The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
The Darkside of the Moon Light

The Light Wizzard 360 View of the Moon, you can now see the Darkside of the Moon.

The Images were taken from the NASA LRO Missions, 36 Wide Angle Camera (WAC) images were seamed together to create this video with the thanks to the NASA LROC Team, I added Music and Stars to show case their work.

Credits for Public Domain NASA Images used:

I composed and played all the Music and Sound Effects on my 12 String and Fender Stratocaster, I am a Medically Retired Disabled Gulf War Vet, I have a PhD in Physics where I explain the Science of the Universe in a way that would make the Last Magician Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein Proud, Einstein only believed in Newton, and not his own Theory of General Relativity which he renounced as the truth making it Science Fiction, the Last Wizard was Nikola Teslsa who said Light is Everything, and we are Light Beings, Newton said Christ was inserted into the Bible, so it was Jesus Bar Abbas who said God is All Light without Darkness, and Newton proved we can only see the Darkness and call it the Light, so Light is Energy like Electricity at a lower frequency, so God is Energy, because God is the Light inside every Atom, and the Sun of God is what this video is all about, but in our Darkest hour, the Moon shows us the Light of God's Sun, so this is the Darkside of the Moon.

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