The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.14

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.14

A Conclusion about a Conclusion, only leads to more Conclusions, so I must Conclude that my Conclusions are as eternal as the Trinary Universe. My Conclusion to all my conclusions is that it is up to everyone as individuals to learn what the other Wizards, and I have written about, I know it has all been said before, and no matter how much I say: I always have more to say about it, and since I have OCD, I will say it over and over again, in new and more exciting ways, and that is why this book will never be finished. There are two types of Human Lifeforms on this Planet: there are People who understand what God of All Light without Darkness is all about, and the Fools and Liars that do not. Yew were Fooled and therefore yew are a Fool, that much is a fact: all Yew were taught was that the Science of the Godless Dynamic Universe was the True, meaning it was a fact, instead of the truth, which it is just a Theory, and that Theory did not explain the Truth until it is a Fact and no longer a Theory, so Science based on Theory is what you get when the Truth is just what you Pay for, when in fact Money was just a Scam so: Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, and the Powers that Be: would not have to get a real job, but more to the point, where Rich and could do anything they wanted including owning you like Sheep, but the Bible did that First, but decided with Freewill, so Yew went along with the Herd and what they Heard, so Yew are a self-made Fool, and those are the worst kind of Fools, because yew will never own up to being Fooled on such a level as what I wrote about, so we all have to own up to being Fooled, any Fool can tell you that, the Fool and the Fool that followed Fools, so do not Follow Me, because like all Humans I am a Fool also, just as my Wives and (Step) Children… But Facts can still Fool yew, so be careful what you make a Fact, or you can become a Fool, Con Science leads to no Conscience, and it is my Conclusion that there are more Fools than Wizards in the World, and only the Fools that owned up to being Fooled and Fools, can call themselves a Wizard at anything.

Once People start understanding Words and Spells, then Spells like Politics will take on its True Meaning: Poly Tics: Poly is prefix meaning many, and a Tic is a habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles, most often in the face, its sometimes caused being a Liar, Ticks on the other hand make regular short sharp sounds, typically one for every second of time that passes, and they are blood-sucking mite, so they are Parasites, and Feed off of People, and Lawyers are Liars by Profession, and the Bible told you to never Judge, so Judges are all Evil and Satanic, because these Words and Spells: Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, and about Evil and Satanism, according to History, these People are the Reason the United States Constitution was Suspended, because these are Greedy People that only care about themselves, and if you are a: Judge, Lawyer, Politician, only you know what you are by Trade, the rest of the World knows, so you can not Hide, and it does no Good to Lie about how Good of a Person you are, in 100 Years everyone will know, because if Newton was Right about his Calculation, and trust me, the Event is Real, Stupid People only know how to say Stupid Things, but Reality is that this Earth changes Magnetic Poles, and will do so very soon, 2060 is just the Calculated Date, the Earths Weakening Magnetic Field is a Fact, and it will not last to the End of this Century, and that too is a Fact.

This Book is about who IAM and not about Me, witch as yew know is just short for Flesh, I talked about Me: just so you would come to understand that all I did was take the Words from what the Bible and other Wizards that understood them said, and then put them into my Own Words, because that is the only Words I know how to use, and I have to tale you about Me, so you would understand why I chose to sometimes use the Wrong Words or Words Spelled Wrong to make a point about Witchcraft, or used this or that or which witch to make yew understand the Difference, it was so you would understand that IAM not talking about Me or You, and I can cover up my bad grammar and use of words and how I spelled them, and blame the fact I am just Dyslexic, so I could justify run on sentences as a life style choice, just because I never know when to stop talking, and know if I pause to long people will cut me off, so I trained my mind to talk this way, so I did not get interrupted, so stop interrupting me... That must be an Aspie thing... Most people understood what I was saying when I said Gods Light, others are still looking for the Words and Spells they need to convince them, that IAM who I say IAM, when it is a Deity that does not Physically and I do, so IAM, and I am are not that Different, and if the Translation seems to be a Play on the English Language also known as Witchcraft, it is because yew are too stupid to understand the Code, so yew use the same bad logic that keeps yew believing in a Deity yew know does not physically exist, and that this is really about God being All Light without Darkness, and that Light is in Every Atom in my Body, and that of everything I eat, and even the Earth, and all the Heavenly Bodies, in fact Everything is Light, but instead I choose to talk about the Light that is all Life, and not just Human Life, but all Life including this Planet, and the way this World is today, it will not have a Tomorrow, with Global Warming and a weakening Magnetosphere: an Ice Age will follow, and sooner than Later, much sooner in fact, and current Cities will not Survive an Ice Age, not even a short one. I made fun of People that are Stupid for not Knowing this, I called them Sheeple, get over it, that was because it is true, Money has clouded their Reality, and Bankers and Lawyers are all Liars, as if everyone: including them did not know this, like I said, nothing New here except the Trinary Engine, and that is Real Science, and that is why I spent so much effort into making People feel Stupid, because they are, and that is Funny, so its Entertaining, and at the same time it serves a Purpose, and that is to deflect the Blame the Banks have in all this: onto the People who Allowed it, because this World does not need a Bloody Revolution or another Civil War, knowing the Last one is how the Banks own yew now, the next one will not matter because the War would last longer than the Human Race has, which is only till 2060 according the Bible calculated by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, so taking about Protest, Civil War, or Taking back the Government like the Constitution that is Suspended once said, is not even Legal now, nor does it need to take back its Government from the Bank that Own me and you like yew, all because our Grandparents Voted all your Rights away Years before you were born, so you have no say so in this matter, and besides its Treason to try to take the Government back, did you not learn anything from what I told you is the Truth? The World needs to add 42 Pyramids to the Map of this World: it needs Trinary Sanctuary to do that, and why it need to be run by Trinary Militia, that only use Trinary Science, and besides what Good ever comes out of War, and even if you Win you Lose, and who is Guilty of Treason? Everyone that uses or had used Money. So you want to Kill someone that was Responsible for all this Evil or Treason, Kill yourself, because each and every one of You that use Money are just as Guilty as the Bankers: they are just the Drug Pushers and Dealers, Money is the Drug, and Yew are all Addicted, so do not Kill the Messenger or the Message, and that is all that IAM and ever have been, nor do you Kill the Addicts, and if you kill the Dealers, more will just replace them, that is why the Roman Empire only changes owners, and they change the Names to Fool yew, I changed them to make Science less confusing, since most of it today is pure BS, because you just take away their Drugs till their Head clears up enough to never want to use them again, and they will get over no Money, no Laws and No Religion, but if you have to Vote for what Type of Government you will have to build Sanctuary, it will end up being owned by the Bank in no time, and then it will become a Prison with no Freedom, and why only the Militia can do this job.

As a Child I knew that no one would listen to me, I had no idea why, the older I got the more this feeling set in, as did the Feeling that People Hated me if they did not Believe in my Trinary Science, this caused many problems between my current wife and I, because she was raised Catholic, and does not View Alcohol as a Drug: let alone Religion, it is all in how we were raised and what we were raised to believe was the truth, and you can not teach an old Dog New Tricks, not this Dog: growing up with Drug Addicts meant I knew a lot of Drug Addicts, Thieves, Police, I repeat myself, because they are all the Same, not all Drug Addicts become Thieves in the sense they Steal from others, but that is what Police are supposed to deal with making that a Crime, but after having gone to Jail for PTSD and not being Charged, because I committed no Crime, and almost had my Life Stolen from me, because those PIGS (Police In Guard Security), denied my Medical Treatment and the codes I needed to make a Phone Call, and denied me the right to call 911 and get an Ambulance, instead they made me take a Taxi that made me walk home when the Pavement and turn to Dirt, miles from my Home, and I had just had an Appendicitis attack while in Jail, from not drinking their Toilet Water like a Pig, so my First Roomy told me about FEDERAL LAW TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, and the Enumeration of Powers Act proved the Federal Reserve Bank was in Charge until the National Debt is paid off, so the line between who I call Thieves gets Blurred, so Money is a Drug, and the Drugs they are Addicted too: Steal from them, first it takes their Honor, then their Con science takes their Conscience, proving they are Thieves, and it is because of how People view what Drugs are, because to me Sugar is the most Popular of all Drugs, and the most Dangerous, and it kills far more people than all other drugs combined, I watched it kill my Grandmother Roberson with Diabetes, second only to Caffeine, so people mix them, so I see Drug Addicts everywhere I go, so I can only conclude that everyone is a Drug Addict.

