The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.04
The Spells of Religion

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.04
The Spells of Religion

All Religions claim to believe in the Same God, the unending War and Hatred between the Religions is proof of this, Black and White People hate each other because they do not understand that its just a Gene that turns on the Shades of Grey, and God is the one that switches those Genes, but what God IAM talking about, it is a Sad World when you have more than one Religion claiming to know what God is, when they define God as a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, but if that God is not the God of Light which I call Trinary Energy, than they most believe that God is nothing more than a Deity or Spirit, which always comes down to some Being, because a Higher Power means Energy, or Electricity, and the Belief God is Electricity is why most called Nikola Tesla an Old Wizard, because Tesla said the Light of God is Electricity at a different frequency, and Trinity or Trinary Energy is a Higher Power, so what God do you believe in, the Deity or Spirit or the Higher Power? Those that are not Religious, which I am one of them, as was Jesus and the other Wizards, because Wizards did not believe in the Church and spook up against it, not just because they were Murdering for their Belief in God that was written in the Bible, the Church made it Heresy to believe that God Physically Existed, God was a Deity or Spirit to them, as Wizards did not like to use their Money, stating it was the Root of All that is Evil, and not just the Love of Money, because you can not serve two Masters, and if you allow God to be your Master, then you are nothing but a Slave to God, nothing but a Hand Puppet, for the way some Human defines how you should Serve that God that is nothing more than just a Deity or Spirit, as by doing what the Churches tale Ewe that God wants Ewe to do, witch is to Work for Money and Give the Church its 10% cut, and as Sir Isaac Newton pointed out, the Belief in a Deity or Spirits is known as Satanism, and he had to keep this a Masonic Secret, because the Church would have Burned him at the Stake for being a Wizard, because they all knew that was the Truth about that Little Voice in your Head as well, so Freewill allowed those that do not think in terms of Empirical Evidence, get Fooled Easy, the rest of the Herd will follow the ones the Empire makes a Model of, witch are those with the most Money, so that was never the Wizards, Wizards were the ones speaking up against the Church, because that is what Jesus did, and Sir Isaac Newton was a Descendant of Jesus, therefore he is also my Ascendant and Resurrection, but talk like this is Heresy against the Church, and those that denied Knowing Jesus deny his full name was Jesus Bar Abbas, because the Church inserted Christ into the Bible: so no one would know what his full name was, as if it was Christ... Jesus Christ what do these Fool think with? So they would believe it was two Jesus's and there were two Gods, that is where that Insanity will lead you, the Story is about 1 Man, and 12 People denied knowing him, in Roman Court, after the Jews demanded that Jesus Bar Abbas and his Followers be Crucified, for Heresy against the Church for Jesus's belief that Money is Evil, so these 12 People said they do not know Bar/Abbas, stating he was with the Militia that fought against Money and Taxation, so Jesus was a Freedom Fighter, and the Jews only wanted their Religion about Money to guide them, and not the Light of God who would not allow its People to become Slaves to Money, and the Evilness of its Taxation, and the Corruption of its Government to allow Slavery in any form, and Money and Taxation is Slavery, and the Belief in things that do not Physically Exist is Insane, and that is what Sir Isaac Newton said, and I have to agree, Religion and Money are used to Control people, so its how People interpret the Bible that changes their Reality and understanding of the Bible, because if the Lord is their Shepard than they must admit that a Shepard looks a lot like a Wizard with their Staff of Power, and if He makes me lie down in green pastures, then that makes you a Sheep, because that is what Sheep Eat, so I call those who believe like this, Sheeple, and that is also what I call people who believe in Deities or Spirits, because I only Read the Bible, I do not Read into it, nor do I need anyone to read it for me, or interpret what it means, its clear what it says and means, and that is why they wrote it down, just read them literally.

The Spells of Religion are about what Light and Dark Wizards have done throughout History, or His-Story, it all comes down to what a Wizard is, because we know what a Word is, and we know how they are Spelled, but Witchcraft is about using those Words to Spell different things with, like a Painter uses Colors, an Author uses Spells, so the King Author used Spells that the Wizard Merlin had taught him, and learned to write about Wizards and how they Teach about Alchemy, and talk about the Bible but not about the Stupid People who made it into Religion, Jesus spook out against the Church, why did Ewe Engrave into God We Trust on Money, written in the Blood of the Planet it is Murdering, just so they could Lie about what God is, so the Bankers can sell God by the Watt, and Kill God using Atomic or Nuclear Energy or Bombs, and it is because Money is Evil, and so is Religion, and I will not sugar coat it, Ignorance maybe Bliss, but after getting this far into this Book, you must understand by now, that its Money and Religion that Controls People like Sheep, so its only those that Believe in what is Empirical Evidence and what is a Lie, because they never have Proof nor need it, its based on Emotion, and that is all they used to defend what they Believe in, so all they know what to do is Fight, so they have Holy Wars to Kill all those that do not Believe as they do, knowing how insane you would have to be to go along with this insanity, yew are disgusting, shit for Brains, so Stupid that yew offend me, those are the Spells Wizards used to defend the Darkside, the Lightside knows that in the Beginning there was only the Light of God, and after you die, this will just be a Dream that God now gets to Share, so after me or you die, me or you will know what its like to be God, til then we just need to know the Spells of Religion.

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