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The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Trinary Science taught without the help of a Wizard:
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The only comprehensive concept about the Universe "The Principles of the Trinary Universe", I am not finished writing these Documents, I will work on them till the day I die but this is the latest versions I have posted:
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The journey into the Trinary Universe continues but only told to Wizards who understand the Principles.
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The Dream was to create Paradise, I call it Trinary Sanctuary, if the World does not follow it, they might not survive much past the year 2060 according to Newton.
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - HTML
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - PDF

BBC Special "The Last Magician" recorded from TV broadcast in July 2013 and shown here under the Fair Act.
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Step 0

The Science of the Light Wizzard is defined in Steps, the first Step is 0, since its the first Number in a Numbering System,its not a real number you can see, so you must have faith it exist, and if we go backwards we get Step -1, if we go forward we get the next Step, after 3 Steps we get to Step +1, but we tend to view Step +1 and Step 1 as the same Step, but not in the Trinary Universe, where the word Trinary means a 3 Logic System based on the 3 States of Atoms which follow the State changes of White Noise, which is the Basis of Science for the Light Wizzard, where the Solid Light is State +1, and the Dark Semi-Solid is State -1, and Grey Invisible State 0, because that area is a little Grey in Science,where does the Atom go...
This can be written as the Equation (+1) + (-1) = 0 or 1 + (-1) = 0, where I drop the Sign of Positive, since most people view all unsigned numbers as Positive,and its the 1, -1 and 0 that define the 3 State Changes, whereas a Positive Step and an Unsigned Step are not the same Step, this may sound confusing at first, so I hope I make this clear in Steps to come, so I must define every concept on the way to avoid confusion, and the Word Wizzard, with two Z's, is not the same as the word Wizard with one Z, because Wizards use words to describe Reality, and those words have Spellings, so the way a Wizard Spells is very important,where a Wizard is defined as a Help System designed to aid someone through a System by asking them a Series of Questions, this System is actually a Person, but this Person has No Magical Powers and is not from any Legend or Fairy Tale, for Example Sir Isaac Newton is called "The Last Magician", and its clear he has no Magical Powers, but the word Magician is also Synonymous for Wizard, keep in mind that Newton was also an Alchemist, so the word Sorcerer comes to some peoples mind, but the Art of Wizardry, means Great Knowledge and Technology.
The Word or Spell Wizzard is referring to White Noise but also its what controls Gods Partial and the words Wizzard and the Light of God are almost interchangeable, if God is Science and not a Deity or Spirit, the word Wizzard implies a Force under Intelligent Control, Newton called it the Light of God, and it was the Force of Gravity in all his Equations.
I most point out that the word Wizard has been used to sell Books for some many years that the word has become a Joke just like God's Particle, which is very unfortunate, since the Word used to have the meaning of a Person with Great Wisdom, but to normal People, their Teaching seemed like Magic to them, so the Legend began.

Just to be Clear about what the Light Wizzard is, the Light is White Noise that controls Gods Particle as well as all Atomic Structures in the Universe,I only use the term Gods Particle as a joke, since that is what it was, so call it what you want, Newton called it God, I call it Trinary Energy, but a Wizzard is Controlling the Universe by means of this Light, so its closer in terms of how God is defined as doing by creating everything, but in Science, the Term God is Taboo, so I simply named it something else, but this name is not one I chose, or at least not consciously, because the term came to me in Dreams, hence the Double Z's that are sometimes used to denote Sleeping or Dreaming, so you can debate weather my Dreams are Real, but not my Science, because it is real, but in my Dreams the Light Wizzard is an Avatar who communicates with me, as a child this Avatar started out as a White Wizzard, then became the Light Wizzard, this is a recurring Dream that has been talked about over time by a lot of my Ancestors, so as far as I am concerned these Dreams are Real, since the content of those Dreams turn out to be Real Science, and my Grandmother said that I was not to get the Secrets of the Universe unless I had these Dreams,and its these Secrets that I will talk about, because without the Dreams, the Secrets are just Secret,and coming from a long line of Ashkenazi Masons, Secrets is what we keep the closest.

The Universe is a very large subject to teach, since most people view the Universe as Everything, but to teach a Subject, I most narrow down my Subject to its smallest aspect, so I am not jumping all over the place, and I can focus on one subject at a time. In the Trinary Universe I talk about a Universe based on the Static Newtonian Universe of Sir Isaac Newton, and I will never refer to the Godless Dynamic Universe of Albert Einstein, which I classify as Science-Fiction, since all his theories defy the Laws of Physics by assuming that anything is possible, so in my Universe, the Laws of Physics apply to every Principle I talk about.

