The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.08
The Bottom Line

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.08
The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that most people will not believe what I have to say, just because I am a Wizard, because IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and that will never change, I have spent half a Century thinking about how to explain this to Sheep, because that is how I view all the None Believers, because there is no changing their minds, they know it all and close their eyes to anything that they do not believe in, so they will never see the Light, so that is what they say is that, you can not change the minds of all the people all the time, because they believe you are trying to fool them with Words or Spells, which is not my intent at all, in fact, I go out of my way to point this out each step of the way, because my goal is not just to teach you the truth about Energy and how the Universe actually works, its to change the way you view the Universe, its to make you stand up for what is Right, and Money is not one of those things, its just Evil, and that will never change, because when you can use money to pay someone to Murder or Rape someone, then that same Money can never be used to do Good Deeds with, because the Blood of those Dirty Deeds will never wash off the hands of those that use the Money: even if they think it is for the Good, because Money is just a Scam, the only one that makes any profit is the Banks that Print it, because they own you and any Country that they print Money for, so you are a Slave to Money, because you can pay someone to say that this is all a Lie, even though I proved it was all the Truth, but people think this is just a Trick because I am just a Wizard, so calling people names like NT, Sheep or Sheeple is just degrading, but than you realize that it would not be funny if it was not True, because this is why I spent most of my Life thinking about how to explain it, instead of just Explaining it, because of People I call Sheeple, because it will never matter how I explain it to them, there are not enough words in the English Language to come close to anything they would consider the Truth, so they will believe that Money is just a Tool, and they are not Slaves to it, and believe it is not just a Scam, because than they would have to admit that they have been fooled all their Life, and those that Live in the United States of America and think for a Minute that the Constitution was Legally Amended to allow the Banks to Print the Money, instead of We the People, because who ever Prints the Money owns the Country, so I have nothing good to say about Sheeple like this, because they offend me, not just because of the Treason to the Constitution, my Family never signed that thing because of the Words Money and the Spell Only, and I will call them Names, because it makes no difference what I say to them, I still took an Oat to defend it, and that is what IAM doing, so they will always call me names for thinking like this, so it is a preemptive strike, and the Truth is that I have proven everything I have to say: without having to actually do all the Experiments for the Empirical Evidence, because the Truth is that all these Experiments have already been done thousands of years ago, and nothing has changed, you did them again a thousand times since I was born, but Sheeple believe that the Money that was used to Kill Jesus is clean of his Blood, when the Sin was to Use Money, so to continue to do so in his Name is disrespectful, and it is why I will call them Stupid Sheeple every time I am reminded that: those are the people that killed Jesus in the first place, so everyone that uses Money is no better than Judas, and that is a fact there is no getting around, or getting over.

