The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.12
The Next Step

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 12 January 2019


Chapter 6.12:
The Next Step

The Next Step is something we all must take if we are to move forward, but in Reality we as a race of humans who think we know what the next step is, because we believe we know what the Truth is, and Truth is not one persons viewpoint, that is called an Opinion, so do not put those in your Science, or Theories, only Facts belong in Science, because to do so would be taking a Step backwards, so back into the Darkness we go, when we allow Emotions to cloud our judgment, we need to remember the facts, because those are simple, the Light is Energy, and when we explain how it works, we must prove its actually working that way, so its Magic when our words explain what Energy is at the Subatomic level, and proves it works that way at the macro level, so Reality is based on what is called Empirical Evidence, so the White Noise I call Trinary Energy, is already a known Phenomenon, and all the evidence I have given is already a known fact in Science, the only thing that changed was how I explained it, and that confuses people, because no one understood Kepler, Galileo or Newton, they are not forgotten but betrayed by those that did not see the Light, and that is not Right, that is the Darkness in People to allow themselves to lie to themselves about what Reality really is, because Trinary Energy is real no matter how you explain it, but its only how these Wizards explain it, does it make any sense at all, and since you want to use the Math of Sir Isaac Newton, you will have to use the Light of God as the Force of Gravity, and if you want to use the Electricity of Nikola Tesla then you will have to admit we are Light Beings, so that is the Next Step, to Step into the Light of Newton, Tesla, Franklin and the other Wizards, because they all believed that the Light of God was Real, and how it was turned into Darkness so that Money, Religion and Laws could make it all Legal to use God: as Energy to Sell as if God is as forgiving about this Sin as Religion would like you to Believe, because Newton and Tesla Proved that God is the Light, so God is Electricity at a different Frequency and it is the same Energy in you or me, so to detonate an Atomic or Nuclear Bomb is to use God as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, and the Churches know this, and it is why they Worship a Deity or a Spirit, so they can deny who IAM, so the Banks only care about Money with In God we Trust engraven on it, with the Blood of the Planet its Murdering for Profit, and Tesla said that you cannot Sell God to the People, you must allow them to access God for Free, thus the term Free Energy meant to Free the Energy, or not Sell it or make a Slave of it, because that is what you are doing by generating Electricity, do you actually think Energy is Dead? That is an insane thought, and it is what Sheeple think, and why I say they are Stupid for thinking that, because it is insane, and to think that we can stop using Electricity is not a reality that I wish do discus, its selling it that is a Sin, so the Next Step is Trinary Sanctuary, it will work for Free to create Free Energy.

The Next Step is like the Bottom Line, every Story has one, and they do not actually have to be Physical, in other words, I did not mean to imply that we would build Steps, as in out of Building Materials, so it is what is taken Literally, and what is Metaphors, and in terms of Energy, we go from not thinking about how the Universe actually Works, to knowing how it really Works, because that would be the Last Line, maybe not the Bottom Line, but the Next Step implies there are others to come, so this is a bridge into tomorrow, but we will not be Time Traveling, although we will talk about History from the Past, we will not talk about the His-Story of the Future, it has yet to be Written, but there are always more words that you can read, ones that actually had meaning instead of Witchcraft, because Wish-Craft is the Art of Imagination, as is the Next Step, and it was the Last Bottom Line I spoke of, so Round and Round we go, Words are the Language we Travel On, Ignorance is the Road Blocks and Detours in Life, the Road you chose to follow is the Road you will go Bye, so what part of the Body of Flesh you follow will determine what the Road ahead looks like, if you listen to your Asshole, the Road ahead will look real Shitty, that is what you eat yesterday, so its yesterdays News, and it upset you, so your next step was to get upset, and that made your stomach upset, which is now making your Asshole throw up, so would you rather follow your Heart, because if that fails, then this Train Ride is over, and your Heart always tints your Glasses a Rosy Red, so you follow your Heart like a Dog follows its Nose, because know one no's who is the Backward Spell for God, except the Dog, the Dog always knows and those that do not, no it not, so it all comes down to what is on the Steps, and if the Dog has been Chasing Sheep around the Steps, you can expect to find Holy Shit, and that is why, the Next Step is like the Bottom Line.

Step by Step I tried to define things in terms of the Light and Dark in Shades of Grey, Sheeple think that IAM Crazy for saying the things I have said, even though I proved beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that it was true, it was just the Spells I used to pick my Words: does what a Wizard sounds like, is a tale that was created to confuse yew, and that is because yew are confused, and that is what happens when you learn to believe in things that are not the truth, Deities and Spirits are Concepts about believing in things that do not take physical form, but Jesus said God is all Light without Darkness and Newton proved there can be no Light without the Darkness, and Tesla proved that Electricity is Light at a Higher Frequency and Higher Power, so God is a Higher Power, and Tesla said we are Light Beings, so we must Step into the Light and Dark, and using Trinary Logic, we can explain how the Universe actually works, and know that no matter how you explain it, the Universe does not care, it just keeps taking Steps, one Step at a time, and Wizards use Steps to define things, so Step by Step I Step.

The Next Step is always up to you if you want to take it, you have been down the Roads that lead to no where you want to end up, so why go there. The Next Step is always about where do we go from here, so its does not matter where here is, it is not till you get there that here has any meaning anyway, so here or there, we are somewhere and have somewhere we would rather go, so if you want to find out what the Next Step is, just keep reading, the step before this got you this far, and only I know where this will lead Me, which is to the end of His-Story, and that is a Never Ending Story, because it is always continuing in the Next Step.

The Next Step in any Story is where do we go from here, and to be exact, we need to ask for Trinary Sanctuary, that is always the First Step, and the Last one, so its only the Next Step that gets you from where you are at, to where you can be going.

I built the Pyramid to have Steps, I imagined that if I built a Story that Spanned the Steps, so I could Tale you His-Story, and this is what I wanted to tale you, that Reality is not what the Banks Created, that is called the Destruction of the Planet, and it is all because Treason was allowed, and People were allowed to Lie about, by going along with all that is Evil, so the Next Step, is about Owning up to all of this, and try to Survive what is coming, and Trinary Sanctuary is the Next Step.

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