The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.07
Trinary Energy States

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 2.07:
Trinary Energy States

Before the Light or Atom can move, Trinary Energy will change its State, if the state changes to 1, it will show up as a Positive change, and the Photon or Atom will be Positive in charge origination, as shown in Illustration 2.08: Trinary Energy in State 1.

Trinary Energy in State 1
Illustration 2.08: Trinary Energy in State 1 Full Size

The Photon is shown as a white dot and the Trinary Energy as a White Bar, in reality the Trinary Energy will surround the Photon, and since it is much smaller than an Atom, it will have many more points of Energy.

If the Trinary Energy appeared in the -1 State, the polarity of the Photon would be reversed as shown in: Illustration 2.09: Trinary Energy in State -1.

Trinary Energy in State -1
Illustration 2.09: Trinary Energy in State -1 Full Size

In fact, they can be manipulated into any configuration, I just show them like this for easy of explanation, but in reality they do not react in real time, because of the physics of getting any Matter to move. As in previous step, this is still in a Static position. So the Light is represented as a Ball, it will follow the state changes to the Trinary Energy represented as long black bars.

To fully explain how Energy follows Trinary Energy State Changes, we must except the fact that all Energy is Trinary Energy, only that it exist as bound and unbound Energy, and the configuration of Atom's is just Molecular makeup, so it is animating all the Atom's, as God Created all Life with the Atom's, it can not be followed by Trinary Energy State Changes, this is not hard to prove, in fact it does not require much more than Logic, and that is because it can be viewed with the Naked Eye, we do not need Technology to prove this.

After you prove to yourself how Energy follows Trinary Energy State Changes, the Universe will begin to open up in front of you, as you can now use this method to track all changes, and learn how to control them, so you can make better Electronics, and better Medicine, because one Day all Medicine will be in the Form of Atom's that are used to repair damage, and will use Electronics to make them work, but this Technology is not for a Society where Money exist, because there is no Profit in Curing people, only Treating them, and Current Technology uses Vaccines that are proven not to work, but because they make Money they exist, and only cause illness, so the Treatment never ends till you die, so this Technology is kill you, and you allow it if you get Vaccinated, or allow your Children to get Vaccinated.

Energy following Trinary Energy State Changes is predicting the Future, and that is a fact, its only how you view Trinary Science does this change your Life.

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