The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.02
Intelligence of IQ

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.02
Intelligence of IQ

Most Intelligent people will only use Logic and Reason to figure things out, that is why they are Intelligent, the problem is that everyone thinks they are Intelligent, and putting limits on IQ's like 132 an above, will not change that, because people with IQ's of less than 133, are considered normal, actually the Term Normal applies to a much lower Standard that keeps getting lowered more all the time, so it is normal to have an IQ of less than 70, unless you lower the standards for what is Normal, and normal people believe in what Mainstream Science teaches, which currently is the Science of Albert Einstein, who is an Ashkenazi Aspie with an IQ of 160, so he is also a Wizard, but no one understood Albert, because he only wrote Theories about what the Universe would be like without God in it, and that is a fact, because he said that a Paradox can not exist in Reality, then wrote books on Science with one paradox after another, so as it turns out, he was writing Science Fiction, and it was Mainstream Science that made it Real Science, because Albert said that he only believed in Newton's Universe, and Newton's Math will not work if you take out God, so it is clear that most Intelligent people do not use Logic nor do they use any Reason to figure things out with, they just go along with the crowd, thinking that if everyone else believes it than it must be true, this is the path that Sheep take, so those that believe that the Lord is their Shepard are Sheep, so what IQ level do Sheep have? A rhetorical question designed to make Sheep look Stupid, thus losing the Sheep that are Reading this, because I just offended them by pointing out the truth of Words or Spells that are read Literally, so these Sheep try to use their Gut Feelings to think with, their Intuition is cheaper than Tuition, because the BS they teach us is insane, and no one will stand up to the Powers that Be, which means the Banks that Print Money instead of Congress, because Jesus was killed for Money, and those who killed him denied they even knew him 3 times, so their IQ does not even enter into this Equation called IQ, because they believe what they want to and call it Freewill, considering it was force-fed to them from Birth, I would say it was their Birth Right, because they were born Slaves and do not know what Freedom is, because it is Free, meaning No Taxes, No Money, No Bills and No Crime.

Intelligence of an IQ score is really insane, because the People that Write the Test think they are Smarter than those taking it, and that is not always the truth, and when it is not, those test where just written to see how much smarter than you are from the ones that wrote the test, as long as those taking it understand these rules, then the test itself is only for Fools, because this method of testing is just called Stupid.

Your IQ should be tested only by how we can use Logic and Reason, not Memory, based on a Common Education, those based on Facts we document in Mainstream Science, because those facts were based on Theory, and Theory means it is not a Fact, because if the Facts are wrong so is your IQ Test, witch is why I just called it Stupid.

How to write an IQ test that everyone can take to prove how intelligent they are. Wow, now you want me to write that test... Well that test is way too General to prove, everyone on this planet has the ability to think differently, most think it is normal to think differently just the same, and oddly enough they are right, even the way the part of Me I call I thinks is text book patterns, known throughout time, and I am sure most of you knew this from the start, in the Introduction I made sure all was known, I do not hide anything that is not classified, because I am not stupid, but I have taken all the test, the Stupid test just to be Crystal Clear, so an Intelligent test needs to be written in Logic...
Question 1: (+1) - (-1) = ?
No Multiple Choice, if you enter 0, you have a normal IQ and move to the Next question, otherwise you have an IQ of less than Normal and the test is over.
Question 2: How many State Changes in Polarity does an Electron have?
If you enter 3, you have an above Average IQ, if not, you have a normal IQ and the test is over.
Question 3: What is the Math Equation for an Alternating Current Sine Wave?
If you enter (+1) - (-1) = 0, you have a High IQ, if not you have an Above Average IQ and the Test is over.
The First 3 Questions are Free, these are the Masons 3rd Degree for getting into the Trinary University, where you can write about Real Science, but from here this test will pick up the pace...

