The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.13
The Last Wizard

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.13
The Last Wizard

Hope is a Spell that I used to describe things that should happen because they will ensure that there is Light in the end, so I hope I will not be the Last Wizard, so I say things over and over in different ways so that I can prove that this World is about to end, at least the End of Civilization as yew know it, because Newton is right about the Pole Reversal that is coming, 2060 seems like it is about the Time Oil will be depleted at the Rate its being taken and allowed to bleed out, so I used a lot of Words and Spells, and in the end I would have said to little and not enough, because some of yew think they understand the Universe, when all of Yew are Slaves to the Powers that be, and think yew are Free, just because yew have Freewill, so yew think yew have Freedom, when all yew have is Free Dumb, so people that are not Wizards, who are also known as Shepard's, so those that follow the Shepard are Sheep, and those Sheep only believe what they Heard in their Herd, and tend to only believe what Mainstream feeds them, and have no original thoughts of their own, so much for Freewill, because the Sheeple will never even try to figure out what the Truth is, so they have no need for Facts, and Wizards only Deal in Facts, so I hope that all the Wizards that came before me will be honored for their accomplishments, instead of the current disrespect that Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla have received by the General Public to this day, 100% of the World uses their: Science, Math and Energy, yet over 96% of yew do not believe in the same Universe that the Wizards do, and yew do not believe in the same God as Wizards do, so yew do not believe in Wizards at all, so the Word Wizard to Sheeple: is a Joke, they treat all Wizards and Witches like Freaks and Fairy Tales, so we have a mutual dislike for each other, and I will always tale you that yew all have Shit for Brains, because yew never listen to the Wizards: only Wizards spook out against People who allowed the Teaching of Christ knowing that it is a lie, and Trinity was turned into a lie, so the Joke is on Yew, so it is no wonder yew burn Wizards and Witches at the Stack, yew are insane for believing in things that are not real, that is what Newton said, so Sheeple lie about Wizards and Witches and some of them Pretend to be like us just to offend us, so its clear that Wizards and Sheeple can never live together in Harmony, because Sheeple will always Bully Wizards, that is what calling us names is all about, only Bullies call people names, so Stupid People tell me that I call Sheeple names, which means they are too Stupid to understand that Sheeple is just a term for Sheep with Yew Shit for Brains, and that is because I assigned this Special Group of People who are all Guilty of Treason, and the Destruction of this Planet, because of their dependency on Money, the Banks are just your Dealer, Credit Cards are Drugs, and Money addicts will do anything for Money, they are much worse than Drug Addicts, and I know all about that kind of Sheeple, so Wizards like myself, do not want to Live in a World like this, we do not want to even be in the presents of Sheeple, because they offend us so much, so this Document is a Declaration of Independence for all the Wizards and Witches in the World, we do not want to become best friends and learn to live in Harmony with Yew, and watch all of yew destroy the Planet for everyone, just because Yew do not believe in Reality, well here is Reality, yew are not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, only People, Wizards and Witches of the Trinary Universe are allowed to be the Trinary Militia, that Protects Trinary Sanctuary, just so there is Hope, just not for Yew.

Sheeple are people who think they know what is going on but really have no clue, Wizards stand out in time, its easy to point them out after they are gone, but Sheeple do Stupid things, and are only known for the Stupid things they have done, which is why the Darwin Awards are so important for them to Win, its given out each year to People that Die of Stupidity, so the Legacy of Sheeple is to do Shitty things to as many people as yew can, whereas the Legacy of a Wizard is to bring: Science, Math, Music, Arts and other Intelligence to People who will enjoy them and will acknowledge the Light, no matter what they want to call it, as long its Real and not a Deity or Spirit or the belief in Christ, no more Holly Wars, my Legacy is to bring Trinary Sanctuary and the Trinary Science of the Trinary Universe, to convert Sheeple into People, and it was only possible because of all the Wizard throughout time, and by myself I never could have come up with the Principles of the Trinary Universe, because I know how important this discovery is, and I think I might be the only person on the Planet who actually feels that way about it, so like: Newton, Franklin and Tesla, the World will not even acknowledge this until after I am gone, so I do not write this to be famous, or to be the Last Wizard, I wrote it: so I would not be the Last Wizard, in case I run out of time and do not finish the Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe, because it is not written for Sheeple, its written for Wizards like me, and once IAM gone, so will all the Sheeple, but I call that Suicide, because Sheeple are Killing the Planet, we are floating on underground oil reserves, fill them with Water and when they get hot it will evaporate and the Land above it will sink, and you would have to have Shit for brains to not understand that fact, oil is the Blood of this Planet, and Wizards always tale yew this, and yew are allowed to destroy this Planet and that is a Crime against the Light of God, and God will not take mercy on yew, God will allow this Planet to be ripped apart by a Nova: from Bleeding the Planet Dry just because of Greedy Money Addicts I call Sheeple, and why I can not Live with Yew, and Yew can not Live without I.