The main difference between the Static or Newtonian Universe and the Trinary Universe is the White Noise that controls all Atomic Structures, since the invention of the Electron Microscope came some 300 years after Newtons Death, he had no way to know for sure what the Light was made up of at the Sub-Atomic level, that technology has yet to be invented,yet he insisted that God was the Force in all his Equations, and Trinity describes it, so the First Question I must ask you is what is God to Sir Isaac Newton?

In the Bible God is defined as being all Light with No Darkness, but also states there can be No Light without the Darkness, and this is the very Definition that Newton used, and I will not change anything that Newton or the Bible said, because I agree with them on this matter.
Newton, like myself, spent most of his life wondering how the Bible knew this, because at the time, which was over 333 years ago, back in the early 1700's, it was believed that People were more Primitive, meaning not as Intelligent or Technologically Advanced, but as Newton pointed out, we do not have the Technology to build the Great Pyramids and still do not to this day, nor do we understand the Sacred Math that went alone with them, well maybe Carl Munck knew about the Code, so it was clear to Newton that the People who wrote the Bible were far more Intelligent, and had far more Technologically Advanced then most people gave them credit for. Newton believed that the God in the Bible was a Physical being of Light, just like Humans are Flesh Beings, God is a Light Being, and that Light Being is in all of us, as Nikola Tesla pointed out, since that is what the Bible States: God Made us in his Image, where an Image is made up of Light, and not just any Light, but the Light of God, so the two words are interchangeable.
Newton also believed that word IAM describes this relationship between all Life and God, and Trinity described Science and not a Deity or a Spirit, and was not the Christ that was inserted into the Bible in the 4th Century.

When I talk about Isaac Newton and Sir Isaac Newton, I am referring to two different people, Isaac Newton Flesher was my first Cousin 5 times removed, and his Son was Named Benjamin Franklin,because Ashkenazi's always name their children after dead relatives, witch is why he was named after Sir Isaac Newton, and inherited all his work by his Grandfather Balthasar Fleischer who had the Dreams, and who personally collected them from Sir Isaac Newton before his son Henry Weston Flesher sailed to America back in 1752, onboard the ship Phoenix, so there is clearly some History between Sir Isaac Newton and myself, but most of my Understanding of what Sir Isaac Newton thought came from my Cousin's work, which I studied as a Child, so their thoughts are just one to me, and I can not distinguish them apart, so I might talk about them as if they are just one person, so keep this in mind, I might get confused and say Sir Isaac Newton said something, when it was my Cousin who actually said it, or visa versa, if I talk about something that Newton wrote, and you have never heard about it before, its because I had the only Original Copies of my Cousins work, which was destroyed by my Step-Mother back in 1975 before her death. I think of Sir Isaac Newton as my Uncle, because that is what my Cousin called him, but few people in History know the connection between these two men, and I am not the Person who can Prove this Connection without the Documents my Step-Mother destroyed, but I will try, I started a new Family Tree, but a DNA test can prove this as a fact, and I know someone has Sir Isaac Newtons DNA, you have my permission to compare my DNA to both Newtons, I know it will match,but the Connection between myself and my Cousin are easy to establish and like most Ashkenazi's who were named after dead relatives, he was Named after his Uncle Sir Isaac Newton in 1798, about 71 years after his Death, proving that Newtons work never stopped, it was just passed down from one generation to the next, till I got it and continued his work.

In each Step I try to define Concepts that will be discussed in the next Step, and the main Concept I need to define in this Step is Dimensions.
A Dimension is defined in terms of Space with Width, Height and Depth, making up 3 Dimensions, it would be easy to say that Width is Dimension 1, but actually these terms are only references, so I must define Dimension 0 as having no Dimensions, so it has no width, height or depth, nothing exist in this Space so its defined as Null Space, and nothing can enter this Space. Dimension 1 is defined as having only 1 Dimension, and Dimension 2 has only 2 dimensions, so it can be either the width, height or depth, but its best not to refer to it this way, because that can be confusing, since 1 Dimension can not exist in 3 Dimension as a Standalone Dimension, in other words, just like the 0 Dimension, you can not see the 1st Dimension, nor the 2nd Dimension, because they do not physically exist in Normal or 3 Dimensional Space, because you can not isolate them, meaning that all 3 Dimensional Objects exist as a Whole in order for it to be seen in 3D, so if you take any object with Width, Height and Depth, and remover any one of those Dimensions, for example if we remover the Width of an Object, it would become invisible, since we can not see anything that has no width, which might lead you to conclude that it does not exist, this assumption would be wrong, since all that it means is that it does not exist in 3 Dimensional Space, but how do we remove a Dimension without destroying the object is another issue,because only Energy can exist in Dimensions less then 3, or any single dimension at a time, because in the 3rd dimension, all 3 dimensions exist at the same time.

