The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.09
The Pyramids

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.09
The Pyramids

Moses Destroyed the Pyramids just so he could use the Gold that was part of their Technology just to use it for Money, so he could control people like Sheep, so its just a fact that the people who go along with it are Sheeple, and that is Science, not name-calling, it is a Label for people who think like a Herd of Sheep, and believe what ever they heard in that Herd, without any supporting evidence to back it up, so if you want to Debunk me, then do so using Science with Empirical Evidence and not Words, because like I said, Words are Misleading, because they are just Spells that Dark Wizards used to get you to think that they are telling the Truth, and I am a Wizard, so what makes you think my Spells are any Different, in fact, I guarantee they are not, I picked all the Words and Spells I used for a Reason, do you really think I have an IQ of over 180? Only if you believe test scores, so do not believe in anything you do not understand, so unless you understand test Score, do not believe in them... I will only talk about the Truth that I can prove, which is because they go along with all my Empirical Evidence, and that is what confuses some of you, while others fully understand all the concepts I have presented, and are wondering why it is I repeat myself, and take a stance of being one of the most Intelligent beings on this Planet, because I am the only one who really understands what is going on, and it is because I am not the only Wizard on this Planet, those that Play this Game know who I am referring to, and that is the Powers that Be, who are the People who are in Charge, or make you think that the Government is Legal and therefore they are in Charge of you, keep in mind I work for those People, but in truth that is how they got in Charge and Stay in charge, and that is by controlling you like Sheep, which is why they lie to you about History and Science, so you would worship people like Moses and Lincoln, when in fact these men are just Dark Warlocks, who enslaved the World using Money, and the World allowed it, because they Love Money, so that is the Root of all this Evil, because it is why Jesus was killed for telling you that God is all Light without Darkness, and that Money is Evil, and at least one person a minute will be killed for Money every minute of the day somewhere in the World: for as long as Money is allowed to exist, and there is no denying that, only Dark Wizards use Money.

The Pyramids are a shell of what they were, the Blocks that once made it the Wonder of the World, were stolen by thieves, and looted by Stupid Animals, and then those Fools tried to convince everyone they were just Tombs, all because they were too Stupid to understand what the Pyramids are, any Wizard could rebuild them in maybe 10 years tops, that is how much damage was done to them.

There are more than a hand full of people on this planet that could repair them, first they would have to take back what was stolen, mainly the Stones, the Gold you can replace, but its possible to get the Oceans water to fill the passages once again, and then you need Gold to make a Halo around the top of the Pyramid, a Circle, insulated from Ground, its part of a Lightning Rod, it will be used to separate Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, then you burn them together to get Pure Water, enough to supply the country with Pure Water.

It is clear we will need to build more Pyramids, and all of them need to work on this same principle, they take in Ocean Water that comes in Water Lines from far away, the water is cleaned along the way, so by the time it gets there, its easy to inject into chambers that atomize it into elements, and not just Hydrogen and Oxygen, but all the gases that we need, we will use Vacuum to supply fresh air, and to remove exhaust, so it is not based on technology that can break down, thus killing those that require Air to breath, so these are built more like Spaceships or Submarines, so I would design them using state-of-the-art Computer Programs, designed for Physics Simulation, so stress test can be preformed, because these pyramids can be Miles tall, not to mention miles wide, so everything has to be wired and wireless, and it all has interconnecting tubes that brings: Transportation, Air, Water, Supplies, Waist Disposal, Electricity, Communications, and everything else you need, so design them for all your needs.

I write a Book on Pyramids if I could and will if I have the time, so this sub chapter is just talking about my Conclusions about Pyramids, and that is always that they are the only way to live to survive and Ice Age, and that is what it all comes down to, how the Human Race will Survive the coming Ice Age, no mater what started it, it always ends the same way, all life that does not survive it goes extinct, and Humans think well we can break up into Groups, and may the Best Religion win, and that is because it is normal to be Stupid, the only way this can work is if you network all the Pyramids, and share supplies, some will make more than others, but that is not the only reason we will survive as a Race, it is because some were willing to live in Areas where Resources are few, just so they could transport what others need, so these Outposts are important, they could be the Last Outposts, and it is why Groups cannot be formed by Religion or Money or Law, because this is about Surviving, and you cannot do that and serve two masters at the same time, Religion, Money and Law is how this World got Corrupt, it is not what will fix it, truth is there is not enough Money in the World to save it from itself, and that is why the Planet is dying, mostly because YOU are allowing Corporations to Legally Kill it, and there is no denying this, so I will write another book about this subject, but for now its just my Conclusion that unless we start building them by the year 2020, we will have no hind sight.