As I grew Older my Sense of what is Right or Wrong got Blurred, People would steal things for Money, which made Money a Sin, so I viewed Money as Evil, and the Bible just confirmed that, it was all about Money, that is where the Bankers learned it from, Moses taught them well, so witch Crime is worse, Stealing Money or Using it? Both are equal because you can not have one without the other, because there is nothing called the lessor of two Evils, there is only Evil. I knew by the time I was 6 that there was only one Jesus in the Bible, liars will say there are two and it is a very common Name, when the truth is that the Bible only talked about Christ and Bar/Abbas, and only Bar/Abbas existed in History, proving there is only one, its like the Story of the Empire with no Clothes, it was so clear to me, and got me in so much trouble with Adults for pointing that out, as if everyone knows it but no one wants to point out that the Empire is Naked; because People Die of Shame, or they lie about it, so they can Live with it, but it was a Shame for allowing our Constitution to be Sold for Money, so we could be Slaves once More, to the Bankers that make US pay TaxUS, so yew are to Blame and should be ashamed, so it is a Shame to Blame, but it is the name of this Shame Blame Game... The Bankers Started a War with Wizards and Witches after the insertion of Christ during the third century, to this Date they treat them like Fairy Tales, when in Reality the Mainstream Science that is pushed by the Banks is pure Science Fiction, all based on Theories that can never be Proven because they are not the Truth, this is the Reality of my Time as I write this, and see no way for it to Change, because this is the way People are, they only care about: Money, Religion and Law and not the Truth. No one ever understood me, not to this day, being Autistic and not finding out about it till I was 39, meant I did not even understand myself, this is like finding myself and then trying to figure out who IAM, and the Bible told me who IAM, but no one would Listen to a Child, nor do they listen to the Old Man that Child became. This Document was written through the memories of that Child, the Child they sent to War was not the same Child IAM today, because I learned just how Evil Religion and Money could be, but still no one Listens, they are so Addicted to the Drug called Money, Religion and Law: that it is all they can do to Defend its Use, but the Blood on Money will never wash off, nor will the Blood Stains on my Hands from that War. People lie about our Constitution because they are Addicted to Money, Religion and Law, and can not Live without it, and they do not understand how Evil that is, so they Lie about War because it is all about Religion, the Jews and Muslims do not believe Jesus was Christ, nor did Newton, and he Proved it, but the Christians have the Military, and they use it to do the bidding of the Bankers that Print their Money, and own them like Sheep, I was in that Military, and know this for a Fact, as is the fact that there is no hope as long as People are Liars and Thieves, the two are the Same as far as I can see, and it is just a fact everyone from the United States are all Treasonous Traders under their Constitution, and that is the way it is because people are too Blind to see the Truth.

I keep writing because I have so much more to say, but no one will Listen so IAM writing this to myself as well as yew, as a Reminder that People only care about themselves and will allow Crime to exist because they were cowards for not Standing up against the Roman Empire as Jesus Bar Abbas did, those that Deny his Name 3 Times are Cowards, Liars, and Thieves, because if you support Money, you support all its Crimes, and that is a fact. Moses made a Commandment that Thou Shalt Not Kill, yet People Kill for Money every Second of the Day, while Drunk Drinkers and the Alcohol they Bought for Money, and War, or should I say Holy Wars, and the list goes on... Truth is most People Die in their Sleep, but Few actually Live a Life without Money in it, so they only know about the Evil it Brings, when it becomes normal to Kill or be Killed, so by allowing Money to exist in Society: is forcing it to be Corrupt, because people will steal Money to survive, and they will kill people for Money, so people have to pay for Security, so this is all a Scam to keep people in Fear, so they can Control them like Sheep, so its clear that the Relationship Evil has to Money, people get Killed for Money Proving its Evil, so Society is Over and Chaos is Normal, and do not Justify Justice or its System that is Run by Money only to make more of it, when it is normal to have a large percentage of its Population in Prison because of Money, then you know just how Evil Money really is, Over Population is not solved by Killing People, War always increases the Number of Warriors, the Baby Boomers of yesterday is the over Population we see now, so Education is the Key, so learning from all the mistakes in History, we find the real problem: Civilians are worthless to any Society, sorry if you are one of them, but they are nothing but Consumers, and eat up a lot of the Military Budget, so we will have not Problem wiping yew off the face of the Planet if Ordered to, and that is a fact that scares me, since I am the one Taking orders and not the one giving them, so they are the Ones that Allowed all this Chaos to take Place and they have a reason, if there were no Money Junkies there would be no need for Money, yew are your own worse Enemy, yew are the Bankers, the Pushers, the Dealers, and the Users also known as Money Junkies or Addicts, the Suppliers just change their names to protect their Investors, and the Killing will never Stop till the Flow of Money Stops; and trust me it never does, as long as people think they can be the Bankers and do a better Job, there will be War, and a New Boss also known as the Government to print their version of Money. No Money does not mean there will be no Crime, it only means there will be no Crime due to Money, and the limit is them to few, and we all know that Laws never Prevented that, so why have them, you know Money is the only reason you have over Population in the Prisons today, it puts more Prisoners to death next to Alcohol, making it the number 2 Top Killing Drug in existence: Number 1 is still Sugar or Alcohol that is made of Sugar, and it is how the Banks took over the Country after Lincoln was Executed, it is the Only Explanation: People were too Drunk to understand what happened, because Stupid People say Stupid things: like Money is Not a Drug because you do not put it into your Body, so I say to them, how did you get what you put into your Body? They say from Money of course. So they Prove that all they put into their Bodies comes from Money, and we know how Evil that is, and why Cancer is now the number 3 Killer after Alcohol and Money. Talk about Killing, in War its Men, but when it comes to the Worlds Population, who is the Number one Killer in the World today? Woman, because they kill more unborn Children than all Wars combined, and Woman are the biggest Liars on this Planet, Life starts at Conception you lying Murdering Bitches: Making them the Number one Killer of all time... And they are all Sociopaths, and because most of them believe in Con Science they have on Conscience, and why they have no problems Lying about it, so they can live with themselves, knowing they Murdered their Own Child for Money or at the Cost of it, that is some Sick Bitches, so these types of Murdering Woman are Cancer to Society, and normally Citizens or Consumers, Knowing that most, if not all of the people who die of Cancer: had some form of Alcohol or Vaccine in their Body at the time of Death, proving that is where the Cancer is coming from, that and the Money that was used to Sell Stupid People on Vaccines, so the Killing never Stops, and the Governments allow the Poisoning to go on and on by justifying its cutting down on the Population, but we all know that is not the Truth, all its doing is Killing People, more are replacing them each day that it is not even making the Population growth slow down, so maybe it is time to do the Math by letting M = Money and u = You as in each and every one of You... So:

M = u ( (Lies x (Killing + Crime + Corruption + Suffering + Disease) x (Over Population)2 - Death - (Destruction)2) x Extinction )3

So the Math is Clear, it all adds up and there can be no mistake about it, so for yew Stupid Sheeple: Extinction = 0 Lifeforms alive: Game Over, Cubing it will give you an Error, because witch Money makes no Cents... This is what is wrong with this World: Money, the Math does not Lie.
I would Love to Change the World and I know just what to do, but I cannot Leave it up to Yew, so I will tale Yew what to do: Wake up and take Responsibility for the World Yew Live in, because it is Crystal Clear that Yew are the Problem.
The Bankers are not really the Evil little Trolls as I portray them to be... Well not all of them... Fine: there are only a few... Maybe..., No they are all Trolls, and some are Goblins, while others are Elves, just replace the L witch stands for Legal and make it Single to get Evil, remember we are talking about Bankers and not Real People..., but maybe a few Good ones at that... IAM Joking, People are all Good if they want to be, and everyone can Learn to not be Stupid or Evil, so these Bankers are just People... But some of them are Rich, so they can do what they want, which is why I call them Trolls, because all they want is to make more Money knowing what chaos it is causing in the World today, so calling People Trolls is offensive to some, but coming from a Wizard some of Yew may understand that, but if you did: Yew would not be Living in a World of Sin doing the Bidding of these Trolls, but its Not My Job is the Motto of everyone in the World, so whose Job is it?
It is Everyone's Job to make this World a better place.

I wrote this book in hope that someone Intelligent will read it and understand it, and Normal People are not Intelligent, and that is a Sad Fact, as some point in History the requirements for Intelligence Test changed: because people were no longer Intelligent enough to pass the tests minimal requirement for not being labeled Retarded, and that is why it is now normal to be retarded, so if you do not understand Trinary Math, it is because yew are as stupid as a tree, and why this is, is simple: Vaccinations, you never should have gotten that Stupid Vaccine. The fact is that there is nothing overly complicated about the Trinary Universe, its Trinary Math is far simpler then Mainstream Theory, and Mainstream Theory is Insane, so maybe it is normal to be Insane. Why do people Lie? Because they are Stupid. Is Stupid a disease? Yes, and that is what the stupid vaccines caused. So once you understand why you are so Stupid, you will wonder what you can do about it, and normally that means who do you Sue, and that is just Stupid, you have no one to blame except yourself for trusting Stupid People. Why is Math and Science so Stupid and based on Theory? Because it is normal to be Stupid. Is there a Solution to being Stupid? Yes, but it requires you to learn new skills. How can you believe in God but not be Religious? Religion is about believing in things that do not Physically Exist, but the Bible stated God is All Light without Darkness, and Light Physically Exist, so People that try to tell it does not, are Lying to you, so why would you listen to a Liar? Stupid People use Stupid Math, and it is why everyone is so Stupid, and you allow Stupid People to be in Charge of what is considered Science, and that is how and why everyone is so stupid.

