Chapter 6.10
The Immoral Majority
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 6.10
The Immoral Majority

I must conclude that 95% of the World's population believe in a Deity or Spirit, and that may never change, and History has proven over and over that these people only care about themselves, so fixing the World is something they say they want to do, but they say they do not have the Money to do it, so what they are saying is that they do not believe in God, but in Money, because if God put us on this Planet to take care of it, then Money is a Virus that is infecting this World, because it is allowed to destroy this Planet, so the Majority of the population believe they can not Live without Money and that it is a Fact of Life that no one can change, because Moses scared you like a little child, because that is what these people act like, they are scared of everything, they shot and ask questions later, they build Weapons of Mass Destruction and believe they have the Right to do so, as if they Own this Planet and everyone on it, and if they think they have the Right to Aim Weapons of Mass Destruction at your City, in a Different Country, that may have no problem with Politics, they are just trying to survive the Madness of People, not even Newton could calculate, so this Population is Owned by the Banks that Print the Money for their Government, so in the United States: that makes them all Treasonous traders to their Constitution and there is no getting around this issue, saying the Constitution can be Amended to allow the Banks to own it is just Stupid, you can not Amend the Spell Only, it says this for a reason, maybe it should have said only Intelligent People can Vote, but then it comes down to Stupid people, because only Stupid People would think this form of Government is Legal, its Legal because the Banks own: the Courts, all the Judges, Police and the Military, and they outlawed their own Militia, so they have no one to turn to, so they cower down like a Dog with its tail between its Legs, and do the bidding of their Masters: the Darkside: saying: You do not know the Power of the Darkside, the Higher Power called God... Then they call the Darkness the Light, and think they know the Truth about the Universe, when they do not even know the truth about Wizards and their Spells, because that is all IAM talking about, a bunch of Cowards I call Sheep who go along with the Mainstream Version of Science, witch means its Einsteins Nightmare, were the Sheep were to Stupid to understand he Proved Newton was Right, because without God in the Equations, Newton's Math does not work, so it does not work in the Godless Dynamic Universe, and these are the People that I need to convince that the Universe is not Dynamic, Money is Evil, and that God actually controls the Universe at the Subatomic level using White Noise I call Light, well maybe that is a bit much to ask for... Because then those same people will have to admit they are guilty of Treason if they took an Oath to uphold the Constitution, those not in the U.S. have been Treasonous Traders for Centuries because the Banks bought them out over 2 thousand years ago, and the U.S. only because treasonous traders less than two hundred years ago, turns out the Civil War was about Making Slaves and not Freeing them, because the Color of Money is always Green with Envy, and makes slaves out of whoever uses it, so I do not see these Sheeple ever-changing, and it is why I will always call Yew Stupid, because in my Reality this is a fact, and it is why I only write or talk about it to ewe, because if History proves anything is that Religious People are just looking for Reasons to Kill people, and the Church and People have been known to have hunted down and Killed Witches and Wizards for the Stuff I write about, so I am not stupid, I know they will try to Kill me if I tried to teach this to them, so unless they are Sheep or Yew, than they have no Reason to come after me, because if they really do have Shit for Brains, it will not matter what I say to defend offending Sheep and Yew, because we all know that is what Jesus Bar Abbas did, he fought against the Church and the Romans for their use of Money and Taxation, and these people I talk about are all part of what I call the Immoral Majority.

The Immoral Majority is people not conforming to accepted standards of morality. It is all in how we define Words and Spells, Immoral is a Word, in itself is a Spell that means Accepted Standards of Morality, but the Word Spelled Morality: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. Such that Right or Wrong verses Good or Bad, as if Right is Good, Wrong is Bad, so let us apply this logic to Money: We all know the Game Monopoly, if you do not, look it up and play it, you will find out that the Bank never loses unless Crime is allowed in the Game, because the Rules where written so only the Bank can win, because in the End you have everything Mortgaged out, and the Banks own everything, you cannot go around the board without Paying Taxation, so eventually you loose everything to taxes, most people do not play the game long enough and just want to end it when they run out of Money, so unless you are willing to play by the rules and play the same until the last person play is playing alone, until they can not finish the game to prove you really can win it without the Banks owning it all, but it is not possible, the game is rigged, the Banks always win, its why people do not like playing the game after everyone loses, because they think that the person that was left last or lost last, actually won, when that was never the truth, they just lost last, that is the only truth to that game, but people that are Immoral so not see it that way, because the Majority means most of the People, but specified that all the People Playing this game must do so knowing the Rules, and playing it by the rules, until the last person wins and not the Bank, because that is who this game has ever been about, beating the bank... So the Immoral Majority will lie about Playing by the Rules, they call it bending them just to have fun, but all it does is confuse them about who is winning this Game, because the Object of the Game is to see how fast the Bank can own you like Sheep.