The true nature of a Wizard is revealed in a way that the term Wizard will come to be known as, so a Wizard is a person that is at the Top of their Field of Study, because Newton's Math and Mozart's Music both described the Light of God without Religion, and it is why the Church's will never like Wizards or Witches, and it is clear that some people who have Autism think in terms of Images, so they are Witches, because Witchcraft is the Art of Imagination, which is Magic, and the Spell Magician means Wizard, so these people are Wizards also, and my hope is that People will remember this, and as for me, they can remember that I will fight for Freedom, and not Free Dumb, so I will call People who do not believe in the Light of God: Sheeple, and I will never forgive Sheeple, Freewill does not give yew the Right to be insane, so yew will never find absolution in the Darkness, I only forgive those that turn away from the Darkside, that is what the Term Forgive means, it does not mean yew can continue to Sin, it means yew must understand what a Sin is, and Money is a Sin, it is a Tool for Sinning, it is the Darkness inside of all of Yew, because the Tree called Marijuana or its cousin Hemp is what Money is made of, and the Tree called Yew, specifically Taxus always follows the Money trail, so do not confuse the Dark God of the Dark Wizard Moses with the God of Light, because the Light of God wants everyone to Live in harmony without Money or Laws, but those that Follow Moses into the Darkness will never see that, and they will defend: Money, Religion, and Law and burn every Witch and Wizard alive at the steak, that does not believe that witch was written in the Bible of Sin, so History and His-Story is something that yew can not Deny and get away with, as long as I am not the Last Wizard, because when I die, this dies with me and this Planet will parish the Spell for perish by 2060, when we will Feel the effects of Earth Changing Polarity, if Newton's Math is Right, if it is not, it just because of the Frequency or Wavelength changing, not sure if Newton calculated our Speed around the Galaxy as a Constant, because I think its variable, which means its varying to increase its speed as we are diving into the Galactic Plane, and as we head away from it, that speed slows down, and brings us back to it again, but either way, the Calculation is not off by much, and in fact it could come sooner, I have no way of knowing it until after it happens, since it will be the first time its happened in a long time, so the true nature of a Wizard is revealed in a way that few understand, until years after they are dead, when the things they said come to pass; so His-Story becomes History, and the Last Wizard fades away, a New Wizard must take their place, so that the Light of God never Dies in the Hearts of People.

If you want to talk to me I need a note from your Doctor first, because from a very young age before 3, I saw the Light, I knew what it was, because it was just me, I never listened to Sheeple because I know for a fact they Lie about everything, because without the Light they are just Evil, and Wizards Spells prove that, so I will prove it to you... I want everyone to go to a Doctor and get a note from them stating that you will die if they remove the Light of God from you, Wizards look at Life differently so this is the Logic you will use, ask the Doctor how much it would cost to see your Brainwave, if you can afford it, then take a look, otherwise it does not matter, you do not have to see your Brainwave to know it exists, and you would have to have Shit for Brains to not understand that those Brainwaves are Electrical Signals, and Nikola Tesla proved that Electricity is just Light at different frequencies and power levels, so that Logic is simple and can be proven to be the Truth, so the Light is Electricity, so now ask the Doctor if he can remove that Electricity or Light from you without killing you, and he will have to admit that removing this Energy from you will kill you, so it is all about the Name God, is this Trinary Energy the Light of God?

Regardless of what Emotions Sheeple attach to the Word or Spelling of God, the Bible or Jesus only stated that God is All Light without Darkness, so are we the Darkness or are we the Light?