I have to conclude that anyone that got offended by anything I have said in this document, did not read it correctly, because I actually never said anything in this Document to offend anyone except yew, and I actually meant to offend yew, but Yew is just a Tree that Ewe eat and what comes out of Ewe after eating it, so unless you are actually a Ewe, or a Tree called TaxUS, then I said nothing to actually offend you, and if I offended your Belief in a Deity or Spirit, then I apologize that you are that Insane to Believe in things that do not Physically Exist, because yew have the right to believe that the Lord is your Shepard so yew are just Sheep, Freewill gives you the right to believe in the Godless Science of the Dynamic Universe: so you could pretend that God exist in the form of a Deity or Spirit, which is what exactly? Oh! Yea, you can not define what that means in Words, but Christ was the Son of God so God must have looked like him, but it was not Joseph Mary's Husband, because Mary was a Virgin alright, right before she got pregnant with Jesus Bar Abbas: who was a Murdering General in a War against the Romans for their use of Laws, Money and Taxation, so the people had a choice back Jesus Bar Abbas or Jesus Christ, so everyone voted for Jesus, so the Romans killed Jesus for Money, so you could continue to use Money, just like Moses told people they were Slaves when in fact, no one got paid Money for their Work because they were all Free, and worked for Free, and Live Free, so there was no Crime, because there was no Money to steal, and there was no one starved or living on the street, because everything was Free, and Freely distributed, so all could live the same type of Freedom, but Moses wanted Money, so Jesus was killed for it, and so if I offended you because you believe that Christ that Sir Isaac Newton said was inserted into the Bible: so that the Church could use Money, well, I guess I did mean to Offend yew, because yew Offend me, I only fight for Freedom, and Not Free Dumb, the Land Lord is not my Shepard, the Shepard is a Wizard, pay no attention to the Man behind the curtain, yew are just Stupid Sheep, this Joke will never get old, because they will always be Sheep, and that makes it Funner, and Funner is Stupid, and Stupid Sheeple like Funny things, so I talk down to yew like yew are Stupid, and I am Intelligent, because compared to Sheep, I am Intelligent, but 95% of the people on this Planet are Sheeple, and this is what makes it so funny, because yew will never admit they are Sheep, because Yew are just Ewe with Yew Droppings for Brains, this truth is always funny, so why beet this Joke into the Ground is another question, because that is all I have done and this Joke is getting old, but the fact that 95% is a real number, I am offending 95% of all the People on this Planet Earth, by telling them that yew are all Stupid for allowing the Banks to print the Money for your Country instead of We the People, because that is what it comes down to, Treason, the kind that People are Executed for, like President Lincoln, who was Legally executed after a Summary Trail for Treason for allowing the Banks to print Money during the Civil War, which was designed to make Slaves out of all of US, the logic is sound, the facts are true, if you use Money you are guilt of Treason against the United States Constitution, because Only Congress can print Money representing We the People, but Lincoln made that We the Sheeple, these Treasonous traders to the Constitution, so now you know why Yew Offend me, because yew are Stupid for believing it was Amended instead of Abolished, and to me, I defend the Constitution of America, I take my Oat Literally, in the Trinary Universe, Freedom is not a Right, it is an Honour, and only Honourable People can understand that, so those that defend this Life Style of Treason, by pretending to be Ignorant of the Laws, because of a few Words in a Document, which are just as important as the ones I used in this one, because if you do not believe that: the Principles of a Universe is not more important than some Constitution that has not existed in over 152 years, then your perception of what is important is Crazy, and I do not do Crazy, it said Only Congress, and the whole War for Independence was from the Banks and Taxation, and as a Disabled Gulf War Vet, I declare that this Corporation called the United States or Just-US, stop pretending the Constitution exist, because we all know the only way we can Legally get it back is to pay of the Loan, so if you do not think that borrowing Money from the Bank to give it back to the Bank and being more financially in debt will ever get you out of debt, then you are Stupid, because your thought processor is damaged by too much Brain Washing, Lawyers are Spells for Liars, Banks just want to own yew like Sheep, so they will tale you anything and you know that is true, the Media does what its told to do by the Powers that Be, the Governments are Owned by the Banks, so whose interest do they have in mind, We the People, or We the Sheeple, and the truth is that this is a Certified Document, so if someone really did not believe this is the truth, could sue me in the court of law, and I know this, I also know that the Courts are owned by the Banks, so there is no Justice, only Just-US, and there are those that would think I could not win such a case in the court of law, so this is how it goes, I call my first witness and ask them: who ever prints the Money owns the Country, so who Prints the Money, if it is not Congress, then the Constitution is not valid, because only Congress can print Money for the Country, and it would never be Legal to Amend, which means minor change, not a major change, which in essences gives the Bank so much power that this whole system is corrupted at the same time: because the very idea is Treason against the document and no amount of Lawyer Lies will change that fact, one of the Greatest Presidents said never allow any Lawyers in office, and the Lawyers got that Law changed, and then they took over the entire Country by taking over its Military and Abolishing its own Militia, so Booth was a Hero is a long stretch of the Imagination for most, but if the Militia had won that battle, we would not be owned by the Banks today, so the truth is that the Banks do print the Money, so what I say is true, so no judge would allow it in court, you can not sue someone for telling the truth, so the Lawyers passed Laws making defending the Constitution Treason, and since the Laws were put into it to ensure that this type of Corruption was not allowed to happen in the Government by allowing the Banks to print the Money, all those involved should have been executed for Treason, but after 152 years, it is no rush to do anything about it, I mean let us think about for a few hundred more years, no reason to rush into things, everything is under control, the Banks are in charge, and never forget that, so if I offended yew, then good, I hope you understand why, and it is because these are the same people who pushed a Godless Science down your throat since you were born, and the Logic of the Dynamic Universe is so Stupid that it defies the Laws of Physics, so all my fellow Citizens in the United States of America: are all Treasonous Traders for allowing the Banks to print the Money for the Country, because it is Treason against the Constitution to do so, and since people who are long since dead, can not be brought to justice, generations after that live in Sin and pretend it is all Legal by Amending it, when there is nothing there to Amend, because the Spell Only means just that, so forgive me for reading this Literally, because the Logic of this argument can not be won, because the Damage is already done, the only way to get the Constitution back is to pay off the Loan, so my only goal is for Trinary Sanctuary to become a Reality, so people can Live in Freedom, without Money, and pay off that Loan, so sue me for telling the truth, believe what ever you want to, be offended or Not, I told the Truth, and that is always the Bottom Line.

The Bottom Line is normally what Starts most Holy Wars, and all Wars are Holy, but told from the Ranks of its Military, and can only say Holy Shit, that is the Shit that is in the 0 Dimension, so the Citizens of its Country do not see this kind of Shit, nor does your Wife, because when she says this is the Bottom Line, she means it, as for the rest of the World, I think they mean it to, because we can all agree that the Bottom Line is what Divides us, because that which does not Joins us / divides us, maybe that is the other witch that does that, because we have all had these Holy Shit moments, and the sad fact is that the Bottom Line is different for everyone, meaning that my Bottom Line might be someone else's goal, because I think people are always trying to Piss me off, so they think oh that there Bottom Line, well I will take that Line and Draw a Red X on it, and say do you understand what God is Now? But you used that Bottom Line to refer to the God known as a Deity or Spirit, and not the God that is All Light without Darkness, because that Bottom Line is that you are that Darkness, and that God is inside your Atom's, so be careful what you Pray for, the Bottom Line that God is not only Listening, but God is Praying as Well, the Flesh is just a Puppet for God to Play with, and that is all the Bottom Line is all about, who is pulling our Strings, and I proved that is the Trinary Energy, so Holy Shit takes on a whole new meaning, so I hope it does not start anymore Holy Wars...

Once People understand what it means to be Sheeple, they will know the Bottom Line is Reality, it is all in the way we Word and Spell it, one person reads the Bible and wants to Sacrifice one of their Children in Gods Name, so they send them off to War, Christian Soldiers, Jewish Soldiers, Muslim Soldiers... The Bottom Line is that these are all People made of Atom's with God in them, so why are they fighting over what the Bible said is the Bottom Line, and it said God is All Light without Darkness, so God is Science and not Religion, so Stop Fighting Wars over Words and Spells that are written using Witchcraft, get over it, does it really change your life so much to actually believe that God exist knowing that the Light without Darkness does?

The Bottom Line is that it is all up to each and every one of you to decide what Science is.

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