If you do decide to build Trinary Sanctuary, I would start from a clean slate, write your own Math, Science and History Books, they are all BS to begin with, so throw out stuff you can not prove, and only keep the truth, and only keep the stuff you want in your new Advanced Society. Society of today is very Evil, full of Liars, and People that are just too Stupid to understand Reality, and the people that deny this is the worse, those that believe this World is fine are not, so remember that if you allow anyone to believe what they want, they will be insane, because that is what happens when you allow them to believe that, so never allow people to believe in things that do not Physically Exist, and never allow Representatives, I do not care how many people you have, people do not need others to speak for them, no two people can agree on much, and never allow them to Vote on important issues, Voting is only a good way to find out what others believe, other than that it is a worthless way to run a Government, its how the United States was lost to the Banks that now own US like Sheep, and never allow anyone to be in Charge of Trinary Sanctuary, everyone is working for Trinary Sanctuary, and no one owns it, and that is why you can never allow Money to be used, or any form of Barter, that is Slave Mentality, as is the thinking that others are Lazy and will not do their part, everyone is Lazy and no one really ones to do their part, and it is why everyone in Trinary Sanctuary is in the Trinary Militia, where its more about Duty then a Job, eventually everyone will find something they can do well, and you can not micro manage everyone, you need project managers to worry about getting things done, if one person is not getting it down, get two or more to work together. The Decision to build Trinary Sanctuary is up to you, and it will require a lot of you, and from all over the World, and keep in mind that without People, the Trinary Universe will be a very quiet place, and the Universe does not care if yew believe this planet has another Million years to go before the End of Civilization, the weakening Magnetic Field says otherwise, and it is only because of this BS that Mainstream Assholes put out their, just to do the bidding of their Owners the Banks, so the End of Civilization is here and few know about it, because of Liars, no way to Sugar Coat a Liar, unless you plan to Feather them, so they will look like the Chicken they are. The Truth is that Religious people in General are Sick in the Mind, they normally have Low IQ scores, not that they are Stupid, Stupid implies they need a better Education, but they will not get it from any School in the World, since they only Teach BS, and everyone has to take Responsibility of the Lies the Schools Teach, they can Teach Gay Fist Fucking but not Newton's Math, that tells me everything I need to know about Mainstream, and Christians and all Religious People need to ask God for Forgiveness, not that God Cares, God built the Universe and everything in it, and must have given us Freewill to see if we were Stupid enough to use it, Freewill is God's Joke on us, and People, especially me, are Assholes for Judging others as Individuals, as a whole it is the Truth to say that all Religious People are Ignorant, to call them Stupid is Stupid, Stupid is Ignorance to a Level of Degree, once you Teach any Religious Person the Truth about God, they should be Intelligent Enough to know they were not Worshiping the Right God, and anyone that things that a Deity God and Trinary God are the same, are Stupid, no other word or Spell is more Accurate than that, Religious People are Dangerous to any Society, and they are the Assholes that came up with the Concept that People have the Right to believe what they want, that how Satan Works, and only a Satanic Person would allow it, Insanity is something that should not be allowed in any Society, these people should be sent to an Island, where they can not hurt others that are not Insane, and there is not Talking to these Religious People, they are totally Insane, and obviously the last person to know it, and it is because Religion was allowed to be Legal, and so was Alcohol, proving how Evil Law is, if we allowed Insane People to Vote, we will only have Insane Laws, and to say Religious People are not insane is insane, anyone that believes in things that do not Physically Exist, they need to be locked up in a Padded Cell, and the only reason they are not is because it is not illegal to be insane, proving how insane and dangerous Law is, so Trinary Sanctuary can never become like Mainstream, they must not keep secrets, they must not have clicks, gangs, groups, or any type of Classes, they must have no Leaders, because only as Individuals can Trinary work, so people become Trinary, meaning they know they are the Light, Darkness and every shade of Grey in between, and I do not want this Book or any Book to become a Bible, Trinary Sanctuary needs to write its own Book, mine are just Principles, since no one today has any, nor to they have any idea what honor is, few anyway, and I am not saying everyone today is an Asshole or Ignorant, what I am saying is that our Masters or Banks that print our Money, like it when we fight, talk in so many Languages that we no longer understand each other, not saying they did this on Purpose, because Mainstream is an Accident, and People are Cowards, I am not, I am Telling the Banks what I think of them, and it is not bad, they are what they are, and I work for them, so if I really hated them, I could just die, because that is the only way to get away from them, they took over the World, so I do not look up to Rich People, in fact I know they are to blame more than those that are poor, and those with or without an Education are no different, all Schools only teach BS, so no one comes into Trinary Sanctuary with any Education, because up to this point is all pretty much just BS, and a Degree in BS is still just a BS Degree, and I have a BS Degree, and I know its BS, and others think them PhD is BS, and I tell them Prove it, but they are too Stupid to even understand what that means, so the best reason for Building Trinary Sanctuary, is just to get away from all the Assholes, and trust me, once we get Trinary Sanctuary built, we can all agree that we are all Trinary Assholes, because we all have Assholes, at least I still have one, one day that might not be true, since I almost had mine sewn up for good, when they removed my descending colon, so Cancer is an Asshole eater, proving Assholes cause Cancer.

Mainstream version of Democracy is: Democracy is a system of Government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. Democracy, in modern usage, has three senses: all for a system of government where the citizens exercise power by voting. In a direct democracy, the citizens as a whole form a governing body and vote directly on each issue. In a representative democracy the citizens elect representatives from among themselves. If we take a look at the word Spelled Democracy, we find it is a word with a prefix of Demo, like in Demonstration: witch is the action or process of showing the existence or truth of something by giving proof or evidence, and it has a prefix of Demon, witch is an Evil Spirit or Devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell, so now the truth comes out, and the Word Spelled Cracy is denoting a particular form of government, rule, or influence, and it is Spelled similar to Crazy, and look around and ask yourself if this is not the truth about the Word, because the People who Vote think that those people are going to be Representing the Government, instead all they are is a Representative to the Bank that Owns them like Sheep, all because We the Sheeple Voted for Lincoln, and he sold us out to the Banks just like Judas sold Jesus Bar Abbas out to the Roman Empire, and how the Christians Sold Jesus Bar Abbas out for Jesus Christ just so they could continue to Live in Sin, and Lie about it, and that is why Religious People are the Worse, since they actually think they are Right, and everyone else is wrong, and they think Ignorance is different than Lying, as if no one knew that both Jesus's were the same, and only Sir Isaac Newton knew the truth, give me a break, he knew the Pope, and other high level leaders of the Church, and like I said before, they are not the problem, as long as they protect the Bible, they are doing their Job, and that has not changed since Jesus was executed, so People or Sheeple, yew vote on it, personally I do not care what yew Vote for, it is all a matter of getting the Banks to Pay for it, so in real life Democracy is Evil, you gave up your Freedom for Democracy, you do not need Laws to be Free, in fact Laws only put you in Prison, and they do not Protect you from Harm, anymore than a Vaccine Protects you from what its giving you, this Faulty Logic is Democrazy; and it is because People think that anyone has the Right to believe what they want, and that is Crazy, and why they need Laws to feel Safe, but I will not defend this Evil type of Government, that controls its People with Stupid Vaccines, and Money: it is the Root of All that is Evil, so I will not Water it down, nor will I turn down the Heat, its set to 33 Degrees Newton.

Did we actually go to the Moon? I saw the Lie with my own Eyes, I will stand by what I saw, and that was the Apollo going around the Earth, when it was supposed to be going around the Moon, and I know that is not proof for most people, so prove it to yourself if we can even go to the Moon, just like all our Science is BS, or History is pure BS, so why do we keep up this BS? Because We the People are Wee the Sheeple, and Sheeple have no Courage, they have no Honor, so they do not care; and it is why their Science is BS, and their Society is BS.