The Truth about Bankers is that Harry Potter seen them as Goblins, which are just Witch Beast that can do Magic, so Trinary Science and Science Fiction about Wizards and Witches, have similarities, but one is Real the other is Make Believe, but in this case it does not mean you can not make it Real in your Mind, your Imagination is Real enough in your Dreams, but then Reality kicks in, most Bankers are just People trying to make a living, so it is not them I am talking about, it is those that Own the Bank, and unless you actually know them, you have no idea who they are, nor can me or you make fun of them as if they are Goblins, it might be fun in Science Fiction, and for some of them it might be true in Real Life, I mean what is a Goblin in Reality, but that is not Reality, because what is Real is that the people that own the Banks, have owned them for a long time, most were born into it as an inheritance, so its passed down from generations of very rich people, and there are many Banks, not sure if one Person owns them All, but there are groups of banks at different levels, the ones that own the Land and Gold are the only ones worth talking about, they own it because they legally stole it, so that was this Magic is all about: United States Presidential Executive Order 6102 in the Year 1933, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Forbidding the Hoarding of Gold coin, Gold bullion, and Gold certificates within the continental United States. So basically using the Military and Police to enforce this Act, they Stole the Gold form everyone, so 6 years later when the Wizard of Oz came out, it was clear what Yellow brick Road would lead to, some Man behind the Curtain, yelling pay no attention to the man behind the Curtain, so maybe this is how Wizards see Bankers, but that is all for Entertainment, in Reality I would for the Bank because I use Money, so I pay Taxes just like all of Yew, so what else do I need to know about Money, well most Bankers born into Money, and even some higher up in the Church or Religion, take a bow of Poverty, which I have, do you think I live in Poverty because this was my big Plan? No, I had much grander plans then this, so grand there was never going to be enough Money to build it, so I asked the Bankers what to do, and they said Grow Up and Figure it out, I was 6 years old at the time, so I figure that was good advise, so these people are not that bad, the fact IAM alive means I can trust them with my life, so I have no complains about working for them, that was my plan, I joined the Military on my own knowing all this, so I have no regrets, but when it comes to the Immoral Majority, most of them lie about all this, the will Swear to God that the Constitution was Amended, so it is these people I call Sheeple, for not owning up to the Reality that Money Created, the Paradox between what happened and what is the Truth about what happened, because when the Bank Prints the Money, you know they own the Country, logic is hard to deny and only a Fool would argue knowing it is a fact, so what is the Truth about Bankers? The Truth is that I believe I can trust them with my Life, so I would feel that I can ask the Government for Trinary Sanctuary, and the Banks would allow it, not the Immoral Majority, they would have me Crucified for writing and talking about stuff that I call Trinary Science, because I think the people in charge have a high IQ, they did not stay in charge by being stupid, that is a fact, so I think they would allow us to pay back the National Debt, they have nothing to lose, because they already own it all, because if people like this did not exist, the Human Race would be a War with each other, because War is Profitable, its also Entertaining, not much has changed since the Roman Coliseums, so it all comes down to trusting in a Government and the Bankers that own it.

In a World owned by the Banks that Print yewer Money, you would think that the Bankers would all that Money could Buy them, but Money is just a Scam, and Scams come and go, once the General Public Reads this far into this Book, they will understand this is the truth, not ewe of course, Sheeple never understand anything, but People that understand that it was never Religion that was important, it was the Bible, and that all comes down to how you read it, so the Trinary Universe defines how it was written, and what it means, witch is just what it said, amazing how some times people write what they mean, and mean what they say, so now that all the Cards are on the Table, and we all know where we stand, how do we fix the World?

