The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.06
A Wizards Attitude

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.06
A Wizards Attitude

A Wizard must have an Attitude, and that is they are always Right, unless it is an argument with their spouse, because it is better to be Left to Loved then Right to Love without it, and it is better to be Left then Right, so I was born Left handed and switched to the Right, so Logic plays a key role in how this Attitude is presented, and the Lengths you went to get the Title Wizard, so you must assert your Intelligence Level or IQ as the Highest Score ever, then get your Grandmother to hide the test results so no one can verify it, so make sure that all the Masons are in on it, because they hide evidence the best, this way no one can be more Intelligent than you are, this is very important, then take it a step farther and assert that you are and Ashkenazi, no one will know unless they do a DNA test, so make sure they can, oh that is Right the Military already did, but you know they are too cheap to actually do the test, so they will just tell you that you do not look like an Ashkenazic Jew, so then throw in your Heredity, and make sure its documented by multiple source on the Internet, because everyone knows how to look up information on the Internet, so make sure your Family Tree dates back to Adam and Eve, this will make you sound important, now you need to have a bag of Tricks, so use Words or Spells, and Read things Literally and tale people that is what it actually says, most of them know better, because words always have two meanings at least, they will always argue with you instead of proving that Interpretation was not needed, so the best argument is that God is all Light, because that is where Interpretations go Wild, read literally it means God is Light, so now you have some facts to argue, so people who are not Wizards are now Targets to use these Spells against, so you start Wars by saying things like the Father, Son and Holy Ghost describe the 3 State changes of Light, and they say No it Not, so you tale them you have all these Degrees in Electronics, Avionics, and Computer Science, and you have worked in Special Ops, because that really is the last straw in being a Wizard, so really rub that in, show them all the Documents, make sure everyone knows that every Father before yours fought in every War this Country has ever Fought in, and your Great-Grandfather were given Cities for their Heroic efforts, that always works, so rub it in that you are a Medically Retired Disabled Gulf War Vet, now a Wizard has all these tools to work with, Spells can be woven into a Web... So deeper into this Wizard attitude we go, now you break out the big guns and mention that you have two Meritorious Achievement Medals From the United States Air Force, and the Fist one is for improving the F-111 by 30% and bring the system up to date so it could fight in the Gulf War, so a Wizards direct intervention won the War in the Gulf, but do not take all the credit, there were others who also helped out, so a Wizard is always Humble, that is why they throw in an Excellent in Competitions Medal for M-16 Machine Gun Marksmanship, and that less that 1% of all the Branches in the Military get this Medal, only 12 out of all the people in the Military service to be exact, and it is the only Medal authorized by Congress to wear on all Uniforms, but its so Rare that no one knows about it, so they dropped the Medal and it is no long awarded, so this Medal is one of the Rarest Medial in the Military and only the Best Marksman get it, so this Attitude sounds like bragging, so you piss them off when you prove that these are all just facts about my life, and I tale them because they are true, because to be a Wizard I must have this attitude that I am the best, then I prove it, because I am a Wizard, I can walk the Walk and talk the Talk, all because I have no ego to feed, because I know that I can prove everything I have said, so if this is bragging, then so be it, I do not care what yew believe, because IAM a Light Wizzard, so Wizards use Spells to tale His-Story, and it is because Wizards not only have an attitude that they are the Best, they prove it, and that is all the Wizards throughout time have ever done, they were the best of the best, and they always tale it like it is no matter how it sounds.

A Wizards Attitude is about knowing the truth about something, it can be something specific, or something vague, but a Wizard is always Right about it, or was wrong to use the Title.

A Wizards Attitude comes from their Strength of Character, we are not Arrogant and do not need to feed our Ego, we simply need to tale the Truth about everything about us, then let others decide what this Wizard is all about.

The Difference in a Normal Person and a Wizard is how connected they are to the Light of God, this is Trinary Science and so maybe it would better to state Trinary Wizard, for our Trinary Ways, but the truth is, that it is all about Trinary Logic, and we all know that is the Truth, as is Trinary Wizards, but the truth is that once you know this truth, you can adopt the Wizards Attitude as your own, and become a Wizard instead of just a Normal Drone.

Wizards can Change the World and Live to be Free, Money is a Limitation to them, Religion is Control to them, and Laws are just Punishment to them, so Wizards need no controls on their Life to be Free.

Wizards do not Care what Yew Believe, the Belief in Money is based on Greed, and Money can never be Free of Yew, its made of Yew and Engraven with the Blood of the Planet, so Wizards have no need for that type of Dark Magic, nor does a Wizard believe in anything that does not Physically Exist, so Wizards never believe in a Deity or Spirit, and call all that do Sheeple, because they believe that the Lord Christ is their Shepard, making them Sheep, so this whole deal about the Sheep was from the Bible, so Wizards teach about the Bible, but not about Religion, or Money, and only makes fun Yew, because it is TaxUS.

A Wizards Attitude is based on what they know and can Prove beyond a Shadow of Doubt that it is the Truth, so Wizards talk about Empirical Evidence, like God is All Light without Darkness, so God is based on Empirical Evidence that Exist in Trinary Science, so never forget this, its based on Reality that is Real, so Atom's are made of Neutrinos and Light without Darkness, Darkness without Light, and God, so Wizards know what Atom's are all about, and that is what Wizards teach, about Trinary Science, so all I did was add Trinary to everything, so that it is now Normal, and so is a Wizards Attitude.

A Wizards Attitude is all about knowing the truth, and explaining it to Sheep, and only then is it Fun and Entertaining, because once People really understand that this is all about making fun of Sheep like Ewe, some will get offended for thinking that I was talking about them, as if they were Sheep for believing these things that only Sheeple believe, but that would be Cruelty to Animals known as Ewe, so the Wizards Attitude is all about turning it around on Yew, witch is just TaxUS, a Tree like Hemp, only it does not get you high like Cannabis, it makes Ewe Stupid for Eating TaxUS, so this Attitude needs to be Annoying, so make sure to throw in the old backward Spell about being the Wizards Dog, Sheeple just love that Trick, that way His-Story is never Boring, nor are Wizards, and everyone Loves the Dog, its just the Backward Spell for God that most Normal People Object to, but that is why Wizards are not Normal, and why Yew hunted down and Killed Witches and Wizards throughout Time, all because of a Wizards Attitude.

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