The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.14

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 2 May 2018


Chapter 6.14: Conclusion

My Conclusion to all my conclusions is that it is up to everyone as individuals to learn what the other Wizards and I have wrote about, I know it has all been said before, and no matter how much I say: I always have more to say about it, and since I have OCD, I will say it over and over again, in new and more exciting ways, and that is why this book will never be finished. There are two types of Human Life forms on this Planet: there are People who understand what God of All Light without Darkness is all about, and the Fools and Liars that do not. Yew were Fooled, that much is a fact: all Yew were taught was that the Science of the Godless Dynamic Universe was the True, that Theory explained the Truth, when the Truth is just what you Pay for, when in fact Money was just a Scam so: Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, and the Powers that Be: would not have to get a real job, but more to the point, Yew went along with the Herd and what they Heard, so Yew are a self made Fool, and those are the worst kind, because yew will never own up to being Fooled on such a level as what I wrote about, so we all have to own up to being Fooled, any Fool can tell you that, the Fool and the Fool that followed Fools… But Facts can still Fool yew, so be careful what you make a Fact, or you can be come a Fool, and its my Conclusion that there are more Fools then Wizards in the World.

This Book is about who IAM and not about Me, I talked about Me: just so you would come to understand that all I did was take the Words from what the Bible and other Wizards that understood them said, and then put them into my Own Words, because that is the only Words I know how to use, and I have to tale you about Me, so you would understand why I chose to sometimes use the Wrong Words or Words Spelled Wrong to make a point about Witchcraft, it was so you would understand that IAM not talking about Me or You, and I can cover up my bad grammar and use of words and how I spelled them, so I could justify run on sentences as a life style choice, just because I never know when to stop talking, most people understood what I was saying when I said Gods Light, others are still looking for the Words and Spells they need to convince them, that IAM who I say IAM, and that this is really about God being All Light without Darkness, but instead I choose to talk about the Light that is all Life, and not just Human Life, but all Life including this Planet, and the way this World is today, it will not have a Tomorrow, with Global Warming: an Ice Age will follow, and sooner then Later, much sooner in fact, and current Cities will not Survive an Ice Age, not even a short one. I made fun of People that are Stupid for not Knowing this, I called them Sheeple, get over it, that was because its true, Money has clouded their Reality, and Bankers and Lawyers are all Liars, as if everyone including them did not know this, like I said, nothing New here except the Trinary Engine, and that is Real Science, and that is why I spent so much effort into making People feel Stupid, because they are, and that is Funny, so its Entertaining, and at the same time it serves a Purpose, and that is to deflect the Blame the Banks have in all this: onto the People who Allowed it, because this World does not need a Bloody Revolution or Civil War, nor does it need to take back its Government from Banks that Own me and you, you Voted all your Rights away Years ago, and have no say so in this matter, its Treason to try to take the Government back, did you not learn anything from what I told you is the Truth? The World needs to add 42 Pyramids to the Map of this World: it needs Trinary Sanctuary, ran by Trinary Militia, that only use Trinary Science, and besides what Good ever comes out of War, and even if you Win you Lose, and who is Guilty of Treason? Everyone that uses or had used Money. So you want to Kill someone that was Responsible for all this Evil or Treason, Kill yourself, because each and every one of Yew that use Money are just as Guilty as the Bankers: they are just the Drug Pushers and Dealers, Money is the Drug, and Yew are all Addicted, so do not Kill the Messenger, and that is all that IAM and ever have been, nor do you Kill the Addict, and if you kill the Dealers, more will just replace them, you just take away their Drugs till their Head clears up enough to never want to use them again. As a Child I knew that no one would listen to me, I had no idea why, the older I got the more this feeling set in, growing up with Drug Addicts meant I knew a lot of Drug Addicts and Thieves, and the two are the Same, not all Drug Addicts become Thieves in the sense they Steal from others, but the Drugs they are Addicted too Steal from them, its because of how People view what Drugs are, because to me Sugar is the most Popular of all Drugs, second only to Caffeine, so people mix them, so I see Drug Addicts everywhere I go. As I grew Older my Sense of what is Right or Wrong got Blurred, People would steal things for Money, which made Money a Sin, so I viewed Money as Evil, and the Bible just confirmed that, it was all about Money, that is where the Bankers learned it from, Moses taught them well, so which Crime is worse, Stealing Money or Using it? Both are equal because you can not have one without the other. I knew by the time I was 6 that there was only one Jesus in the Bible, its like the Story of the Empire with no Clothes, it was so clear to me, and got me in so much trouble with Adults for pointing that out, as if everyone knows it but no one wants to point out that