The Concept of Dimensions is a very complex subject in itself, and for the most part, requires Faith that it exist, the Bible stated that you must have Faith that God Exist, and this is the very reason it stated that, because the existence of the 4 Dimensions which is Dimensions: 0, 1 and 2 that add up to 3 Dimensions, is the basis of the Trinary System.
Sir Isaac Newton never published anything he could not prove, so he sat out to prove that Dimensions exist, but ran into the problem with proving it without the use of Faith as the Bible stated,but Newton did not find the answer in Alchemy that made him a Wizard, but at the end of his Life, he concluded that the Bible was Right, there was no other way to prove it, because although we may see the effects of these 3 Dimension, we can not prove they exist, since we can never interact with them physically, but common sense would demand that we explain what happens to the Atom when it disappears,or if it even really does, maybe its just so small we can not see it...

I could give endless examples of how we can see the effects of the 3 Dimensions, Sir Isaac Newton spent most of his life trying, my Cousin died at age 42, so he did not have the time to figure this out, and at 56 I am no closer to being able to properly define Dimensions in a way that everyone could understand, so I came to the Conclusion that Faith goes a long way, it bridges the gap between God and the Flesh, but its not very Scientific, so how do I solve this Problem?

In Trinary Science we most Define everything in a way that proves its existence, even if you can not see that Existence, for example: we can not see most of the Spectrum of Light, yet as Scientist we know it exist and we do not need more proof then that to prove its Existence, and Dimension are no different, we know they exist because the Light Exist in them.

Isaac Newton believed that the Light was Static in the Universe, meaning that it never moved in relationship to the Universe, which is hard for most people to comprehend, but if you view it in terms of Dimensions, then its easy to understand, because if the 0 Dimension has no dimension, it can not move, since it has no dimensions to move within, so it is Static in relationship to the Universe, and this is a Scientific Fact, so we must all agree that this is a Fact, and its why Newton called the Universe Static, and this Concept is the basis which I will now build on, because Science is built on Observations, and anything that is Observable can be Documented, and over the years White Noise that controls all Atomic Structures has been documented so I do not need prove what facts are as long as they are documented facts, since my observations will not change the others, I will build on their work, so I can stand on the Shoulders of Giants so I can see Further, and what I see is the same thing my Uncle and Cousin saw, and that is if the 0 Dimension is Static, why does Light Bend due to Reflection of a Mirror or as Tesla found out, a Strong Magnetic Field, and the Answer is clear, its through a dimension we can not see or interact with, so its the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, and under a Microscope you can see that at the point of change in direction, that the Electron that is transformed into Light changes states to the 0 Dimension, which acts like a Pin, and Pins it in place,meaning its like a Hook, that hooks the fabric of space that is also in the 0 Dimension, then it changes states to the 1st or the 2nd Dimension, and just to Clarify: Atoms include: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons that have 3 States, in State 1, its at its brightest intensity, its clear to see it is Solid, so its in its Matter State, which I call its Light State, but Sir Isaac Newton called it the Father in Trinity and is represented by the number +1, or the unsigned number 1, in State -1, it can move to a new position in relationship to State 1, but it dose not have to move, but the Orbital Direction of the Photon will physically change direction due to its Polarity, and it becomes less Bright in Intensity or Semi-Solid, I call this its Dark State, so its an Antimatter State since it will always does the opposite of state 1, so Newton called it the Son in Trinary, and represented it by the number -1, and the State 0 is invisible, but its only invisible to our naked eye which can not see in that Spectrum of Light,or in Single Dimensions or 0 Dimensions, and its also invisible to our Technology, because it cannot see in single dimensions, and it has no Dimensions, so the Formula 1 + (-1) = 0, meaning they are in balance, and since this Concept for the most part is already defined as a Scientific Fact, its not much of a stretch to assign each of these States to a Dimension, and call that a Scientific Fact, since its clear from Observation that when it shifts from State 1 into State -1, it can change Position and Polarity and there is no other way to explain this other then its switching into another Dimension, and it should be very obvious that when it disappears its actually moved into the 0 Dimension, so it was not that hard to prove that these Dimensions are a Concept that in fact is based on Scientific Facts,also it should be noted that Electrons that are converted into Light, the material they are made of is Neutrinos and those do not disappear, they just become flat in a single dimension because the empty space inside of them only exist in the 3rd dimension,so the mass of the Electron never changes, we just do not have the technology to see it in a single dimension,but Neutrino Detectors should be able to verify this.
Although it exist in all there dimensions, it can not be seen in the 3rd dimension, because it shifted out of normal space once it left 3 dimensional space,as proof of this concept, we know that Electrons transform into Photons, we know the mass does not change, so the only way to explain how we can see the Light,is what I have been trying to explain, if you do not understand it, its my fault for not explaining it in a way you could understand, but it does not change the fact its still works this way,we can see the Light inside of the Electron because its Shell of Neutrinos is too flat to see.