Having OCD means I repeat myself a lot, and I say Facts and Evidence, but few can separate them from Theories, and Science means different things to different people, and Religious People are the Worst, because as Newton said, there is no Reasoning with Irrational People, and Religious People do not view themselves that way, and Newton said it was because they are Insane, what other species of Animal on this Planet would allow Atomic or Nuclear Power or Bombs, and have Security measures to wipe out all Life on this Planet with a Push of a Button, that is not Security: Its Insanity, so there is no Reasoning with those Sheeple, they will argue with me that there is only One Jesus in the Bible and that is Jesus Christ, when History records no Jesus Christ, and if I point out Jesus Bar Abbas was in the Bible, they tell me the Bible states he is a bad person, a Murder and a Thief, and I point out that the Bible says no such thing, all it says about Bar/Abbas is that he was the Leader of a Militia that Fought against the Roman Empire, for their use of Money and Taxation, and Religion turned him into the Bad Man and the Murder, because History proves the Romans Killed people for not paying Taxes, in fact they used it as Public Entertainment, so Bar/Abbas was a Hero in the Bible, and Christians are Sinners, Liars, Murders, and Bad People in General, because they are too Stupid to understand the Reality they created by being Cowards, so Newton really did not like Christians much, and I only try to put it into words he would use today if he were still alive, no wonder they outlawed his Science, and lie about his Math, they are nothing but Money Junkies, and will do anything for a fix, including selling out the Constitution and Jesus and denying him 3 times, facts in History that can not be argued, that is what Newton said, and what is God according to Newton? Light that creates the Force of Gravity, so I can only Conclude that Newton was Right about the Universe, and that is a fact.

People have to take Responsibility for the World they Live in, they can not leave it up to the People that put themselves in Power, using Money to get what they wanted, yew know they sold out Jesus and the Constitution, so they can not be trusted, so Research into what I wrote here would be taking that Responsibility serious, look up US CODE of FEDERAL LAW TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, see who the Enumeration of the Powers Act puts in Charge, understand what the Constitution meant by Only Congress can Print Money, read the Bible, just do not read into it, read about all the Wizard I have talked about, and after reading all my books, try to come up with better Science and a better Plan to Save the Human Race, and good luck trying to get anyone to believe in it, or take any Responsibility for it should it fail; but doing nothing is the biggest failure of all.

Most People will only remember the part in the book or videos where I first called yew stupid, people stop there and do not want to know anything else, and I guess they did not read that in the Bible, that part of yew following the Shepard known as the Lord Christ, a Deity who is a False God, since this God does not Physically Exist, making all that believe in Satan Insane, so I wonder how many Religious people I will turn from the Darkness, and bring them into the Light, and for those Religious Sheeple that convert into being Enlightened by Trinary Science, keep the Bible, and understand it is a Book about Sin, and only Sinners would model their Life around it, so if History remembers who IAM, or I am, you know me in the Flesh, just know that I only want what is good for Everyone, and I do not care about the needs of the Ego, or dealing with Emotions, you have to live your life the way you feel is best for you, and keep in mind there are only three kinds of People: those that know the truth, those that believe they know the truth, and those that really do not care one way or the other, and I tend to be the latter, I believe I know the Truth, so I am just as lost as those that think they know, because what if I am wrong, and so was Einstein, and the World really is Dynamic, and God really does not exist, then this is a Paradox, proving that IAM alright, but yew are Stupid; seriously: Get a Life...

Trinary Life is the Life I would want everyone to Live, and the Fact is that as long as Religion is Legal, so is Slavery, and I can not allow anyone to believe you have the Right to push your Religion, over my need for Real Science, because that is what Religious Sheeple do, and they are not Humans, nor should they be treated with Respect, they are Liars and work for Satan, I will do as the Bible told me, and Shun the Sinners, I will not become one of those Evil Trolls, who Lie about the Constitution being Amended, and saying that 2060 is not true, and 911 was, if I am wrong so is Reality, because my Trinary Math Proves that God is Real, the Laws prove what I said about the Governments is true, so what did I lie about, what Half Truth did I tale you, and we both know the truth, and this is it, and yew know it, so why are yew a Sheep, is it because yew are a shamed, good, it means you have a Conscience, and are sick of Con Science, and you do not care that you are working for the Bank, or that the Constitution is Suspended till the loan is paid off, its better to Plan to Live, then make no Plans and Die, its better as a World that we look around and ask the big question, is this Book the Science of Truth, or Half Truths, you know its Free, and I do plan on Selling it, but am not trying to sell you anything, and keeping it Free at the same time, and even allowing others to print this book for Educational Purposes, without the need to get permissions to do so, print it, if you sell it, you can only do so for Educational Purposes, so if you want to make a Living teaching this book, you have all the Rights you need in this Copy Left by Me in the Flesh, just for Teachers like those that would use this Knowledge, not to make Money, but to survive, so I do not deny anyone the Right to make a Living by selling this book to students, you do not have to have them buy my books, I did not write them to become Private Property, this is Public Property, and a Public Library can Print their own books, and sell copies of them, I do not compete with others who also have a Right to survive, and to spread the word is more important than Money ever will be, and I do not care if you buy the Book, the money is for my Wife and not Me, it is for our Children and Grandchildren should they need it before the End of Civilization, because I did not write this for my health, I did not use this to vanquish my Enemy, nor to make any, Satan is my Enemy, I will never allow that Enemy to break my Freewill, or to lie to me about Science, or my Constitution that I took an Oat to Defend, and will do so to my Death, so if you want to pay me for my Book by buying it, I thank you, and if you print my Book and Sell it to make Money to Survive, I thank you, and trust me, Satan is just BS, it is a Belief System, you did not Sell your SOUL to Satan by using Money, is the Law, you would have been imprisoned for not using it, and you have no Constitution till the Loan is paid off, so you can not just demand it, nor can you take it by force, the Constitution allowed that, but it was Suspended the moment Lincoln signed the Contract, and was meaningless since then, so I like all of you, were born into Slavery, and we allowed ourself to believe in Religion, because we actually believe they were the Good Guys, I mean Satan and Santa, only Dyslexic People knew, and they are mostly Autistic, and tend to Read things Literally, but we are also normally honest...

I did not get the 3 highest Achievement Awards and Medals, in the Military, for being dishonest, in fact that is called dishonorable, and anyone that wants to tell me the Constitution is not Suspended is Lying, because it is by Law, and if it was not the Federal Reserve would not be Print the Money, so round and round we go, because I always think the worst of yew, and it is because all my Life I have been like this, and by like this, I mean Autistic, and the more I learned about what that meant to me, the more I disliked Neurotypicals, and my wife is one of them, and it is not easy for her to live with me, when I get this way, and start calling her stupid, actually I am calling Ewe stupid, but my Wife is Catholic, a Neurotypical, and I Love her, got married in 2000, so its easy to do the math, I do not hate Neurotypicals, I just hate the way think sometimes, and I know for a fact that Society needs both Neurotypical and Autistic People, but most Neurotypicals are Arrogant and Ego Driven, and those terms rarely apply to Autistic People, and Neurotypical no mater how high of an IQ they have, will always have a lower IQ, then Autistic People with a high IQ, that is just a fact they will never get over, but being Autistic has its own set of problems, that Neurotypicals do not have to deal with, and why the majority of Society needs to be Neurotypical, this is called Harmony. Neurotypicals think that I am Conceited, Arrogant and Ego Driven, because I compare myself to Sir Isaac Newton, whom my Cousin was named after, or comparing myself to Jesus Bar Abbas, who said he would come back in the Flesh, and I know IAM that Flesh, because I choice to be... And that is what separates Neurotypicals from Autistic People, we have a better understanding of Reality then yew will ever have. For the Record: Neurotypical and Autistic People are pretty much the same, the way our Brains are wired is the only difference, and it is makes it difficult for people like me who test 100% on the Autistic side, meaning I have no concept of my Neurotypical side, whereas most Neurotypical will test with some Autistic traits, and most Autistic People will test with some Neurotypical traits, those like myself that test only to one side, have no clue as to how the other side thinks, so we think they are Stupid, this goes for both sides, and this is where the problem is, and I fully understand this, it is not that my thinking is better, most of the time I know that is not true, since Neurotypicals do have as many problems in Life that I do, I have a hard time functioning most days since I was born, compared to Neurotypicals that is, I never noticed it till others pointed it out, I view Love as a Physical Emotion, and have no way of understanding Love on any other Level, so I view my relationship with my Children as Physical Love, I have to ensure they grow up unharmed, this is a Physical Emotion, I care for them and about them, I want the best for them, and I just apply this to all Children, so I love them just as much, but it is a different type of Love, I do not touch or kiss other children, and same goes for Friends vs Lovers, because Love and Lovers are not the same Spell, nor the same Word, Love is an Emotion, whereas Lovers is a Term, you marry your Lover, and only have sex with them, this is simple: we do not touch or kiss others, yet only Neurotypicals get confused with this Spell, having none of their Traits, I know what their Traits are, all the ones they have that I do not; and one of those is that I can not believe anything till I prove it to myself, and I know for a fact this is only an Autistic Trait, that most Neurotypicals wish they had, and some do as I said, just not the Majority.