Sheeple believe we are the Light, Wizards know we are the Darkness, but Sir Isaac Newton proved that what we call the Light is only the Darkness: that makes up the Rainbow of Colors that White Light of the Sun contains, and that we can not actually see the Light without Darkness, so we are that Darkness, and that Darkness is the Light so there can be no Darkness without the Light, so Nikola Tesla proved that we are the Light of God, but Benjamin Franklin already knew that because Newton already proved the Light of God is the Force of Gravity, and Newton knew that because the Bible stated that it was the Truth, God controls the Universe at the Subatomic level, so it is all a matter of what you call the Truth, so ask the Doctor if he can remove this Light of God that these Wizards wrote about, and there is your Proof, if that Doctor is a Sheeple, you will not get your note, if that Doctor gives you the note, you know that Doctor knows that the Light of God is what keeps you a Live, so the Word Live is a Spell, to remove it we use the Backward Spell of Evil, because Evil People will remove the Light of God from you for Money, but if the Doctor is not Evil, they will just give you a Note that states that Removing the Light of God from you will Kill you, so they can not remove the Light of God from you for that reason, so the Logic and the Reasoning is the Truth, so the Light is the Truth, and we are Light Beings in the Flesh.

The Truth, Spelled with a Capital T, because everyone has their own versions of the truth, and justify it by calling it The truth, so the Word has many meanings, and only one of them is the actual Truth, so I need to be clear about what the Truth even means, if it is based on Facts that can be proven in Science: then it is the truth, but Not Mainstream Science, because that is all a Lie called Theory: so let me be Crystal Clear: the Trinary True is that I can only see things my way, which happens to be the ways of the other Wizards and Witches, so it always comes back to that, and why most people do not like Wizards or Witches, except at Halloween time, but History is written that way, History calls Newton and Tesla Wizards, not me: Jeffrey, so I did not make this up, History was written that way, and you know they killed real people, so these people really existed in History, how People view their own beliefs or that of others is true for many people, they believe what they believe regardless of the Facts, because the Facts are always true for everyone, and everyone can see White Noise, everyone can learn to view it as Trinary Science, because it has 3 State Changes, as do the Atom's, so these State Changes can be observer and have been recorded for the last half of a Century, and those conclusions where that this White Noise had intelligence, and this is a fact, so I am not introducing any new Science, in fact: this is very old Science dating back before the Bible was even written, because you can see this White Noise with your naked eye, so you know its real, research it and you can prove it exist, so why is it so hard to understand that this White Noise I call Trinary Energy, and Newton called God, and the Bible defined God as All Light without Darkness, which means we are all talking about the same thing, and that is all I said, so we are all in agreement, its just the names we call things that confuses most people, and Wizards and Witches and even Witchcraft is just one of many of them, God is another, if I told you: Jesus was a Light Wizard, and Moses was a Dark Wizard, I think it would be understandable by this point in this Book, there is Empirical Proof to prove this claim, so just because I decided to rename phenomena using the concept of Trinary, which we all agree that is what we see, but at the same time, it defines it in terms of Science and not Religion, so that people can start to understand the difference. I might be Schizoaffective, but I am not Schizophrenic, but you would have to be unless you can explain Science based on Facts, and Mainstreams Einstein Theory is not a Fact, or is it based on one, it can not be proven to be the truth, that is why they call it a Theory, Theory have never been proven to be the truth, and may never be proven to be the truth, and common sense would tell you it is not possible no matter how probable you think it is, Paradox's can not exist in Reality, Einstein said that, so Reality must be defined by what is Real and not what might be real in a Universe with Multiple Realities and Alternate or Parallel Universes to go along with each of them, because if Time Travel were possible the Moment would become the Past, because it would not matter what the Future is once you travel back in time, because that would mean there never was a Moment, when in Reality that is all there is, the Past and Future are Concepts, they do not actually physically exist, just like a Deity, that belief that do is called Insanity, you can not travel backward or forward in a Concept called time when only the Moment exist in Reality, and that is why Einstein did not believe in his own Theory because it creates a Paradox in time, but in Trinary Science you have no Paradox's, just what you see in reality, so why is it so hard for people to understand this simple concept is beyond me, its like Newton said: I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people., and for those that get it, just remember that at the time I wrote this: over 96% of the people on this Planet believed in Science that is totally different then the Newtonian or Trinary Science, although most people use Newton's Math... Well everyone actually, no one uses Einsteins math, even those crazy people who believe in Theories like: General Relativity, the Dynamic Universe, the Big Bang, and thinking that Suns burn Fuel like Hydrogen Gas, or are like an Atomic bomb, the list goes on, but maybe crazy is to strong of a word, maybe insane is more descriptive, not to call people Stupid or Crazy for believing in things that do not physically exist, but insane is how the dictionary describes that Word, and I want to use the right word and make sure I spell it Right, otherwise it is not the Truth, and like Newton I only write about the Truth.