At this point we should all agree that so far, everything I have said can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be the truth, even the family connection between Sir Isaac Newton and myself, because some people will believe that I am using this connection to bring some kind of Validity to my Theory about the Trinary Universe as my Cousin defined it, and all I added was the White Noise that is controlling it which was known to Newtons, but could not be proven during his time due to Technology, but I know that DNA testing will confirm this fact, so do the test if you want so we can move on with the Facts, because I need to prove that these are all facts before moving on to the Next Step, so in Step 0, we defined Dimensions.

Step 1

In Step 0 I defined Dimensions to be a Scientific Fact, based on Observations that can be repeated in any Laboratory by any Real Scientist, so in Step 1 I will set out to prove that White Noise which I call Trinary Energy, or just the Light, is under Intelligent Control, and will only be based on Observations made by Creditable Scientist in many fields of Study, so this will be an easy Step to take.

At the Sub-atomic level the White Noise that controls all Atomic Structures can be seen to change states in what at first appeared to be Random State Changes, into very predictable State Changes, by using a Technique called Pattern Recognition. Once Scientist realized that the Patterns change when being observed by a Human, as compared to being Recorded by Video Camera, it became very Clear that this was an Intelligent Life Form, even if they did not want to go as far as to call it that, but Newton did and called it the Light of God.

In the Laboratory experiments that can be done to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that White Noise is Intelligent, but how Intelligent has yet to be Fully Understood, because Cellular Biologist look for Biological Reasons for the Microscopic Engines in Cells to work with such Intelligence, but they have never found the key, it was during Sir Isaac Newtons experiments with the Philosophers Stone that he realized that this Magic is not taking place in the Chemical Reacts,instead it was the Light that was using the Chemical Reactions to build Life-Forms,because Biologist are not paying any attention to White Noise, if they did they would notice a 1 to 1 correlation, proving that its controlling the Cells using DNA as a Circuit Diagram or Blue Print, but until Scientist come to this Conclusion, you must have Faith that God Created us and is still in Control of us at the Cellular Level,so God has a Cell Phone, but its not what is causing the Ringing in my head.

It seems that I would need more Words to prove all of this so far, but as it turns out, the fewer words I use, the more sense it makes, so I will keep it simple, all Life on this Planet is DNA Based, and it has already been proven that our Family Tree includes the Trees and Insects and the other life of this Planet, since all Life has basically the Same DNA, Proving that God really did Create all Life on this Planet, and when I say God, I am talking about the White Noise that controls all Atomic Structures, or Trinary Energy or simply the Light, or Light Wizzard, and so does the Bible, so its the Light of God,but you can call it what you want, but this is Trinary Science so we call it Trinary Energy.

Step 2

In Step 0 I proved that Dimension are a Scientific Fact, then in Step 1 I proved that these Dimensions are Intelligent and are Controlling all Life at the Cellular Level, in Step 2 I will prove that these Dimensions are Controlling the Universe,witch is how all Life began.

