The Light Wizzard in the Flesh


The Light Wizzard via Jeffrey Scott in the Flesher.

The Light Wizzard in the Flesh is an ongoing Video Series,
13 Series with 276 Episodes in each (when completed),
about the Universe according to the Light Wizzard.
I use Images of Symbols and Music to tale His-Story.
Everything that the Light Wizzard tells you is True,
and it can and will be proven Scientifically, beyond a Shadow of a Doubt,
and to Prove it I wrote a PhD Dissertation titled "The Principles of the Trinary Universe",
this is the 13th Series, and the 14th is the Sun, its not really in the Series,
its just there to show the Light of God,
and I will have as many episodes as is required to tale His-Story.

    The first time I met the White Wizzard was in 1963; he was an Old Man with Long White Hair, and a Beard to match.The White Wizzard told me that all my Dreams could come True, if only I would Believe in them;at the time I was 3 years old, and not sure what that meant, maybe because at the time, all my Dreams were Real;but I still remember it all these years later, as if it was just yesterday.

    Over the years the White Wizzard would come into my Dreams, and tell me that this place is as Real as it gets, and that the idea of being in a place,and Dreaming your in that Place, is a fine line at best; he told me that your Mind makes it Real;the things you see and do in this place will shape your Reality in the "Waking World",and that you just have to learn to deal with it.

    One day in a Dream the Light Wizzard came to me, at first I thought he was the White Wizzard,but he told me that I was ready to come into the Light, and I would need the help of the Light Wizzard.

    I have learned through the Light Wizzard, that Lucid Dreaming, Deja Vu, Out Of Body Experience, and Near Death Experiences, are all related,but it is learning how to use these gifts that make you special.I came to Realize that, like Animals we have a program stored in our Brains that we call "Natural Instinct", these are small, but useful programs that keep us alive,but it is clear that our maker or God, meaning "Gods Particle", put another program is in there as well, and that almost everyone has access to it; it is called a Soul;without it we would have no more morals than a Monkey, or a Sheep, which I call Yew, so Yew refers to the Animal I call Me, which is short for Meat.I found my Soul at a Young Age, and never lost track of it; most people forget where it is at, at a very young age; maybe as a result of people telling you not to Day Dream.I think of it as a door in my Mind; I find myself in a place, and I need to know more; I imagine this door,and it appears in my Mind, like a Door, I open it, and find my answers there. I do not always see the Light Wizzard, but I know that he is there, or rather: IAM there,and when I ask a question, and the answer is given, I know it was him whom gave it to me.I can not tell you what he looks like; other than just an Old Man with Long White Hair and Beard, and I never hear his Voice,it is not that "Little Voice in my Head", I never had that til age 13, so I know that is just Me, or Meat for Short, so its the Flesh...Funny but I see a man in a the mirror that fits this description; so maybe it was just Me in my Older Years, and that is what others perceive him as also,just a representation of what you will look like when you Truly understand what it is, he is telling you; which for Me, took a long time;but it did not have to be that way at all, I know now that I was so out of touch with my Soul, that I did not even recognize it, when I saw it.

    The Light Wizzard took me to places, and times i(the Little i is just Me, but the Grammar of it drives most people Crazy, Me has Never been before? I have been everywhere at the same time...) have never been before,showing me a view of History that is very much different from what currently passes as the "Authorized Version".So I got to thinking that maybe Mainstream Academies account of History is not all that accurate as everyone thinks it is.

    The Light Wizzard has been with me all my Life, I started to think he was Real, then it occurred to me he was,so I asked him, and he told me, he was as Real as IAM, and left it as that. Then one day, while reading about "King Arthur, and The Knights of the Round Table",there it was, Merlin telling King Author that the White Wizzard came to him in his Dreams, to show him the Future. Consequently, it was at this point that I took a Step back,and started reevaluating my Dreams. So that night I asked the Light Wizzard about this, and he told me that he appears in all Dreams throughout time,as he laughed at me; when I asked what was so funny? He said,"Everyone that appears in your Dreams is Real, and that some people are Living, some are Dead, some at different points in time;but they all are the same people in everyone's Dreams."He then went on to say that "The World of Dreams takes place in in a way similar to the World Wide Web Internet, because of how Minds are Linked together."I asked why it is that when I have a Dream about a friend, and tell them about it that day, they do not remember it that way.He said, its like I said; "different times and places, but all the same players; not everyone's reality is the same even in your waking moments,so why would you think Dreams are any different? Most people are aware of this, on some level or another, but do not fully understand it, or know how to take advantage of it,because if they did, they could learn to communicate with each other through this connection, and would not need to talk at all."I said, but Dreams are just Dreams; they only happen in our Minds, and we try to Rationalize them, and have done so from the beginning of time;he laughed again, and said, "If time has taught Me one thing, it is that Humans can deny their own existence, but it does not make it so, does it?"They cannot prove it one way or the other, so they go with Main Stream beliefs that the Human Mind is bound to its own limited Physical Space,yet when they have an Out Of Body Experience, Near Death Experience, or Deja Vu, they immediately know a "Higher Power" is at work; face it;they think its crazy not to believe in a GOD or Higher Power of some kind, and even crazier if they talk to that GOD, and God talks back to them,thus: this is the Human condition, so do not let it Blind you. You have the Power to move beyond all that, I told you before that all your Dreams could come True,if only you would Believe in them; that is, Believe that your Dreams are Real, and that it is the truth."I ask him, what is the Truth? he said, the Truth is that you are a Light Being, that your Soul can communicate with the Universe, and everything, and everyone in it,including the Guiding-Light of Destiny, the one you think of as God.I asked him, how do I talk to my Soul? he laughed at me, and said,who do you think you have been talking to all these years? It was at that point in my life, I felt very strange about giving my Soul a name,but then I realized that some of the smartest people I know of did the same thing.