Trinary Intelligence is a measurement in terms of ability to connect to the Galattice, so that means Trinary Science, so a Wizard will help you step by step, first step, remember this word or spell called a Primer, pronounced Primmer, defined as an elementary textbook that serves as an introduction to a subject of study or is used for teaching children to read. So in our first test, the context that was in the textbook is just one word, and that word is Primer, now, take each letter and convert it into a number, by using the following encoding method, number all letters regardless of case, from A to Z, as 1 to 26, now we start from left top and read left to right, and we add each letter as a number and add them up, so looking at the table below, I see that P is equal to 16, so any time a digit goes bigger than 1 digit, we add the two together until it equals 1 digit, so 1 plus 6 equals 7, so this is the Numerological encoded digit, so now we complete the sequence and get a number like 16 + 18 + 9 + 13 + 5 + 18 = 79, so never try to take short cuts, you must reduce each number to 1 digit first so, we get: 7 + 9 + 9 + 4 + 5 + 9 = 43, so reducing that equals 7, so that is the Answer to the question: is what the Content in the Primer was encoded to, and this proves you read the Content and properly reduced it, but it only gives you a 1 in 10 chance of getting the answer correct, no matter how long the Content is, what if the textbook had a hundred pages, this task of converting that many numbers would give you a scale, to assign an IQ score based on how many pages you can calculate in one hour, so then take those numbers for each page and add the first page to the last page, minus the middle page, this assumes 3 pages minimum, so should you have only two, skip the middle page, now reduce that number, and enter it at the end of this test, and it will computer your 1 hour test score as an IQ score, based on a Ranking of everyone else that takes the test, so if everyone is normal they will not make it to 3, for those that encoded 100 will make this an interesting curve, so if just one encodes over 1,000, this scale will show you what a Real IQ score curve looks like: Table 6.01: Numerological conversion from Letters to Numbers, to calculate it see: Table 6.1: Numerological Conversion

Letter Number
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 5
F 6
G 7
H 8
I 9
J 10
K 11
L 12
M 13
N 14
O 15
P 16
Q 17
R 18
S 19
T 20
U 21
V 22
W 23
X 24
Y 25
Z 26
Table 6.01: Numerological conversion from Letters to Numbers Return

There are people in this world that can encode thousands of pages a minute, and some of these people can not even talk, they are Autistic People on the lower spectrum of Autism, these are simple rules for Logic and Reason, it only requires that you remember you last value, and add the new value to it, so once you know the conversion from Letter to Number, the conversion speeds up to the speed you can calculate numbers, and these numbers are very small, and remain very small, always just 1 digit, but its over a sequence of words or spells and not just the letters, so for speed its faster to do iterations, over words, so you only have to calculate them once, so you want to do all the work in layers so it can be reduced serially and not in parallel, because that would fail, in this type of Math the sequence means everything, you can not change one word or one spell, and keep in mind speed is the name of this game, if you can only encode 3, then you are Normal, because the first 3 are Free.

This Test is easy to make and administer, and its scores will prove my point, those that have minds that can only use Logic and Reason, have a Higher IQ, once you know how to measure it, you have to base in on a purpose, given a line of logic called Mathematical concepts, meaning how to encode letters into numbers and then add them together until you only have one digit after each word or spell, so for example, the word Lightning is one Word and one Spell, but Ball Lightning is two Words, but only one Spell, so if you have no idea what a Spell is, you will not encode the Pages correctly, this is why it has logic and reason, the Spells are the Reason for the Logic, so you must make list of Spells, even write them in bold, underline or quotes, so the context also has mathematical equations to reduce them in categories, so speed crunching numbers becomes a game you can run in your Mind, keep in mind its just one digit, but every word and spell has its own value, so you need to assign them and do the conversion on the fly, so you have to take a subject and convert it to numbers using a simple encoding algorithm, you base it on a normal IQ being able to complete 3 pages in one hour, so sorry if you are one of the people that can not encode only 3 pages of text in one hour, it is not like you had to read it, and if you can not read faster than 3 pages an hour, then you will need to know there are people who can read thousands of pages an hour, if they can translate that fast, they will get a high IQ score, so now we have a benchmark.

Our Intelligence test reflect how intelligent we are, so do not make the test too complex, and never lower your standards just because normal people can not pass, it is because normal people are too stupid to pass the test does not mean we have to lower our standards, so tale Stupid People we will not Lower our Standards so Up theirs, otherwise IQ test have no meaning, even if that test means it is not Normal to be that stupid, based on a test that is not complex and can be computed to as to how long it should take to complete 3 pages, so make sure to test this on a general population, then adjust the pages sizes, in relations to how many words or spells fit on one page, even if that means you have a thousand words on each page, as long as normal people can pass this IQ test, and intelligent people excel at it, then the IQ test scores have meaning.

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