Jesus Bar Abbas made a deal with the Romans, let us live in Freedom, and we will give you our Excesses for Free, but the Jews would not allow this and Demanded that Jesus be Crucified, so that others would not try to live without Money, so the Jews Inserted Christ, so they could live in Sin, so ask yourself this, if John Nash is Right, then its better for everyone, if everyone did things that benefited others, instead of only doing what benefit is them, this concept is what makes a Mind Beautiful, but this is the Paradox in Money, as long as you use it, there will be Crime, that is a lesson learned throughout time, but remember that before Moses, no one worked for Money, this was known as the Moral Majority, and because of this Paradox in Reality that Money causes, for example: If I can hire someone that does anything for a price, then Money can never be Moral, so anyone that uses it is Immoral for this very fact, because no matter how you try to rationalize it, its Money that Allows this type of Crime, without Money what would be their Motive to commit Crime, Crimes of Passion and Crimes of Hate, are Fine lines to Cross, and reading in between the Lines that were inserted into the Bible, that called Jesus Bar Abbas by two Names, so Jesus Christ died so that Money could be Saved, and the people that used it became enslaved to its National Dept, all because the same Money and Taxation that existed in the Days of Jesus, still exist today, so nothing has changed, so the Reality that people were lead to be believe true, like Christ Exist, knowing that Christ was inserted into the Bible, you know that Christ was just another Name for Jesus Bar Abbas, all because Bar/Abbas was in the Militia fighting against Money and Taxation, and Romans would Kill you if you admitted to knowing him, so just knowing that much about Bar/Abbas, why is it that you never joined his cause to abolish Money? It is because you are in the Immoral Majority, and that is as true then as it is now, so this Paradox in Reality of there being two Jesus's, is one two many, so this Paradox can not exist in Reality, so there can only be one Jesus and one God, but the Immoral Majority does not want to give up that Reality, so they would kill me and burn me at the stake for writing this, so its clear that some people might be in favor of Trinary Sanctuary, others will oppose it with a Holy War, in witch even the Suicide Bombers will have to admit this is too Crazy to fight against, after all IAM saying is that God is All Light without Darkness, making my Buttnaca [2] idea a much better way to solve our Energy needs, then selling God by the Watt and then using God to make an Atomic or Nuclear Energy or Bomb, by defining God as a Deity or Spirit, and basing your Science on a Theory the Author denied was true, and even proved it by proving that the Universe could not exist without God, unless it had a Paradox in it, and two Christs is a Paradox, but then you have to remember that it does not matter what people think Religion Teaches, it only matters what they believe themselves, and that is that reality that they are guilty of Treason for using Money makes no Cents to them, how can your Reality get so twisted that you could ignore the truth, as people have for over a Century and a half, and that was the other half of my Life, but before 1863 my Family lived in Freedom, but all that is left is Free Dumb, so only those that understand what IAM talking about, understand that those that are in Power, must be getting Electrocuted for their Crimes, so more Power to them, Amp it up, turn up the Volume so you can Hear it, just before it starts to crackle, the smell of Ozone in the Morning really wakes you up, when it is your Flesh and you realize this is not a Dream, either things are the way IAM saying they are or they are not, but how can this be, are you saying IAM Dreaming all this up just to mess with your Head, as if this Science is just a Trick that Magicians do, or Wizards or Witches, so why deny it, the truth is much two cleaver four yew, so the Reality of the Immoral Majority is that of Money and Law, Religion is being phased out for reasons only Sheep that Run from ewer ways understand, because Money can pay for Bestiality, and every other Immoral thing, so why deny it can do no more evil by doing none less, as in the lessor of two Evils? That only means Witch of two Masters do yew serve Best, who owns the Bank owns you like Sheep, so what incentive would the Bank have to allow its Sheep to live in Freedom, so a Deal will have to be made with the Banks to first pay off everything we borrowed, to get started, like sheep, equipment and other supplies, things it will take to build a Pyramid that can turn Salt Water into Pure Water, and collect Electricity, so that it can become the Power, and trust me, that is God, and at a high enough Power it can incinerate you, Lightning can Pass through you without killing you, but not without damaging you, that type of Power is not in our Capacity to absorb, so the Power of God is too much for Mortal Humans to weld like a Weapon, and know how to use the Light as a LASER, so why not put Trinary Science to its Pace, and get up to speed on Light, and then get the Banks to go along, by allowing Trinary Sanctuary to pay off the National Dept, after it pays off its dept it acquired to get started, so the banks can not lose, they do not care about Laws unless it protects their Money, and in Trinary Sanctuary we use no Money, and banks are the only ones dealing in Money, so why should they care that Trinary Sanctuary has nor Laws or not Religion, because that is part of Freedom, and as long as they get paid back with Interest, they do not care, this is profit to them, but it allows Trinary Sanctuary to Collect Energy and distribute it to global grids, so when the power goes down at the Grid, it goes down for the Globe, so its important that Money have nothing to do with that, image if some day things go so bad no one paid their bills, so the Power Company shut off the Power for Everybody, just because it was not profitable to keep the Power on, well let me remind you what its like without the Light of God, also known as Electricity: It gets Cold in the Winter and Hot in the Summer, but the Planet is being Murdered, and that is a fact, so how do we stop this, and that is getting the Immoral Majority to go along with Trinary Sanctuary, because this is the same deal Jesus made with Romans, and now His-Story Repeats itself, but not me, I never repeat myself in the same context.

