The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.03
Spells from Wizards of Old

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.03
Spells from Wizards of Old

Sir Isaac Newton said If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants, and I must agree, because by the age of 3, I saw the Light, and to this day I still stair (Wizards Spell for stare) at it, step by step I climb, so I can see further then those before me, but in this case I can only conclude: that who ever wrote the Bible already knew everything I wrote about in this document, so when I give God Credit for this discovery, I really am standing on the shoulders of Giants, and I think this is what Isaac was talking about, he was talking about the Wizards that saw the Light and wrote about the Light of God, but Deity and Spirit worship took over the World, making none Deity or Spirit believers to not believe in the God that is All Light without Darkness, so God meant one thing in Religion, and another to these Wizards, who were forced by Society to hide the fact they studied Alchemy, and used Witchcraft to read and write, witch means what which means, only you have to know what the Meaning of Words and Spells are to understand the meaning, once you understand the word spelled All, you will know that in Alchemy when you mix ingredient, all means a pure solution, in this case it is all Light without Darkness, you can separate the Darkness using a Prism, and a mirror, the Prism separates the White Light from the Sun into 3 colors bands of Light, the trick is to use the Mirror to reflect the Light without Darkness, nowadays we have Electronic gear that can produce this type of Light, so some of the Old Spells Wizards use, have new terms, but they are the same old Spells: 3 Kinds of Light, so you look in history and find out who talked about this type of Light, names like Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, Kepler, and so on, all Wizards in fact, so these were the Giants Newton referred to, people like those that wrote the Bible, keep in mind these Wizards believed in the Bible, not Religion, the Bible is written using Witchcraft, because you can Read it, or Read into it, and find two different stories, one from the Viewpoint of the Lightside, and the other from the Darkside.

The Truth is always stranger than fiction, and in this case, it really does make that point, because most Humans believe that those that came before us where more Primitive and that we live in modern times, while they lived in the Dark ages, when in fact the Bible clearly states that there were flying Machines, and the Pyramids were all Power Stations and not the Tombs that I was taught about in School, so School taught me Lies, and most people do not think God is Lightning, but my ancestor Thor knew the truth, so it seems that only the Light Wizards in History knew the Truth, and I find that Strange that most people think that was all Fiction, most can not believe that Moses or Jesus were Wizards, when in fact, there could be no other explanation for them having Staffs of Power and preforming Magic with it, so it appears that the Bible was written by Witches and Wizards for Aspies, because they are the only humans who read things literally, so these facts are very strange to some people, and they will deny them, and say I am just reading into them, and my reply is: IAM God, and God is all Light without Darkness, and there can be no Light without the Darkness, in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, I see the Light, it has 3 state changes, and 3 kinds of Light, and the Light is the Truth, so most people think I am Crazy just because I am Schizoaffective, but in Truth, IAM is just an Acronym for I And Me, where I is the Light and Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and I am Flesher, and Jesus said he would come back in the Flesh, so this was his plan all along, all I had to do was Resurrect Jesus, or Revive his Memory and continue his Practice, because that is what I did, as well as the Other Wizards who claim to have done this, which was all the ones I acknowledged in this Document, because they were all believers in the Light of God, so the Darkside took over when Moses Destroyed the Pyramids Technology just to use the Gold to make Money and Law, to that put people into the Dark ages, and no one would help Jesus Bar Abbas Rebuild the Pyramids, he talked the Romans into it, but not the Jews, so the Jews had Jesus Executed, and that did not work out for the Jews as well as the wanted, because you can kill me, but I will be reborn again and again, so it is not because I want to be Jesus Bar Abbas, it is because IAM a Member of the Trinary Militia, Newton called it the Trinity Militia, so it is my Conclusion that this Militia has existed since the days of Adam and Eve, History records them as White Knights but also writes about the Dark Knights, that protect the Secrets about God that is All Light without Darkness, and there are many legends about a Wizard named Merlin, who needed Jesus's Technology for the Light Bulb of all things, so the Legend about a Sword that could Cut Stone was used to build the Pyramids, and it used the same Power as the Cup that Jesus pored wine into to make Electricity, face nowadays everyone makes Water into Wine, not that hard, it just takes grapes and time, but Electricity, that is a Miracle.

This Document is not to Prove that God exists or that the Bible is the Truth about the Universe, all that is beside the Point, because all my findings are based on Real Science, and therefore is not dependent on the works of others, that is why I have been clear about facts, I state what my findings are, and only reference the works of others, so I could give Credit where its due, so it is my Conclusion that all my Trinary Science stands on its own as Proof about the Trinary Universe, just because it is finding support the Bible, and all the Wizards, well that was not a Coincidence, it is a fact.