    That "Little Voice in your Head", is just Meat, or Flesh, but quiet it and you can hear your Light Being, its the way your Physical Body talks to it;although it does not have to use words, if you learn to communicate using a more evolved language.GODs Particles are running yewer (Animal: i.e. Sheep) Body like an Engine in a Car,yew have Gauges, if its low on Fuel yew eat, and if yew do not take care of it, it will one day die, and the Energy called the Light will go out of the Body or Flesh,and all that is left is the Rotting Meat, so Burn it, and Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, yew can Kill Me, but I will never Die,for IAM the Trinary Energy known as The Light Force or Life.

    IAM a Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant, Retired for Symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome,I have an IQ of 180, I have Asperger's Syndrome, so I am an Aspie, I was born from a long line of Ashkenazi, so IAM a Jew, having all 3 makes me a Wizard.I inherited the Collective work of Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, Kepler, and many more, as well as that of my Grandfathers before me, all the way back in time,and I found that we are all from the same Family or Tribe.I learned how to Understand Sir Isaac Newtons work, and found that it Proves Albert Einstein was all Wrong, the Universe is Static,its not even Possible that its Dynamic, and his Formula e = mc2 is wrong, Electricity has a little mass,and it travels at the Speed of Light, thus its Mass would become infinite, and destroy the Universe, and an Atomic Bomb did not do that,so it does not define how an Atomic Bomb works, nor does it tell yew how much Energy was Expended, since Energy is never Created nor Destroyed, it only Transforms.I did not always know that I was an Aspie, it was not until after testing Positive in the last few years, that I even knew I had it, or it had a name,but many Doctors said I had a form of Autism, and was Schizoaffective,I just knew I did not think like anyone I know, but I think like Sir Isaac Newton, and he had it, so I found out that so do I, then I found a whole lot more similarities.Now I know that when Jesus stated that God is all Light with No Darkness in it, and there can be No Light without the Darkness,that he was Talking about Gods Particle, Newton Proved this Scientifically, God was the Force in all his Equations.Sir Isaac Newton was a Descendant of Jesus, both were Wizards, Staff of Power, Magical Abilities, Miracles, Witchcraft,maybe it was because they were Ashkenazi Jews with Asperger's Syndrome with High IQ's?My 1st Great Cousin 5 times removed was named Isaac Newton, this is how I know so much about him.Sir Isaac Newton predicted a Comet would return 333 years from 1680 and we would pass through its Debris Field on Christmas,that time came on 14 January 2014, he also said in 666 Years it will Hit Earth,so in 333 Years we will find out, on 14 January 2014 we found out about this Event the Hard way,because this Event started a Mini Ice Age, Floods, and other Disasters, just like it did in the Past, every 333 years going back in Time as a matter of fact,and in another 333 years the Comet will hit Earth, starting an Ice Age, but that has already Begun...I find it hard talking to Neurotypicals or NT's also known as Normal People, they defend Main Stream Beliefs and Religious Dogma,Sir Isaac Newton proved that the Church inserted Christ into the Bible in the 8th Century, so Jesus could not Return in the Flesh,(hey wait a minute, I am Flesh...) and its gone undisputed now for over 333 years, so we refer to those People as Yew,or Female Sheep, known as Sheeple, if yew believe in such Ideas as Main Stream's Albert Einstein's Scientific Views about the Dynamic Universe,which is a Universe that was Created by the Big Bang, which means everything came out of a Singularity or Black Hole,so in this Universe, in the Beginning there was Darkness, and everything came out of the Darkness, so its called the Darkside,so this is a Satanic Universe, and all Religions bought off on this Science, so they are all Satanic,but since the Universe was proven to be Static, and a Universe that was Created by God,its Called the Lightside.

    I will tell this story through Books, Video Lessons and Movies, over the years to come, so stay tuned.

You can track us on Twitter at TheLightWizzard,Face Book at Jeffrey Scott, or LightWizzard, My Spaceand Yew-Tube.

Other people who may have talked to the White Wizzard were: Sir Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, Galileo, Nostradamus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Merlin, and Jesus... just to name a few.
This web site is dedicated to bringing you stories that the Light Wizzard has presented to me in my Dreams.It will also be serving as a documentation platform for others to learn from,at the same time kicking off a teaching process, "whereby those so inclined", might learn to communicate directly with their Light Being themselves,I must also point out that this Universe has nothing to do with Deities, Religion, or Science-Fiction, its all based on the Real Science of Sir Isaac Newton,so all his Math Applies to it, whereas as it does not work in the Dynamic Universe of Albert Einstein, since its based on Multiverses,where no two Universe uses the same Laws of Physics, in fact the Laws of Physics do not apply to this Universe, nor does the Term God.