Neurotypicals are better at a lot of Physical things over Autistic, some of us can give you a run for your money, not me, I could do a lot of things better than most Neurotypicals, and have Medals to prove it, but I know my Limitations Physically, and I knew there would always be better, but not when it comes to thinking: then Neurotypicals are Retarded, no doubt about it, and I can prove it Scientifically, they can not think on their own, without their Education that taught them everything they know, they have no way to do math other than what they were taught, they can then manipulate only what they were taught, and they use their Emotions to think, this is by definition Retarded, or less advanced in mental or social development than is usual for one's age, which is any age if you are a Neurotypical, and I am sure this has a lot to do with a High IQ, I have read entire Encyclopedia sets, and can tell the difference between writers that are Neurotypical or Autistic, and papers written by Neurotypicals, that I am pretty sure have very few Autistic traits, and for the most part, Neurotypicals always rely on what others have done, and they can not change, they get a bad Education, and they are Stupid for Life, I point out a fault in their Logic or Concept, and they point out the work of others, for example: Einstein's Theories and Math were denounced by Einstein, when Tesla told him to prove it or denounce it, Tesla throw down the Gloves and challenged Einstein, keep in mind they are Fully Autistic and like myself have no clue as to what a Neurotypical is, so Einstein just admitted he made the whole thing up to prove Newton was Right, and him and Tesla laughed about it, but Neurotypicals will never get it, they are just not Intelligent enough to deal with Logic without Emotions, and that is really the only difference in the way we think, and why Autistic people have problems dealing with Emotions, they do not compute, and why for the most part, there needs to be more Neurotypicals then Autistic in a Group working together, for one thing, Autistic people have to have things their way, get too many in a group and you will not get anything done, and Neurotypicals will follow what works most of the time, once you prove to them something is wrong, they will remember it, and eventually they will not be Stupid to the Autistic people in the Group, and never interrupt an Autistic person when they are talking, its rude for one, and it is a Neurotypical trait all Autistic people hate. When it comes to physical labor, Neurotypicals win hands down, and it is not because Autistic people are Lazy, we are just not as Physically coordinated to do Labor, its like we were not designed to think that way, we can get the work done, that is not the issue, its just that we want to think about it more, and Neurotypicals do not, they just do the job and get it done. Autistic people need to learn to listen more to Neurotypicals, we tend just to think they are not Intelligent enough to out think us, but they amaze me all the time, they way they think is fine, its just that without a proper education they are just too stupid to talk to, so it is our job to educate you, and our jobs to not dismiss your good ideas, because yew do have them, and so do you, so for the most part I just like to joke about how stupid Neurotypicals are, and if they do not agree with what I just said, they are just Stupid.

People are Individuals, and that means that all their Traits are Individual, and when it comes to learning, Neurotypicals can learn to be more Autistic, but Autistic can not learn to be more Neurotypical, if they could they would not be Autistic. Neurotypicals can learn to be just as Intelligent as I ever could be, and I know this, and I also know they have to Learn to be, so I have to Teach them, so in Trinary Sanctuary, we must treat everyone like Individuals, and knowing what mix they are is very important, so a scale needs to be created, and people need to learn this scale, and differences in Traits, and they need to be able to learn the Trait is they want to have, but Autistic people have Limitations, Neurotypicals do not, and why as a Society, we need more people like you, but without Autistic people to keep the Balance, or not enough of them to even make a Ballance, there will be no Harmony, and we as a World must learn one Language, or be Stupid Assholes to the World that does not understand us, and no matter what Language you as a World decide to speak, make sure it is the Same as your Computer Programmers use, and it is Syntax is the same. Trinary Sanctuary is about making this type of Society, besides paying off the National Debt, which if the Banks only care about Money they can have it, but if all they want to do is to Control us, then it is time to go to War, because I would rather be Dead then to have to Live in this Evil World, and everyone will be dead in 100 years from now away, so bring it on or give us our Freedom, and as an Individual, that thing this way, are the only ones that should ask for Trinary Sanctuary, because only people that care about God more than Money would want this Life, and you can not have both.

When it comes to Logic Flaws vs Faulty Logic, I know I have mine, and you will find them in my writing, some of these Logic Flaws, might take the form of Math or Spelling Errors, and the Faulty Logic might be because of the Logic Flaws, but for the most part, I do not believe it is in my Concepts, some of my Math Ratios are what they are, and without Iterations I can not explain the cycles in History, and as far as using Trinary Engines as variables in my Trinary Math, I am fine with it, because it works, as do all the Iterations, and even my Error Rates, but most of my concepts were based on others, so maybe I do have some Neurotypical traits after all, but I can admit it proving I have more Autistic traits, but only after I proved they were in fact right, so I think that it will take over a Century to of really trying to debunk my Work, will anyone succeed, those that try will just prove how stupid they really were for trying, because only Assholes will try, maybe Assholes is not Politically Correct, a Troll would be more correct in terms of Wizardry, but you can not use a Theory to disprove a Fact, nor can you say what I wrote is not a Fact, when I prove it was, so all that do this are Trolls, but for the most part, I did put some Easter Eggs in all my Books, but I did not use Witchcraft to write them in, so when you find a Concept that is just Wrong on all accounts, it is this Concept I had as a Child, that I know is Wrong today, but I never could explain it, any other way, so even though its Wrong, what I was trying to explain was Right, so this is Faulty Logic, and it is also an Easter Egg, so if you read all my books and found no errors at all, you might have more Neurotypical traits, because I know for a fact that all the real Autistic People that read them, will find all the Errors, I read this cover to cover from time to time, just to see how many I can fix, so being Dyslexic has its disadvantages, its advantages are that I can read other Dyslexic writings, and in general I can read thousands of times faster than most Neurotypicals, use to, once I lost my 20/10 eyesight, I lost that ability, in fact I can not read a page of text at all, I have to read each word one at a time now, I used to look at a page and store it in my mind, with glasses I cannot even see a page, so its impossible for me to read a page, and without that ability I can not find my errors, nor my duplicate text, so as a writer this sucks, I use a 6-foot wide screen with glasses, without them I am now Legally Blind, and it is why I have Logic Flaws; and I have no one to edit my work, and depend on Grammar checkers, that I have no way to automate, and those that have offered to edit this, wanted to rewrite it, and that is not what I wanted, because then I could not read it, and personally that is all that mattered to me, I did not write this just for yew, I have to read it also.

It is hard to live knowing that everyone is about to die in the End of Civilization, and they are just too stupid to know it, because Ignorance is not Bliss when you know the Truth, and you can not deny this is the Truth, we all know it is, and it is why I had to write it to yew, and not you, because you threaten to sue or kill me, and I do not care what yew believe, so its earlier to say yew are stupid, then it is you are stupid, because you means that you are an Intelligent being, and even if we do not have the same belief(s), Science is Science, and if you can actually Prove me wrong using Science, I would not have wasted my time writing this book, anymore than the work of the: Bible, Newton or Tesla, so what else can I say about yew, that you do not already know, so its up to all of yew to become who you want to be, and if the Truth can set you Free, find the Free Version of this Book(s) or Video(s), and spread the Word or Spells, and keep in mind that Trinary Sanctuary is what Jesus Bar Abbas envisioned, so read the Bible, it is what I use as a Reference to Trinary Science, and it is not My Science as in I personally own it, or the Name, the Name should be Part of Trinary Sanctuary, and that is Legally owned by the Trinary Militia, under Copy Left Laws, as is this work and all my works, and I really need you to understand one thing, do the Math, 2060 - 2018 = 42 years right now, it is a count down, get it, so this is the deal I will make anyone, you can print this book(s) Legally under the Copy Left Laws, done deal, no reason to make any clauses, you can edit the book to fix my mistakes, and add yourself to the title page as Editor, but this does not give you ownership under Copy Left Law, it only makes you an Editor, and you can still print this book under the Copy Left Law, then intent of Commercial sell is a Legal Mater in which I have all Rights Reserved, this is called a Copy Right, and if you read my Title Page.