Everyone has Freewill, although very few understand why they have it, and my answer is that if the same I that is in Me is in all of you, then everyone has the same I, so Science is based on Empirical Evidence, and that lead me to conclude that all Life is by Intelligent design, and not the process of Evolution, but Evolution takes place just as Charles Darwin said it did, and since he was another Wizard, I would have to agree with him, only God can Create Life, and only Evolution can change it, and Science is Evolving to that Point were DNA manipulation is now possible, so Humans want to Play God, even though most Humans do not Believe in God, and most of those that Claim to, do not Believe that God is the Light I call Trinary Energy, just to make it Science and not Religion, because the Science of it is that our Bodies, or Flesh, is based on Energy and Chemical reactions to that Energy, our body is just a 98.6 watt Ion battery, and that Energy takes many different forms, Electromagnet Energy of the Earth is by far the most influential of all forms of Energy, and at the Subatomic level it is the Light I call Trinary Energy, the same Energy in ever cell in the Human Body, so it is I, some call it the 3rd Eye, and it is only how the Body interprets what IAM saying gives that Human Freewill, so it is a mechanism built into every Life-Form in the Universe, so all Life has the same I, so we are all Equal in the I of God, so we all have Freewill and can interpret what God is saying to us, and therefore Believe what we want to believe, and my answer to that is: I do not care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe, because IAM God, and God's Light is in every Atom in the Universe, so believe whatever you want to believe, but also know the Truth, because only the Truth can set you Free of your Will, and the Will of others to convince you of the Truth, because the Truth never changes, that is why they wrote it in the Bible, but those with Freewill can twist those words and change its spells, to insert a Deity into the Bible during the 3rd Century as Sir Isaac Newton proved over 333 years ago, and that is why Freewill is overrated, because it allows Humans to lie to themselves and others, so the only way you as an Individual can ever learn the Truth, is to figure it out for yourself, and do not allow others to influence your decisions, not even me, that is not why I wrote this book, that was just to prove how stupid yew is, and to teach you how to think for yourself and prove things to yourself, and that means everything that part of Me has said about everything I have talked about in my Lifetime, because that is just Me, and Me is just the Flesh, and if I is the Light, then the Flesh is just Darkness, so there can be no Light without the Darkness, but never forget that Freewill is also that Darkness, and it can lie to you, in fact, that is what the Bible said was Satan, and we all know that what the Bible is referring to is that Little Voice in your head, because it lies to everyone when you want it to, because the Words coming out of you are not the same as that Little Voice when you are lying, and you know that is true, so why do you lie, and why do you allow others to lie to you, and do not tell me they are not, anyone who believes that the Dynamic Universe is Real Science is lying, as are those that believe there are two Jesus's in the Bible, who believe Christ is not Bar/Abbas, and I do not care if their IQ is too low to understand it, because if its true then take me back in time, and do not tell me you need to build a Time Machine to do that, because that is just insanity, I am talking a padded cell kind of Insanity, that is Satan, because only Santa has a Time Machine, all humans needed was Freewill to drive them insane.

Everyone in the World likes to think that they know it all, they know what is Right or Wrong, they know what is the Truth and what is a Lie, they want to think they have a High IQ, this could be that they are Arrogant, or have an Ego to feed, or maybe it is because they believe that they really do know it all, I know I do, and my guess is that you do as well, because like I said, we all have the Same I, and that I really does know it all, its just our Freewill that makes us Right or Wrong.

Spells from Wizards of Old are still around today, Alchemy was renamed to Chemistry, Wizards renamed to Scientist, but God is still All Light without Darkness, some things never change, getting people who were raised to hate Wizards to change, well that is a bit too much to ask, so on this point we must agree, I will call Ewe, and you can call me the Wizards Dog, I will tale Ewe how Stupid Yew is to Eat it, this way You are off the Hook, you can use your Freewill to believe like the rest of Ewe, that only believe what they Heard in their Herd, but do not ever blame me for writing about the Truth, those Spells do not change what the Word Means, because no one can change what Word God Means, the Bible is the Authority on this Subject, and the Bible was very clear, even Crystal Clear about what God is, God is All Light without Darkness, this is Word God and the Spell is All Light, know this Spell and understand the Meaning of the Word God, so these Spells that Wizards use, will still be around tomorrow.

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