the Empire is Naked. People die of Shame, or they lie about it so they can live with it, but it was a Shame for allowing our Constitution to be Sold for Money so we could be Slaves once More, to the Bankers that make US pay TaxUS, so yew are to Blame and at Shame, so its a Shame to Blame, but its the name of this Shame Blame Game... The Bankers Started a War with Wizards and Witches, to this Date they treat them like Fairy Tales, when in Reality the Main Stream Science that works for the Banks is pure Science Fiction, all based on Theories that can never be Proven because they are not the Truth, this is the Reality of my Time as I write this, and see no way for it to Change, because this is the way People are, they only care about: Money, Religion and Law and not the Truth. No one ever understood me, not to this day, being Autistic and not finding out about it till I was 39, meant I did not even understand myself, this is like finding myself and then trying to figure out who IAM, and the Bible told me who IAM, but no one would Listen to a Child, nor do they listen to the Old Man that Child became. This Document was written through the memories of that Child, the Child they sent to War was not the same Child IAM today, because I learned just how Evil Religion and Money could be, but still no one Listens, they are so Addicted to the Drug called Money, Religion and Law: that its all they can do to Defend its Use, but the Blood on Money will never wash off, nor will the Blood Stains on my Hands from that War. People lie about our Constitution because they are Addicted to Money, Religion and Law, and can not Live without it, they Lie about War because its all about Religion, the Jews and Muslims do not believe Jesus was Christ, nor did Newton, he Proved it, but the Christians have the Military and they use it to do the bidding of the Bankers that Print their Money, I was in that Military and know this for a Fact, as is the fact that there is no hope as long as People are Liars and Thieves, the two are the Same as far as I can see, that is the way it is because people are too Blind to see the Truth. I keep writing because I have so much more to say, but no one will Listen so IAM writing this to myself, as a Reminder that People only care about themselves and will allow Crime to exist because they were cowards for not Standing up against the Roman Empire as Jesus Bar Abbas did, those that Deny his Name 3 Times are Cowards, Liars, and Thieves, because if you support Money, you support all its Crimes, and that is a fact. Moses made a Commandment that Thou Shalt Not Kill, yet People Kill for Money every Second of the Day, while Drunk Drinkers and the Alcohol they Bought for Money, or War, Truth is most People Die in their Sleep, but Few actually Live a Life without Money in it, so they only know about the Evil it Brings, when it becomes normal to Kill or be Killed, so by allowing Money to exist in Society: is forcing it to be Corrupt, because people will steal Money to survive, and they will kill people for Money, so its clear that the Relationship Evil has to Money, people get Killed for Money Proving its Evil, so Society is Over and Chaos is Normal, and do not Justify Justice or its System that is Ran by Money only to make more of it, when its normal to have a large percentage of its Population in Prison because of Money, you know just how Evil Money really is, Over Population is not solved by Killing People, War always increases the Number of Warriors, the Baby Boomers of yesterday is the over Population we see now, so Education is the Key, so learning from all the mistakes in History, we find the real problem: Civilians are worthless to any Society, they are the Ones that Allowed all this Chaos to take Place, if there were no Money Junkies there would be no Money, yew are your own worse Enemy, yew are the Bankers, the Pushers, the Dealers, the Suppliers just change their names to protect their Investors, and the Killing will never Stop till the Flow of Money Stops. There will still be Crime and we all know that Laws never Prevented that, so why have them, you know Money is the only reason you have over Population in the Prisons today, it puts more Prisoners to death then Alcohol, making it the number 1 Top Killing Drug in existence. Stupid People say Stupid things, like Money is Not a Drug because you do not put it into your Body, so I say to them, how did you get what you put into your Body? They say from Money of course. So they Prove that all they put into their Bodies comes from Money, and we know how Evil that is, and how Cancer is now the number 3 Killer after Alcohol, who is the Number one Killer in the World today? Woman kill more unborn Children than all Wars combined, and Woman are the biggest Liars on this Planet, Life starts at Conception you lying Murdering Bitches: Making them the Number one Killer of all time... And they are all Sociopaths that Lie about it so they can live with themselves, knowing they Murdered their Own Child for Money, that is some Sick Bitches, so these types of Murdering Woman are Cancer to Society, Knowing that most if not all of the people who die from Cancer had some form of Alcohol or Vaccine in their Body, proving that is where the Cancer is coming from, that and the Money that was used to Sell Stupid People on Vaccines, so the Killing never Stops, the Governments allow the Poisoning to go on and on by justifying its cutting down on the Population, but we all know that is not the Truth, all its doing is Killing People, more are replacing them each day that its not even making the Population growth slow down, so maybe its time to do the Math by letting M = Money and u = You as in each and everyone of You... So:

M = u ( (Lies x (Killing + Crime + Corruption) x (Over Population)2 - Death - (Destruction)2) x Extinction )3

So the Math is Clear, it all adds up and there can be no mistake about it, so for yew Stupid Sheeple: Extinction = 0, Game Over, Cubing it will give you an Error, because witch Money makes no Cents. This is what is wrong with this World: Money, the Math does not Lie.
I would Love to Change the World and I know just what to do, but I cannot Leave it up to Yew, so I will tale Yew what to do: Wake up and take Responsibility for the World Yew Live in, because its Crystal Clear that Yew are the Problem.
The Bankers are not really the Evil little Trolls as I portray them to be... Well not all of them... Fine: there are only a few... Maybe..., No they are all Trolls, and some Goblins, remember we are talking about Bankers and not Real People..., but maybe a few Good ones at that... IAM Joking, People are all Good if they want to be, and everyone can Learn to not be Stupid or Evil, so these Bankers are just People... But some of them are Rich, so they can do what they want, which is why I call them Trolls, because all they want is to make more Money knowing what chaos it is causing in the World today, so calling People Trolls is offensive to some, but coming from a Wizard some of Yew may understand that, but if you did: Yew would not be Living in a World of Sin doing the Bidding of these Trolls, but its Not My Job is the Motto of everyone in the World, so whose Job is it?
It is Everyone's Job to make this World a better place.

Having OCD means I repeat myself a lot, and I say Facts and Evidence, but few can separate them from Theories, and Science means different things to different people, and Religious People are the Worst, because as Newton said, there is no Reasoning with Irrational People, and Religious People do not view themselves that way, and Newton said it was because they are Insane, what other species of Animal on this Planet would allow Atomic or Nuclear Power or Bombs, and have Security measures to wipe out all Life on this Planet with a Push of a Button, that is not Security: Its Insanity, so there is no Reasoning with those Sheeple, they will argue with me that there is only One Jesus in the Bible and that is Jesus Christ, when History records no Jesus Christ, and if I point out Jesus Bar Abbas, they tell me the Bible states he is a bad person, a Murder and a Thief, and I point out that the Bible says no such thing, all it says about Bar/Abbas is that he was the Leader of a Militia that Fought against the Roman Empire, for their use of Money and Taxation, and Religion turned him into the Bad Man and the Murder, because History proves the Romans Killed people for not paying Taxes, in fact they used it as Public Entertainment, so Bar/Abbas was a Hero in the Bible, and Christians are Sinners, Liars, Murders, and Bad People in General, because they are too Stupid to understand the Reality they created by being Cowards, so Newton really did not like Christians much, no wonder they outlawed his Science, and lie about his Math, they are nothing but Money Junkies, and will do anything for a fix, including selling out Jesus and denying him 3 times, facts in History that can not be argued, that is what Newton said, and what is God according to Newton? Light that creates the Force of Gravity, so I can only Conclude that Newton was Right about the Universe, and that is a fact.

I ramble on because IAM Autistic and have OCD, literally: its the Energy in Me that Makes Me this way, its the Light in Me that is Autistic, and that is who IAM and it causes my OCD, and if you have not guest yet:
Rambling is my Obsessive Compulsion Disorder,
Yew are just my Audience, so thanks for coming along on this Journey into the Darkest places in my Mind.
I can only Tale Yew the Truth, what You do with it is up to You:
but if you want things to Change then all You have to do:
is go to your Government and ask for: Trinary Sanctuary!,
. In my Rambling I proved that the Trinary Universe is just this simple: once you read this book you will know its the truth, and that truth is that I put a Spell on yew, and now your Mind...

The Real Question is: How do I know this is the Truth?

My Conclusion is: Table 6.03: The Truth about the Light

Table 6.03: The Truth about the Light


In the Beginning there was the Light...

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