itself, if we do that its just a chuck of Iron spinning around, and that got me to thinking that if we collect those Free Electrons from the Circuit, and run the Generator long enough, will it Demagnetize the Magnets themselves, and my guess would be yes, because the Laws of Physics states that is a Fact, if you can not Create Energy, those Extra Electrons that the Iron has in it, is not Natural; not even in what they call Natural Magnets, and that is because those Magnets are always recharging themselves, by attaching all the Free Electrons around them as they Move, that is how a Generator works in fact, so a Generator in a Demagnetizing Environment, will only produce or Give off what Electrons it has to make it a Magnet, as such: if you take a completely demagnetized a Magnet, and spin it up, it should not produce any Electrons, or Electricity, or Magnetic Flux, so if you add enough Electrons to the Iron, it will become a Magnetic again, and if you could count how many electrons it took to get it there, you will know how many you might get back; so my point of confusion is that Space is not Void of Light or Electrons, at least not in our Solar System, but it is outside our Galaxy, so I wonder if Generators will work outside our Galaxy, and I do not want a Theory, but the Facts; and my Trinary Science would state that even there you can find Atom's, and there quantity can vary widely throughout the Universe, based on Gravity; as such the space between two Galaxies will have areas with less Free Atom's or Electrons, as they are pulled in either one direction or the other, so this would be a good place to do our experiment; otherwise it is all just a Theory.

In Movies and Books there are many Stories about what God is, and what God does, but Sir Isaac Newton did not care about what others thought, nor did Franklin or Tesla, nor do I for the same Reason, it is all BS; and Newton wrote more about this Subject then any other, and what he wrote was that a Deity is a Sin, and the Bible is a Book about such Sins, and those that use Money are Sins, and only Jesus Christ can save them, so they must Deny Jesus Bar Abbas, but the fact is that in History Jesus Christ did not exist; in fact the Name Jesus was not a Common Name at the time of Jesus Bar Abbas, in fact the Bible only mentions one Jesus in it, and that Man is just one and the same, it is a duality; the People Denied Jesus by Name, and that Name was Christ, History proves this, so if we go by what Jesus Bar Abbas said about God being All Light without Darkness, and Money being the Root of All Evil, not the Light or Darkness, as Newton proved we can only see the Darkness in the Light, and we can not see the Light without Darkness, because the Light can not Exist without the Darkness; meaning it would only be Light and the only way it knows it Exists, is because it knows the Darkness Exist, so the two can never truly Exist without each other, in Theory they could, in Reality it would mean the End of Everything, because the Light Binds Neutrinos into Darkness, and that is what all Atom's are made of, so that is what God is made of, so the Light is Everything, because everything is made of Light, because Electrons are the Glue that Binds us, so it all comes down to how we define the Light in Real Space, that any of this Matters or Antimatter's, because only the Truth about Science really matters, and Trinary Science has not changed since the way before the Bible was written, but the Theory of General Reality is fairly new, still unproven, and even the person that wrote it did not believe it, yet I live in a World where this Concept of Science is not being Taught, not in Movies or Books other than the Ones I write myself, so People think it is my Science that is BS, when it is not even my Science, its Science from the Bible, and it is the Science Newton based all his Equations on, so regardless of what other Sources may say, Trinary Science is based on Science that has never changed in Recorded History, only the Names were changed to make it Science and Not Religion.

Humans are judged by what they Accomplished during their Lifetime, every Human that has ever been judged by those Accomplishments, normally gets judged by every Generation to come, and people tend to pick out deals about what that person is being judged, for example: Albert Einstein is known for a lot of things that made him Unique, his Math was one of the things that most people know about him, few know that I corrected all of it, because his Version was all BS that even he did not believe, so its very Rare for Humans to correct someone as popular as Einstein, maybe not, maybe its just rare to know about it, so it all comes down to how Unique or Rare we are, and Einstein wrote a Theory that he later denounced, so why he is not famous for that is another question that confuses me, since I had a documented IQ greater than his by the Third Grade, and by the way: Einstein was also Autistic just like: Newton, Halley, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Tesla and myself, just to name a few in History, and we also all used Cannabis also known as Marijuana, so the facts about these men vary, but they all believed in the God Newton wrote about, we all had this in common, and that is Rare.