The Pyramids are their own Conclusion, the Water Purifying Machine was destroyed for Money, all because Moses thought he could control the Technology he stole, and the Churches did not want to give up Money, so the Jews Killed Jesus and invented Christ, just so they could lie about what they had done, so this lie lives on into this Date, until Trinary Universe is known to all.

The Pyramids are proof that the people that built them, knew about Elements like Hydrogen and Oxygen, we found model Airplanes that could fly, oh course we thought we needed to add an Engine, but that is not the Way the Pyramids worked, you could fly for thousands of miles away, using Lightning, even in Space around a Planet, you can Collect Lighting, and bring it down to the Pyramid, even use it to send Remote Drones to the Moon, Mars, and other Planets, the only difference is doing it for Free, so you have nothing Limiting your Resources, so all you have to ask yourself is: do you want to give up Religion to believe in the God in the Bible that is All Light without Darkness, because that means you have to give up the Insanity in believing in things that do not Physically Exist, instead, you have to know what is Real with Empirical Evidence, so prove to yourself everything I said in this Document is True from the Prospective it was written, and that might mean Literally, but logically it means it is always the truth, what sounds like that truth is not just because it has Evidence, it is because the whole concept supports the Logic required for Intelligence to be in control, as if we were that Intelligent, since most of what we know will just get us killed, so Reality is what we need to deal with, Energy, not some Deity or Spirit, only what we know about God, and that God makes my Heart Beat, what else do I need to know, do you want Gods Cell Phone Number? Dial 1 800-GOD-LIVE, and the crowd goes wild!... Seriously: this is why I never Really could understand Religion, all it did was make a good excuse to Kill People that did not believe the same, so it gave them something to Hate, and that turned out to be anyone they did not like, and personally I do not know what God told you, but God is still controlling my Heart, God is my Brainwave, and every Atom in my Body I call Flesh, because that is my Name, so Freewill is a one way Game, so I have no connection to God until the day the Flesh IAM a Host in: Dies... So this is the Game of Life, and the same rules as yours, you make up all the Rules till the day you die, then you find out that this is just Gods Dream or even Gods worse Nightmare, because of that Trinary Logic that States that in the Beginning there was only the Light, I know that Word or Spell Only has no meaning for Magnetically North Americans, even Natives like me, and even the Indians, because they knew that their Soul did not come from this Planet, it was the Planet, and every other Planet out their, because all that we are came from Outer Space as debris, and it was out of that Debris that the Pyramids were made, and after this Planet goes Nova, it will just be Recycled, and the Planets reborn, just like People, who are given Freewill, so they could forget they are just God Dreaming this after you die, so that your Reality is based on what you can prove has to be the truth, that if in the Beginning the Light of God was all that there was, then that means after we die, we go back to that Reality, because it is Reality, God exist because we exist as proof of God's Existence, how else can we explain Intelligence if it is not proven by the State changes of the White Noise, so it all goes back to logic, about the way everything is at the Subatomic level of Life, we are just Neutrinos and Light, and only Electrons hold us together, and that is controlled by this Trinary Energy, so we know its Light or Electricity, even Electromagnetic Energy from our Earth as it flows through us, its Electricity, so its God and God is Really Electricity and Light, so it is all just Trinary Science, so what do you give up by believing in your Science as long as you prove it, so proving it is easy, just look around, those that deny they have a Brainwave is technically and clinically insane, just turn that Brainwave off if you think it is not your Soul, or that you can live without your Soul, because that is only what Fools believe, and Dead Fools Prove, so it is all about what me or you believe, if we believe the same then we are just I, and I say we build these Pyramids so the Human Race can survive, but to do so, they must live in Freedom.

The Pyramids only worked when they were Free, Moses wanted to part it out, and without the Gold, the Technology was worthless, but Moses did not care, he would be dead before anyone would figure that out, he knew how stupid ewe were, he was a Shepard after all, so he was a Wizard, and not the Dog, but you do see a Dog with Jesus, so in the end of times, you have to ask yourself who do you believe in, it is my Conclusion: that if it was Sir Isaac Newton, I would start building those Pyramids tomorrow, but IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and Jesus did say he would come back in the Flesh, and everyone is in the Flesh, so we are all Light Beings that were designed in our DNA to build Pyramids.

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