Science at the Time of Albert Einsteins era, looked at our Solar System and concluded it was created by Centrifugal Force instead of God as Newton based all his Math on it,Einsteins Universe can not Use this Math since it is a Godless Universe, and if these Theoretical Scientist stop using Math based on God, in a Godless Universe, they would know this, so they lie about it, because they saw the inner planets traveling around the Sun Faster then the Outer Planets, and based all their Theories based on this Fact alone, and then concluded that the Whole Universe works this way, but years later Scientist Discovered that this was not the case, in fact, they found that all the Solar Systems travel around the Galaxy at the Same Rate, such that the Inner Solar Systems travel around the Galaxy at the same time and rate as the Outer Solar Systems, do not be fooled by the Arms of a Galaxy twisting as if by Centrifugal Force,look at the Suns, Planets and Moons that orbit around it, they pass through the Gases that make up these bent arms,so this Disproved all of Einsteins Theories about Relativity, as well as his idea that Centrifugal Force had any part of Gravity, and to this Date no one has found any Proof that Space Time Curvature even exist, nor did they find any Black Holes, so why they have not admitted this is simple, they have no other explanation and they do not want to admit they where wrong for believing Einstein over Newton, when Einstein said he only believed in Newton and not his own Theory witch he wrote to make Money,which means Science is ran using Ego instead of Scientific Facts.

The Light Wizzard told me that an Element I call Tritanium Exist, it has no protons, neutrons or electrons and is not in our Periodic Table, mainly due to how elusive it is to capture, since its just Microscopic subatomic Dust, which is so small and dense that it falls through the molecular structure of every known Element, since no objects are solid, they contain 99.999% empty space, this Tritanium Element has been detected in Neutrino Detectors around the World, so there existence is a known Scientific Fact, regardless of how I learned about it, which were from my Dreams, it is also a Scientific Fact.

The Light Wizzard told me that Tritanium forms into small spheres, trapping the Light inside of them, the Light is then compressed into a very restrictive area, and as the Light changes Dimensions, its Matter and Antimatter States Create large amounts of Energy, this Energy forces the Tritanium to expand until the pressure equalizes. The Tritanium is so dense that Null Space can not Flow through it, since it has not empty space, its 0 Dimensional Space, so its Force to Flow around it, and as it does, the Friction of Space itself causes this Tritanium Sphere to be Dragged through Space, at the same speed as that Space is moving, relative to the 0 Dimension, which is at the Speed of Light from our viewpoint, and why all Light travels at that Speed and why a Flashlight beam appears to accelerate to that speed instantaneous.

I call this Tritanium Sphere a Trinary Engine, its the same as an Atom, only its much larger, its at the Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet and Moon in the Universe, and its the only explanation for how the Solar Systems move around the Galaxy regardless of the fact I found out about how these work in my Dreams, because in Reality this Engines exist,but this was my Dream, and the Dreams of others, so its what I am adding to finish the work Newton started,I only write about what I can prove, and Tritanium is just another Neutrino that creates Mega sized Atoms.

Step 3

In Step 0 I proved that Dimension are a Scientific Fact, then in Step 1 I proved that these Dimensions are Intelligent and are Controlling all Life at the Cellular Level, in Step 2 I proved that these Dimensions are Controlling the Universe, in Step 3 I will prove that the Trinary Universe is a Scientific Fact.

Regardless of the fact that I Dreamed up the whole Trinary Universe, it does not mean its not Real, even though its all speculation about Dreams being the subconscious working over time, Reality is the determining factor, does this explain how the Universe actually works, and Logically you can not disprove this as a Theory, because it flows logically, and obeys all the Laws of Physics, it even explains them, and goes alone with everything ever written about the Universe since the Bible, proving the Bible was Right all along, which does not sit well with most Scientist, but oddly enough I get more flak over this fact as a Theory from the Religious Community then I do the Scientific Community, but it still does not change the fact that Reality proves me to be Correct.

I could use more words to try to fully explain the Trinary Universe, so I will do this Step by Step, but in these 3 Easy to Read and Follow Steps, I have Defined how the Universe actually works, in terms anyone can understand, using as few of words as I can, to keep it simple and understandable, yet I still have a very hard time writing about this subject and describing it in a way that most Normal People can understand, and this is because I have a Mental Condition in the Autism Spectrum called Asperger's Syndrome, which has been renamed to some form of Autism in the Highly Functional Category,but I prefer to be called an Aspie, and its why I have such a hard time communicating with Normal People, and its a condition that has been passed down generation to generation in my Family Tree, its easy to trace it from myself back to Isaac Newton Flesher and Sir Isaac Newton, and why a lot of Normal People have such a hard time understanding the Scientific Concepts I try to explain, so I will create many series to try to explain this in terms that normal people can comprehend.

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BBC Special "The Last Magician" recorded from TV broadcast in July 2013 and shown here under the Fair Act.