As a Human I see the need to want to be needed, otherwise I would have never Married, not Once but so far Twice, and I want to leave it at the number, because the Third time is not always a charm, in fact when it comes to the Law and averages of bad Marriages, which mine have lasted over 20 years each so far; so the failure was not on my part, at least that is not why my First Wife left me, besides my needs, and I have needs of my own, as do we all, it is what makes us Human, so I know what it feels like to have needs, and to want to be a need for someone else to want, but when it comes to My Science, my Needs are not to want others to Want My Science, after writing that I know that is not true; otherwise I would have not had waited my time writing a book for others to read, but I would rather they Understand it, and Belief and Knowledge are not the same, so I must acknowledge that fact, as I do others, and get to a point soon: because as an Aspie I deal with things differently then Normal People AKA Neurotypicals; I view my needs for Science as a Quest for the Truth, and to set the Record Right, so I know there are many ways to go about doing that, and I chose the hardest route as a Light Wizzard, knowing what Light is, and we all know what a Wizard is, adding a Z should not change its meaning all that much, but as a Human I am who I am, and this Human is what is the Problem, I am not a Normal Human, not unless you view anyone with my Medical History Normal, not just because I grew an extra organ (Spleen) to deal with my failing health, yet it is a fact that less than a percent of all the people in the World have had this documented, and not just because I am Autistic in a specific Spectrum, at least 10 percent of the people in the World can say that to some degree, and not because of my Military Awards: my Excellence in Completion Medal was awarded to less than a One Percent, of all Military making it the Rarest of all Medals awarded to all Military combined, so rare few have heard about it, even thought it is the Only Medal Authorized by Congress, for wear on all Uniforms, so I can show it off, yet I do not, fine I brought it up a few times, and as far as I know: I am the only person that has documented proof of being hit in the head by a Meteorite and survived... But Science should not be based on my Accomplishments, when I start to talk about them people think I am bragging about them, and those people will think I got hit in the Head too hard, because this Science is not even Science I invented, nor does anyone know who did, but I did understand it, and that is Rarer than anything I have ever accomplished combined, and I should be in the Book of World Records for something I did, so this part of me that is Human understands the Need to be wanted and Needed, and the need to be Recognized, so read my Acknowledgments page for those who deserve Credit, but I give it all to the Light in Real Space: and so would all those I acknowledged; because the Light is God, and everything in Real Space is made of God as a Particle made of Neutrinos and Light, so saying the Light in Real Space, is actually the same as saying God in Real Space, but this is Trinary Light, so its Trinary Energy, because as a Human, I like to define all the Words I use before I use them, or during, and maybe that is rare, since most people use words that have so many meanings, that it is confusing to understand anything anyone has to say about God or the Light, and do not get me started on Wizards, people will really irritate me on that subject, so as a Human I know what its like to be Human, to over think everything, and to think that IAM special, and that I am Special, and to think that IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, that is Super Human, not a Human with Super Powers, other than the Ability to grow extra Organs, and get hit by Meteorites which are a lot faster than a speeding bullet, so Reality is what it is, facts are what they are, and Opinions are something you should keep to yourself, because as far as IAM concerned, IAM the Light in Real Space.

