The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.05

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.05

Being Autistic my Conclusion is that most people are Neurotypicals, since it means Normal, it would seem Logical that most people have this Mental Order or Disorder, depending on how you view it, and I do not mean to say that the other types are better, only that they are Rarer, and that does not make them a Disorder either, and that is a fact, but Normal People think that anyone that is not like them are Abnormal, so they treat them that way, and that is also a fact, as is that Neurotypicals are not known for Thinking, but Neurotypicals are known to be Deep thinkers, just not very Clear Minded Thinkers, or they would not think like Normal People do, I do not mean that in a Condescending way, it is just a fact that most of the Thinkers in History were all people with Autistic brains, and it might have to do with the way we take things literally, or how our brain interprets images and sees patterns, but its clear there must be a reason why this is, and whatever reason it is, it just is, and that is the way the Universe works, those that see the Light understand this, and those that do not, will always deny it, just ask Jesus 3 times, but the truth is that it does not matter if I am an Ashkenazi, or have Autism, it does not even matter how high of an IQ I have, nor does it matter who is in my Family Tree, and it does not matter what Words you used to explain this Concept, or even how you Spell them, this was all for the Entertainment factor, no reason to make His-Story Boring... It only matters how you decide to think about this concept called the Trinary Universe, if you use Logic and Reason instead of Religion, Money and or popular Theories, but you must Clear your Minds first, it makes one insane to think Deeply but not Clearly, because you must look at the Empirical Evidence and decide what it is you want to believe, and you can believe what ever you want and it will not change this, but do not call this Freewill, its just a Neurotypical response, because that is what Normal People say, it is the way they think, and nothing I can say will ever convince them that they are the Darkness, and the Light is what they are Made of, because if you get that, then it does not matter if you are Neurotypical, because knowing the Light without Darkness is what you are Made of, then you are made of God, and the Temple you worship should be the body you Live in, and not some Deity that does not Exist so its Evil, and by the Way, this has nothing to do with your Brain Chemistry, it is about Freewill, and that does not mean the Truth, Freewill allows you to deny the Truth 3 times, but Logic dictates there is only one real Truth, and that is the Truth itself, it does not matter how you tale the Story, its how you Read into it.

Neurotypicals are normal, so why is it normal to be a Neurotypical? Because it is not Normal to not be. So why is it that most Neurotypicals believe Autism is a Disease, and it is because it is Rare, and they are not, and they want to believe they are more Intelligent than them, so they called them Retarded, when that has never been the truth, only Neurotypicals would diagnose Retarded people as being Autistic, so they lie on purpose, just to discredit Autistic People, its just like Black and White being Prejudice about each others Colors, that they can not change (anymore) than Autistic people can change having Autism, sure its just a Gene that is turned on or off, but as Humans we have no control over that Gene, God did, and that is what position God put that Switch in, but most Neurotypicals are Prejudice against Autistic People, and it is just as Ugly as Racism, so what else do my kind need to know about their kind, they are not Kind at all, well maybe a Kind of an Asshole, and that is why I only write or talk to Sheep, and not Normal People, because their kind never change, they want to Vaccinate their Children so that our Kind cannot be Born, that is called Insanity, its also called Genocide, and should be illegal, but Autistic People are a Minority, and have no one to Protect them, the Laws by Neurotypicals are only for Neurotypicals, they would kill us all if they had the chance to vote on it, but that kind of Hatred is Normal, and it is why Neurotypicals are normal, and why War is Normal, and why its Normal to have a Low IQ, because it is Normal to be Stupid.

Neurotypicals think they are better than Autistic People because they think that is what Normal means, but Normal means it only happens more often, that it is Rare to have a Human born that is more Intelligent than most of the others, so now Neurotypicals think I insulted them by saying they are Normal, when it is normal to be Normal, but Rare to be Rare, and IAM Rare for Many Reasons, I have two Spleens, that makes me as Rare as 10% of the People in this World, I have a Military Award for being the best of the top 1% of the Military for M-16 Marksmen, so that makes me have a Rare Accomplishment, having an IQ so High that it made me so Rare, that only then 1 are born in a Century, and there has never been a known case to have two of them living at the same time, so Rare is Rare and Normal is Normal, if you wanted to Read something normal, you will have to read something not written by someone as Rare as me, but Neurotypicals still thing they are better than me just because IAM Autistic.

