The Principles of the Trinary Universe Trinary CopyLeft & CopyRight C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Trinary CopyLeft & CopyRight

Trinary C©pyLeft & C®pyRight
Trinary means 3 State Logic Changes, Trinary CopyLeft & CopyRight, also known as CopyLeft & CopyRight, is part of the Trinary Universe, it means that this information is Free of all Licenses, it is free to distribute it in any form, it is free to print it for personal use, as gifts, or for Teaching, you are permitted to print it out for Students, with a 10% charge for printing, shipping and Handing cost. A Trinary CopyLeft & CopyRight, allows other Licenses to be added to it, do not confuse this with a Normal Copyleft & Copyright, they vary in degree on what is allowed, and mostly what is not. The intent of this type of CopyLeft & CopyRight, is to allow Open Source, without having to have one type of License for Open Source, and another type for Commercial Sales of the same Open Source, this is covered like most other Copyleft & Copyright Laws, only it means we do not go to Court over it, I do not sue, and do not want to be sued, nor do I want to be Slandered, nor have my work stolen from me. The concept of CopyLeft & CopyRight is that there is an Open Source Project behind it at:
as Open Source you can Fork it, and make your own version of the book, I do not care if you want to debunk it, just do not expect me to read it, or respond to it, I have no interest in Theories, but if I made mistakes in the book, you can report them, and I will try to get them fixed, I can not always keep up with changes, I will sell the same version of the Printed PDF, ePub, or eBook, I have links to all my online versions of the book itself at List of Books written by Jeffrey Scott Flesher [2]. Like all CopyLeft, and CopyRight Notices, you always need to put a reference to the original work, as well as the chain, if one exists.
I have reserved the right to sell the book under a CopyRight, so this book includes both a CopyRight, and a CopyLeft, as seen by the Logo on the top of this page. A CopyLeft does not restrict the sells of a CopyLeft book, it only protects who can legally sell their work, the concept of CopyLeft is to allow both CopyRight and CopyLeft, to be allowed to exist on the same Copy, without conflicting with one another.
CopyLeft is Freedom, Copyright is Freedumb created for Money, so CopyLeft means you can use it without the Need of Money, just give Credit for whom the Copy was Left by. You should always share in the Wealth of this Planet, and never Profit from it, so any Money that is created by using such a Free, and Open Source of Content, can not ask for Money, instead, they ask for Credit, and not as in a Credit Card, but Credit for their Work. The Computer Programs I might make available on Google Play, you can also just download the code from the Open Source Repository, and run it on any device or Operating System that Bash, C, Rust or Qt Quick will run on, which is most of them, including Linux, Unix, MAC, Apple, iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows, all for Free, so the versions for sale are just to support my family, and my effort to make Trinary Sanctuary a thing.
CopyLeft does not mean you have any Rights to Print it for Money, or put it on sites that use Advertisement to generate Money. Living in the United States, under the Federal Reserve Bank, Copy Left or Right is all a matter of U.S. Law, and in a Country that has Lawyers, and Judges, working for the Same Money that is Printed by the Bank that owns them like Sheep, instead of Congress Printing Money like JFK wanted, then that Law means nothing to its Constitution that is Suspended till its National Debt is paid off, if people are going to steal my work, a License is not going to stop them, and I have no reason to ever show up in court for any reason. You can use the information that is contained in this book without any permission, so you can adapt it, and use concepts, even cut-and-paste content from this book into another book you are writing, I even have a GitHub Repository, so you can Fork it, and write about the same subject or even a different subject for profit, or for work, regardless of who you work for, or where you work for them, or if they make a profit from snippets of this book, so feel free to quote it, and copy, and paste it to send to anyone, even if you want to try to debunk me, as if that is possible without using a Theory, so do not bother me with Theories. This book can be used for free for book reports, or study by anyone for any reason, as well as Governments, School Districts, or Corporations, and CopyLeft or CopyRight do not imply any form of payment, other than if being sold legally by the Author themselves, using printing Agents, who will also sell the ePub versions of all my books as well, so internally you are free to distribute, and print it, but legally only Authors of the work under a Trinary CopyLeft & CopyRight, can print it to make a Prophet. Free is Free, as in no Cost, and I will keep it Free; regardless of Selling Books, because it is more important to share this information, then it is to make a Profit from it, because those that wrote this before me are Dead, and one day I will be, I can tale the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, because I know, as well as the Governments, that I am dying of Cancer, and Old Age, and I am only 59 (2020 - 1961), but this book must Live on, so distribute it, copy it, print it, and keep it safe for generations to come, because the truth never goes out of Date. I can not make any book deals that prevent me from giving away Free Digital copies.
Trinary Sanctuary is an Entity that does not exist at the time of this writing, but when it does, my books were written for it, and I wanted a CopyLeft & CopyRight for them as well, so they can use this, and fund Trinary Sanctuary, and in return, Trinary Sanctuary will pay on the National Debt, for whatever Country that gives them Land to exist on.
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