The Immoral Majority think they are the Majority because they are Moral, even after I just proved to them that Money can only be used to promote Crime, it is a Trinary Scientific Fact that can be Proven, so why defend Crime by defending Money, why call it a Tool, when it has been proven to be the Tool of Destruction, why believe you would die without it, when only the truly stupid really would, the power goes out for an hour and most people commit suicide more during power outages then any other time, its like a full Moon, same type of Craziness goes on, people need to look at what is really Real in their Reality, IAM not asking the World to Change, all IAM asking is: allow 42 Pyramids to be built for Trinary Sanctuary, that means only they live there, but they give all their Excess Energy, Food, Water and other Resources, to the Governments that Legally have access to it, and never allow that word Legally to deny them, to Trinary Sanctuary the term means we have an Agreement, and you must Honour it, which means they must respect our Borders, they themselves carved out of a Map, allowing Trinary Sanctuary to exist there for all time for Free, in exchange for all its excess: Energy, Food, Water and other Resources, you see, this is a deal too good to be true for both the Immoral Majority and Trinary Sanctuary, those that do not want to work for Free will never have to, they can just look for jobs that pay Money, but those that do not want to work for Money, should not be forced to, that is mean and cruel behavior, so look at the big picture: it is going to take a lot of Resources to build Trinary Sanctuary, more than the Immoral Majority will agree on, at this point I call them the Moral if they do agree that Money is not the Solution, it was the Problem, so the only solution must work without the Limited Resources of Money, because of terms of Money, its worthless unless you can shred it and use it for insulation, because everything to build it is way too expensive, so you have to build everything yourself, so you make one type of facet for each application, so you never have to wonder what parts you need to replace it, otherwise you are just dumping money down the sink, because you live in a disposable world, instead of rebuilding a facet, you would just throw it away, but in a Facility built to last a Billion Years, you have to recycle everything, so this is a whole new way of life, so the Moral Majority think they are the Majority because they are Moral, when it is the Immoral Majority that think they are the Majority because they are Moral, so what is Moral?

Most people think they know the difference between Right and Wrong, or Good and Bad, or Live and Evil, but the fact is, that is a Judgment call, so maybe is you lost or almost lost a child and your own life due to Forced Vaccines, then just maybe you feel that Forced Vaccines are Wrong, Bad and Evil, but if you have Stock or work for a Company that makes Money off of these Forced Vaccines, or are just so Ignorant about the facts about Forced Vaccines, which if one person dies its Murder, 100,000 die proving this is Murder on a Global Scale, and all because of Money, Religion and Stupid Sheep that are Forced Vaccines, People want to think it is Not Money: But without Money no one could Sell Vaccines so no one would make them, if Religion said that you will not Force Vaccines on our Children, it would not happen, Sheep are owned by the Bank and do what the Banks demand of them, those that join its Ranks as Police or Military, get an extra Bonus, that shorten our Lives, we get to test out all the Forced Vaccines, DPT almost made a Statistic out of one of my Daughters, and at the same time I was trying to recover from the Anthrax and 12 other Forced Vaccines, and I do mean Forced Vaccines, there were Armed Guards that will check your ID, and make sure you get the Forced Vaccines, you do not, they give you a Dishonorable Discharge and ruin your life, if you run they have orders to shot to kill, this is a Court Marshal Offense, these people are Dead Serious about Killing you, but that is why they are the Immoral Majority, they think they can use Money, and not be responsible for those Forced Vaccines, but they are, because they are Guilty of Treason if they took an Oath to uphold and defend: the United States of Constitution, so I will hold them all Responsible for Treason, not that you can execute anyone for that Treason unless you execute them all, so Execution is not the Answer for Treason on a Scale such as this, People will demand a Trail, but who will they Try? The President, Congress and all the Senators work for the Bank that Prints the Money, they are doing their job, as are the Police and Military that Protect the Bank, as well as its Leaders, for the Treason that happened a Century before they were born, so instead of waiting Energy on that, the Moral Majority need to come up with a Plan to fix this, in a way that the Immoral Majority will allow, because they are in Charge, in Charge of Destroying the Planet with their Stupidity that is, but there are Limits to their Stupidity, even they would have to admit that if Trinary Sanctuary could do what I claim it can, then the Immoral Majority would go along with it, because it is Free, and they can not afford to build it, and even if they did, it would just become a Prison, and we all know that is the Truth, so it all comes down to how do I get the Immoral Majority to admit to who they are?

