The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 04.00
Game Step 0

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 04.00
Game Step 0


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Game Step 0
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 04-00-G-Game-01

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now tell yew His-Story about the Game, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside, in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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His-Story about the Game, always starts around 6 Million years ago, and it does not matter what Iteration it is in, for it always starts out like this: 3 Races of Humans were born into this World, they are known as the True Blood Line, for this line had 24 Chromosomes in it, and was born from the Nephilim, who always appears to be exactly like another form of Life on the Planet, so they Blend in, so a Nephilim from the race of White Gorilla's gave birth to Human Babies, and the Black Race was the born First, then a Nephilim from the Black Race gave birth to Human Babies, of the Grey Race, then a Nephilim from the Grey Race gave birth to Human Babies, and the Last Race was the White Race, each Race had a reason, the Black Race was making this World safe for Human kind, it was a Battle against the Insects, and what yew call the Dinosaurs, and little has changed since then, only the Darkside forgot who they were safetying it from, it took them 3 thousand years to do this, then the Grey Race was to bring Civilization, and after another 3 thousand years, the White Race was to bring Balance to this World of Humans.

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A Man named Horus built a Pyramid for all Mankind, and called it Sanctuary, using the Power of Trinary Energy, he proved that one Person could build anything they put their mind to building, it was powered by Trinary Energy, and with the help of two others, named Set and Shu, who built two more Pyramids next to the one Horus built, and the 3 of them created a Ring called the Ring of Power, which yew know it as the Star Gate, this technology enabled them to harness the Trinary Energy, and gave them unlimited Power, with it, they powered the Arc Light, which they used for Lite, Cooking and Industrial use, and ushered in a new Ara. Computers and Holographic systems were fabricated, looking much like Stone, but was in fact, Silicon based Computers, but more sophisticated then our own of this time.

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This period of History is called Paradise, till one day a White Man named Adam, Married a Black Woman named Eve, meaning Dark, and who also had an Extra Rib, but that Trait was phased out during Darwin's Evolution, but the Mixing of the Races was against the Doctrine of the True Blood Line, and the reason for this would soon become clear, Adam and Eve had a Baby who was named Cain, as the Child grew up, he was branded with the name (Yew) by his peers, because Cain though he was an Animal, like the Sheep he Tended, he did not believe that his I, or Soul, was God, and in fact, believed that God was someone else... Abel his Brother, told Cain he was the Light, and that God was all Light with No Darkness, and he was not the Animal, and must act like it, because acting like an Animal is a Sin... This got Cain Mad and in his Rage, he Killed his Brother. The Elder Tribe of the True Blood Line, decided to banish Cain for this Crime, it was the First Murder they have ever had in the 6 Million years of Paradise, and it was because Cain did not see the Light, and did not believe it existed, so he choose to be an Animal, Freewill and all.

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Cain tried to talk others into leaving Paradise with him, promising them a better life, one in which all forms of Pleasure would not be denied, for Sins of the Flesh did not apply to him, but no one would go with him, so he Raped his half Sister, and got her Pregnant, getting the whole family Expelled from Paradise, and in the night, Cain Kidnapped the other Daughters, never to be seen by the True Blood Line for 40 years.

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On Cains return, he had many Sons and Daughters, as well as Grandchildren, this was an Abomination in the Eyes of the True Blood Line, so its no surprise that they did not welcome Cain back, and told him that not only was he a yew, nothing but an Animal, but he only cared about himself and not others, as if this World and the people in it were here Just for him to do with as he pleased, he was Just Yew, so they called him a Jew, which meant that he was not a True Blood, a simple blood test would show he or his descendant's did not have the full 24 Chromosomes, and that Jews believed that they were Animals like Yews, that only care about themselves, Just Yew... Jew, and this made Cain even more Furious, and he told the True Blood Line that he would raise an Army, and come back and take Sanctuary from themselves, and he left Paradise for the last time.

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276 years later, the descendant's of Cain returned, lead by a Man named Moses, who had nothing but the hatred of Cain inside of him, and came back and Raped, Tortured and Murdered the True Blood Line, and then destroyed the Ring of Power, and melted it down to make a Golden Statue and Money, and took the Arc Light, and keep it in a Covenant, then imposed his Laws on all of Mankind, and so the Game Begun.

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3 Thousand years later, a Man name Jesus was Born who said he was the Resurrection of Horus, he was a Shepard, and everyone that knew him, knew His-Story, but they thought he was Crazy, how could he be the Resurrection of Horus, he would have to be the Son of God to do that, so the town he lived in, banished him for telling His-Story, so him and his Sheep Dog set out on a Journey to return to the Pyramids, to prove what he saying was the Truth.

