The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.11

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.11

My Goal is to wake some of the People up, I know I have no chance in Hell of waking up Sheeple, because Hell is what they have Created with all their Money, it is a Hell they can not get out of, because Money is only Debt: which makes it illegal to pay off the Loan your Government took out: to have the Banks Print the Money you used to pay for a War that was supposed to end Slavery, and yew are not smart enough to understand that if you pay them to print the Money or Credit, that its impossible to pay the Loan off, because of that clause that said you can not borrow money to pay off the Loan, that would be cheating, as if this is all a Game, so that must be the Santa Clause, because few people have read it, but it is there, so I have only one way to fix this World, and that Word or Spell is Sanctuary, and again I call it Trinary Sanctuary, so we can be crystal clear as to what I am referring to, one reason is to build Pyramids, see: Appendix D: Pyramids and Trinary Sanctuary.

Trinary Sanctuary is a discussion for another PhD, it is too vast to cover in this one, but in short, its just a frame of mind, and the physical location does not matter, it requires 42 Buildings around the Globe, its just a physically secure location with access to every resource within its bounds, so everyone working within Sanctuary are all working together for the same goal, which is to Live in Harmony with the Planet, so all Electricity comes from Lightning, Solar, Wind and other sources that do not use Atomic Energy or allow any Atomic Devices to be used, and no use of the Planets Blood or Oil to run machines, it is all some form of renewable energy source, that is distributed freely, meaning at no Monetary cost. Free Energy does not have anything to do with Money, it has to deal with how you transform Energy, for example: Oil is burned, therefore it is destroyed in the process, so it is not renewable, plus it is destroying the planet by using it, because it provides the lubricant to rotate around a Trinary Engine, so you can not use any energy source that produces harmful material for the planet, so burning anything will not work, so coal, oil, or wood or other materials you have to burn is not allowed, so all our energy sources must be renewable and sustainable, and most be good for the Planet, meaning all Life on that Planet, and this can not be accomplished as long as Money is used as a means of Controlling people I call Sheeple, because those are the only type of people who would use Money, but one thing always leads to one thought, and then it jumps to another, because everything we can think of is related somehow, its only how far down the Rabbit Hole you want to go, that is how Wizards tale His-Story, so the concept of Sanctuary is to pay back the Banks the Loans the Country that houses them has taken out, so for example: in the United States this means that in 1863: when the Banks first started printing Money for its Country instead of We the People who were represented by Congress, thus it was suspended till that Loan was paid off, but after 153 years it should be clear that will never happen, so in effect the Constitution is abolished forever, but as an Officer both Commissioned and None Commissioned, I took an Oat to uphold and defend this Constitution that is actually on hold till the Loan is paid off, so forever, so the Only way I can fulfill this Oat, is to Create Trinary Sanctuary, and it must pay back the loan by giving the Governments all the excess Energy, Food, Water and other Resources and products free of charge, meaning No Money exchanged, only Resources, obviously this arrangement will be very complex, and Sanctuary has its own set of Laws, which is No Laws, No Money or any form of Bartering, No Voting, No Rights, because this is what is wrong with every Government on this Planet, for every Law they pass it takes away a Right, and face it, no Money means no Crime, because most crimes are committed for Money, and crimes of passion are treated different in Sanctuary, since it has No Laws, it is the Community as a whole and not a Mob, that dictates Justice, so it is not Just-Us, nor is it up for debate, so it all comes down to the crime, and if its worth the death sentence then put them to sleep and harvest their parts, so Part them out if they really piss you off, otherwise forgive them of their Crime, otherwise learn from your mistakes and get back to work, because Sanctuary is about an Advanced Society, and spanking people for making mistakes is not the behavior of an Advanced Society, so the whole concept of people being in charge of themselves is something Sheeple do not understand, because they think they are Free when everything they do cost Money, so they have to work only at places that pay Money, so it does not pay to take care of the Planet, so its why Sanctuary most be allowed to exist, but it will take forever to pay off the Loan, because first we have to pay off everyone's Freedom, and all the Loans we took out just to get started, and even then, all the Government is getting back is the Constitution, because I doubt they will ever cut the cord from the Banks because they still Love Money, but the Constitution never meant anything to anyone since my Cousin Benjamin Franklin said that: the people of his time had no idea what was going on, the Papers said the Constitution was Amended and Ratified, what ever that means, which is nothing according to a Dictionary, you can not Amend the word Only... The Militia said they Court Martial President Lincoln for Treason and put out orders to bring him in, but the Military who by then was owned by the Banks and doing the bidding of the Banks, would not allow it, so they ordered the Militia to disband and passed Laws prohibiting them form defending the Constitution, and key Militia personal were executed by its own Military, so the Militia put out the word to execute Lincoln and take back the Country, this was part of the Constitution that demanded that if the Banks or Lawyers ever got a foot hold on this Country, that the People could take back control, so a Militia member by the name of John Wilkes Booth legally execute him, but the plan to take back the Government failed because our Military supported its Dead President: instead of the Republic for which the President was supposed to support and not the Dictatorship of a Bank, (this is why they only print dead Presidents on Money), yet they passed Laws making another attempt Treason, proving that the Constitution does not exist, but talk like my cousins was not tolerated under the new Government or Corporation know as the United States, so I am the last of my Line to defend the Constitution the only way I know how, but what is the point, most Sheeple do not even understand anything I have said, they think I made it all up to confuse them, not that it takes much because Yew are Stupid by definition, but that is just a Spell, and as it turns out, so is this Reality, because it is all based on how people Spell things and how they Interpret what they mean, but Trinary Sanctuary is far more important, because the Worlds Energy needs will not be met in years to come, because that coverage is wearing thin, when Oil is no longer available this Planet will go Nova, and that is a Fact that can not be ignored, that Oil is the only thing allowing the Planet to Rotate around its Core, and unless Trinary Sanctuary is allowed to exist, that Oil will vanish with all life on this Planet just for Profit to the Banks that own yew like Sheep, and yew still think that if this was True that the Banks, or Governments would tell you all this, knowing that would not go over very well, because it means they have been lying to you for over 6 thousand years or the days of Moses, so instead of Sheeple getting upset and starting a Civil War, which only made yew slaves in the first place, I say we just start a new form of Society, and I do not like to use the word or Spell Government, because that is not what it is, Trinary Sanctuary is only a place inside a Government, on their Land, but this Land is Free and Clear, and that Government has no Legal Rights to anything in Trinary Sanctuary, otherwise they would just take it, it is the Nature of a Government to be the Bully, it does what it wants, or gets Stupid Sheeple to make it Legal to do so, so these two Societies must exist together and get along together, although it will not stop me from saying that Yew are Stupid, it will make everyone to want to believe in the Truth or at least allow those that live in Trinary Sanctuary to believe in what ever they want to, and allow them to live in Freedom, and in exchange Trinary Sanctuary will Fix the Planet as much as it can, in what time it has left, which is not much.