The Immoral Majority are defined as those that use Money and or are subject to Taxation, very simple definition that we all have to agree is the Truth, so you know that IAM the Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, I am a Disabled Gulf War Vet, so I work for the Bank because I get pain in Money, I love my Country, my whole family has since as early as the 1600's, when my Grandmother Eula's family moved here from Ireland, my Great Aunt Francis had her family tree traced back to that time, and the Flesher family came here in 1752, so we are Native Americans, we know what it was like to live here in Freedom, but not the Military or Police who worked for the Bank, they had no problem using Chemical Warfare against the Native American Indians, and they attacked my Family because they thought that we were in on it, just because we also were members of its Military, as if all Military are the same, some work for Money, so work for the Militia, and Money is only used to pay the Bills, we took an Oath to the Constitution, not the Banks Puppets, although these people that work in the Government are just like Me, they do not Like me for what IAM Saying, but its easy to prove: who prints the Money: A) Only Congress or B) The Bank? Since Amend means Minor, and the Immoral Majority defined this as a Minor Change, because Only does not mean anything to Sheep, to Intelligent Humans that is another Story, we all know what the Word means, and no one will ever convince US that this is Legal, just because the Banks now own the Courts, that Conclusion is the Money causes people to Lie, just because they do not want to admit they are Guilty of Treason, so why deny it and lie about it, just so you can live in Sin, and deny Responsibility for all the Evil Money Creates, because that is defined as Insane, and it is still Treason, so the Immoral Majority is a Disease called Treason, and it is this Treason that is killing this Planet, Morality is all about what is Right or Wrong, and it is always Wrong to kill the Planet, so you defend it by saying we did not know, those that did it did, and they did it knowing that, because Profit is more important than Life itself, this is why you lie about Treason that you are Guilty of at Birth, because that is what this is all about, how do you justify being guilty of Treason at Birth, and it is insane, but you are a Slave, so if Trinary Sanctuary is going to be a Reality, then Trinary Sanctuary will have to Pay for that Freedom in terms of Payment, and that can never be in Money, only in Excess Energy, Food, Water and other Resources, and I do mean Only Excess so there is never any misunderstanding, like in the meaning of the Words Spelled Only Congress can Print Money, because Trinary Sanctuary never allows Money to be used on its behalf, only the Banks can do that, so there is never any misunderstandings, if someone comes to their Government with this Document and demands they be given this type of Sanctuary, called Trinary Sanctuary, at first the Government might think you are crazy, until after they read it a few times, once until they realize that yew and you are not the same as ewe or ewer ways, so you have to read it all over again, only to figure how that this was really only written for the Sheep called Yew, and Yew means TaxUS, and that is when the Banks get involved, and the Immoral Majority appoint a committee to seek the validity of this claim, because everyone else would be intelligent enough this far into the Book, to understand the Truth about the Trinary Universe, it is all about Energy and not about Money, but it is about no Taxation, so we can live in Freedom.