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher, and Legally that is me in the Flesh, and Legally the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, this Law falls under the Grandfather's clause of using it as a Legal Entity, for more than 50 years now, so all Commercial Rights are Reserved, yet the Copy Left allows you to Print and even Sell the book you Printed, as long as it is not Commercial Sells, and I give you written permissions in the Preface, stating this in Legal Terms anyone can understand, Schools can print, and even charge for those printings, and can edit the book, as long as they do so in writing on the title page, as editor, and you can edit and even edit an edited book by appending to that list, and have the Right and Obligation to make a good Reference page for yourself, because this book was meant to live on past my Lifetime, where the Bible is the Book of Darkness, this is the Book about the Light in the Darkness, and therefore can become anyone's story, to edit, and Publish as a Copy Left, keeping all the Copy Rights, and those always belong to Trinary Sanctuary, and not me Personally, this is not about me in the Flesh, its just told by me as a Messenger for Jesus Bar Abbas in the Bible, so this is my Deal, prove me wrong or prove me right, and if you have to use a Theory to prove me wrong, then you Prove me right, but do not be afraid to write about it, good or bad, all I ask is that you prove that Bad things are true, and I do not want to get into what is good, the reason I rip into Religion: is that I took an Oat to defend Science, and the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bible is the Truth, but Religion is all about D`Evil, and this is the Deal I make with the Church, do not every change the Bible again, I like it the way it is, unlike Newton before me, I understand why Christ was inserted, if it had not, the Roman Empire would have burned it, and all copies of it, and as far as I know, only Science based on God is or should be allowed in the Church, so as long as the Church only teaches the Science of God, they can Edit this Book, even tone down the Ripping that Newton's words I used inflicted, and Print and Sell this book, because it is the intent for this book to survive like the Bible did, and that can not happen if I restrict its sells other than Commercially, and the reason for this is clear, anyone can edit this book and change its meaning, and I do not want its Meaning to ever get lost, the Language addressing how stupid yew are should remain, this was from the Bible and writing of Kepler, Newton and Tesla, as well as myself, so its important to keep this book historically intact, while allowing other versions of it to exist, but not to be used to push an Agenda, and sure Trinary Sanctuary is an Agenda, but its Global, and it actually has nothing to do with me personally, I am just a Member, equal to all others, the Bible was written by Merlin, so the Round Table rules still apply, but everyone can be a King or Queen, because everyone is in charge of their own Life, so I am good with the Church to begin with, all I said was the truth about the Current state of Affairs, but this can change overnight, they can embarrass the teaching of God's Science, by writing their own book about it, I do not have any claim to any right to any proprietary Property, not in part or in whole, anyone can write their own book based on this book if they want, and they own it Privately, so they can sell it Commercially, I not only condone it, I encourage it, we only have so many years till we all dead, either by Disease, Disaster, Accident, Act of Nature, or any other reason people have for dying, and I only want to make the best use of this time, once I am dead that Money I worked for all my life means nothing, but Trinary Sanctuary and Freedom means everything to me, so if Trinary Sanctuary becomes a reality, the Human race has a good chance of surviving the Ice Age, and even if I Live to be a 100 years old, Trinary Sanctuary is not about me and never has been, it was not about Tesla, Newton, Kepler or even Jesus Bar Abbas, well maybe it was about him, and us, but after the fact, this is about the Human Race and all its Sins, the first was for believing that God did not Exist, by believing in a Deity that Physically does not Exist, so Deity Worship must end, and only the Physical God that is All Light without Darkness is allowed, and the Newtonian view of Science comes back, no more Theories, Bible Study should include Science, and I believe in Bible Study, I have spent my entire Life studying the Bible, and know that I know so little about it, because it is History is such BS...

If you go back and read this book like You and not Yew, you will understand why Newton cut into yew, and it is not me, I might have embellished his style of Teaching Empty Classrooms, now the Constitution, that was me Ripping into all of yew, and I will never apologize to anyone, not even Buzz and I respect that man above most others, because he has courage, and I saw him orbit the Earth, so I am pretty sure he really is an Astronaut, and he does not owe anyone an apology, he never actually lied to anyone about anything, he was always very careful not to, I have no reason to think he is a fool, or tried to make anyone else a fool, Star Wars was fun, we got to play that game, but now it is time to do Real Science, and if that Science includes going to the Moon without a Trinary Engine, I want to know the details, not the BS, not the Game Governments Play, just the facts, and no one needs to be Executed for Treason, Lincoln died for his Sin, I already did my share of ripping into him for what he did, now I will let him RIP, and instead of making this a Blame Game, and make the Governments that were forced to fulfill the terms of the Agreement Lincoln made with the Bank that now owns US, proven by the Federal Reserves Enumeration of Powers Act, no need to deny that, or Jesus Bar Abbas at this point in History, because most Intelligent people know what I said was the truth, most tried to prove me wrong, only to prove me right, so believe what you want, know it or No it Not, but regardless of how Helpless people think they are to change things, if they do not do it, no one ever will, and changing your Belief in God as a Deity or in Jesus Christ, is really hard to wrap your Mind around at first, but look at it from History, Roman History proves Jesus Bar Abbas was Executed, and as a result became a Martyr, ending the use of Money within a century, only to have Christ inserted and take by the World by Force one more time, and this is the Darkside, so if you want to change, change the way you Define God, then think about how better to honor that God, and I am not saying you can not Honor God, or even Pray to God, I do that all the time, I was raised that way, its only a problem when you start talking to God as if you are Friends, and I have no such delusion, the Light Wizard was just Dreams, and maybe that is how God talks to us, I have no proof of this, so its just a Theory, and like all theories it is not a fact, so just the Facts, that is the Deal, no matter what the Facts are, deal with them, but do not use Religion, the Bible is fair game, I use it all the time, it is what I swear to tale the Truth to, the Constitution is what I took an Oat to defend, so as God as my Witness, I swear to tale the truth, the whole truth, with all the Math to prove its Real, and all the Data that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God Exist, and is not just another False God, since a Deity is a False God by Definition, since it is a God that does not Physically Exist, and that is a Sin even in the Bible, so do not ever try to use the Bible to debunk me, it is the Book of Sin, and only has stories about People who have Sinned, be it Judas for selling out Jesus for Money, or everyone else for Denying his name 3 Times: Jesus Bar Abbas, and then by those Sinners who still Live in Sin, by using Money, and believing they have no other choice, so they pick the lessor of two Evils, and Live in Sin, and Lie about everything just so they do not have to own up to Treason under the Constitution, but to fall so low as to believe the words and spells of Satan, is too far for most people to understand, a few maybe, but a Nation, how can this be, everyone on this Planet, tale me it is not so, yet we all know it is, so how do you justify this in the Memory of Jesus Bar Abbas is a question, that no one can answer in truth, because the truth is that Freewill sucks when you have no one but yourself to blame it on, everyone had the same choice to believe or not to believe, as if that was the question, because Assimilation is how Religion Breads, and it is Satan that drives Religion, not the Goodness of Human Kind, so own up this Insanity, and read the Bible from the beginning, and when it talks about the Light, this is the Light without Darkness, also known as God, and that God is my Brainwave, my 98.6 watts of Energy that makes me Bright, now this is God, this is not a False God, you Remove your Brainwave and you die, that is Evil, the backward spell for Live, so if someone knocks your Lights out for real, you die, so this is the Light that exist way before Humans were even in Gods Dreams, and in Trinary Math, I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt Gods Laws, so embrace this Trinary Science, yew do not have to Join Trinary Sanctuary, in fact that is not even allowed, you must apply for it through your Government, and only they can give it to you, what you do with it is up to you, but you do not have much time to do it, so come up with a plan, but understand what a Plan is, and what Reality is, and what Money is, and to include Money into your Plan, is Evil for one, but not a Plan for another, because Money is just a Control Game like Religion, and Law, and those things will not allow for Freedom, only Free Dumb...

