The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.07

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.07

This World will never change until the People in it decide to change, those that use Money will never change, so this World will suffer because Profit is more important than the truth or Change, and if Science is what you pay for than where is the Profit in selling Oil or Atomic or Nuclear Power or Bombs knowing it will destroy this Planet, when Tesla proved that Lightning can be harnessed and that Free Energy can be distributed to all for Free, so Money is not Truth, you can not buy the Truth but you can Sell it, so Free Advise is worth what you paid for it, but those that live to see the day that this just for Profit Energy destroys this Planet, which its happening right now, so they will wonder why they never heard of this Concept before, and it is because people I call Sheeple, because Ewe are what Ewe eat, and Ewe eat Yew, which is a Tree called TaxUS, and that is what you get when you use Money made from yew, so Yew are Sheeple, or more to the point what Ewe Shit is what Sheeple have for Brains, so yew need to change yewer Diapers because Sheeple are full of Shit, and it Smells like TaxUS, and if Money is all you want then you are also Evil, because that is a backward Spell for Live, and Oil and Atomic or Nuclear Power and Bombs is no way to Live, in fact, both will Kill all Life on this Planet, and all for Profit, so where is the Cents in that, and that is why Wizards and their Spells are not very Popular with the Sheep who would burn them at the Stake using that same Oil, which is the Reason why Sir Isaac Newton had to hide being a Wizard, and why few people know about the True meaning of the Light in the Bible, because those that are in Power, got that way by suppressing this information, so that they could control people like Sheep, so Sheeple will never change, because once they do they are not Sheeple any longer, they are People who can think for themselves, so Yew can Change into You if you want too.

Change is Change only if it Changes, what defines Change is the reason for the Change, if that Change is due to some new Concept about Reality, then Reality must Change, if it is about the Reality of Money, then Reality of Money must Change, if it is about time, it is about Changing the Reality of Time, so it is about time that I conclude that time, does not change, only the way we view it, so Change is also the way we view it, so if we Change over time, and take into account everything I have told you about just up to this point in this Book, then what Change do you think you will have by the time I finish it? Does Change mean we need to learn to Change?

Change means as many things to people as the Word God, and that is why Change is hard to do at a Global Scale, first we have Language, and I can not use a Computer Translator for this Document, it would turn it into a mess, because most of my concepts do not translate, I make up words and spells that do not exist in other languages, so Change is even harder to teach everyone on a Global Scale, Language has to be the first thing that Changes, its Stupid for a World to be Divided by Language, so that is the First Change I would make, so this Document needs to be Translated into that Language, so everyone can read it in that Language, that is a Change right there.

What makes Profound Change, does a Pro have to Find it, if a Wizard is Pro, does that make it a Wizard Founded Change? Profound Change is when you come to understand that what you learned changed you, on a Profound level, but how you Found this Change, was not what made it Profound, it was when you realized it was the Truth, and that Truth demanded a Change, not just any Change, but a Profound Change.

I would Love to Change the World, but I do not know what to do, that is why Alvin Lee left if up to you, but that you was me, so I took up the Challenge, and decided to suggest a change, that Change is No Money, this means not Taxation, no Crime, no Slavery, no Classes, so it was a Profound Change, so why not add: no Religion too, and why not: no Laws, this way we have nothing to Change, we just start over from Scratch and design an Advanced Society.

Change is about admitting something needs changing, Taxation is why this Country went to War to End, but its Back... Why? Because it is normal to be Stupid, it is normal to be a Coward, it normal to be a Fool, but it is not normal to admit this, so things never change.

Change takes Courage, and Courage is not for Cowards, it is not for Liars, it is for People that want that Change, they want to Live in Freedom, and not in Fear, because everyone Lives in Fear that Lives with Money, because there are always people that will Kill you for your Money, and they will Kill you if you take about doing a way with Money, because they think they will Die without Money, so not everyone can change, so Trinary Sanctuary is not for Everyone, its only for those that want to Change.

If you want to Change your Life, ask your Government for Trinary Sanctuary, and then demand it, and see if you can make this Change a Reality.

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