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On his Journey, Jesus told the People that they were the Light, and not the Animals like the Sheep his Dog Guarded, and only through the Light can Mankind stop the Sin, the Sins of the Flesh are many, and those that follow the Darkside will forever Sin, for they know not what they are doing.

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This angered the followers of Cain and Moses, who have now created the Ultimate Government called Rome, and Jesus said to the Sheeple, that Yew do not have to follow them, yew can come back to the Lightside, and all yew have to do is let go of the Darkside, and yew can see the Light.

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The Sheeple gathered around Jesus, the Powers that be saw Jesus's Flock growing, and did not want that to happen, so they tried to merge His-Story with their Religion, and said he could teach it at their Churches, so he tried, till one day he walked in on a Priest Molesting a Child, which is what Priest do, but Jesus could not tolerate this Animal Behavior, and Jesus was not a man to anger, on his way out of the Church, he noticed the Priest Selling Merchandise in front of the Church, so he tossed the table made of Stone, as if it was made of Wood, and swore to his Flock that this kind of behavior could not be tolerated, and said his journey shall continue, and those that wished to follow him were welcome to come, so the masses followed Jesus out of the City.

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The Powers that Be, knew that Jesus was going to show them how to Ascend, this caused a great deal of problems for the Government, because it would prove to the Sheeple that they were the Light, and not the Animals that the Powers that be Controlled, so they came up with a plan, and they captured Jesus and sentenced him to death, for crimes of Treason against the State.

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Jesus told yew that they could Kill Me, but I will never Die, then Jesus stood before his followers and told them that they would Deny him 3 Times, the First time is when they would Deny that he was the Light, and not the Animal in the Flesh, the Second time would be when they Denied they even knew his Name, which was Jesus Bar Abbas, and the Third time they Denied him would be when they Denied His-Story, and even if he Destroyed the Church, they could change His-Story in 3 Days, and every one of yew would go along with it.

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For the past 2 thousand years, the Game has continued to the point where the Fate of this World is about to come to an end, and to teach yew how this was done, we will play this Game one more time, and here are the Rules.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 04-00-G-Game-15

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We will use a Pyramid to represent this Game, it will have 13 Steps at its base, and have 13 levels to its top, and every Step will have 13 Stories to it, and we will play on 3 Sides, the Greyside will be the starting side, it will separate the White and Black sides, and you must finish each Step before going on to the next Step, but not all 13 Stories need to be told till the very end.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 04-00-G-Game-16

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Unlike the Game the Darkside loves to play, which is called Monopoly, where the Bank owns the Government and everything else, including the Sheeple, and can print as much money as it wants, as long as the Darkside Leaders do its bidding, the Lightside Game does not require Money, since Money is Evil, and not just the Root of it, Money is how this Game got started, when Moses melded down the Ring of Power to give the Jews Money, so they could control their Flocks by Laws, and hide from the Light every time a Wizard was born, who would always resurrect Horus and now Jesus, and tell His-Story, one more time, so they created the Knights Templar to kill these Wizards, so the Game could continue without this interruption of the Truth, so this is the Game, the Truth is all we have, and the only way to protect myself from these Knights, was to become a Knight myself, first a Black Knight, and now a White Knight, so now the Powers that be are Puzzled, how did I learn to beat them at their own Game.

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Yew were born into this Game, yew do not know any other way of Life, so yew think this Reality is the Truth, when in fact its just the Game the Darkside loves to Play, so I call this Game Evil, which is the Reverse of Live, so we will call this Game, the Live version of the Game, The Light Wizzard's Game, and all yew have to do is Play it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 04-00-G-Game-18

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To Play this Game, yew must first let go of the Darkside, and all its Darkside beliefs, so yew can see the Light, and this means you need to know the Truth, and I do not care what yew Believe, nor does the Universe, Know it, or No it Not.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 04-00-G-Game-19

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Jesus before me was the Resurrection of Horus, but unlike Jesus, I am not the Resurrection of Horus, or Jesus himself, I am the Resurrection of Jesus's Dog, although I could have resurrected Horus or Jesus, no one in the Darkside would have believed me, in fact, they would have said I was Crazy, and have the Messiah Syndrome, so like Jesus before me, who was the resurrection of Horus, I decided to be the Dog, and everyone that knows me, knows I am a Dog, and like a good Sheep Dog, I will watch after my Flock, so if yew get out of line, I will nip at your Heals, for I am a Healer, and after running yew around, yew will feel Healthier.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 04-00-G-Game-20

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This Game is not for Everyone, because not Everyone will know the Truth, they are too Brain Washed into believing what the Powers that Be tell them is the Truth, that they will never know the Truth, and this is how the Game is Played... It's not what Yew Believe, but what You Know, and How do I know this?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 04-00-G-Game-21

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between,
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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