Newton's Math proves the Light of God is the Force of Gravity, which actually makes it Trinary Math, and because it was Newtonian Math and the Works of Sir Isaac Newton, but this is not where I learned about Newton's work, his work was translated from Witchcraft into English by my First Cousin Five times removed: Isaac Newton Flesher, English is actually Witchcraft, its just the Meaning of Words and Spells that changes, so it was really my Cousin that I owe all the Credit to, but all he did was translate, so he took no credit for the Work, even though without it, Newton's Universe would have been gone forever, it is not even being taught in schools nowadays, and that is sad, and it makes me sad, its sad only... Because if God and Science is not Real, then what is Life? Not Real! So the Trinary Universe is about Real Science, and God is just Trinary Energy, it is the White Noise everyone can see right in front of them, so just open your eyes and actually study it, and imagine that it is also Studying you, move your hand through it, and note that no mater how you move, the Trinary Energy's State changes can be recorded and proven to change in a very predicable way, that way is called Intelligence: it knows it can cause Neutrinos to switch from Matter to Antimatter, so an Atomic or Nuclear Bomb is really a Matter / Antimatter Bomb, and if you want to be real clear about it, its Made of the Light of God, so if making Bombs out of God does not sound Crazy: nothing will, and it is how people justify their Belief System also known as: BS, or their belief in God, regardless of if they believe in God or not, it is the Same thing if that God is a Deity or Spirit, which means that God does not Physically Exist… So get Real, wake up to what is really going on at the Subatomic level, because that is where it all starts, we are not the Body in the Flesh, we are the Energy that Flows through it, we are Light Beings as Tesla said, so why is that hard for so many people to understand, this is not new Science, it is the oldest Science in recorded History, and it all started with what we can see, and how we describe the Light. Newton said that the Light without Darkness is what causes the Force of Gravity, all I did was prove it to myself, which is what everyone must do for themselves, and just because yew believed in a Deity or Spirit did not mean you believed in Newton's God, he was very clear about what Light is, as was Franklin and Tesla, and if it was not for my Second Cousin Four times Removed: Benjamin Franklin Flesher, I would have never known that the other Benjamin Franklin was talking about Newton's God being the Light in Lightning and that it was Electricity, because History and Religion do not teach that, although the Bible stated that Thor could Control Lightning and thus Thunder, and there are those that believed that Thor was the Son of God, but that is the difference between History and His-Story, the Bible was very clear about who Thor was, so do not pretend that Mainstreams God and Newton's God is the same, because they are not even close, most people think that Freewill allows them to move around the Universe without the need for Newton's God or Trinary Energy, but in reality they can not do anything without it. Everything everybody does must follow the Laws of the Newtonian or Trinary Universe, and having to defend Newton's Science over that of a Theory written by Einstein: knowing that he only believed in Newton, and only wrote the Theory to make Money, witch leads to TaxUS, and why Money is allowing Companies to plunder the Earths resources and Drill holes in, to use its Blood as Oil and to Fuel their Machines, knowing that will eventually cause the Earth to go Nova, just because they are too stupid to understand the Nature of the Trinary Universe, what kind of a Fool allows Atomic or Nuclear Energy, and use Atomic or Nuclear Bombs, and underground testing that is killing this planet, so an Ice Age will come, and most Humans and Life on this Planet will die, because Humans were not intelligent enough to prepare for this future: knowing humans have caused more damage to this Planet in the last century than they have in the last 6 thousand years, but there was once an Advanced Society on this Planet, so history repeats its self, and it is clear why this was allowed to happen on this Planet, People are Cowards, and they Lie about it out of ignorance, that is the only explanation, and no reason to sugar coat it, the Bible stated that there were Others outside of Paradise when Cain was exiled, there are many references to advanced aircraft, even the Mystery of how the Pyramids and other Artifacts around the World, were built, and without advanced machinery, there is no explanation, and there is no reason to believe that Aliens from another Solar System have ever been here to this Date, no proof means it did not happen, its Evidence that Proves something is Real, and UFO's might make a good movie, it is a fact that its made more bad ones, so much so that most people believe they are Real, and that is insane, but it is not my job to make these Sheeple understand Science knowing they will just burn me at the Stake for what I have to say: so Science stays in the Dark, but not as long as this Dog is doing his Duty, I will defend the U.S. Constitution while I am at it, so these Money Junkies do not like me much, but Jesus had that same problem, and look at how History and Religion wrote the Story about Jesus Bar Abbas for teaching this Science, that was thousands of years ago and nothing has change and nothing ever will until People stop being Sheeple, because really that is all I proved in this Book, I might as well have called it the Universe that Sheeple Deny 3 Times, there is nothing more I can say without babbling on about Words and Spells, so I have to conclude that only those that know Trinary Science is the Truth will know what the Light is, all others are in the Dark, because they do not understand that what they Call Light is the Darkness, and it is ironic they call it the Light and think they understand what Newton's God is all about, so I conclude that the Light Wizzards Trinary Science is the wave of the Future and nothing will change until the Dark Wizards Science fades away into the Darkness from witch it came.