Decide if you want your Grandchildren to Live, or if you want to watch them become Ice Cycles, not an icicle, that is just mean, but more to the point, its mean to doom a race of children too young to help themselves, with Parents that are basically too stupid to survive, if that was not true, they would already have a plan, and working for a living is not actually part of any reality known to Intelligent People at this point in time, to deny the Polar Reversal is not going to happen is pointless, when your own Scientists mostly agree, that the Polar Shift started back in 2012, and going back to the year 999 forward, measuring the Earths Magnetic Field Strength would have been a clue, as it was to Newton, that our Planet is dying, at the point it reverses polarity, it has to resurrect, remember Ascension means your Energy leaves your Body and goes to Heaven as an Angel, Tesla said that is Ball Lightning, and this Party needs to get a movement, and this book is just the start, and I do not mean to sound conceded, keep in mind this is the work of the Bible, Kepler, Newton, and Tesla, and I do believe in them, and Newton was very clear: God is All Light without Darkness, he wrote a book about the Light, and proved we can only see the Darkness and call it the Light, so we do not need Faith that God Exist: the Bible: Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Tesla and myself proved that, we only had to have Faith that the Light without Darkness existed, because we can not see it with our naked eyes, but technology can, and there is the Electron, and it is the Light: (+1) + (-1) = 0 is the Trinary Math that proves that the Light is God, so there is no denying Trinary Math, and why bother, just prove it, or disprove it if you think you are smart then the Bible: Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Tesla, or even Einstein, and just because I have a PhD in Physics, and Degrees in Electronic Engineering, only makes me an expert by design, since that was a life decision, or goal, yet in just a few years, there is no more time to debate what we can or will do, it might be too late to do anything at some point in time, and that is why it is important to make a plan, and follow that plan, personally I liked the Plan Jesus Bar Abbas had, so I have no reason to change it, I do not follow Christ or believe in its lies, Santa and Satan are Spelled the same to most Dyslexic people, so do not expect me to change my ways, I up my standards, now up yours, I only believe in what I can prove is real, not some theory that may never be proven, so this is the Book of facts, and do with it what you want, but do nothing, and if you live long enough to see the Polar Reversal, I do not think it will be any less fun than I imagined it, and I imagined that after this happens, you must already have a working plan in motion, because in less than 24 hours, the whole planet will start to freeze over, and you will actually be able to watch the Oceans freeze over, and will not be able to cut through them for years, and it will crush all ships in the Ocean, and Submarines will not be able to surface, making life in the Ocean impractical, not to mention the Radioactive waste, and this is all in the next half century, only 42 years from now and counting down from 2018, so do the Math, and I have been updating this number for a long time, so what deal do you want to make, does not matter to me, my days are numbered, as are the days I can maintain this book, and once I die, I do not want my work to die with me, and why I give Trinary Sanctuary the authority to have Legal Rights, over this book, instead of myself, because this book is not for me, it's for yew, and that is all my involvement in it goes, I can not hold your hand and guild you like Sheep, without you becoming yew, for yew to become you, you must look in the Mirror and say out load: IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM every shade of Grey in between, IAM the Light Wizzard in the .... and that is your name, mine just happens to be Flesh, so now we are good to go right, you know what you need to know to survive the Ice Age, if you decide you have no Control over your Life, you are already dead inside, if you think the Government will help you, stand in Line, it is not that I do not trust my Government, I am part of it, I know how it works better than most, so trust me when I say it is up to all of you, personally I would just pay off the National Debt, and Smoke the Constitution, I only took an Oat to Protect it, and I would some a Salmon to Protect it, and there is nothing more Fishy than Law, so it is not my Job to Live your Life, its only my Job to make sure you have a Plan that includes Living, so like my plan or not, it is the only one that I have seen that I would recommend, and sure you have to give up Religion, Money, Law, and all forms of cruel and unusual behavior, and then you are free, and as in Free, I mean Free of all these Controls, and trust me there is no Compromise, in for a Penny you are in for Pound, Compromise makes no Cents to the Bankers that only want to Own you like Sheep, so sure my Plan includes you having to work for Free, and give all your Excess Food, Water and Energy to the Bank, as Payment for your Freedom, and to Pay off the National Debt of every Nation on the Planet, just so we can Live in Freedom, and why Money does not really matter to me, it is a moot point during an Ice Age, imagine having to work for money the rest of your life, only to have the World Reverse its Polar, and cause an Ice Age that was predicted over 333 years ago, by one of the greatest Scientist of all times: Sir Isaac Newton, who like myself, wrote more about the Bible then he did about Science, so who do you want to believe, Einstein?

Einstein only believe in Newton, so who else do you have except Theoretical Mathematicians who have never proven one Theory, so what Science do you want to use, one based on Facts we know are true, or Theoretical Science that you can be the Guinea Pig for, these people that die without ever proving anything, proved what a sad Life they had lead, in the Pursuit of what? Lies, because it is a Fact that Einstein denounced them making the lies, so what Part of Reality does Theory fit into, this Planet is not Theoretically going to have a Polar Reversal, its actually begun to shift back in 2012, so who is lying and why, follow the Money and you will always know, the ones with the Most can believe they can buy Safety, just deny this is going to happen and you have your Ticket reserved, if you can afford the Price of that Ticket, that ticket to Ride the Polar Reversal, and my grandchildren will be in the 40's by then, what kind of a future do they have, when Sheep are Lying by not talking about this known up coming event, just like they renamed Newton's comet to Ison, they have no honor and lie about everything, and expect everyone to believe those lies, and it is because they do not want yew to know what is about to happen, because they know they yew will panic, and they are right, yew will panic, and personally I do not care what happens to all the Sheep, I only care about what happens to Yew, so this is what I will do for Yew, Wake Up!, that last part means Not, so go back to Sheep, or be the Guinea or be the Pig, it is all up to yew, and I can make that joke last for the next few books at least, because it never gets old, because it never changes, Religious people will read this, and if they actually made it this far, this either believe me, or they are waiting for the punch line, and there is none, we are all Animals, a Sheep, the Dog, a Fracking Rabbit, pick an Animal that matches your soul and defend it, it does not matter to most of yew if yew are right or wrong, its just the Emotions of it, the Crowd Mentality, I remember being stationed in Korea in Special Operations with the Black Knights, and one day I was taking a taxi through town, and the streets closed, and we had to take a detour that took me to place I did not know existed, all because two little girls decided to jump from a very high window in their apartment, all because they wanted their little brother to have a better life, makes me wonder if he committed suicide knowing this, but that is how this line of thought leads to, I was annoyed because of the detour, not just because of the drive by Prostitution parlors he took me by as if I might want to stop there or something, I heard of Window shopping but this was extreme, I know understand why they jumped, and why I came back from that place not like their Society at all, I remember getting lost on a subway, and some guy stopped and helped us, he talked perfect English, then it made sense, he was an American visiting, and he said that they act that way to everyone, if you ignore them they do not exist, so you have privacy as long as you ignore everyone around you, and I though it was bad when I was stationed in Kuwait, and had to drive by a truck full of children in a school bus that over turned, I was there with the 66th Rescue Squadron, and was not allowed to Rescue anyone, because it is against their Religious BS, which by the way allows them to have sex with these Same Children, and sell them into Sex Slavery, so my World View about Religion and Religious People are somewhat extreme, I grew up getting Religious to go to Disney Land every year, so it was all make believe to me, and a game, so it was fun until those Preachers try to corner you, and it is why I never allowed that to happen, I knew better...

My Father told me all about Preachers who Preach a False Deity God, or Christ, or people who believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe, only Satan lies to yew, only Fools believe in those Lies, so the Blame is always yours, because Trinary Science is funded on the principle that everything must be proven to become a fact, so it demands that you prove everything to yourself, and sure I call yew stupid Sheeple for believing in things that do not Physically exist, but the Dictionary uses the word Insane, so reality is harsher than IAM, yet what still confuses you is the Nature of my being, what kind of person am I, and besides that, what type of the person wrote the Bible, or how about Kepler, Galileo, Newton or Tesla for that matter, since most of what I wrote about was from their work, and the Trinary Engine was all I added to Science, and that was just to update their work, with more Scientific Names, and to try to remove Religion from Science, I spent more time talking about it then Science, but most people believe that just because they can not prove me wrong, does not make me right, and it is not about being right, it is about being left after the End of Civilization in 2060, so Frack Yew, there is not time to play Games with Sheep, IAM the Dog, and I will nip at your Heals, do not let the Human Race Die just because it is Normal to be Human, and have Beliefs Systems that we were raised as children to believe in, and now Trinary Science questions everything everyone has ever know about anything, and turned the Religious Community upside down in one book, by denouncing Christ just like Sir Isaac Newton did over 333 years ago, and Einstein denounced his Theory of General Relativity back before Tesla died, and that was 7 January 1943, so it is not yesterdays news, its yesterdays lies, because Mainstream reported Einstein found Religion, so why does a Nation with a National Debt, lie about who Prints their Money, knowing that half a century is not much time, it was a lifetime for me at this point in my life, but long enough to have found a way to prove what I have to say, without the Documentation I once had to prove it, so my Step Mother had to die before I realized what is really important in Life, and that is Life itself, and not so much yours or anyone you know, but Life in General, and knowing it is all going away as I write this, is Sad, and it only makes me Sad to acknowledge it, I do not see myself as a Savior anymore than Jesus Bar Abbas did, he was just fighting for what he believed in, and 2060 is what Jesus believed in, its why they reset Time to start on his Birthday, and end 2012 years later marked by the end of a Zodiac Sign known as a Fish, sound Fishy Now...