Neurotypicals maybe better at most Sports, compared to Autistic, so when it comes to manual labor, they are also better at it, so you will not find many Autistic people in Sports, nor will you find many Neurotypicals that can be considered a Wizard, and most Neurotypicals count that as a Blessing, a Wizard has to have an IQ over 133, so that is not Normal, but the Truth is, that this World needs more Workers, and fewer thinkers, otherwise it would be normal to have a High IQ, its Rare, because it is not as useful of a feature to survive, but in my Case, I can survive just fine on my Own, but without a mate I do not do so well, so we all most know our Limitations, so I mated with Neurotypicals, because I have never meet anyone on the same Spectrum of Autism as me, which is why its so Rare that we are ever born, not many People like me, its why I have been married twice, it is not easy living with me, I am not as good at many things as Neurotypicals are, I am not better at them at anything, even my Thinking is too Rigid to get along with them, I can think Deeper and Clearer then any of them, and that is because that is a Rare Quality, it also allows me to understand my Limitations, best Run got me in 3rd Place, same with any sport except War and it is Weapons, I am Good not God: with Music, IAM a Guitar Wizard, but my Ability to Communicate with Normal People or Neurotypicals, is Limited, because do not think the same, I think in Terms of Energy, and what I can do with it, and not in Money, because there is nothing I want to do that Requires that much Evil, I actually had someone try to explain to me that a Paid Whore is just as good in bed as a Free Mate, I say Mate not because I am Australian, a Mate is someone you Mate with, and that is Normal to be told that, because that is what Normal Mating habits include, is Cheating on its Mates, no loyalty, so that must be an Aspie trait, so I am glad I am not Normal, I can not understand how bad your life must be to believe that Money can buy you happiness in Bed, and to chose that over that is Free, just for Money, and the Trill of Cheating, or is that just a Neurotypicals thing?

I know way more about Neurotypicals than they know about me, witch is why I wrote this Document for Sheep, that way I do not offend anyone by explaining to them that Sheep, are also Neurotypicals and are prone to getting Autism the same as you, so it is not normal for them either, so keep in mind that IAM only the Dog, and it is Me: Jeffrey Scott in the Flesher that is Writing this, not God, God gave me Freewill, I used it to Prove that God Exist, but I wrote that when I was 6 years old, now IAM (2019 - 1961) 58, wow how time flies... That is how I know more about them, than they know about I.

With Autism: it is all about what Spectrum you are in, and some of those Spectra are only Theoretical, for example: Mainstream Medical Doctors believe that there are different Spectra of Autism, that exist in the world today, from the low end to the high end: meant how well that person could communicate with Neurotypicals, so the Highest end is called Aspie, or High Functioning Spectrum, but in the Lowest of Spectrum is Retarded or Chemically Brain Damaged people, most likely from Vaccines, or tainted food, water and air, so Autism got these Retarded Chemically Brain Damaged people, added to the Autistic Spectrum just to make Money, so they did so for the Banks, so they could plant a Virus or a Disease into the Spectrum of Autism, and this should be Illegal, but the Banks own the World, and no one wins in their Courts: Banks Rule, because Money is Money, you work for it, you work for the Bank, but these Bankers have been trying to Kill all the Witches and Wizards throughout time, so now they found a way to Kill us from ever being born, and most of the Neurotypicals are all behind this Movement, they want Vaccines that will prevent Autistic Children from being born, so what else do I need to know about Neurotypicals? Neurotypical Laws allow for the Genocide of the Autistic Race, proving just how Evil it is.

Neurotypicals try to explain why Money is the only thing that Works, that a Free Society is called Communism, when all they know about is a Dictatorship, because they have no concept of the time before Moses, Dark Wizards are like that, they bring on an Age of Darkness, of War, Disease, and Famine, and are known to Plunder, Pillage and Rape, and they think this is Normal, and it is because Neurotypicals believe they are more Intelligent than Autistic People, so they believe the World would be a better Place without them in it, and do not understand that they are the Virus that infected all the Autistic Community with their Hatred, imagine hating Autistic people so much you are willing to Risk killing your own Child, just to ensure another one of those Fucking Retarded Autistic Children will never be born; that is why Doctors have to kill everyone of them by making this Vaccine Mandatory, this is Genocidal talk and Neurotypicals might as well start wearing shirts that say: Vote Yes for Autism Vaccines, Kill them all now: This is a War on Autism...

If you allow Neurotypicals to run this World, it will be destroyed, the proof is all around us, this was not because Autistic people said Oil is a Solution to Energy Problems, it is because Neurotypicals think they are Intelligent, when they know that is not Normal, Neurotypicals only think about Money and care about nothing else, so Money has lowered their IQ to a point they have no rational thoughts about Physics, in fact: they know it is a Fact only means they have a very low IQ, so this explains why their Science is so Stupid, that it would allow yew to Frack this Planet to Death for its Blood, knowing this is called Insanity, and it is a Neurotypical thing that only they allow to exist in Reality, and they want to wipe us: Autistic People, Wizards and Witches off the face of this Planet, gee I wonder why Wizards and Witches have been so Paranoid about Yew for all these Years, yew are Crazy, but in a World where it is normal to be an Asshole, and People Voted their Rights away just to prove they are Free to Vote away their Children's Rights as well, then the Banks take them over with Promise its just a Loan till they pay it off, knowing they can not pay it off with the Money they Print, and knowing Taxation is only about paying off the Interest on the Loan, that is Growing daily as National Dept, proving it can never be Paid off, how Stupid was Lincoln for taking out this Loan? This is what happens if you allow Neurotypicals to run this World, but Lincoln was not a Neurotypical, he was a Dark Wizard just like Moses. I must Love Neurotypicals because I have been married twice for over 40 years to them, and that is not easy, trust me, not on either side, so I have learned that it is better to be a Light Being, that way we get along.

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