The Immoral or Moral Majority never agree on what Reality is caused by, in fact most people can not put themselves in the correct Category, so let's try this again, if you use Money you are in the Immoral Majority, if you understand the Different between a Society called Trinary Sanctuary that does not allow Money, then you are in the Moral Majority, because it is Right, because Trinary Science Proved its Science is Right, and it is a place where People Live and not where Sheeple can be Evil, the Immoral only view success on how much Money they have or others have, and they have no concerns about Science, or Politics, so they allowed Mainstream to Create their Reality, for example: the Immoral Majority believe in General Relativity, so they believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe, and it is Big Bang, which should be the Sound of a Gun going off in your Hand and you squeezed for having thoughts that were so insane, seriously, if you ever believed that a Theory is a Fact, you should not own weapons, that is a fact, you could injure yourself after you understand how stupid that belief was, so the way we see the interaction between the Sun, because we view the Earth as Ground, and Heaven as above Ground, Hell below Ground, so its just describing Electricity, that is how we draw a Sine Wave in: Table 6.02: How we view God

State Visibility Trinity Bible Dimension 2D Graph
+1 Solid Father Heaven 3rd * *
0 Invisible Mother (Ghost) Earth 0 * * * * *
-1 Semisolid Son Hell 1st or 2nd * *
Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Table 6.02: How we view God

The Bible stated that Heaven is above us and Hell is below us, the above table proves why this, if Humans are on Earth, and then we call Earth: Ground, then all Energy such as Electricity as shown in the Alternating Current or AC Sine Wave above, we can see that on the X axis or 0 State, in Trinity we have the Holy Ghost, this is also Ground, so Ground is the Spirit of Mother Nature, so all Energy flows from this 0 Dimension, so Lightning follows this same pattern when its Flowing, in fact you will even find Direct Current or DC, this is what drives Lightning sideways, since Lightning is Static Electricity till it flows, then it becomes all types of Energy, Electricity in the form of Electromagnetic Energy including: AC/DC, Light, Sonic (Thunder), Thermal, potential, kinetic, chemical, and other transformations of Energy, so Lightning pushes a lot of Energy into the Earth when it Strikes it, so Earthquakes are cause by a few thinks, its never just one, we look at the Trinary Engine, and know its Polarity is the only thing that can change, if the Earth Flips upside down, its Polarity will still be the same, its orientation with the Sun will be opposite, it will be like it was before 2012, so when the Earth becomes unstable, it starts to Wobble, and as far as anyone can prove, this is not Normal, it is because it is not, Humans are causing this Problem by Pumping out Oil/Blood and replacing it with Water, what did you think was going to happen, the Earths crust floats on a layer of Oil/Blood, its how we Spin at over a thousand miles an hour, so do you really think is Intelligent to allow Stupid People to Murder the Planet for Money? Because the Bible told us what is Below us, its Hell, so by Pumping Water in and Taking Oil/Blood out, you are Raising Hell with the Earth, now its Wobbling, and Mainstream Scientist will try to convince Stupid People that Earthquakes are Normal, they also told you Oil is not needed by the Planet, its just False L Fuel, so who do you believe about Science, those that use it to Destroy the Planet for Money, or those that Defend it from Murder? Only Sheeple would answer that question, Wizards know it is not, Sheeple No it Not, so let us take a look at Earthquakes, we can use the same Sin Wave, and look at how deep an Earthquake is, so that is the bottom of the Sin Wave in Hell, and then it extends into Heaven, so we can feel and measure this Positive Energy as it Crest above Ground, so its clear this is Energy, the same Energy in Lightning drives Earthquakes, and how we view this Sin Wave and Relate it to: Electricity, Light and now Energy, like the kind found it Earthquakes, tells a lot about its Society, so in the following: Appendix C: The Sun, Lightning and Earthquakes, I make a distinction in how Humans view the relationship between events as being relevant, the immoral will lie about things by calling them Theories, because a theory is a lie until its proven, the Moral know this, so have no problems with Theories knowing they may be a lie if they are never proven, but in fact are not the truth until they are, so its why the Immoral lie, so they do not have to own up to their role in Treason, and that crime started the Day they were born, so how do Laws that you are born into make it your Responsibility, so wake Baby and take Responsibility for being a Slave to Money and Taxation, then You will start to own up to how to fix it, instead of wanting Revenge for being Lain to all your Life, because that was never the Truth, the Banks never hide anything, they just allowed you to talk between yourselves, and that is how Rumors got started, that this was all Legal, the Rumors it was Amended, which is a Joke by the way, a Joke on Stupid People who think they are Intelligent enough to Vote, just because they are Old enough to vote, age does not make you Wiser, it makes you older, but that was over a Century and a half ago, so why talk about it now, just because the Treason has gone this Long without anyone Talking about it, can only mean one thing, no one cares about Freedom, they only Care about Money, so the Immoral are the Majority.

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