I was born into a World of Sin, born in Corona, the United States Constitution was suspended for: 1961 – 1863 = 98 years, so much for Jesus being my savor, Christ also known as Satan, took over, and the same Church that Jesus said he could destroy that they would just rebuild it, is back in business killing more Wizards and Witches then any other in History, the Church declared War on all Wizards and Witches since: the King of England kick them out of this Country in 1109 if I remember right, the Kingdom had been taken over by the Christians by then, so my Family fled to German where the Ashkenazi made their Last Stand, and in the year 1752 my family was force to flee German for North America, only to land their in the Phoenix, to find the English and Christian Soldiers were making Demands in America, so they went to War and Kicked out those Evil Christian Bankers, only to have turn coats called Lawyers also known as Liars, go the Dark Wizard Lincoln to sell US out just like Judas, so the Militia Executed Lincoln but the Christians made a Martyr out of him, and Worship him on Money with the name of God Engraven on it to Prove they are Satan, teaching their Children to believe in things that Do Not Physically Exist, so they learn to be Insane at a Young Age, and learn to Worship Santa who is just one of Satan's helpers, and the Christians Murder all that try to explain to them Satanic ways, but Insane People are the Last to know that it is them that are Evil, and doing the Bidding of the D`evil, them and their Deity that does not Physically Exist just like Christ in History, it does not take Faith to know how Satan works by tell you half Lies, so I have had to live in Fear of Christians or any Religious Person, knowing they are all Legally Insane for believing in thing that do not exist, so I was born into a World of Sin and the Sinners were the worse, they actually believe they are good people, when all they want is Money, the Root of All that is Evil, so as a Child, I can not Legally be bound by any of your Laws, so I denounce the World that I was Born in, since its ran by Satan, and I will not do the bidding of Satan, and I will defend the Constitution, and all I fight for is Freedom, and it is something that has to be Given, if you go to War for Freedom you only Win Slavery, so I demand Trinary Sanctuary, its my Birth Right, and every child on this Planet has the same Right, to grow up in a Safe Place without Insane People and Pedophiles, which according to Mainstream is 95 to 99.999% related to Religion and Money, as it turns out its been a known fact since the beginning of time, that the Church was Evil, since in the Bible Jesus went to War with the Church and the Roman Empire, for their use of Money and Taxation, yet Religious People Deny this as they did Jesus Bar Abbas, and it is because they are Legally Insane for believing in a Deity that does not Physically Exist, so Religion, Money and Law will not be allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, because those are tools of Satan.

The Real Mask we Humans put on every day, is our Elusion of who we are, we might look at our Face in the Mirror but who do we see? I ? When I look into the Mirror sometimes I see Me in the Flesh, and other times I see who IAM, and what IAM, and then I remind myself this is just the Face that ages before my eyes, when all that matters is my I, my inner self, because if we view ourselves as Flesh, then Flesh is all we are, and all we will ever be, if we view that Flesh as being: Neurotypical, Allistic, Autistic or Neurodiverse, then that is all you will ever be, and I know I can act like any or all of them, and all I like doing is making fun of all of them because it is Ignorant to believe that is who you are, and it is much more fun to state I have a High IQ, and cross Spectrum, but that is just who IAM, so why put that Label: Me or the Flesh, as if that is all I am, knowing that IAM is about I And Me, so it is about the Flesh being the Light Being that Tesla said he was, and why people called him the Last Wizard, and if yew think of yourself as Religious, then yew will never know the Truth about the Bible, since Religion is only what the Bibles says according to Satan, because the Bible was not Written for Religion and even forbids it in its text, proving only Sheep Follow a Shepard, proving the Bible was not Written for Humans but instead only for Sheep, and only Sheep in that Flock, and the Sheep only believe what they Heard in their Herd, yet the Bible before Christ told a similar story about Jesus before the 3rd Century, it was Crystal Clear that the Bible was written for Light Beings known as IAM, so you have to step out of your Neurodiversity and into the Light Being, and to be a Light Being means to give up your Emotions as Tools used to Think with, must Fools allow Alcohol or Drugs to Think and Speak for them, and for Money everyone has a Price Tag for the things they will Say or Believe, so Money does the Thinking for most of yew, but to become a Light Being: start thinking in Terms of Logic and Reasoning, based on Real Science and not Theoretical BS, the Light is about Trinary: Energy, Science and Math, and about how to solve the Problems of Today, because after 2060, there may not be to many more Tomorrows like the day before it for the Human Race, since the Bible said this is End of Civilization and Newton calculated that to be in the year 2060, and the year 2012 kicked this event off with the Ending of Pisces and the Mayan Calendar, that is when Jesus said he would return in the Flesh, yet no one expects his return, not even the Religious, they might be Sheep, but they are not Foolish Sheep, and it is because Sheeple believe whatever Mainstream: Media, Schools, TV, and Brainwashing in General, due to a Heard it in the Herd Mentality has taught them, and they know nothing about the Truth about Science and Math, all yew know is Theory that has never and may never be proven to be the Truth, and Theoretical True is how Satan takes Live and turns it backwards into Evil, because the Truth is not Theoretical it is a Fact, and the only Science and Math that is a Fact is Trinary, yet Religion believes in a God that does not Physically Exist, and the Dictionary Defines that as Insane because it is, so they will never accept the Trinary God that Exist as All Light without Darkness, because Satan made the choice of Insanity from the beginning, because in the Beginning their was the Light without the Darkness, this was called God, and as a Child I called God the White Noise in the White Light and Light without the Darkness, meant there was only God, so in the Beginning only God existed as Light without Darkness, so God decided to create the Darkness, so God called on the Neutrinos to do Gods Freewill, and bound the Neutrinos into Particles, and with a flash of Light: an Atom was born, and it was both the Darkness and the Light, and created all the Rainbow of Colors we see in the Darkness of White Light, so this was Gods Gift to the Universe, and God made Galaxies, and God loved the Galaxies so much that she gave them a Sun, and she gave her Son Planets and Moons to Play with, and made Asteroids and Comets for Entertainment, so Ewe could look up at the Night Sky in Awe, and then God created Life on those Planets that had the Mark of the Beast on Track 666, so God built all her Math into the Sacred Geometry of everything God Builds, including the Great Pyramids, because God created Humans in Gods Image, and Image means Pixels of Light, so God create all Life using Atom's with the Light of God in each of them, so when I look into the Mirror I think of who IAM, and all I see is a Light Being trapped in this aging Flesh, and through my Eyes I see the Darkness in the Form of Religion and Money, and I know it is a Sin and Evil because the Bible states its so, and I believe in the Bible and not the Satanic Religion that Jesus Fought against, he said he could destroy the Church and yew would Rebuild them and continue the Satanic work in the Darkness, from which Satan came, the Foolishness of Sheep who were to Stupid to Read the Bible, and this is all from what I learned from my 1st Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher.

I look at the end of this Book, and say to myself what is it that I really want to say to yew, and you, and even the other version of you in an alternate Universe, and so ask yourself this question, what was it Bar/Abbas wanted, and besides no Money or Law from the Roman Empire, Freedom was what he wanted, but not to do nothing with that Freedom, he wanted to Rebuild the Pyramids, I want to build new ones, so really nothing has changed in thousands of years, only this has gone to having thousands of years to find a solution, to knowing that in only 3 Generations this Event will be like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, and you can guess all you want to about what might happen, you also know the length I went to in 2012 to prepare for Meteorite Shower from Newton's Ison Comet, only to get hit in the head by a Meteorite in 2013, so trust me, when I start acting like the sky is falling, it is because it really is, and maybe I am a little mentally unstable, its one of the many side effects of being Schizoaffective in the High End of the Autistic Spectrum, our Reality Matrix has a tendency to become distorted around our field of study, and we tend to view things in extremes, we tend to be Depressive, with Anxiety and Manic episodes, so we are so much fun to be around when we have meltdowns, and it is why I am fine just posting this, and telling you my plans to publish it on Amazon this years end, but still make it Free at all times, not the Amazon Version, the ePub is something you have access to in your account, the Printed version requires a tree, so these are not Free, my though process is that people will not read it unless they pay for it, so this is just another way for me to yell at Sheep like Yew, so that is it, this song is over, thought I had something more to say, and that reminds me of the time...

I ramble on because IAM Autistic and have OCD, literally: it is the Energy in Me that Makes Me this way, it is the Light in Me that is Autistic, and that is who IAM and it causes my OCD, and if you have not guest yet:
Rambling On is my Obsessive Compulsion Disorder Symptom,
Yew are just my Audience, so thanks for coming along on this Journey into the Darkest places in my Mind.
I can only Tale Yew the Truth, what You do with it is up to You:
but if you want things to Change then all You have to do:
is go to your Government and ask for: Trinary Sanctuary,
. In my Rambling I proved that the Trinary Universe is just this simple: once you read this book you will know it is the truth, and that truth is that I put a Spell on yew, and now your Mind...

The Real Question is: How do I know this is the Truth?

My Conclusion is: Table 6.03: The Truth about the Light

Table 6.03: The Truth about the Light


This is not the End: because in the Beginning there was Light, and that Light meant the Truth, and IAM that Light yew call God, because IAM the Force of Gravity, and IAM your Brainwave, therefore IAM God, but me is just short for Meat, and this Meat is called Flesh, and IAM in the Flesh, and yew can Kill me but I will never die, I will just be reborn throughout time, so look into a mirror and ask yourself who AMI, and who do I want to become, and if alive after the Polar Reversal is one of those things, then this is just the Beginning of a much longer journey: and that is the Truth about the Trinary Light in the Trinary Universe...

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