As a Human I over simplify things so much they become complex, I wrote this whole book, and the only real thing I added to the Bible, was context, and not the type of Context most people understand. The Bible talked in a Code known a Witchcraft, and once you understand the Code, you will understand the Bible, it was written by people that wanted to pass down the Story about the Light without Darkness, so they called it God, and then as times changed and Cains descendants came into Power, and the Dark Wizard Moses Bewitched People into using Money, those that maintained the book, were forced to give the Story a Duality with the Insertion of Christ, so those that used Money had Christ, those that wanted Freedom had Bar/Abbas, so Freedom lost its meaning over the years, because everyone started using Money, so this was done so those could keep their Books, because just like the Nazi, burning books dates way back, so people were forced into using Language to have more than one meaning in a Word, or Spell, so Religion used that Witchcraft to make Christ their Savior, and since it meant the belief in a Deity, it meant these people were Legally Insane, that is the Belief in things that do not Physically Exist, and became Property of the State, and it is why they want to know what Religion you are, making Agnostic and Atheism a Religion, even the word spelled None was a type of Religion, so what type of Religion are you? Even a Blank space is a Religion, and why Centuries later this insanity continues, and it is because Witchcraft was outlawed by the Church, so Wizards and Witches became Legends then Fairy Tales, because Humans over Simplify things into Insanity. You do not need to wonder why Trinary Science is so much Different than Mainstream Science, for one thing all Mainstream Science is based on Theories, and that means none of them are a Fact, and we all know only Fools would believe in anything but a Fact, and that is very Simple for such a Complex subject; and why the Statement Light in Real Space can mean so many things, but in Reality it can only mean one thing, and I want to make sure you understand what that one think is, like I need to repeat the Word Light, or Real, or Space, because all of these words have more than one meaning; obvious if you believe in Christ, you do not believe in Newton, since those two beliefs are incompatible, since Newton proved that Christ was Witchcraft, making Santa and Satan a Dyslexic persons Nightmare, nor more than sorting out Two Jesus's, only Fools would believe Jesus is a common name back then, when History Proves that Christ was not, because Jesus Christ never Existed, much like a Deity, so the Belief really is Insane, and People that believe that People have the Right to believe in Insane things, is also insane, and Christians Kill all that do not believe in their Version of Jesus, Historically that is, sure in Real Life they Killed Millions in the Name of Religion, since all Wars have been Religious Wars, and all Driven by Money, it is no Wonder my Science is unknown to many, and as Rare as IAM, or I am, it is that Duality you have to understand about Me, and who IAM, or who I am, and that is Witchcraft, and why I like to use it to prove a point, and I do have a Point to make with everything I write; keep in mind that I do not know what the next Paragraph is, nor do I know what the last one was, so I repeat myself a lot, and it is because I am telling a Story, and every Story should be self-contained, I should not have to repeat anything I have said up to this Point in the Book, yet I do, and it is because of what I just said, and as a Human you should understand that, I repeat things because that is what this paragraph is all about, defining things from every Aspect; so that every Human on the Planet will eventually get at lease one Point that I was trying to make, this leads to very long Paragraphs with no Periods. And yes that was not one of them, but yet a worthless example of Witchcraft in use, is not that I am trying to talk in Riddles, not at all in fact; in fact I talk in the opposite of a Riddle, and that is I define things in such Simplicity they become Complex, but at the same time you can follow me in every chapter or paragraph, without having to remember something I said in Chapter 1, or linking to it, so you have to jump around the Book to keep up; so there is a method to what may seem madness, I am in fact very Grounded in Science and in telling the Truth about everything, and that is very Rare, so Rare that few will ever believe it, because it is too Simple, yet too Complex to be the Truth about Everything, and the Light in Real Space, really is Everything; and I can Ramble on about this Subject till the Universe ends, and that means Everything, yet did I say anything of Value, anything you needed to Know or value, because you can believe what you want even if I told you that was insane to think that way, and I proved it in fact, but that is never enough for some Humans that still want to believe in things that do not Physically Exist, also known as a Deity, Christ, and even the Devil, because this is a Science Book, and it is not about Me or My Religion, in fact this Book was written in such detail, that you should understand my frame of mind when I wrote it, and not just because I am going through Cancer, the fact that I have to have more remove just days away, does add to my conviction to finish a book that is impossible to finish, because it is impossible to talk about every subject in the Universe, and I tend to concentrate on why know one knows about Newton, which leads me down the Road to Freedom, and then the Aspie thing got me hung up on all the details of being who I am, because People see one person on the outside, when I see a totally different person on the inside, and most of the examples of people like me; are all the People I mention in this Book, and I do not really have a Jesus Complex, I know I am being Persecuted, and I am my own worse Enemy, most of my Skin Cancer is due to Worry Warts, but like I said, Who IAM and what I am, are not always that Simple, from Simple to Complex in nothing Flat, a new Worlds Record to add to my collection, the Flesh Book of World Records; if you can not dazzle them with Brilliance baffle them with Bullshit, or BS, or I can just tale you the Truth and let you decide, but I will keep it Simple, and not too Complex: the Light in Real Space, that is who IAM, this Body that Wrote this is just the Flesh, and Jesus did say he would come back in the Flesh, so I find that fact amusing, because Jesus being the Son of God was also the Light in Real Space, so was that Sun or Son, because in Witchcraft yew never know; which accounts for the Burning Bush, it was a Tree called Yew, and that lead to Taxus, so Facts are amusing, and what makes it so amusing is that you can verify all mine, so they are facts and not a Theory.

