The Principles of the Trinary Universe

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

“Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant”

Last Update: 14 January 2020

A Dissertation Presented to the Department of Physics
Trinary University
in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

I define “Trinary” as 3 Logical State Changes, represented by Trinity as the Father as the Positive 1, the Son as the Negative 1, and the Holy Ghost, or the Sprite of Mother Nature as 0, as such: this is the oldest Science known to have been written, and is based on the work of Sir Isaac Newton, who was against the teaching of a Deity that does not Physically Exist, stating that is “Mad”, and he detests his Deity Son known as Christ, and proved Christ was inserted into the Bible after the 3rd Century, to make Money “LE$$ Evil”, and Denying Jesus Bar Abbas was the True Savior, for all being sent to the Roman Coliseum to be Executed, for “Paid Entertainment”, for the crime of not having enough Money to Pay Taxes, proving Christ only Saved the Cowards that Denied Jesus had 3 Names, so I renamed Trinity too Trinary to remove Religion from Trinary Science, because Newton took the Bible literally, so God Exists as Light without Darkness, whereas Religion is the “Belief System (BS)”, that God is just the Name of the Leader of the “A-Team”, and Satan is the leader of the Hells Angels, where the reference is to the Angels Baseball team, where I grew up going to their games, Satan is not a reference to the X-Military Motor Cycle Club from World War II. The Fallen Angel Satan is still in charge of the Church that Murdered Jesus Bar Abbas, after Centuries of Wizard and Witch Hunts, it is not hard to understand why Newton, keep his notes a Secret till the day he died, and burned ones that he wanted to take to the grave, being an Alchemist, and studying Witchcraft, just so he could understand the Bible, knowing that the Bible was written for Sheep in Psalm 23. The Trinary Universe is based on the work of what History calls Wizards: Kepler, Newton, Tesla, and the Bible that Newton used, written in the 3rd Century, in its Original Text, unfortunately, these works were misunderstood by most Normal People, also known as Neurotypicals, because they were written by Autistic People, for Autistic People. When I was in the 3rd Grade, the School found out I had an adult IQ of over 180, and was Autistic in a Spectrum now known as Asperger Syndrome, but my Grandmother, being a High Ranking Mason in the Rebekah Order, made sure no one found out about it, seems my Father was found out in high school, and things did not go well for him after that, and why this was such a Dark Secret, that even I did not know until I was 39 years old on my birthday in 2000, when my Father told me just 32 days before he died, so like Newton, he sensed the End coming. As an Aspie, or someone with a high IQ, I understood at a young age what they wrote about, and I would try to explain it to Adults, only to be told that Albert Einstein is Right, and Newton is Wrong, but without Newton's God as the Force of Gravity, the Universe would have Paradoxes that can not exist in Reality, proving you cannot mix Newtonian Math and General Relativity, also known as the Godless Dynamic Universe, who flips back and forth on if the Universe or Light is Dynamic, last I heard, in my herd, both are Dynamic, but Light has no Acceleration, so it is not Dynamic, Tesla said that also, and Einstein agreed, yet Stupid Adults would use Theories to debunk what I have to say, knowing Theories that have not been proven in over a Century are not Real Science, since Theory means Science Fiction, so I have no reason to write it for Adults, or anyone that does not believe in Newton. Adults told me when I grew up I would understand it, I grew up, and I do understand it is not possible to use Newtonian Math in that Godless Dynamic Universe, since it has no God, and Newton said God is the Force of Gravity in All his Equations, and he meant it Literally, God is Light. Having been threatened to Sue me in Court, or Kill me, for Proving Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt what I write about is the Truth, and I swear that on a Bible, using it as a reference to what God is, so to stay out of Court, and Fights, because the Bible demands that anyone who disagrees with their Religion, ewe Send them to Hell, also known as Burn them at the Stake, or Kill them, proving Religion is Satanic, and Evil is just a backward Spell for Live, knowing only Satan can send people to Hell. This Document is written Souly for Yew, a female Sheep is a Ewe, and Stupid Yew eat from a Tree known as TaxUS, so never get confused about what Word, or Spell I use; it makes reading this book Entertaining, especially when you read this book out Loud, because I like to say “Yew are Stupid”, yet when I say that to most people they get offended, just ask my Wife. Keep in mind I am only talking to my Sheep named Yew, and “I do not care what Yew Believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not”. In short, as if 666 pages is short, this Book is about History or His-Story, about Trinary Science in the Trinary Universe, according to the Greatest Wizards in Time, after reading this book, your History will never be the same, nor will your Science, since I included my Ph.D. in Physics, just for Yew, said the Dog to the Sheep.

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