About the Light Wizzard

The Light Wizzard is a Light Being that gives Life to all Flesh Beings, so its the Spark Of oUr Life or SOUL, and one of many Wizzards, including the White Wizzards, Grey Wizzards, and Dark Wizzards, that can visit Flesh Beings in their Dreams. A Light Being is what most people think of as a Soul, whereas; Wizzards are what most people think of as Angels, Ghosts, or Spirits, which is Trinity. This Site, is about the Wizzards and the Science of Wizards, as well as His Story, told by the Flesh.

The Light Wizzard has been in peoples Dreams since the beginning of time, and is now telling Yew to Wake up, to learn to use this powerful gift that Yew were born with to its full potential, so open yewer mind to the Possibilities that I speak of.

Our minds have no boundaries, other then those we put on them ourselves,and having been Born with Autism, my Mind has no Boundaries compared to Neurotypicals (NT's) or Normal People,and its from this Viewpoint that I tell His Story of IAM,not to be confused with the Jealous God of the Dark Wizard Moses,but the God in the Bible that is all Light with No Darkness,but remember there can be No Light without the Darkness,so I have my Lightside and my Darkside,as well as every Shade of Grey in between,so in Science IAM talking about God's Particle,and I never talk about Deities or Religion, Just Science, and things that are Real.

You can learn to listen to the Wizzards, that is, if you can let them into your Reality,but at the Subatomic Level, most People can not communicate with the Cells in their Body,because there are Trillions of Cells in their body and that much Information would be too much for their Brains to handle,talk about information overload, imagine a Trillion Cells yelling at yew...So most of yew are unaware of yewer Cellular Level,most of yew think its not even possible to be aware of any Cells in yewer body,yet on some level you know its possible that our Cells are communicating with us,and its through Gods Particles that this happens, so its how God talks to yew,as for Me, i do not have a Religious Bone in my Body, and I might point out that Jesus was not a Christian, and Ala was not a Muslim, and Jesus said he could Destroy the Church's and yew would Rebuild them in 3 Days,so its Clear that Jesus was not Religious, nor was Ala,yet they believed in the Bible, and so do I.So the Light that is in Yew is Gods Particle,and its how God talks to Yew,and the Bible said in Hebrew 4:12 'For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow,and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart...'So its clear God is Living inside of Yew, and is the Division of Soul and the Flesh, so I is the Light, its the Soul or Spirit, And Me, well that is just Short for Meat, so its the Flesh,so IAM is an Acronym for I And Me, and the very definition for who IAM.and in Job 33:14 it states that:'For God speaks in one way, and in two, though man does not perceive it.'its clear that God talks to us in one Way, which is through the Cells in our Body,and in Two, which is in our Dreams, but yet yew are unaware of it.In John 10 it states that:'My Sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.'So its clear now why I refer to Yew as Sheep, so its Clear that the Bible is talking about the same thing,so what bothers most of Yew is the Word Wizard, because we all know that the Church has had a Witch and Wizard Hunt going on for Thousands of years,yet most of Yew do not know why,so lets look at this Wizards that are in the Bible,so lets start with Moses, who had a Staff of Power that he used to do all types of Magic with,like making it rain Frogs and Parting the Red Sea, or was it the Sea of Reeds?But its clearly Magic, which is another word for Miracle, but a Magician is another word for Wizard. It is Clear that Moses talked to the Burning Bush,and God wrote the 10 Commandments,so this is the Dark Lord, known as the Jealous God IAM...Now lets talk about the Wizard known as Jesus,and keep in mind that Sir Isaac Newton said Christ was inserted into the Bible in the 8th Century,so I am talking about Jesus Bar Abbas, because there is only one Jesus in the Bible,the one in the Flesh, who has a full name, and that of the Spirit, or Soul, known as Christ.This is proof that both of these men were Wizards,because only Wizards carry Staffs of Power and preform Magic,and Sir Isaac Newton was a Descendant of Jesus,and was also known as the Last Wizard,which Magician and Wizard mean the same things in some Languages,and I am a Descendant of Isaac Newtons,so I will tell yew the same Story,because like Newton before me, I studied the Bible my whole life,and I inherited the Masonic Secrets from all the Greatest Wizards in our Time,and IAM telling yew those Secrets in a Video Series called 'The Light Wizzard in the Flesh',where yew will learn who IAM,I will show yew why IAM a Wizard,and its not just because IAM a Staff Sergeant, or have College Degrees,because there are No Positions or Courses that make anyone a Wizard,because IAM only a Wizzard in my Dreams,so that is all I will ever tell Stories about.

Some of yew were Born with this gift that allows yew to talk to the Wizzards, while others can only imagine of such Amazing things, while some of yew think its Just Crazy Talk,and will fight you tooth and nail, with all their Anger, over the Sanity of such notions: all the while talking around the issue of your own Mental Health for daring to utter such apparent lunacy in their presence - I admonish you to never allow self doubt to take hold, when being subjected to such intense indifference and dismissive radiations, invariably coming from others, who Believe they are more intelligent then I.

If you are one of the chosen people who know the Light Wizzard, then you have come to the right place. Even if you are only skeptical, but wanting to still learn more - then you have come to the right place - even if you find all of this, only mildly Entertaining,but the Truth is that these Stories that were handed down from Isaac Newton,are the Same Stories I tell yew now,only I tell yew about Me,so yew will understand the Viewpoint I have, and why I have it,and its because IAM an Aspie born with Autism,from the Tribe of the Ashkenazi, so IAM a Jew,even thought my Family took the Judeo out of Christianity, so we could Hate Jews,making me a Goyim just like Yew,because that is what Jews do,but I have a High IQ, which is 180 Degrees from the Neurotypicals also known as Normal People or Sheeple, so its Yew,and its because IAM the Light Wizard in the Flesh.
Light Wizzard