I purposely went out of my way to ensure that you as a reader, have no doubt in your mind about what I am talking about when I say Light in Real Space, because some day someone will deny what I have written about in this book, and it does not mater if they are a Religious person, or someone who thinks they understand the Godless Dynamic Universe, and regardless of if you are Religious, if you believe that God does not Exist, you are actually Insane, because God is All Light without Darkness, and that Does Exist, so does God, the Definition for what God is, is not up for Debate, the Bible is very clear about the Words it used and how they Spelled them, and Newton was very clear about what the Light was, as well as what the Darkness was, its Science, if you do not believe me, ask the Pope what Newton thought God was, they would have to Confess, pun intended, that God is the Force in all of Newton's Equations, and since God is All Light without Darkness, it also means that God is Gravity so Gravity is Light, and since everything is made of Atom's made of Light, Gravity most be the Electrical Energy that surrounds the Earth, and holds in its Atmosphere, but that will change the Day the Earths Magnetic Poles change, and Newton Calculated that to be in 2060, so the Powers that be use your Tax Money, to build underground Shelters, I call them Tombs, and all because of Money, because you can lie about anything if Money is involved; and it is why this book is Free, and I do have plans to sell it, because my wife needs Money to Live in a Society, where most people believe God is a Deity, most do not know what God is, even if you told them God is All Light without Darkness, they would still not know what the Light or Darkness was, most believe its Evil Spirits, and Light is the Good Spirit, and Darkness is the Evil Spirit; and it is allowed so that in the year 2060; those in Power might survive, while those that are not, will not; and that is the biggest Sin of all, and why Money is the Root of All that is Evil; but that is why Trinary Sanctuary is the only Plan to Survive, and it is Free, but this book is about Science, and not some sells pitch about Freedom, or Real Freedom, when I just proved that Humans have no Freewill, and are not capable of picking a Random Number, nor are they smart enough to program a computer to, yet they are stupid enough not to know the difference between the truth and a lie, and that is where Wizards shine; because they do not care what Yew believe, nor does the Trinary Universe, know it or no it not, but in 2060; we will all know the truth about Newton's Calculation, and that is in my lifetime, if I live to be exactly 100, that is the exact date Newton Calculated it would happen, and why I am so interested in this subject, and I have yet to begin to write about half the subjects I have started, the fact is that it takes a lot of work to write a book like this, and it is never actually been done, I know because I have read them all, and I could not use any information in them to write this book, and it is because this is not based on Theory, its based on facts, so every Chapter I start all over like it is a book in itself, each chapter is a complete story, and other chapters just go into more detail about other aspects of the same subject, which is God being All Light without Darkness, and what that actually means in terms of Real Science, based on Newton, Franklin and Tesla, and understanding what Light is in Real Space, is a very complex subject in the Dynamic Universe, but it is a very simple subject in the Trinary Universe, and it is not based on a Deity, its based on Real Light and Real Darkness, as defined by Sir Isaac Newton, based on what the Bible stated God was, so the Trinary Universe is all about God, according to Newton, Franklin, Tesla, and myself of course, all I have really done is change the name of God to Trinary, and in reality they mean the same thing, since Trinary means Light with three state changes, and this describes Atom's as well, because Electrons are just very small Atom's, and Trinary Engines are very large ones; so you should have no doubt about what the Light in Real Space is all about, and it is not a Random thought, its one that the Greatest minds in His-Story, have been trying to tale you, and that is why it takes a Wizard to tale a Story like this; and it is because no one will ever agree on what God is, but Trinary Energy is another Story, and that is His-Story.

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