This Document is not about creating a World where people can Live Free without Money, or any form of Bartering, and can harness Free Energy and use it for Free, because this is an Advanced Society of Non-Sheeple, because you can not have People who think they are nothing more than Animals instead of the Light Beings they are, and I want to build the most advanced Society of all time, and that means building Pyramids, and it is not Impossible unless you have to use Money to build it, or have Laws that regulate every aspect of it, because there is not enough Money in the World to build such a place, and even if you did, the Banks would Own it and everyone that built it, and that is Slavery, not Freedom, but Free Dumb, so in short, I did not create this Document to make Money, nor Promote it, I believe in God, I do not Believe in Religion or Money only in Empirical Evidence, so that is all I have to say about that, because my Goal is to set you Free, so you can Live in Freedom, and stop being Evil in the Land of Free Dumb, so I do not think that any University that only Cares about Money will ever accept this Dissertation for my PhD, or give me Credit for the Trinary Universe, nor do I think Mainstream will acknowledge it and I figure that Sheeple will try to debunk it without Science or using Empirical Evidence, because they act like Children who say no it is not, because they know nothing about truth, because they are Treasonous traders who are destroying this Planet by going along with all the Insanity, so the Only University I care about is the Trinary University, and this is proof that I have my PhD and not a request to get one awarded to me, so I append it to my name as such: Jeffrey Scott Flesher PhD in Physics for the Principles of the Trinary Universe, from the Trinary University, because face it, all the Universities in the World today turned their backs on Sir Isaac Newton years ago, because they wanted to take God out of Science and believe in Paradox's and Theories instead, and that is crazy, so all hope of a University accepting this work is Crazy, so why should I even bother trying, because when it comes down to it, I do not want to Live in a World that does not believe in the Light of God, because IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, and IAM every shade of Grey in between, because IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and the Goals I set are so that You can survive the changes that time will tale.

Goals I set for myself took me all my life and are no were near complete, because I knew from the beginning as a child, that no one would ever believe the Child, that is no adult, nor anyone I had met at that point in my life believed me about the Light of God, so why would I think that would change as I got older, all it proved is why those adults were so stupid in the first place, they never put any thought into their Reality, they always assumed that everyone needed Money to Survive, but in the Beginning there was only the Light of God, and if that is all that exist, why would Money be something that God invented, only a Fool would think that God would even use Money, that whole CONcept is based on Slavery and Control, so Goals are like obstacles to overcome, and ignorance is a huge obstacle, because those that are Religious understand how insane that is, after reading this whole book at least twice, some will have to read it a third time just to get over: how stupid they were for believing in things the did not Physically Exist, so my Goals or your Goals are just things we need to get over, because if they do not mean anything to anyone else, then Goals are worthless, because than they are only for ourselves, when the problem with this world is people who are Religious and use Money, because as it turns out, they are just Ignorant to all the known facts of the Trinary Universe, and that is why it took me all my life to work on my Goals, no one else cares about my Goals...

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