The Last Wizard is about someone picking up the Light and carrying it into the Future, so if you want to be the Next Light Wizzard in the what ever name you want to call yourself, then yew become you, and you become IAM, so keep teaching the Light Wizzards ways, and to bring meaning to the Word or Spell of Enlightened, because there are many Fools that tried to say they are Enlightened, when they have no clue what it even meant, Nikola Tesla was the Last of the Enlightened, so this Wizards Reality is not the same as Mainstreams Reality, which is based on: Money, Religion and Laws that it uses to Control Slaves: that are too stupid to understand what Freedom even means, it is not about unending War, it is about the End of Money that Pays for those Wars, or more to the Point, a Place called Trinary Sanctuary, where Money will not be allowed to exist, nor will Religion or Laws, because only Reality is allowed, no made up BS, no Free Dumb, only Freedom from Stupid Sheeple who cannot Live without Evil, because being a Wizard means to Live and not to be Evil, and Money is the Root of all this Evil, and Sheeple believe its only the Love of Money that is Evil, because yew believe that Money is a Tool, and to Wizards: Money is a Tool for Evil, so Wizards teach how to understand what Evil Means, which is the Backward Spell for Live, so they are Opposites, so its Clear that Sheeple will Burn Wizards and Witches at the Cross, so being a Wizard or a Witch: is Dangerous if you are around Sheeple, so its best to build Trinary Sanctuary and do not allow Sheeple; so the Last Wizard is about Trinary Sanctuary, and being a Wizard is about being an Ambassador for Trinary Sanctuary.

The Last Wizard is knowing what you are, and who you are, anyone can be the Last Wizard, it is not a title that anyone else needs to grant you, some people might call you a Wizard at something, but to be the Last Wizard is much more than that, it is an Attitude: so become the Wizard or Witch, but know the Difference, Wizards do Alchemy, Witches write about, so Science and the Science of Writing about Science, is what Wizards and Witches are all about, Witchcraft is how its Written, and not a Language, and it is why Trinary Sanctuary will have its own Language, and all the Wizards will know how to Read and Write it, and never Learn or Teach how to Read into it, or Write into it, Wizards have Integrity and Honour, so they only write about what they can Prove, so always use Empirical Evidence to prove and disprove things before you make them a fact, and never allow anyone to debunk you without Empirical Evidence, what is what separates Sheeple from People, and Wizards are always Experts in their Field, and it is up to you if you want to be the Wizards Dog as I have chosen to do, it may seem a little backwards, but most Spells are to Wizards, so I hope there will never be the Last Wizard; but as long as someone is willing to be a Wizard, they will always be the Last Wizard, until someone else becomes a Wizard, so really the Last Wizard is only the Last one that anyone knows about, and that is still Nikola Tesla and Sir Isaac Newton, at least in History, but in His-Story, that can be you if you want to be the Last Wizard, because you cannot become a Wizard, without also becoming the Last Wizard, so we all get to be the Last Wizard at least once in our Lifetime if we want to be; but if you want History to recognize you as being the Last Wizard, you will have to wait for that book to be Written, or Write it yourself, that is what I did to become the Last Wizard, and it has everything you need to know to become a better Wizard then I was, but as you know: IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.

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